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Tliis is the first phase of The Native American Obituary Project organized by the Family Histoty Center of Farmington, New Mexico. The project covers parts of __rizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. It consists of 472 pages of obituaries that appeared in the newspapers listed below. The Daily Times of Farmmgton, NM The Winslow Mail Montezuma Valley Sun Cortez Journal Navajo Times Lake Powell Chronicle

The extracts from The Daily Times of Farmington cover several years and are in alpliabetical order. The others, which were included later, are listed in chronological order. Subsequent editions will be alphabetized, by newspaper. Our thanks to those who contributed to this issue, and helped to make it a success.

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Atcitty, James FDT 5 Atcitty, Shari Denise FDT 2 Atencio, Billy Kee FDT 1 Atencio, Leo FDT 5 Atso, Jean FDT 9 Atso, Mary Joe FDT 8 Atson, Larry Clay FDT 9 Augustine, Barney FDT 3 Augustine, Billie FDT 1 Augustine, Nora N. FDT 4 Augustine, Rita FDT 5 Augustine, Tom T. FDT 12 Augustine, Wallace FDT 15 Augustine, William Jr. FDT 8 Austin, Buck FDT 1 Austin, Helen FDT 7 Baca, Felima E. FDT 21 Bahe Ason C. FDT 34 Bahe, Benjamin ADS 11&19 Bahe, Benjamin NT 4 Bahe, Julianna M. FDT 54 Bainbridge, Ben FDT 34 Bainbridge, Grace FDT 38 Bainbridge, Henry D. FDT 25 Bainbridge, Stanley FDT 31 Baker, Andrew A. FDT 40 Baldwin, Helen FDT 38 Baldwin, Lonin L. FDT 34 Bancroft, Mary Ann CZJ 1 Barber, Blyde FDT 24 Barber, Byron FDT 44 Barber, Clyde FDT 15 Barber, Irene Mae FDT 28 Barber, Lavonne FDT 61 Armenia, Glen J. FDT 1 Barber, Lena FDT 65 Armenia, Ramona FDT 2 Barber, Margaret FDT 21 Armenia, Theodore P. FDT Barber, Margret FDT 18 13&14 Barber, Nita S. FDT 21 Armenia, Willie C. FDT 2 Barber, Roy Sr. FDT 64 Armstrong, Dickson B. FDT 7 Barton, Harrison FDT 72 Arstrong, Alfred FDT 3 Barton, Mildred FDT 53 Arthur, Loretta Jane FDT 2 Barton, Rhiannon R. FDT 38 Arviso, Eva T. FDT 3 Bates, Celina M. FDT 61 Arviso, Mike FDT 3 Bates, Kenneth Sr. FDT 31 Ash croft, Wdson L. NT 7 Beard, Harold FDT 17 Ashley, Edwin Amold FDT 11 Becenti, Ervin R. FDT 36 Aspaas, Abbott J. FDT 3 Becenti, Grace P. FDT 61 Aspaas, Frank Sr FDT 2 Becenti, Louise A. FDT 67 Aspaas, Jayne E. FDT 12 Becenti, Louise A. FDT 71 Atcitty, Eugene R. NT 3

Adakai, Alvin FDT 5 Adams, Earl A. Sr. ADS 16 Adobe, Robert L. Jr. FDT 13 Ahasteen, Jim ADS 27&28 Ahkeah, Lanier M. CZJ 21 Aikele, Mary Dixon FDT 12 Albert, Lorenda R. FDT 10 Alfonso, Lucy FDT 10 Alfred, Annie Begay FDT 10 Alfred, Fredrick FDT 13 Allen, Alfred FDT 11 Allen, Ida Pettigrew FDT 8 Allen, Michael W. FDT 13 Allison, Jimmie F. Jr. FDT 4 Allison, Kee FDT 3 Allison, Pauline FDT 6 Allison, Tasbina R. FDT 6 Amaro, Virginia E. FDT 7 Anderson, Elsie W. FDT 2 Anderson, Mariah D. WM 31 Anderson, Mary FDT 11 Anderson, Ronnie R. FDT 4 Anderson, Skyler FDT 11 Andrews, Curtis Wade ADS 27 Antonio, Herbert Jr. FDT 7 Antonio, Ronnie FDT 2 Antonio, Tom Sr. FDT 1 Antonio, Tony Jr. FDT 8 Antonito, Coresa J. FDT 9 Aquilar, Roselyn B. H. FDT 4 Aragon, Loyola FDT 11 Archibeque, David Jr. ADS 33&35

Beck, Clifford FDT 23 Bedoni Elizabeth S. FDT 16 Begay, (infant) FDT 21 Begay, Agnes WM 30 Begay, Aileen C. T. FDT 33 Begay, Albert J. Sr. FDT 18 Begay, Amy George FDT 21 Begay, Amy S. FDT 21 Begay, Atcitty FDT 51 Begay, Atwell FDT 25 Begay, Belin Chee ADS 10 Begay, Ben T. FDT 52 Begay, Bennie FDT 17 Begay, Bessie C. FDT 70 Begay, Bigmountain WM 36 Begay, Charles Sr. FDT 69 Begay, Chee C. FDT 17 Begay, Colleen P. FDT 35 Begay, Comelia A. FDT 39 Begay, Dan FDT 41 Begay, Dan King FDT 26 Begay, Delowoshen B. FDT 29 Begay, Denet Yazzie FDT 20 Begay, Doris FDT 71 Begay, Dorothy D. FDT 56 Begay, Dorodry M. FDT 68 Begay, Elizabeth T. FDT 32 Begay, Ella Mae FDT 34 Begay, Elouise L. FDT 20 Begay, Esdespah FDT 47 Begay, Evelyn FDT 50 Begay, Everett N. CZJ 23 Begay, Filbert FDT 20 Begay, Frank FDT 33 Begay, Gary FDT 19 Begay, Gene Arthur FDT 23 Begay, George K. WM 41 Begay, Gerald D. FDT 27 Begay, Glenn FDT 36 Begay, Glensbah FDT 22 Begay, Grace J. FDT 44 Begay, Guy WM 5 Begay, Harold C. FDT 29 Begay, Harold FDT 27 Begay, Harrison C. FDT 38 Begay, Harrison FDT 17 Begay, Harrison FDT 24 Begay, Harvey FDT 27 Begay, Helen A. FDT 68

Begay, Helen J. FDT 40 Begay, Henry FDT 24 Begay, Herbert FDT 36 Begay, Hosteen FDT 29 Begay, Hosteen N. FDT 32 Begay, Hosteen N. FDT 35 Begay, Irving FDT 24 Begay, Jack WM 30 & 31 Begay, James H. FDT 33 Begay, Jay King FDT 29 Begay, Jimmie Milford FDT 1 Begay, Joe B. FDT 59 Begay, Joe C. FDT 29 Begay, Joe Jr. FDT 28 Begay, Joe Yazzie FDT 30 Begay, John FDT 27 Begay, John Frank FDT 29 Begay, John H. FDT 40 Begay, John N. Sr. FDT 50 Begay, Johnny Y. FDT 18 Begay, Jor Hat FDT 39 Begay, Josephine E. FDT 32 Begay, Kee T. FDT 65 Begay, Keeyah H. FDT 21 Begay, Kendrick N. FDT 26 Begay, Kenneth H. FDT 37 Begay, Largo FDT 32 Begay, Lena FDT 26 Begay, Leo Nez FDT 20 Begay, Leroy H. FDT 40 Begay, Lester N. Sr. FDT 27 Begay, Lonnie F. FDT 69 Begay, Louise B. FDT 62 Begay, Lucas N. FDT 71 Begay, Lucille Nocki CZJ 5 Begay, Mabel H. FDT 25 Begay, Mamie Y. FDT 44 Begay, Mason FDT 15 Begay, Mason FDT 21 Begay, Maxwell FDT 70 Begay, Meda Sam FDT 16 Begay, Melton FDT 24 Begay, Melvin H. FDT 37 Begay, Michael C. FDT 39 Begay, Natesha FDT 59 Begay, Ned FDT 42 Begay, Ned N. Sr. FDT 68 Begay, Nelson Sr. NT 6 Begay, Nez Yazzie FDT 16 Begay, Oscar FDT 57 Begay, Philbert FDT 37 Begay, Philena FDT 37 Begay, Phillip R. FDT 37 Begay, Randolph T. Sr. FDT22 Begay, Redhorse FDT 22 Begay, Roberta A. FDT 35 Begay, Ronald C. FDT 41 Begay, Russell Joe FDT 25 Begay, Sadie FDT 47 Begay, Sadie FDT 50 Begay, Saldo FDT 32 Begay, Sandra Rose FDT 32 Begay, Sarah Ann FDT 15 Begay, Sarah Ann FDT 18 Begay, Stanley T. FDT 64 Begay, Tapaha N. FDT 51 Begay, Theodore FDT 26 Begay, Timomy FDT 56 Begay, Toh-Die-Cheeny FDT 30 Begay, Tony A. FDT 51 Begay, Tony FDT 30 Begay, Totsone FDT 20 Begay, Virginia M. FDT 15 Begay, Virginia M. FDT 19 Begay, Wallace L. FDT 25 Begay, Walter FDT 32 Begay, WilUe FDT 68 Begay, Wdlie W. FDT 25 Begay, Wilson Nakai CZJ 13 Begay, Yellowhair FDT 31 Begay,Ulysses A. FDT 71 Begaye, B'dagaih FDT 71 Begaye, Barnabas FDT 35 Begaye, Bennie FDT 33 Begaye, Franklin FDT 15 Begaye, Joseph Sr. FDT 58 Begaye, Marvin FDT 58 Begaye, Marvin FDT 60 Begaye, Paul Nez FDT 18 Begaye, Raymond FDT 203 Begaye, Ronnie C. FDT 36 Bekis, Anna Mae FDT 22 Bekis, David FDT 34 Bekis, Harvey FDT 20 Bekis, Lola B. FDT 53 Bekis, Simpson FDT 39 Bekise, Blayne L. FDT 69 Beleen, Jack B. FDT 56 Belone, Summer K. WM 6&10 Ben, Wilfred FDT 60 Benallie, Esther FDT 28 Benallie, John H. FDT 70 Benallie, Mildred E. FDT 19 Benailly, Herman FDT 23 Benally, Albert FDT 33 Benally, Alfred FDT 19 Benally, Amos Lee FDT 26 Benally, Ason Chee FDT 19 Benally, Betty Lou FDT 66 Benally, Bill Nah-C. FDT 67 Benally, Darrell E. FDT 61 Benally, Everett A. NT 5 Benally, Frank B. FDT 52 Benally, Harry FDT 66 Benally, Harry T. FDT 67 Benally, James D. FDT 28 Benally, Mae FDT 18 Benally, Norman W. FDT 28 Benally, Victoria T. FDT 66 Benally, Wenona T. FDT 67 Benally, Alice M. FDT 46 Benally, Allen FDT 31 Benally, Atcitty N. FDT 35 Benally, Bessie T. FDT 48 Benally, Bessie Tsosie FDT 16 Benally, Caryl Lee FDT 23 Benally, Cato FDT 37 Benally, Charley A. FDT 17 Benally, ClahZ. FDT 41 Benally, Cyrus FDT 36 Benally, Earl FDT 27 Benally, Edvem B. FDT 55 Benally, Elouise FDT 34 Benally, Gon FDT 37 Benally, Grace B. FDT 72 Benally, Hanison L. Sr. FDT 46 Benally, Helen FDT 19 Benally, Herman N. FDT 15 Benally, James FDT 55 Benally, Jeffrey FDT 35 Benally, Jim FDT 16 Benally, Jimmy P. FDT 20 Benally, John FDT 58 Benally, John Lee FDT 59 Benally, Junior FDT 23 Benally, Lee D. FDT 58 Benally, Louise T. FDT 38 Benally, Mary Ann FDT 63 Benally, Merlin L. FDT 48 Benally, Minnie C. FDT 63 Benally, Ned FDT 41

Benally, Paul C. Sr. FDT 63 Benally, Paul Lee FDT 32 Benally, Rae FDT 26 Benally, Roy John FDT 46 Benally, Sadie FDT 24 Benally, Sam Jr. FDT 35 Benally, Sandra Mae FDT 27 Benally, Susie FDT 19 Benally, Thomas J. FDT 31 Benally, Wilbert J. Sr. FDT 44 Benally, Willie FDT 63 Benally. Harrison FDT 22 Benallyson, Bejebah FDT 22 B enaUyson, Jeffrey FDT 21 Benallyson, Nelson FDT 33 Benjamin, Rose L. FDT 62 Benn, Ronald J. CZJ 22 Benn, Tyler D. FDT 45 Bennalley, Byron V. FDT 58 Bennett, Raynard V. FDT 20 Benson, Elva Rose FDT 23 Bemitz, Nellie FDT 72 Beyale, Anna FDT 56 Beyale, April FDT 15 Beyale, Carolyn Rose FDT 64 Beyale, Johnnie C. FDT 34 Bia, Michael B. Jr. NT 9 Bidtah, Dorothy J. FDT 67 Big, Leonardo FDT 24 Biggambl er, Mary WM 39 Biggs, Lorenzo E. FDT 62 Biggs, Pearl C. FDT 53 Billie, Alfred CZJ 22 Billie, Bennie K FDT 36 Billie, Jimmie J. Sr. ADS 9 Billiman, Julia T. FDT 54 BiUy, Anthony C. FDT 39 BiUy, FrankUn FDT 28 BiUy, Loretta Mae FDT 41 BiUy, Timothy FDT 17 Bitahey, Demp WM 16 & 18 Bitsie, Atcitty Nez FDT 17 BitsiUy, Althea FDT 52 BitsiUy, Juanita J. FDT 39 Bizardi, Sam FDT 19 Black, Frances WM 27 Black, Victoria FDT 38 Blackhorse, Arcenio C. FDT46 Blackhorse, Grace FDT 54 Blackhorse, Mamie Y. FDT 65 Blackhorse, Mary CZJ 12 Buck, Wilson, FDT 83 Bunny, Jenny C. FDT 15 Bums, Hugh Gerald FDT 22 Burton, Jonathan CZJ 22 Burton, Joseph FDT 45 Burton, Maxine R. FDT 52 Byler, Edward Lee FDT 18 ByliUy,EUaFDT22 Caballero, Marie ADS 18 Cambridge, Ada FDT 81 Cambridge, Juanita C. FDT 80 Cambridge, L. & A. FDT 74 Cambridge, Larry H. FDT 99 Cambridge, Larry L. Sr.FDT96 Cambridge, Lorine L. FDT 77 Cambridge, Marian FDT 101 Cambridge, Sylvia S. FDT 86 Canuto, Mae A. FDT 75 Canute, Wendell E. FDT 74 Capitan, Ivane Lewis CZJ 9 Capitan, Ivene L. FDT 98 Captain, Roy FDT 77 Carl, Ralph Sutumpi ADS 21 Canico, MUdred C. FDT 100 Casey, Jay I. CZJ 5 Bowling, Juanita LPC 1 Cassador, Juan FDT 78 Bowman, Daniel FDT 32 Bowman, Frederick F. FDT 39 Castillo, Bonita R. FDT 81 Castillo, Casey FDT 76 Boy, Lukes FDT 33 Castillo, Edna G.H. FDT 96 Boyd, Henry FDT 62 Castillo, Jose FDT 76 Bradley, Louise H. FDT 48 Castillo, Juanita FDT 78 Bradley, WUbert FDT 42 Castillo, PhiUip FDT 82 Brewster, Robert F. FDT 24 Cayadito, Jose FDT 76 Brown, Dahabah FDT 42 Cayaditto, Betty K. FDT 88 Brown, Emma K. FDT 19 Cayatineto, James B. Sr. Brown, Joe FDT 36 FDT 92 Brown, John Kee FDT 18 Brown, John S. FDT 23 Chaca, Betty ADS 17 Brown, Maggie S. FDT 60 Chambers, Earl B. NT 7 Brown, Maggie W. FDT 21 Charles, David B. FDT 92 Brown, Maggie W. FDT 30 Charles, FarreU H. FDT 98 Brown, Roger R. FDT 57 Charles, Glenasbah FDT 96 Brown, Ruth M. FDT 60 Charles, Harriet FDT 88 Brown, WUson Ted FDT 47 Charles, Stanford H. FDT 77 Browneyes, Bogus FDT 37 Charles, Sylvia Ann FDT 73 Bruce, Tom Jr. FDT 26 Charles, WUUe FDT 78 Bruce, Wallace FDT 42 Charley, Amy M. FDT 98 Buck, Jim FDT 22 Charley, Andy FDT 91 Buck, Mary L. FDT 30 Charley, Benjamin L. FDT 102 Buck, Mary Pete FDT 47 Charley, Bessie Y. FDT 73 Buck, NeUie FDT 24 Charley, DahUa J.J. FDT 82 Buck, Wilson FDT 39 Charley, Elmerson R. FDT 80 Blackhorse, Nancy B. FDT 29 Blackie, Barbara C. FDT 40 Blackie, Betty L. FDT 52 Blackie, Chester FDT 65 Blackie, Gerald FDT 59 Blackie, Irene R. FDT 40 Blackie, Pete FDT 174 Blackwater, Frank P. FDT 19 Blackwater, Harvey FDT 65 Blackwater, JuUus FDT 35 Blueeye, Dorothy ADS 30 Blueeyes, Harrington FDT 69 BlueEyes, Jane FDT 55 Blueeyes, Louise L. FDT 41 Blueeyes, Mary FDT 45 Bluehorse, Ida Mae FDT 23 Bluehouse, Jasper FDT 57 Bluehouse, Red FDT 18 Bluff; BilUe FDT 55 Bonnie, Bemice FDT 52 Bonnie, John Henry FDT 17 Bouldin, Loretta A. FDT 41 Bouldin, Wofford A. Sr. FDT 30

Charley, Fannie J. FDT 97 Charley, Helen Y. FDT 83 Charley, Henry N. St. FDT 87 Charley, Jerald J. FDT 79 Charley, Jerome FDT 95 Charley, Jimmy N. ADS 38 Charley, John FDT 76 Charley, John FDT 76 Charley, John FDT 84 Charley, Johnnie J. FDT 95 Charley, Nettie FDT 86 Charley, PhiUip FDT 99 Charley, Randall FDT 80 Charley, Tyrone J. FDT 77 Charley, Verma J. FDT 88 Charley, Virginia M. FDT 95 Charley, WUbert FDT 30 Charley, WiUiam H. FDT 78 Charley, WUson FDT 74 Charley, WUson Jr. FDT 86 CharUe, Fred FDT 100 CharUe, Gary A. FDT 80 CharUe, Jimmie R. Sr. FDT101 CharUe, Mary Skine FDT 93 Charlton, Hugh Y. FDT 75 Chados, Ruth EmUy FDT 84 Chavez, Brenda C. FDT 87 Chavez, Chester T. FDT 80 Chavez, Doris FDT 75 Chavez, Herbert FDT 82 Chavez, Jasper FDT 91 Chavez, Jimmy FDT 75 Chavez, Jimmy FDT 78 Chavez, Jose I. FDT 99 Chavez, Juan J. FDT 78 Chavez, Justin C. FDT 83 Chavez, Lindy FDT 99 Chavez, Lorenzo D. FDT 78 Chavez, Minnie H. FDT 83 Chavez, Stanley FDT 77 Chavez, Stanley FDT 79 Chavez, Valda Ann FDT 75 Chee, Bmce FDT 74 Chee, James FDT 81 Chee, Jonah W. FDT 73 Chee, Tommy FDT 82 Chee, WaUace FDT 92 Chee, WUson Jr. FDT 77 Cheeseman, CUfifor A. FDT 95 CheschUigi, Aaron C. FDT 96 ChiUy, Emma Jones CZJ 11 ChUly, Jean Denet FDT 81 Chiquito, Gladys V. FDT 94 ChischiUy, Tom FDT 82 Choate, Myrtle M. FDT 73 Cinniginnie, Bob H. FDT 86 Cisco, Harold Sr. FDT 94 Cisco, Henderson L. FDT 91 Cisco, Marie B. FDT 101 Cisco, Stephanie A. FDT 85 Clah, Bah FDT 76 Clah, Anna W. FDT 81 Clah, Edison FDT 102 Clah, Herbert T. FDT 74 Clah, Minnie FDT 85 Clah, Raylando R. FDT 83 Clark, Bobby FDT 95 Clark, Frank FDT 78 Clark, Lucy B.B.B. FDT 79 Clarkie, Steven FDT 87 Clashin, Rosalyn ADS 25 Claw, Charley Sr. FDT 82 Claw, UeneT. FDT 83 Claw, Maggie J. FDT 83 Claw, Robinson FDT 82 Claw, Tony FDT 79 Cleveland, Jane FDT 83 CUchee, NelUe E. FDT 103 Cly, Corine A. FDT 77 Cody, Elouise J. FDT 85 Cody, Jackson ADS 24 Cohoe, David R. FDT 81 Coleman, Shawn M. FDT 97 CoUins, David FDT 94 CoUins, EUen E. FDT 95 Cook, CUflford C. FDT 79 Cordova, Erma J. FDT 77 Com, Reed FDT 75 Court, Louise FDT 102 Coyote, Walter Albert CZJ 13 Coyote, WUUe CZJ 2 Craig, Ethelene T. WM 25 Crawford, Lorraine M. FDT 92 Cudei, Fred FDT 82 Curley Stanlely M. FDT 90 Curley, Benny FDT 79 Curley, David C. FDT 93 Curley, Edison Sr. FDT 97 Curley, Gerald F. FDT 93 Curley, Jolene FDT 73 Curley, Jose FDT 96 Curley, Judy W. FDT 80 Curley, Kenneth L. FDT 80 Curley, Myrphy V. FDT 78 Curley, Rachel FDT 98 Curley, Rachel W. NT 6 Curley, Ruby A. FDT 80 Curley, Vemon FDT 73 Curley, Vemon FDT 77 Curley, WUUam Sr. FDT 79 CurlyHair, Atcitty B. FDT 76 Curman, Johnathan M. FDT 16 Curtis, Barbara J. FDT 90 Curtis, Dionna E. FDT 78 Curtis, Louise D. FDT 79 Curtis, Marcus B. FDT 100 Curtis, Robert K. FDT 81 Curtis, Verne C. FDT 103 Curtis, Verne C. NT 9 CusoUto, Ruth A. FDT 100 DaUey, Danny Y. FDT 104 Dale, Charley FDT 106 Dale, Freddie Sr. FDT 112 Dale, Herman J. FDT 109 Dale, Mary C. FDT 109 Damon, Oscar A. FDT 111 Dan, Arthur H. FDT 110 Dan, Carmen W.WM 11 Dan, Christopher FDT 107 Dan, Edward W. FDT 106 Dan,ElroyE. FDT113 Dan, Florence C. FDT 107 Dan, Leonard L. Jr. FDT 109 Daniels, Eugene J. FDT 104 Daniels, Floyd ADS 8 Dannison, Daniel K. FDT 105 Daugherty, Ua M. NT 11 David, LitaM. ADS 3 Davis, Anslem G. FDT 108 Davis, Gloria A. FDT 116 Dawes, Chester FDT 106 Dayzde, Bertha Y. FDT 110 Deal, Leroy H. Sr. FDT 113 DeChiUy, Mary G. FDT 106 Dee, John N. Sr. FDT 106 Dee, Keith FDT 117 DenetchiUey, AUce FDT 107 Denetclarence, Irvin FDT 117 Denetclaw, WUfred F. Sr. FDT 114 Denetsone, Eleanor FDT 105 Denetsone, SteUa R. FDT 108 Denetsone, SteUa R. FDT 104

Dennis, Nicole P. WM 2 & 8 Dennis, PhUbert WM 22 Dennison, Alex FDT 111 Dennison, Geneva A. FDT 105 Dennison, Larry FDT 105 Dennison, Leo Sr. FDT 104 Dennison, WiUard F. Sr. FDT 111 Descheene, Daisy M. FDT 104 Descheene, GUbert L. FDT 106 Descheeni, Sidney FDT 104 DeschUlie, Chee F. FDT 108 Deshnod, Leon FDT 111 Dez, Wayne FDT 115 Dick, CUfford L. FDT 105 Dickey, Harrison D. FDT 107 Dickson, EUen L. ADS 16 Dickson, Kennedi FDT 107 Diswood, Beatrice H. FDT 115 Diswood, Mary N. FDT 110 Dixon, Evan E. FDT 105 Dobey, Jack K. FDT 107 Dodge, Bertha FDT 105 Dodge, Lawrence FDT 113 Domingo, Frank Sr. FDT 117 Domingo, Kennedi FDT 112 Domingo, Marie B. FDT 116 Draper, Alfred FDT 119 Draper, Louise R. FDT 119 Dukepoo, Frank C. ADS 1 Duncan, Benjamin F. FDT 116 Duncan, DoUy A. FDT 116 Duncan, Larry FDT 107 Duncan, Rose M. FDT 105 Durand, Leland P. Ill CZJ 14&15 Dutchie, Arthur CZJ 24 Eagle, Amold FDT 122 Eaton, Rose M. FDT 120 Edd, Modesta C. WM 29 Edwards, Tom FDT 122 EUison, Robert E. FDT 121 Enoah, Frank Sr. FDT 123 Escalante, Shayleane J. FDT 122 Etcitty, Allen T. FDT 121 Etcitty, Hany FDT 121 Etcitty, Harry K. FDT 123 Etcitty, Jessie H. FDT 122 Etcitty, Lena L. FDT 120 Gecsek, Christopher L. FDT 132 George, Allen FDT 132 George, AmeUa FDT 131 George, Anna E. FDT 139 George, Betty FDT 132 George, Charles W. FDT 132 George, Esther FDT 133 George, Evelyn FDT 132 George, Hosteen N. B. FDT 137 George, Leo FDT 131 George, Marvin A. WM 3 & 9 George, Mary L. FDT 136 George, Navajo FDT 130 George, Royale L. WM 7 George, Sarah D. WM 21 George, WUUe FDT 131 George, WUUs FDT 134 GUbertson, Digna M. FDT 136 GiUwood, Joe FDT 134 Gleason, Gary FDT 133 Gleason, Roger FDT 131 Gleason, TUUe FDT 133 Goldtooth, Mary FDT 132 Gonnie, Raymond ADS 6 Goodluck, Clement J. Sr. FDT 135 Gordo, Fannie FDT 130&131 Gould, Benny FDT 132 Gould, Leo J. FDT 130 Gould, PoUyW. FDT 131 Gould, Robert FDT 137 Graham, DUUon J. WM 7 Gray, Hazel FDT 136 Gray, Sarah FDT 139 Gregg, Norma ADS 11 French, Marie Kanuho ADS 32 Guerito, Juan L. FDT 139 Fuller, NelUe WM 40 Gus, Infant FDT 131 Garcia, Elden T. FDT 139 Gus, James Sr. FDT 132 Garcia, EUiottB. FDT 135 Gus, JuUus FDT 130 Garcia, WUliam FDT 133 Guss, Hazel FDT 131 Garcia, WUUe FDT 131 Haceesa, Romolo FDT 144 Gardner, Melvin R. NT 8 Hadley, Sampson FDT 144 Garfield, Jimmy R. FDT 130 Haines, Jacob FDT 152 Garfield, Wayne FDT 134 Haines, Mary H. FDT 146 Gamanez, Clara FDT 136 Gamanez, James N. FDT 133 Halkenny, Nash FDT 145 HamUton, Mary A. FDT 154 Gamanez, Jean FDT 130 Hamlin, Lewy CZJ 8 Garaenez, Curtis Sr, FDT 137 Hammond, Clayton R. CZJ 25 Garaenez, Sam Sr. FDT 139 Hanagame, Gerry FDT 143 Etcitty, Lucy D. FDT 121 Etcitty, Mary N. FDT 120 Etcitty, Rose C. FDT 120 Etcitty, WUson FDT 121 Etsitty, Gene D. FDT 123 Etsitty, Lewis B. Sr. FDT 120 Etsitty, Ocie H. FDT 123 Faldez, Thelma M. FDT 307 Felix, Bessie M.M. FDT 129 FUfred, Irene H.L. CZJ 16 Ford, Mary FDT 125 Ford, Samuel FDT 124 Foster, Delbert D. FDT 126 Foster, Franklin T. FDT 127 Foster, Louise FDT 126 Foster, Richard FDT 124 Francis, Rita K. FDT 125 Francisco, Jimmy FDT 125 Francisco, Martin FDT 125 Frank, Aaron R. FDT 124 Frank, Clarence FDT 4 Frank, Floyd FDT 129 Frank, Kee J. FDT 124 Frank, Mary L. FDT 125 Frank, Rozina C. FDT 124 Frank, Shayanne R. FDT 128 Frank, WUUe FDT 129 Franklin, Janine N.D. FDT 128 Franklin, Orlando FDT 128 Franks, Delbert L. FDT 129 Frazier, Norman Sr. FDT 125 Fredricks-Reams, MicheUe Jean ADS 23 Fredy, John FDT 126 French, Donald H.L. WM19&22

Henrera, Hazdibah FDT 145 Herrera, Mary L. FDT 147 Hesuse, Bertha M. FDT 153 Hesuse, Helen FDT 152 Hewey, Joe Sr. FDT 153 Hickman, Dean J. FDT 148 Hickman, Fannie FDT 142 Hickson, Albert Sr. FDT 147 Hight, Conine "Rose" CZJ 6 Hight, Conine FDT 164 Hijoe, Joe Sr. ADS 15 HUt, Theresa L. FDT 203 Hogue, Clarence Sr. FDT 150 Hogue, Clarke FDT 144 Hogue, David Sr. FDT 155 Hogue, Londa J. FDT 143 Hogue, Vemon J. FDT 146 Holdman, EmmaM. FDT 157 HoUday, Bennie FDT 140 Holyan, Emma L. FDT 140 Holyan, Margaret M. FDT 148 Homer, OpheUa L. FDT 159 Homer, Smrley H. FDT 148 Horse, Matthew K. FDT 143 Harvey, James FDT 145 Hoskay, Bennie Sr. FDT 159 Harvey, James Jr. FDT 141 Hoskay, Kee C. FDT 150 Harvey, John K. FDT 148 Hoskie, Chester H. FDT 147 Harvey, Larry J. FDT 140 Hoskie, Delphine FDT 142 Harvey, Lee R. FDT 145 Hoskie, Jim J. FDT 147 Harvey, Manson FDT 154 Hoskie, Jimmie FDT 143 Harvey, NelUe FDT 154 Hoskie, Joe FDT 153 Harvey, Roselene FDT 156 Hoskie, Roy H. FDT 155 Harvey, RusseU Sr. FDT 146 Hoskie, Tommie S. FDT 141 Harvey, Yazzie L. FDT 160 Hosteen, Annie E. FDT 152 Hasdale, Jeffrey L. FDT 40 Hatathley, Timothy J. FDT 141 Hosteen, Daniel FDT 146 Hosteen, Jim A. FDT 143 HatathU,NedA.FDT141 Hosteen, Jimmy FDT 155 Hatch, Louise CZJ 3 Hosteen, Wallace FDT 144 Hatch, Mike CZJ 17 Hawthorne, Clarence FDT 149 Hosteen, Wallace FDT 26 Hawdiome, James H. FDT 141 Hot, Chee FDT 143 House, Archie Sr. CZJ 2 Hay, Mary S. FDT 157 House, Norma J. CZJ 25 Haycock, Esther J. FDT 153 Howard, Glen FDT 148 Haycock, Rodney FDT 142 Howe, Gerald D. CZJ 26 Hayes, John FDT 141 Howe, Leonard D. FDT 145 Hayes, NelUe FDT 163 Howe, Mama B. FDT 146 Hayes, Tom FDT 142 Howland, Vincent FDT 150 Hays, Jason T. FDT 151 Howland, Vincent FDT 164 Hemphill, Carrol J. FDT 156 Hubbard, George FDT 141 Henderson, Earl B. FDT 158 Henderson, Gary W. FDT 161 Hufford, Gerald WM 14 Hulsey, James Rondyl ADS 16 Herder, Mary D. FDT 160 Hanagame, Rudi M. FDT 153 Hancock, Yetasbah FDT 149 Hanna, Frank Jr. FDT 150 Harris, Rowena A. FDT 142 Harris, MicheUe L. FDT 151 Harris, Ruth A. FDT 146 Harris, Tyler H. FDT 144 Harrison, Margaret J. FDT 145 Harrison, Andy FDT 140 Harrison, CharUe T. FDT 140 Harrison, EUzabetii O. FDT161 Harrison, Emmett FDT 147 Harrison, Juanita M. FDT 149 Harrison, Lucy J. FDT 161 Harrison, Rudy FDT 145 Harrison, Sadie FDT 143 Harvey, Davis FDT 143 Harvey, Benjamin FDT 147 Harvey, Betty FDT 148 Harvey, Davis FDT 146 Harvey, Etta R. FDT 140&143 Harvey, Harrison E. Sr. FDT 158 Hunt, Archie FDT 147 Hunt, Ivan FDT 151 Hunt, Ralph Sr. FDT 149 Huskay, Helen FDT 147 Huskay, Paul Sr. FDT 147 Ignacio, Alvin FDT 163 Ignacio, Harry FDT 162 Ignacio, Jimmy FDT 163 Ignacio, Jose FDT 163 Iron Moccasin-Gam enez, Alesia A. FDT 134 Jack, Earl FDT 189 Jack, Gabriel L. FDT 184 Jack, Laura R. FDT 165 Jack, Lenora J. FDT 165 Jack, Stanley Jr. FDT 173 Jacket, Ida K. FDT 182 Jackson, Benson D. FDT 182 Jackson, Robert FDT 184 Jacquez, Leon T. FDT 186 Jacquez, Lesley A. FDT 165 Jacquez, Tom NT 3 Jake, John FDT 172 James, Aaron A. FDT 187 James, Betty FDT 174 James, Ida WM 15 James, Kirt FDT 178 James, Raymond Jr. NT 3 James, Rose C. FDT 173 Jay, Anna L. FDT 176 JeUy, Harry CZJ 27 Jensen, George ADS 29 Jensen, James WM 35 Jim, Adam FDT 105 Jim, AUan D. FDT 174 Jim, AUen FDT 169 Jim, Buhne FDT 180 Jim, Charley FDT 167 Jim, Dan FDT 169 Jim, Emma FDT 173 Jim, Fred FDT 169 Jim, Hany FDT 170 Jim, Irene H. FDT 170 Jun, Joe FDT 170 Jim, Leo FDT 167 Jim, Lewis FDT 168 Jim, Mary FDT 170 Jim, Mary FDT 175 Jun, Mary T. FDT 165 Jim, Mrs. Pete FDT 167 Jim, Norman L. FDT 165

Jim, Ora B. FDT 174 Jim, Paul R. FDT 168 Jim, Rita M. FDT 178 Jim, Ronnie FDT 174 Jim, Roxanne A. FDT 186 Jim,ShirleaA.FDT175 Jim, WUUam FDT 176 Jim-Harvey, Evelyn FDT 158 Jimmie, Marjorie S. ADS 8&10 Joe, Aaron L. FDT 175 Joe, Ambrose B. FDT 190 Joe, Arlene FDT 189 Joe, BeUe B. FDT 165 Joe, Eddie FDT 180 Joe, EUa C. FDT 186 Joe, Emma J. FDT 171 Joe, Harry FDT 171 Joe,HUeeFDT180 Joe, James C. FDT 188 Joe, Jose FDT 179 Joe, Karen M.P. FDT 169 Joe, Kathryn FDT 182 Joe, Larry J. FDT 172 Joe, Lee FDT 166 Joe, Lee FDT 166 Joe, Little FDT 171 Joe, Luther B. FDT 188 Joe, Manuel H. FDT 173 Joe, Mary FDT 167 Joe, Oscar O. FDT 168 Joe, Pauline N. FDT 175 Joe, Ronald P. FDT 165 Joe, Ruby FDT 172 Joe, Thomas S. FDT 181 Johle, Chee FDT 171&172 John, AUen K FDT 166 John, Bessie D. FDT 177 John, Charley FDT 174 John, Dorothy M. FDT 179 John, Elijah L. FDT 179 John, Eugene FDT 185 John, Garrick L. FDT 167 John, Ida M. FDT 168 John, Jake FDT 169 John, James J. WM 20 John, LUlyB. FDT 173 John, Lucy R. FDT 175 John, PhiUip FDT 178 John, Roman ADS 31 John, Sarah F. FDT 171 John, Willard FDT 184 Johnney, Melvin FDT 168 Johns, Helena M. FDT 191 Johnson, AUce K. FDT 170 Johnson, Amold E. FDT 171 Johnson, Bertha FDT 189 Johnson, Curtis G. FDT 175 Johnson, Daisy M. FDT 169 Johnson, Daisy M. FDT 185 Johnson, Daniel FDT 182 Johnson, Edith B. FDT 171 Johnson, Enos Jr. FDT 177 Johnson, Esther C. FDT 181 Johnson, Evelyn FDT 172 Johnson, Fred E. FDT 166 Johnson, Fred FDT 187 Johnson, Fritz R. FDT 171 Johnson, George L. FDT 166 Johnson, Herbert Sr. FDT 172 Johnson, Jennie FDT 27 Johnson, Jerry FDT 174 Johnson, Jim FDT 176 Johnson, Kee R. FDT 172 Johnson, LiUy P. FDT 168 Johnson, Little Joe FDT 166 Johnson, Lucy FDT 166 Johnson, Marie FDT 185 Johnson, Mary P. FDT 191 Johnson, Paul E. FDT 166 Johnson, Raymond CZJ 7 Johnson, Raymond FDT 188 Johnson, Rosalyn FDT 190 Johnson, Roy H. FDT 181 Johnson, Samuel J. FDT 168 Johnson, Thomas C. FDT 191 Johnson, Timomy M. FDT 168 Johnson, Wayne FDT 174 Johnson, WUUe Jr. FDT 187 Jones, Alfred O. FDT 186 Jones, Bessie B. FDT 165 Jones, Betty H J . WM 1 Jones, Daisy FDT 173 Jones, David T. FDT 173 Jones, Dorothy B. FDT 181 Jones, Gerald R. FDT 184 Jones, Jack FDT 169 Jones, Norman FDT 178 Jones, OUver D. FDT 170 Jones, Virginia FDT 186 Jordan, CUfford FDT 172 Josea, Eddie M. FDT 165 Juan, Alan FDT 177 Juan, AUce FDT 182 JuUan, Andy FDT 168 JuUan, Glenna T. FDT 172 JuUan, Kendrick C. FDT 190 JuUan, Timmy Sr. FDT 184 JuUanto, Haniett J. FDT 175 Jumbo, George FDT 176 Jumbo, Mary A. FDT 173 Jumbo, TuUy FDT 176 June, Donald A. Sr. LPC 2 Kay, Delvin FDT 193 Keams, Ruth L. WM 27 & 28 Kee, David FDT 193 Keetso, James FDT 192 Keetso, Jameson FDT 192 Keetso, YUthnapah FDT 195 Keith, Bessie B. FDT 195 Keith, CorneUa H. FDT 194 Keith, James P. FDT 193 Kelewood, Harry FDT 194 Kelewood, Irene N. FDT 192 KeUy, Uene FDT 194 KeUy, Loren ADS 24&26 KeUy, Sam FDT 195 KeUywood, Elizabeth C. FDT 182 KeUywood, Nelson Sr. FDT 192 Kenneth, Kendrick FDT 194 Ketchum, Francis FDT 193 Keyonnie, Emest M. FDT 192 Keyonnie, John Y.T. WM 29 Kieyoomia, Joey FDT 192 Kindle, David FDT 193 King, Jason Dwayne ADS 5 King, Jim B. Sr. FDT 196 King, Minnie B. FDT 195 KinUcheenie, Jayne FDT 197 Kinsel,KeeFDT193 Kirk, George H. FDT 195 Kirk, George Harlan ADS 1 KitseaUyboy, June P. FDT 196 Koinva, Don M. ADS 23&24 Kosea, Benjamin FDT 196 Kyselka,Otto J.FDT193 Lake, Stephen FDT 200 Lameman, John FDT 211 Lander, Lynsias L. FDT 211 LaneU, Tom FDT 198 Lang, Chicita AUce CZJ 18

Lansing, Paul L. FDT 212 Lapahie, Henry L. FDT 202 Lapahie, Harry FDT 204 Lapahie, Horace FDT 203 Lapahie, Hugh FDT 198 Largo, John C. FDT 203 Largo, PahNiPah FDT 199 Largo, Roy D. FDT 210 Larvingo, Harold FDT 210 Larvingo, Khasity FDT 213 Laughter, Betty FDT 198 Lebuto, Henry T. FDT 201 Lee, Albert M. CZJ 28 Lee, Albert M. FDT 207 Lee, Asdzan C. WM 24 Lee, Ben FDT 199 Lee, Betty FDT 201 Lee, Betty J. FDT 211 Lee, Betty L.M. FDT 206 Lee, Calvin FDT 199 Lee, Charlene FDT 199 Lee, Danny A. Sr. FDT 207 Lee, David B. Sr. FDT 206 Lee, David CZJ 11 Lee, Eileen R. FDT 209 Lee, Emerson FDT 200 Lee, Harry FDT 198 Lee, Jim FDT 200 Lee, Jimmie FDT 201 Lee, Joe FDT 199 Lee, Joe FDT 205 Lee, Joe FDT 207 Lee, Joe H. FDT 199 Lee, John FDT 207 Lee, John FDT 210 Lee, John H. FDT 199 Lee, John H. FDT 202 Lee, John P. FDT 203 Lee, Kenneth FDT 204 Lee, Linda L. FDT 209 Lee, Lucy FDT 204 Lee, Maggie C. FDT 198&199 Lee, Maggie FDT 203 Lee, Mary C. FDT 202 Lee, MerceUa E. FDT 208 Lee, MicheUe FDT 203 Lee, NelUe FDT 202 Lee, Pauline C. CZJ 28 Lee, Pete FDT 198 Lee, Renea C. FDT 202 Lee, Richard E. FDT 200 Lee, Robert CZJ 28 Lee, Stella T. FDT 205 Lee, Susie A. FDT 199 Lee, Terry J. NT 2 Lee, Thomas FDT 201 Lee, Tom C. FDT 205 Lee, Tom D. FDT 200 Lee, WUUe FDT 212 Lehi, Frederick Albert CZJ 1 Lehi, Leroy CZJ 7 Lehi, Roger CZJ 29 Levi, Marie T. FDT 208 Lewis, CecU FDT 213 Lewis, Dick R. FDT 198 Lewis, EUzabetii R. FDT 208 Lewis, FideU B. ADS 24 Lewis, George FDT 213 Lewis, Glen FDT 212 Lewis, Joey D. WM 37 Lewis, Leroy FDT 206 Lewis, Nancy S. FDT 198 Lewis, Rose A. FDT 202 Light, Arthur FDT 201 Lilly, DaneU A. FDT 210 Lister, Delbert LPC 3 Little, Glenn J. FDT 200 Little, Vera FDT 211 Lomahoma, Minnie D ADS 37 Lomayesva, George R. WM 3 Long, CharUe Sr. ADS 36 Long, David P. WM 32&33&S4 Long, Esther FDT 199 Long, Sylvia C. FDT 201 Lope, Andrew M. FDT 209 Lope, Montoy FDT 202 Lopez, Harold FDT 198 Lopez, Jimmy K. FDT 201 Lopez, Pauline V. FDT 198 Lowe, Jonas FDT 204 Lupee, Flora S. FDT 205 Luther, Clara J.C. WM 16 Macy, Sylvia J. FDT 220 Martin, Lambert Sr. FDT 221 MahUos, Matt ADS 32 Madman, Allen FDT 214 Manmng, Ruth L. FDT 218 Manson, Jim NT 3 ManueUta, Harry C. FDT 218 ManueUto, Chelsea FDT 221 ManueUto, Hany D. FDT 215 ManueUto, Ua FDT 214 ManueUto, Marcus FDT 221 Manwell, Floripa FDT 220 Manwell, Jennie L. FDT 227 Manygoats, Jones FDT 217 Manygoats, PhiUip FDT 224 Manygoats, Ruth H. FDT 216 March, Robert FDT 215 Marshall, Raymond FDT 224 Martel, White Eagle Price CZJ 9 Martin, Jerry J. FDT 214 Martin, Larry FDT 214 Martin, Robert L. NT 8 Martin, Wilma FDT 214 Martine, Florence E. WM Martine, Florence E. WM 2 Martinez, Cheryl A. FDT 222 Martinez, Connie S. FDT 216 Martinez, George FDT 215 Martinez, Grade S. FDT 227 Martinez, Julian FDT 216 Martinez, Nelson G. Sr. FDT 227 Martinez, Rondy FDT 216 Martinez, Susie M. FDT 224 Mason, Bryan M. FDT 222 Mason, Eulanda FDT 218 Mason, Virgil E. FDT 217 Mastach, Arlene T. FDT 225 Mastii, Alfred FDT 227 Matchers, Oscar J. FDT 221 McCabe, Everett WM 14 McCabe, Sandra A. FDT 228 McCabe, WaUace FDT 229 McCauley, Leonard A FDT220 McClure, John H. FDT 230 McCurtain, Benjamin G. Sr. NT 10 McDonald, Alvin FDT 228 McDonald, Grace FDT 228 McDonald, Matilda J. FDT225 McKenzie, AmeUa R. FDT228 McKenzie, Calvin J. FDT 228 McKenzie, John FDT 229 McKinley, Dan FDT 201 McKinley, Edith L. FDT 229 McKinley, Flora B. FDT 229 McRoye, Lula M. FDT 228 Means, Sophia D. FDT 226

