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Frequently Asked Questions

on Public Land Transportation-Related Complaints
• Q1 What types of violations can I report to LTFRB?

Below is a list of the more common violations that LTFRB receives; however, if you encounter other violations involving drivers of public land transportation vehicles, condition and state of public vehicle units and other public land transportation-related complaints you can still report it to us for verification if the same is within our authority to address:
Choosing passengers Cutting trip Discriminating against Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) No flag down of meter No seatbelts Not giving exact change Physical assault

Dilapidated unit No meter No taxi details inside Out of line operation

Dirty seats and interiors No receipt Non-compliance with traffic regulations Overcharging/ undercharging

Reckless driving
Rude behaviour Smoking while driving

Refusal to grant discount
Sexual assault/ Verbal harassment Tampered or broken meter

Refusal to board or convey
Smelly interiors Texting while driving

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on Public Land Transportation-Related Complaints

• Q2 How can I report my complaints to LTFRB? You can simply report your complaint together with the following details via text message or call our hotline 09214487777 or tweet at @LTFRB_Official: •Plate number of the vehicle

•Type of denomination (Taxi, bus, jeepney, school service, tourist transport, fx, etc.)
•Violation •Incident date, time and location

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on Public Land Transportation-Related Complaints

• Q3 What action can I expect after reporting the incident to LTFRB? Initially, LTFRB will verify your report, thereafter succeeding actions will be determined depending on the nature of violation. Please take note however that there are cases when we need your cooperation by attending hearing/s in the office particularly when LTFRB needs your official testimony (ex. rude drivers, overcharging, etc.) or when the report is not readily verifiable by LTFRB alone.

With regard to complaints where LTFRB can carry out the investigation even without your assistance (ex. dilapidated units, no taxi details, no meter, etc) you can be assured that the report will be acted upon accordingly.
If LTFRB, upon investigation, has proven that violations against the franchise agreement have been committed the franchise holder may be asked to pay fine, have his franchise suspended or cancelled completely depending on the gravity of the violation.

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on Public Land Transportation-Related Complaints

• Q4 If I refuse to attend the hearing what will happen to my complaint?
If your complaint requires hearing and you refuse to attend we can only inform and ask the operator for explanation regarding your complaint considering that we cannot charge the driver or operator without a verified complaint or by denying the former of due process.

• Q5 If my complaint against a public utility driver is proven true, will he be stripped off his license to drive?
The authority of LTFRB is limited to issues covered by the granting of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) or franchise; issuance and revocation of driver’s license is within the mandate of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), hence, verified complaints against erring drivers received by LTFRB is forwarded to LTO with recommendation for revocation of license.

• Q6 If I want to follow-up the action taken on my complaint what should I do?
For follow-up, you can text us at 09214487777 or tweet us at @LTFRB_Official, just include in your message the nature of your previous complaint and the date when you reported it.