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- was a Greek mathematician, philosopher and inventor who wrote important works on geometry, arithmetic and mechanics.

Archimedes was born in

Syracuse (eastern coast of Sicily) Educated in Alexandria in Egypt. Returned to Syracuse, where he spent most of the rest of his life, devoting his time to research and experimentation in many fields

The principle of the lever and is credited with inventing

the compound pulley (Mechanics) Move the earth with a lever The hydraulic screw for raising water from a lower to higher level. He is most famous for discovering the law of hydrostatics, sometimes known as 'Archimedes' principle. 'Eureka! The catapult Mathematical processes

Lever was useful in labouring jobs

The law of hydrostatics and the mathematical things

he invented have benefited both maths and science The catapult helped with defence The hydraulic screw has been evolved and the principle is still used

Eureka is in the English dictionary.

Local authority didnt mind as they benefited from his

Was killed by a Roman soldier because they didnt

want him outsmarting their own inventors, mechanics and mathematicians.