Medicine Wolf, Dustyn R. J. CZJ 30 Mihecoby, Christina A. FDT 222 Mike, Charleston FDT 221 Mike, Floyd B. FDT 216 Mike, Helen F. FDT 214 MitcheU Helen K. WM 41 MitcheU, Lena S. FDT 227 Mitchell, Leroy FDT 226 MitcheU, Shawna L. FDT 216 Monroe, Kadierine ADS 3 Monroe, Mary FDT 225 Morgan, Timothy C. NT 2 Musket, Bah D. FDT 215 Mustache, Leo L. FDT 226 Nabahe, Jack Sr. FDT 232 Nabahe, Reginald FDT 238 Nabahe, Tommy R. FDT 237 Nahkai,AlUeB.FDT231 Nahlee, Eleanor M. FDT 233 Nahlee, Lawrence W. FDT 234 Nakai, James T. FDT 167 Namoki, VirgU ADS 35 Namoki, Virgil WM 24 Napie, Bobby FDT 238 Napoleon, Paul FDT 231 Nargo, Bessie C. FDT 232 Natani, Grace B. FDT 144 Natchapone, Teddy W. FDT 231 Negale, Draig A. FDT 233 Nelson, Ann D. FDT 233 Nelson, Betty FDT 237 Nelson, EUa Mae ADS 30 Nelson, Emest J. FDT 234 Nelson, George FDT 235 Nelson, Harold FDT 235 Nelson, Henry J. FDT 233 Nelson, Woodrow D. FDT 236 Newood, Lucy FDT 237 Newton, Bah Y. FDT 228 Nez, AUce F. FDT 232 Nez, Bitonie C. FDT 235 Nez, CaroUne G. FDT 232 Nez, Chavez A. FDT 237 Nez, Chee FDT 238 Nez, Don Jr. FDT 231 Nez, Dorodiy FDT 235 Nez, Duane G. FDT 231 Nez, Duane G. FDT 234 Nez, Gary FDT 240 Nez, Harry V. FDT 232 Nez, Henry S. FDT 239 Nez, Keeahnih FDT 232 Nez, Keedah H. FDT 232 Nez, Kendrick T. FDT 233 Nez, KinUcheenie FDT 235 Nez, Larry FDT 240 Nez, Louise G. FDT 231 Nez, Marcia H. FDT 234 Nez, Marjorie J. FDT 232 Nez, Mayo N. Sr. WM 23 Nez, Minnie FDT 235 Nez, She-nah-bah-bU-nih FDT 234 Nez, Todicheenie Y. FDT 234 Nez, Tom A. FDT 239 Nez, VUginia T. FDT 239 Nopah, Helen Ann ADS 34 Norberto, Eva S. FDT 231 Norris, Robert FDT 236 Norton, Leonard FDT 234 Notah, Minnie FDT 233 OUver, Paul FDT 241 OUver, Roger FDT 241 Pablo, Angeline A. FDT 251 Pablo, Frank FDT 246 Pablo, Harold A. FDT 245 Pablo, WUson B. FDT 248 Paddock, Edward K. ADS 14 Paddock, Layton WM 17 PaUner, Frederick FDT 242 Panett, Edgar W. FDT 244 Patrick, Kirk T. ADS 13&15 Patrick, Thomas Jr. ADS 6 Patrick, Vera FDT 244 Patterson, Joe T. FDT 243 Paul, Alvin FDT 249 Paul, LaVema M.C. FDT 244 Paul, May FDT 243 Paul, Tom L. FDT 251 Peabody, Pamela L. CZJ 18 Peabody,McKean CZJ 12 Pearson, Conway C. FDT 247 Peshlakai, Daisy FDT 243 Peshlakai, Peter FDT 253 Peshlakai, PhiUip FDT 242 Peshlakai, Robert Sr. FDT 23 Peshlakai, Robert Sr. FDT 242 Petago, Nadianiel FDT 248 Pete, AUce FDT 246 Pete, Burke W. FDT 251 Pete, Daniel FDT 246 Pete, Harold FDT 247 Pete, Jeanette FDT 242 Pete, John FDT 243 Pete, John N. FDT 249 Pete, Maty J. FDT 243 Pete, Nason L. FDT 253 Pete, Nina FDT 250 Pete, Pamela M. FDT 245 Pete, Vera FDT 248 Peter, Mabel D. FDT 244 Peters, Amos FDT 253 Peters, David W. FDT 247 Peters, Jim J. Sr. FDT 250 Peters, Roselyn FDT 246 Peters, Sheridan R. FDT 249 Peters, Thomas L. FDT 246 Pettigrew, Bertha FDT 242 Pettigrew, Leonard FDT 244 PhiUip,freneY. FDT 247 PhiUip, John ADS 28 PhiJUps,AbeFDT248 PhiUips, Helen FDT 245 PhiUips, Rhoda T. FDT 250 PhiUips, Sidney FDT 243 PhiUips, SteUa M. FDT 244 Pine, Brenda A. FDT 249 Fine, Hazel N. FDT 243 Pine, Helen S. FDT 253 Pine, PhUbert FDT 252 Pinto, Guy FDT 252 Pinto, Jack FDT 251 Pinto, Jonathan FDT 245 Pinto, Lucy C. FDT 243 Pinto, Marie FDT 244 Pinto, Mike FDT 245 Pinto, Rosie L.W. FDT 246 Pinto, Roy C. FDT 247 Pinto, Sarah FDT 252 Pinto, Stewart M. FDT 245 Pioche, Charley J. FDT 252 Platera, BUI FDT 242&243 Platero, Chester B. FDT 247 Platero, Jane L. FDT 245 Platero, Jimmy FDT 244 Platero, Michael E. FDT 242 Platero, Tony A. FDT 247 Pol eheptewa, Bessie WM 24 Police, Mary G. FDT 242 Poyer, Feddie L. FDT 245

Poyer, Susie ADS 33 Poyer, Thompson FDT 252 Puggie, Tom FDT 245 Rafael, Mary L. FDT 258 Rafael, Mary L. FDT 259 Ramone, Tom D. FDT 254 Ramone, WilUe D. FDT 254 RandaU, Dick Sr. FDT 257 Ray, AUce Z. FDT 254 Raymond, Christine FDT 258 Raymond, Old Lady Poup FDT 255 Redbird, Dorotiiy B. FDT 255 Reddye, Sam D. FDT 255 Redfoot, MeUie Mae CZJ 10 Redhouse, Dominick O. FDT 256 Redhouse, Oscar NT 10 Reed, John F. FDT 255 Reid, Geraldine FDT 254 Reid, WendeU FDT 254 Reuben, Dorothy FDT 255 Reyes, Esther WM 36 Reyes, Lorenzo Q. WM 5 Riggs, Myra WM 21 Roanhorse, Annie G FDT 255 Roanhorse, Hosteen FDT 254 Rock, James FDT 255 Rodriguez, Joanne JB FDT 258 Roe, Corena FDT 258 Root, Robert Hemp CZJ 12 Roy, EUzabeth H. FDT 257 Roy, Nelson B. FDT 257 Roybal, Rudy A. FDT 255 RusseU, Orlando FDT 254 RusseU, Theresa R. FDT 257 Saganey, Daniel B. FDT 261 Sage, Evelyn ADS 32 Sagoney, Doris M. FDT 265 Sala, Louise H. FDT 263 Sala, Sam Sr. FDT 278 Saltwater, Anita FDT 266 Saltwater, Minnie FDT 277 Saltwater, Rose FDT 282 Saltwater, Ruby B. FDT 270 Saltwater, Waylong C FDT277 Sam, Alfred FDT 262 Sam, Allen H. FDT 264 Sam, BiUie FDT 263 Sam, David FDT .261 Sam, Earl FDT 260 Sam, Fred FDT 261 Sam, George FDT 260 Sam, Lee J. FDT 262 Sam, Rose L. FDT 264 Sam, W. Kenneth FDT 265 Sanchez, Bessie FDT 266 Sanchez, Carlene A FDT 278 Sanderson, George W FDT265 Sandoval, Elaine J. FDT 262 Sandoval, George L. FDT 268 Sandoval, Harrison FDT 263 Sandoval, James FDT 261 Sandoval, Joe FDT 263 Sandoval, Joe J. FDT 281 Sandoval, Katie S. FDT 263 Sandoval, Margaret A FDT269 Sandoval, Martha FDT 268 Sandoval, Wayne FDT 262 Sandoval, WiUiam FDT 263 Sanford, BiU G. FDT 274&27S Sanisya, Darian V. FDT 275 Sanisya, Toni T. FDT 268 Saumptewa, Owen ADS 7 Scott, ChristabeUe L. FDT 262 Scott, CUfford R. FDT 261 Scott, Rita M. FDT 273 Scott, Serinda WM 36 &38 Segay, Bessie ADS 22 Segay, Bessie NT 5 Sellers, Louise FDT 276 Sells, Barbara J. FDT 263 Sells, Cato M. FDT 270 Sells, Jean FDT 264 Shabi, Raikayla L. FDT 278 Shaggy, Curtis FDT 260 Shaggy, Mae B. CZJ 17 Shannon, Rose J. FDT 276 Shay, Thomas FDT 282 Sherman, Daisy M. FDT 281 Sherman, James FDT 273 Sherman, MeUssa S. FDT 260 Shields, Etta G. FDT 262 Shields, Freddie FDT 266 Shirley, Louise FDT 261 Shirley, Walter D. FDT 261 Shorthair, Bessie FDT 260 Shorthair, Jean FDT 279 Shorthair, Raymond FDT 265 Shorty, Dooley D. Sr. NT 4 Shorty, Edith E. FDT 260 Shorty, Harry Sr. FDT 264 Shorty, Paul FDT 266 Shula, Lonaine WM 26 SUver, Jerry Sr. FDT 270 SUversmith, George FDT 260 SUversmidi, Judy B. FDT 264 SUversmith, Kennedi FDT 265 Simpson, Dick FDT 263 Simpson, Dickson S. FDT 264 Simpson, Judas X. FDT 279 Simpson, Tsosie A. FDT 272 Suns, Irvin FDT 278 Sims, Larry FDT 264 Sims, Lonaine FDT 278 Singer, Winona L. FDT 264 Siweumptewa, LaVem WM 10, 12 & 13 Six, Yvonne ADS 4 Skookum, Linda R. WM 32&35 Slim, Frank FDT 282 Slowman, Roddy FDT 266 SlowtaUcer, Mary WM 33 & 34 SmaU ey, Joe A. Sr. FDT 278 Smith, Bobby FDT 268 Smith, Bobby T. FDT 265 Smith, Carol A. FDT 261 Smith, Clara J. FDT 277 Smith, Freddie Sr. FDT 279 Smith, Harris FDT 273 Smith, Harry NT 6 Smith, Henry ADS 31 Smith, Jessie L. FDT 260 Smith, Kenneth FDT 276 Smitii, Lawrence E. FDT 281 Smith, Lee FDT 265 Smitii, Margie ADS 20 Smith, PhylUs M. FDT 260 Smith, Preston C. FDT 274 Smith, Rose M. FDT 272 Smith, Thomas FDT 273 Smith, Walter L. FDT 265 Sneak, BiUy FDT 261 Sneak, Marie FDT 278 Soce, George B.Sr. FDT 267 Soce, Herman FDT 263 Soce, Samuel G. FDT 267 Sonelhorse, Tony Jr. FDT 261 Spencer, AUen Y. FDT 269 Spencer, Annie K ADS 29 Spencer, Harry A. FDT 266 Spencer, Joshua J. FDT 263


Stevenson, Katherine C. FDT 277 Story, Jerald C. FDT 276 Suetopka, WUUe ADS 39 Sulu, Tom M. ADS 12&13 Sutton, Jimmy ADS 18 Sylvester, Charles H. FDT 269 Sylvester, Jessie C. FDT 282 Tabbee, Clement CZJ 31 Tabbee, Weldon CZJ 6 Tachene, Alfred T. Sr. FDT305 Taliman, Henry A. Jr. FDT293 Talk, Brian K. FDT 298 Talk, Fred FDT 284 Talk, Ned FDT 313 Talk, NelUe M. FDT 284 Talk, Robert R. FDT 287 Talk, Travis J. FDT 301&303 Tallbird, Anthony CZJ 31 Tallbrother, Louis HI FDT 284 Tallbull, Shelly L. NT 6 Taliman, Sadie FDT 285 Tan, Terrance E. FDT 299 Tapaha, Beth J. FDT 300 Tapaha, Davidson T. FDT 291 Tapaha, Jimmy Sr. FDT 299 Tapaha, Mary A. FDT 295 TashnebuUy, Nancy FDT 299 Thomas, Edison FDT 299 Taylor, Daniel FDT 301 Taylor, Dennison FDT 287 Taylor, Edna CZJ 11 Taylor, Gene J. FDT 287 Teller, EUzabeth FDT 293 Teller, Sam K. FDT 304 Teswood, Roy A. FDT 296 Thomas, David M. Jr. FDT293 Thomas, EUzabeth FDT 288 Thomas, Jeremiah J. WM 37 Thomas, Lucy FDT 300 Thomas, Mary B. FDT 288 Thomas, Mary I, WM 15 Thomas, Robert L. FDT 288 Thomas, Tola B. ADS 20 Thomas, Virginia FDT 290 Thomas, Vivian L. FDT 285 Thomas, Wanda L. FDT 286 Thompson, Randolph Sr. FDT 305 Tibbitts, Joseph J. FDT 295 Tihe, Thomas FDT 298 Tinhord, Carol FDT 283 Tisi, Fredrick "Ed" ADS 17&34 Todacheene, frene C. FDT 297 Todacheene, LucUle FDT 287 Todacheene, Susan FDT 296 Todacheene, Vemon FDT 1 Todacheene, Vina M.P. FDT 292 Togisala, LUUan F. FDT 295 Toglena, Larry FDT 285 Tohdacheeny, LUy K. FDT284 Tohdecheney, NeUie FDT 306 Toledo, Calvin FDT 306 Toledo, CharUe Y. FDT 294 Toledo, Chester FDT 283 Toledo, Juan FDT 284 Toledo, Lewis Sr. FDT 286 Tom, Bessie FDT 289 Tom, BiUy FDT 290 Tom, EUzabeth L. FDT 285 Tom, John FDT 305 Tom, Leo FDT 286 Tom, Nonabah FDT 284 Tom, Rita FDT 298 Tom, Robert N. FDT 297 Tom, Roderick S. CZJ 31 Tome, Deswood B. FDT 289 Tome, Lee FDT 284 Tonemah, Kathleen WM 3 Toney, Robert Sr. FDT 294 Toney, Terison L. FDT 283 Topaha, Jasper D. FDT 294 Toso, Janice CZJ 4 Tree, Carrie FDT 305 TrujUlo, Lee FDT 288 TrujiUo, Roy FDT 301 Tsinnie, Orlando FDT 290 Tso, Alvin FDT 288 Tso, Bertha FDT 302 Tso, Clarence Sr. FDT 285 Tso, Debbie S. FDT 283 Tso, Delano J. FDT 295 Tso, Horace H. FDT 289&290 Tso, Judy A. FDT 286 Tso, KendaU FDT 297 Tso, Lorenzo FDT 300 Tso, Montgomery FDT 291 Tso, Richard B. FDT 288 Tso, Sarah G. FDT 287 Tso, Terry FDT 290 Tsosie, Althea L. FDT 313 Tsosie, BettyL. FDT 298 Tsosie, Caroline FDT 283 Tsosie, Clarence Sr. FDT 296 Tsosie, Connie FDT 313 Tsosie, David FDT 292 Tsosie, DeUa A. FDT 286 Tsosie, GUbert FDT 285 Tsosie, Grant T. FDT 295 Tsosie, Hanagani FDT 288 Tsosie, Harrison FDT 285 Tsosie, Hanison FDT 313 Tsosie, Hoskie T. FDT 290 Tsosie, Jennifer Y. FDT 302 Tsosie, Jeremy FDT 285 Tsosie, Jim FDT 286 Tsosie, Joann R. WM 9 Tsosie, John FDT 286 Tsosie, Lorenzo L. FDT 283 Tsosie, Loretta M. FDT 301 Tsosie, Mary FDT 290 Tsosie, Mary N. FDT 304 Tsosie, Myra CZJ 16 Tsosie, Ned FDT 289 Tsosie, Tommie P. FDT 303 Tuley, Herman E. FDT 288 Tungovia, Hope ADS 6 Tutt, MUton D. FDT 284 Tutt, Timotiiy FDT 289 Tyler, Freddie L. FDT 289 Tyler, James FDT 295 Tyler, PhiUip FDT 287 Valdez, Arthur Jr. FDT 308 Valine, EUzabeth M. FDT 307 Van Zandt, Florence FDT 311 Velarde, Bessie FDT 309&310 Vicenti, JuUan B. FDT 307 Victor, Eddie FDT 309 Victor, Mae FDT 307 Victor, Randall L. FDT 311 Victor, VoncUle FDT 309 Victor, WUUam FDT 309 Victor-Kinlicheenie, Jayne A. FDT 197 VigU, Eldred A. Sr. FDT 311 Vigil, Frank FDT 307 VigU, Howard FDT 307 VigU, Mary W. FDT 310 Vigil, Ruby Y. FDT 307 VijU, Mary A.D. FDT 311 Wadsworth, EUa FDT 318



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ANTONIO-Funeral service ; (j .for Tom Antonio Sr., 53, FarmpP ington are pending at Cope & Memorial Chapel. He died51 \> Friday-at the Public Healthf / Service hospital in Shiprock..<. Survivors include his wife,: EsterD., of Bisti; five sons, \ Tommy," Timothy, Thomas MajTis,v;,.Teddy;. James and Ti^sTThillipijM of;Tarmingfen; 'sevein'flaughtets,Ruth Shepard,; Sally Nelson, Sheila Antonio and Sharon Antoriib, all of Farmington,- Sadie Tolino, of BrimhalU Sarah Brady and Susan Tolino, both \ of Gallup; five brothers, Joe of I Frultland, Charlie of Farm-. < ington, Tony, of Bisti,; Samuel, ! -Los Angeles and - James' of : Shiprock; three sisters, Marie Nez, , Shiprbck, Ttose\ Warren and Helen Dale, both-of Farm- . ington;, parents, Mr; and Mrs. Taylor Jones of Fruitknd; and 12 grandchildren.

and Ernest; two brothers, Albert and Leo of the Escrito Trading Post; two sisters, Lila Harrison of Lybrook and Esther Mae John of Indian Wells, Ariz. Arrangements are under direction of Lee and Oviatt Mortuary.
. ' ' : '

Card of Thanks
TODACHEENE We would like to thank relatives & friends who have-helped us in our time of need for the family ; of Vemon Todacheene. Special thanks to Bloomfield High; . School and Cope Mortuary in j', their assistance.

:. .:

- i." ll

AUGUSTINE Funeral Service is set for 2 pjn. Tuesday ' at Lee and Oviatt Chapel for ! Billie-Augustine, 55, oi\ Nageezi, who died O a heart f attack last Tuesday. Born July 4, 1919, in Nageezi _0;; Juan j Augustine -and Nora -Morboto'^' he was a laborer and member of the LDS church. He .__"a* lifelong resident of the.state who served in the: World War H from 194? to 1946. Officiating at the funeral will be Al Chapman. Pallbearers will be Paul Augustine, Dennis Augustine, James Augustine, Charles LaNalle, Frank Beyale and Andy Narberto. Graveside services at Greenlawn Ceme.tery will be conducted by Veterans O Foreign Wars Post f 2182. Survivors include three sons, Paul Augustine, Eddie A u g u s t i n e and H a r r y Augustine of Albuquerque;, a daughter,, Irene Augustine of Albuquerque; three brothers, John Augustine, Herman Augustine and Dennis ', Augustine, and two sisters Eunice Davis and Rita Augustine;/

ARMENTARosary for Glen J. Armenia, 22, of Bloomfield, will be said at 7 pjn. tonight at Cope Memorial Chapel. Funeral service. is pending. Armenia, who died at San Juan Regional Medical Center on Saturday, was an oiler for El Paso Natural Gas Co. Survivors include his wife, Roberta J;; one son, Mario; one daughter, Maria; parents, Mr:-.and Mrs. Paul Armenia; three sisters, Teresa Armenia, Pricilla Armenia and Delia Armenia; four brothers, As. sensio Castillo, Paul Armenia, all of Bloomfield, Tony Salazar of Midland, Tex., and i Rubin Armenia, with the U.S. Navy. i .11 ATENCIOFuneral Service for Billy Kee Atencio, 44, of the Escrito Trading Post, will be held at noon Tuesday at the LDS Church in Escrito with Al Chapman officiating. Burial will be in the Escrito Cemetey. Pallbearers will be Frank Beyal, Albert Atencio, Dave Valine, Calvin Atencio, Leo Atencio and Harold Atencio. Atencio died Thursday as the result of an auto-pedestrian accident on Highway 44 near Lybrook! He was born Dec. 10, 1932, in the Nageezi area and was a lifetime resident of New Mexico. He'was a disabled railroad worker and was a member of the LDS church. He is survived by his wife, Esther Atencio; five daughters, Lorraine Atencio, Dorothy, Agnes, Clara and Elizabeth; four sons, Calvin, Harold, Danny



> AUSTIN* Buck Austin, 72, of Tuba City, Ariz., died Wednesday at the Gallup PubUc Health Service Hospital. Survivors include three wives, Martha Smallc any on, Bahe Kescoli and Lillie Lake; 10 daughters, Mattie Allen, Irene Peaches, Nellie Parrish, Bernice Begay, Maralyn Austin, Martha A. Austin, Elise Shorty, Jo Anne Manygoats; Marty Yellowhair and Annletta Big; eight sons, Dan Austin, Elwood Austin, Billy Austin, Fred Austin, Keith Austin, Sam B. Austin and Sam- A. Austin. A funeral service was held Saturday morning at the BIA gymnasium, Kayenta, Ariz., with Elwood Austin officiating. Pallbearers were KeithAustin, Dan Austin, Robert Peaches, Elwood 'Austin, Max Austin and Wayne Kuwanhyioma. Burial was in the Black Mesa Family Cemetery. Cope Memorial Chapel was in charge of arrangements.



BEGAY *__rai^_rfc_ for Jimmie Milford Begay, 41, Kirtland, was held today at. Cope Memorial, Chapel, with :. the :Rev~I Paul 'Redhouse officiating. Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery. Begay died Simday, the victim of an auto- j 1 pedestrian accident. He is \ \ survived by his wife, Mrs. ' .Helen Jean Begay of the family home; a son,,-Davis, Wilford Begay, stationed at' ; Camp, Pendleton, SanrV Diego, Calif.; three brothers,'and one sister; an .uncle,'.Cowboy.; Thomas of Teecnospos; Ariz.,' and a niece, Fannie Wagoner of Farmington. Pallbearers weire Michael Tsosie, Kii%y ts&ie,, Harold Begay, Davis Wilford Beg6yf Frank Lee, Harvey, Robert Begay. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.


_ , lAAiym ?ryAA~
. ANDERSON Funeral service for Elsie W. Anderson, 65, of Fort Defiance, Ariz., were held at 10 ajn. Saturday a'tl Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Catholic" Church in Fort I.fiance with the Rev.: John Mittlestadt officiating. Mrs. Anderson died Wednesday at the Veterans Administration Medical Center at Tucson, Ariz. Rosary is to be recited in the family home at 7 p.m. today. Mrs. Anderson is suri vived by .wo. daughters, Charlotte, Greenstone of Fort 1 Defiance and Anna Anderson ; of Shiprock; and three sons, : Edward Nelson Anderson, Louis Anderson and Wilson f Anderson, all of Fort Defiance. f There are 24 grandchildren. Pallbearers are to be Norman McLemare, Wayne Dennison, Frank Aspaas Jr., Edward Anderson I n , Larry Nahlee and Lewis Greenstone.. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel of Gallup. . ARTHUR The funeral of Loretta Jane Arthur, 19,. Fruitland, who died Monday was; set for 10 ajn; today at Navajo Methodist Mission with the Rev. Fred W. Yazzie officiating. Burial was in Memory Gardens. Survivors include 1 her. father, John Arthur Sr., a 'daughter, Sonja Lee Bennett; seven brothers, George Arthur, Raymond Arthur, Bobby ! Arthur, John Arthur Jr., Ernest Lampne, all from Fruitland; Harris Arthur, | Washington, D.C, and'Buddy ' Arthur, Farmington; two sisters, Priscilla Mac Arthur, Phoenix, Ariz., and Eva Tso, .Fruitland; and two aunts, Nellie Davis of Burnham and Lillian Lee of Aneth, Utah. Serving as' pallbearers were Albert Davis, Ernest Lamone, Bobby Arthur, George Arthur, "Raymond Arthur and -John Tso. Cope Memorial Chapel was in charge of arrangements:Ap-I Skfit, I ^ l A | j I i

ATdTIYFuneral service for Shari Denise Atcitty, 20, Window Rack, Ariz., who died Thursday in a motor vehicle accident in Phoenix, Ariz., is set for -10 a.m. Monday at Community Bible Church in Window Rock, Ariz. Graveside service is set for 2:30 pjn. at Shiprock Cemetery. Survivors include her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Atcitty, Window Rock; brother, Charles Atcitty, who currently is a senior at West Point; three sisters, Renee,. Sheiian and Nicole,1 all of the home; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Atcitty; maternal grandfather, Charles Henderson Sr.; and one uricle;, Thomas Atcitty. Active pallbearers will be Stephen Bowman, Charles'Atcitty, Charles Henderson Jr., Shawn Arnold,; Ralph- Atcitty and "Charles Henderson HI.-Memorial contributions may be made r tov Community Bible Church, Window Rock, Ariz. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Basin Mortuary. | 0\ "7 $ ; -

\ ; VARMENTA Funeral service for Ramona Armenia, 54,v i Blanco, will be at 1 pjn. Saturday at the Brewer Funer. i al Home chapel. Burial ; in Greenlawn; Cemetery. Mrs. Ar__nto. died; Wednesday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. She was born March j 16, 1924,; at Pob-Bisti, the ! daughter of Gltahih Soh Bega ' Chee and Dinay: Deel Bitsoih. ! She was married to Louis; Armenia Feb. 18, 1971, at Shiprock. Survivors include four daughters, Katherine F. Sells of Shiprock,. Bertha; M.; Harvey ^nd, Rose Marie Harvey of;Huntington Beach,; Calif.; arid Bertha M. Harvey^ of Fruitlarid; a son;: Wilford R. Harvey, F r u i t l a n d ; two brothers, Sam Ford DeschilUe^ Burlej?, Idaho, and Jerome Desdutlie; South Gate, Calif.; and three sisters,; Bessie, John and; Jane Jones, of Upper Fruitland, and Mary John of Fruitland. There are six

ANTONIO Funeral serh vice for Ronnie Antonio, 14, 1 Carson, will .be at 1 p.m. i Saturday at Cope Memorial ( Chapel with' Howard Begay | officiating. Burial will be in ! Memory Gardens. Antonio, i ASPAAS . Rosary . ; for, ; ! whowouldhave celebrated his ; Frank Aspaas Sr., 65, who died : i j 15th birthday Saturday,X died | Thursday, will'be recited at, 8 ( j Sunday-at Carson, He was a jp.m. Tuesday at Christ the J ( student at Dzilth-Na-o-dith^hle ( King Catholic Church in.Ship- ' j School.; Survivors' include his i rock. His funeral service will j mother, Mrs. Mary Antonio of ! be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the .:., Carson;; a sister; Lorraine | church with Father Larry i i Antonio;:. four: brothers,' Jim- Schreiber officiating: Burial : I mie-Antpnio, Tonie Antonio I will follow in the Shiprock ; Jr., Gary Antonio and Leroy Cemetery with a graveside ; .. ' Antonio,: all of Carson; a ; i ceremony conducted by the "" stepbrother, Leonard Frank of; Shiprock post of the Veterans : S a l t Lake C i t y , Utah. ! of Foreign Wars for Aspaas, a i Pallbearers will be Jimmie j World War II veteran. Suri Antonio; James Simpson, Sam ! vivors include his wife, Faye Begay,: Law Yazzie and Floyd j Aspaas; six sons, Frank, i Dale. Funeral arrangements , Chris, Anthony, '' Michael; . Duane and Dawlin Aspaas; are under the direction of Cope : ;five daughters, Wanda Atcitty, Clinath Alexander, Priscilla KeUywood, and Karla and! Julia Aspaas; one-brother, . Abbor Aspaas;- one' sister, Daisy Martin; and-23 grandchildren. Arrangements1 are under -the direction of Basin M o r t u a r y ^ (Cjg^ f^fcA) grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Gary M; Sells, Raymond Smith, Ronald Harvey, Harrison Yellowman, Freddie Smith, Stanley Simms: Funeral, arrangements are j u t i der the direction df Brewer Funjiafffome. _..___=' ? .'- A




[ ; ARMENTA Willie Charles I Armenia, .71, Blanco, ";died S Wednesday at San Juan Re- v :giohal Medical Center. Funeral service will be at 2 pjn. i Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Sairipson Yazzie officiating. Buriah wiU be in Memory Gardens. Survivors include a son, Herbert Armenia of Blanco Canyon; four daughters, Louise Begay and Lillie Smith; 'both^of Albuquerque, Elizabeth Eyetoo of Cortez^. Colo.,, and Dorothy: Mae Armenia- of Farmington;; four brothers', [Bill,/Armenia, Lewis, Armenia and Harry Spencer, alii of Blanco Canyon, and Eugene Charles of Salt Lake City, Utah; and a sister, Fannie Armenia of BlancbXanyon.; Pallbearers will be Harry; Spencer, Herbert Armenia,; Lewis Armenia, Phillip Yazzie," Benson Begay and Robert Smith Jr. Funeral arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

7 37aAA A l T d


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Arviso of the ARVISO - Funeral service family home; four sons, and Anabelle for Mike Arviso, 84, Bisti, will, Thomas and Bob Arviso of >P_AS ; Funeral serbe at 11 a.m. Friday at the Kayentaj"A-_.,.and Tony and vice for Abbott J. Aspaas, 28, Sacred Heart Catholic Jack Arviso of; the family of Shiprock, will bp at 10 a.m. Church with the Rev. Ken- home; and a brother,.Willie Wednesday at Christ the King neth Robertson, OFM,';, of- Arviso of Standing Rock, Catholic Church, with the ficiating. Burial will be Mem- Ariz. There are 39 grand-; Rev.; Larry Schreiher ofory, Gardens. Rosary will be .children and 21 great-grand-. ficiating." Burial will be in recited at 7:30 p.m. Thursday: children. Pallbearers will be Shiprock Cemetery. He died in Cope Mertiprial Chapel, T; Thomas Arviso, Bob Arviso, Friday as;the result of a moArviso died Saturday at Sari; Briant Smith/ Tony Beleen, torcycle aeddent. Survivors Juan Regional Medical Cen- Phillip Hovel and Larry Alinclude his wife, Nancy ter following a lengthy ill-: lison. Honorary pallbearers Aspaas; two daughters, Cathness. He was a long-time;, Will be Eddie Chavez, Irvin; erine Aspaas and. Heather rancher in Coyote Canyon Keeswood.Tom Hovel, David Clark; parents, Mr. and Mrs. and Bisti. He was the eldest- A; Yazzie, Jack Beleen and Abbott Aspaas Sr,;, two son of Ramon Jesus Arviso; Gilbert. Brown. Funeral arbrothers, Ashley and Joseph and grandson^ of Jesus rangements are under the Aspaas; and two sisters, Jo Arviso, the Navajo-Spanish direction i of Cope Memorial "Ann Aspaas and Caroline interpreter during the treaty Chapel. AAANez, all: of Shiprock. Active at Fort Sumner in 1886. Sur-, pallbearers will be Curtis vivors include: his wife, Mrs.; David, Melvin Pettigrew, Annie Arviso of the family home; 12 daughters, Mary A. -VLUSON- Rosary will be Joseph Aspaas, Ashley recited at 7:30 pjn. today for Aspaas,,. Steven - Kelleywood Allison of Farmington, Alice Kee Allison, 60, Farmington, and Leon Pettigrew, with AbA.. Beleen of Fruitland, at Cope Memorial Chapel;, He bott Aspaas Sr_ and -Charlie T h e l m a A. N o v e l of died Saturday. Friends inay C p l e m a n , a s honorary Churchrock, Gracey call until 7 p.m. today, at the pallbearers. -.Funeral arSchramm and Elizabeth chapel. Funeral Mass will be - rangements are under- the Hoskie of Albuquerque, Alsaid at 10 a.m. Saturday by direction of Basin Mortuary. berta Smith of Fruitland; Father DadanBatt, O.F.M., Helen Chavez of Churchrock, at Sacred Heart Catholic : Irene, Judy, Grace, Marian Church.: Burial will be in ARVISO Eva T. Arviso, Memory Gardens cemeteiy, 60, Briinhall, died Tuesday at with graveside services conSan Juan Regional "Medical ducted by, the Shiprock VFW Center. Funeral service will Singer-Morgan Post No. 9517. be at lO ajn. Saturday in the ARMSTRONG Funeral Siffvivors indude his wife; Church of Jesus Christ of s e r v i c e- f o r A If r e d Mary A. Allison, FarmLatter-day Saints Chapel at Armstrong,:;31,: Nageezi, will ington; five daughters; four T o h a t c h i , with E l d e r be at 10 a.mJ Thursday at sons; four brothers and four Sampson officiating. Burial i Brethern in. Christ Mission sisters. .There are 12 grand- :;will follow in;the Tohatchi with Marvin .Martin official-, __d__,. Active paHbearers ' Community Cemetery. Suring,-Burial will be in the mis-, will be J e r r y Allison, vivors include her husband, ..sion;cemeteryv He died FriTimothy Allison, Gilbert Steven'-Jim Arviso, of their day at Jackson Lake.He was Brown, Larry, Allison, Leroy home; four daughters, Elva employed as a mechanic at Allison and' David Yazzie. Largo;;: Piriedale, Ellen I Quick Lube. Survivors in-Honorary: pallbearers Will be.,; Arviso; Brfmhall, Emma jielude two brothers*, Andrew Jimmy Allison; Jerry WA: Scott,:Sweetwater,.Ariz., and -and Albert Armstrong, and liams, Glen Allison, Douglas E l e a no r Ar v, i so o f f i v e s i s t e rs', S a r a h Williams,,'.' Michael . Allison,, \ Nenahnezad B'oar-di. g Armstrong, Alice Etcitty, and Jimmy AHison Jr. Funer- School;-: two sons, Jerry J. Frances Ignacio, Isabel! al arrangements are under Arviso and Harry Arviso of Armstrong and Ester Frank. the direction of Cope MemoriBrimhall; two brothers, Neal Pallbearers will be Andy Anal.Ctepd^/i^i^.^, Tsosie, Nasdiitti, and' Tony 'derson, Louis Martinez, AlBegay, Tohatchi, and two sisbert Armstrong, Wilbert Gar'AUGUSTINE - Funeral; ; tera-. Funeral arrangements cia, Phil Frank and'Ben Igs e r v i c e f o r B a r n e y are under the direction of -nado. Funeral- arrangements Augustine,77, Ojo Ene^no,' Cope Memorial Chapel. are under the direction of was at 10 a.m. today at the BasfaMortuar^ / t f g J Ojo Encino Assembly o_ God Church,with the Rev. Lewis ' Coats officiating., Buria_ was" in the Ojo Encino Cemetery:' Augustine died March 22--at the Cuba _eaith .enter in chuaren I and lour greatCuba. Survivors include his grandchildren. Pallbearers' wife, Mrs. Mary Annie Au- were-Kee Chee Martinez-,;. ; gustine of the family home; a Johnson Martinez, Henry Auson, Henry Aiigustinie of Ojo gustine Sr., Lorenzo Lopez, Encino;,fivedaughters, Alice Harold S. Lopez and Woodie Largo, Betty Augustine, Rose. J. Begay. Funral arrangeAusustirie and Ellen. Y-Tru- ments were under the direcr jillib, all of Ojo Encino, and tion of Cope Memorial j Jennie Augustine _ of Califor- Chanel. / Q < ? '*> *

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Kee Allison, 60,: of Farmington wiU be redted at 7:30 p.m; Friday at Cope Memorial Chapel. Funeral Mass will /be said at 10 a.m/_n Sacred Heart Catholic Church, with Father Dadari Batt, O.F.M., in __rge; Allison died Saturday : iri : Farmington. Friends may call at Cope Memorial Chapd until 8 p.m. to-' : day arid from-8,aJfl. until 7 ' p.m. Friday. Burial will be in MemoryGardens, with graveside services conducted by VFW Singer-Morgan Post No. 9517. A 2. year resident of Fannington, Allison, was born in Ganado, Ariz. A bricklayer employed by: different contractors, he served in the U.S. Navy during World War D; He was a . member of VFW SingerMorgan Post No. 9517. Survivors include his wife, Mary ,, A: Allison of theZfamily home; Hve daughters,'Linda Smith arid Rosemary Yazzie,' Albuquerque, and Mary Lou Brown, Betty Lou "Deana" Allison and Jennie Lou Al- ! lison, Fannington; four sons, Leroy, Timothy and Jerry of Farmington and Larry Kee. Allison of Waterflow; four brothers, Douglas Williams :, and Jimmy Allison; Shiprock, Jerry Williams, Gallup, and Kenneth Williams, Kansas; four sisters, Edith: Mason, f. Fort Wingate, Elizabeth Kirk and. Winnie Wauneka of I Ganado/Ariz., and Rita Simppson,\ Phoeniz; -Ariz.: There [ are 12 grandchildren. Adive ' pallbearers wiB be Jerry Al|. lison, Timothy' Allison, GUI' bert Brown, Larry Allison, Leroy Allison and David Yazzie. Honorary pallbearers will be Jimmy Allison, Jerry .Williams, Glen Allison, Douglas Williams, Michael Allison, and Jimmy Allison Jr. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.


, AQUILAR Funeral service for Roselyn Benally Harrison Aquilar, 26, formerly of Shiprock, has been set for 10 at Christ the King Catholic Church in Shiprock, Father Lawrence Schreiber OFM officiating.. Burial, will. be in Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. Aquilar,died Dec. 22 in Oakland, Calif., Survivors include her mother, Flora McKinley of Shiprock; daughter, Sandra Harrison of Farmington; son, George Harrison of Farmington; three brothers, Harry B. Benally of Shiprock, Henry Benally of White Rock and First Sgt.; Ned Benally of Fort Redstone Arsenal, Ala.; two sisters, Evelyn Benally of Farmington and Daisy Kelly of Shiprock. There are. numerous aunts, undes, nieces and, nephews. Active pallbearers will be Harry B. Benally, Henry Benally,: Ned Benally, Reed Henderson, Clayton Benally and Rudy Benally. Funeral arrangements, are under the direction of Cope Memorial

/ft ? W&S Jimmie F. Allison Sr. UnL FkANK '... C l a r e n c e . ALLISON i - Funeral ser-...-' ~ ' Faye T. Allison of the and Frank, 56, Red Valley, Ariz., vice for Jimmie Francis Al- family home; five sisters, died Thursday at the Public lison Jr., 18, Shiprock, will be- Shirley A. Ahkeah, Tucson, Health Service Hospital,-in at 10 ajn. Wednesday- at Ariz., Irene H. Edmonds and Shiprock, and funeral serChrist the King Catholic Sherry A. Curley, both of vices were held Saturday at Church, Shiprock, with FOrt Defiance, A r i z . , 'the Red Valley Christian ReFather Lawrence Schreiber,. Charlene: A. Benson, Monformed Church with Rev. O.F.M., officiating. Burial tezuma Creek, Utah, and Sampson Yazzie officiating. will be in Memory Gardens. Tina F. Allison, Shiprock; Burial was at Oak Springs . Allison died Friday from a and two brothers, Glenn F. Genietary, Oak Springs, Ariz. pedestrian automobile acci-Survivors include: His wife, dent in Shiprock. Bom Aug. ' Allison, Window Rock; Ariz., Minnie Frank,, of the family 31, 1963, in Farmington, te and Midiael T. Allison;'Fort. four Henry, attended Shiprock schools Defiance. Pallbearers will be i home; Terry sons, Michael Dave,. and Glenn Allison, Richard Edand graduated from Sandia . "Frank, all of Oak Springs; High School,' Albuquerque, monds, Harry Tsosie, four daughters, Betty Benal1 last May. He recently re-., Michad Allison;.Jerry Tsosie ly, of Shiprock, Rosie turned from National Guar . and Larry, Tsosie. Honorary Redshirt, of Page, Ariz., and pallbearers will be Roger basic training in Fort Dk, Freda and Caroline Frank, of Esplain, Duane Lope, Jerome N.J. Survivors include his pa-Oak Springs; three brothers, Johnson, Cordell Johnson, Willis, of Tohatchij Floyd, of Bill Smith Jr., Jerry Johnson Toadlena, and Clifford Shiprock Youths Jr.;, Larry Smiley Jr., Duane Frank, of Shiprock; five sis-Tsosie, Darryl Ahkeah, M e d Friday A Leonard Smiley, John f SHIPROCK - Eighteen. Wagner, Melvin Gamanez, year-old Jimmie Allison Jr. Gilbert Edmonds HI, Lemuel *__MA- AACiA of Shiprock, was killed in a Smiley, Merrill Benally and ters, Clara Gamanez, Shiphit-arid-run pedestrian1 acd- Darryl Tsosie. Funeral arrock, Daisey Gamanez and, rangements are under the dent at midnight Friday at Mabel Yazzie, both of Farmclem at uiiuiugu. * __.. ^^U^Umm^m milepidst 5 east_f Shiprock on-, dfr^tjon 0f Cong Memorial .ington, Lilly Frank, of,Oak "^Springs, Maria Howard, of. U.S. 550, Navajo Tribal Po- 1 Chapel Twin Lakes; parents, Frank lice reported today. , :! Nacheenbilah, of Cove, Ariz.,, The accident was reported and Nellie Nacheenbitah, of to police at 11:59 pjn. Friday Oak Springs. There are six and police said they have no 7jbffA&- f f a grandchildren and five great: suspects' 'today. Allison was grandchildren, Pallbearers11 rushed to the Shiprock Public will be. Henry Frank, Dave Health Service Hospital, , AUGUSTINE - F u n e r a l '' F r a n k , Harold F r a n k , Where he died at 1:07- ajn. service for Nora N. Au^Lorenzo Gamanez,- -Riley gustine, 82, istobe at 10 ajn. Saturday, .^ Gamanez-; and Loreri Ga_v The body was taken to 1 Saturday in the Church of nanez. Honorary pallbearers Albuquerque tor autopsy and Jesus Christ of Latter-day will be Terranc"Frank, retumed to Copev Memorial Saints in Escrito, with stake Michael Frank, Ronald Gar-.'; Chapel. Funeral services; are President Leonard Lopef of ' nanez, and Arnold Gamanez. scheduled at 10 a.m. Weclrieisfi dating. Burial will be in t_e Funeral arrangements are. Escrito Cemetery.' She died day at the Christ the King under the direction ot Cope Tuesday, at McKinley Manor Catholic Church: in Stiiprock. Memorial.Chapel. in Gallup. Survivors include , two daughters,. Eunice Ahtonito of Blanco and Rita Au: ANDERSON Ronnie-Raygustine of Nageezi; two sons, ; Aridersori died Tuesday-in John and; Herman Augustine Shiprock of injuries sustained of Nageezi;,two sisters, Jenin an automobile acddent.; nie Augustine and Bessie ter, Cecelia Mae Anderson, The 2lTyear-old Shiprock resiBeyale,; of Nageezi;. three dent was employed by San : all of Shiprock; his patemal brothers, Levi Norverto/ of Juan Spring-Co. in; Farm- grandfather, BonFace TsinaCrown Point, and Willie and jinnie, Klagetah, Ariz.; and ington as a machinist. FunerFrancis Norverto; of the al service will be at 2 pjn. I his matemal grandmother, Chaco Canyon area. There ' -.Saturday at the Navajo Full:; ivlaitha McDonald of Two are IS grandchildren and 18 Gospel Church in:Shiprock, Grey Hills. Pallbearers will g r e a t -gr a n d c Ml d r en. with the Rev. Richard Watch- be'James McDonald, Harry Pallbearers will, be Paul' C. man officiating; Burial will McDonald, Larry; McDonald, Augustine, Hany Augustine, be; in Shiprock. Cemetery. Phillip. Anderson, Raymond John Augustine Sr.,/'John AuSurvivors include his pa-, ; Begay, Sam Watchman and gustine Jr. arid. Jerry; Norrents, Phillip; and Helen IKee Roy Chico. Funeral arberto: Brewer Funeral'Home McDonald _rid__bn; eight rangements- are under: the .^directing, airajigements.f ) brothers; Tony Ray An- dirediori of the Shiprock Fuderson, Raymond Roy' An- neralHdme. derson, Rondale Anderson, Ronald Anderson, Raridal'Anderson, Randolph Anderson, Tommy Ray Anderson and Philbert Anderson; and a sis-

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ATCITTY Funeral service for James Atcitty, 77, Shiprock, will beat 9:30 a.m. Saturday at the First United Methodist Church of Shiprock, with the Rev. Chee D. Benallie officiating. Burial will be in the Shiprock Cemetery. The., retired farmerrancher died Wednesday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Pridlla Atcitty of the family home; six sons, Tribal Judge of the Shiprock' District- Court James D. Atcitty, State Rep. and Natani Nez Chapter President Thomas E. Atdtty, Franklin K. Atcitty, Eugene R. Atcitty, Ralph N. Atchitty all of Shiprock and George W. Atdtty of Albuquerque; two daughters, Margaret E.. Hansen and> jSome.: / Michelle L. Atdtty of Ship- : rock; two brothers, Archie and Harry Atcitty of Shiprock; and two sisters, Minnie Jim and Lucy Billy of Shiprock. He was preceded -in; death: by a son, Wilbur R. At:itty, ih 1976. Two sisters and ive brothers also preceded M I I V iim in death. There are 20 grandchildren; two greatADAKAI'A fungal sPrwcewill be at 10 grandchildren, and 22 . ain. Saturday at the _Church of Jesus Christ nephews and nieces survivof Latter-day Saints[in Shiprock for Alvin ing. Pallbearers will be Adakai, 63, of Teecnospos, Ariz. He died Eugene Atcitty, Ralph AtcitTuesday, before arriving at San Juan Rety, Bob Begay, Leroy Begay, gional Medical Center. Bishops Thomas Jonah Jim, Irvin Jim, i Garrow and James H. Begay are to officiate Charles Atcitty and Kevin At; for the service. A memorial dinner will be dtty.. Honorary pallbearers ; prepared and served for those in attendance will be Archie Atdtty,' Harry at the Shiprock LDS Church auditorium im Atdtty, James D. Atdtty, } mediately following graveside services. Thomas E. Atdtty, Franklin Wallace Martin, Tommy Yazzie, Dan FranK. Atdtty, George Atcitty, cisco, Ray Yazzie, Harris Atson and Jimmy Thomas H. Atdtty, Chester Woody of Shiprock's Morgan-Singer Post H. Atdtty, Dan H. Atdtty, No. ,9517, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will Lewis H. Atdtty, Robert Jim, ' ' conduct a graveside service in the __Qitary Hanison Jim,, Paul Atdtty, section; of the. Shiprock Cemetery. A . Peter MacDonald, Damon H. sheepherder, Adakai served in World War U Tso, Allen Neskhi Jr., Taft and received his honorable: disdiarge from Blackhorse Sr,, Willard the Army in 1945. Survivors include a sister;-: Frazier, Oscar Damon, Paul : Mrs. Mary Tom of Teecnospos, and numer-; '.'.Buck*. John Jay, Wilfred ous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in, Yabeny, Lewis Clah, Eddie death by two sons, Alvin:Adakai Jr., 22, in :, Foutz, Charles Dickens,, How1975- in Vietriamf and Leon Adakai, 17, in ard Harvey, Adrian Atdtty, 11976; a drowning-vidim. Pallbearers willbe j-Franklin. Atcitty J r .and Robert Tom, Hilbert Irvin. Freddie Neoi-Christopher Atdtty. Funeral poleori, Frank Gilmore; Harry Tom and Don arrangements are under the Tom. Funeralr ariangdnents are. under [the direction of the Brewer Fudiredion of Shiprock Fund-al Home. .'neral Home. E

ATENCIO Leo Atencio, 50,v formerly of Counselor, died_" at Rock Springs, Wyoming, Nov. 3. He was bom Jan. 2, 1932 at Counselor, New Mexico. Funeral ser, vices will be at 1 pjn. Monday, at Brethren Navajo Mission, Counselors, .with Rev. Tully Butler officiating. Burial will be at Mission Cemetery. Atencio was employed by Union Pacific Rail-' road as a section hand. Survivors include his wife: Irene Atendp of Counselor; four daughters, Maxine Atencio; . Lucy A. Begay; Eva Atencio , and Geraldine Atencio of Counselor; four. sonSj Paul and Nelson Atencio of Point of Rocks, Wyo; Harold Aten-' do of Bitter Creek, Wyo; Wilbert Atencio of Counselor, N.M.; one brother; Albert Atencio of Nageezi; three sisters, Rose Sam and Lila Harrison of Counselor; Esther Mae John of Indian Wells, Ariz. There are 12 grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Paul Atendo, Frank Antonio, Herbert Lopez, Andy Charley, Thomas Begay,. Wally Charley. Funeral arrangements are under the diredion of Cope Memorial ( Chapd. j



l AUGUSTINE - Funeral service for Rita Augustihe, [57, of Nageezi is to be at 11 [aim/Friday at the Church of Jesus Christ of. Latter-day, ^Saints in, Lybrook with Leonard Lopez officiating. Burial; in the LDS; Cemetery there. Miss Au-'' gustine died Saturday at the Public Health Service Hospi: -tal*iri Albuqiierquei She is /survived by two: brothers, : Herman: and John Augustine of Escanado; and;a "sister, [ Eunice Antinato of the Blanco Canyon area. She was' proceeded in death by a son, i Wallace Augustine in; 1977. : There is one grandchild, Tonicaito Augustine. [ ' Pallbearers: will be PauJ:_u-: ./gustine, Harry Augustine, j John Augustine, Andrew ' JBey_e, James Augustine and i Jerry Norberto. Funeral ar;.rarigements are-under?the [direction- of Breyer. Funeral

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- ALLISON Combined funeral service for Pauline Allison, 28, and Tashina Rae Allison, 22 months, is to be at 2 p.m. Friday at Sacred Heart CathoUc Church with the Rev. CharUe Y. Brown officiating. Burial is"to be in Memory

-,- ALUSOIN;:-=^ .unerai;, s e p vice idt Pauline Allison,A* and Tashina Rae, Allison/^ months; will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Sacred Heart CathoUc Church, with-the Rev. Charhe y Brown offidating. Bunal will follow in Memory Gardens. Mother and daughter died Saturday',in, a n ^ f accidditon the Bisti Highway Survivors include husband and father Leroy^U; Uson;-daughter-sister,.Coir leen Christine AUisbn; and son-brother LeMaritiel An. ' thony: Allison. Pauline is also ; survived . by. her mother, Margaret Barber of .Fannington; her father,: Ben " Padilla of Bloomfield; three j: brothers, Benjamin Padilla of Bloomfield, Marvin [Padilla of Farmington," and [ Julius Padilla of Fruitlarid; four sisters, Marlene Dodge } of Frmtland;'Darlene Allison,; .'Caroleen Padilla and,Hilda ! Barber of Fanningtori; her j maternal grandmother, ' [LuciUe Hemstreet [of: Fanri j ington; and -her paternal grandmother,; Mary . Padilla ofthe Good Samaritan1 Home in Aztec. Tashina Rae is also survived by herl' maternal grandmother," Margaret I Barber; her matemal; grandfather, Ben PadiUa; her patemal grandmother, Mary A. Allison of Farmington; her matemal great-grandmother, Lucille Hemstreet; and her patemal great-grandmother, Mary PadiUa.; Funeral arrangements are under the | diredion of Brewer Funeral Home. ,['


Paiiline Allison

Tashina Rae AUisbn

Gardens. PaUbearers are to oe___y Allison, David Yazzie Harrison Yazzie, George Eaton, Freddie Harrison and David Peter, with alternates Johnny Johnson and Jimmy Bums. Honorary paUbearers are Benjamin Padilla, Marvin Padilla JuUus Padilla, Johnny Barber and Wilson C. Jim. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.: .

