The profile option INV:Transaction Date Validation does not have an impact on all transactions.

Below is the list of transactions on which the profile has a control :  Sales order staging transfer  Move order issue  Move order sub transfer  Account receipt  Account alias issues  Account alias receipts  Internal order subinventory transfer  Internal order direct organization transfer  Internal order staging transfer  Cycle count adjustments  Physical inventory adjustment  Inventory subinventory transfer  Inventory direct organization transfer  Miscellaneous issue  Miscellaneous receipt  Inter–project Borrow  Inter–project Payback  Inter–project Transfer Below is the list of transactions on which the profile does not have a control :  Purchase order receipt  Return to supplier from stores  Purchase order delivery adjustment  Sales order issue Profile has no impact  WIP assembly return  WIP cost update  WIP component issue

 WIP component return  WIP assembly completion  WIP assembly scrap  Internal requisition intransit receipt  Internal requisition delivery adjustment  Internal order issue  Creation of Internal Order as such is not controlled by this profile  Standard cost update  Receipt of customer return  Rejection of customer returns  Inventory intransit receipt  Inventory delivery adjustment  Update layer cost  Average cost update  WIP negative component issue  WIP negative component return

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