Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System

Technical Specifications for Sandwich Bus Duct for Power Conditioning System

Techno-commercial Bid (Part-I)

Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore (M P)

0 Packaging and transport 8.0 General Description 2.0 Installation.0 Environmental conditions 4. testing and commissioning 9.0 Documentation 11.0 Reference Standards 3.0 Inspection 7.0 Scope of work 5. Annexure-1: Guaranteed Technical Particulars Tender Drawing No.0 Performance Bank guarantee 13.0 Commercial terms and conditions 10. 2.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System Contents Section A: 1.0 Delivery period 12.0 Technical specifications 6.0 List of Preferred makes Section B: (Schedule of Prices) Schedule of Prices Schedule of Spares Delivery schedule Schedule of deviations List of Enclosures and Drawings: 1. (RRCAT/E/0421/R-0) .

04 numbers) at Indus substation from Output electrical panel of PCS through Bus duct. 2.0 General Description: 1. Bidder / OEM must submit reference reports / completion certificate from existing customers. 128. In case bidder is authorised system integrator. installation.03.0 Reference Standards: The Sandwich bus duct and all associated equipment and components shall be manufactured in accordance with following publications of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) / Bureau of Indian (BIS) Standards or equivalent standards.2. Testing and commissioning of a continuous duty. 50 Hz.00 Lakhs or equivalent The similar work would mean supply. testing and commissioning of sandwich bus duct /bus trunking system. 80. showing that he is authorised to quote on their behalf for this tender and they shall support the bidder for all warranty etc. 1.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System 1.1 The Bidder should be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) / authorised system integrator of OEM and engaged in supply. The Proposed outdoor sandwich Bus duct is required for electrical power transfer in between Indus substation and Power Conditioning system (PCS) building. EC grade Aluminium Conductor Sandwich Bus Duct having class F insulation and GI/Aluminium enclosure with degree of Ingress Protection IP65.2 Eligibility Criteria: The bidder shall comply with the following conditions 1. schematic drawings including end terminations etc. The conditioned power will be fed back again to existing Low Tension Power Control Centres (LT PCCs . Fabrication.1 Introduction: The specification covers the Design / Engineering. Assembly. for the same in his technocommercial offer (Part-1).2 Bidder / OEM shall have experience of having successfully completed following works during last five years ending 31.2. 1.00 Lakhs each or equivalent OR Two similar works costing not less than Rs. The bidder shall have reasonable number of installed base of similar capacity and submit a valid documentary proof for the same in part–I (Technical Bid). installation. three phase four-wire. 415 V±10%. he should submit the agreement with OEM.00 Lakhs each or equivalent OR One similar work costing not less than Rs. testing and commissioning of Sandwich Bus duct. In this regard. Three similar works costing not less than Rs.2009. The Bus duct shall be routed from Indus substation transformers (04 numbers) to existing Input electrical panel at PCS building for feeding unconditioned power to PCS. The end terminations on either sides ends shall be from top and through flexible tinned copper links. . The existing equipment layout along with tentative layout of proposed Bus duct is shown in Tender drawing (RRCAT/E/0421/R-0). a list of clientele (with address and contact number) having such installation shall also be provided for verification. 64. The total eight (08) lengths of the sandwich bus duct shall be erected in between Indus substation and PCS building with their end terminations. Installation. Testing at works. 3200A. The bidder shall submit the requisite design details. Supply at site.