BEGAYFuneral iervifcel 'for Sarah. Ann Begay, 25, Shiprock, who died following an extended illness at the. U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital. in Shiprock Tuesday, is set for 10 a.m. Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. John Mittelstadt of Christ the King CathoUc Church officialing. Interment wffl follow at


Memory Gardens Cemetery. BEGAYEFundal Service Saturday at the CDS Church in nefal servic She is survived by her parents for Franklin Begaye, 29, of GaUup with Bishop Jan Jensen James D. and Bessie Lou officiating. Burial wiU be in Begay; six brothers, Jonas Mexican Springs, who died Lone Pine Cemetery in MexiBegay, Darryl D, Begay, Monday, wiU be held at 10 a.m. can Springs.. A dinner for Delbert D. Begay, James fanuly and friends at Bitsie's Begaj Jr.,, Jerald D. Begay Heights No. 14 wiU Mow the and Jeremy D. Begay; two cemetery service; Begaye was sisters, Blanche Ann,Begay bom Nov: 7,- 1947, in Fort' BARBER- Clyde Bather, Defiance, Ariz. He was a selfand Marjorie Ann Begay; her paternal grandparents, Hos- 57, Fruitland, was pronounced employed commercial sign teen D. and Jo Ann Begay, aU dead on arrival at San Juan painter and had painted a from Red Rock, Ariz. Active Medical Center Wednesday. He majority of the commercial pallbearers will be Jonas died ot an apparent heart outdoor billboards in the 7 Begay, James D. Begay Sr., attack at his home. Funeral GaUup and Albuquerque areas. Thomas Begay, John D. arrangements are pending. He He is survived by his parents, BUNNY Jenny C.*Bunn; *% Begay, Freddy BiUy, and Ray was a veteran of World War H BiUy Victor and Mary Rose 73, of Blanco Canyon, died Na'kai ,Sr; 'Funeral "arrange- and had been employed as a Nez Sr. of Coyote Canyon; four Tuesday at her home! Funeral ments are under the direction, pipe liner for Foutz and brothers, Reginald A. Begaye, Burson for 20 years. Survivors of Tohatdu, BiUy Victor Nez service wiU be held a t 10 ajn. of Cope Memorial Chapel. include, his wife, Bessie Jr. of Salt Lake City, Utah, Saturday at thie LDS Stake Barber, of the family home; Amos Begaye of Toadalena Center,, 400 W. Apache, with A two sons; Wilson C. Jim of Bishop Manuel Hastings of-. and Paul. Nez of Coyote CaFruitland and Johnny H. nyon; and eight sisters, GenHciating, Burial will be in i Barber, in HaWaii with the evieve Troptier and Theresa Memory Gardens. PaUbearers armed forces; and five Nez O Coyote Canyon, Victoria wDl be Hdiry Bennie, Casey f brothers, Richard and David Nez, Ruby Nez and Virginia Curley; Alvin Benny, Herbert Barber of GaUup, George and TrujiUo, Thomas Bunny and Begaye of Mexican Springs, Jimmy Barber of Table Mesa I Irene Jones of Cedar City, Dave Benny.. A rug weaver, and Harrison Barber of j Utah, Sarah Fisher of ProVo, Mrs.-Bunny is survived by a Fruitland. There are four ., Utah, and, Margaret Setadaughter, AUce Yazzie of Blangrandchildren. Funeral ar- jj quatewa of San Jose, Calif. co Canyon, and four sons, rangements are under the ;: RoUie Mortuary in Gallup is in James, Rohert and Thomas direction of Cope Memorial 7 charge of arrangements. Bunny, aU of Blanco Canyon, Chapel. .*; , . : and; H e n r y flennie of one daughter, Mary Jane Joe; ' Fruitland. There are also two \ one brother, John Mason; one AUGUSTINEFuneral serfoster sons, Herbert and An- [ sister, Margaret Mason, aU- of vices lor Wallace Augustine, : drew TrujiUo of Blanco Ca-[Upper Fruitland; and seven 32, Nageezi, who died in the ;nyon; a sister, Ruby TrujiUo, j g r a n d c h i l d r e n . A c t i v e Veteran's Administration Hos:Mpnticelio,- U t a h ; two.'pallbearers will: be Davis pital in Albuquerque Tuesday, : brothers, Tom and Jimriiy Begay, Jim; Joe; Michael wiU be 10 ajn. Saturday,at Lee BENALLYFuneral service & Oviatt Chapel with Al ChapJacquez, Huerfano, 34 grand- ' Begay, CharUe Mason, David for Herman N. BenaUy of Red man officiating. Burial will ^children and five great- Newman and Rex Antonio, Rock, Ariz., who died Thurs- foUow at Greenlawn Cdnetery. .grandchildren. Cope Memorial | Funeral arrangements are unday at the U.S. Pubh'c Health ; Mr. Augustine was born to; ;Chapelis'in charge of arrange-I der the direction of Cope Service Hospital'in Shiprock, Dick Beyale and Rita ments. / .,< A ? ." j Memorial Chapel.. wiU be held at 10 ajn. Tuesday Augustine July ,6, 1947, in Escavada: He .was a member i A L E ^ - Apr aeyale, BEGAYFuneral service I at the Shiprock LDS Chapel of .the LDS Churdi. He is daughter of Andy and Elsie for Virginia Mae Begay, 30, j with Bishop Thomas offidatsurvived by his wife, Helen; j Shiprock, who died Tuesday, is j ing. Burial wiU be in Shiprock Beyale, Counselors, died Frihis daughter, Thomasita; his day at Albuquerque about two fset for 11 ajn. Saturday at .t. Cemetery. BenaUy, 44, is surmother, Rita Augustine; and hours after her birth in Cuba. rJVlary's CathoUc Church with i vived by three sons,' Raymond, grandmother, Nora Augustine. ! Leroy and WUbert BenaUy, aU Besides the parents, survivors | the Rev. Flann O'Neil officia1 of Shiprock; six daughters, [Pallbearers will be Paul ting. Burial wiU be in Memory' include two brothers, Raymus Augustine, Eddie Augustine, Hermina, Lorraine, Rosita, andRaynard; grandparents, ! Gardens. Survivors include her [Harry -Augustine,; Andy Gloria, Judy and Flaming Dick and Bessie Beyale of parents, Eugene and Susie Beyale, Andrew Beyale and Benally, all of Shiprock; a Nageezi and grandmother, ] Begay, Shiprock; one brother, [John Augustine. Funeral'. arsister, Susie Descheeney, Red Fanny Jose of Nageezi. Ser- Larry Begay; five, sisters, rangements are under the Rock and seven brothers; vices have been set for 1 pjn. j I_puise McCurtin, Sahostee, 'direction of Lee & Oviatt Morris, Dan, BUly, Leo, Albert I Genevieve Jose, Julia Begay, Tuesday at Lee & Oviatt Mortuary. ' and RusseU BenaUy, aU of Red Mortuary, 103 E. Ute, with Bernita; Begaya and Juanita Rock and George Benally, burial to Mow in Greenlawn Begay,, all of. Shiprock;.her Upper Fruitland. Cope MemoCemetery.' The family is af- maternali;grandparentsr,Jim rial Chapel is in charge of filiated with the LDS Church. and; Mae Lee Snuley, Chinle, arrangements. Ariz.;; and her paternal grandBEGAYFuneral service mother, AsOnTsu Bema; fbr Mason Begay, 68, Cuba,; Pinon, Ariz. Attive pallbearers who died Tuesday, is set, for 10 wiU be Larry Gene Begay, Art a.m. Saturday at A Saints Allison, Vem Bradley, Jamus U Episcopal Mission on the Bisti Lee Smfly, Vem Cphoe and '-'C-__cr-y. Highway with the Rev- Henry Warren Slow. Funeral arBird officiating. Burial wfll be rangements are under the in Memory Gardens. Survivors direction of Cope Memorial include one son, Davis Begay;. Chapel.


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BEGAYFuneral service for Nez Yazzie Begay, 37, of Many Farms, Ariz., who died at the Ft. Defiance Public Health Center Friday, is to be , held at 1 p.m..: today at St. ^'Anthony's CathoUc Church in Many Farms with'Father Pa-


BEGAY Furferal' service BEDONI Funeral service May, Watchman; her mother for Meda Sam Begay, 51, of St. for Elizabeth S. Bedoni, 26, of and step-father, Arlene and Inscription House, Ariz., wiU Eugene Etsitty; two uncles, Michaels, Ariz., who died at St. Joseph's Hospital in Albuquer- be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Albert Watehman and Peter que Sunday, is set for 10 a.m. Pinon Catholic Church in Johnson; two aunts, Katie Thursday at St. Michaels Cath- Pinon, Ariz., with the Rev. Deal and Matilda Watchman, olic Church with-; Father Caron Yollmer, OFM officiat- aU from Pinon, Ariz.; and-her Moore, OFM, officiating. ing. Burial wiU be in the Pinon mother-in-law, Carrie Dayzie Burial wiU be in Ft. Definace, Cemetery in the fanrily plot. . of I n s c r i p t i o n , H o u s e . . Ariz., cemetery. Her survivors j Mrs. Bedoni died at Tuba City, Pallbearers will be Woody dan_Meyer .fficiating. Burial include, five daughters, Louise, ' Ariz. Saturday. Survivors in- Williams, Donald Deal,-Ricky will be at Chinle Community Frieda, Evan Eva Jean and j clude her husband, Albert Etsitty, Don Saganey Jr., Cemetery. Begay was emJanet Ann Begay, and Beatrice Bedoni of Inscription House; Kashiway Deal and Gene ployed by the Navajo Tribal Spencer, aU of Oak Springs, four- sons, Alonzo, Albertsoni' Etsitty: Funeral arrangements TWEP Program. He is surAriz.; two sons, Leonard and Alfonso and Anthony Bedoni; a are under the direction of Cope vived by his wife, Mae Olson Edison Begay of Oak Springs, j daughter, Lisa Bedoni; three Memorial Chapel. : - ; Begay, three daughters, Ariz.; one isster, Maggie brothers,- Don Saganey Jr., Valeria, Lorraine and Loretta Smith.of Oak Springs, Ariz.; 'Ricky Etsittj. and Gene EtsitBegay all of Many; Farms; one brother, Peterson Lee of . ty; a sister, Evengeline Etsitthree sons, Jemed Yazzie; Joe : BENALLY Funeral serKlagatoh of Arizona; and .eight i ty; her matemal grandmother. Ned and Jerome Yazzie Begavice for Bessie Tsosie BenaUy, grandchildren; Active ly, aU of Many Farms; six " 79, of Farmington, wiU be at 2 paUbearers wiU be Leonard 0. sister and four brothers. Ac' p.m. Saturday at the Brethren )| X . . - , r : . c Begay, John D. Smith, Robert tive paUbearers are to include J i y U M C S i in Christ Mission with the Rev. Smith, Bobby Becenti, Tom Danny Begay, Larry Nez, BENALLYFuneral service Cecil SeUes officiating.. Burial Tso and Jimmie Sam. Funeral Larry Kayonnie, Amos John, for Jim BenaUy, 79, Sanostee, wiU be in the Brethren In arrangements are under the . Dan H o s k i e a n d Tom wiU be held at 11 a.m. Wednesr Christ Cemetery. Mrs. BenaUy direction of Cope Memorial Decheenie. Funeral arrangeday at the Shiprock Funeral died, Sunday at the Public Chapel. ments are under the direction Home Chapel with the Rev. Health Service Hospital in of Cope Memorial Chapel. Joseph H- Curley offidating. ., Shiprock. Survivors include a A7.A<~S5 7(<A7y S l l ^ y S t e . ^ h t e r H e l e n Mae Begay of Cemetery. PaUbearers wiU be I Carson, .three sons, Billy , Bobby A. James, Ernie James, Tsosie of Upper Fruitland,. _;-** _ ^ [ / - ^ ' " / 8 Hehry James, Anderson James WilUe Tsosie. of Page,, Ariz., Honorary paUbearers wiU be BEYALEFuneral service Dale ClahSr. and Robert Joe. and Harold James. Benally and Leo Tsosie' of Dallas, ! for Harriett Beyale, 67, Ship- Funeral arrangements are un: died Saturday at "the. V.S.- Texas; three stepdaughters, rock, who died Sunday at the ' PubUc Health Service Hospital Ella; and Louise Werito and der the direction of Cope U.S. Public Health Service in Shiprock. He is survived by Helen. G. Begay of Carson; a Memorial Chapel: ; n A n Hospital in Shiprock, is set for two sons, James BenaUy and brother, Charlie Pine of 1p.m. Wednesday at Cope ' Leo H. BenaUy; one daughter, Carson; arid three sisters* Memorial Chapd with Dariny Nora James; one sister, Mabel Hazel Gus and Chee Be Lewis I Sandoval officiating. Burial Hasues; seven granchildren; of Carson and YazzieB, Benalj will be in Shiprock Community six.; great-grandduldren; nine ly of _ruitian_!-There are,37 Cemetery. She was preceeded BENNALLYFuneral ser- patemal grandchildren and grandchildren, 91 g r e a t j in-death by one son, William g r a n d c h i l d r e n a n d 25 vice for Mabel Henry Bennal- one great-paternal grandchild. 'Smith Jr. Survivors include great-great, grandchildren. ly; 69, Shiprock, who died - _. U l l . l CU i J U l l l - . . -, three sons, Elvin Smith, TeecPaUbearers wiU be Leonard Saturday at. the U.S. PubUc a.lL7n*MifL/<fl 9V -Tsosie; Benjairiin[Tsosie, i nospos, Ariz., and Melvin Health Service Hospital in i Beyale and Eugene Beyale,. [Shiprock, is set for 1 pj_i CURMAN Funeral service Raymond Tsosie, Paul Begay, 'both of Shiprock; three j Friday at Shiprock Mortuary for Johnathan Matthew Manuel Salles and Phil daughters, Joann M. Silago, | Chapel with the Rev. Mike Curman, 22, Tohlakai, will be Bedonie. .Funeral arrangeFaye R. Clah and Marlyn Joe, 'Huberts officiating. Burial wiU held at 10 ajn. Saturday at ments are under the direction aU of Shiprock; two brothers, r be in Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. The Door at GaUup with the of Cope Memorial Chapel. Wallace Clah, Teecnospos, and ; Benally is survived by her ' Rev., Emie Lester officiating. ; Aaron Clah ChischiUy, Gallup; [ husband, Wallace Benrially; ; Curman died Tuesday in Albuand three sisters, Daisy .Clah, and six sons, Herbert Bennat [ querque, the result,of injuries Teecnospos, Bessie Clah and j ly, Jerome- Brown, Lewis Ben- . sustained in an auto accident \ Minnie Tsosie, aU of Shiprock. | nally, Bruce Bennally, Roy in Garnered Monday. Burial | Active pallbearers will be .jflennaUy and Benson BennaUy. will be on family land north of [Elvin Smith, Eugene Beyale, [. Adive paUbearers wiU be the GaUup. He was a 1975 gradu, u vwv^> v [[Jeffery W. SUago, Melvin " six sons! Funeral arrange- ate of GaUup High School and '"Beyale, Jackie W. Silago Jr. ments are under the direction was; employed by-the; Curman 'and William A; Smith III. of Cope Memorial Chapel.^ tj--i a Construction- Co. in "heavy, equipment and" concrete. Survivors, include his parents, Mr. iand: Mrs..- Joe Curman of ^Tohlakai;. two brothers,, Seth fand" Joseph- Curman,-both; of; |- ; ; BE_NALi2t^e_fl;i^_c^ - """ _.0 jTohlakai? five sisters,r Elfie , for;; Herman Benally, I7 (Bailey; Esther. SUentman, Etta | Bloomfield,. Who died' Sunday Curman,[Gloria Etta Lopez, all at. BemaliUb: Cbunfy; Medical of[ Tohlakai, "and: Joyce, Bfpwri; Center, the vidunofanlautoof Kirtland; and. his grand| pedestrian acciddit in Farinmother,Nelllie Plummer ot 'Al: ington, is pending at Cope Tohlakai. Funeral arrangMemorial Chapel. A riidits are; under, the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel: of .


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[. BENALLY _ _mD..u ser- Funeral serBEGAT_-Funeral service vice for Charley Atcitty flenalfor Chee Chee Begay, 86, of , ly, 87, of Bedabito Trading! Shiprock, who died Jan. 9 at i Post, who died Tuesday at Siii j Juan* Regional Medical Center;! the U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock, was hdd wiU be at 10 a.m. Friday at the? at. 10. ajn.; Thursday at the Christian Reformed Church id First United Methodist Churdi Shiprock with the _ev. .Paul in Shiprock With the Rev. Redhouse officiating. Burial Henry. Begay officiating. wiU be in the Bedabito CemeBurial was in Shiprock Cemetery. PaUbearers wiU beieroy tery.; Active [paUbearers were Dick, Manuel Dick, Alexander Dan BenaUy, Ervin BenaUy, Deshnod,: Lester Begay, Tom Patrick,, Daniel Reuben, Raymond BenaUy and; Tobie Jonah Wilson Lee and Rudy BenaUy. Honorary paUbearers Begay. Honorary; paUbearers wiU be WiUiam Sherman, Benwere Dr. TaylorMcKenzie, Ida , jamin Hogue, Leonard fl. Patrick, Charley Begay and Begay and Jerry Lineweaver. , Benally is survived by his ' Harold Leefe'A' well-known ,, medicine man, Begay is surwife, Lucille; two; s o n s / s vived by his wife, Gladys Chee I Raymond BenaUy of Phoenix, Chee Begay," a son, Charley ' Ariz., and Tobie Benally of Begay; three daughters Sarah Bedabito; six daughters, Ann ! Pinto, Anna Mae BenaUie and Lovato of Albuquerque, Lena Maxine Ann Joe,, and three Lineweaver of Hobbs, Rebecca stepdaughters, Grace Daws, ; Sherman of (_iinle,Ari_," NanJessie Atcitty and Daisy cy Evans of Window Rock, BenaUy, aU oi Shiprock, Also Ariz.,' Marlene Begay of Fort surviving aire four sisters, Defiance, Ariz., and Lolita Emma McKenzie, Dorothy Hogue of Farmington; two Rueben, Bessie Begay and Ida brothers, Charley Bekis of Patrick, all of Shiprock, 26: Shiprock and Thomas Begay of ! grandchildren and five greatBedabito; two. sisters, Ire_%, { grandchildren; and numerous Dick of Bedabito and Tanabah'* hephews and nieces, including White of Shiprock; and 19 . Dr. McKenzie. Cope Memorial grandchildren. Funeral arChapel was in charge of arrangements are under the rangements. direction of Cope Memorial Chapel." -enteral age ._. _ [ BEGAY .., The .funeral ; service for Berinip; Begay, 17, : Newcomb, has-been scheduled ; for .2. pjn. Monday at the Shiprock Funeral Home [Chapel with .the Rev. Gary ;Klumpenhower officiating, [Burial -will follow in the Shiprock Cemetery. The youth.was:dead on arrival Tuesday atilShiprbck Public Health ServiM Hospital'.,;He was involved in a pedestrian accident in the Hogback area. Survivors include, his parents,, Preston andv Lucy Begay; Newcomb; one, brother, Presley Begay, Newcomb; and; three sisters^ Annie K, Begay of Idaho, Amy K. Shirley ofGaUtip andRose B e g a y of N. ewft-o. m, b , PaUbearers. include Wilson K* Shirley, Harrison Shirley,. Presley Begay; Larry D. Begay, James; Hunt and Paul Hunt. Arrangements; [are under the direction of the Shiprock

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BEGAY Fuheral service , for Harrison Begay, 33, BITSIEFuneral service for Fruitland, who died Wednes-,' Atcitty Nez Bitsie, 101, of day from natural causes at the Sanostee, wiU be held at 10 U.S. Public Health Service ajn. Saturday at the Christian Hospital in Shiprock, is set for Reformed Church in Shiprock 10, ajn. Monday at Lee & , with the ReV. Bert BenaUie Oviatt Chapel with the Rev. officiating. Burial wiU be in Charles Yellowman of the Asthe family-,-cemetery-. sembly, of God Church in Pallbearers will be Jimmie Shiprock officiating. Burial Begay, Larry Begay, Robert wiU be in Greenlawn CemeCurley, Chee Anderson Jr., tery. Begay was bom to Jay Benjamin H. Tsosie and Kenny and MoUy Wash in Shiprock i Henderson; Mrs. Bitsie died March 20, 1934. Begay was a fanner. He is survived by his , ! Tuesday at the U.S. Public Health Service HPspital in , wife, Sarah; five children, j Shiprock: [Sh. was a -"rug Eloise Begay, Henry Begay, ] weaver. Survivors include a Harrison Begay Jr., Enrmrita daughter, Fannie Begay of Begay and Ambrose Begay; | Sanostee; two sons, Lighting and four brothers, Julius Anderson of Sanostee and DenBegay, Shiprock, BiUy Begay i nison Nez Sr. of Aneth, Utah; a Begay, Farmington, Jack | sister, NelUe Yazzie of Ship"Begay Begay, Fruitland, and | rock; numerous nieces- and BiUy Dicksen, Fruitland; and 1 nephews; 17 grandchildren; 67 three sisters, AUce Max, Mary I great-grandchildren 7 and 31 Yazzie and Elsie Doby, aU ot i great-great-grandchUdren. She Fruitland. Funeral arrangewas preceded in death by her ments are under the direction j husband, Atcitty Nez Bedonie, of Lee & Oviatt Mortuary. '} I in June; 1959. Her eldest grandson, Chee' Anderson Sr., is a well-known Farmington resident. Arrangements are under j direction of Cope Memorial



Funeral'JtaaeJpSaf.j T f t

j BtLLYFuneral service for A^ : ^Al/^~1\t\ 1 -j| [Lance Cpl. Timothy BiUy, 22, | Bedabito, who died Oct. 9 in 'Oahu, Hawau, is set for 10 ajn. Monday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. John . BONNIEFuneral servic Peter Yazzie officiating. I for John Henry Bonnie, 42 Graveside services wiU have , Carson Trading Post, who die* ,fuU miUtary honors. BiUy was : at Sari Juan Regional Medica in the Marine Corps for two | Center Saturday, is set for : ".; BEARD - f u n e r a l i_rvice years. He is survived by his I;p.m. Wednesday at:Cope Me for Harpld Beard, 63, of Shipparents Mr. and Mrs. Bmce ^'mortal Chapd with the Rev rock, will be held at 10 ajn. BiUy, Bedabito; 'four brothers, Samson Yazzie officiating [Saturday at the FuU Gospel Sammy BiUy, Wewoka, Okla., Burial will be at Memor] [ Church in; Shiprock with' - the Anthony, Richard and Elmej . Gardens Cemetery. He is surBiUy, Bedabito; three sisters, i Rev. Charles WUUamS offidatvived by his wife Mabie .._ngit_3u_al._TUT. ,beAm. the. [Fannie, Beverly and Genevieve Billy, Bedabito; his I Fruitland;, three sons, Virgi ;3Shiprock*rYeterans Cemetery. Henry, Provo, Utah, / Andrew maternal grandmother, Lula PaUbearers wiU be members BenaUy, Bedabito; and pater- j Benally,- Fannington; - Johnni. j ofcsthe Navajo Code Talkers nal grandparents, Mr, and/. Henry Bonnie-Jr., Fruitland; ; Association. Beard died ThursMrs. Joe BiUy, Oak Springs,! . two brothers, WUUe B. Henry. : day at: thre US. PubUc Health Fruitland, and Francis Pierce [ Service [Hospital in Shiprock. [Ariz. Active paUbearers wiU be \ Idaho' Falls, Idaho; three sisservicemen from Kirtland Aire I He had.been a survey techniForce Base, Albuquerque. Fu-f ters,' Bessie Police, Carson \ dan for [the Bureau of Indian neral arrangements are under | Trading Post,.JoAnne Pine, !' Affairsin the Soil Conservation Car son; Trading .Post, and ('Department since 1943, was a, the direction of Cope Memorial | Evelyri Canute, Carson TradChapel. I UJ. Marine veteran of World ing Post. Active paUbearers | War II and a member of the will, be Bobby Pablo, Virgil i Navajo Code Talkers. SurYizzie, Taylor Yazzie, Joe - vivors include his wife, Bessie Canute, Steven Canute, Jiriimy I Beard; one daughter, Thelma Burn. Funeral arrangements 'Nelson;, two sisters, Nellie 'are under the direction of Cope if Willie and MilUe King, aUof Meiporial Chapel. j,Shiprock; and twe -grandI children. He was preceded:in j death by his brother, Lester [Arthur, in 1974. Arrangements: are, under, direction of Cope MemorialChapel..:,



BROWN John Kee Brown, 37, of Chinle, Ariz., died at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, Fort Defiance, Ariz., Thursday. Funeral service wiU be at 10 a.m. Monday at the Good Shepherd Mission at Fort Defiance. Rev. Steven Plummer wiU officiate. He was-a bus driver for the Chinle School District. Survivors include his mother, Mary Brown of Chinle, two brothers, Pad Brown of Navajo and Thomas Brown of Chinle, two sisters, Mae Yazzie and Louise Brown of Chinle, and grandchUdren and great-grandchildren. Act i v e pallbearers will be Raymond Brown, Herman Brown, Raymond Brown, Benjamin Yazzie, LeRoy Yazzie and Peterson Yazzie. Funeral arrangenients are under the direction of Cope Memorial

TYLER arid BEGAY Joint funeral service for 6-year-old Edward Lee Tyler of Shiprock and his uncle, Johnny Y. Begay, 23,; of Sanostee, wiU. be at 10 ajn. Thursday at Christ the King CathoUc Church with the Rev. Flann G*Nem, OFM, officiating. Both win be buried in Shiprock Cemetery. Begay and his nephew died as the result of an auto accident at Table Mesa Saturday. The boy was dead on arrival at PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock and his uncle died iithere. The boy is survived by I his parents,,Jimmy J. and : Mary Ann (Anna) Begay; two sisters, Cassandra and Ursula j:Tyler, and paternal grand: mother, Betty J. Begay, aU of ; Shiprock. PaUbearers wiU be Raymond Dee, Thompson F. Begay,'Jimmy J. Begay: and i Daniel Harry Atcitty. Begay is j survived by four brothers, I Clyde Y., Thompson F., Donny .' _.-.' and Tommy Begay, aU-of ; Sanostee; and three sisters, ^Dorothy.and;Mary Begay of Sanostee and Mary Ann; (Anna); Tyler of Shiprock. there [ are numerous nieces and nephews. Pallbearers^ wiUJ)e' Bobby Brown Jr.-,' t a r r y i Lewis,-Elvin,Tyler, Leonard Lewis,.Bob Williams and Alfred Johnson. Funeral arrangements are under direction of the Shiprock Funeral

Chapel. 3.0^. B,

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[ .'.-flEGAY^Funeral service j for Sarah Ann Begay, 25, j Shiprock, who died at the U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock Tuesday, is set for "... 10 ajn. Saturday at Christ the : | King CathoUc Church in Ship' rock with Father John Mit' tlestadt officiating. Burial wiU . b e in Memory. Gardens Cemetery. survived by- her parents James D. and Bessie Lou Begay, six brothers, Jonas Begay, Darryl D. Begay, Delbert D. Begay, James Begay Jr., Jerald D.feegay and Jeremy D. Begay, two sisters, Blanche Ann Begay | and Marjorie Ann Begay, his patemal grandparents Hosteen D. and Jo Ann Begay, aU of Red Rock, Ariz. Active " . pallbearers will be Jonas 7 Begay, James D. Begay ST., [ T h o m a s Begay,. John D, ! Begay, Freddy Billy and Ray Nakai Sr. Funeral arrangemdits are under the direction i of Cope Memorial Chapel.

BL_ffcHOU_E-_i'uneraI ser-funeral vice, for Red Bluehouse, 59, of Red Mesa, Ariz., wiU be held at 10 ajn. Thursday at Cope f BEGAYE Paul Nez . \ Memorial Chapel with the Rev. ;flegaye, 63,'Blanco Trading Jim Charley officiating. Burial IPost.died Thursday at Chinle,^-' ; wiU be ui Memory Gardens. 'Ariz. Funeral service will be ail . Pallbearers will be Richard j 10 a.m: Thursday at. the ' Bluehouse, Harrison Blue- Brethren in Christ Mission [ house, Ray- Yazzie, Wilford ; with the Rev. Marvin Martin Nelson, Addison Howard and : officiating. Burial wUI be in Herbert Clark. Bluehouse, who | the Brethren in Christ Mission died Monday at the U.S. PubUc. Cemetery. Survivors include 'Health Service Hospital in; [his wife, Mrs! Ruth Nez ;. Shiprock, was a rancher. He is Begaye of Blanco Trading , survived by his wife, Jessie Post; three sons, Leroy Nez ; Bluehouse"; "father, Nelson Begaye, Marvin'Nez Begaye '.- Bluehouse, both of Red Mesa; and Barnabas Nez Begaye; a ; four sons', Richard Bluehouse, stepson, Ariderson Nez [ Harrison Bluehouse, Ronald Begaye; three daughters, Nina ' Bluehouse, aU of Shiprock, and Pinto, Jackie Nez Begaye and , George Bluehouse of Farm- Bemidine Nez Begaye, aU of ington; four daughters, Blanco Trading Post; a sister, Marlene Bluehouse and Louise I Marie Canute, and a brother, Augustine Nez Begaye, Blanco Bluehouse of Shiprock, AmeUa |[Trading Post There are three , Gray of Dennehotso, Ariz., and \ grandchildren. Pallbearers I May Howard of Farmington; l-will be Dan Victor, Leroy Nez ; three sisters, NelUe Poyer and I Begaye Sr Stanley Victor,;. s Betty John of Shiprock and 1 Marvin Nez; Begaye, Steven Irene Clark of Red Mesa; one , Canute Jr. and: Wayne Har brother, Frank Nelson of Red rison. Funeral arrangements Mesa; and 10 grandchUdren. are under the direction of Cope Memorial,Chapel, w

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' BARBERFuneral service for Margret Barber, 77, Sanostee, who died Monday, at Fbrt Defiance Hospital, is set for 10 a.m. Thursday at Cope Memorial Chapel with Frank; Curley Sr. officiating. Burial wiU be in the Sanostee FamUy Cemetery. She is survived by her four sons, Elmer Barber, Sanostee, Walter, Barber, Laramie, Wyo.*, George Barber, Shiprock, and Richard Barber, Navajo; her daughter Martha D. Begay, Sanostee; three brothers, John Mark Curley arid WUson M. Curley, Sanostee, and Leo Curley, Shiprock; three sisters, EUen T.Charles, Mary Lou Howard; and Ida. Barber; aU of Sanostee; 18 grandduldren;, and 11..great-grandchUdren. Active pallbearers will be Archie Begay, Glena Begay, Benjamine Tso,. Mark Begay, Larry Begay and Harry Talk. Funeral arrangements are- under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel, f. Q >-j "7

BENALLY Funeral services for Mae Benally, 42, Fruitland, are'pending at Cope Memorial Chapel. Mrs,, Benally /died.Friday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in GaUup. She was preceded indeath by her husband, Junior Benally, in January of this ' year. Survivors include four daughters, Anita Benally Morgan, Crownpoint; Lorena, j Norma Jean and Victoria I BenaUy, all of Fruitland.. Also j Siurviving" are seven; brothers, I Alvin-, .Henderson^"-James; f Nelson and Henry' Smith, of j Farmington, Harrison Smith,. I of GaUup, and Freddie iSmith, j; of Fruitland; and two sisters,., AUce Yazzie, Farmington, and Clara- Jacquez, Fruitland. : There are tour grandchUdren. PaUbearers wiU be Shore Jac-quez, Larry Jacquez, Cecil . Smith, Lester Jacquez, KecU Smith and Jones Morgan. .

BEGAY Funeral service for Albert John Begay Sr., 52, Shiprock, was held at 10 a.m. today at Christ the King CathoUc Church in Shiprock with the Rev. Chris Kerr officiating. Burial was in the Shiprock Cemetery ..with graveside services'conducted by the Shiprock 'Navajo Police Honor Guard.1 The retired Shiprock Navajo Police officer died ; Saturday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. i SurviVors include three sons, G i l b e r t D. B e g a y e of ; Cleveland, Ohio,, and Albert D.. , JB.egaye Jrijand-Michael-P. Begaye, both of-. Shiprock;, three daughters; Cathy Begaye John, Sharon. Jim and Norma ! J. Largo,. aU of Shiprock; and | ; a brother, Albert Kee John of Bridgeland, Utah. There are 11 I grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Albert D. Begaye, ' Michael P. Begaye, Donald | Ojaye, Albert Kee Johnv j Delbert John and Charley D. i. J[im. Funeral arrangements are under the direction, of Cope Memorial Chapel.


BROWN Funeral: service I .AAlt for Emma ,K..; Brown, 59, I 7- BENALLY - Funeral serShiprock, wiU be held at 10 ; vice for Ason Chee BenaUy, 70, a.m. Tuesday at Christ the of Rbughrock Trading.Post at King CathoUc Church of Ship- Chinle, Ariz., was held today ;ock, with the Rev. Lawrence j at the Roughrock. Friends ichreiber, OFM, officiating. I Churdi in Roughrock, Ariz.i at -Burial will be in Memory [ ; 1 pjn. with the Rev. Vera EUis Gardens. Mrs! Brown died - bffidatirig; Burial was in\the Friday at Sari Juan Regional i Roughrock'Cemetery. Mrs. - Medical Center. She is sur- i ^'Benally died in Monument j vived by her husband, Frank j Valley,: Utah, Saturday; She is Brown of the famUy home; a';; survived by her husband, Bilason, Irvin D. Brown of Ship- | tso BenaUy; four sons, Haskie rock; two grandsons, Erwin D. j T. Hant, Freddie BenaUy, Sam Brown and Shawn M. Daniels ; Benally and Tom Benally; of Shiprock; four sisters, i three daughters, Bessie H. Katherine Daniels, Pearl BenaUy, Fannie BenaUy and ' Daniels and Mary Keahne of ; Dorothy Ralph, aU of RoughShiprock and Rose Carrol of i rock. There are five grandDenver, Colo.; arid a brother, | children. Funeral arrangeNed Keahne of Crownpoint. ments are under the direction There are three nieces and of Cope Memorial Chapel. 3 <A^ 7111^ nepheWsv PaUbearers wiU be : Jimmie Daniels, Elton , Daniels, Peter Davis, Terry Sanford,[Donald Ray Yazzie and Howard. Jim. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial BEGAY T- Virginia Ma. Chapel^ c i i ^ , C,x$A Begay, 30, Shiprock, died'Tuesday as the result of a traffic accident on U-S- 550. Survivors " a .ri include' her mother, Susie .J Begay,-Shiprock. Services are .-' - f " , _ . , pending a t Cope Memorial , .'.-- BENALLV The funeral of Chapel. Susie BenaUy, 63, Toadlena; Ay AS has been set for 2 p.m. Monday at the Toadlena Christian Reformed Church with James YeUowmari officiating. Burial j wiU be in the fariuly cemetery. I n/J-''! Mrs. Benally was dead on ^ arrival Thursday at the Ship Art BENALLY rock Public Health Service Funeral service for Helen BenaUy, Red Rock, [Hospital. Survivors include her Ariz., who died Saturday at the husband, Esclay BennaUey ot Toadlena; seven sons, Joe G.s U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Shiprock, is; pend-; BennaUey,: Newcomb; Lee E. ing under the diredion of Cope BennaUey, Francis L. BenMemorial Chapel. She is surnaUey and; Leonard L. Benvived by her husband, Luke naUey,.aU of Toadlena; George. BenaUy. . ;-_g G. BennaUey, Dallas, Texas; Emest Fl BennaUey, Kirtland; ,. and Esclay: BennaUey n, serving^ with .3_; U:S.. Army in Germany;, and five daughters, . - 77llA~1^ A Lucy N. Tsosie, Dorothy Bdi:y naUey and Irene Johnson,; aU of Toadlena, and Jessie-'L. BEGAY-Gary Begay, 21, of BennaUey and Betty A. Ben- Shiprock died Tuesday at his naUey,. both of Shiprock. There home- of apparent, natural are 36 grandchildren,. nine , causes. He is survived by his great-grandchildren, five mother, Ethel .Fl Begay of nieces and two nephews. The : Shiprock, and an aunt, Ella seven sons wiU serve as active I Bird of Sanostee Trading Post paUbearers. Funeral arranger ' Funeijal' service is pending tnents are under the direction ; under direction of Cope Memoof Shiprock Funeral Home.-: ' rial'Chapel.."


-Funeral service for Sam Bizardi, 52,. former Kayenta, Ariz, resident, wUI be; hdd at 11 ajn. Saturday at Tse'ee gai House of Joy at Black Mesa, Ariz. with, the Rev. J.R. Yazzie arid the Rev. AUeri "tyson officiating. Burial wiU be in the famUy cemetery. Survivors include:. three sons, Emest Bizardi, Bobby Bizardi, both of Black Mesa and Fred Bizardi of Inscription House; four daughters, Elouise,. Elizabeth, Rose, and Susan Bizardi aU of Black Mesa;: a brother, John Lake of-Black MeSa; two sisters, Sally L1.Marison and Irene Bizardi of Black; Mesa; [and nephew, Johnnie R. - Yazzie of Black' Mesa.. Pallbearers will be Emest Bizardi, Bobby Bizardi,. I Grey Bizardi, _ John Lake Daniel Benally and ArnoldHicks./Funeral arrangdnents are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.


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| BLACKWATER -.Funeral serppe- for Frank XP. i Blackwater, 69,.of Dennehotso,' Ariz., will/be at 2 pjn. Friday a t Cope Memorial ChapPl with Evangelist Jason T. ; Wallace offidatirig; Burial wiU-;be Jn-1. Memory Gardens: Blackwater died Tuesday at the \ Public: Health Service Hospital at Tuba City, Ariz. He is survived \ "by his- wife,;' AUce F. Black-' ! ;^water of Dennehotso; three, BENALLYFuneral service sons, James L; Frank arid: /is pending for. Alfred BenaUy, Silas Blackwater of ;'DenI "33, Cow Springs Trading Post, i nehpteo/ and IWilson Frank of Ariz., who; died in: Bataan [Zuni, Ariz;; five;daughters, Memorial Hospital Wednesday. ;Mae.Charley, and Cecilia BenaUy was; employed as a Benally of Mexican Water, '..'.. welder for C.D,K_ Construction ' Ariz.; Dorothea SuUivan of N. i^Corapariy in Black Mesa, Ariz. iHoUywbod;; Calif.',[ Louise ; Nie is; survived "by his wife i Maetine of Raman and Pauline .-Nona; three sons,.Timothy M., '.Greyeyes of Dennehotso;; two brothers,; David Blackwater of :~^ RUey Lee;;arid Albert Benal44y; fouT daughters,Tina, Tam: Mexican" Water,; and/ Harvey | 5 my, Tesa Lena aridTawnya ifllackwater of Dennehotso;: i^ BenaUy, all of. Cow Springs, [three sisters^ Anna Benally,. ^-Ariz.;; three; hrothers, Jim .Ruth Blackmountain and Mary ^TFred, John Fred and Justinian iYazzie; ,aU of Mexican Hat; ;"' Fred, all of Sweetwater; seyen ; Utah./There are_22 grarid: sisters, ;Rose Jane Sloan of children and -two greatMexican Hat, Utah; Ella Jane [grdiddifldren. Palbearers will Gray, Lovena, .Victoria Jean, be James L;' Frank;-Silas l Jacqueline and; Tamera Jean I Blackwater,-Wilson,-Frank, BenaUy, aU of Cowsprlngs, and Robert .Charley, David BlackGloi^Mae rf Mexican/Water; ,.water and Norman Martine his paternal grandparents, [[Fimeral arrangements are un-, John artd Bessie Uncle;;. and dd,;; the [direction of the Cpjie^ ; his paternal .great grandMemorial Chapel. _ mother, Mrs.? John Yazzie of Sweetwater. Fundal arranges. ments are/under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

', BENAlilE/- Funeral" -gervice for MUdred E. BeriaUie, 1 43, of Fraitland, wiU be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the ] Alma Brandi LDS | Fruitland with Bob Begay, i president, officiating. Burial ; wiU be in. Greenlawn Ceme.. ery. PaUbearers.wiU be Johnson BenaUie, Aridy BenaUie,' ..Gilbert Beriallie,' Donald . BenaUie", Watson BenaUie and Harry Buck.; Mrs. Benallie . ;#sd..Sunday "at San': Juan.: Regi.h-riMedical Center/ Sur-; vivors include her husband, George Benallie; five sons, Johnson, Andy,', GUbert, Terry and; Ernie Benallie, alii of Fruitland; one daughter, Judy BenaUie of Fruitland;-parents, Jim and Elizabeth Buck of Burnham;,four sisters, Grace : BeriaUie, Mary BenaUie and Sadie Harvey of 'Farmihgton, and Dorothy Jim of Fruitland: five brothers, Herbert Buck of Dalles Port, Wash., Robert Buck of Fruitland, Harry Buck of Fort-Defiance, Ariz .Wilfred; Buck! of Carson, Lee Buck: of Farinington; and three grandchUdren. Arrangements are under direction of ACope Memorial Chapel.

