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exercise 4
October 4 Ex 5 Intro October 9 Ex 5 Due & Review

Writing CSS for your Fictitious Restaurant
In Ex. 3 you created a hypothetical restaurant and made an online menu site, writing the HTML code in TextWrangler. In this Exercise you will write and link a CSS file to your HTML file to style your content. Again, view your work locally in your browser as you work. Directions You already created a hierarchy using HTML tags. In your CSS file you will give those tags CSS attributes. This includes what type you use, how large it is, what color it is, your background color of the page, background color of particular div tags etc. Sketch out ideas for how you intend to style your content, what declarations will you need to make? Consider your propertys – color, background color, background image, font family, font style, font size etc. Style the following · Restaurant name · Your culinary point of view · Your listed menu and descriptions: Appetizers/small plates - Describe and list 3 or more Salads and or Soups- Describe and list 3 Entrees - Describe and list at least 5 Drinks - Describe and list 4 or more Hours of operation Location, link to google map Contact info One photo anywhere on the page Look at your content first, then diagram your structure before moving to TextWrangler. Deadline Due for review at the start of class October 9, 2012. Name & save files in a folder called lastname-ex4. Upload zipped folder to and share folder with me. Your folder must be labeled with your last name so I can give you a grade.

Resources: view code sourse using firebug for firefox

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