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Fujitsu Users guide Lifebook N3430

Fujitsu Users guide Lifebook N3430

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Published by Ricardo Diaz

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Published by: Ricardo Diaz on Oct 03, 2012
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Caring for your Batteries

Always handle batteries carefully.

Do not short-circuit the battery terminals (that is, do
not touch both terminals with a metal object). Do not
carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse where they
may mix with coins, keys, or other metal objects.
Doing so may cause an explosion or fire.

Do not drop, puncture, disassemble, mutilate or incin-
erate the battery.

Recharge batteries only as described in this manual
and only in ventilated areas.

Do not leave batteries in hot locations for more than a
day or two. Intense heat can shorten battery life.

Do not leave a battery in storage for longer than 6
months without recharging it.

Increasing Battery Life

Power your LifeBook notebook with the AC or
optional auto/airline adapter whenever possible.

If your LifeBook notebook is running on battery
power all day, connect it to the AC adapter overnight
to recharge the battery.

Keep brightness to the lowest level comfortable.

Set the power management for maximum battery life.

Put your LifeBook notebook in Suspend mode when it
is turned on and you are not actually using it.

Limit your media drive access.

Disable the media player auto insert notification

Always use fully charged batteries.

Eject PCMCIA cards or ExpressCards when not in use.

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