. 3 - ym

-.::.:.--. i ___._.-


y /

... ._-Thfe funeral .f BEGAY-'/Funeral; service IRaynard/V. .Bennett, 21, for Deriet Yazzie Begay, 89, Fruitland, was scheduled for 2 Shiprock, wiU be held at 10 p.m. today at A Saints Chapel U ajn. Tuesday at Cope Memoriwith the Rev. Henry Bird [ al Chapel with the Rev. AUen officiating with burial in MemNeskahi Jr. officiating. Burial. ory Gardens. Bennett died wiU be in Meriiory Gardens. Monday. Survivors indude his Begay died Friday at the parents, Raymond and Irene Shiprod. PubUc Health Service Bennett; daughter, Sonja_ Lee Hospital. He was a;counselor Bennett; and six sisters, aU with the Shiprock Department, from Fruitland; his'maternal an official of the Shiprock grandmother, matemal greatChapter House and a member of the Shiprock Fair [commit' grandmother, eight aunts, tee. Survivors indude his wife, three uncles, one great-unde NelUe yazzie; three daughters, and numerous cousins. Serving Bertha^ Dodge, Alice Hayes as pallbearers were Phillip and Bessie Yazzie; three sons, Pinto, Raymond Pinto/Rudy Everett Yazzie/ Herbert Benally, Clayton Benally, Yazzie and Chee Dl Yazzie; "'^Michael R. Warren and and two sisters, Denet Yazzie Leonard J5am. Cope Memorial Mitsoi andMrs, Joan Hunt. A U ^ Chapel was in charge of arare of Shiprock: There are 22 rangements. I . ^ p grandchildren arid 16 greatgrandchildren.' PaUbearers wiU be Earl Yazzie, Herman " Yazzie, Michael Yazzie,: > Obituaries Willard Sells, William Sells j ^BEGAY-Filbert Begay, and Wally Hayes. Funeral three-month-old son of WUbert irrangements are under the and Lena Begay, Shiprock, .____-_.__ i died Saturday at the -U.S.PubUc Health Service Hospital in, Gallup. Funeral services directiori^if Cope Memorial were held at 10 a.m. today at Chaod... / the Navajo.FuU Gospel Church iin Shiprock with the Rev. Hoswood Brown officiating. \^-'y)A&., A T T * Burial was in Shiprock : BEGAYFuneral servicie Cemetery. In addition to his 1 for Leo Nez Begay, 49, Aztec, parents he is survived by his ; who-died at the U.S. Public five brothers, Raymond, Health Service Hospital^in Egbert, Norbert, Jefford and [GaUup, is set for 10 .aim.Jasper; three sisters, Loretta, Wednesday at Berean Misskt. Clara and Delphine, aU of the Im^ Huerfano ^ijq";the J&evA f a m i l y home; m a t e r n a l , Leonard Rafael officiating.' (grandmother, Todacheene f Burial will be iri Brethren in, ; Begay, Red Rock, Ariz.; .Christ Mission Cemetery.' paternal grandfather, Topaha [.Begay is survived by his wife,-, j Nez, Red'Rock, and paternal Eva Nez Begay, Aztec; six \ grandmother, Tsetah Bitsih, sons, Ernie Nez Begay, Red Rock. Arrangements are Elkhart, Ind., Earl Nez Begay, under direction'of Cope Cassopolis, Mich., and Memorial Chapel. Emerson: Nez Begay, Erwin Nez Begay, Harold Nez Begay, I and Anderson Nez Begay, aU i of Aztec; four daughters, Mary I Lou 'Emerson Nez Begay, |i Marilyn Nez Begay, Marion i'Nez Begay and Verna Nez /.Begay, aff of Aztec; two sisters, Marie Canuto, Blancd Canyon, and Boncio Victor, Shiprock; two brothers, Augustine Nez' Begay^ Blanco Canyon, and Paul Nez Begay, Blanco Trading Post;; and one grand da u g h te r 1 A c ti v e paUbearers; W I be Augustine U Nez Begay; Tully Cariuto, Harold Yazzie, John Yates, Leonard Canuto and Leroy Nez Begay. Funeral arrangementsare under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel

i BEKIS Funeral service ,-. BEGAY..'. TotSone Begay, | for Harvey Bekis, 51, Shiprock, '82, Shiprbck, died Tuesday at wiU beat 1 pjn. Friday at the the Public Health Service Hosi Shiprock Christian Reformed pital in Shiprock, Funeral ser; Church with the Rev. Bert vice wiU be at 10 ajn. Satur1 BenaUy officiating. Burial wiU day with the Rev. Christopher | be in the Towoac Cemetery at Kerr, OFM, officiating, flurial Towoac, Colo. Graveside ser? wiU be in the Shiprock. Ceme-. vices will be conducted by the tery. He was a well-known Morgan and Singer Veterans of? pedicine man.' Surivors inForeign Wars Post, No. 9517. clude his wife, RpseMitcheU of Bekis died Saturday at Cortez,. the f a m i l y , home; two Colo., Survivors include two Slaughters; Katie Jim and Joan daughters, Shirley Bekis of Joe; both of,Shiprock; and [two Shiprock and Theresa Lone- aunts. There are 16 grand-; wolf', of. Provo, Utah; five children and 38 g r e a t sisters,' Lena Dawes f Ship-' grandchildren. Pallbearers rock, Bessie Martin of Towoac, | wiU be his grandsons, Harrison Anna Ahkeuh and Sarah Clark Joe, Hugh Jim, Henry Joe,. of/Cortez and Daisy Lee of Larry Joe,- Raymond Fulton Sheridan Wyo.; and one and Jim John Begay.. Funeral brother, Joe Scott of Towaoc. -Urangements are under the There are five grandduldren. [direction of Cope Memorial Pallbearers Will -be Alfred Chapel. Bennett, Albert Bennett, John Begay, Melvin Jim, Jack Lee and Peter Scott. Honorary pallbearers wiU be Joe Scott, Simpson Bekis Sr., Big Joe and Ernest Herder. Funeral ar-" rangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Cfaapel

g j A f . x / ' f n f Obituaries


N D I T I BfeGAV - f uKeral service 7 C^.-rT'pTf | tor; Elouise Linda. Begay, 23, BENALLY Funfer&l ser- j Shiprpck, wiU be-, at 10 ajn. vice for Jimmy Paul BenaUy, ' Saturday at Christ the King: 35, Shiprock, will be at 10 ajn. | Catholic Church in Shiprock Saturday a t Cope Memorial | with the Rev.- Chris Kerr,, aapelwith the Rev. Corwin ; OFM, officiating. Burial wiU , Brummel and Albert Henry' be in Shiprock, Community ; officiating. Burial wiU be in i Cemetery. Miss Begay was , Mdnpry Gardens. BenaUy died" i dead on arrival at the PubUc 'Monody at the Public Health l;Hea}th Service Hospital in ;S_vice Hospital in Shiprbck. Shiprock June;28. Survivors i He was; a heavy equipment J, indude her parents, Hosteen | mechanic with. Navajo Engi- | Nez Begay and; Rose Benally | neeririg arid Construction Au-"! Begay of Shiprock; four | thbrity./ Survivors indude his I brothers, John Begay of Oak I wife^'Mrs. Delores Ann Benal-j Springs, Ariz;- John Lewis | ly of Shiprpck; three sons, i Begay of Shiprock,'BiUie John Lawrence Paul BenaUy, Jim- I Begay of Cove, : Ariz., and < my Paul BenaUy and Stanford [ Billie Johnson Begaty of Red Pad; BenaUy, all of Shiprock; VaUey, Ariz;;fivesisters, Mrs. his mother, Ida; Benally of j Bessie Tutt of Shiprock and Shiprock; six brothers, John- \ Mrs. Irene Nakai, Mrs. Louise son D./BenaUy- of Monument JBluehorse, Mrs. Lorraine Pete VaUey,; Robert H. BenaUy of'/and Rose Marie Begay, aU of Holbrookj Ariz.,/Nelwood Etsit.1 Red VaUey. PaUbearers wiU ty, Earl BenaUy, Nat D. Benal- ;| be BiUie John Begay, Alvin ly and, Lee D. BenaUy, aU of j Harvey, VergU Yazzie, Araold Shiprock; and two sisters, j Yazzie, Johnny Nez Begay Jr., Lucinda Henry of Albuquerque [Harry; Nakai and Thomas and, Lola Bekis of Shiprbck. .Bluehorse. Funeral arrange[ Pallbearers will be Ronnie , ments are under the: direction [ Clafi^, "CJiris Setts' Calvm Benal- W the Shiprbck Funeral Home" ly, Hubert Benally, Ronald ' miAA Etsitty, Sterling Tsosie and Stanly Tsosie. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.


.';'--. i _ _

_ ^ l

: , -

, ; ; ; _ - .

BROWN Funeral service . forMrs. Maggie White Brown, 51, Durango, Colo., wiU be held at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Cope Memorial Chapel with burial in Memory Gardens. She died Monday at Mercy Medical Center in Durango. Survivors include her husband, Toni Brown "of the family home; three daughters, Rita White and Hazel Harrison, both of Farmington, .and; Geraldine White of Kirtland;four sisters, Mabel Johnson ot Shiprock, Mary.vTodue of Lit-, tlewater, Ruby, Betony of Nageezi and Alice Canuto of Blanco Trading Post;-.; and a brother WUbur Canuto of Blanco Trading Post. There are six grandchildren.. Funerali ar-

/ BEGAY fr Funeral service for Amy S. Begay, 63, of Bisti, wiU be held at Cook Memorial Chapel at 2 p.m. Tuesday with . the Rev. Joe Lee.Gray officiating. Burial will follow in Greenlawn cemetery. Mrs. Begay died Friday at the PubUc .Health Service Hospital in Shiprock after an illness. 'Survivors i n c l u d e ' t w o . daughters, AUce Pierce, Bisti,,; 7,and Harriet Manuelito, Tohatchi; one son,, Samuel Begay and, two brothers, Lester S. Begay and Lester Boyd^-aU of .Bisti; 19 grandchildren and. seven greatgrandchildren. Active , pallbearers will be Ernest, Manuelito,- Paul, Tom, and / Johnny Johnson,, Bobby Johnson, and Samuel. Begay. Funeral'arrangements are under iirection of Cope Memorial

I BENALLYSON - FiiMal service for Jeffrey BenaUysoni 20, Farmington, was held at 2 p.m. today in the Cope Memorial Chapel with the ltev; Bob Walker officiating. Burial was in Memory G a r d e n s . BenaUyson died Saturday'near GaUup. He was preceded in death by a brother, Kenneth BenaUyson. Survivors include his mother, Mabel Johnson of Durango, Colo.; his father, Nelson Benallyson Sr. of Bedabito; six sisters, Bemie Casaus of Farmington, Carolyn, MaybeUe and Nelda Benallyson of Shiprock, and Jamee and BeUnda BenaUyson of Durango; a brother, Nelson Benallyson Jr. of Shiprock; \ maternal grandmother,-Mae [ Canuto of Blanco Trading Post; paternal grandmother, Bejebah Benallyson of. Bedabito; and a foster .brother, Delvin Johnson of Durango.,There are six nieces /and t h r e e n e p h e w s . PaUbearers were Alvin Benny, Herman Kelewood, Leroy-. Be toni, Raymis "Guy" Harrison, Earl Betoniand Phillip VflenaUy. Honorary paUbearers were Nelson Benallyson Sr.r Nelson BenaUyson Jr., WUbur Canuto, Ray Casaus, W'U'e ' Benally, Donald Benjamin, X ' i Gary Lee, Delvin Bates, Pete BenaUy and Richard D.- Har- ; rison. Funeral arrangements ' are under the direction of Cope . Memorial Chapel. '



* - % ' . :C;--. .-Ti- ,-- ,t, ,

BARBER - Funeral service ie for Nita S. Barber, 69, Ship. rock, will be held Friday at ' s- Christ the King Catholic.-' !d: Church in Shiprock at 10 a.m. with the Rev. Flann O'NeU ' BEGAY Graveside ,_._. ! sert- officiating. Burial will be in .Vice for the infant daughter of d the Shiprock Cemetery.- Sur-,f .Alexander and-Lucinda Begay n_ vivors indude a niece, Emma | of Kirtland wiU be held Sature Lee: J[oe; a nephew, John Jay ? day a t 10 ajn. in Memory a^ Jr., both of Shiprock; a step- [: Gardens. The baby died ThursW"""soiv-Kenneth Barber of .Dag- . i day at San, Juan; Regional i- gett, Calif.,;,..-three -step: Medical' Center. Survivors, '.. daughters, Alice. B. Joe. and [ besides her; parents, indude \ Mary Ann Burton of Shiprock f three; sisters; Aurelia, Alexan' and JuUe . WUson of". Window .' , dra and Arlinda Begay, aU of' Rock. There;are 41. grand-. ' i the family home;: maternal children and. Il-*grea~t- ' : grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.-, -Joe B:/Oiarley of Chaco Ca grandchildren. Pallbearers wiU be Eugene B. Joe, James . ! nyon;. paternal, grandmother,, Ben Joe, James Joe Jr., John-".! i Annie;C.; Begay of Aneth, ny Jay, Jimmie B. Joe and j vDtab,.and/the,niate_ial great/ John R. Burton. Funeral ar--.' t grandfather, Tom ChischUly of Chaco: Canyon! Funeral, arrangements are under the direction, of Cope Memorial A Irangements are- under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapd. j cfff]<L. ' ^Chapd. X'Ay\<Ai:x%AA: A 1-




VBACA Funeral service is Archuleta, and Garland Lowe. pending for.Felima E. Baca, Survivors include his, wife, 8?,; 316 [W. Ross, who died Marie, of the famUy home; a Wednesday, at home. Memorial brother and eight sisters, aU in contributions may be made: to Greece. Funeral arrangements the Sacred Heart Building are being directed by Cope Fund or to St. Rose CathoUc ! Memorial Chapel. [ Church.' Arrangements are.. being, handled by. Basin; Mortuary.': \*\'\ C A BEGAY Funeral service for Amy George Begay, 28, BEGAY , Funeral service Red Rock, Ariz., wiU be at 2 for Keeyah Hoskie Begay, 57, pjn. Thursday at the Shiprock of Shiprock, is scheduled at 2 Funeral Home Chapel with the -p.m. Friday at Mesa View Rev. James Yellowman ofAssembly of God Churdi with ficiating. Burial wiU be in the jthe Rev.,Charles Lee.officiatShiprock Cemetery. Mrs. ing. Begay died at the VeferBegay was dead on arrival at ans Administration Hospital in the Shiprock Public Health 'Albuquerque on Tuesday. Service Hospital Saturday, the *flurial will be iri Memory kj aparent apparent victim of a Gardens. PaUbearers wiU be Ts- hit-and-run aeddent at Table Larry Duncan, Leonard - Mesa. She was a SUversmith Hoskie, Rayomond Begay, JJ and rug weaver. She was i Glenn Duncan,' Delbert Begay preceded in death by ^ ^ s ^ ^ A ^ s & A ^ M W i : L mother, Cynthia George,her j in 1 tt Juiclude his: wife, Helen; a' 1976. Survivors include her ' daughter,. Rose Miller,' of 6 husband, James G. Begay; two Fa rm ing-C-iT*fw"b"^ . iTp. ' lu sons, Lames and Raymas daughters: Betty Morgan of 3 Begay; two daughters, Melinand Vera John, both of Shipda and Cynthia Begay; four rbck; and two sisters:; brothers, Junior, Phillip, Margaret Begay and Roselyn James and Daniel George; Duncan, both of Sanostee. IS three sisters, Anna Tanner, There are seven grand,$ Roselyn Begay and Evelyn children. Funeral arrange. Lewis; and her father, Jack ments are under the direction 3- George. AU are residents of of Cope Memorial Chapel. - Red Rock. PaUbearers wiU be ^ her husband, James G. Begay, BEGAY Funeral services -. brothers Junior and James are pending under the direc^ George, William Blackie, tion of Cope Memorial Chapel j^L Calvin Martin, Manuel Jim. for Mason Begay, 67, of Pueblot Funeral arrangements are unAlta Store, who was dead on der the direction of the Shiparrival Tuesday at Crownpoint rock Funeral Home. hospital. Survivors indude a ." . J o . . ... . : daughter, Mary Jane'Joe; a i son, Davis Begay;. a brother, John Mason; and a sister, Margaret Mason, all of Uppei Fruitland.;,: . | C | 1 %

! BARBER-Fune/a/ service for Margaret Barber, 75 Sonastee, who died Monday in Fort Defiance PubUc; Health Hospital, is pending at Cope Memorial Chapel/Mrs. Barber is, survived by a. daughter, Marti ^ Begay, and a grandson, Archie Begav.




BEKIS Anna Mae Bekis, 53, of Bedabito, died Saturday at the Shiprock PubUc Health Service hospital. Survivors include the husband, Melvin Bekis; five daughters, Barbara Platero, Patricia Bekis, Melva Bekis, Jo Ann Bekis and Shirley Bekis, aU of Bedabito; five soas, Donald Bekis, Irvin Bekis, Jonah Johnson and Stanley Joe of Shiprock and Gary Bekis of Bedabito; father, Denet Yazzie Begay, Bedabito; a sister, LUly Bekis, Bedabito; a brother, James D. Yazzie, Shiprock; two uncles, WUUe C. BenaUy and Ben C. BenaUy of Bedabito; and six grandchUdren. Funeral service is scheduled Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Cope Memorial Chapel, with the Rev. John Talley officiating, Burial is to be in Memory Gardens.

flSMALLYSOri2 hlneral _ 1 service is/ planned at 10 ajn. Wednesday in the First Baptist:; . BEGAY -i- Funeral servid. Church of Shiprock tor Ber is pending for Randolph T/ jebah BehaUysph/of Bedabito, Begay Sr.; Navajo Tribal who died Sunday at the PubUc' Councilman who died Monday Health Service Hospital iri . at_ the PubUc Health Service Shiprock.' She was 104 years Hospital in.Shiprock. A resiold.The Rev. Paul Redhouse ; dent of Kriyenta, Ariz,, he was wiU officiate at the; service and' 59. Begay was a retired emat burial in the famUy ceifae-' : ployee of the. PubUc Health tery at / B e d a b i t o . M__ ; Service Sanitation DepartBenaUyson, a rug.weaver, is ' ment. Survivors include his ; survived by a daughter; Ainy wife, Mary S. Begay of Kayeni Reeves of v; Bedabito; a son. ta; three sons, Jonah Begaye Nelson Benallyson Sr. of of Shiprock, Randolph T. Bedabito;19 grandchildren; Begay Jr. of Rock Point, Ariz., ; 48 great-grandchUdren; three. and Ricki T; Begaye rof Tuba i great-great-grandchildren; and City, Ariz.; and; seVen. two step-great-grandchUdren. daughters, Lillian Young, PaUbearers at the funeral wiU Gloria Blackhorse and Matilda be Leo Redhouse Jr., OUver R.: S. Begaye ot Kayenta; VirginReeves, Key Bidtah, Arnold Eagle, Nelson BenaUyson Jr., ' ia Hatch, Rosemary S. Begaye Norman Frazier and honorary 5 arid Victoria Begaye ot paUbearers Leo Reeves, Eddie n Fruitland, and Patricia L. Begay,K Nelson Reeves, LesUe i. Begaye of Rock point, Ariz. : Begay, biU BenaUy and Nelson ro There are 12 grandchildren. Benallyson. Funeral arrange- & Funeral arrangements are unments are being handled; by;, i' der the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. _ Cope Memorial Chapel.


BEGAY - Funeral service for Glensbah Begay, 73, Naschitti, wiU be at 10 ajn Thursday at the flaschUU Christian Reformed Church with the Rev. Marinus Albert, officiating. Burial wffl beJta the Naschitti Cemetery. Mrs. Begay was dead on arrival at the PubUc Health Service Hos , pital in Shiprock Monday. Her death was attributed. to a "' house fire. Survivors indude a i daughter, Sarah Kieyoomia of [ Naschitti; two soris, '(.harlie Begay of Tohatchi" and Pad 1 Begay of Naschitti;' four brothers,. Yazzie Tsosie of Navajo and WUUe, John and WUbert Tsosie, aU of Nasdiitti; and two Sisters, Susie Etcitty and Grace Carl, both of Naschitti. There are 15 grand'! children and 31 gr'eat grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Jonathan Bindues, Delbert Clah, David Paul, Joe Kieyoomia J r . , E r n e s t Kieyoomia and Robert Harris. Honorary paUbearers wiU be Fred Dale Jr., David Dale, PhiUip Dale and Albert Bicenti. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Shiprock Funeral Home.

\ > .-3o-;.3-t '* BURNS Funeral service BEGAYGraveside service ; for Hugh Gerald Burns Sr., 68, for Redhorse Begay, 67, of Kayenta, Ariz., wUI be held at Chinle, Ariz., wiU be held at 2 BENALLYFuneral service 2 p.m. Wednesday at Cope ' p.m. Friday at Ganado Comfor Harrison Benally, 46, Memorial Chapel. Burial wiU munity Cemetery in Ganado, Bedabito, who died Thursday be in Memory Gardens. Burns V at the Teecnospos Clinic, is set, /Ariz., with Father Paul Juniet died Friday at Kayenta. He j officiating. PaUbearers wiU be for 10 a.m. Monday at Cope mas. a retired clerk-typist for Charley Lee Begay, Herbert Memorial Chapel with Jim the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Lee Begay, Bobby Tullie, Charley officiating. Burial will Survivors include his wife, Lewis TuUie, Anderson TuUie be in Memory Gardens CemeSusie Burns of Kayenta; two and Nelson TuUie. Begay, who tery. Survivors include his daughters, Mae Rasmussen of died Tuesday near Chinle, is wife, NelUe BenaUy; four sons, Eureka, Nev., and Wanda Samuel, Roger, Cecil and survived by his wife, Mary BUCK;-- The funeral of Jim Reed of Kayenta; a son, Aaron R e d h o r s e B e g a y ; t w o , . Buck, 83, Fruitland, who "died Larry, aU rf Bedabito; three Bradley of Kayenta; his mothdaughters, Elouise BenaUy and daughters, Bessie, Carolyn and 1 Monday at San Juan-Regional er, Laura Luna of Kayenta; . Mae Eva Begay; three, sons, Julia, all of Bedabito; his I Medical Center, has 'been set four brothers, Boyd Luna of 1 Herbert Lee Begay, aU of Blue mother, Lula B e n a l l y , for 11 ajnl Thursday at Cope Fort Defiance, Ariz., Bob Luna j Gap Mission, Chinle, Charley Bedabito; two brothers, Memorial Chapel wiUi the Rev. and Bert Luna of Kayenta and [Lee Begay O Richmond, f 1 Lester; Bedabito, and Henry Sampson Yazzie offidating. PhiUip Luna of ChUchunbeto, . Calif., and Lewis Tullie of ; ; J;, Oak Springs, Ariz.; and five Burial will be in [Memory : Ariz., and a sister, Nora Burns 1 Kaibeto, Ariz.; one brother, sisters, Dorothy and Ruthie I Gardens. Survivors indude his of Kayenta. There are eight 5 Redhorse Begay No. 1 of Ann BenaUy, Elizabeth BiUy, [ wife, Elizabeth Buck. ^ of the ' i grandchUdren. Pallbearers Mary Lou Wilkerson and Em- i_Tonlani_[Lake, Ariz.; and 21 famUy home; four daughters, i w i l l be M a r v i n E a r l [grandchUdren. Cope Memorial ma Jean Curley, .all of 'Grace BenaUy of Aztec, Rasmussen, George Reed Jr., Bedabito. Active; paUbearers Dorothy Buck of Upper ^Chapel is in charge of arrangeAaron Mark Bradley, Bobby Fruitland and Mary';-.BenaUy ments. Singer, Marvin J. Rasmussen wiU be CecU BenaUy, Samuel i and Sadie Buck, bothjof -Farmand Benjamin Tsosie. Funeral Benally, Richard -Billy, An: 1 ington; and five sons^Herbert arrangements are under directhony Billy, Perry Charley and of Dallasport, Wash.,/Robert, tion of Cope Memorial Chapel. Tyler T. BenaUy. Funeral- arBYULLY Funeral service WUbert and Lee, aU of Upper. 1 rangements are under the for Ella Bylilly, 76, TeecFruitland, and Harry/ of Fort direction of Cope Memorial nospos, Ariz., will be at 11 a.m. Defiance,-Ariz. There are 47' Chapel: Wednesday at the Emmanuel 1 grandchildren and 41 greatMission at Sweetwater, Ariz.,' t g r a n d c h i l d r e n : -Active 1 I with Eugene Natachiez ofpaUbearers will be Daniel ! jficiatirig.Burial; wiU be in-the BenaUy, Herbert Buck, Hobert Sweetwater Cemetery. Mrs. ' Buck, Harry Buck, Wilbert 'ByliUy was bom May 15, 1902, Buck and Lee Buck. Funeral . [and died Thursday at the ; arrangements are ;under:- the v iShipr_ PubUc Health Service direction of Cope Memorial Hospital. She was a rug Chapel. weaver. Fiinffl-d arrangements are' under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.
. . : .

Obituaries *



^ tZAi-lg


; i 1 'lfA'X>AL i _

, BENALLY-Graveside ser-_ vice was held today at 10 a.m. [ in Memory Gardens cemetery ,. for Caryl Lee BennaUy, infant I son of Harrison and Alyce'. i _ W M Jane BenaUy Jr. of Frmtland, Lunas. Other survivors include ' who died Wednesday at San a brother, Thomas Bluehorse; Juan Hospital. This corrects sisters, Marilyn, Melinda, an error written in a notice Caroline, BeUnda Mae, Alberta carried Thursday. He is sur- and Ariinda Bluehorse; patervived by his parents Harrison nal grandparents, Mr. and and Alyce Jane BenaUy Jr.; Mrs. Frank Bluehorse; and his sister Cheryl Ann of the maternal grandparents, Mr. famity home; his brother, and Mrs. Hosteen Nez Begay. Daryl of the home; his pater- The funeral has been set for 10 nal grandparents, Harrison a.m. Friday at Basin Mortuary and Joanne Benally Sr. of Chapel in Farmington with Frmtland; his paternal great- Father Adam Wethington, grandparents, Capitan and OFM, of Christ the King Elouise BenaUy of Teecnospos, CathoUc Mission ot Shiprock, officiating. Burial wiU be in Ariz.; and two uncles, Neda Greenlawn C e h i e t e r y . Brady of Fannington and Alan [PaUbearers are Thomas BlueBrady of Shiprock. Funeral arrangements were under the hbfSe, Harold JohnsOn, John Begay, BUly John Begay, direction of Cope Memorial Terry Begay and Lee Joe Levi. Chapel.



. .

,...---., -

BLUEHORSE - Ida MaeS Bluehorse, 13-year _ld daugh--1 ter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Paul Bluehorse, Shiprock, died ' Monday at Los Lunas Hospital and Training School in Los

BENAIXY-Fim'erll-eh-ct for Junior Benally, 44 Fniitland, who died Wednes day at BemalUlo County Medical Center, is set for 10 ajn. Monday at San Juan Episcopal Mission with the Rev. Henry Bird officiating. Burial wiU be in Rose Garden Cemetery. Benally is survived by his wife, Mae BenaUy, Fniitland; four daughters, Anita BenaUy Morgan, Crownpoint, and Lorena BenaUy, Norma Jean Benally and Victoria BenaUy, aU of Fniitland; two sisters, Esther Smith and LUUe Smith, both of Fruitland; and his mother, Yazzie Betty BenaUy, Fruitland. Active paUbearers wiU be Freddie Smith, Freddie Pine, Kee Smith, Keciel Smith, Lee Barber and Kenneth Smith. Funetal arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

Jo -/ - /<. . 7
BENALLY-Funeral' service for Herman Bendly, 18, Bloomfield, is set for 10 ajn. Wednesday at Dzelth-NoOdithlhle Auditorium, with the Rev. John Peter Yazzie officiating. BenaUy died Saturday in BernaUio County Medical Center. Burial wiU be in Christ Mission Cemetary. He is survived by his parents, Kee and Etta Mae Benally, of Kimbieto, eight brothers: Emerson Johnson of Chaco Plant, Benjamin Johnson of Farmirigton, Michael, MarshaU, Keith, Daniel, and GUbert and Lewis BenaUy, aU of Kimbieto; four sisters: Elaine Johnson of Sheendo, Elanor BenaUy, Etta Mae and Elsie BenaUy, aU of Kimbeto; his maternal grandparents, Dan and Elizabeth Padilla, :V. .


BROWNFuneral service for John S. Brown, 49, Fannington, who died Sunday at San Juan Regional Medical Center, is set for 10 ajn. Friday at the LDS Stake Center, Farm; ington, with Bishop Elmer : Sherman officiating. Burial wUl be in Memory Gardens Cemetery. Brown is survived by his son, Peter Brown, Fannington; one daughter, Angela, Brigham City, Utah; two brothers, Robert Brown and Curtis Brown, both of Aztec; two sisters, Vera Elva Benson Service Saturday Brown, Aztec, and Grace Begay, Farmington; and four Elva Rose Benson, a native Saturday in Shiprock, with grandchildren. Pallbearers of Two Grey Hills, died Satur- friends invited day in an auto accident in wiU be Carl Eaton, CharUe Mrs. Benson is survived by Albuquerque. her husband, Albert Henj Sdiofield, JY Christiansen, A private burial service was derson; one daughter, Looya Elbert Hamblen, Herman held for her Monday at the Hanaghane; her mother, Nellie Hamblen and Floyd Johnson. famUy burial plot in Two Grey Benson; her grandmother, ; Funeral arrangements are unHills; Immediate famUy mem- Ethel Denetclarence; a der the direction of Cope bers participated in the tradi- brother, Michael Benson; and . Memorial Chapel. a sister, Gloria Benson . tional service. A memorial service is set for Todadieene. .

BEGAY Funeral service for Gene Arthur Begay, 28, formerly of Waterflow, was held Saturday at the Church of the Nazarene in ChUchinbeto, Ariz., with the Rev. Charley C. BUly officiating. Burial was in ChUchinbeto Cemetery. He died Wednesday in Kayenta, Ariz.; Begay -Was a heavy equipment mechanic for Peabody Coal Co. and worked for six years".at - the Four C o r n e r s Power P l a n t Pallbearers were Amos Charley, Emest Begay, MacDonald Sherlock, Don BenaUy, Fred Joe BenaUy and Ronald Salt. Survivors include the wife, Marita Kee Begay, and one daughter, Tomasita Segay, both d Pine Springs, Aifaz.; parents, Roy and Rose Msie Salt of -ChUchinbeto;; brothers, Roriald Salt of Kayenta, Herbert and Weylen

Salt of ChUchinbeto; sister, Shirley Ann Salt of ChUchinbeto; maternal grandfather, Big Lee Benally of Rough Rock Trading Post, and paternal grandmother, Hosteen Decheenie. Funeral arrangements were under the directioriof Cope Memorial Chapel. PESHLAKAI Funeral service for Robert Peshlakai ST., 47, of Waterflow, is sdiedded for Monday at the Christian Reformed Church in Shiprock at 2 pjn. with the Rev. Abe Koolhaas officiating. Burial for Peshlakai, who died Thursday, wUl be in Shiprock Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Thomas Peshlakai, Phillip Peshlakai, William Peshlakai, Herman Atcitty, Jerome Yazzie, Patrick Lee and alternate Harry PeshlakaLSurvivors include parents, Tom and Daisy Peshlakai of Hogback; sons,

Robert Jr. d Lubbock,, and Arthur of New York; daughter, Roberta of Hogback; brothers, Thomas of Hogback and Harry of Fniitland; sisters, Dorothy Foster of Hogback and Mae. Atcitty of Fruitland,-and one ,.. grandchUd. Funeral arrange-ments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.



BECKFuneral service fo Clifford Beck ST., who die Friday at Sage Memorial Hos pital at the age of 74, wiU b held Wednesday at 10 ajn. a St. Michaels- CathoUc Mission Burial wiU be at Ft. Defiano Cemetery. Active paUbearer, will be Larry Beck, Harr Beck, Clark Etcitty, Harrisoi Bitsui, Harold Bahe am Herman Nelson. Honorar; paUbearers are Dave Alberie Truman Daley, Dr. Wallace J MuUigan, Howard Gorman Pete Riggs and Ashihu Nez Beck was a tribal coundlmai for the Pinon, Chapter fron 19511971. He is survived b; his wife , Esther Beck o Pinon; four sons: Victor ant Harry T. Beck ot Pinon, Larn Beck of Ganado, and Cliffori Beck Jr. d Many Farms; fi. |daughters: Mary Lucy Joe ant Aracita ChisduUy of Windov Rock; Phyllis Gilmore ant Emily Begay of Pinon; ant MarUyn Whitethome of Tubs City. Also surviving are twt sisters: Ethel SUver Hatbant and Maggie Tso of Fores I Lake, Ariz.; and one brother I Ashihii Nez of Hardrock Mis sion, Ariz.; 17 grandchUdrei and one greaggrandchUd. Fu I neral arrangements are unde I the direction oECppe Memoria Chapel. ^AfiSA5*'y

31 ^ A M ' l


Iv; BEGAY^-Funeral '.[servic e y- * i - i y ~ - k * y & m i .(--:;' ._. wmw _> ^ ^ m s A ^ W - ' ' " ' " ':-;':- for; Harrison Begay,: 33, ' f-/'JT'/^77 BEGAY - Funeral servic. of Burnham; and brothers Fniitland, who,died from natuBIGLeonardo Big of ral causes Tuesday at /U.S.: is scheduled for 10 a.m. Satur- Oscar, Harry, Joe and Mark Kayenta, i-Ariz., died at the day at Lee and Oviatt Begay, also of Burnham; one ' PubUc Health Service Hospital' PubUc Health Service Hospital .in Shiprock,.is set for 10 a.m. Mortuary,, 103 E.'v'Ute", for aunt and two uncles-. I in Tuba City Monday. A welder Irving Begay, 35, ot Burnham, Pallbearers will be Oscar [Monday/at Lee & Oviatt' .'with Peabody Coal Company, | Chapel with the Rev. James who died Oct.; 31 n e a r Begay, Harry Begay, Joe /Big was 31 years old:.Funeral YeUowman officiating. Burial Hogback. The Rev. Sampson Begay, Mark Begay, Matthew service wiU be , at 2 p.ra. I wiU- be in Greenlawn Ceme-";iYazzie wiU. conduct services Begay Jr. and Bobby Johnson. Friday at Kayenta Presby[[tety.rBegay was bom March " [for Begay, who.will be buried Funeral arrangements are un-. terian Church with Rev: David '20,1934to Jay and MoUy Wash at the family cemetery-in der the direction of Lee and MoreUi officiating. Burial wiU . , be in Kayenta cemetery. Surin Shiprock; He was a farmer. Burnham. Begay, the son of Oviatt Mortuarv. He is survived/by his wife, Sam-and the late Priscilla AA^-]^AAy7A7, vivors include the wife, Rita Sarah;..five children, Elouise . Begay, was a veteran of BENALLY Funeral ser- Big; one daughter, Iris Big; Begay, Henry Begay, Harrison Vietnam. He was a. laborer one son, Shawn Big, all of the formerly employed by Union vice for Sadie BenaUy, 71, of I. family home; mother, Lena Begay, Jr., Emnirita Begay ,1 Bluff, Utah, is schedded at 10 and Ambrose Begay, aU of the Carbide. He is surved by his Big; five sisters/Elizabeth i fanuly home; four- brothers, father, sisters Anita Johnson, a.m. Tuesday at the St. Christ- Smith, Rena Cly;-. Priscilla JuUus BPgay, Shiprock^ and Anna Mae Barber, Marie opher Mission in Bluff. Burial SmaU.Rosita Yazzie and TerBUly Begay, Farmington, Jack Begay, Alice Begay, Helen wiU be in Bluff. Mrs. BenaUy risita Big; four, brothers; Begay, Upper Frmtland, and Begay and Bertha Begav. aU died Friday at the Public David and,Orland Big. aU of Health Service Hospital in ; Kayenta,' 'Ariz.J'Rbrtaild' Big'bf Billy D i c k s o n , U p p e r Frmtland; and three sisters, Shiprock. A native of Mexican : Alice Max, Mary Yazzie and Springs, Ariz., she was born Mexican Hat,i,Utah,,George 7. ~ * - . - / ? 7 7 [ Big'of Winsjow, Aris..,, arid the Elsie Doby, all of Upper BEGAYFuneral service [ Jan. 5, 1906. She was the Fniitland. PaUbearers wUl be for Henry Begay, 41, Bisti, who daughter of Nakii John and the i maternal grandparents, WUUe Joe Doby, CecU Doby, Andy died Dec. 21; wiU be at 11 ajn. wife of the late Randolph j and Melba White of Kayenta, WUlie, Sam Jackson," Lee Wednesday at Cope Memorial BenaUy. She is survived by | Ariz. Pallbearers will be : Harvey and Jack Begay. Fu-' Chapel with the Rev. Fred sons, Dan and Baxter of Bluff, Ronald, George, David, Orland neral arrangements are under Yazzie dffidating. Burial wiU Claude of Shiprock and Floyd ; and Lawrence Big,; and Ranthe direction of Lee & Oviatt be in Memory Gardens. He is of-Farmington, daughters, Chapel. survived by one son, Heniy Jr. Mary Oshlev of Blanding, , ... i..,. ., .-,., .. ,_ of/Bisti; three daughters, [ Utah, Jennie Montano of Mon- ' d o l Pb Morgan. Funeral arXTAAAHry~ -~ " " ^ Priscilla, Juanita and Victoria, ! ticello, Utah, and Paulene rangements are under direeBARBER Funeral service aU of Bisti; two brothers: Paul_ iMustadV; brother, Kee John tl()n "f Cope Memorial Chapel. for Clyde Barber, 58, of and Sam of Carson; and five i and sister, Baa Aticity. There'''" Frmtland, who died Wednes- sisters: Annie Mae d Bisti, are 39 grandchildren. Local day at San Juan* Regional Esther Simpson of Fruitland, arangements are under the Medical Center, wUl be at 1 Ruth .of Crownpoint, Ida Mae pjn. Sunday at Cope Memorial Nez of Fannington and Mary direction of Lee and Oviatt Chapel, with the Rey. Sampson , Antorao of Carson. PaUbearers. Mortuary, with the funeral: - ! _ ' _ ' _ _ _ m m -_. Yazzie and the Rev. Freddie :wiU. be Howard Begay, Paul being [ handled by San Juan ? - 9>" t 3*7 "7 EUridge offidating. Burial WiU/ Begay,. Leonard Tsosie, Peter Mortuary in Blanding. Npz, JimmyrAntodp,. and -fjptl. < BREWSTER^FuAeral ser- Okla., for one-year., Survivors be in -.Memory Gardens/ Begay."""'* ^-'<> '^.,r vice .. [ Robert F r a n c i s include his father,. David for PaUbearers wiU be.. Wilson C . ; Brewster, 29, of the Hogback . Brewster ot Waterflow;,..stepj Jim, Johnny Barber, Melvin ' NelUe Buck of Shiprock was, Trading Post area, wiU be held mother, Mary Chee Brewster BUley, David Barber,, Tommy schedded at 2 p.m. today at at 10 ajn. Monday at Mesa of .Fruitland; four sisters. Pierce and David Peter. Serv- Cope Memorial - Chapel, with View Assembly of God in Helen B. Woody d Hogback ing as honorary pallbearers'.. the Rev. Scott Redhouse ofShiprock with the Rev. Charles Trading Post, Hazel Lore and will be Harrison Barber,./ ficiating. Burial was in MemoLee officiating. Burial will be Margaret RusseU ot Shiprock George Barber, Wilson Barber' ry Gardens cemetery. Mrs. in the Shiprbck Cemetery. / and Florence King of Hogback | Sr;; Richard Barber Sr.,.' Active pallbearers will be Trading Post; one brother, [ Phillip John and the Rev. Buck died Saturday at'San. Wayne Begay, Nephi BenaUy, -, Andrew Brewster: of, Twin Juan Hospital at the age of 87. Sampson Yazzie. Barber,: an! Frederick. Wing, Leo E Lakes; and cousin, Bernard [ employee of Foutz flurson and She is survived by sons. Lee Russell, Richard E. Russell Lee of Waterflow. ArrangeJohn Buck of Waterflow, a veteran of-World War II, is and Bernard Lee. Honorary ments are under direction d survived by his wife, Bessie Frank and John Frank Buck of j Shiprock, Wilfred Buck of Win- paUbearers wiU be James B. Cope Memorial Chapel Barber of Fruitland; two sons: : Woody, Andrew Lope./Andrew ; Wilson C Jim of Fruifland arid. Klbw Rock, Ariz.; daughters,. Brewster: and Tom Clark. i[' ymB'bAj^AS' ' iMarian fl. Nez and Annie' Johnny H. Barber of Hawau;' Brewster was dead on arrival i five brothers: Richard Barber ! Dictcie of Shiprock; brother, at the U.S. Public Health : BEGAYFuneral service for Mdtonflegay, 23, Naturita, and David Barber of; GaUup,: Joe Hat of Shiprock'; 'and Hospital in Shirpock on. Wed- Colo., who died Friday, is set George and Jimmy Barber of sisters, Mary J i m / M a r y nesday. He was employed by. j for 10 a.m. Wednesday a t Table Mesa and. Harrison' Louise Buck, Helen Charley the Office, d Navajo Economic Christ the, King; Mission in Barber of Fruitland; four step-: j : and Annie Johnson, all of Opportunity- Crownpoint agensisters: Mary RusseU, Jessie ; Shiprock. There are 17 grand- cy and had previously been a; Shiprock. Burial wiU be-in Red Rock, Ariz. Survivors include Simpson and Mary Watson; of ; c h i 1 dr e n , 21 g'-.r e a t - pre-school teacher and superFruitland and Flora McKinley.! grandchUdren and two great- visor in Coyote Canyon for four ' his wife, Mary Begay; one son, Kerley Begay;. parents, Mr. of Shiprock;. and' one step- great-grandchildren.. Active years;with- the ONEO/'i brother, Wallace. Lester of | ; pallbearers at the funeral'wiU Brewster attended.elementary and Mrs^FeUx.Begay; two Rock Point, Ariz. There are | be. WUford Buck, Frank Buck,. sdioblin Shiprock and gradii-' brothers, KeUywood Begay and Nelvin, Begayr and four ! fooir grandchildren.. Funeral,1 Raymond, Benally, Robert ated from Fort Wingate High arrangements are under the Hays, Roger Tsingine and School. He also attended.col-. sisters, Bessie George,^Mary ; direction of Cope Memorial/ Herbert Dickie. Funeral ar-, [ lege at Bacone CoUege in Chico, Mary AUce Begay and Rena Mea [Begay. Funeral : rangments are under the direc- Muskogie, Okla., for two years BUCK Funeral service for ,;tonof Cope Memorial Chapel. and at. North-Eastern State.' arrangements are under the direction of Basin Mortuary ^-lA'AAfm^y Inc. ; A, ,;;';/. ;,/v



BEGAY Fmierw service for Risseil Joe Begay, 20, Shiprock^ wiU be held at 10,: ajn. Thursday at the fami^ home with Taft Blackhorse'"^ ofiidating. Burial WUl be u the Shiprock Cemetery.' Bega; died at Waterflow Sunday, thi victim of an automobile acd dent/ Survivors include his wife;,'5 Mrs. Glorianna W. Begay;; a daughter, Yvonne R. Begay; maternal grandparents, who adopted and reared Wm, Mr. and Mrs. Taft Blackhorse Sr.; parents, Jim, , Jack and Betty Jane BenaUy; three sisters, Doris Blackhorse, Laveme. BenaUy, Sand ra Benally; two brothers, Kalvin. Benally and Melvin BenaUy; and paternal grandmother, Mrs. Lena Begay, aU; of Shiprock. PaUbearers -will be Henry Yabeny, Arcenio Blackhorse, Lambert Blackhorse, GUbert Wagner, Larry Lowe and Jim Jack BenaUy. 1 Funeral arrangements are under the directipniffof Cope Memorial Chapl. Ai'

77A3U. Ifyf V

BEGAY Funeral service for. Mabel H; Begay, 35, GaUup,: wiU be at 10 ajn.' Saturday at St. Isabel Mission in Lukachukai, Ariz., with the i Rev. Marcan Hettisberg.officiating. Burial wUl be in/the mission cemetery. Mrs. Begay died the Shiprock PubUc Health Service Hospital. She is survived by, five daughters, Tina James Begay, Maxine James, Gwendolyn Harvey, Victoria Harvey and [.[Yvonne H. Begay, all of j [ pikadnikai; two _ms, Midiad j Harvey and Christopher Harvey of Lukadiukai; parents, 'BiUy, and Wiimie Davis of Lukachukai; four sisters, Loretta Davis Hosteen of i Navajo, Agnes Davis Tab of [ Rough Rock, Ariz.,' Darlene , Davis of Lukachukai and 1 EUzabeth Ann Davis d Chide, Ariz.; four brothers, Michael Davis, of Navajo, Freddie-Davis of Fort Ddiance;_Ariz.,.> Herbert Davis and Ernest/ Davis of Lukachukai; and paternal g r a n d m o t h e r , ' Nanabah Davis of, Lukachukai. PaUbearers. WU be Boyd Tah, i Leo McKinley, Wilson; McKinley, Michael Harvey, '/, Joseph Harvey and Michael Davis. Funeral arrangements,/ are under the direction of Cope;; Memorial.Chapel.

BAINBRIDGE - Funeral 'service for Henry Dodge Bain-; bridge, 62, Toadlena, will be at 1 p.m. Thursday; at the '' Toadlena Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of; Latter-day Saints with President Sam -Sloan offidating. Burial wiU be ' irithe Old .Toadlena Cemetery. ." Bainbridge died Sunday at the Shiprock PubUc Health Service ; .-Hospital. He was a former Navajo Tribal Councilman from Toadlena and was a_ representeive for DNA. A vet-"" eran of World War H, he served with the 736th Field ArtiUery BattaUion. during the j European, African arid Middle ';;; I Eastern campdgns.; Survivors j. indude his wife; Mrs. Grace Bainbridge; three sons, Henry. . Bainbridge Jr.-.Franklinflainbridge and.James Curley; five,;i daughters, Ella Mae BenaUy,; I, Marilyn: BitsiUy, Eva Rose ',' Nathanial, Chris and Ernestine ;_ainbridge; 13;meces[and five jnepheWs, all/of Toadlena. [There are 21=grandchildren l and three great-grandchUdren. g Pallbearers will be .Ernest / Bainbridge, Henry Bainbridge Jr., Justin iH. Curley Sr., James Curley, GUbert Curley., , and Leonard L. BennaUy. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Shiprock Fu- /_, (neral Home. .7 '-.,' '-.;,. ;n

BEGAY The; funeral of Wallace Lee Begay, 39, of;, Teecnospos, Ariz.', wUl be at 10 a.m. Monday at Cope Memorial Chapelwith the Rev, Paul Redhous. officiating. Burial , wiUfoUowin Greenlawn Geme/ tery. Begay died Wednesday in a traffic accident in Fann-.. ington. He is survived by bis father, Maedesch-gisnih Begay of T e e c n o s p o s ; t h r e e daughters, Delia M. Begay, Karen J. Begay and Darlene J. Begay, aU of Red Mesa* Utah; one son, Wdter L.- Begay of, . Red Mesa; one brother,/Tony Begay, and three sisters, Rose Begay, EUa Begay and Faraiie Begay, aU of Teecnospos; an aunt,.AgriessD. Begay, Shiprock; and former wife, Betty Begay, Sanostee. PaUbearers include Tony Begay, Peter Lee, Wilford Tso, Walter Begay', Edward Dee and Tommy Lee. Cope Memorial / Chapel is in charge of arrange mente./g^CcJL/. 77




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BEGAY - Funeral seme* : for WiUie White Begay, 65,': Blanco, wiU be at 10 ajn. Saturday at Cope Memorial ' Chapel-with the Rev. John ! Peter Yazzie offidating. Burial, wiU be in Memory Gardens. Begay died Monday/at the j PubUc Health Service Hospital [ in-Shiprpck. He was preceded in death by his wife, Nancy B. White, in June 1977. Survivors indudeftwp sons.r-Billy W. Begay and Jphnriy W. Begay _& Huerfano;. four daughters,;! ! Rose Mary Whiteand Sarah __ White ;p Huerfano,: Bessie;1 Bunny of; Blanco Canyon and < Mary Ann podge of Fruitland; i four sisters,[Mary:BitsiUy.and ie Burns of'Huerfano and )thy,Yazzie- arid Bessie ie nf Carson; and three brothers, Jo_ White of Carson and Hugh White and Cecil White of Huerfano. There are 28 grandchildren and seven:, g reat- gran d child r e n. j Pallbearers will be Cecil White, Eddie BitsUly, Arvey White, Charley Dodge St.,.; Charley. Dodge Jr;, Thomas' Pine. Funeral arrangements.', are; under the direction of Cope ' MemorialChaDeL

BEGAY Funeral -/service , for AtweU BPgay, 62, Shiprock, ,jw_l beat[-10;ai3.,Saturday at f-'the Mesa5 View^-feembly5_f; ^'G/dd Church h. -S^prock with''; I thevRev. Charles Lee officia. ' [ ing. Burial wiU be in Shiprock i Cemefery with graveside rites 'conducted by the Singer ; Morgan Post No. 9517. Begay : died iri Frmtland,Monday, the 1 victim of an -auto-pedestrian i accident He/is survived by three.sons,Melvin YeUowhorse j of Shiprockr Leonard Begay,of I Sanostee and Herman Begay r of Pascagoula, Miss.; three { sisters, Sarah Begay of Chica go, Dl., PearlMarie Duncan of j Shiprpck and Mary WUUe of ChUchinbeto,;-^iz.; and a i brother, Albert'/Charley of ; Fruitland. There are six; grandchildren, iPallbearers wUl be Herman; Begay, Boyd White, Woode Hkrrison, Ervin WilUe, Harry Bahe and Johnnie Yellowhair. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope/Memorial ^ Chapel.