its metallic enclosure shall have sufficient heat dissipation capability throughout the year without any additional cooling arrangement. 7. 5. 6. 3. Guide for marking of insulated conductors & Guide for uniform system of marking and identification of conductors and apparatus terminals Specifications for Copper strips for electrical purposes.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System 1. Supply at site. 50 Hz. 5.0 Scope of Work: 4.513 IS . 2.2 Heat dissipation: To remove heat from the Sandwich Bus Duct. 3. Note: Type test reports for the offered system issued by any IEC/CPRI/Government accredited Lab shall be submitted with the offer. plates and sheets for electrical applications.11353 IS . EC grade Aluminium Conductor Sandwich Bus Duct having class F insulation and GI/Aluminium enclosure with degree . tubes and sections. Danger notice plates. Installation. Specification for low voltage switchgears and control gears General rules Specification for Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies .1897 9.5082 IS . 3. 4. three phase four-wire.Type tested and partially type-tested assemblies Specification for Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies . Code of practice for phosphate coating of iron and steel. IEC 60529/IS 13947Part1: 1993 IEC/EN 60439 (part 1) / IS 8623 (part 1) IEC/EN 60439 (part 2) / IS 8623 (part 2) IS . 3. 4. rods.1 The scope includes the Design / Engineering. The proposed clearance shall be sufficient from maintenance point of view. and it must operate. Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy bars.2062 IS .specifications Cold rolled low carbon steel sheet & strips. 4.0 Environmental conditions: 3. Fabrication. IEC 60529) 40º C 48º C 95 % non-condensing 1000 M As per Zone–III requirements at least IP65 3. Testing and commissioning of a continuous duty. without mechanical and electrical damage or degradation of operating characteristics: 1. 8. Assembly.1 Service Conditions: The Sandwich Bus Duct and all its associated components shall be capable of withstanding any combination of the following environment conditions. Testing at works.6005 IS-5578 & IS. This shall not cause any mutual interference also. IS .2551 10.Particular requirements for busbar Trunking systems (bus ways) Steel for general Structural purposes . 2. 415 V±10%. Ambient air temperature Maximum ambient air temperature Relative humidity not exceeding Maximum altitude without de-rating Seismic withstand level Ingress protection degree (acc. 3200A.3 Adequate clearance between bus ducts shall be ensured. 6.

The minimum rated RMS short circuit withstand current for the Busbars shall be 50 kA for 1 sec. overlapped jointing arrangement with indication of proper pressure during tightening. bends. Bare Aluminium earth bus of minimum size 2 runs 50X8mm shall be provided along the length of the bus duct. in line with the site requirements. Current density Colour coding Support : In line with Type tested design : Red. demonstrating rating and temperature rise. thrust pads. straight length. Required measures shall be taken during jointing and connection for ensuring the earthing conductor resistance as low as possible. The complete assembly shall include rising mains. shall also be under the present scope. Blue.0 Technical Specification: 5. per IEC 60439 (1 & 2) and IS 8623 (1 & 2) shall only be acceptable. These canopies shall be duly painted with polyurethane paint of approved shade. end termination flanges with flexible tinned copper links on either sides. . flexible lengths. joints. chemically inert.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System of Ingress Protection IP65. in line with the type tested design. The external Aluminium earthing conductor of minimum size 2 runs 50X8mm running along the bus duct shall be provided and the same shall be connected to the existing earthing network by equivalent capacity GI/Aluminium strip. spring hangers.2 Technical Parameters: The offered system should be suitable to take continuous 100% loading in all positions. The outdoor bus duct shall be provided with canopy made out of CRCA sheet. & black etc. universal fixing brackets. spring washers. Supplier shall furnish the values for mutual inductance and voltage drop during the submission of detailed engineering drawings. 5. bricks masonry and plaster on wall crossings etc. The prices shall be indicated for individual spare component alongwith part2 (Price bid) of the offer. fire-retardant and stable material. The transposition details may please be submitted with the part-I. supports etc. flexible rubber bellow and adopter box on flange terminations at transformer side. installation. flexible tinned copper links at terminations. expansion joints. :Compatible to withstand the stipulated short-circuit/earth fault Current. 4. adopter boxes and earthing of the bus duct from substation earthing grid are in the scope of Supplier. The temperature rise of Busbars shall not exceed 55°C over the 40°C ambient. The insulating material shall be non-toxic. offset. testing and commissioning of all required accessories for this Sandwich bus Duct like bends. All required minor civil works like wall cutting. 4. Calculations shall be submitted. Yellow. 5.1 General: The Sandwiched Bus duct shall be of compact design. Bolted joints shall be provided with suitable bolts.3 The scope also includes supply of spares and accessories required for five years trouble free operation. Item wise unpriced list of spares shall be submitted along with part–I of the offer. The Impedance balance shall be ensured among the phases for achieving equal current sharing and voltage balance. MS fabrication for mounting/support. lock nuts etc. flanges. The bus duct shall be reusable and can be dismantled without any loss and breakdown of material. maintenance free and suitable for outdoor application confirming to IP 65 as per IEC 60529/IS 13947Part1: A type tested low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly (TTA) as 1993.2 Supply.

