British Board Of Film Classification

Kayleigh Stevens

• Our thriller movie has been given the certificate of 15. A 15 means only people who are aged 15 and over are allowed access to watch the film. We chose this certification as we did not want to lose the age group of 15-17; as we know that this age group make up a large percentage of regular cinema visitors.

Why our film is a 15?
• Our film is rated a 15 because we are including an element of violence, possible drug use and sexual scenes. These categories are not appropriate for children under 15 as it could effect their innocence and corrupt them. The difference between a 15 and an 18 is that an 18 is basically limitless when it comes to restrictions in these categories. As our film is aimed at children as young as 15 it’s important that what we show is not impressionable, for example drug taking should not be made to look like a fun activity; but instead should only be shown for real purpose such as to build character background. /en/thumb/b/b5/BBFC_PG.svg/584pxBBFC_PG.svg.png

This film is suitable for anyone above the age of 4. The film should have a positive message.

Suitable for children aged 8 and up to watch alone, however younger children may be happier to watch with a ‘Parental Guidance’

This certification is only used in films at the cinema, no persons under the age of 12 can see a film rated 12A unless accompanied by an adult.

No child younger than the age of 12 is permitted to see films with this rating whether accompanied by an adult or not. They can not buy/ rent a film with this rating either.

No one under 15 can watch/ buy/rent films with this rating. Films with this rating Can start to show explicit Content including; drugs, horror, imitable behavior, strong language, nudity, sex and violence. However there are limits to what can be shown. An 18 can use all of these themes with no limits. Only persons 18+ can view/buy/rent these films.