BEGAY _?uhetal service Z^cAfAuX IHyAf** for Theodore Begay, 78, BEGAY^ The funeral of . Toadlena, wUl be at 10 ajn. Dan King Begay, 31, Frmtland, 1 Saturday: at the Chapel of the is set for 2 p.m. Monday at [ Church of Jesus Christ ot Cope Memorial Chapel with i Latter-day Saints in Toadlena the Rev. Charles Massey of- ' . with Brandi Presided Samudi ficiating. Burial will be in.,;/. Sloan officiating. Burial wiU be Greenlawn Cemetery.-Begay;.-; in Canyon Home Cemetery died Thursday in; a. traffic \ near Toadlena. Begay died accident, on the Bisti Bridge. " Tuesday at the PubUc Health Survivors indude his parents, Service Hospital in Shiprock. Mr. and Mrs. Jay King Begay He is survived by his- wife, | Lucy BeUe Begay of Toadlena; of Fruitland; five sisters,:-' Joann King, Anita Henderson [two daughters, BeUe Burr and and Molly King,, all of . Annie Barber, both of' GaUup; Frmtland, EUa Claw, GaUup, j a stepdaughter, Rose Sloan d and Juanita King Begay of ; Toadlena; a son, Ben Begay of : Upper Fruitland; and two Shiprock; a stepson, Sammie. Begaye of St. Michaels, Ariz.;', brothers, Frank King Begay, a brother, Harold Theodore of Waterflow, and Sam King Toadlena; and two sisters, Begay, Frmtland. PaUbearers' Maxine Cohoe of Toadlena, arid wiU be Jay King Begay, Frank Edna Skeet of Vanderwagon. King Begay, Johnny HenThere are 16 grandchildren derson, Harold Yazzie, Joe and three great-grandchUdren. Yazzie a n d Pad Henderson. ; Pallbearers will be Richard Cope / Memorial Chapel is in Barber Jr., Raymond Burr, , charge of arrangements'. . Lester Barber, .Ben T. Begay, Sammie B. Begaye and Eugene Barber. Honorary ; paUbearers wUl be Sandy Burr i and Richard Barber Sr. Funer-.. i 'al arrangements are under the... )srcraf^_\van_ce Hos/ '. HOSTEEHWwWce i direction of Cope Memorial teen, 21, Teecnospos,- Ariz., Chapel. .died.last Thursday at Ogden, ', Utah, the resdt of an accident. ';'; y Funeral, service "wiU be at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Cope. Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Chester Dean of. The Navajo BEGAY Funeral' service : Bible Missionary Churdi on for Lena Begay, 45,; White ; the Bisti Highway officiating. Horse Lake, wiU be at 10 ajn..' Burial wiU be in Greenlawn Friday ati Cope Memorial, Cemetery. Hosteen was a stuChapel with Brother Andrew, dent at the Job Corps Training i Begay offidating. Burid wiU; Center al Ogden at the time-of. be iri Memory Gardens. Mrs. '.his death. Survivors include Begay died Sunday at the/U.S_. ^his parents,, Ray and Lula PubUc Health. Service Hospital f Hosteen d Sweetwater, Ariz.; in Shiprock. She was formerly \ .three brothers, Tom White of employed by K-Bob's Steak - Littlewater, Roy Hosteen of House and the Navajo Tribe at , Pin edale and Roger Hosteen of Fniitland; tod" sisters, Mary Wijnjow Rock. Survivors indutfe two" daughters, Ella' , Lou Grant of Cushing, Okla.,. ; Minnie Hosteen d Shiprock, ^ Whltehorse and Victoria Jim of; Farmington; three sons, Ben- [Mae Sales: of Nageezi,.arid ; Bernice Hosteen of Sweet- , jamin ,F. Martin and Ricky, Jim ot White Horse Lake, and; , water; and two uncles, Kee . Benson Jim ofFarmirigton-.a; [ White of Rock Point, Ariz., and/| niece, Lucy Bradley of Fanff-; ! Peter White of San Francisco, Calif. Pallbearers will, be ington'; a sister, Mary B., Roger Hosteen, Roy Hosteen,. Whitehbrse, White Horse Lake, i Johnnie White, Tony Johnson, and a brother John Lee Begay, David.John and Peterson also of White Horse Lake. I Herder. Honorary paUbearers' There; are six grandchUdren. . wiU be Kee White.and Kenndh PaUbearers John Lee ' White..,-Funeral arrangements! Begay, Wilson Bradley, are midd the direction of Cope Benson; Jim, Benjamin Martin,/ Max Bradley and Wilfred ', Mi-norial Chapel. - Bradley. Funeralf arrange- i fnents are under the direction;' of Cope Memorial Chapel..
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BEGAY/ Funeral service BENSLLY -^"unerm ser._for'"KendrickNakai Begayf -22-;/ vice tor 3-year-old'Brianna month-old Son of Kenneth N. ':' Rae BenaUy, daughter d Mrs. , 'and_ ILaura...Ann Begay "ef Martha A. -BenaUy of Chaco r ~ Shiprock/ wili'be'Heldat 2 pjn..";. Plant, will be at 10 a.m. ? Thursday "at the 'Shiprock Saturday at Cope Memorial Christian Reformed Church Chapel with the Rev. AUan C. : : .,wlth-;the Re v . ' Sh.eila ., Neskahi Jr. officiating. Burid Cheeseman, assisted by Bobby wiU be in Memory Gardens. Boyd, officiating. Burial wiU ' She died as the resdt of an be/ in: Memory. Gardens. The aufolnobUe accident south rf ; baby died Monday as the Bloomfield. In addition to her [result of an accident. In addimother, the- -chUd is survived ;-lion: to his parents,, he is by her maternal grandparents, survived by a sister, Valerie A. Alfred and Bella Shorty of Begay of Shiprock;. a stepShiprock; paternal grandsister, Katherine R. Begay, parents, Harry and Minnie ; janda stepbrother;;Simon,Rosss; BenaUy of Teecnospos, Ariz.; ,.Beg'ay,,:both of aiiprock'S?^^^ and. great-grandparents, Capitan and Elouise BenaUy of Teecnospos and Tom and Lena wnwl grandfiarents, MiAW White of Sweetwater Ariz, Mrs. Nakai C: Begay of ShipPallbearers Will be Herbert rock; and maternal grandShorty, GUbert Shorty, Har-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam rison Shorty and Hoffman | Bedah of Sanostee. PaUbearers Shorty. Funeral arrangements I will be Harvey Johnson, ,;; SamuefBedah, Nonnan Begay X are under the direction of Cope X Memorial Chapel. sand Tom Jim. Honorary , paUbearers wiU be Alvin Har- ;. i- risen and Tony Cudia. Funeral 1 -arrangements are. under the 1 . direction of Cope Memorial 5 BENAUA Chapel.jg fiP/LfPf ' Vice for Amos LeellenaUy, 25, Chaco Plant, wiU be at 10 ajn. Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. AUan C. Neskahi Jr. officiating. Burial wiU be in Memory Gardens/'" with the Singer-Morgan Veter-l; ans of Foreign Wars Post No. ' BRUCE Tflm Brtce'jr., ft- 9517 ^conducting graveside " month-old son ot Tom and [ rites. BenaUy died Monday in Mayme Bruce of Shiprock^:! a traffic accident eight niUes died. Friday at the Shiprocki south of Bloomfield. He -was | PubUc Health Service Hospi- employed at the El Paso [' tal. The funeral service wiU be I Natural Gas Chaco Plant. He I at 1 pjn. Thursday at Christj was a veteran of the U.S. Air I the King CathoUc Church of Force. Survivors include his \ Shiprock with the Rev. Law- wife, Mrs. Martha A. BenaUy \ renee Schreiber, OFM, officia. of the famUy home;, his pa1 ing. Burial wiU be in the rents, Harry and.Minnie K Shiprock Cemetery...Survivors BenaUy of Teecnospos, Ariz.; [ include' his parents, Tom and six brothers, Andrew BeiiaUy, Mayme Bruce; three brothers, MarceUus Lee BenaUy, Byron /Thompson Bruce; Thomas/ Lee BenaUy and Davis Lee : Bruce and Tyrone Bruce; two Benally, all of Teecnospos, j sisters, Joycelyn Begay and Perry Davis BenaUy of ShipI Arloa Begay; patemal grarid- rock and Freddie BenaUy of j father, Navajo Bruce; mater- Fruitland; four sisters. Lor- j i nd-grandmother, Bemice Jim,: raine,:CoUeen, Evalina and] I and matemal grandfather, Joe' Bemadine Benally, aU of TeecI' B. -Begay, all- of Shiprockv; nospos; paternal grand/There are numerous aunts and; parents, Capitan and Elouise uncles. Pallbearers will be? Benally of Teecnospos, and f Chester Bruce,/William Bruce; i matenial grandparents, Tom . J m _.__.._ c. Jerry Jim and Tom^flruce S ^ d ^ Sweetwater, Funeral-urangements are ung . . _ ... Funeral arrangements are und Ariz. PaUbearers wiU be Andre der the : direction of.: Cope, BenaUy, Peny BenaUy, Fred Memorial Chapel. die BenaUy, Midiael Lee, Kenneth L. BenaUy and Herbert Charley. Funeral arrangements are under the direction d Cope Memorial Chapel.


' / . :



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, - - " ' " " - - , i ,

BEGAY - John Begay, 78, Tsaya, died Monday at Tsaya. Funeral service wil be at 11 ajn. Friday at LaVida Mission with Pastor Bud Joe Haycock officiating. Burid wiU-be in , the' famUy cemetery. He had been a railroad employee for 15 years and served as president of the Commmiity Action Committee, five years. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Helen Begay of the family home; and two daughters, . Mabel Begay d Whiterock and Mary Pioche of Tsaya. There' are 17 grandchUdren and 21 great-grandchildren. His last surviving sister, Jeimie.Johnson, also died Monday/; PaUbearers wiU be BUI Begay, ' Harrison B_gayj Leroy Begay, Tommy Begay, Harry Paul % and Shirley Begay. Funeral anangements are under the

. ^.5k7n^/^^ *

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JOHNSON - Mrs. JenrtfeJohnson,-74, Fruitland, died Monday at Sain Juan JRegional Medicd Center. Funeral service wiU be at 10 ajn. Thursday at Cope Memorid Chapel . with: the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burid wiU be in Memory Gardens. She is sur-' ' vived by her husband, Carl Johnson of the famUy home; two [ sons, Howard Tsosie of Fannington and Denton Johnson of Fruitland; and four daughters, Joanne Bendly, Bessie Sorrelhorse, Lucy Lu- \ jan and Ida BenaUy, aU of ' Fruitland. Two sons, Curtis \ andUohnme, preceded her in i death, and her last brother, John Begay, died Monday at : his Tsaya home. There are 18 grandchUdren and nine greatgrandchildren/Pallbearers : wiU -be her [grandsons; Carl BenaUy, Michael Johnson; An- ' dYew Johnson, Harley Johnson, Buddy Benally and Gerald Johnson. Honorary paUbearers , wiUbe WUUam Smith HI and Tyrone Smith. Funeral arrangements; are under the direction of Cope MempVial

; - BEGAY Funeral service for Gerald D. Begay, 15, : Shiprbck; will be at 3 pjn. i Wednesday at the-Mesa View t Assembly/of God Church-of Shiprock with the Rev. Charles Lee officiating. Burid W 1 tie U f/ in the Shiprock Cemetery. ;. Begay died Saturday at Jack sori'Lake, the vidim of, a drowning acddent. He is sur; vived by his parents, LiUiefl. \ and Joe Kee Begay of shifh. t rock; three brothers,' Uoyd'JO/ r Begay of-Hawaii;1 Joe Kee Begay' Jr: r and Gilbert J. Begay of Shiprock;-four sisters, Roselyn Begay of HawaU; Lda Mae- Begay, LiiciUe A. Begay and Shawna Chris Begay of Shiprock;' maternal [ grandparents, Jim ..arid: Beth ' W. Cloud of Shiprock, patemd grandmother,,Katherine Atcitty Begay of Shiprock;. and a nephew, Tyrisds D. "Begay of Shiprock. PaUbearers wiU be Lloyd 0. Begay, Joe Kee Begay Jr.;, Ervin Bdidly, Gary Manygoat, Roy Yazzie and Leonard HUt. Honorary pallbearer wiU be GUbert J. Begay. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.' .

BEGAY,. H / Joint .urfeAl service for Harold Begay, 20, and Harvey Begay, 18, of Sanostee wUl' be' held/ a t 10 ['ajn;' Wednesday'at the ShipiA rock Christian .Reformed Church with the Rev/ Frank Curley officiating. The brothers died Saturday on U.S. , 550, near Kirtland,.victims d an automobile acddent. They are survived by their, mother, Ena Begay; three%-others, David Begay, Vincent Begay , and: Thompson Begay; five , sisters, Hden Begay, Mae Ann Begay, LOriaine/BegayiEUeii Begay and/Darlene BegajKJ; _ maternal grandparents, Mr? ' [ and Mrs. Charley flegay; arid./ patemd grandparents, Mr./ 1 and Mrs. John Mike Begay. AIL are of Sanostee/ PaUbearers for Harold will be CecU Harold/1 Willie, Rex CharUe, Nelson Barber, Andy F. Begay, Johnny Lee" and Pad T. Begay. PaUbearersforHarvey wUl be Al Billie, Huskie; Frank, i Eugene- John; Oscar Larry r Nez, Harrison Nez Jr. and

, ; Lester^Ned Begay ST. Funeral .-'\ arrangements are under the , : direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.;
' - . _ . ' . ' - ; *

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BENALLY Funeral service for Earl BenaUy, 37, ,"' Shiprock, was at 10 ajn. today at Cope Memorid Chapel with Bert BenaUy offidating. Burid was in Memory Gardens. BenaUy died Sunday as the resdt of an auto acddent near Shiprock. Survivors indude his mother, Ida BenaUy, Shiprock;'" Hve brothers, Nat D. BenaUy,> i Lee D. Benally^ NeUwood Etcitty d Shiprock, Johnson D. BeriaUy of Window Rock, Ariz., and Robert H. Benally of Holbrook, 'Ariz.; did two sisters, Lucinda Henry of Albuquerque arid "Lola Bekis of' Shiprock. There d e numerous n i e c e s arid n e p h e w s . Pallbearers were David Scales,,-Robert Kee, Olson Yazzie,, Mike BenaUy, Stephen BenaUy and Hubert BenaUy. Honorary pallbearer was. Robert Calvin BenaUy.^^unerd arrangements were under the direction of Cope Memorid


chapd;zj^V /<?1J.

Benally; 10-yed-.Id/daughter d Jim Jack and Betty BenaUy of Shiprock, died Tuesday at -the BemaliUo Coiinty Medkal Center at. Albuquerque. Funeri al service was held af/_ 30 pjn. today at the Mesa/ View | Assembly, of God Church' in Shiprock with the Rev; Charles Lee officiating. Bm__was in I the Shiprock Cemetery; She was preceded in deathhy a [hrother, RusseU Joe BenaUy, in February 1979. Survivors, in addition to her parents, indude two; sisters, Doris Blackhorse andfLaverne Benally; two 'brothers, Kelvin Benally and 1 Mdyin Benally; two nieces, iJennifer Blackhorse [arid 'Yvonne;, Begay; maternal J grandparents, Taft Sr. and Mary Jane Blackhorse, aU of Shiprbck; and; patemd gi andiparents-.Tom andLUly BenaUy fot RedRock.Pdlbearers were Kelvin "Serially, Lambert Blackhorsei.Ralph.Harrison,. Partell;-flenally; Gilbert L Wagner,' John Wagner. Pat .^Wagner was named as an ; alternate/pFuneral arrangements were under the direction of CppeMemorial Chapel.
_ _



BENALLIE . E s t h e r Joseph Aspaas. Funeral ar:Benallie;'71, Shiprock, died Urangements tire under the ^Mondayat Shiprock. Funeral d i r e c t i o n of Cope Memorial H service wiU be at 10'a.m. . . Thursday' at the Christian. Re- C n a P e l . formed Church ofiShiprock with the Rev/Sampson Yazzie BILLY Funeral service Lucille BenaUy, Elsie 'Henry I; officiating. Burial wfll be in for FrankUn BUly, 23, Ship-. and NBimteJim; three! undes, the Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. -rock, wiU be at 2 pjn. Wednes-' James Atcitty Sr., Harry AtcitBenallie is; survived by two Archie day ai me Christian;Reformed ty and',' ,:. Atcitty, dl ef daughters, Eleanor Aspaas stiay_at"the - -tinsuan _-ui___i. v _*..'__ L / _ . _ . __ _n-:___- - , , . . , , _ and Faynie Hinton.of Ship-; : Church d Shiprock with /the. Shiprpck/, PaUbearers wfll be rock; four sons; Chee D. ''Rev. Sampson Yazzie [officiate Howard Jim Jr., Roman Jim; Norman Harvey, Ervin Jim, ; ing. Buridi wUl be in'/ the BenaUie ' Sr/, Jerry- BenaUie, | Harrison Jim and Lewis Atcitj SWprock Ceirietery. BUly died [Manuel Benallie Sr... .andA Saturday as the .resdt of a ty. Honorary pdlbearers-will*/ Samuel BenaUie Sri, of Ship- i drowning: accident in the, San be Bob Begay, Leroy Begay, rock; two brothers, John Kuigy , Juan River near Shiprock. He Johah Jim and Robert Jim. and Charlie Willie, both; of lis survived by his father, Kee Funerd arrangements d e un;-. Upper Fniitland;: and a sister, ; ; BUly, and his mother, Lucy der ^the direction ,pf Cope ;-r Ramon a M c K i n l e y of Billy of/Shiprock; two Memorid Chapel. %l IAT A<4 ;- Fruitland;'. There are 25 grand- . brothers; Bob Begay d Waterchildren and 10 g r e a t flow and Leroy Begay of : grandchildren'. Pallbearers Kirtland; ..a half 'brother; will be Lemuel Benallie,-^ Timothy; Billy; his' greatRichard Benallie, Chee D./;' grandfather,/ Raymond Scott; Benallie Jr.', Sariiuel Benallie four aunts, .Bessie--; Bekis, BENALLY F/;.eral-sevice for James D.,BenaUy, 31,_ Jr., Richard Funston and ." pAlbuquerque, formerly of i Burnham, wiU be at 11 a.m. Sattirday in the Chapel iri, the ( ,; Garden of- French Mortuary, i' lll-l U n i v e r s i t y N . E . , ae Barber, Melvin BiUey, San. Norman Wdter BenaUy A BARBER/ It/ene'.M. I/Albuquerque, with /the/Revi/j Barber, Bobby ManueUto and Barber, 47,.Fruitland, died John Fredy. Funerd arrange1 David. [Tutt Officiating. Inter-' ' BENALLY --: Funerd serMonday, at the San Juan ments are under the direction I ment will follow in Sunset vice for Norman Walter. BenalRegional Medicd Center. Fu- Of Cope Memorid Chapel. Memorial Park, 924 Menaul ly, 28, O Shiprock, wiU be held f - nerd service wiU be at 10 ajn. 'NE. Benally was murdered . 10 aim. Moridayat Mesa View \Thursday at Cope/Memorial Tuesday near his Albuquerque a Assembly of God Church with' ; Chapel with the Rev/; Dayton apartment. :;A graduate of the Rev. Fric /Lee officiating.";. ( ( -~_-..~_..7 'Blackwater officiating: Burial Albuquerque Rio- Grande High [ Burial will'foUow in Shiprock BEGAY Funerd service, wiU be in' Memory Gardens. High-'School, he attended the .-. cemeteiy,,BeriaQy died .Thurs" for Joe Begay Jr.* 23, Bloom; '' Survivors include her husband, University of New Mexico in.-; day in Shiprock /from /an;; Byron Barber of the famUy field, wiU be at 10 a.m. Friday;'': 'Albuquerque and,.was [em- :., accident. A: 1973 Mgh;; sdiool i home; three daughter^, Joan at Cope Memorid Chapel with /ployed as a road inspector with graduate from I^acip,, Colo., Barber, Ludllp. Barber and -Paste- Marvin G.;.Martin of' the New Mexico Highway. Dehe more recently was a memLynda Barber^ ..all of ficiating. Burial will be in / , partmentT He had been a : ber. .of the Northem Navajo Fniitland; three sisters, Anna - Memory Gardens. Begay died [: resident of, Albuquerque 16 softball team in Shiprock, I Heriistreet, Vena Manuelito Sunday, a stabbing victim. He/ i years and was active in^vari- playing: as a pitcher. Survivors and Reita Murphy of Farmwas employed at Chaco Na-[ ous sports in the city. He was a include his pdents, Lewis dad : ington; and five brothers', ; Mond Monument and was a member of-the Church of Jesus Marie BenaUy;; of the family Robert Barber, Sam .Barber, U.S. Marine Corps veteran/: |Christ of Latter-day Sdnts: He home; three, brothers, Tom Lee Barber, John Barber and His survivors indude his moth-' [-is survived by his mother, And James BenaUy; both of WUson Barber, all/of. Upper . er and stepfather/Dorothy and. pMarie BenaUy O Bloomfield; f Shiprpck^; did'Jeny BenaUy, 'Fniitland. PaUbearers twiU be Teddy Dempsey rf Chaco Ga<; I two brofliers,GUbert/_.flehal- ;.fleclahito^ three sisters;/Rose/ Robert Barber,. -Orlando nyon; .'two..sisters, Matilda; ' ly and. Andrew D, BenaUy d ' -Ann UditiUie, Shiprock,; Alta _. / ? . -;-.; Dempsey, and L a B e r t a " jjflloomfield;- seven sisters; Mae Foster, Sheep Springs, Dempsey of-'the''family home; !; Alyce Medina; of Santa Fe, and Betty- Jean/Talk, Many/ maternd grandfather, Jimmy/ f Evelyn Ashley of /Shiprpck, Farms;, Ariz.; -a maternal, Beyd of Chaco Canyon; ma-. ; [;/NdUe/Pacheco O /Albuquer- grandmother,, Minme Nez, and f ternal grandmother, Mary/ I que, Lois D. Lee of Carson, - dece,: Gorrina BenaUy,, both [of/ PadUla of Pueblo Pintado; two ; Lena Natonid Kayenta, .Ariz., Shiprock; Active pallbearers rv aunts and three undes. Funer[ and: Linda Eaton: did Kathy , wfll he Jei_y,; James,;_id Tom [ al services are under, the i Napie of B l o o m f i e l d . BenaUyi Thomas/Peshlaka:iV;:; /direction of Cope Memorial 1 PaUbearers wfll be/Jay Medi- Hany Mike Jr., and PhiUip Chapel..-- s~i na-, Jan; Medina,/Leonard Foster/ Funeral/arrangements Brown, - Laurence Brown, are under the:direction of Cope ,/ / C t v u ? T ;,___:; Samuel Soce: and Leonard Liv4 Memorial Chapel/ ;ingstori.'HPnoraiy-pdlbearer/ . l O O u m ^ l<j frO ; ...wfll be Lorenzo Brown.-Memo; '/ rid Contributions may be sent to; Crime Stoppers, 401- MarquetteNW,-Albuquerque 87102.



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'Gt' s i.a e i v ^ D 1 1 W * . 1 J f W 8 l D BEGAY A^z-fA' I i f I BEGAY Funeral service service for John Frank Begay, BEGAY/ Hosteen Bfegay, for Harold C. Begay, 21, Ship78, of Tzutsatsoi, Ariz".,; ded rock, will be at 10 : a.m. Friday at San Juan Regiond Thursday at Cope Memorid .____-stee School with ^ the Pubuc Hed* SemceHosar ujpe - " T r Medical Center. Funeral ser- Chapel with the Rev. John . . ^ ^ ^ e y . officiating, .pitelta Shiprock Ftmeralser John vices wfll be held at 11 a.m. Tdley offidating. Bund, wfll ^ ^ d^-mSun day at his vice wfll e held ; Tuesday at the Red'^Roek be ii- White/ Mesa Cemetery E ^ r s inLde his 'Tuesday d g j ? ^ , Christian Reformed Church; He was killed Saturday in a with the Rev. Boyd Gamanez! traffic accident at Escrito. officiating. Burial wUl be in Survivors, include his wife,. .the-Oak Springs/family Mrs. Esther Begay; a son, cemetery in Arizohav/He is I Jerrold Begay; two daughters,survived by five sons/George' ' Carletta Mae. Begay and Nelson of Shiprock, Kee Begay- Cdandra Lynn Begay, sU'_. and Lods Begay, both of Oafe the family home; his parents; Sanostee;; four sons Tom F. He w a a reure ^ Springs, Ariz., Howard Begay Harry and Sadie Begay 0$ Be g a y of Warm Springs, Ore Railroad worker^ ana of Crownpoint, and/David Kirtland; bis father-in-law and And. F Begay and Henry L. (resident ofJjew m= Nelson,of Azusa, Calif.; three mother-in-law, Thomas arid, A S ^ b o t h ^ S a n o s t e e , and v ^ s m d u d e tos^ Mro daughters, Dorothy Tso | of' Rosemary Pad of Shiprock; {. William m Begay of San,(Mae ^ W ^ - d Frui tiand Teecnospos, Ariz., Jeanette; two brothers, Arnold C Begay,,. Benally, and Pearl Nahkai,:; | and Herman"".C. Begay; five' j. | both of. Oak Springs; one'l i sisters, Bertha/ Begay, Rena | ; brother, WilUe PoUy Begay/ . Begay, Charlotte Begay, Sandand one sister, Gloria MaeA ' ra Lea Begay and Sandra lita Yazzie, both of Oak Springs^ i Begay, aU of Kirtland; and his one itepbrother, RusseU Jackt^ i' maternal grandparents/ Lit-son, and two stepsisters, Mrs., [ tlepouch and Bessie Pouch d Paul/Buck and Margaret Har-i j Red Mesa, Ariz. PaUbearers - risen, all of Shiprpck; lT 1 wfll be -Harrison Toney, Har.grandchildren, 26,greatrison Begay, Russell Gould, Home, grandchildren, and one great- .Johnson Begay, Hany Begay great-grandson. Active! \ arid Eddie T. Begay. Funerd pallbearers will be- David [arrangements are under the Nahkai,'Jones BenaUy, Andy (direction of Cope Memorial BEGAY Funerd service, ;' Nahkai, Roy Tso, and Herbert for Joe C. Begay, 67, Shiprock, fHarvey J r . H oad r'ary wfll be at 10 ajn. Wednesday , pallbearers will be George . T , at the Shiprock Christian Re- \ Nelson Sr., Bemard Bendly, formed Church with the. Rev. Eugene Tapahonso, Willard Bert BeriaUy officiating. Burid Frazier, and Sam Harvey. BLACKHORSE - Funeral wfll be in the Shiprock CemeFuneral arrangements are unservice for Nancy Bah Blacktery. Begay died Sunday at the der the direction of Cope horse, 89,;Shiprock, wiUbe at2 Public Hedth Service Hospital i Memorial Chaqel. .. p .ni: Friday at the Christian 1 iniShlprock. He:had worked' Reforined Church; of Shiprock with the?-Bureau: of Indian with the Rev. Frank Curley. Affairs from Sept, 3, 1944, tb officiatihg-.. Burial wiU be iri June 30,1972 when he retired.. ' BEGAY Dpowoshen the Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. He is survived by: his wife, Bendly Begay, -% .White. Blackhorse died Tuesday a t ; , Mrs. AUce C. Begay; two sons, Rock, died Wednesday at Sah~ the PubUc Health Service HosJ,C. Begay and Tommy C.' Juan Regiond Medcal Center.. pital in Shiprock. She is surBegay; two daughters, Betty Funerd service will .be at 10 vived by five sons, Little Joe of i-Lameman and Annie' CA 1 a.m. Saturday at/the.. Cope Two Grey .Hills,/'-Ambrose [ Tiegay; his mother, Catheririe.Memorid Chapel with the Rev. j Blackhorse, of Shiprock,: and Dayton Blackwater [officiating., [ Peter H. Blackhorse Sr.> 1 Hosteen Gon Nez; two sisters, ! Mary Manygoat and1 LenaBurid wfll be in the; family| Harvey Begay Sr. and Albert Jim; three brothers, Roy; Atdtcemetery in the Bisti: area; Begay, aU of Sanoste-;: fourty, Joe Kee Begay and Kee Joe Begay was a longtime area iidaughters, Caroline Hannah, Atcitty; an uncle, Gon BenaUy, rancher. Survivors include; his ! Mabel Barber,, Lydia;Begay , .dl of Shiprock; and two aunts, wife, Mrs. Glenna BenaUy of ! and Olive Begay,- aU/.of ;SanJessie Rafed and Katherine Monsisco Mesa, 20"miles south f ostee; two sisters, Mary Nez ot' ',' Button, both of Tucson, Ariz. of Farmington, and a son, j Sanostee and Rachel David, [,' ThKe.are eight grandchUdren Jack BenaUy of White Rock. both of Little Water;/__d. a and; pile great-grandchild. The r e a re s e v e n j brother, Hos_layhe B ^PaUbearers will be[ Roger At; .grandchildren, 24 .great- , ...Two GreyHiUs.There are 26 xitty, Kee Joe Atdtty, Lew C. 'grandchildren and seven great"grandchildren and BffjgreatBegay,/Perry Atcitty, Elyis g r e a t - g r a n d c h i I d r e n. grand children arid-sbrgreatDawes' and Gary Manygoat. Palibeard-s wfll be Ambrose '[ g-r e a t - g r a n d'c.h i lad remai Funerd arrangements are unBenaUy, Raymond Benally, I "PaUbearers will be Peter Hr -der- the .direction, of^gbpe Jameson Stevenson; Leonard > Blackhorse Sr.; RarvejTBegay MenjpriaL'Ptjapel. \ ' Benally, Glenn Benally and -Sr.j'Bobby Begay, Peter,. ^1. I Herman; BenaUyv Funerd; arBlackhorse Jr., Harvey Begay Irangements are under the Jr. and -Benjamin;, Barber. direction of Cope Memorial Funeral arrangemeri(i:!are:unChapel. der the direction \ o \ Cope : Memorial Chapel. H&TT/'f'??/
- ;


w m m m M r*M&*mSm. '




_ . _ , / -


_-t. EY Funerd service for. Wilbert Charley, 74, Little Water Trading Post, wfll be held at 10 a.m. Wedriesday at the "Christian Reformed Church of Shiprock with the, Rev. Frank Curjey officiating: Burid will be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Charley had been ,

r H l f an employee

of the Union Faye Tony, Ruth Joe and Pacific Railroad. Survivors in- Bessie Yazzie aU of Newcomb; clude his wife, Mrs. Arinie F., five brothers, PhiUip Charley Charley of Shiprock;; five Yazzie of todto and Charley daughters, Irene C. Lee of Tsosie, PhflUp Charley/Jim Shiprock, Daisy Begay and ; Charley did Clifford Charley, SaUie Charley of Little-Water, aU of Newcomb. There are 32 LiUie, Begay of Sanostee and grandchildren and three greatBonnie Charley of Kirtland; grandchildren. Pdlbearers four sons, David Charley, wfll be Jimior Begay, Edward Frank Charley and r Billy Begay, flflly Charley, David j Chd-ley, aU of Uttle Water, Charley arid Wilbert Scott. l and Ardiie Charley of Mis- Funeral.arrangements arses': 1 souri; four sisters, Faye D. der: the direction of : Qope AA Begay of Little Water,, and Memorid Chapel.
. ' A

-.... BROWN Funerd service tot Maggie White Brown,. 51, Durango, Colo., wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday at Cope Memorid Chapel with High Priest BUI Wood officiating. Burial wfll be in Memory Gardens. ' Mrs. Brown died Monday in Durango. She was preceded in death ty her ody son, Kurt AUen White, in 1975. Survivors include her husband, Tom Brown of the famUy home; three daughters, Geraldine White of Kirtland and, Rita White and Hazel Harrison, both of Farmington; four/sis1 ters, Mabel Johnson of'Shiprock, Mary Todue of Lit, tlewater, Ruby fletoni of Nageezi and Alice Canuto of Blanco Trading Post; a brother, WUbur Canuto of Blanco Trading Post; three half brothers, Joe Canuto oi. Nageezi, Steven Canuto of Huerfano and CecU Canuto of Shiprock; and a half sister, Sadie Yazzie. There are nine grandchildren. Pallbearers wiU be Frank Prather, Jack [ Stevens, Jimmy Bair,, Freddie Harrison, WUbur Canuto ..Sr. ' and Steven Canuto. Honorary pallbearers- will be Tom Brown, Nelson BenaUyson Jr., Joe Canuto, CecU Canute and Terence Hdrison. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chaixil ;_- A A A



__ .


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BOULDIN- Wofford A. BEGAY Funeral service for Tony Begay, 37, Teec- ' "Gus" Boddin Sr., 71, Shipnospos, Ariz., wfll be at 10 a.m. I rock, wfll Ue in state at Cope Friday at the Basin Mortary j Memorial Chapel from noon until 9 pjn; today and from 8 Chapel with the Rev. Paul I Redhouse officiating. Begay ajn. Monday until aftemoon funeral service. Formerly died Monday at the Shiprock owner of the Shiprock Hotel for Public Health Service Hospir mdiy years, Bouldin died after td. Survivors include his wife, j an;;iliness Thursday - at/the Marjorie Begay of the family I Public Hedth Service Hospitd home; two daughters, Myra iri Shiprock. Funeral service Jean and MicheUe Begay of wfll be held 2 pjn. Monday d Arizona; his father, Mydesghie ; Cope Memorial Chapel with Begay of Arizona, three sisthe.Rev. Abe Koolhaas, of the . ters, EUa Begay, Rose WilUe Shiprock Christian Reformed and Fannie Lee of Arizona. Church, and Rev. Bert BenaUy I Pallbearers will be Wilford both officiating. Graveside serTso, Peter Lee, Tom ..Reed, vices wiU foUow at Greenlawn Walter Begay, Paul Huskay cemetery and be conducted by and Ernest Thomas. Funeral the Masodc Animas Lodge No. arrangements are under the 1 15 AF-AM, of which he wasra direction of Basin Mortuary. member. A veteran of U.S. service, was i -3 s&pf: ifijo.... j amiUtary president BOddinLions former of the : Clubi and held membership'in the Elks Lodge, National Rifle BUCK Funerd Service tor | Association, SMprockChamber Mary -Louise Buck, 75, I of 'Commerce and Shiprock [ Hogback, who died Sunday at I Sportsman Club. Survivors inthe Good Samaritan Center in clude his wife, Loretta, ;of the Aztec, wfll: be at 10 a.m. .family home; a spa, Gus Thursday at the LDS Church in Bouldin Jr., and daughter Shiprock with Bishop James I Jessie Ann Smith, both- of Begay officiating. Interment | Houston, Texas; two stepwfll foUowat the famUy ceme-' I daughters, CarmeUta Beauvais tery in Red Mesa, Colo. Mrs. i and Juanito Tso, both: of ; Buck was bora in Shiprock to, j Flagstaff, Ariz.; 11 grandI Joe and Jean Hat. A residerit | children and one greatI of New Mexico aU her'life, grandchild. Active paUbearers Mrs. Buck was a rug weaver Will be Hugh -Atcitty; Jr., ! by occupation. Survivors inEdward Atcitty, Jerry Tso, elude daughters LuciUe Dale' Ardrie and Edward Beauvais, and Daisy Johnson and sons; and Eugene Joe. Honorary ' Wilson, Wolford and Jim Buck, [ pallbearers will be.W.A. aU oi Hogback; one brother- 1 Boddin Jr., Michael Beauvds; Joe Hat flegayi Hogback; and 1 and Carl Beauvais Jr.' Funerd arrangements, are under; the sisters Mary Jim, Helen direction- of Cope Memorial Charley; both of Hogback, arid Annie Johnson, j Shiprock. Pallbearers will be Nelson Jim, WilsoaBuck, Rufus Buck, ; Herbert Johnson, Wolford Buck and Robby Parker. Funeral arrangments are under the direction of Brewer Funer-

BEGAY Funerd service for- Toh-Die-Cheeny Begay, 89, Red-Rock,. Ariz., who died ^Sunday at the PubUc Hedth ^Service Hospitd in, Shiprock,. vNriU be at 2 p.m. Saturday a t " ^ Cope Memorial Chapel with -j-the Rev. Scott Redhouse of [ J 5 ficiating. Burial will be; ii [ QjrVJemory Gardens. Survivors V-v include his- wife, Mary George A o i the [fdnUy home, and six ^ daughters, Mary Sells and Ella 7: Mae Begay, both of Red Vdley, Ariz., AUce Jones, Lucille Yazzie and Lena Begay, aU/of Shiprock, and: Elsie Harvey of Kirtland. He is also survived by 50 grandc h i ' l d r en , 52 g r e a t /grandchildren, and 2 greatgreat-grandchildren. Active , /pdlbearers.' Emerson, -iPegayr Johrison: Begay, Lany Kirisel, Jimmie Begay, Darryl George and Olson K. Yazzie/ Honorary paUbearers wfll be 'Harrison flegay and Wallace Begay. Furierd arrangdnerits , arerniderthe direction of Cope T ; Memorid Chapel. - '

BEGAY - i Funerd service I for Joe Yazzie Begay, 30, Blue Gap Mission at Chinle, Ariz., will be at 1 pjn. Friday at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Churdi in Chide with the Rev. Tom Schellenbach, OFM, offidating. Burid wfll be in the Mission Cemetery at Black Mountain, Ariz. Begay died Saturday at Shiprock. He was a self-employed carpenter. He is': survived by his wife, Mrs.. Elsie Badoni Begay of the family home; two sons, Joe Y. Begaye Jr. and an unnamed infant; /born Oct. 1, and a [stepdaughter, Joelene Eva [Badoni; all of the family home; his parents, Kee and Elsie Yazzie Begay of Blue Gap; five brothers, Thomas Y. Begay, WaUace Y- Begay,. ;Roger Y; Begay, Tony Y;flegayarid Wedey Y. Begay ot /Blue Gap; three sisters, Mrs. AUce Yazzie Tsosie of Salina Springs, Ariz., Mrs. Lois Teller 'I of Many Farms, Ariz., arid Lucey Y. Begay of Blue Gap. Pallbearers wfll be Wallace Y. Begay, Tony Y. Begay, Roger Y., Begay, Thomas Y. Begay, David Yazzie and Franklin Tsosie. Funeral arrangements are under the direction d the I Shiprock Funeral Home.


BENALLY - F u n e r a l service^ for AUen BenaUy, 64, "st Michaels, Ariz.,, wfll be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Navajo Bible Church of Tsebomto with the Rev. John Clark official-j mg. Burial will be in St J I Michaels Community Ceme-' tery. BenaUy ded Jan. 9 at the Public Health Service Hospitd. m GaUup. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Mary BenaUy of the family-home;-seven sons, Daniel Benally of.Shiprock, Edward BenaUy,; Ernest D. BenaUy, Gene BenaUy,/Alvii Bendly and Earl Willisfldid ly, d l of St.. Michaels, ant Benny BenaUy of TsaUe, Ariz, six sisters, Rose Ann BeriaU; and Jende June Bendly, botl of Phoenix, Ariz., Betty Jeai ,' Phelps of Window Rock, Ariz. Linda Marie Singer; of Ship rock; Darlene BenaUy of St Michaels and Mary/ Jim"Yel lowhorse of Cove, Ariz.; and ; brother, WUUe Jim of Morenci . Ariz. There are .21 grand chUdren. PaUbearers will: b , Benny BenaUy, Danny Benai ly, Edward BenaUy, Ernest I Eriksori,. Alvin Benally an Earl Willis BenaUy Honorar paUbearers wfll be WUUe Jin , Paul Allen Benally an Norman Singer. Funerd a rangeents are under the dire tion of Cope Memorid'Chap of GaUup. / y S p ^ s I f SO

'BSINBRIDGE '-f. neral service for Stdiley Bainbridge, 76, Two Grey Hills,; has been set for-10 a.m. Monday at the Baptist Temple in Shiprock, the Rev. Bob Walker officiating. Bainbridge was dead on arrival at US. PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprbck on Thursday/Survivors include his daughter, Kathleen BenaUy of Shiprock; two sisters, Nan-' meC. Begay of Pniitldid and.: Bessie Mailman of Navajo;/ three nephews, Wilbur C. Begay, Robert C. Begky and J e s s f C . flegay, '.a 11 . ot% Fruitland; five nieces, Ida Bradey, Eria Eltsosie, Edith Johnspn, AUce Simms and Ann Duncan, all of Fruitland.' PaUbearers are Martin Duncan, WUbur C. Begay, Ernest Eltsosie, Gilbert Chilchee, Ronald Simons and Buddy! | Bradley. Internment at Ship; rock CommunityCemetery.: Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Shiprock Funeral Home. BENALLY - Funerd service/for Thomas Joe BenaUy, a . 38-year-old Shiprock redded, wfll be at-.'10 a.m. Monday at' the Christian Reformed Church, Shiprock, with Pastor Abe Koolhaas officiating. . /Burial will!be in Shiprock Gommtmity Cemetery. BeriaUy ded Wednesday at the PubUc i Healths Service .Hospital-in; SMprockdter a;;long Ulness. Survivors iriclude his wife, Sandra Lee Bdidlyi,and his ; pdents, Chris/ Chilly and Bertha BenaUy;. dl; oi ShipC rock; two -sons, Max Joe;/ Bendly and Travis Joe Bendly, both oi Shiprock;/.. brother,. Emest BenaUy,; Shiprock; and . five sisters, Mrs. Irene Begay, ; Eva M. BenaUy, and Louise Peter, aU of Shiprock, and Betty Ann Becenti, Fniitlarid; and Rose Fields, Farmington.-/i -Active pallbearers will, be / Ernest: BenaUy, Steve Peter,. Larry Fields,;;Edison- Becenti,/* Stanley Begay, Samuel flegay, "| Milfprd Becenti.. and Peter > Stokely. Funeral arrangements -. are under' the /direction of-,/. Shiprock Funeral/Koine/

ALLY; Funeral setr-; viceforThomas Joe BenaUy, a S 38-year-old Shiprock resident,.' wfll be at 10 ajn. Monday at . t h e Christian Reformed 'Church, Shiprock; with Pastor Abe Koolhaas officiating.. Burlal'"will;be ,in- Shiprock' CPmmdiity/Cemetery/Benally*: ded Wednesday at the PubUc;; HealthS. .Service". Hospital in t. Shiprock dter; a long .illness. Survivors include ;his: wife, Sandra'Lee BenaUy, and his parents, ChrijJfJhilly and Bertha BenaUyi/aH ot Ship', rock;, two.sons,'"-Max./Joe ; . wflenally and Travis Joe Be_ai ly, both d Shiprock; a brother, i-, Ernest BenaUy, Sdprock; and V five sisters, Mrs^Irene Begay, " ' Eya/M. '--Benally. and Louise; '> > P. ter,/ aU of Shiprock, and": Betty Ahn -Becenti; Fniitland/' and Rose: Fields, Fd-mingtoa \ .Active paUbMrprs' wiU be Emest Bendly; Steye'Peter, 1 Larry Fields, Edison Becenti; 'Stadeyflegay, Sairinel Begay, Milford Becenti, and/Peter ; Stokely/Funeral arrangements \ 7 are under the direction of ' Shiprbck Funerd Home./; i, BEGAY- .Funeral service for YeUpwhair Begdy,. 59, d - Rough Rock, Arizt.^has been , set for 2 p.m. Tuesday at St. Mary's CathoUc, Church in Fannington, Monsignor James Lindenmeyer officiating. Burid will be in Greenlawn i Cemetery. Begay died Thursday at U.S.-.. Public Health f Service. Hospitd in Fort De-; fiance, Ariz. He had been a ' member of the-.Rough Rock Demonstration School Board ' for the past eightyears, served on the grazing committee in toe Rough Rock area for 17 years, was Rough Rock Chapter House president for [ four years and,yice-preddent for-four years, and held van-. ' ous other local offices. Sur; vivors include his wife, I Dorothy Begay of the family home; seven daughters, SaUy | Johnson, Nonabah Etcitty, 1 Lorene Tohe, Emma Yazzie, i Genevea Begay, Melena Begay I and Evelyn Begay,' aU of Rough Rock; seven sons, Cecil 1 Begay of Many Farms, Ariz., Harrison Begay, Harvey Begay, Danny Begay, Victor Begay, Rex Kee Begay, i Alfonsa Begay, aU d Rough fc Rock,* one brother, Joe Bia d , Rough Rock. There are 41 | g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active l paUbearers wfll be Danny Begay, Harrison Begay, Harvey Begay, Derinis YazzieN

BATES ^ F u n e r a l s&vice for Kenneth Bates Sr., 70, Shiprock, will be at the Churdi of Jesus Christ oi Latter-day Saints Chapel at Sdprock at 10 "a.m. Saturday, with Bishop James Begay Officiating, Burid wfll be in the veterans' ; section of the Shiprock Cemetery with graveside services conducted by the Veterans ot Foreign Wars Morgan-Singer Post Number; 9517: William Ashley will sound "Taps." Bates ded Sept. 17 at the ' V e t e r a n s H o s p i t a l in Albuquerque; He was a veteran/of World War n and the Korean War and served with the U.S. Army. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Roselyn Bates of; the. family home; three daughters, Delphine,

Delrbse and Delann Bates of , SWprock; two sons, Delvin and Kenneth Bates; Jr., SHprock; two brothers; Johnny Slowboy and Nelson Watchman, and a sister, Martha; McDonald, aU of Two Grey Hills. There are two grandchUdren. PaUbearers wfll be James McDondd, BiUy McDondd,. Hany McDondd, Joe Watchman,, Thomas Watchman and Clifford McDonald. Singer-Morgan Post members George Tutt, Clement. Goodluck, Harvey Begay, Darnel Francisco, Lew C. flegay, Rudy Yazzie, Henry Newman and Raymond Joe Jr. wfll conduct graveside rites. Funerd arrangements are un-' der the direction-'d the Cope Memorid Chapel.



j. Reso Johnson-arid Harvey/Bia.. KfFuneral.arrangements are' unr der iyie direction of Cope'


BEGAY - _merd service for Largoflegay",Blanco Trad{-ing Post; wfll be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Brethren In .Christ Mission with the Rev. Herbert Benally officiating. Burid wfll be in the Mission Cemetery. Begay died Wednesday at the Public Health Service Hospitd in GaUup. He was 80. Survivors include his wife, Es-Pah-Bah Begay, of the -family h o m e ; five daughters, Rose Sanchez,! Mary Sandoval, Louise Harkes, JuUa Begay and May . BeUe, Begay;; and two /sons,-' Charles and Carl Begay, aU of; Blanco Trading Post, Theref are v23 grandchUdren arid' 21/ great-grandchildren.. Active -paUbearers wfll be' Benjamin ;and Danny Sanchez, Ernest Victor, BiUy Sdichez, GUbert Sandoval, and-Ronde; Harkes. Funeral arrangements are under the" direction of Cope Memorial Cliapel,-: /> '

BENALLY - P * " 1 , , ^ 6 BenaUy, 34, Oakland, Cahf., formerly of Rock Point, Am., died Jan. 22 at .Oakland. Suvivors i n c l u d e two daughters, Donna BenaUy and Darcie BenaUy of Oakland; a son, Derrek Benally of Oakland; his mothdr, Mmme Benally of Kock Point; his father, Eddie Benally rf.Navaio- two brothers,. Thomas Benally of Rock Point and Jonah E. Curley of Fruitland; and four sisters; Louise Tohtsome and Sarah White d Rock Point,. Matha.Tso of Tennessee and Linda Tso d ' Farmington. Funerd arrangements are pending with Cope , Memorial Chapel.

BEGAY Funerd service for Elizabeth Tsosie Begay, 75, of Kimbeto, has been schedded for 2 p.m. Monday at Brethren in Christ Mission, the Rev. Cecil SaUes officiating. Burial- will be in Mission Cemetery/Mrs. Begay died Thursday at U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Gdlup. Survivors include three daughters; SteUa Lopez, DeUa

Smith, and PauUne Begay; aU pf Kimbeto;:two-sons, Gene Begay and Andrew Begay oi Kimbeto. There are 30 grandchildren, and 22 g r e a t g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active paUbearers wfll be Levi Smith, Arnold Smith, Eddie Smith, Johnston Smith, Emest Lopez and Larry Lopez. Funeral arrangements are under the direction/of. Cope Memorial Chapel.

