About John Knowles:         John Knowles was born in 1926 in Fairmont, West Virginia At 15, he entered Phillips Exeter Academy

, a famous boarding school After graduation, he traveled to Europe and worked as a journalist until mid-1950. He returned to US and worked as an editor at Holiday magazine. He started working on A Separate Peace, which became his first published novel. When it became successful, he quit his job with the magazine and devoted himself to writing full time. He published eight other novels, wrote a travel book, and a collection of short stories He was honored with writer-in-residence at Princeton University and University of North Carolina

A Separate Peace as an autobiographical novel:       A Separate peace draws on Knowles’ experiences as a student at Phillips Exeter Academy Knowles attended summer session at the school in 1943 They had a “club” whose initiation was jumping from branch to branch of a huge tree The two main characters of the novel had real counterparts But Knowles also admitted: “it is true I put part of myself into all four main character in the ”Separate Peace” Inspiration for book taken from his life, but events and conflicts were not actually taken from real life.

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