Cross-section of the busbar and current density shall be in accordance with the Type tested assembly for the rated capacity. straight sections. Each section shall be provided with suitable brackets at convenient intervals for fixing to the wall/roof support. The same shall be duly coated with epoxy powder paint of approved shade.3. (b) Measurement of Insulation Resistance between Busbars and Busbar & earth with 1KV Megger. the busbars shall be suitably treated at termination ends and bimetallic strips can be used.3. interconnecting sections. Flexible tinned copper links shall be used for terminations to the transformer/Panel. 50 Hz for one minute .2. If required. Typical section-samples with each of the items of complete sandwich busduct system including coupling. (d) High Voltage withstand test at 5kV.2 Process: After proper metal pre-treatment (7-tank process) the enclosure shall be hot dip galvanised.3 Supports and Canopy The supplier shall use the purpose made fixing brackets/mountings. The minimum thickness of coating shall not be less than 50 micron. Neutral conductor shall have the same size as phase conductor. 6. (a) Visual Inspection and Physical measurements for conformity to the specifications. Expansion joints may be provided as per manufacturer’s design and recommendation. 5. bends etc shall be offered for these tests.0 Inspection & Testing: A comprehensive pre-despatch inspection including following Acceptance tests in line with IEC 60439 (1 & 2) and IS 8623 (1 & 2) shall be conducted prior to despatch at manufacturer's works / approved testing laboratory in presence of authorised representative(s) from RRCAT. Each busbar shall be individually insulated by means of class F or better insulation. The outdoor bus duct shall be provided with canopy made out of CRCA sheet. The supplier is requested to submit the drawings and design details of required supporting structure.1 Material: The enclosure shall be made up of hot dip GI. 5. This CRCA sheet shall be processed under 7-tank metal pre-treatment process before painting.1 Busbars and Joint: The busbars shall be of fully round edge and made of reputed make EC grade Aluminium.). 5. however bidder may offer aluminium.3. The Sandwich Bus duct system shall be manufactured in convenient lengths to facilitate easy transportation and installation.3.3.3 Material description and construction features: 5.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System 5. The canopies and supports shall be duly painted with polyurethane paint of approved shade.2 Enclosure: 5. The supporting structure shall have adequate space and strength for laying additional one run of similar bus duct and stresses under short circuit (50kA for 1 sec. (c) mV (milli-volt) drop test of one joint.2.