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BEGAY -/Funerd service for Wdter' Begay, 48, Water-s flow, has been set for 10 Monday at Cope Memorial Chapel, Father Lawrence. Schreiber OFM officiating. A edogy wfll be given by Stewart Clah. Burid will be in Memory Gardens Cemetery, j Friends may call at Cope*" Memorid Chapel from! 9 ajn. until 5 pjn. today. Begay died Friday at U.S. PubUc. Hedth ' Serlce Hospitd in Shiprock. He I was a U.S. Army veteran d the Korean conflict. Survivors indude his wife, Hden Begay; two sons, Leonard Begay and Walter M c N a v a j o ; six ' daughters, Hilda, Bertha Caroline Ruby, Ruth and I Rocinda Begay, dl d Waterflow; two brothers, Joe begay I and Alfred Begay of Shiprock; three sisters, Louise Blueeyes, Lula Jackson, Lorraine. Harvey and Sadie Buck, aU d Waterflow, and five grand[ children. Active pallbearers wffl be Tom John, WUUe Scott, i Frankie Dash, James Yazzie, ; Harry John and Alfred Frani d s . Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

BEGAY Funerd service for Hosteen Nez Begay, 78, Kimbeto, wiU be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Brethren in Christ Mission with "the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burid wfll be in rthe Mission Cemetery. Begay ded Sunday in Farmlngtefi. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Gebdi N. Begay of the family home; a daughter, Ernestine Chavez of Fannington; step - sons Steven Harrison Sr. d Farmington and Darnel Harrison of Nageezi; and two-half brothers, Tony Platero and John Platero of Huerfano. There are 11 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchUdren and three great-great-grandcluldren. Pdlbearers wfll be Melvin Chavez, Earl Chavez, Vem George, Ervin Chavez, George Chavez Jr. and Alvin j Chavez. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

fflA iCTa^i . BOWMAN Funeral service for Daniel Redmule Bowman, 57, San Jose, Calif., f-who died Nov. 1 in San Jose, vwas held at 2 p.m. today at ~Cppe Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Fred Yazzie officiating at the service. Burial was -at Rose Garden Cemetery/in ^Upper Fniitland. Survivors.fife \ ; fclude five brothers, Bedoni/ ;Yazzie of Burnham, (_iariey* -Bowman of-'Farming ton *' Phillip Bowman and Jinij ' B_wmaa,; both; of Upper' Fruitland, and Frank Bowman Pf Lower: Nenahnezed; three sisters, Elsie Frank and' [Margie Smith, both of Farmr, i_igtPn,andMay King of Upper /FrdUand. Active paUbearers, [Were, Ray Yazzie, Joe B.j Yazzie, Sam King, Harold B.l :Yazzie,:PhiUip Bowman/and Ernie James. Funeral arrangements were under the direction^of Cgpe Mem^ri-d Chapel.

BEGAY Funerd service for Mrs. Saldo Begay, 109, Huerfano,. wfll be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Brethren in Christ Misdon with the Rev. Earl Bachert,officiating. Burid wfll be In the Brethren in Christ Mission Cemetery. Survivors include two' daughters, Edith Platero and Mary Jacquez, both of Huerfano. There are 18 grandcb'il.dr e n , 5 8 ' g r e a t grandchildren and 16 greatg r e a t - g r a n d c h il d r en . Pallbearers will be' Danny Platero, Henry Paul, Lawrence Jaoquez, Harry Jacquez, Sandy Jacquez and Teddy Jacquez- Funeral; arrange-: men ts are under, the direotiou ot Cope Memorid Chapel. .

BEGAY Mrs. Josephine E. Begay, 81, Toadlena, ded Sunday at her home. Funeral service wfll be at TO ajn. Thursday at the Church, of * Jesus ^Christ", of) Latter .lay. Saints-, at \Toadlena, with' Peak's. Nakai officiating. Burid wfll be in the Toadld?-; Cpmmimlty, Cemetery. Mrs. Begay is.survived by her husband, Jake Begay; a son, Don J. Begay; six daughters, Mrs. Farniie' B. Ded, Mrs. Daisy B. Jumbo, Mrs. Dorothy B. Ded, Helen Mae Begay, Mrs. Irene Keith and Roslie B.- Begay;/ five brothers, Charlie Nez, 'CharUe Yazzie,. Glen Nexi.wood, Harry. CharUe and ; , Bated Nez; and three sasters, Mrs. .Nora Lapahler

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Mrs. Kathryn Belone and'? Mrs. Fem Dick. There are A grandchildren did 19; great-/ grandchildren. PaUbearers? wfll be'Lany Ded, Freddie Ded; Sdauel Ded; Bob Cin-; nacinriie,, Don Begay a n d Wilbur Nez. Funerd'-'arrange. "merits are under the direction" of the Shiprock Funeral , Home of SWprock. ,..

' BEGAY Funerd service 'for Sandra Rose Begay, 11, I Shiprock, wfll be at 10 a.m. ' Friday at Mesa View Assembly of God Church,.ShlpI rock, with the Rev. Charles Lee officiating. Burid will be in SWprock Cemetery,, Miss Begay ded Saturday at Window Rock, Ariz., as the resdt of an automobile acddent. Survivors include her parents,. Wallace' and Mary Rose Begay, andr a sister, Matilda Mae Begay. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral

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A BENALLYSON - Funeral ,senncefot NelsoriBendlyson' Sr., ..Bedabito, wfll be at 2 p.m. Thursday at the First Baptist;; Church of Shiprock i" "witK-'Jthe'.'Rey'i Pad Redhouse officiating/ Burid wfll be in. ; the Veterans/Section d the .. S h,l pi.t.o ck -AC e m e te r y. BenaUyson-; died Sunday [at the[ Pddle Health [Service Hospital in Shiprock. He was | preceded/ii death' by two" sons, Kenneth BenaUyson; in ; 1973;and JeffreyflennaUyson'; In; 1978, and his/mother*- Be^ jebahNakd Benallyson, in 1979. Survivors, include a son, Nelson BenaUysori /Jr. of Shiprpck; dx daughters, Beriuce Casaus and-Carolyri Bendly of Farmlngtori, May-. be_ BenaUyson,/Ndda Lee and Belinda John of Shiprock and Jamee Talk: of MancosGreek; Colo.; and a sister,. Amy Reeves ot/;Beclabito; There, are 11 grandchildren,/ eight nieces and'., five, nephews. Pallbearers will "be Edison' Begay, Nelson Reeves, BIU, Benally,; LeaReeyes^ LesUe Begay, Lea Redhouse Jr.*- Honorary ' paUbearpcs- wfll be WiUle BenaUy/VDale Talk, /Ray [Casaus,.Gary Lep; MdVia John/ and Dondd Benjamin. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

j -BOY Funerd-servE. for ; Ldtes Boy,,74, of Red Mesa, Utah, who died on arrivdat the United States Public ! Health Service Indan Hospital iii Shiprock at ll p.m. March ,4; wfll be .at 10 ajn. Tuesday at the Navajo FuU - Gospel Church in Red Mesa:, /with the Rev. Jack Nakd rf-[ fielding. Burid WUl be at the Red: Mesa Coriunudty CemP, tery la/Utah. Boy was a retired railroad worker. He is [ survived by his Wife,/ Mrs., [ Wilma BenaUy Boyd of Red Mesa; five sons, Frank Luke d Deliver, Colo., Jimmy L. ' Boyd and WAson L. Boyd of ; Farmington, Nelson L. Boyd of Cortez,' Colo., and Nathan L. Boyd of Red Mesa; three daughters, Mrs. Sade Silas [ of Montezuma Creek, Utah,/ Mrs/Betty Roy of Cortez, Colo.,;and Mrs. Brenda George of Sweetwater, Ariz;;/. ' a brother, Ldtes Boy Levis of | Red Mesa; an, aunt, Mrs.; i Katy Mother of Red Mesa; 22 j grandchildren: and a grdrtV ; grandchild. Active paUbearers wfll be Jimmie Boyd WUson ! Boyd, Nelson Boyd, Gene George, Harry Roy and Marvin Ellison. Funerd arr \ rangements are under the .direction of Shiprock Funeral; Honied

BENALLY - Albert BenaUy, 56, Farmington, died ;-Monday of naturd causes. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Christ the -King CathoUc Churdi in Shiprock with the Rev. Lawrence Schreiber, OFM, officiating. Burid will be In the Veterans'. Section of the Shiprock Cemetery with graveside service, conducted by Veterans of Foreign, Wars SingerMorgan Post Number 9517. BenaUy was a veteran, of World: War n and served, withtheU.S. Army in the 42nd Infantry Division. Slirviyors Include; three sons, Watson'A/ BenaUy of Hogback, Stanley A.'and Leonard BenaUy of Upper Fniitland; four daughters, Marie Ana Begay and Genevieve -Berialtj'. of KlrtlMd,vFlorence Bekis did Vera Jean Serially of Upppr Fruitland; five brothers, Morris; and Dan Bendly-rd RedrPck, Ariz., Leo BenaUy of'Sanostee, George B. Bend- ' ly of Fruitland, Russell BenaUy of Kirtland. andflfllyBenaUy of Mancos t Creek, ; Colo.; and,a sister,,/Susie 1 Desch-em. There are seven grandchildren.'.. paUbearers will, be Watson. A. BenaUy, Stanley Benally, Johnson BenaUie, Andy BeriaUie and -Terry BenalUP. Funeral arrangements are under the' diredion of Cope Memorid

BOY Funerd service for Ldtes boy, 74, of Red Mesa, Utah, who ded on arrivd a t the United States Public; Hedth Service Indian Hospital m Shiprock at 11 p.m. ! March 4, wfll be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Navajo FuU Gospel Church In Red Mesa with the Rev. Jack Nakd officiating, Burid.wfll be at the Red Mesa Community Cdnetery in Utah; Boy was a retired railroad worker. He Is survived by bis wife,: Mrs. Wilma BenaUy Boyd of Red Mesa; five sons, Frank Luke of Denver, Colo., Jimmy L. Boyd and Wilson L.Boyd[ of Fannington, Nelson L. Boyd of C.rtez,.Colo., and Nathan,; L.- Boyd of Bed Mesa; three . daughters, Mrs. .Sade Silas' ' of Montezuma Creek, Utdi, Mrs. Betty Roy [ oi Cortez, ' Colo/;: and Mrs.: ;Brenda George of SwPetWater, Ariz.; , ' a brother, Lukes Boy. Levis of >, Red Mesa; an aurit, Mrs. : KatyMother of Red Mesa; 22 . grandchildren arid, a"greati grandchild. Active pallbearers wfll be Jimmie floyd, WUson Boyd, Nelsoa Boyd, Gene George, Harry Roy artd - Marvin Ellison. Funerd ar' rangemerits are under the direction of Shiprock Funerd : Hpme.

BEGAY Funeral service for James H. Begay, 42, of Immanud Mission, Sweetwater, Ariz., wfll be at 10 ajn. Friday at the Christian Reformed Church, with the . Rev. Abe Koolhaas -offidati mg. Burid wfll be In Shiprock Cemetery. Begay died as a result of a pedestrian-auto acddent last Saturday. Survivors Include his mother Mrs.-Maryland Whlteroct Begay; two- daughters; Matilda Rose Begay; arid! 1 Rena Rose Begay; a brother, 1 Kee Yazzie Begay; two sisters, Mrs. Lucy B. Hardy and Daisy Begay and his grandmo t h e r , M r s . - L o u i s 1 Whiterock, d l residents o f Sweetwater: Active paUbearers wfll be Ellison Begay,. Raymond Yazzie, Leroy Hadey, John Yazzie, Ervin Hanley and Willis Blackhat Funeral-arrangements are under thediredion of the Shiprock Funeral

BEGAYE Funerd ser,BEGAY Funerd ser vice for Bennie',- Begaye, 28, vices for Frank flegay, 71, Rough Rock, Ariz., wfll be at -Bfeti, will/be at 2 pjn. MonT p.m. Thursday at Rough day at. Cope Memorial Rock Friends Mission/with j Chapd, with the Revs. David i the Rev. and Mrs. Vem Ellis [Tutt did Howard flegay ofI officiating. Burial will he in fidating. Begay ded Tuesj the mission cemetery. day at the PubUc Health SerI Begaye died Sunday at St. vice in Shiprock. Survivors I Joseph's -Hospitd, Phoerax, i indude his: wife AndP Mae I Ariz., from-a-car accident. i Begay; four brothers - Ned He was employed as a welder I Thomas of White Rock, 1 by the Peabody Cod Co. Sur| KeUywood Begay and Navajo i vlvprs -Include, his wife, [ Frank Begay both of Bisti, Shirley Begaye of the famUy [ and half-brother Leonard i home; a daughter, Melsa; I Frahk of Sdt Lake; 'City; u. | Begaye ofthe famfly home; i three sisters Annie Arviso i his mother,;Sadie. Begaye, ; and MPbd; Frank, both of 1 Rough Rock; a-sister, Betty i Bi_-i: and Mary Frank of Colj Dailey, Bough Rock;, and two orado Springss[ Colo. Active brothers, Toriuny Begaye pdlbearers. will be Jimmie j and Leonard Begfiye, both of Antomo, Thomas George Sr. j Rough Rock. Pallbearers wfll and; Wilbur Canute Sr. Funerbe Tommy Begaye, Leonard al/ arrangements are under ' Begaye, Howard Begaye, the direction of Cope Memorij Nelson Tsinrajiade, \ Alfred d Chapel. ) John and Peter, Tsinnijinnie. I Funeral: arrdigements are I under the diredion of Cope Memorid,Chapd. i d & t

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BEGAT AUeen ChischUly Tsosie Begay, Two Grey Hills, died at the age of 69 Tuesday at Presbyterian HOspitd in Albuquerque. Funeral service will be. at 10 a_a Saturday'at the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-day Saints in Shiprock., She will I be/buried in-Fbrt Ddiance Cemetery- A rugweaver, i Mis. Begay Is survived- by her parents, Gregory and iiFanrae Yazzie; two daughtSlers, Genevieve J. BUly and I 'Ida Mae Nez; and two sons, James A. Begay and Pad JC. Begay. There are 15; grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Active paUbearers wfll be Kee Sandoval; Albert Bflly Paul Begay, Sam J. BUly, Frederick Nez _and Roderick Nez. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Gilbert Wagner, James -Begay and Richard. MlUer. Funeral arrangements are under the rfirertion ot Basin Mortuary.


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r BEYALE .^.Funeral service for .Johnnie Chico Beyale; 4V. Ganado;? Ariz., . wUl be at 10 a_m. Saturday at the Cope Memorid Chapd [with the Rev Fred W Yazzie Officiating. Burid wfll be in the family cemetery at Chaco Canyon. Beyde died May 9 at Sari Juari/Reglond Medlcd Center. Survivors include his; wife, Mrs. Rosetta Beyde of 1, the family home; a daughter, Vktoria Beyale of the family home;:; five; sobs,' Rowdy fleyde; Tyrone Beyde, Benjamin; Beyale,//Jphnathan ; Beyate andThornton'Beyde, aUof the fariiily/home; his parents, -John and Ltralse [fleyde O LakeVaUey, Aiiz.; f [six brothers, Sherman Beyd, Uoyd F. Beyd j and;'. John Beyd Jr. of I__e /Vdey, /James Beyde Sr. andNed Beyde of Farmington and Ben L. Beyde of Crownpoint; and three [sisters; Anna B. Pablo/pf Lake Valley, Ariz., . Loyella J.'.- Bellri - did Evelyn -J.Jdhnson /of Farmington. /Pdlbearers wUl;be' Ben L. fleyde, John Beyd Jr;, Rindd Beyd,' Lloyd F./Beyd, Larry Smith and Sherman {Beyd." Honorary. paUbearers wfll be Johri Beyde Sr., Ned Beyde Frdik Belta, Andrica Charley, Tom (Tony) Beyde and James Beyale Sr/Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid_Chapel. ... BEKIS."Funerd service I r _ . D a v i d , Bekis, 55,'of for Bedabito, Wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at the Shiprock Fu- . neral Home Chapel, with the Rev; Jlin Charley d the Navajo [Qiristlan Church in RediMesa.lAriz., officiating.' Burial wiU be in Shiprock; Bekis.died Tuesday at the USPHS. Indian Hospitd iri Shipi-ck.; A retired/urdilum [drier,: he is smrvived by bis (irife; Mrs. LiUie Benet Yazzie Bekis; a son, Randy Bekis; a daughter; Mrss Carol Mcintosh, all"-of Bedabito; three brothers, - Chester Bekls, TeecnospPSy. Ariz.,- Melvin Bek_,[: Bedabito, and Tom Bekis, Shiprock; arid a sister, ;Mrs. Loudie B. Johnsoadf [Ganado; Ariz; There are tWo grandchildren. PaUbearers1/ WiU; be -_un Mcintosh, Anthony BUly; Richard BiUy;/ Erviri Johnson-,' Francis Morgan- a n d - H e r m a n Morgan./ Funerd arrangements are under the direction of the Shiprock Funeral

BEGAY --Funeral service for Ella Mae Begay, 22, Sliipr BAlJ)WM.- L p ^ Ifizafd BAINBRIDGE Ben rock,: wiU /be - at 10 jajm.^ Bainbridge, 59, Toadlena, BddWin,: 6, SWprock,.; died Wednesday at Cope MemoriSaturday In Shiprock as. the died Tuesday at the U.S. Pubal Chapel, with evangelist. Uc Hedth Service Hospital, resdt of a car. acddent. He 1 Johnny ; Graham officiating. had finished kindergarten Shiprock- Funeral service Bmid wfll be in Memory this past school year. He was wfll be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Gardens., Mrs. Begay died preceded In death by his the Christian Reformed f a t h e r , Billy Lazarus Saturday at Frmtland. SurChurch, Toadlena, with Bddwin, Oct. 4, 1974. SurPastor Gary Klumpenhower vivors Include her husband, vivors include his mother, Alfred Begay of the fariiily , and Floyd Frari. officiating. Barbara A. Bddwin d the Graveside services wfll; be home; a daughter, Raquel famfly home, and a sister, conduded by Shiprock VFW Tod flegay of the family Vicki Annette Bddwin ot the Post 9517.. He was employed home;j- a son, Ulysses Al family home. Funeral aras a heavy eqdpment operatBegay of the famfly/home; rangements are. pending uning engineer. He was a World her [mother, Elizabeth 'Nez der the direction ot Cope Me, Lee, - Shiprock; two brothers, War n U.S. Marine Corps morid Chapel. veteran and edlsted on July Tony Lee and Antorao Lee, 18,1944, and received an hon/ both of Shiprock; two sisters, orable discharge Feb. 18, [ Clara Mae Lee and PhyUis 1946. Survivors include hls Mae Lee,-both of, Shiprock; wife, Mary Natoni Bain; her patemd grandparents, bridge, Toadlena; three sons, BALDWIN Funeral serr i John and Mayzie. Lep; and 1 Henry H., Bainbridge, Red vice for Lorin Lazaro ! her - mother-in-law, Lorreta Mesa/ Ernest Bainbridge, Baldwin, 6, Shiprock, [will be I Begay, Shiprock. Active Tsafle, Ariz., and Eddie flairiat 10; a.m. Saturday at.Mesa \paUbearers wfll be Albert brldge, Toadlena; and a View Assembly of 'God Lee, Raphael Sherman, daughter, Katherine B[. Church, Shlpi-Ck, with the : Yazzie, Two Grey Hills. : Alfred Begay,: Larry [Begay, Rev. Charles Lee officiating. There are 27/ grandchildren Sheldon Sherman; and Burid wfll be in .Shiprock ; Michael Sherman, Tony Lee ' arid three /great-grand(Cemeteiy. The child who died cMldrea Active paUbearers Antonio will be honorary Sdurday in a. traffic acciwfll be Darnel Nez,? Emest paUbeareir. Funeral arrangedent, 'had; finished/ kinBainbridge, Eddie Bainments are under the direction dergarten this past -year: He bridge, James Bainbridge, was preceded la death by his; of Cope Memorial Chapel. David Yazzie and Henry f a t h e r , Billy Lazarus Bainbridge Jr. Honorary Baldwin, .Oct/ 4,';.1974. Surpallbearers wUl be Wilbert vivors include -his mother, BitsUUe, Robert Keith and Barbara. A. [Baldwin of the/ Floyd Frank. Funeral ar BENALLY/^/Funeri serf r { . Fune'ral rangements are under the family home; a sister, Vicki vice for Elomse Bendlyi-78, direction of Shiprock Funerd Annette'Baldwin of the tamid Teecnospos, Ariz.,/wfll be Home. . ly home; matemal grandat 10 a.m; Saturday at the' father, Don Ellispn Sr., Cove, Christian Reformed Churdi Ariz.; maternal grandin Teecnospos, with the Rev. mother, Emma Williams, Paul Redhouse conducting LukaChdcd; (Ariz.; patemd [the ceremony. She/died I Wednesday taGaUup. Burid; h BAHE Funeral service , grandmother, Betty .Lou [for Aspri; ClashdieeBdie,, 82;; Baldwin, Shiprock; eight wfll be in Teecnospos Cemeaunts; 10 uncles; - and,, 13 tery;- Mrs.; Benally is.-sur- [ of Rock Point, Ariz.,, cousins. Active pa__arers lat 10 /ajn. Wednesday at vived by ber husband, Capi-Christ .thie. King Catholic /will be Dennison/ Ellison, i tian BenaUy of the famfly Church In Shiprock, with the Richard Cadman, Joey home; five daughters; Bessie Wagner, Herbert: Benally, Rev. Flaan CNefl, OFM, of i Lee trf Red Mesa, Ariz., GeDarnel Ellison and GUbert Waterflow,-officiating; Burial i neva Laughter, Shonto, Ariz., will-be; In the family ceme- [ Wa g n e r . H o n o r a r y I Lillie ^Tso^Page, Ariz/; 1 pallbearers Will: be Don | Esther Berially, GaUup, and/; i tery at Rock Point Mrs. (Bdie died Friday at her Rock Yazzie, Samuel Ellison,, dl i Carole Fleming of Vanthe EUison boys,. CUrtls Joe, | derwagon; four sons, Harry \ .Point' home/ Survivors, iri| dude four sons; Kee [Pahe, I Don Ellison Sr., John Wagner BenaUy; Teecriospos, Jlinmy i Genird Bdie,:Richard/Bahe | and Pat Wagner. Funerd; ar'"Benally, Barstow, Calif;, i and;Pdie Tswae, d i d Rock rangements are under the i Harrison Bendly, Frmtland; i Point;;, a daughter, Mrs. [ drectlon of Cppe Memorid |ahd Kenneth. Bendly, FarmAmelia John, of= Reck Point;, j ington; and a brother; Ruben ["arid, a brother- Clashchee I Lee,, Bedabito. There; are 48 | Saarii of Tsafle, Ari_ Therar (grandchildren, 21 great- ; air & ' 53[;grandchild ; rea., ; ! gi^dchildren^and four great- , PaUbearers will be Richard Bdie, Pahe Tsosie, Terry }gre aNT- gr a ad c hil d f - . r John, Gilbert; John, Lorenzo IPaUbearers wfll be Dr. Tint Bahe and Raymond Pad. FuG. Fleming,.: Leonard Raynerd arrangements are unmond, Michael Lee, Lawder the direction of the Shipirence BenaUy, Lester Tsosie rock Funerd Home. and Andrew BenaUy. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapd.
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i /'BENALLY/ Graveddefuneral; Service for Sam BenaUy> Jr.,/ 37, of Farinington wfll'be: held at Ipjn./ Saturday, He/died Aug. -11, m' |T6ode;-U_h.,Burid win/be'' Iri Smith lake Cemetery/A U.S. -Army/veteran of the Vietnam conflict,:he Is survived by his mother, Dorothy Tso"of Farmington; a daugh! ter, Leslie BeriaUy, and a son, /Lathari Sain Serially, both of Fniitland; five sisters, Rosei lyn Foster of. Navajo, LuciUe Santeed Chlde.'Ariz'., Betty Charley of:Shiprock, Adto and Helen TsOiPdmingtoh; ; ,and six brothers, Daniel 'Benally- of Nageezi, David I BenaUy of /Phoenix, Harold Tso of TUcsonf and Kenneth, | James did Clai_nce Tso ot 1'Fanrilhgton.: PaUbearers wfll be Harold Tso, Kenneth/Tso, [ James Tso did David Johnson/Funeral arrangements are imder the direction of

///; Barnabas Begaye

BENALLV^ Funeral ser. | vice for, Jeffrey BenaUy, 27,' of Shiprock, is sdiPdded for. 10 ajn. Thursday at COpe Memorid Chapd,1 with the Rev. j Pad Redhouse officiating, i He died Sunday as the resdt \ 'of-a motor yehlde.accident. Burid will be In Shiprbck Cemetery. Beridly was employed by Utah Intemational and also worked as an animal speciaUst- for; the Navajov, Tribe. He graduated from: Valley High School in Albu- querque In 1973 and recdved his bachelor's degree in animal sclerice from New Mexico State Umverslty In 1979. Survivors include his wife, Lori Hanison Bendly; a son, Brirkflendlyat home;mother, Kathryn' Shirley of Reno, Nev.;. three brothers, Douglas George, Cottonwood,' Ariz., Rondd-Bendly, Shiprock, and Dondd BenaUy, the; Shiprock Chapter president^ grandmother, Jean; Bendly;': ! four aunts, Ddsy/Yabeny, i Maxirie Talk, LiUfe JeUy and Leola BenaUy;/mother-inlaw^ AnnabeU Harrison; and two undes, Perry and Peter ! BdiaUy PaUbearers "wfll be : Robert Harrison, Peter : Benally, George Haskell, Leland Martin, Franklin John and Robert Hanison Jr. I Honorary pallbearers wfll be Ronald Benally and Dondd BenaUy. Funerd arrange, mcnts are under tbe direction of Cope Memorid Chapd.

BEGAYE Funerd service/for Barnabas Nez Begaye, 15,/of Blanco Store in There are 25 grandchUdren Blanco, wfll be at 10 a.m. Satand three great-grandi urday at Brethren in Christ children. PaUbearers were 1 Mission with the Rev. Marvin Tsosie Washburn, Jeffery cbapei /6&erZ'7fgy G. Martin offidating. InterJoe, Leon Dennison, George ment wfll be in Mission CemNez, Stephen Cody, BiUy etery. He ded Friday at San Pierce arid Henry Pierce. Fa-. Juan Regiond Medlcd Ceri- \ nerd arrangements were unter. He W3S a student at Mesa der the/direction d th Shlpr [ Alta Jumor High School in rock Funerd.Home^ XA--X Bloomfield. Survivors include ' BEGAY Hosteen Nez BEGAY Funerd sendee Begay, 71, of Shiprock ded his mother, Rnth.Nez Begayie for Colleen Patrick Begay, Sunday at Sari Juan Regiond oi the family home;,,three 77, Shiprock, Is schedded for brothers, Leroy Nez Begaye, Medical Center. Funeral se_ 1 pjn. Saturday at Cope MeOjo- Amarillo, Marvin Nez ' vicp; will be at 10 ajn. Thurso morid Chapel, with: Father Begaye and Anderson Nez day at Christ the King CathoCaron,' OFM, officiating. Begaye, at home; did three lic Church iri. Shiprock, with Burid wfll be Iri Memory - sisters, Nina Pinto,'. JacFather Lawrence Schreiber, Gardens: Bom April 15, 1904, queline Nez Begaye; and OFM, officiating. Burid wfll in Shiprock, she died WednesBemadine Nez Begaye, afl; at day at Swedish Medical Cenbe Iri the family cemetery at home. PaUbearers wfll be ter ui Englewood, Colo. Shp Rattlesnake/ Survivors inEarl Nez Begaye, Leroy Nez was employed by the PubUc ' clude his wife, Rose Begay, Begaye, Marvin Nez Begaye, . Hedth Sendee Hospitd in at home;; five daughters, Wayne Harrison, Kenneth Igt; Shiprock as head cook. She Bessie H.: Tutt, Shiprock, nado and Raymond Pinto. was preceded In death by two Irene Nakai,, Red VaUey, Funerd arrangements are sons, Norman' Aaron and Ariz.,' Louise Bluehorse of under the direction of Cope Irvin Toglena Begay; and a Little Shiprock^; Arlene Levi, Memorid Chapel. dece,' Pamela Jean SandOak Springs, Ariz., arid Rose erson. Survivors Indude her Marie light of Shiprock; four ADic<L '-} 7nJA~~ husband, [Elmer of [Shiprock; sons, John Begay Sr.. Oak BEGAY Funerd service four daughters, Vivian Springs, John Lewis Begay, ; for Roberta Ann Begay, of Begay/'Maxine Begay, Vema Shiprock, BUly,John Begay, i Counselor's Is to be at 1 p.m. Begay and Carole Begay, dl Cove, Ariz., arid BUly JohnWednesday at Brethren of Shiprock;: a son, Marvin son Begay; Red VaUey;; three N a v a j o M i s s i o n in' Begay, -Shiprpck; /a grand-ibrotherSj Joe Yazzie, Fort i Counselor's with /the Rev. daughter, Yoland Rae Tso oi IDefiance, Wood Yazzie, Ship, Larry Wedertz officiating. Shiprock; and a brother Pad , itdC*did Johnson X Yazzie, i The difldiwas dead at birth Patrick of Shiprock. Funerd ! Newcomb; and two sisters* Friday In Cuba. Burid wfll anangements are; under the JoAnn Begay and Marjorie be in Mission Cemetery. Surdirection of Cope Memorial Begay of Shiprock. There are ; vivors indiide her parents, ChapeL; '/Harold; and Bertha flegay ot' Cburiselor's; materrid grand-' mother, Betty George, -of j numerousTgraridchildren ; Cburiselor's; and paternal j; Pallbearers, will be John ' grandmother, NelUe Begay of / Begay Sr.,,BiUy John Begey Church Rock. PaUbearers wfll' be GUbert George and /BillyvJohnsjba Begay,/John WiUiam Keetso. Funerd ar/Lewis; 8egay*-/:John Begay rangements ' are, under the Jr.; and Anthony Nakd. Fudirection of Cope Memorid neral' arrangements are unChapeL i q a ^ der the direction oi Cope Me-.

, BENAUY' T-jieVai service for Atcitty Nez BenaUy, 68, Sanosteei was held at 10 ajn. the Sanostee Holiness Church, with Pastor Jerry/Tom of the Four Square Gospel Church of Window; Rock,: Ariz., offidating. Burid was in the famfly cemetery at Sanostee. Bendly ded Friday at San Juan '" Regiond -Medical Center. He was a.retired'uradum miner andhad worked for the Udon Pacific/ Rdlroa'd. Survivors 'include two sons, Melvin Benally of Sanostee and .'- Leonard BenaUy of GaUup; . arid four daughters, Mrs. Rose Smith of Shiprock, Mrs. Nancy Anny BUly of Window Rock, Mrs. LiUle Lewis, of Sanostee and Mrs... Annie [ Holiday :.rf.Torrmc_e,iCdif.

4CKWATER Funeral service tor JuUus Blackwater, 3, of Kayenta, Ariz., wfll be at 11 ajn. Friday at Cope Memorid Chapel with Pastor OrvUle Baer offidating. Burid wfll be in Greenlawn Cemetery. Bom Oct. 29, 1978, In Tuba City, Ariz., he ded Monday at Monument Vdley Hospitd of naturd causes. Survivors include his parents, Harvey and Mary Blackwater of Kayenta; eight brothers, Timothy of Chide, , Curtis and; Kee of SWprock \ and Jerome/Steven, Alfred, .j Freddie and Raymond, Kayenta; two sisters, Shirley i and Frieda of .Kayenta; ma!t_nai grandparents, Mr. and ? Mrs. Nakai Begay, Dennehotso, Ariz. PaUbearers wfll be Steven Blackwater, Fredde, Blackwater, Alfred Blackwater: arid Jerome Blackwater. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid

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BENALLY - Funerd service for Cyrus BenaUy, 60, Fniitland, is sdiedded for 10 a.m. Saturday at the Desert View Church No. 2 in Upper Frmtland, with Pastor John L. Billy officiating. Burid wfll be in Lower Fniitland in the famfly cemetery. BenaUy ded Tuesday as the result of. injuries suffered in a two-vehicle accident near Frmtland. Survivors include his wife, Esther Sunpson, Fruitland; a son, Larry BenaUy; six brothers, Hosteen Nez BenaUy, Henry Nez, Lewis Nez, Jimmie Nez, , Frank Nez aad Juan Begay; and five sisters, AUce Yazzie, Elsie .Yazzie, Emma Yazzie, Sarah Shields and Ida Yazzie. PaUbearers wfll be Freddie .Simpson,' James"-Simpson, Lorenzo Little River Simpson, Amos Pinto, Wallace Boone and Henry Nez Jr. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of SWprock Funerd Home.

-__/AYE. - FiJreiaT service/for Ronnie C. Begaye, 22, Shiprock;, wfll be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at, Christ the King CathoUc Church in'Shiprock. Burid- wfll be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Begaye, an employee of the PubUc Health Service Hospitd at Shiprock, died Jan. 1 at Hogback. Survivors include his wife, Priscilla, and a son, Ryan R; Begaye, of the family hona_ his father, Bennie C. Begaye, his stepmother, Mary Ann"'Begaye; stepsister, Kathy'' Begaye and s t e p b r o t h e r , Dewayne Begaye, 'aU- of Greasewood, Ariz.; two brothers, Ernie A. Begaye; of Winslow, Ariz., and Andy C. Begaye ot GaUup; grandmother, Bessie Martin; grandparents, Theadore and Mary Nolan, who raised him; three aunts did two uncles, PaUbearers wfll be Andy! C. Begaye; Enile Begaye', Ray Nolan, ? Everett Etcitty, Eugene .Kuhn and Alvis Gamanez. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Curtis 0. Gamanez Sr. and James Ben Joe. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of- the Brewer Funerd Home.

,/.BROWN - Funeral'service j for Joe Brown, 92, Sanostee,'^ wiU be at 11 a.m. WedesdaySv at the Sanostee! Holiness^ ; Church, with the Rev. Leo H. /Benally, Sanostee/ official-^" ing. Burial wfll be in the tam-5. ily , cemetery at .anostee-t) Browadied Friday at the Chi- .' de (Ariz.) Extended" Care/t' FaciUty. A: retired miner, heV) 1 had worked for Phelps, Dodge^.; 1 Corp. Survivors include two , i sons, Tom Brown, fleclabito,r* a^d Bobbie Brown.^Teec- / . nospos, Ariz.; a daughter,': ( ,Mrs. Dorothy Dee, Sanostee; I and a dece, AnnaBeU Johnsob, Sanostee., There are 18 . / - g i._ . grandchildren and 18 greatgrandchildren. -Pallbearers -wfll /be Riy Dee, Clifford/ Dee;:"Ned Begay,- Bobby iBrown Jr., Rufus Brown, and DavidA$rawn.. Funerd; ar^_ ftangements are under;[_ the 'd_reotlon of the Shiprock Funeral Home. ._/.

BIL-ffi - Benriie Ke? BiUie, 39, died Mondayat the PubUc Hedth Service Hospit d in Shiprock. Funeral service wfll be at 10 aJn. Friday at Christ the. King CathoUc Churdi In Shiprock, with the Rev. Caron Vollmer OFM; offidating. Burid wfll be in the Shiprock Ceriietery. BlUle is survived by a son, Benjamin Billy of- Shiprock; seven. brothers, Jim Joe Hatathley ofi^ Upper Fruitland, Herbert Joe Hatathley, Henry Joe, Timothy BUly, Richard KeUy Lee, Lewis and SamKeUyof Shiprock; three aunts, UJle Joe Hatathley of Shiprock, ; Dorothy Jones of Aneth, ; Utah, and Julia Thompson of \ Red VaUey, Ariz. PaUbearers / ; wfll be Timothy BUly Henry ; Joe, Jlmi Joe Hatathley, Richard KeUy .Lee, Herhert; Joe Hatathley \ and. Lewis KeUy. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope

-, _ . . - - ' '-.r'.-' .

: ;.:."-'- . . , ; - ,


BEGAY Herbert Begay/} 54, Shiprock, ded Sunday at1? 1 Shiprock/ Funeral service ' has been schedded for 10 a.m. Friday at Christ the King Catholic-Church, Shiprock. Burid is to be in Ship^ rock Cemetery. Survivors ,ln! elude his wife, EUa, Shiprock; four sons, Robert Begay, Pueblo, Colo., Delbert, Lambert and Talbert Begay, aU of Shiprock; two daughters): Geneva Jo and Velma Johnson, Shiprock;/ parents,- Tapaha and Tatah Nez of Red Rock, Aiiz:; two: brothers,: Wilbert Begay, Indan Wells, Ariz., and Gilbert Begay, Thoreau; two.sisters, Jessie Lee and Helen Grass, Red Rock, Ariz."; and five grand,-, children. Funeral arraiigemerits are under the direction \ of Brewer Funerd Home..

BECENii Mmerar service for Ervin Ray Becenti,. 38, was at 10 a.m. today at Crownpoint Christian Reformed Church, Crownpoint, with [the Rev. Gordon Stuite REvangelist,' David -'jgnef^.officiating. Burial /Was in Crownpoint Community Cemetpry. Becenti- ded Thursday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Survivors Include -his.; mother, Esther B. Meguelito, Bloomfield; his wife, Bertha Becenti, Bloomfield; three daughters, Kimberly, Fniitland, and Cynthia and Candace d Fort Wingate; two sons, Travis, Fruitland, and Bryant Ray;" Fort Wingate; . three sisters, Nafaerta Begay, : "Betty Bennett and Genevieve : Toldeo of Crownpoint; and a brother, Stadey ManueUto, Fort Wingate. PaUbearers ; were Robert Yazzie, LesUe /Yazzie,, Fred Blanchard Jr., Ronald Shorty, PhiUip Yazzie
v . - : '_: . ' ;,_-. : . - - . - ' ; - - * - . _ .

and David Peters. Stadey ManueUto and Damon Begay were honorary pallbearers. Funeral, arrangements were directed by -RoUie Mortuary of GaUup/

l;nner:d * Serv l\ linmu. S)3.. were held Wed nesday,'. January . 27/ I.K2 All 11-<K> a.m.'al SanoMee Holiness ("Imreh, Sanosiee.' New fvte.xico. ' I LO 11. it. ally'.. .I.L-iiilc... <f Mr.. Itrown passed 'awav I.Way'.' January'.-22; ,i'.K2- ai (,'hinle Txlended Care Taeiliiy. .Chinle. Arizona. He was-a teiired'mh ier: He ; worked lor Phelps l)._iie Corporationin his yonneer years. Survivors include:- iwo.sons. Tom lirowii oflleclal.ifd; New Mexico and Itohbie; Itrown ot Teee- Nos i'os', Arizona; one ['daughter, Mrs. Doroihy Dee of -Sahosiecv New. Mexico; one ; niece. Amiaheil Johnson 'id ., Sanostee-; New-Mexico:' IK iiran[ dcliildren". and IXgreal-children. i I'allnearers' were Rav Dee,. j Clillord Dee. Ned Ikyay/jtonhy Itrown, Jr.. Kntus Hrown.'David Itrown. Inlennent vvas held ai a family cemelery in-..', Sanostee;, New | Mexico. -/V. ' . I-nneral ;.arranuemenl. were, . tinder ,- the direction ol The j Siiiprock',- : i-'nneral' ; Home., I Shipro_.'New Mexico.

BEGAY' Funeral service for Glenn Begay, 66, Bisti, Is to be at I pjn. Friday atCope Memorial ChapeL Bom Sept. 28,1915, at Bisti, he died Saturday at PubUc Health Seri vice/Hospital In Crownpoint. Michael J. Lee is to officiate for the service with burial to be in Memory Gardens. A re-

tiredfaiisdriver for the BIA, he is survived by his.wife, Ida Begay, of their home; nephew, Dennison George, Bisti; two brothers,-- Joe Begay, Lake VaUey, and Lee Pine, Bisti; a sister/Esther George,/ Bisti.. Pallbearers are to be Andy Begay- Jack. WUUe Betsule, Kelson Benally, Freddie Betsule, Samuel BenaUy and- Junior BenaUy. Cope- Memorial Chapel/is. ^directing: funeral arrangements.


. BENALLY - Funeral services for Gon BenaUy, 90, Fruitland, will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at Navajo Full Gospel Church in Shiprock with evangelist James Cayatineto officiating. Friends may, call from noon to 8 p.m. Sunday at Cope Memorial Chapel. BenaUy died at GaUup Care Center on March 11. He was. born ' March:30, 1891 at Shiprock. He was proceeded in death by two sons, Roy Joe and Tom Joe and[step-pl-ther, James Joe. Survivors include three .sons, Ray Joe of Fort Wayne, Ind., and: Curtis Joe and Jiriimie Joe of Hogback;' two daughters, HarritteeGOuld of Calif., and NelUe Pettigrew of Shiprock; one step-son, Wallace Boone of Fruitland; .[three-sisters, Jessie Rafael, Kathy Button of Tucson, Ariz., and Kathryn Etcitty of Shiprock and one stepbrother/Joe Begay of Shiprock. Pallbearers .will be . i Jimmie Joe, Curtis Joe, John , , Brown, Wallace Boone, Johh '/' . Pettigrew and Fred Begay ; Funeral arrangements are ( under the direction of Cope i Memorial Chapel.

BEGAY * unerai service for PbiUip Ross Begay, 34, Shonto, Ariz., has been scheduled for 10 a_ga. Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel, with the Rev. Kenneth Gishie officiating. Burial wiU foUow in Memory Gardens. Begay was bom April 3,. 1948, In Lake VaUey and died Friday from injuries suffered in a car accident between Shiprock and Beclabito;; Two of his children wfll be remembered in the same funeral service. Begay is survived by : bis wife, Jane; a daughter, ' Lite, of their home;' father, Joe Begay Sr., Lake VaUey;. . five brothers, George Begay,

for Philena Begay, 4, Shonto, Ariz., who died O injuries f from an auto accident Friday, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The/Rev.) Kenneth Gishie will officiate for [tiie service at Cope Memorial Chapel which wfll also : remember/her brother and father, killed in the .ametaccident. Burial is to. beslin

' : 'AIA io apyy t

BEGAY - PhflbKrt Begay;: '1 1, of Shonto, Ariz., died Satur-:A day at'San Juan Regional Medial Center froni Injuries received iri an auto accident which also claimed his sister and father. He: was bom March 19,1981, in Tuba City, Ariz. The Rev. Kenneth Gishie wfll officiate at a joint service at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel.: Burial wfll foUow In Memory Gardens. Survivors Include his mbther, Jane, and sister, Lite, of Shonto; and patemal' grandfather, Joe Begay Sr., of Lake VaUey. Funeral arrangements are under the direction' of Cope Memorial

^ / p A ^ . ^ 2-

;/J-uai*. -..,_.,..-, . I BENA_L A-Cataflenal' ly, 42, Shiprock, died Sunday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock.Funeralmass is;to be at' 10 ajri; Thursday at Christ the King Catholic Church;.: with Father Caron, -Vollirier officiating. Burial wfll foUow in Shiprock Cemetery; Survivors include his wife; Sara; four sons, Cato, Albert and Craig Benally and Francisco Baflow; two daughters,. Cindy Noon and Cathy. Smith; -two brothers, Roy and Elmer BenaUy; and two sisters, Irene KeUywood ; and Elizabeth Talk, aU of : Shiprock. There- are three I grandchildren. Pallbearers I wfll be Tom Smith Jr., Jack ! Frazier Jr;.Wilbact BenaUy, ; Larry Noon, l__r^ "Harvey ; and Roy Benally. Ben Mphtano, Elmer'Benally and Francisco. Baflow are to he honorary paUbearers. Basin Mortuaiy is [directing arrangements: fTf.%'.

I Memory Garderis. She was bom March 31M978, in Tuba City, Ariz. Survivors include her mother, Jane, and a sister, Lite, of Shonto; and^paternal grandfather, Joe Begay Sr., Lake Valley/ PaUbearers wfll; be Daniel Bedabito, Edison Begay, ! Begay, Jack Gus, David Gus Lake VaUey, Andy 'Begay, j and [ Herbert Gus. [Funeral Farmington, Harold Begay, /" service is under -the directum of Cope Memorial ChapeL Lake VaUey, ?nd Andrew, Begay, Bisti; and three sis " ' : - . : ' - . ; . v ; ; - " . ; ' . . : . , r / " / _ -: ters, Arlene SuUivan,, Bob- ' insvflle, N.J., and Jean and; : MTI I V Evelyn Begay, Lake Valley. A PaUbearers wfll be George ,/BEGAY ^ Funeral service Begay, Andy Begay, Andrew ' for Melvin H. Begay, 27, of Begay, Edison Begay, Harold Bedabito',- has been set for Begay and Tom Begay. Fu10:30 a.m/ Thursday at the neral arrangements are unChristian. Reformed Church der the direction of Cope Mein Shiprock, with the Rev. morial Chapel. Abe Koolhaas of Shiprock officiating. Burial wfll be in the veterans section of Shiprock Cemetery with Veteran of Foreign Wars, Morgan-and BEGAY Funeral service Singer Post No. ,9517 of Shipfor Kennfeth Henry Begay, 44, rock conducting graveside Shiprock, is to be at 2 p.m. services. Begay died Friday Saturday at Cope Memorial from injuries.suffered in a Chapel, with the Rev./Paul car accident at Red Wash Redhouse officiating:. Burial near Teecnospos,'Ariz. A will follow in Greenlawn helper for the senior citizens Cemetery. Bom July 30,1937, group, of the Bedabito ; at Crownpoint, Begay died Chapter, Begay was. a U_; 'Tuesday at San Juan ReAnny veteran with overseas gional Medical Center., He duty in Korea. He was [pre, was preceded in death by: a ceded In death by a brother, f son,' Lincoln, and daughter, Leo .Harvey Begay; Oct 22, [/April,--arid by Ws/ mother, 1981f'Survivors; Include his [ Sara F.:flegay. Surylvorslnparents, Jim Harvey and i:/clude; his wife, Ruth/ of the Vera-Peterson Begay of ):, family home; four soris, StaoBeclabito; two brothers^ Jim fpfcd, at home, and Kenneth Harvey; Jr; and Leroy Jr., Malcolm and Nathaniel Harvey; two sisters, Rowena [Begay, aU of Window Rock,: Harvey and Eveiyh Harvey; ; Ariz.; a .[daughter, Thelma f arid his grandparents, Gene Begay, Tempe, Ariz.; father, S. and ' Mable ; Begay!-of I Succo Begay, /White Rock; Beclabito. PaUbearers-are to I sister, June Joe, GaUup; and' be Freddie Riggs;. Jim H. I two brothers* Edison FreeBegay; Luke'S. Begay, WUUe I lahd. Lake; Valley, and Wood. T, Begay;\Cecil BenaUy and p/Jienry, Ctgwnpomt. There - ^A<?-ff^--

ChapeL' "Affiff:
, r-s' . '

_ - ' " _ , '

1 V(el iA 6 ^ H$>


- BRO WNEYElT Bogus Browneyes, 82, of Dennehotso, Ariz., died Friday at I Sari Juan Regional Medical' * Center. Funeral; service, Wfll r-be': at : 10 ajn. Tuesday iii the \ LDS: Church at kayenta, 1 Ariz-.; with Branch President Don Tom officiating.: Burial wfll be / in the. Denriehotso Community Cemetery/ Survivors include his, wife, \ Sarah; three sorts, Jill i Brown, Henry Browneyes / and Kee Browneyes, all of. [Dennehotso;- seven daughh'teirs; Sadie ; BenaUy7\ June . Tree, Grace Charley, Anna [ [JRe d d y: a a d ' L p r e h a ' . Browneyes, all/of Dennehotso, Mae Medina of Farmington and Lucy Luna of Kayenta; ohe brother, Dewey Gray of Kayenta; two , sisters,, Maggie Bizardle of , Dennehotso and Mrs. BenaUy of Kayenta, 42 grandchildren ;and- 13 great-graridchlldren. PaUbearers wfll/be /Steven j Serially, Alfred/Charley, : Wesley BenaUy,. Kee Brown,Wilfred Brow, and Peter Yazzie; with Danny Reddy as ' the. alternate.: Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Cope MemorialChapei [ .
t -.," , v-, ..-.,... M H W W P

, are; i three "grandchildren. f PaUbearers,will be Richard .Smith, Stanford Begay, Bob /."Edison, WaUace. Yazzie, Peter Joe/arid? Woody Henry. Funeral arrangements are under the' direction of Cope Manorial Chapel. /<7i?-2^

Michael Redhouse. Funeral ^ arrangements are under the: direction of the Shiprock Fu* neralHome.


