September 24, 2012

NOTICE MBA, Class of 2013 OFF-Campus Recruitment – Final Placement
About A&A Investment: We are a core research and investment company doing research on financial markets for last 11 years started in 2001. Research being done in Indian Equity and Derivatives market, Commodity market - Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Copper, Global Currencies, US Equity Market Indices (Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite). We have clients in India, US and UK. A&A investment partners SMC for trading platform. We also offer services for mutual funds, Insurance- Health, Motor and Life, IPOs, IPO Funding, Bonds and Fixed Deposits. Our extensive research of global financial markets for last many years has been our biggest strength in creating consistent wealth for our clients. A&A Investment is visiting ABS on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 3.00 pm for Campus Recruitment Process. Who Can apply: Job Profile : Requirement : MBA(G), MBA(M&S),MBA(RM) Business Development + Highest Profile Media Speaking MBA (Specialization in Marketing & Finance)

Salary: Salary will be disclosed at the time of PPT
Cv Collection: R Laxmanprabhu Mob.9958944564

Job Profile:- The Candidate needs to develop business with new clients for Equity, Forex Hedging, Commodity Hedging. After few months of rigorous training, he/she would be appearing for live interviews on business news channels.

00 a.Summer Internship Project Title Position Applied For (Sales Executive. (Kritika Dasgupta) Email id Grad% 12th % 10% . 25/9/2012.Counselor.00 am. 25/9/2012. Tele Sales. Data Analyst) Mobile No Summer Internship Company Name Graduation Stream Enrollment No.No .m. The Student coordinator is required to submit compiled excel sheet of applicants along with CVs to the undersigned by 11. Student Name Specialization CGPA MBA Graduation Programe Interested eligible students are advised to send their soft copy of resumes (Amity Format) along with excel sheet details strictly as per the format given below to the above student coordinator by 10.

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