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Fujitsu Users guide Lifebook N3430

Fujitsu Users guide Lifebook N3430

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Published by: Ricardo Diaz on Oct 03, 2012
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The following is a brief description of your LifeBook
N3400 notebook’s back panel components.

USB Ports

The four USB 2.0 ports (three on the rear, one on the left
side) allow you to connect Universal Serial Bus devices.
Note that only the two USB ports on the left can be used
to connect an infrared remote control receiver that is
required when using the optional Media Center Edition
remote control. (See Universal Serial Bus Ports on page45
for more information.)

External Monitor Port

The external monitor port allows you to connect an
external monitor. (See External Video Port on page45 for
more information.)

LAN Port (RJ-45)

The LAN port is designed to accept a Local Area Network
(LAN) RJ-45 plug. (See Internal LAN (RJ-45) Port on
page44 for more information.)

Modem (RJ-11) Telephone Port

The Modem (RJ-11) telephone port is for attaching a
telephone line to the internal 56K modem. (See Modem
(RJ-11) Telephone Port on page44 for more information.)

Air Vents

The air vents are used to cool the system to prevent over-

S-Video Out Port

The S-Video output is used to transmit a higher resolu-
tion video signal to a compatible TV or VCR.(See S-Video
Out Port on page45 for more information.)

DC Power Jack

The DC power jack allows you to plug in the AC adapter
or the optional Auto/Airline adapter to power your Life-
Book notebook and charge the internal Lithium ion


LAN Port (RJ-45)

USB Ports

External Monitor Port

S-Video Out Port

Modem Port (RJ-11)

DC Power Jack

Air Vents

The internal modem is designed to the
ITU-T V.90 standard. Its maximum
speed of 53000bps is the highest
allowed by FCC, and its actual connec-
tion rate depends on the line condi-
tions. The maximum speed is 33600
bps at upload in accordance with FCC

The internal modems on all LifeBook
notebooks from Fujitsu Computer
Systems are certified for use in the
United States and Canada. The modem
may be certified in other countries.

The internal modem is not intended for
use with Digital PBX systems. Do not con-
nect the internal modem to a Digital PBX
as it may cause serious damage to the
internal modem or your entire LifeBook
notebook. Consult your PBX manufac-
turer’s documentation for details. Some
hotels have Digital PBX systems. Be sure to
find out BEFORE you connect the modem.

To protect your notebook from damage
and to optimize system performance, be
sure to keep all air all vents unobstructed,
clean, and clear of debris. This may
require periodic cleaning, depending upon
the environment in which the system is

Do not operate the notebook in areas
where the air vents can be obstructed,
such as in tight enclosures or on soft
surfaces like a bed or cushion.

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LifeBook N3400 Series Notebook – Section Two

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