BALDWIN. fV- Helen Baldwin, '58,? toadlena, died ' Monday at the Public Health j Service Hospital in GaUup. She was bom Feb: 8, 1924, at Toadten^.- Funeral service

A * 6 ^ 7AAyKk*_.
has been sfct lor 10 a.m. Frt* '; day at the Church', of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Ijjji,, Toadlena, with branch Presi-f dent Peairs Nakai -officiating. Burial wfll foUow in Toadlena Community Cemetery. Surivvors include three daughters, Suzie Benavidez of Albuquerque and Louise and Eml- '. [ ly Baldwin of Toadlena; four : sons, Frank, Robert, Junior 1 and James Baldwin, of Toadlena;"; three sister's,' Katherine Dean and Emma Yeomen of Albuquerque; and : Edith Deal.of Toadlena; two brothers, -tewls Baldwin' of Littlewater and Charlie Baldwin Jri, of Toadlenaj and three grandchildren, Jonathan., Nathan and, 'Jonielle Benavidez, all of Albuquerque. Pallbearers ; wiU be James Baldwin, Robert Baldwin, Junior Baldwin, Patrick Taylor, Wilbert Secatero and Anderson Brown. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

, BEGAY Harrijjon.Cpdy Begay, 23, Klrtland//:died_ near Farmington May 14. He was bora June 28, 1958, at Crownpoint. Funeral service wfll be Wednesday at 11 ajn.^ with Brother Andrew Begay offidating atLaVida Mission. B u r i a l will be in the Whiterock Famfly Cemetery. Survivors include his parents, Alfred and Mabie Begay, Whiterock; five sist e r s , Mabie J a m e s , Burnham, MUUe Paul, Farmington, Alberta Begay, Moa-tana, and Shirley Jim and -Marilyn Thomas, Whiterock; four brothers, Tommy Begay and' LeRoy Begay,, (Farmington, and BUI C. Begay and Edward Begay, Whiterock; maternal grandmother, Helen Begay, Tsaya;, four, aunts, Mary Ploche, Tsaya, Ruth Bitsule, Whiterock, Alberta James, Smith Lake, and Ida Begay, Lake VaUey; and two uncles, Sam George, Carson, and Sam-J. BenaUy, Chaco Plant. PaUbearers wfll be BUI C. Begay, LeRoy Begay, Leland Jones, Edward Begay, Tommy Begay and Douglas Lucas. Cope Memorial Chapel Is directingfuneral arrangements./^ C 1 -^

i ^ e i if Wm
BILLY Funeral Mass for Joe BiUy 72, Red VaUey, Ariz., wfll be at 2 p.m. Thursday in Christ the King CathoUc Church, Shiprock, with Father Caron Vollmer, OFM,. officiating/Burial wiU.foUow in Shiprock Cemetery.: Bom July 2, 1909, at Red VaUey, BUly died; Saturday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Survivors .include his wife, Albertine BiUy, of the . famUy home; two daughters, Betty. Araold, Flora. Vista, and Ami;Begay, Red VaUey; three sohs, Jimmy, Freddie, and Kenneth BiUy of Red Val; ley; three sisters, Betty Taylor, Dorothy Shorty and Mildred Charley, aU of Oak Springs, Ariz.; a brother, Donald Roe, Oak Springs; and a niece, Mary .MarshaU, Red VaUey. There are 26 grandchUdren and one greatgrandchUd; PaUbearers wiU be Freddie BiUy; Jimmy BUly,: Leo Roe, Kenneth BiUy, Richard Roe and Gary Roe. Funeral .arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. BenaUy of, Warerflow, bom March 15, 1905, at Shiprock died Tuesday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. She was 77. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a:m. Saturday at Christ the King Catholic Church in Shiprock,, with Father Caron Vollmer,-OFM,/ officiating. Burial wfll foUow, in Shiprock Cemetery. Survivors include three/ daugh-' ters, Velma Lewis, Bessie J; BenaUy and Louise D. Benally, aU of Shiprock; and a brother, John Frank of Cove, ; Ariz/There are-19.-.. grand-. j children, 36 great-grand : children and two great-great-, grandchildren. Pallbearers I wfll be Daniel BenaUy, Lawrence BenaUy, AraoW Benally, Norman Benally^ee M. BenaUy and James T. Benal" ly. Funeral arrangements . are under the; direction of | Cope Memorial Chapel.

B A R B E R ' - Wilson Barber, 27, Fort Stanton, died Thursday at Ruidoso. He was , bora Feb. 28, 1955, In FarmI Ington. Funeral serince was at 2 pjn. today at Cope Memorial Chapel, with the Rev. James YeUowman officiating. Burial was to be in Mem, ory Gardens. Survivors ih! elude his -mother, . Marie | Burton, of Farmington; three sisters, Reita Murphy, Anne Mae Hemstreet and Vena 1 ManueUto, Farmington; and ; four, brothers, Robert, Sam, Lee and John Barber all of Upper Fruitland. PaUbearers [were Orlando Barber, FerreU \ Harris, James Fredy, Jeffrey iHeinstreet, DeWayne Harris and Bobby ManueUto. Cope Me iriorlal Chapel was in charge of/funeral' arrangements.

BAINBRIDGE *- Grace Bainbridge/ 59, of Toadlena, died Wednesday near Shiprock. Funeral service is at 10 a.m. Monday at the ; Church i of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Toadlena, i with Elder- Eric Baird officiating.- Burial wfll be in Toadlena Cemetery. Sur vivors include a son, - Henry Bainbridge', of Toadlena; five daughters, Ella Bennally, MarUyn BitsiUy and -Chris Foghorn/of Toadlena, .Eva Bose Nathaniel, Newcomb, j and Ernestine Evy of Albuquerque; a brother, Leo 1-. Curley, Toadlena; sister, r Nellie Johnson, Two Grey ;/. Hills.. There, are 14 grandchildren. .Pallbearers,wfll be James Curley, Leonard BennaUey, Hoskie Curley, Gilbert Ctirley, Albert BitsiUy and Richard Bennally. Honorary paUbearers wiU be Henry Bainbridge. - Funeral arrangements' are under the direction of Basin Mortuary.


'- -%;:. /SN. Farmington; andher g m BLACK Funeral service mother, NeUie Dick Peter, ! for Victoria Black, 34, p S r i g t o n . PallbeareravnU I FruiHand, wfll be at 10 ajn. be Harrison Jones, Gilbert j Wednesday at -Brewer-Funer- Werito, Nathan BenaUy, Or I al Home Chapel, with the S o Wes, Franklin BendRev. James YeUowman- bf- ^ and Herman Jones w ^ ; ficiating. Burial wfll foUow Mi Curtis Jones as alternate., FuI Greenlawn Cemetery,, Ms.?. S arrangements are unBlack died Junejl in an auto- der the directioa of Brewer mobile jlicident in Fanri-- Funeral Home. / <f g A , ingtori. Survivors include five" j sons,: Orlando Jones,-Nathan i Jones Benally, Rodney I Black, Ruditis Black and 1 Jason Black, and a daughter, ; tf^Jl 3-:_-r Tf f A. ! Nlcki Black, aU of Fruitland; ,;, BARTON.; Rhfannon \-. three sisters, Blanche Werito, Rachel Bartoa 7-month-old. I Farmington, Irene Jones, 1 daughter ,of Mr. and Mrs. Coyote Canyon, and Lorrauie -[Hoskie (Christine);Barton of 1 T5eon'.' of Chicago, H I . ; a Shiprock, 'died Sunday at the \ brother, Harrison Jones, PubUc Health Sendee Hospital at Shiprpck. In addition to i her parente?;the baby Is stu:-[ , vived by her .matemal grandparents, Henry and Grace: i Dawes, Shiprock;; her paternal;grandparents, Hoskie and Maelene /Barton, Beclabito, ;and, her. maternal- greatgrandmother, Gladys Begay, Shiprock. Funeral arranger/ aentsare under the direction. [ f Brewer Funeral Home.-iS.. S


- . ._ BILLY Anthony C. BUly,:: 'B__n2,_*- Juamtf 1_tsfl. 21; .of Beclabito, died SaturOfrmjA) / d 7Z+C, ly; 76, Two Grey Hills, N.M. day In Shiprock. He was bora died af Shiprock Hospital, Sept. 2, .1960, in Shiprock. Fuy' in-A^A Friday. She is survived .by neral service wfll be at 10 BEGAY Funeral service two sons; Wilbert BitsiUy, . BUCK - Wilson Buck;-; 57, : a.m. Thursday at the Chrisfor Michael Charles Begay, and Bobby BitsiUy, both of of Shiprock was kflled Saturtian ; Reformed Church in 15, Shiprock, wiU be at 10 Toadlena, N.M., one daughday in a car accident near : Shiprock, with Pastor John a.m. Wednesday at the. Cope ter; Betty Yazzie,1 of FarmMancos, Colo. His wife, Irene ; TaUey officiating. Burial wfll Memorial Chapel, with the ington, two sisters; \ Amy Thomas Claw, and daughter, [be in Shiprock Cemetery. Rev. Cafon VoUmer OFM of-i BitsiUy and' Clara Begay, Maggie Jean Claw, were also t Survivors include his pafloating. Burial wfll be in' both of Two Grey Hills, N.M.;./ kflled in the accident. Funerrents, Bmce and Elizabeth Greenlawn Cemetery. Begay/ and 21' grandchUdren and 24j al sendee Is to be at 10 a.m. BUly of Beclabito; three sisdied as the result of a car great-grandchildren. Funeral/ Thursday at the Church of ters, Fannie BiUy, Santa Fe, accident at Rock.Point, Ariz., arrangements are pending Jesus Christ of Latter-day Genevieve BUly, Beclabito, , Aug. 14. He would have been and are under the direction of Saints in Shiprock with Dulce and Beverly B; Jones, a junior at [the Shiprock AlCope Memorial Chapel. . < Branch President Ron Beclabito; three brothers, ternative High School in the Velarde officiating. Burial Sammy BiUy, Ada, Okla., coming term. .Survivors in-/wfll be in-the family cemeand Richard and Elmer BUly clude his parents, Mr./and tery, near Hogback. Buck is Beclabito; and his matemal Mrs. Robert Begay, Ship- ""' survived by four daughters,' grandmother, Mrs. Lula rock; five sisters, Christine, Helen Eileen, Teecnospos, Benally,' Bellabito. Carolyn, Jerilynn, Diane and : Fannie Jo Belarde, Dulce, PaUbearers wfll be Samuel Roberta Begay, aU of the SteUa Buck, Shiprock, and BenaUy, Roger BenaUy, HarI family home; his 'maternal Nora Buck, Provo, Utah; two rison Barton, Terry Charley, g r a n d mo th e r , G race/' sons', -.-Rufus Buck, Hogback, : Hubert Charley and Gregory Growler, Sweetwater, Ariz.;; BEKIS Services for Simand Samuel Atcitty. of; ShipWilkerson. Furieral arrangehis/ paternal [grandfather, pson Bekis Sr., 62, Box 26, rock; two sisters, LuciUe ments are under the direction Charley Begay, Sweetwater; Shiprock, N.M, wfll be held Dale and Daisy- Johnson, of Brewer Funeral Home. 1 and his paternal great-grandr/ at 10 a.m. Tuesday at United Hogback; two -brothers, 1 mothert Mrs. Sweetwater Methodist Church in Shiprock Wtlfprd Buck,. Hogback, and Charley,; Sweetwater. There with the Rev.Fred W- Yazzie Jim, Buck, Sacramento, are numerous aunts and un-A. officiating. Burial will be at Calif.; two grandchildren, cles. Pallbearers will be the Veteran's Section of Ship. BFrS-LLY/Funeral serShariien Velarde,-:and Gedric Tiiriothy Blackwater, LeeC. rock Cemetary With the vice for Juanita Jumbo BitsUBoyd Bileen; three step[; Begay Jr., ArVin Begay^ John American Legion Post ly, 76, Two Grey Hills, wfll be daughters and three stepBlackwater Jr., Vincent C.; Number, 120 conducting at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the sons, PaUbearers are; to; ,be Begay / and Wilbert BenaUy. -graveside' service. BekisjUgd LDS Chapel of Toadlena, with Wesley BUeenf-Irvia. Ghee, Honorary paUbearers will-be'-' Aug. 20 at San Juan Regional Branch President Peairs Frankie Johnson, [Frank R.C. Begay, Jefferson Begay Medical Center. He was bom Nakai officiating. Burial wUl Buck,. Rufus /Buck and. J.C Begay, John Blackwater Dec. 22; 1918 at Shiprock. SurWilford Buck/Honorary be in the famUy. cemetery at Sr., Tom Lee Begay and Lee vivors include his wife, Lola paUbearers are to be Justin Grey Mesa/Mrs. BitsiUy died C. Begay Sr. Funeral arof the home; four sons, SimNakai,. Roy L.; Begay, JlmFriday at the PubUc Health rangements are under the pson Bekis Jr., Alfred Beninale BeriaUy, Bennie PhiUips, Service Hospital in Shiprock. direction of Cope Memorial nett and Albert Bennett, aU of James . A.-"Monroe, Johnnie i Survivors include two sons, Chaiiel. Shiprock,; and Johnny Bea Murphy, j Levon Bates and Wilbert and Bobby BitsiUy, nett of Crownpoint; N.M.; one Sam Keetso. Brewer Funeral Toadlena; a. daughter, Betty daughter, Naomi Deal of Home is.directlng funeral arcOr4JmJi~i-3 \ Yazzie, of Farmington; and. i Navajo, N.M.; two brothers, rangements. .-.';. two sisters.'Amy BitsiUy and *-___.,/.fr*.. * Fred Bekis of Toyel and. Big' Clara Begay; Two Grey Hills. /Joe of Shiprpck; one sister, BEGAY Funeral service There are/21 grandchildren Agnes Jim of. Shiprock and for Joe Hat Begay, 88, of Waand 24 great-erandchildren. , several nieces and nephews.terflow Is to be at 10 a.m. PaUbearers wfll be Melvin BEIGAY y Cornelia Ann Wedriesday in the Church of q_-<_ji- ffi G#yA_. } Jim,,Harry Jim, Gerald Rus Begay, 15, of Teecnospos, Jesus Christ of Latter-day .sell; Tony Bennett, Delbert I Arjz., died Sunday at the Pub- Saints la Shiprock with IJosea and Tom Pete with al-i Uc Health Service Hospital in Bishop James Begay, officiat\A/4*v$m: .mates Jones, Baldwin and Shiprbck. Funeral service is ing Burial wUlfoUow in ShipBOWMAN - Funeral for Scott Brady. Honorary to be at 10 a.m. Thursday at. rock Cemetery. Begay died Frederick Frances Bowman, paUbearers will be Alleri 1 .Emmanuel Mission in Sweet Thursday at PubUc Health Brady, Big Joe, Fred Bekis, 6-month-ld son of Freddie [water* Ariz., with the Rev. i Service Hospital in Shiprock. Lee Tashnabully,: Jerry . arid Annie Bowman of j WilUe J. Howe officiating. \ Survivors include his wife, Elwood,','"_! eniployees of = Fruitland,, will be at 10 a.m. Burial will be in the mission Ruby of their., home;, two Land OperatioaBIA and a_T Thursday at the Cope Memocanetery. Suryivors; include 1 daughters,-Julia John and American Legion Members. i rial Chapel. Burial wfll be In a son, Leonardo Tom, of j Margaret Begay of Shiprock; Funeral arrangements are Memory Gardens. The baby SWeetwater. her father, Bob ' a stepson, Jasper Ahkec of under the direction of Brewer Rialto, Calif.; three stepdied Saturday in Farmington. Williams/of Sweetwater; her Funeral Home. daughters, Wilma George of Survivors, in addition to his mother arid; stepfather, Julia Hogback, and Rosie Lee and parents- include three sisters, and Leonard;Tom; a brother, Pauline Nelson, Los Angeles, Watson/flegay; inaternal L a v e r t a , Angela; and Calif. He was- preceded in grandmother,. Amflia Begay, . Geraldine,:Mason; a brother, death .byxtwo sisters; Manf* a l l of SW e e tw a t e r . Gerald Mason; his matemal Louise But* and Mary Jim.Pallbearers/ wfll be- WUliam grandmother, Helen Mason PaUbearers wUl be Alonzo j Begay/ David/ Begay, Bob and patemal grandparents, Lee Darvin Johnson, Ernest WiUiams,' Robert Cody, Jun Frank arid-Mary Bowman. George, Leonard Goodman, Cody and -Jackson Cody. FuAll a r e r e s i d e n t s of Jimmy Goodman Jr., and neral arrangements are- -unFruitland. Funeral arrangeClifford George Jr. Funeral der the direction of Cope Mements are urider the direction morial Chapel. / q%AX. arrangements are under the ___.<. of Brewer Funeral
. _ ' '



BLACKIE Irene Rose Blackie, 25, Farmington, died

BEGAY John H. Begay45, Rock Point Mission of Gliinle, Ariz., died Sunday at Farmington. The funeral service was at 1 p.m. today at the Rock Point Lutheran ; Church with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie and the Rev.* Wallace Cole officiating. U Burial was In the Rock Point / Cemetery. Survivors include . his wife, Mrs. Helen Begay of the family home; five daughters, Anita Lee, Esther Joba,- son, AUce Burbank, Susie,j Begay and Lucille Begay; ' two sons, Victor; Hoskie . Begay and- John Hoskie Begay Jr.; two sisters, AUce B. Wilson and Evelyn Warren; and a brother, Woody Begay. There are five grandchildren; Pallbearers were Jackson Begay, Raymond Warren, Victor Begay, Daniel Begay,. Herbert Jobn,- son, Benny WUson and Jones Lee. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.




BLACKIE Funeral service for Barbara Curley Blackie, 32, of Aztec, is pending with . Brewer., Funeral Home. Mrs; Cnrley died Moa' day at, San Juan Regional Medical Center. She is survived by her husband, Sam Blackie; a/daughter, Lullnda Blackie" of/the Blahcp Trading; Post area; three sisters, Paula Jones, Dzilth-ha-o; dUth-le,' Jolinda Curley, Albu'querquefand Buthle H. Bea nie of Blanco Canyon;/ two brothers, Wilson, Harrison,
_. m m _ ' ? - " ; , , ; , ; . _ p q .'~~

San Francisco, Calif.;: and Stanley Curley, Blanco Caynon; andher mother, Anj nie Antonito, Blanco, Canyon.

I Sunday fto5c__. injuries resulti from ing from a traffic accident. She was bom Jan. 14,1957, a t San. Juan Mission in FanriIngton. Funeral service is -to be at ,10 ajn. Saturday at the American Indian Bible Mis- sion with the Rev. Sheila Cheesman officiating. Burial wfll be ; in Greenlawn Cemetery; She Is sumyed: by her husband, Hanison 'Blackie, | two sons, David and Jason Blackie,; and a daughter, Yolanda Blackie; aU/of the family, home; her mother, / Sadie, jlarrisdn of CrownjCfieJ lOAaAAlTyh ' point; ;ifather, Harry Harrison, "Farmington; three i Anchorage, Alaska, Elsie H, Reed of Kirtland and Evelyn brothers,' Benjamin Harrison H. Bennally of Shiprock. _ -, and Daniel Harrison of Santa There are 10 nephews and 14 _ Fe/ and Harry Harrison Jr., nieces. PaUbearers wfll be ; of Wmdow,.Rock, Ariz.; two BiUie H; Begay; Raymond H. - sisters, Frances Blackie and Begay Sr., Hurley H. Begay, Barbara Harrison of Crowa Harold H. Begay Sr., points PaUbearers wfll- be ' Timothy H. Begay and EmerHarry Harrison, Frank s on R e e d. H b a o r a r y Benally; Harrison Blackie, paUbearers will be Emmett Larry Platero, Donald Yazzie H. Begay, Paul Shorty, John and Victor Warren. .Funeral Arthur/Sr., Taylor Dixon, arrangements are being Charles Henderson Sr., directed by Brewer Funeral Frank Curley Sr., Robert Home.. ..:'-' Lewis, David Becenti, Alvin m : a__."" Tyler, Jefferson Tyler, Don ---.-_. H./Yazzie, Dan Reed, WiUie J. BennaUy. Emest Reed, S&A Sf^.aUy and Freddie _1!-4-<_uj/C Funeral anangeBEGAY Funeral service; ments ai d under the direction for Helen J. Begay, 45, of Basin Mortuary. Kirtland, wfll; be at 10 a__ ' HASDALE Jeffrey Lee Wednesday at the Cope Memorial Chapel, with the Rev. j Hasdale, 31; of Torreon died Paul Redhouse officiating; , there Saturday, A funeral Burial wfll be in Greenlawn [ service wfll be at 11 a.m. Friday at the Rlncon Marquis Cemetery. Mrs. Begay died .Word/of. God Chur /,with Thursday at the Shiprock David Skiles officiallng. PubUc Health Service Hospi-; tal. She was preceded la ^Burial wfll foUow in the Rln- 'death by her husband, Jim_ | con Marquis Cemetery. He Is my Mflfred Begay, in 1979_ (survived by his wife, Betty lasdale, Tprreon; three Survivors include a son;/ -is; Christopher, Alexander ..Davis Begay of Shiprock;. i Jeffrey Hasdale Jr.; four seven sisters, Sarah Blueyes;; Minnie, Charley, Lflly Joe, . B e r t h l e n e Bl,aeeye:s,. Marilyene Young, Bettytene Weaver/and Betty Harvey, d a u g h t e r s , G r t s t i n a' . all of Shiprock; and; two Bemadine,, Johannah and brothers, "Prank Lee and Joe Becky, ELU; of Toneoa; hls H a r v e y of,, T o h a t c h i . mother, Alice,Hasdale of RinPaUbearPrswfll be Frank H. Lee, Arcenio Blackhorse, , con Marquis; three brothers and two-sisters. PaUbearers Leonard Joe, Henry Yabeny i;v_-be Levi Hasdale; James Jr., Heniy-Joe and Albert =lasdale, Vanhest Martinez, Lee. Funeral arrangements are under the direction ot v'Surtls Castillo, Ralph Pinto Cope Memorial Chapel. and Gregory Otero; Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel;

J . _<_-_ 5 ^ A t ~

/BEGAY A /kenoy Henderson Begay, 19, of Sanostee, died Monday in an aufo accident in a rural area of San' Juan County. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Friday at: the Christian Reformed Church in Sanostee, with/'the Rev; Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll follow in thP famfly cemetery in ; Sanostee. He is survived by his parents/ Emmett and Mae Begay; five brothers, BiUie H. Begay of. Seattle, Wash., Raymond H. Begay of Fruitland, Harold H. Begay of Fannington. arid Hurley H. Begay and Timothy H. Begay of Sanostee; and five sisters, Betty M. Dixon of Littlewater, Lucy H. Yazzie of Sanostee, Rose H. Beyale of

BAKER Funeral service for Andrew A. Faker, 39, of Bloomfield, has been set for 1 p.m. Monday at L.D.S. Chapel, Escrito, President Leonard Lopez and Al Chapman officiating. Burial wfll be at Escrito Cemetery; Baker died Tuesday at U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital in ShiprOck. He was e_h,ployed as an engineer operator at Navajo Agricultural Products Industries for 13 years. Survivors include his wife, Elouise Baker; four sons, Leroy, PhiUip, Andrew Jr., and MUton Baker; two daughters, Bosey and Norma Baker, aU of Bloomfield;/slster, Irene Atencio * Counselor. PaUbearers wfll be Alvin Norberto, Wilbert Atencio, Leroy Baker, Herbert Lopez, Thomas Begay and PhiUip Baker. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial ChapeL,

Jf S 3

meral service / w y 75, of, V. __ at 9 ajn. ,.tu First United Methodist .., j.-h, with the Rev. David Tutt officiating. Burial wfll foUow In Green-' lawn Cemetery. Born Aug. 30,1907, lathe Bisti,area, he died Tuesday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. He was a member of the Bisti Methodist Church and Is survived by his wife, Bemice of their home; three daughters; ; Judith Harris ,and Terry [ Begay of, Bisti and Judy Charley /of - Shiprock; two': sons,' Matthew.: Begay of. Burnham and Tom Begay of. Carson; arid a sister; Martha / Tapaha of Bisti. There are 23 / i grandchildren and eight : : g r e a-tr-g-raa d c hi Id re n./ [ PaUbearera;' wfll be Wilson i Harris, Matthew Begay Jr., Bobby,;, Charley, Jr;; Andrew Begay* WoodrowBegay,-and Joe Woody Bj^ay, with Tony ; Padilla Jr.: as alternate, i Named as h o n o r a r y paUbearers are-WaUyDavis,,' Johnny James, Benjamin Hogue; Bobby CharUe Sr.,/ Kelwood Begay, Fred H.. Harris, Glenn Pablo, Martha Harris, felphirie; flegay and Marie Begay; / Funeral arrangements are : Under the direction of Brewer.Funeral


BENALLY A funeral Beclabito and Louise Benal- sons, Joe M. Martinez, arid service for Ned BenaUy, 30,... ly, Ida Mae Nelson, PhyUis Raymond Martinez of Farmof Shiprock,, is to be at 10 BenaUy and Anna Brown of ington; five sisters, CedeUa a jri. Wednesday at the Chris- j Shiprock; tour brothers, Paul Martinez and Delfinia tian Reformed Church in C. BenaUy of Shiprock, Phil- Chacon of E s p a n o l a ; Shiprock with the Rev. How- lip C; Benally of Ojo RaphiUta Garcia; CordiUa ard Begay officiating. Burial Amarfllo; WaUace BenaUy of Garcia and MoUy McDonald wfll be in Shiprock Cemetery. Los Lunas; and Ben C. (Jon) of Aztec; four brothers, BenaUy died Friday of in- Benally J r . of Beclabito. Frank Montoya and Jose juries suffered in an auto ac- PaUbearers wfll be, Robinson Montoya of Coyote, and cident.: He graduated from Foster, Arnold; R. Nelson, Ramon' Montoya .'and Pablo Shiprock, High School in 1973 -Samuel D. BenaUy, Gilbert Montoya of Aztec. There'are and was a member of the Descheny, MerriU BenaUy 15 grandchildren arid 20 high school band/Survivors and Hubert Descheny. H o a ^ g i e a t - g r a n d c h i l d r . r i . include his wife, Ruth, and orary paUbearers wiU be Jon Pallbearers WiU be- Pres two sons, Michael Steven and BenaUy, Paul C. BenaUy, Martinez, Sam Martinez, Jenold of the family home; PhiUip BenaUy, Dean Paul Joseph Martinez, Leonard his parents, Ben C. and Jr., James King, Irvin Bekis, Martinez, Hildo Martinez and Pauline BenaUy of Beclabito; Larry Foster, Mike Yazzie, Emest Martinez. Funeral ar[ five sisters, Susie Hosteen ot Jimmy Jones and Norman rangements are " under ' the' Johnson. Funeral anange- direction of Brewer Funeral ments are under the directon Home. , nits Home. A ^-O. Brewer Funeral Home. / j j ^ | d A r A ^ y

' ^flli\__CTES^-^iirie-aT service for Louise L. Blueeyes, 54, of Shiprock, is pending with Cope Memorial Chapel: She died Tuesday at : the University of New Mexico' Hospital in Albuquerque. Survivors include three sons, Alvis Kee, Alvin Kee and Alexander Blueeyes; five daughters, Alvena Wallace; Alvera Kee, Alice Gray, Anabelle Blueeyes, and Alfreda Blueeyes; and 11 "grandchildren. _

BENALLY Funeral service for Clah Zinlth BenaUy, 84, of Shiprock, has been set; for/10 a.m. Tuesday at MesaVlew Assembly of God -Church in Shiprock, Pastor Warren FuUer; officiating; Burial wfll be at Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. BenaUy died Friday at U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. She was bom July 2, 1899 at Teecnospos, Ariz. Survivors include two i daughters, Anna

. Mrs. service for _. Loretta. AUta Bouldin, 57, Shiprock, wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at'Emmanuel Baptist; Church with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll be'in Greenlawn Cemetery. Mrs. Bouldin died/Tuesday at San Juan Regional Medical. CenteK She was a lifetime resident of New Mexico and operated the Shiprock Rodeo Cafe many years, beginning In 1948. She was a member of the Christian ' Reformed' Church, lifetime member of the Shiprock Lions .dub and the Farmington Elks Club. She was involved in many Ship- rock comiriunity. activities. Survivors in. elude two daughters,: CanneUta Beauvais and "Juanita Tso; a brother, Hugh Atcitty uncle, Richard Atso, aU of Shiprock; two/stepchUdren, Jessie Ann Smith and WAi. Bouldin of Houston, Texas: There are nine grandchUdren. She was preceded in. death by her "husband,:WA. Bouldin Sr. PaUbearers wfll be Hugh Atcitty Jr., Kenneth.flegay, Raymond Fulton^ Jerry. Tso,; Tom George and Raymond Charlston/Honorary paUbearers will be W.A. Bouldin Jr.; Carl Beauvais Jr., Michael Beauvais, AnBiUy of Shiprock and Bessie thony Beauvais, Eugene Joe; Jp Edward At-. FuUer of Page, Ariz.; son, citty and Jack Begay. Anangements are unHarry Ahkeah of Flagstaff, der the direction of Brewer Funeral Home. ' Ariz.; sister, Ason Shopi of Shiprock. There are 20 grandchUdren and 13 great-grandchUdren. PaUbearers wfll be. Wilson BiUy, Raymond BUly, Roger BUly, RusseU -. Bflly, Harold Ahkeah Jr. and Steve Ahkeah, Funeral arrangements are under the direction of BreWer Funeral Home.


a_. BILLY Funeral service for Loretta Mae BiUy, 13, Shiprock, wfll be at 3 p.m. today at the United Methodist Church ;in Shiprock with-the Rev. Fred,;; Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll be In the Shiprock? Cemeteiy. Miss BUly died Thurs.dagrJaear Red Rock, ATE.; as a result of an accident. She would have entered" the eighth grade at Red Valley Junior High School.; Survivors/Include her mother,: .;Ms. Fannie BUly; two sisters,[Teresa j: and Rita Bflly'ol the fariuly home; and I four brothers, Jonathan, Dennison and [Leonard BUly of the faintly home arid; [Peterson Bflly of Shiprock. PaUbearers Loretta Mae Bfflv ^ ** BiUlsoniflegay, Da. d/Harry, Loretta Mae BUly j ^ ^ Lee, Jonah.Harry, Jonathan Billy and Peterson BUly. Funeral arrangements are under,, the direction of Brewer Funeral Home. ._,

~umj uicu paiuroay I

[.BEGAY - Funeral service for Dan Be Beeav vt of , --, * _ d " gay, ,10, Ot 'i )SDos. Ariz.. is _ __ n f.,n-.:_:-; xffatt uegay, 35, of yecnospos, Ariz., is to be at -10 a Jni Thursday atthe Emmai ursday at the Emmanuel Mission in Sweetwater, Ariz/ Pastor Wesley Begay wiU officiale.'for the service With 1. r_ r,.

Juan Countv..He _ survived, by .Ms- wife, n r a Begay; County. -.He is ^ % ? Z * & & ^ Maggie l San
! three sons, Ian, Lyle and Deems; and a daughter; Urstacia; /his parents, Robert and Rose Begay;, David r Begay of Fruitland, Alex Begay pf Sweew/_ r, Leo Begay of I Tyler, Texas, and Johnny Begay of Lohg_ew,,, Texas; .four [sisters; Hazel Taylor, Sally Scott, Bessie Nargo and Lucille .[-Begay of Sweetwater. PaUbfearers are-fo be David Begay ; Alex Begay, Leo Begay, Johnny Begay Larry Moore.and I Jerry Moore. Funeral anaqgenients are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home. A J ^ A i A^A$\jff 7 f ~ % " BEGAY been set for 10 a.m. Thursday af Cope g a y ^ A BEGAY Funeral service for Ronald C. B e MemwFruitland has Funeral service for Ronald ic Begay_}8[M tan.' Thursday af Toni' Niehof al Chapel with the Revs. Sampsonw Yazzie andCope MemWofficiating/ Burial' i. >n i ^ - ~ ' - * /.IS to,be in the lamuy cemeteiy at -u*- MJ uie family [Toadlena. A welder for Arizona Pubh'c Senrice Co. afltfa Marine veteran,, Begay died Sunday at'KIrtterid. Survivors'' include his wife,. Marie A. Begay at home; three daughteiS,^., Melanie, Tamara and Tara Begay at home; a son, Joshua," Begay;.,mother, Helen Begay of Toadlena; father, Roy C_^. Begaye, of Shiprock; two brothers; Roy Kenneth Begay of ' Fort Defiance, Ariz.,: and LeRoy Harrison Begay Sr., ofy i Sheep Springs; sister, Marian Jean Thomas of Farmington;', A and maternal grandfather, Lewis Cambridge of Toadlena. PaUbearers are to beSteve Ortega, Steve Kelewood, Roy K. Begay, LeRoy H. Begay Sr., Feriin Thomas, Herbert R. Thomas Jr. with Faron Thomas and EerPy-Begay Jr. as /honorary paUbearers. Funeral, ananeemerits are under the " direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. y;._____ 3 . >'--'>>-

A^tA^MOA^a^ J ^ ^



mm t

.;. ,

CHARLES - Sylvia Ann Chapel'of Farmington. SurCharles, newborn daughter of vivors include his. wife,; Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Charles of of . S a n F r a n c i s c o ; / [ t w o Bluff, Utah, diedThursday at daughters,;' Elaine- Cody /of PubUc Health Sendee Hospital Fannington and [EUeen Cody ; m Shiprock. The funeral, ser- of Shiprock; two sons, Vemon vice was Saturday at the St. and Steve;; both of Shiprock; Christopher Mission in Bluff, an ,aunt,i/Jeanette, Tsosie -of with the Rev. Stephen Plum- Farmmgton; a brother, Sam-' mer officiating .Burial was ia my Joe of San Jose, CaUf.; and; Mission Cemetery. Other sur-' two sisters,; EUen: Toledo of vivors include a sister, There- Farmington and Anna Pad[ asa of the home; three ,dpck of Seattle, Wash. //,/%: brothers,.Charleston, Elroy and Leroy Jr., aU of the home; I AA7A paternal grandparents, Ace ._,- i__i__it, Funeral service and Ramona Charles of i j forMyrtle Mae Choate, 75, of Cameron,; Ariz.; maternal ; I Fruitland, wiU take place Wedgrandmother, Lena Shorty of nesday at 10 a.m. from the Montezuma Creek, Utah;/pa-' Brewer Funeral Home Chapel ternal great-grandmo-her, /with Rev. Paul West of the Myrtle Knight of Cameron, /Shiprock United Methodist | Francis J. Hrirvey and \Heriry and m a t e r n a l g r e a t ^ Church officiating. Burial wfll Jrimes. Funeral; arrangements g r a n d p a r e n t s , Tom and be in Greenlawn Cemetery are under the direction of Cope Kathleen Stash of Bluff. FunerMrs. Choate died Saturady at al anangements were made the San Juan Regional Medfe-' under the direction 'of Cope cal Center/She was bom N o ^ ' Memorial Chapel of Farm25, 1902, at Heabner, Okla. 5' . ington. manied Green M. Choate/a .'...-. -."-'. ",.- Mrs.: Bessie Rufe, Okla., in: 1924. She "bar CHARLEY io-iA- y\i% , Yazzie Charley, 80, of t h e taught in pubUc schools and [Carson area: died ^Sunday' at CODY Thomas Francis y t : was a resident of New Mexico ; ; the PubUc;Health Service: HosCody, 47, of San Francisco, 18 years. She was a member of 1 pilal[ iri Shiprpck. FunenjJ serCalif., died Oct. 9 in San the Federal Employees Retire/ vice wUl be, held at 10 'a.m. Francisco as the result of a ment/Club. Survivors include Saturday at the Carson-As-x. hit-and-run accident. Funeral her-husband, Green M. Choate ksembly of God Church with the'., services are pending under the J. of Fruitland; a daughter Betty / R e v . CharUe Y. Brown ptficlat' direction of Cope Memorial - Dunson of Waterflow, a son ; ing..,.Burial WiU be in the ^ Don Choate of Farmington' : .Carson Cemetery. She is suri four grandchildren, t h r e e . vlyediby her husband, Joe ? great-grandchildren and four if'Charley of the C_trson, area, 4 brothers. PaUbearers wfll be" f i. and: a son, -BiUy . Yazzie'; of l ;./CURL_Y i - Funeral service C\s, Guy Winters, Arthur' Schulte I i Blanco. Canyon. There .are s for Jolene Curley, an Infant ^ Bennie Gibson, Frank Cathey, ,1 [. ev'en g r a n d c h i l d r e n . 1 who died Sunday at San Juan j , Walter Bryant, and Randal Pallbearers will/be- F r a n k Regional Medical Center,/ wiU ^Griffin. Funeral anangements //Blackie, Shone Begay .Thomasr '"" .'ll'/a/m.' Thursday at the are under the. direction of [Jose, Stanley..BekiseA^wof Jesus Christ, of Brewer Funeral Home.-''-: . . . . d a y Saints i a Page, i./rertce, Beklse ' a n d Cufif or;d;i J-iz., with Bishop Brysow Yazzie/ Furieral ariangfefnen^ Jones officiating. Burial wfll are under the direction o&Cope , be at the Page Community - _ P _ _ . " ' " - " ' " Miemoi Cemetery. Survivors include: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kee Curley; two brothers, Garrison /SHIPROCK Nava^o___P^'"eportedRr had decided to and Jackson Curley; two sisPolice divers recovered the. swnxt across .the; lakp against ters, Kathleen and. Jacquleea body: Wedriesday jnighf of a : ? e * d y i c ^ * * , & ? e n d s . . ? * " , Curley, aU of the famfly home \ -,-'.'. /. , he drowned in the icy water. Two Grey HiUsyouUi w h o ; T r i b a i ; , - g g - A m n d o w j in Farmington; the patemal drowned in Burland. Lake near _--- grandj-arents, Edward and Rock, Ariz., and Shiprpck were Washington Pass. Mary Curley of Kaibetoi-Ariz., | - P o l i c e s a i d , t o d a y ' t h a t continuing an investigation toand maternal- grandmother, day ;* /friends who. had been fishing ,Bessie; R()ckbridge, of: Pinpn, [with Vemon Curjey, 6; near ' Curley is the son of Mary Ariz. Funeral arrangemerits Jane Clah of/TWo Grey Hills |tHeshore reported the accident are under the direction of Cope and Nelson R e e v e s of. Memorial ChapeL about 7:30 p . m . . T h e youth Fniitland.. . _ - - _ - _ - - - - y

ituanes A


/ CHEEFuneral service for Jonah WUUam Chee; 38, Ship/rock, who died Friday at Sdn Juan Regional Medical Center, is set for 2,pjn. Tuesday at Christ the King/ C a t h o l i c ' ; - Church m Shiprock. Burial wiU be at Shiprock Cemetery. Survivors include two daughters, Charlene Chee.and Darlene Jean Chee; two sons, Jerome \ Jonah Chee and Jonathan CheeJ Jr.; aU of Lukachukai, Ariz.; four brothers, J i m m i e W> ', Chee, Red Rock, Ariz.,,Albert B. Chee, and Curtis/Chee, ; Lukachukai, and Kenneth Chee; Shiprock; three sisters, Amilda Harvey .arid Agnes , Chee, both of Lukachukai, and Elizabeth Jame, Sanostee. Active pallbearers WiU i be Jimmie ";.W- Chee, Albert B. Chee, Kenneth Ghee, Curtis J. Ghee,



browns in Lake




J I: /




_ll Obitu



CHARLEY-^-Funeral service for Wilson Charley';: 31, Water-/ flow,;who died/Tuesday in an:[ i/auto accident/on U.S: 550, is 1 scheduled for 10 aim; Monday? Sat the LDS Chapel in Shiprock/ [with :Bishop Manuel, BenaUie" Sr. officiating. Burial; wiU be in/ Shiprock Ceirieteiy. Charley Is survived by/two sisters,; Lorena Charley and Mary Rose Charley, both/of Water^ flow; and^one aunt, Hannah Foster,. Hogback/__cti ve. paUbearers wfll be David B. Lee, Johnny Nelson, Elder Kidd, Larry Foster, Leo Dennison and Elder Spatig: Funeral anangeriients. are under, the i direction of Cope Memorial Chapel j Aq ^ _

CLAH Funeral service for Include his mother, Evelyn /Herbert T. Clah^ 51, of Dixon, Kitty of/Shiprock;/ three x%A>J7ZZAm-a^{ Calif:, formerly of Shiprock, : daughters,/Sharon Natani of iCHEE;^ Gravesid- _ - * a l ' /wfll be at 10 ajn.: Wednesday Window Rock;:Ariz./Cheryle iervlce for Brace Chee, 68/ of ' at the First United Methodist Benally of Farmington and irieth, Utah, .is scheduled: for: i ^Church in Shiprock. Clah died. ; Evangeline. Clahchlschilli pf 10,ajn, today at the family Dec. 30 of natural causes /in Shiprock; two sons. Ron S. .cemetery with the Rev. Arthur' Sacramento, Calif: The Rev. Clahchis chilli of Shiprock and Norris of the Arte th Christian ,, Paul West wiU officiate at the Gerald Clah O Farmington; a Reformed Church officiating. f /service..Burial.wfll be in/the; sister, Ruth'Westbrook of Ship- He - died Wednesday from. in. /veterans' section of-Shlprockf rock; and two. brothers, juries received: in a traffic'-' [Cemetery. He was a veteran of; ; WlUlarn Glah of Califomia 'and accident "on US."666, Survivors . Wbrid'War n, serving with the: Lewis Clah of Farriilngtbri. - include i three / slstep/[ Louise'/ U.S. Marine Corps. Survivors There; are four grandchildreri. Mill,[Shiprock,,Pauline Lee,' Pallbearers, will be' David Aneth.^Liicy Chee, Chinle, Westbrook, Alan Westbrook;: i Ariz.; seven nieces:and:three : Donald Bflagody, Thomas At- ; nephews: Active pallbearers citty, Fred Yazzie and Melvin will be 'Wayne/Lee, Larry/C. Poyer." Arrangements; are i Begay, Clyde Jones andrEddie made [under: the direbtidn of [ HiU,; Funeral' arr'ang'eriiertts' are, under the direction of Cope [CopeMemorial ChapeL Memorial Chapel.
. ; . - ' - : _.:.;-,.-..:;.. 'i-----i-.';.----_-. . '--"



Anniversary Celebrated
Lewis arid/Ada Cambridge, Toadlena; recently. celebrated their ; 60th /wedding anniversary. /A special celebration was held in their honor by relatives; Christian Reforaied.Church. Cambridge was bom Jan. 10, 1894 and Mrs: Cambridge was bora Dec. 23, 1893: They were married April 1,-1917 in Shiprp/ck by the late Rev/ CampbeU who was a missioriaiy/at the and friends who gathered for a Presbyterian; Ghiirch; irir Shippotluck dinner at the Toadlena rock at that .tune.



Mr. ond Mrs. Lewis Cambridge

, CANUTO; y WendeU Everitt Trading Post. PaUbearers wfll "i Canuto, 14-mpnth-old son of be Wilbur Canuto and;Van i. Wflbur and[ Evelyn Canuto of Canuto. Funeral anangeriients a Farimrigton, died Suriday at are the under direction of Cope the PubUc Health/;Service, Hos- Memorial Chapel. pital in^prpek: Funeral ser-, rice' wfll/be/held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Cope Memorial Chapel with Sister /Harriet; ,Janssen officiating. Biirial wiU be in. Memory Gardens. In /addition: to his parents,, the/ /child is survived- by''; twos [ brothersjii -Wlnstoa-Everitt Canuto .and Wesley Everitt Canute and a stepsister, Janice : Bonnie, all of the/family home;/ and his patemal grandiribther,; Mae'/Canu to /.of > the /Blanco /
- ; : j / - : . _ _ _ ; . : ; , ; . ; ; .; 4 _J/r,,-;.