3 The installation of the Busducts has to be carried out with necessary rising mains.0 Installation. dimensions and any other necessary data to identify the equipment and relate it to the Purchase Order.4 The building is ready for the subject system. The supplier shall depute their specialist at site during the installation. testing and commissioning: 8. expansion joints. The supplier shall not ship the equipment without prior approval of the purchaser’s representative and subsequent written instructions to do so. offset. testing and commissioning period for attending the related issues etc. which are generated from ground/ External wall of the Indus Substation Building considering the factors of ease of maintenance & replacement of particular section etc. supplier shall arrange all the required material.0 Packing and Transport: 7. The busbar chamber should not have any access left open to prevent entry of insects inside it.3 Each package shall be properly labelled to indicate the type and quantity of material it contains along with the Purchase Order number. The company shall do packing in prefabricated wooden crates and on arrival at site material shall be opened and inspected by both supplier and RRCAT.1.1 Installation at site: 8. flexible rubber bellow and adopter box on flange terminations at transformer side. universal fixing brackets. flanges.1. damage or breakage during shipment. 8. 7. 8. supporting system. 7.2 Equipments shall be packed and protected so as not to suffer deterioration. joints. transhipment or storage in a tropical climate.2 Starting from activities of transport of the material within the site at RRCAT. The bidders are advised to visit the site . spring hangers. flexible tinned copper links at terminations. flexible lengths. (f) Degree of Protection (IP65) testing. bends. impedance measurement at 50Hz and few kHz etc.1.1 The Packing and transport is the responsibility of the supplier. The Company shall furnish the list of packing materials containing items within it along with its weight inside. overlapped jointing arrangement with indication of proper pressure during tightening. straight length.1 Sandwich Bus duct system shall be installed as per the recommendation of the manufacturer.1.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System (e) Measurement of Average Resistance per conductor. (g) Test for Short circuit withstand capacity for one section of Bus duct System. 8. 8. 7. (h) Heat run test for the assembled sample section with each of the items of complete Sandwich bus duct. handling equipments and requisite manpower to carry out the installation work at site. All lifting/handling points shall be clearly marked. The Supporting and either side termination system drawings shall be submitted for the approval of RRCAT before execution. thrust pads.

10.0 Documentation: 10. 8. O&M instructions. The endurance test for 96 hours with available load/rated load shall be considered as part of commissioning. (e) List of installations completed in last five years along with their completion certificate. Insulation resistance and mill volt – drop as per relevant IEC/IS and a report shall be submitted for approval of RRCAT. (iv) Short-circuit withstand test.2 Before manufacturing for approval of RRCAT: Detailed bus duct drawings along with end terminations. installation instructions. to carry out the testing and commissioning work at site. (g) Detailed supporting calculations for offered items for the followings: (i) Heat loss & Temperature rise. installation instructions. (f) Type Test reports for offered items. guarantee certificate & compliance report etc. supporting structure and bill of material. test reports. The Bus duct shall be guaranteed for a period of minimum 2 (Two) years from the date of acceptance after commissioning. including following tests: (i) Heat run test.2 Testing and Commissioning: All the routine tests shall be repeated at site after the completion of Installation of Sandwich Busduct System including HV test.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System with prior intimation for appropriate planning. technical catalogues.3 On supply of material: Three (03) sets of proposed layout-drawings. (ii) Sizing of busbars and insulation system rated for continuous current and fault current (50kA) for one second.1 With Bid: (a) Copies of experience certificate for the similar work executed.0 Commercial Terms & conditions: The supplier shall strictly adhere to the completion schedule for supply. The supplier shall arrange all the required manpower. technical catalogues & test certificates. equipments etc. 9. installation & commissioning. 10. 10. O&M instructions.4 After completion: (a) 6 sets of instruction bound manuals to be submitted by the supplier containing asbuilt drawings. (c) Detailed catalogues and drawings for regular and expansion joints. (b) Copy of OEM authorisation certificate in case bidder is authorised system integrator. (d) Original Catalogues and literature for offered items. (iii) Impulse voltage withstand test. 10. (ii) Ingress Protection (IP). . inspection & test reports. guarantee certificate & compliance report etc. The Storage at site may be appropriately planned.

but required for the work shall be of reputed makes subject to approval of RRCAT. Item not covered above. . 2.0 Performance Bank Guarantee: The supplier shall furnish a bank guarantee towards performance of the equipment valid till the offered guarantee period of 2 years. transportation.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System (b) One softcopy of the above mentioned (refer (a)) documents. In this regard. Alternate makes shall also be acceptable subject to compliance with tender specifications. delivery at site. 12. Expected completion schedule for the total work is around 04 (Four) months.0 List of Preferred Makes: Item Aluminium Sandwich Bus Duct System Make Henikwon/ Schneider Note: 1. testing & commissioning at site. 11. and installation. a detailed bar chart shall be submitted by the bidder for manufacturing. 3. The offered system shall be strictly complying with the tender specifications. testing at works.0 Completion Period: The bidder shall quote for minimum completion period. 13.

Amps One minute Power Frequency Withstand 5 kV (rms) Voltage Short Time Current Rating for one second 50 .2 3. 90 Bend No.5 1.2 2.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 1.9 1. Ingress protection IP 65 Supply frequency 50 Hz Type of Cooling Natural Air Cooled Installation Outdoor Nominal Service Voltage .in Volts 415±10% Continuous Current Rating of Bus Ducts 3200A under Site Conditions .12 1.7 1.length in mtrs. of Terminations GENERAL 2runs of 50X8mm Aluminium Canopy material and thickness CRCA and 2mm thick Canopy and supports protection against Polyurethane painted corrosion External Earthing Conductor GI/Aluminium Minimum 50 micron Refer Tender drawing RRCAT/E/0421/R-0 No.1 2.6 1.14 2.1 1.11 1.10 1.0 3.8 1.1 3.13 1.3 1.3 DESIGN PARTICULARS COMPACT BUSDUCT WITH SANDWICH BUSBARS Type of construction Sandwich epoxy resin / mica polyester insulated type busduct.2 1.4 1.kA (RMS) Maximum Temperature rise of Busbars at 55 oC Rated Current over and above an ambient of 40 C Busbar Material EC grade Aluminium Busduct Enclosure Material Thickness of epoxy powder coating over enclosure BUS DUCTS TENTATIVE LENGTH Bus Duct .0 2. Type of Bus Duct . 1.3 3.

415V.gov. 07312488866 or email ID kekre@rrcat. S. The bidders may visit the site for final estimation of required length.5 1. 3200A. 04 to PCS Incoming Panel From transformer No. 07 to PCS Incoming Panel From PCS output Panel to PCC-3 in Indus substation From PCS output Panel to PCC-2 in Indus substation From PCS output Panel to PCC-1 in Indus substation From PCS output Panel to PCC-4 in Indus substation Spares price as per the spares list PRICES NOT TO 01 set 01 set 01 set 01 set 01 set 01 set 01 set 01 set BE FILLED IN PART-1 Signature & Seal of the Bidder .7 1. Testing at works. erection. for the bus duct. four wire. From transformer No. Testing & Commissioning Rate Taxes & Duties Amount 1. joints and supports etc. Assembly.9 Design/ Engineering. bends.8 1. The prior permission of Chief Engineer. Description Qty.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System Section-B 1. 05 to PCS Incoming Panel From transformer No. 50Hz.) is mandatory for the site visit.2 1. supply.4 1. three phase. RRCAT (Fax No. Bidders are requested to quote the prices in foreign currency/Indian Rupees (as applicable) with complete details of taxes and duties as applicable.3 1.No.1 1.6 1. 01 to PCS Incoming Panel From transformer No. testing and commissioning at site of continuous duty. 2. Outdoor type Aluminium Conductor sandwich bus duct having GI/Aluminium enclosure (IP65) and class F insulation along with required MS fabrication/mountings supports and other accessories as per specifications. Supply Rate Taxes & Duties Erection. fabrication.0 Schedule of Prices: Note: 1.0 1.in.

0 4.0 3.No.0 Activity Design and Engineering Fabrication Assembly and Testing at Works Supply at site Installation at site Testing and Commissioning Duration Signature & Seal of the Bidder . S.No.3). Supply Rate PRICES NOT TO BE FILLED IN PART-1 Amount PRICES NOT TO BE FILLED IN PART-1 The final spares list/quantity shall be on the purchaser discretion.0 Completion Schedule: The bidder shall submit the completion schedule along with the offer. Description Qty. Signature & Seal of the Bidder 3. S. duration required for each activity should be mentioned separately as per the format given below.0 5.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System 2. After placement of order.0 6. 1.0 Schedule of Spares: The bidder shall submit the spares list as mentioned in scope of work (4.0 2.

S.No. Deviation detail Remarks/Justification Signature & Seal of the Bidder .Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System 4. Tender Specification Para/Point No.0 Schedule of deviations: There are no deviations in the specification of the offered item(s) except for the following.

) Service Conditions: Average ambient air temperature Maximum ambient air temperature Relative humidity not exceeding Maximum altitude without derating Ingress Protection class Compliance to Standards Mounting position Rated current Momentary Current Rating .1 2.………….11 1.. )kA/ for 1sec.6 1.2 1. )mm/m/°C )mm ……. . IP( ) IEC( ) IS( ) Vertical/Flat ( )A ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )V )V )kV )Hz )kg. Minimum recommended clearance between bus ducts.3 2. …….7 Description (Generals): Make & Model Experience of OEM in the model offered Whether the bidder is Authorised System Integrator In case of Authorised System Integrator Authorisation certificate from OEM is enclosed Experience of the bidder Manufacturing certification (ISO9001etc.10 1.4 1.0 1.1 1.13 1.. 1..14 1. No.and …………mho/m ………….9 1.Numbers. of active conductors and cross-section area For each phase and neutral.17 1.3 1.mm2 ……………….15 1. suspension distances of Trunking units Approximate expansion from no load to full load at maximum ambient temperature. floor and others Conductor: No.. wall. Name of Conductor Material Purity grade Conductivity Bare earth conductor material and size Any special coating on conductor / at joints Details ( Yes/No Yes/No ( ) years ) years 1.19 1.Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System Annexure-1 GUARANTEED TECHNICAL PARTICULARS (GTP) The Bidder should compulsorily fill the Guaranteed Technical particulars.20 2. (To be furnished with the Part-I Technical offer) Sandwich Bus duct System: S.8 1.5 1..kA (Peak) Rated Insulation voltage(Ui) Rated Operating voltage(Ue) Standard Impulse (1.16 1.2 ( )°C ( )°C ( )% NonCondensing ( )mtrs.) voltage(Uimp) withstand capacity Rated frequency Weight of the assembly per metre Short circuit withstand capacity Perm..0 2.4 .mm x mm 2.2/50μsec. )mtr. and ……….12 1.18 1.

)mm )mm ) mtr.3 10. ( )°C ( )mV and ( )mV ( .1 8.3 3.. Temp..0 9.5 2.3 6.1 4.8 p. included for vertical risers MS angle/brackets included Polyurethane coated MS sheet work: Material for canopy and thickness Material for adopter boxes and thickness Polyurethane coated Flexible Tinned copper links: Cross-section of link Current Carrying Capacity Resistivity of material Details ………Ohm/m.0 5. ……. (At 0. No. hangers etc.mm.2 5.2 4.1 3. 2.1 10.6 2.2 8.mm Yes/No ( ( ( ( )mtr.3 Description Average resistance and reactance per conductor at rated current (Amb.2 3.0 8. ………Ohm/m. )kV/mm .mm ..1 9.) at rated current.0 7.3 8.7 2.2 10..Specifications for Sandwich Bus duct for Power Conditioning System S.mm Yes/No ( ( ( )mm2 )A ) Ohm-m Signature & Seal of the Bidder -----------------------O----------------------- .0 4...1 5.1 7. Maximum Voltage drop per joint at rated current.0 3. Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No .. 40 C) Maximum hot spot temperature rise above Maximum ambient temperature of 48oC Maximum Voltage drop per mtr.8 3.0 10.2 9..0 6. …….4 9.. Insulation: Class of insulation Name of Insulating material and its thickness Dielectric Strength Compressive Strength Enclosure: Material thickness Surface treatment process Painting process Joints: Number of bolts per joint Insulating material over bolt and its Insulation strength Lock nut provided for tightening Expansion joint: Recommended interval length for Expansion joint End Flange: Conductors clearance Terminals Length Supports for bus duct: Supporting interval for horizontal run Spring. …….1 7..3 5.2 8..4 4....f.