' -


Center. He had received head driven by Jason Martinez, 18; ceived minor injuries in the and intemal injuries, a broken of Cuba, when it was involved accident. Ms,--Delagarito repelvis and spinal injuries, po- ;in a head-on collision with a ceived minor Injuries. Two r car driven by Jane Delagarito, passengers in her car, HarUcesaid. risoaGeorge, 21, and WUUam ;24, of Counselors. The accident occurred about Martinez and three other Kitso, age unknown, both of pjn. Nov. 11, on N.M; 44, about passengers in the pickup re- Cuba, were not injured./ 31 mUes north of Cuba. V- ; PoUce said Chavez was riding m the rear of a pickup CT_A'\___^-lF__raI service', / for Doris Chavez, 61, of Escrito CANUTO The funeral/of .Trading Post, Cuba, is schedMae A. Canuto, 74, Blanco U U M U U i iv. .uled for 10 ajn. Tuesday at /Trading Post, has been I; CORN - T h e funeral of Church.-of the Brethren in scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday [Reed,Com, 56, Shiprock, has. . Lybrook. Mrs. Chavez- died at the Latter-day Saints Stake been set for 10 ajn. Friday-at' Thursday at U.S. Public": Center, 400 W. Apache, with the Shiprock LDS Chapel with Health Service Hospital in President Al Chapman of the Bishop James Harry Begay /Crownpoint.' She was I bora ,' LDS.Escrito Branch officiatofficiating.. Burial wUl be in ' June 18, 1918; in Nageezi. Her1^; . tag; Burial wfll' be ta Memory , Shiprock Cemetery. Com died father was; old Man, Big Hand Gardens. Mrs. Canute; died Monday in Shiprbck. He was a and/her. mother's maiden; Thursday at San Juan Re.uranium miner, for a number name was Nanabah. She rnar-' gional-Medical Center. She is of years in the Rico and Sleek ried Frank Chavez on Jan. 7, sutyiVed'by five daughters* Rock areas of Colorado. Sur1940, at Nageeri; Mrs. Chavez ! Maiy Todue of Todto, Mabel vivors include one . son; was a housewife and member I Jbhhson and Maggie White Raymus Harrison, Shiprock; of the Church of the .Brethren. -..,' : Brown of Durango, Colo., Ruby/ one daughter, Fannie Har:; Survivors include her?; hus-; j Betonl" of Nageezi and/AUce/ rison, Shiprock; and two sis,;, barid;i: daughter:. --Urania-,! : Canute of Blanco[ Trading ters, Mary Nolan and Bessie t !' Postpone son, WUbur Canute > /.Chavez;; brother, Geceil Big[ Martin, both O Shiprock. He ; f \/Hand; /and sister, Mary fl; Sf: of Blanco Trading Post; was preceded in death by bis Chavez/ Funeral service is . two stepsons, Joe Canuto Jrrof j mother, Mary Cora, last July. under the direction of Brewer Nageezi and SteVen: Canute' of 1 Active pallbearers include Funeral Home. / Blanco Trading Post; one step-'.4 : David Shorthair,; Ray; Short. daughter, Sadie Yazzie of hair. Everett Etsitty, Ray Carson; two sisters; Myra ; Nolan, Jerome Peterson and I V J M ' A T C (__,4t_-A_j<l_ .-j " / ' j - Antonio of Blanco [Trading. Raymus Harrison. Honorary Poist-and: LoueUa Harrison of. iXAAy-'m - ' -paUbearers are James Joe.and Fruitland; and one brother, Curtis 0. Gamener. Shiprbck Tonj^Lopez of Blanco Trading ._- &-v"A U--_v-JU, Funeral Home is in charge of Post!., She had 28 . grand- ' chUdren, including Alvin Benny ' of Blanco Trading Post, A L , ..Ami wlttrlwhpm she Uved. There , are.33 great-grandchildren. Ac/ live' paUbearers are 'RandaU Stager Post No;T?517. Charlton.! Betonl, Vern Betoni, Vern Chavez, four-month-old daugh- f Tdied Sunday at Shiprpck.'He is Canuto, Nelson BenaUyson Jr., ter of Mr. and "Mrs.. Lee j survived by his mother; Helen 1 Chavez of.Nageezi, died. Tues.> i : Stanley Bitonny and Cecil j Yazzie; two daughters,: DeCariuto. Honorary paUbearers i day at the Cuba Health Center. ] I lores Canuto .f-Kirtlandand" ! are Alvin. Benny, Joe Canuto j Funeral service wfll be at 2 I Patricia BenaUy of Hogback; J r | Wilbur Canuto Sr. and ;;pih; Friday at thp Latter-day j four brothers, James Yazzie ofI Steven Canuto. Cope Memorial ' Saints Church In Escrito with I Hbgback,'.he Rev. Jackson _ President[Al Qiapman officiat^'Yazzie of Denver,.Hoskie ing. Burial- wfll be in the Yazzie of San Jose, Calif.,/andEscrito Cemetery. PaUbearers Roy.Henderson- Pf Salt Lake De __L Ervin (Chavez and City; and three/ sistersj, Alice , ' Hanna and MarUyn Yazzie, [of' /Eddie Dean-Scott. In addition KJDl [Hogback, and-Shirley SeUsof F ._the parents, survivors in--, I Waterflow. There are five*" - CHARLTON iFuneral serelude two sisters,, her twin i grandchildren. Pallbearers ;; : vice for Hugh Yazzie Charlton, Velda, arid Teresa Chavez; one wfll bei James Yazrie, John 51, Hogback, wfll be at 10 a.m. brother, Nathan. Chavez,' aU of 1 Pettigrew, Ronald'Roy Robert Saturday at the Shiprock the family:,home; maternal: Pettigrew, Jimmie'Joe and Christian Reformed/ Church grandinother, Mae Ch|p Robert Yazzie. Funeral ar-, : with [the Tlev. Jackson Yazzie CastiUo of Pueblb Pintado; arid> rangements ' are under the .[ officiating. Burial wfll be in paternal;; grandparents;; Mr.? direction of the C.iprock, Fu- " , Shiprock' Veterans Cemetery. and Mrs. Juan Chavez of : neral'Home. /.: Graveside service wfll be conNageezi/ Cope Memorial ducted by the Veterans of Chapel is in charge of funeral Foreign Wars Morgan and arrangements^;'^.. -MH^i'-V.-.'.V.-iSaB-tevAfr I '' A Counselors man who was injured in a two-vehicle accident rtear here last November died.Tuesday in anAlbuquerque hospital as the result of injuries received in the accident, according to state police. :'Jimmy Chavez, 52, died ,,5:15 p.mi Tuesday .at /Bernalillo County Medical

Counselors Man Dies From Injuries








- _VST1_L0 ^ F u n eeral^ s * r t l sdrvice f or Casey Castillo, 37, Cuba,., will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at- the Cuba Baptist ;... Mission with the Rev. David McKenzie officiating. Burial will :be in//the the -Cuba Cemetery. He/died Thursday at the. PubUc: Health' Sendee Hospital at Crownpoint. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. LuciUe Castillo;. a ' son, Emerson Castillo; arid a brother, George J. CastiUo/aU of Tpneon; and two sisters, Betty Chavez of -Ojo Encino and Martha Cebada of Cuba. Pallbearers wiU be George Castillo, Bragan Castillo, Keith Castillo, Raymond Chavez, PhflUp Apachito and Tommie Chavez. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

IVl _liU_ 1 _ V t m ^ y . .



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CLAH Funeral service for Bah Clah, 80, of Teecnospos, Ariz;, wfll be held at lOajn. Thursday at: Cope Memorial Chapel: Mrs. Clah died Sunday of natural causes at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. Burial wfll be held at Memory Gardens'. Mrs; Clah was preceded ta death by two daughters, JoeUa Belta in 1956, and Louise Manycattleta1971. Survivors; include three daughters, Marie C. Tbmchee, Irene C. Todacheene and Daisy Babbitt, of Teecnospos; two soris, Herbert C- Brown and Henry Saitclah, both of Teecnospos; one sister, Mrs. Captain Benally,-Of Red Mesa, Ariz.; one brother, Reuben Lee, of B e c l a b i t o ; 28 grandchildren, 21 greatgrandchildren and 2 greatg r ea t - g r a n d'c.h i 1 dr en . Pallbearers will be Wesley Bfleea Norman Brown, Jimmy B i l e e n , P h i l l i p Todacheenie,'Elder Sagers and Elder Lundgren. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope/Memorial

//CLAH Funeral service for Bah Clah,; 80; of Teecnospos, .... ...'Ariz.,-'will be held at 10-a.m. : Thursday at/.Cope Manorial Chapel. Mrs/Clah dledSunday ; of natural causes at the PubUc., Health; Service Hospital in' Shiprock. Burial wfll,be held at "Memory; Gardens. Mrs./Clah Was preceded Iri death by two. daughters, JoeUa Bella in 1956, arid Louise Manycattleta1971. /Survivors include t h r e e [ daughters; Marie C, Tomchee, Irene C. Todacheene and Daisy Babbitt, of Teecnospos; two sOns; Herbert C. Brown and Henry Saitclah, both of Teecnospos; one sister, Mrs. Captain Benally, of Red Mesa, Ariz.; one brother, Reuben ; L e e , of B e c l a b i t o ; - 28 j grandchildren,. 21 greatgrandchildren and 2 greatg r e a t - g r a n dch iI'dr en ; Pallbearers will be Wesley BUeea Norinan Brown,. Jimray B i l e en , P h i l l i p Todacheenie, Elder Sagers and Elder Lundgren. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.



CURLY HAIR - F u n e r a l ; service for Atpltty Begay Cur' lyHalr, 93,.Cove, Ariz., wUl be at .10. ajn. Saturday at. the ... Shiprock LDS .Chapel withjBishop James H. Begay officiating.' Burial wfll be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Curly Hair, a - weU-known medicine man in the Cove and Red Valley, Ariz., area, died Monday at the Public Health; (Service Hospital ia Shiprock. I He/Is survived by two sons, IDoa Lee King and Timothy King of Cove; a daughter/,: jSusie Tapaha, Cove; twphrothers. King Tutt of Red ' Valley and Jim Bekis of Lukachukai, ArlzuThere are 10 grandchUdren and eight greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers wiU be Don. Lee King, Albert Tapaha, Tony Tapaha,/John Tapaha, .Glen Tapaha and feaymbndj?J6.e. Funeral ar-[[, irangemenfe: are; under diree- [ i itioa of 'the''Shiprock Funeral


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CASTILLO.- Jose CastUlo, 84," Counselor's, was prono'uribed dead on anival at the Cuba Health Clinic Tuesday. Funeral service wiU be at 1 p.m. Saturday at Brethreri Navajo Mission in Counselor's with the Rev.,Woody Yazzie officiating. Burial WiU be in i CAYADITO-Funeral serMission Cemetery. He is survice for Jose Cayadlto, 90, ,of i vived by two brothers, Lee .Pueblo Pintado, has been set TrujiUo and Robert TrujiUo of for 11 ajn. Monday at; sCounselor's; a,sister, Stella mbly of God Ch._ch.e30 Largo of Counselor's; a stepEncino, with the.Rev. Martm son, Charley Jim of Toneon; and numerous nieces and i G Martin officiating., Bunal wUl be'mOjo EriciBO/Ceme nephews. PaUbearers wUI be ' tefy cayadlto died Wednesday Frank TrujiUo, Fred. TrujiUo, atCuba.Health Center.^urJohnny Toledo, Gleri Chiquito Vivort son: MUes Jr. r John Toledo and Harold Harrison of Counselor,, andtwo Atencio. Funeral arrangebrothers, Alfredos CayadWo^ ments are.under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. , v Pueblo Pintado and Frank, Atcitty of Star Lake.. Active Ja. bearers will be Johnson Lrrera.. Eugene Martinez I CHARLEY John Charley,! H r0 Johnson Andy Herrera aand ^ |72, Shiprock, died Sunday at Lopez, Martinez, the PubUc Health Service HosMiles Harrison. Funeral arpital in Shiprock. Funeral serrangements are under tne vice will be held at 10 ajn. . Thursday at Mesa View Asitrection of Cope Memonal sembly of God Church in Chapel. t f - / 7 f Y ^ x i J ^ J ' 0 Shiprock with the Rev. Charles -_^_-ri_^g|^ Lee officiating. Burial wfll be ;Y CHARLEY John Charley, C... . j in the Shiprock Cemetery. He' i is survived' by a daughter, 78, Whitehorse Lake, died SatDaisy Harrison ot Shiprock; urday at the Crownpcanf Pub- . three, sons, Glenn Charley of lie Health Service -Hospital/ Shiprock, Dale Charley of The funeral was held at 1 p_n.Phoenix, Ariz., and Wallace today/at the famfly residence Charley of Window Rock, at Whitehorse Lake with the Ariz.; a stepson, George Lee Rev. Gordon Stult and the Rev, Sandoval of Shiprock; and a Alfred Becenti officiating,'. brother, Jimmie Smart, and a Burial was in the family" sister,; Elsie Buck both of cenjetery; Survivors include Shiprock. There are 12 grand- his wife, -Mrs. Virgima M. : children and three great- Charley of the family home; grandchildren. Pallbearers ; seven sons, Teddy Charley,; DeiiriisC. Mescale and Wayne ' wfll be WaUace Charley, Glenn Charley, all of Whitehorse Charley, Leo Harrison Sr., Raymas J. Lee, Melvin Lee [Lake, Harry Charley of Piano, and Jimmie Smart." Funeral I Texas, Lawrence Charley and anangements are under the j Timothy M; Charley, both of direction of Cope Memorial i Farmington, and: Stanley Charley of CanoncitO; three [ daughters, Lucinda Charley j -and Mary Yazzie, both of j Whitehorse Lake, and Shirley ! G. Shutco of Albuquerque; two I sasters,/Annie fl. Largo and [Annie Chee, both of Whitehorse - Lake;, and four _r_hers, B^n / Tkgsie;/ Fred Willie, E a ^ / Belone-iand-Al Smith; all of Whitehorse Lake. There are 35/ [ grandchildren and five: great-1 grandchildren. Pallbearers : were- Westley Martinez; Harry . Charley,.Lawrence Charlef Timothy M. Charley, Philh. Apachito and Mark- Shutco. Funeral arrangements were under the. direction of Cope; Memorial Chapel/

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,,' CORDOVA Funeral ser-

: CtwrtLES Funeral service for Stanford,H. Charles Jr., the day-old son of Shiprock residents Stanford Charles and the former Bessie Gable wfll be held 10 a.m. Monday at the Brewer Funeral Home chapel with the/Rev. Charles Yellowman officiating. Burial will Mow In Ctreenlawa Cemetery. The baby was bom in Shiprock and died Tuesday fa Albuquerque. Along with the-parents, survivors include, orie sister, Sandra Rose Charles, of Fruitland. Funeral arrangements are under'the direction of: Brewer, Funeral Home -j; < .

l ]. ! I I 1 ,, i . i

CURLEY Funeral service for Vernon Curley, ,16, Toadlena, wfll be held at 10 ajn. Monday at the Toadlena

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U. ym

LDS Church with President Samuel Sloan officiating. /Burial wfll be in the Fort Defiance Cemetery in Arizona. Curley was dead on arrival at Shiprock Hospital Wednesday. The youth drowned Wednesday ta Burland Lake near Sheep Springs Mountain. Survivors Include his father, Nelson Reeves, Waterflow; mother, Mary Jane Clah;- stepfather, David Albert Clah;. sister, Rhonda Ann Clah; maternal grandmother, Ramona Curley; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Clah, 'all of Toadlena. Pallbearers wiU be I Harvey Begay, David Clah, ' Fteddie Brown; Emest Brown, "'Heniy;Curley and Freddie Hunt. Anangements are under ; direction ot Shiprock Funeral j Home. V^'f %

CHEEFuneral service for i Wilson Chee Jr., 6 months, .'-.Shiprock,'who was dead Moa , day on arrival at the U.S. : PubUc Health Service Hospital ! in Shiprock, is scheduled for 10 L: ajn? Thursday at Cope Memorial Chapel. Burial wfll Mow at Memory Gardens Babylahd Cemetery. Survivors include his parents, WUson and Shirley j Chee, Shiprock; one sister, : Jaquline Jane Chee, of the i family home; his paternal grandmother, Mamie Chee, Shiprock; his maternal grandparents, Julia, and James Thompson; 'and his patemal great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley John, Red Rock, : Ariz. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial ChapeL I {-J #

AATATMh '-yyA'u'fSi vice for Erma Jean Cordova, 36, of Cortez, Colo., who died at the Cortez Southwest Memo;rialHospital Tuesday, is slated [for 10.'ajn. Saturday at Mesa View Assembly of God Church j; in'Shiprock with the' Rev. Charley Lee officiating. Interment wfll Mow at the Shiprock Cemetery. She was a teacher's aid with the TriCbunty Head Start Program in Cortez. She is sutvived by her husband,/.Chris Cordova of Cortez; a daughter, Lenora Lee of Shiprock; a. son, Larry Cordova of Cortez; her;pa-, rentsj Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee of Shiprock; tour sisters, Elsie A. Nabahe, Laura M, Lee, and Denora Lee, all of. Shiprock j and Delorah Lee of Phoenix, j Ariz.;- four sons,. Raymas J. Lee, McDonald Lee and Melvin Lee, all-,;of Shiprock, and Reynold R. Lee of Navajo; and six grandchildren. Active paU bearers Will be Raymas J. Lee, Reynold- R.; L e e , McDonald Lee, Melvin Lee,. Wallace; Charley and RusseU Lewis. Wilbur Lewis will be an alternate. Funeral arrange-

CAPTAIN Funeral service j for Roy Captain Sr., 30, of 1 Shiprock, who died Sunday, is I set for 10.a_m. Thursday at Mesa View Assembly of God Church fa Shiprock with the Rev., Charles Lee officiating. Burial will be in Shiprock cemetery. He is survived by his, wife Arlene Captain of Shiprock; his mother, Mary Captain of Shiprock; one. daughter; two sons;" and three ! sisters. Active paUbearers wfll; be Raymond Anderson/Ernest! Sandoval, -Bruce Manygoat, EdwardAtcitty, Hugh Atcitty Jr., and Lloyd Keeswood. Fu- i: neral anangements are under the direction of CPpe Memorial

/ CHAVEZ Funeral sendee for Stanley Qhiavez, 27,. Nageezi, who died^ta a traffic accident fa Farmington Friday, wfll be at 10 ajn. Wednesday, at the Lybrook Navajo Mission wljh Pastor Tully - Butler [officiating. Burial wfll be in Lybrook Cemetery. Chavez was employed by the city of Bloomfield. He is survived by his parents, Henry and Mary Chavez of Nageezi; three brothers, David,: Harold and Rudy $havez; five sisters, Marie. Chavez, Larita Toledo, Urania Chavez, Loretta Werito and Teri Chavez, all of ' Nageezi; an aunt, Frances Slim; a nephew and three . nieces. Active paUbearers wfll be Ervin Chavez,. Frank.. Chavez, Charles Martinez, Undy Chavez,. Johnson Hanison and Andrew Charley. Funeral arrangements are' under the direction of Cope Memorial 1 pel


''"'-'^xAmm ' (^A**- A"A

CHARLEYFuneral sendee ' for Tyrone James Charley, / nfae-month-Oldson of EmersonX i and Katherine Charley of .. Fruitland, wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday, at San Juan All , Saints' Episcopal Mission with [ !' the Rev. Henry Bird official- ' " [ fag. fluri_/w_t be; in: the \ Memory Gardens Babyland : Cemetery. The child died Tues. day at the San Juan Regional \ Medical'Center. In addition to his parents he is survived by a brother; Edward Charley; sish ter, Alfreita Charley of the y . family home;: his maternal 2 -: grandparents,, Paul and'Mirian [of- Anderson of Fruitland; his ;/ patemal:grandparents, Happy-' te' and B e a t r i c e C h a r l e y , Ifti-- ChUchinbeto,; Ariz., and. a maiy ternal great-grandmother, ^ Desdah Anderson of Fruitland/ , 1(j Cope Memorial Chapel is in .0 charge of anangements. ,


CAMBRIDGE Funeral service is planned at 10 ajn. Wednesday at Christ the Ktag CathoUc Church ta Shiprock for Lorine Lena Cambridge of ShiprOck, 26, who died Friday ta an auto accident. FatherAdam wfll officiate at services,, with burial foUowing in Greea lawn Cemetery. Mrs.-_Cambridge was an employe ofFlrst American.. Dairies ta Cortez, Colo. She Is survived .by-hpr. husband, Harold," son DarreU and daughter Geraldirie, aU of the family home; brothers Robert G. Johason /of. Fruitland; Harvey G.i Johnson of Page, Ariz/,,, and, Curtis G... Johnson and Roger G; Johnson of Shiprock; sisters; Catherine; Lanstag-'ahd Marie Irene Joha-, son of" Shiprock. Active/ pallbearers wil be Roger,, Harvey,.: Robert anc. Curtis Johnkm,,. Leonard Cambridge and Albert KeUywood: Funeral anangements are under thedirection of Cope. Memorial ChapeL 'AA'-fi-,^



CLY Funeral service is scheduled'at 1p.m. Friday in the LDS; Church in Blanding/ Uah, forCorihe Ann'Oy, 4. of : MexlcaiTHat, Utah. Corine fdied iri Monument Valley, .Utah, Sunday of head: injuries, ' She was bom to Lany dy. and Bessie Black/dy Dee. 1, 1972;, ; and was a member of the LDS I church. Sheissundved by-her - mother, a hrother and; three %sisters. Burialwill'be ia Bland-^ i'_ig cemetery. Funeral arrangements are being directed f by Lee andvOviatt_Ibrtuary.

1 IT.


.____L_Q - A Funeral/ service for Mrs. Juanita Castillo, 82^Cuba, wiU/be/atvll: aim. CHAVEZ Funeral sendee Ingo and Paul Chavez. Funeral "Wednesday at the Cuba Baptist for Jimmy Chavez, 51, Coun- anangements are under direcChurch with the Bey David; selor's, will be held at 2 pjn. tion of Cbpe Memorial Chapel. McKenzie officiating; BurialSaturday at the Church of wfll be. in, the Cuba; Cemetery. Jesus Christ of Latter-day She died Saturday /at the; CURTIS Funeral service Saints at Escrito with Presi- for Dionna Esther Curtis, newCrownpoint PubUc Health Serdent Al Chapman officiating. born daughter of Ronald and vice, .Hospital. Survivors inBurial wfll be in the IDS Eleanor Curtis of Shiprock, clude two sons; Tsosie CastUlo Cemetery.. Chavez died Tues- wfll be held at 10 ajn. Saturr and Woody Castillo;: three day at the BemaliUo County day at Christ the King CathoUc daughters, [Laura Woody 'Etta Medical Center in Albuquer- Church,in Shiprock with the ; Gprdo and/JLouise Ghiquitof a; Chapel. ISjyajL.;/ <0j% que. Survivors include his Rev. Lawrence Schreiber/; sister, Christine AntOne; and wife, Helen P. Chavez of OFM, officiating. Burial wfll : two ; brothers/" Ei_Uip/CastiUo ^AtjLyr^^- AAJ.f-j. Counselor's; two daughters, be in the Shiprock Cemeteiy. and Jose/Castillo, all from CHARLES Funeral, serEvelyn Chavez of Counselor's' Survivors, fa addition to her Toneon. There are 38'grand-, vice for WUUe Charles, 24, of and Anna Mae Chavez of parents. Include a_slster, children and "62 g r e a t - . Newcombj has been set for 2 Preston, Idaho; three step- Brianna Curtis of Shiprock; a grandchildren/Pallbearers, p.m. Monday at Cope.Memorisons, Erriest Chavez Sr. of halfbrother Shane Curtis of will fae Paddy Gordo, Roy/ i al. Chapel, the Rev; Floyd Huerfano; Nick Chavez of Shiprock; maternal grandr Martin, James Wood; Sam F. Frank officiating. Burial is to Escrito and Paul Chavez of mother, Marie Begay of Pine . Chiquito, Juari -Cecil Cowboy be in Memory Garderis cemeDulce and three stepdaughters,, Springs, Ariz., and paternal and Woody An tone. [Funeral-/ tery. Charles died May:25 in an Nancy P. Larvingo and Max- grandmother, Barbara Ciirtis; anangements are under the ; accident in GaUup, He/was a ine Larvingo of Huerfano, and of Shiprock. PaUbearers will/ direction of Cope Mfemorial member.of the Navajo Rodeo Eunice De Jesus of Dulce. be'DarreU Curtis and; Kevin Chapel. ".-A. "'---%, Cowboy Association.". Survivors Pallbearers will be William Cixtis. Funeral arrangments include parents, Phillip arid . HAyEZ iPuneral service Chavez, Ernest Chavez, Harold/' re under the direction of Cope Glenda Charles of Newconib;:.. for, Lorenzo Dean' Chavez, 30, Lopez, Levi Valdez,. Roy Larv/ Memorial Chapel. four sisters, EUzabeth Nez of Cuba, will be ' a t 1- p.m. Germany, Ann Janet Taliman Thursday at the Toneon Nava;6f. Farmington,' Gwendy jo Mission with the Rev. David' KeUywood of Albuquerque,.and Sidles officiating.' Burial wfll Bemice Edsitty of Newcomb; be. In the Torreon Navajo twp brothers, John J i m Mission Cemetery. He died Charles of Farmington, and Saturday, at Toneon. Survivors CH-AVEZ J u a n / J o s e Emest PhiUip Charles of Newinclude his wife, Mrs. Edith Chavez, 101,,died today at thecomb; and maternal grandCASSADOR Funeral serShiprock PubUc Health Service mother, Fannie Redhorse pf vice Is scheduled at 10 ajn. . Chavez of the family home; a Hospital. He was borri'NpV. 15,, Newcomb. There are numerWednesday at the Jicanlla ^ r " son, J e r o m e / a n d two 1877; at Burnham. He; was: ous neices and nephews. Apache Reformed Church of"tj daughters, Lorinda and Flpriimarried to Lorraine,' Jake : da aU of the family home; America for Juan Cassador, .* Active pallbearers will be Chavez at / Whitehorse; Lake. three brothers, CecU-Chavez; 80, of Dulce, who died Sunday 0 Ernest Phillip Charles, Nelson He -had been a .rancher and Kee Sandoval and Richard at San Juan Regional Medical t 3 ~ Peterson, Presley Begay, was, a lifetime resident of New Sandoval, aU of Cuba; anda Center. The Rev. Russell !f^ James Thomas, Bobby Edsitty Mexico; Funeral anangements sister. Rose Jim of Cuba. Dykehouac/wiH officiate. are pending with the Brewer and Harry P. Hoskie. Funeral^ PaUbearers will be Cecil Burial wfll-be,- in the Dulce Funeral Home. anangements. are under theSfl ' Chavez, Gibson Chavez, Wayne Cemetery. Active paUbearers .-direction of Cope Memorial : D. Chavez, Andrew Jim, Clifwill be Arnold Cassador, .Chapel. I ford TrujiUo and TuUy TrujiUo.: CHARLEY The funeral ; Alcario. Cassador, Dean , Funeral arrangements are unCassador, Carson Dedios, service' for William H. '' -der the direction of Cope Nelson Lucero and' Harold .Charley/ 29, ;ofi.ChUchinbeto, % Ariz., is scheduled for Monday..,; Vigil. Survivors include three daughters: Nina Cassador and at 11 a.m. at the Church of Nazarene fa ChUchinbeto with : Ardlna Vigil of Dulce and _TTNTB-l - - _ - _ _ _ the Rev/Charlie C. Billy '.. Carol ColUns of Shiprock; one son: Alcario Cassador of officiating. Burial is to Mow CURLEY Funeral sendee John Curl.ey of Gallup. fa-the ChUchinbeto Cemtery^/ Dulce; and a half,brother: for 13-year-old Murphy VirgU Pallbearers will be RusseU Celest Cachucha of Dulce. Charley died Thursday at BaCurley, son of William and BenaUy,, WUliam Curley Sr./ There are 13 grandchildren taan Memorial Hospital in; Marie Curley of Shiprock, wfll William Curley Jr.; Roy and. 14 great-grandchildren. Albuquerque / PaUbearers wfll[ be held at 10 ajn. Saturday at Curley, Harrison Bainbridge Funeral arrangements are unthe Navajo Baptist Temple fa and Raymond Johnson. Funer; der the -direction of Cope be Jimmie Charley, Franklm Shiprock with Missionary Bob al anangements are under the Charley, Robert CharleyTuUy I J. Walker officiating. Burial direction of Cope Memorial Sharkey; William Sharkey and wfll be ta the Shiprock Ceme- ChapeL Teddy Mustache. Survivors intery. He was the victim of a clude the wife, Janet Charley; car-pedestrian accident March. daughter,: Janice Charley; paj 27 in Shiprock. In addition to rents, Mr; and, Mrs. James H. his parents, he is survived Charley; brothers, Jimmie and by two brothers, WiUiam; Franklin. Charley; and sisters, Curley Jr. and Roy Arnold Rita Big .md Janella Charlotte, Curley; four sisters, PhyUis, aU of .ChUchinbeto. Cope MeKaren, Kathleen Ann and morial Chapel is fa charge of Maria Curley, aU of Shiprock; anangements. and his patemal grandfather,



.:vi_anAfuneral service for Frank Clark, 32, Teecnospos, "Ariz., who died Thursday fa Farmington^ is set for 2-pun; Tuesday at Cope Memorial I Chapel with the Rev. Paul [Redhouse officiating. Burial I wfll be: la Memory Gardens Cemetery. He is survived by his mother, Mary Clark, Teecnospos; and one brother, Wfflle Clark, Aneth, Utah. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial







recited at 7:30-pjn. today at Hood Mortuary Chapel In Durarigo, Colb,; for Clifford G. Cook; 36, of Ignacio, Colo., who died early Saturday in aa auto accident a mile east of Ignacio. Mass wfll be said at 10 a.m. Tuesday by Father Donald Gastonguay at the Southern Ute : Community' Center/fa Ignacio, followed by burial in the Ouray Memorial, Cemetery there. "Cook, born' '' Aug. 29,1943;faShlprock,was: a member of the Southern Ute Tribe and Ignatius Catholic Church fa;Ignacio,[where he worked tor the;wildUfe conservation office of the tribe. He was a Vietnam veteran. Survivors include his wife, Melanie Baker of. Ignacio; three children, Ryan Edward Cook, ; Arden Cook and Meredith ' Watts; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Cook of Ignacio; two brothers, Marvin Cook, of San Jose, Calif., and Charles Tones of GaUup; and a sister, Mrs. Roger Sage of _gnacio.

CUrfLSY-~^uneral sl-V_r for William Curley Sri, 44, Shiprock, wfll be at 10:30 ajn. Saturday at Christ the King ! Catholic Mission Church in Shiprock with the ReV. Larry Schrieber; OFM, officiating. Burial wfll be in the Shiprock Co-rimunity Cemetery. A former Navajo police officer, he died at his Shiprock home Tuesday. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Marie Shirley Nakai Curley; two sons, William Curley Jr. of Cuba and Roy : Arnold; Curley of Shiprock; I four daughters,.PhylUs, Karen, i Kathleen Ann and Maria Curley Pf the famUy home; j and a step-brother, Amos- Joe of Hogback. There are two grandchildren, Ryan and William Curley I I I . .Pallbearers will be William Curley Jr,; Roy Araold Curley, Russell Benally, Harrison Bainbridge,, Larry Blackwater and Marty Clah. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Shiprock Funeral Home

"' CLARK '"'' Funeral service for Lucy "Bih-Bizee-Bitsih" Clark, 104, Sanostee, who died Tuesday at her home, wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Christian Reformed Church ta Sanostee with Pastor Frank Curley officiating. Burial wiU be at the Sanostee Family Cemetery. Mrs. Clark was a member of the Christian Reformed Church. Survivors include three sons, Earl Henderson, BiU D. Yazzie, Tom D. Henderson; four daughters, Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. Lucy \ M. Curley, Mrs. Roselyn' B. Bedah and Mrs. Mary C. \ Henderson; and; one brother, Jimmie Pawn, aU ot Sanostee. She is also survived by 45 grandchildren and 44 greatg r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active pallbearers will be Herbert Henderson, Albert Henderson, Edward Curley, Harrison... Curley, Anderson Bedah. and Andrew Bedah/ Funeral ar rangements are under the direction/of Shiprock Funeral,

CURTIS. Funeral', sendee for Louise D.,_Curtisi 17, formerly of Sheep Spririgs, wfll ; be held 10*a.m. Monday at : Christ, the King Catholic Church, Shiprock, Trith Father Lawrence ^Schreiber, OFM; officiating. Burial will, be in Sheep .Springs cemetery. A waitress at Chef Bemie's res-. / taurant here, she died Thurs: day. Survivors include her mother, Margaret Curtis, and ! four sisters,-Melinda Watchman, Betsy, AUeen and Georgialena Curtis, aU/of Sheep Springs; two brothers, Michael and Justin Curtis; -matemal , [ grandparents Fannie and Carl Curtis; an: aunt; Mary Rose Begay, aU[ of sheep Springs; and two uncles, Edward Curtis/Sheep Springs, and/ Samuel Curtis, Nevada. Active pallbearers will be Robert, Chester,-Toby,.Edward and ' Sairi Curtis,,arid Lester JohnsoSTFtmeral arrangements are : ,' urideri the direction of Cope f Memorial Chapel. -'./ L - /y/

^ / ^ s ^ f f f , / f m ':-*aAmY^AAJA f l
( ijflARLEY Funeral sert vice for 2-month-old Jerald . Jim Charley, son of Tony Charley and Pauline Keesonnle of White Rock; wfll be at10 a.m. Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. John Brakefield officiattag. Burial wfll be .in Memory Gardens. He died Sunday at Crownpotat. In addition to his parents, the baby is survived '. by a brother,: Duane J. Charley of the family home; bis patemal grandparents, Jim and Lucy' Charley of Smith Lake; and his mater! nal grandfather, Frank Keesonnie of White Rock, j PaUbearers wiU be. Franklin I Keesonnie and Tony Charley. [ Funeral arrangements are under, the direction of. Cope Memorial Chapel,
;,.,~a_.zyv ;, * -.

ll-'ilm - i q S d


CLAW Funeral service for Tony Claw, 75, of Aneth, Utah, is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday at the LDS Church in / Montezuma Creek, Utah, with . Mormon missionaries officiating.; Burial. wfll be in the family cemetery in Aneth. Claw, born in Aneth, died Wednesday after a long illness fa Chinle, Ariz. Survivors include one son, Herbert Claw, [Aneth; seven daughters, Mrs. . Ida Harvey, Montezuma Creek, plus; Bessie, Stella, I Sarah, Rose, Cecelia and Marian Claw, aU of Aneth; one !' sister, Louise Claw, Teecnospos, Ariz.; five grandchildren and seven greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers /wfll be Christopher Joe, Tyn-. 'dell Chee,. Rocky Rockwell, PhiUip Harvey, LyndeU Chee; and Harvey Yazzie. Anangements are under the direction .of.Shlprock Funeral Home.

CHAVEZ Funeral service for Stanley Chavez, 27, CURLEY "Funeral service i Nageezi, who died in a traffic for Benny Curley, 24, accident fa Farmington FriFruitland, wUl be at 2_rj_, : day, wfll be at 10 ajn. Wednes^ Friday /at Cope Meal .rial [ day'ai-the Lybrook Navajo Chapel./Burial will .be in . Mission with Pastor Tully Greenlawn Cemetery. He-was pronounced dead ori'arrii%il:at-; i Butler officiattag. Burial;wfll be in Lybrook Cemetery. San Juan Regional Medical Chavez was employed by the Center foUowing an automobUe city - of Bloomfield. He is accident Monday. He was emsurvived by his parents, Henry ployed by the Bureau of Indian and Mary Chavez of Nageezi; Affairs as an operator englt three brothers, David, Harold neer fa heavy equipment. He and Rudy Chavez; five sisters, was a 1976 graduate of KirtMarie Chavez, Larita Toledo, land Central High School. Sur.' Urania Chavez, Loretta Werito vivors include his father, John Sluri of Fruitland; a sister," ; and Teri Chavez, all of Nageezi; an aunt, Frances Lena Stevenson and a brother, Slim; a nephew and three Norman Lewis, both . of ' nieces. Active paUbearers wfll Fruitland; and six cousins be Ervin Chavez, Frank Lucita Curley, Wilfred Curley. Chavez, Charles Martinez, LinSr.',- .Sherry Curley, Larry dy Chavez, Johnson Harrison Curley and Perry Curley, aU of and Andrew Charley. Funeral Fruitland and Esther Westori anangements are under tbe of Aneth, .Utah. Pallbearers direction of Cope Memorial Remus Weston, Wilfred Coriey Sr_, Calvin Stevenson, Chapel. Hi.3(So Larry Curley;: Norman Lewis , and Perry Curley. Funeral arrangements are under the direction; of Cope Memorial LDOJ,
_ _ _ _ . , _

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-HURLEY. Funeral semce i for*Judy, :Wood Curley,' 26, Newcomb, and her year-old soa Dewey Woody Curley, wfll '. be held 10 a.m. Monday at the Toadlena Christian Reformed 'Church with the Rev, Floyd Frank officiating. Burial wiU follow in the Toadlena cemetery. Both were victims of a "traffic accident last Monday in Sheep Springs. Mrs. Curley ; died at the scene, and her only ' child succumbed later that day at the San Juan Regional Medical Center. Mrs. Curley's survivors include her husband, Larry V. Curley, of the famUy ' home; her parents Sam and Marion Wood, Newcoriib; three sisters, Virginia, Vergie,, and Rosemary Wood; and three brothers, Sam Wood Jr., i-'txy-/<___- _ ? / . / i

"___raid dyde^WCod and Jerry Sam Wood, all of Newcomb; and a maternal grandmother, Bessie Bainbridge, also of Newcomb. Along with his father/survivors of the infant Dewey include paternal grandparents Harris and Louise Curley, Winslow, Ariz.; maternal grandparents Marion and Sam Wood, and a matemal great-grandmother, Bessie Bainbridge, all of Newcomb. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

j i j |

".URLEA ..mineral/service for Kenneth Lee Curley, 21; of Sweetwater, Ariz., wfll be/held 10 a.m. Monday at v edp_/:Mem6rial "Chapel with Joe^Dee officiating. Burial wfll'.tie,:faMemory Gardens cemetery.. Curley died ^ITTUIA [/Wednesday, April,'29;- from an . accident ia Round Rock, CURLEY Funeral serAriz. Survivors include his vices for Ruby A. Curley, 48, parents. Bob and Lillie'[ Shiprock will be held TuesCurley of Sweetwater; three ' day at the Christian Rei brothers, Ricky, Robert, and formed Church in Shiprock, j Jamie Curley, and one sister, 11; a.m., with Rev.: Edward /'Eugenia Curley, aU of SweetHenry officiating. Burial wfll water; and a maternal j be In Greenlawn cemetery. grandfather, Bobby Woody of I Active paU bearers wfll faRobert Curley,'. Owen Hob- 1 Round R o c k . A c t i v e paUbearers. wUl be Wilson day, WaUace Curley, Thomas Yazzie, Robert Curley, Alfred Bigman, Virgil L. Kirk, Jr. ' Nargo, Albert Peshtony, John and - Earl Albert, Honorary " Pallbearers will .be/Art j W. Peshtony, and David > Davis,, Frankie Alfaert and . Wager. Funeral arrangements are under direction of i Josea Pinto. Funeral , arCope Memorial Chapel. rangements are. under the direction of Cope Memorial. Chapel// Mrs.' Curley died : CAMBRIDGE Funeral March 26. at San Juan Resenice tor Juanita Christine i gional Medical Center.. Sur- I Cambridge, 16, Shiprock,'wfll vivors include her husband,,; be at 10 a.m. Thursday atthe Leo/J.-Curley of family;, Church of Jesus Christ of home; four sons,; Robert,. Latter-day Saints, Shiprock, Wallace and Randy Curley, ' with Manuel D. BenaUie Sr.; Shiprock, officiating. Burial |':,Shlprbck and Gerald Curley, [ wfll be in the Shiprock Ceme.GaUup;: a daughter, Evey jtery/ She died July 19. .Sha |- Kirk/ok :Las//Cruces; her. ' was a studPrit at Aneth Com-: Biriotherii-Gerturdei Bigman of j inumty School. Sumvors faTwp; Grey/HiUsr father/and; ; elude her father, Juan [Caicct ir: mother, Mr/ and Mrs/ Josea ! bridge, Shiprock; her moth[ Rafael of Pintado, two i pr,- Winifred Foster; Shipi brothers,; CecU Albert of Two : rock;/.'.three brothers, Victor : \ Grey; Hills arid-Thomas ! Cambridge, Phoenix, Ariz.; 1 [Bigman of Teec" Nos'Pos, and Larry and Kevin CainAriz;,, four grandchildren, Jridgej'Shlprock;. two-sisters, Vi-Tprila; arid-.'Vanessa IQric Rita and Davone Cambridge; /and- Gerald' arid. Jonathan arid, paternal grandparents, ; Curley;/and aa aunt. Rose iHarris and Esther Cana-' i Chee ofcTwo GreyHill_. bridge, Shiprock. PaUbearers ! will he Juan Cambridge, Wilr Ham Foster; James Cambridge;; Larry Cambridge, Elder Hill; Elder Oakey, Leon Cambridge and Calvin [Cambridge. Funeral arrarigements are under the direction of Shiprbck, Funeral Home."'

CHAVEZ Chester Thompson Chavez, 49, Farinfagton, died Monday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Mike McConvey officiating. Burial wfll be fa the Brethren In Christ Mission Cemetery at Blanco Trading Post Survivors'include his wife, May P. Chavez of the family home; two sons,' Chester Chavez Jr. arid Virgil' Chavez of Farmington; a stepson, Christopher Chavez pf Farmington; a daughter, MarUyn Chavez of Farmington; his father, Juan Chavez of Nageezi; six sisters, Frances Keitso,; Arlene Andsb and Helen Lopez of Nageezi, LIUie' Burroughs of Emporia, Kan., and Ruthle Brown aid Etta Arviso of Fannington; and two brothers, Ervfa and Lee Chavez of Nageezi. There are three grandchildren; PaUbearers wfll be Christopher Chavez, Jackson Padilla, Ervfa Chavez, Kee BenaUy, Lee Chavez and Wilson Sandoval. The honorary paUbearer will be Harry Harrison. Funeral anangements are under the-direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. b A f r ^ ^ J A f % H " % S , CHARLEY ^ Funeral service for.RandaU Charley, 23, of Toadlena, wfll be ,at 10 auri. Saturday at the Christian Reformed Church m Toadlena, with Floyd Frank, officiattag. He died i n a onecar auto accident/near Littlewater on Tuesday. Burial wfll be fa Toadlena Comunuiiity .Cemetery,/with graveside services conducted I by the Shiprock VFW. Post NoV'9517.'A graduate of Wingate High School and a U.S. Army veteran, he is sur-. viVed by his parents,. Morris and Mary T. Begay Charley, Toadlena; five brothers, Tom Charley of Shiprock, Henry, Jimmie and John Charley of, Toadlenaand Larry Charley of-Sanostee; and; matemal , grandmother,, Mrs.. Roselyn flegay, Tocito/ Active paUbearers wfll be Jimmie j c_arley John Charley, Tom ! Charley Sr., Calvin S. Begay Jr . Daniel Atcitty and;And e a n Brown. Funeral arrangements /art under tiie direction of the Shiprock Fu.neralHome. [['.;

; CHARLEY^! Elmerson Riley Charley, Fruitland, died Monday. He was 1 year and'10 months old. Graveside funeral sendee wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Memory Gardens, with Pastor Kenneth Smith nf the Trinity Assembly of God officiating. Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Charjey, Fruitlartd; three brothers, Edward Emerson Jr. and Emeric, aU of the family home; a sister, Alfreita of the family home; matemal grandparents, Paul and Mirian Anderson, Fruitland; matemal greatgrandparents, Happy and t Beatrice Charley, Chfachfabete, Ariz.; and six uncles and nine aunts. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. / .& CHARUE Funfral service tor Gary Albert CharUe, 24, of Tuba City; Ariz., is pending with Desert Memorial Chapel fa Tuba City. He is i survived by his mother, Geneva Nanaakl of Tuba City. ; Brewer Funeral Home is han1 dUnKiocaLarrangements. .


CHILLY Funeral service fori JeanDenet ChUly,; '82, of Shiprock, wffl be at 10 , i a.m. Friday at Cope Memorial Chapel, with the Rev. Allan C. Neskahi.. officiating. Burial wfll be fa: Memory / Gardens/She died Monday at FarmingtonSan'-Juan Manor/ Survivors include three daughters/Marie Clah, and Helen Begay of Hogback and Mae 'Dee /of Shiprock; two sons, / TomIDeChlUy, Farmington and Toin H. John of Hogback; three sisters; Amy Kfadle and /Elizabeth Light, Rattlesnake, and/Anna Gar; nenez, SWprock; 34 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and 2 great-greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers /will be Ron Dee, Harold DeChiUy,, Myron / DeChUly, Wallace DeChUly, Raymond Charley and Delbert Clah. Funeral arrangements /are under the direction, of Cope Memorial Chapel. . ;,,../,;.

COHOE David Raymond Cphoe* 54, of jShlprock, :dled at PubUc Health Service Hospital: in SWprock Thursday. He was bom June/1,1927, in Toadlena. Funeral sendee /will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Newcomb Asserribly/ot [God 'Church, with the Itev, Larry Emerson officiating.; Burial WUl be in the famfly ceme'tery north, of Toadlena. He 1__ been employed as custa Shiprpck High School before -becoming ill.. Survivors include his wife, Helen Cohoe of the, famfly. home; -

.'unerai service for James Chee, 47, Sheep Springs, wfll be at 1 pjn. Thursday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chapel at.Sheep Springs with President Harrison R. Johnson officiating. Burial wfll be ta the Sheep Springs Cemetery. Chee died Friday at Sheep Springs, the result of a hit and run accf? dent. He is survived by his'' mother, Mary Chee of Sheep Springs; two sisters, NelUe C. Darinlson and Anna Tso, both of Sheep "Springs; six brothers, Hany Chee of Ora gon, CharUe, BiUie and Roy Chee of Farmington; Glen Chee of Newcomb, WUson Chee of Tohatchi; a daughter, Lisa Marie Chee and a son, John J. Chee, of Sheep Springs. PaUbearers Wfll be Wilson Price, Roy Chee, Leonard Sandman, Billie Chee, Glenn Chee and Leroy Chee. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of

CAS' TftLO^omtaRose Castfllo, 40, Toneon, died Tuesday at the Cuba Health Clinic. Funeral service wfll be at 1 p.m. Saturday at the First Baptist Church of Cuba, with the Rev. Tom Guerito officiating. Burial wUl be In Cuba Cemetery. Survivors Iriblude a daughter, Priscilla Thomas; three sons, Reason, Nelvis and Homer CastUlo; and four sisters, Bertha Jack, Lucita CastUlo, Mae Castillo and Luda CastiUo,-aU of Torreon. There are three grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be Joe Gordo, Bennie Pueblo, Yazzie Todacheenie, Ernie CaistiUP, George Bebe and Raymond Jack.'Funeral ar . rangements are under/the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. _,


two sons, Timothy and Travis Cohoe; two daughters, Sandra arid Stacy Cohoe, aU of the famUy home; mother, Maxine Cohoe of Toadlena; five sisters, Virginia Deal, Elizabeth Mute and MarieLapahie of Toadlena, Sarah Wayman of Midvale; Utah, and:Qara Sandoval-of WfadOw Rock,/Ariz. ?. arid three brothers, Aiidy Gohbe, SWpro c k, E dm und'/G o h oe; Tohatchi, and John: Cohoe Jr.; Toadlena/ He was preceded in death by bis fattier, John. Cohoe Sr., _<^l971;.and twpfai-tiiers, Dee in 1956 and, Robert/in 1963. Pallbearers wiflbe./Andy Cohoe, John Cohoe.Jr,, Timothy Cohoe, Edwin Cohoe, Leo Sandoval . and Elliott Wilson Sherman. Travis "Cohoe and Edmund Cohoe a r e h o n o r a r y , pallbearers. Funeral arrangements are-under the direction of Cope-Memorial Chapd. CAMBRIDGE Funeral service tor-Ada Cambridge, i 86, of Toadlena, wfll be at 10_ a . m . S a t u r d a y at--the' Toadlena Christian Reformed Church, with Gary Klumpenhbwer and Floyd Frank, officiating. She died Tuesday: at San Juan Regional Medical Center. She was boia Dec., 23, 1894; ,ta Toadlena. flunal wfll be in the family cemeteiy fa Toatflena. Survivors^ include her husband, | Lewis Cambridge of the family home; four daughters, Helen A. Begay. and Lorena , Upshaw of [Toadlena, Amy Jones of Prescott, Ariz., and Gladys Anderson of Fbrt .Defiance/ Ariz.; three- sons, James Cambridge and Fran-, ds Cambridge, of Toadlena and. Melvfa;;Camb_dge;/and two brothers,; Morris Natoniand John B^gay of Toadlena." There are/'29 grandchildren j and- 25 great-grandchildren. j PaUbearers wiU be Michael Upshaw,.-Nelson Cambridge, Samuel Cambridge, Walter LaPlante; James Cambridge Jr. and Ronald- Begay. ' Herbert/ Thomas,' Dean/ Aa derson, Silas Upshaw/'; and Norman Cambridge are; hoa i orary paUbearers. Funeral arrangements are under: the direction of Cope Memorial

for Mrs. Anna W. Clah, 84, Shiprock, wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at the Navajo Bapitist Temple in Shiprock, with ^A, Pastor Bob Walker, official-. j . fag.. Burial will be ta the Ship- r o c k : Cemetery., Mrs; Clah O - died Wednesday at her home. -^'A native'pf Aneth, Utah, she. had' been ..a resident of'.'Ship-; C rock 35 years and was a rug ^ weaver. Survivors Include LS her husband, Felix Clah of Jf' the famfly home; a son, HarMNison Begay of Holbrook, ^ Ariz.; iand two daughters, ^ M r s . Beth Cloud of Shiprock .jj' and Mrs. Fannie SchnnaUy of Kayenta, Ariz. There are 26 grandchildren, 30 greatgrandchildren and three /'great-great-grandchildren. PaUbearenk'wfll be Leonard , . Doctor, Larry Kinsel,. Johnf son, Washburn, Johnson Washburrii'Jr., John Joe Jr.' arid Leonard Washburn; Hoa brary/paUbearers' wilT be 'Harrison Begay and Jimmy ' Cloud. Funeral arrangements ;.'are under the directionrifthe > Shiprock Funeral Hoine.

r unci cu , __. VILC

w w J Funferfd setvice * for Robert Keith Curtis, 27, of , | Upper Fruitland, Was'Satur- ; day at Christ, the King CathoUc Church iri Shiprock with Father : Cormac ' Antriam OF_M. of Tohatchi; officiating. Curtis died at home Moa day.,- Burial was iin Sheep Springs Community cemeteiy. Survivors indude his wife, Hilda Dobey Curtis;;pa4 rente, Cari D. and Fannie Begay Curtis, Sheep Springs; three.sons, Robert Keith Jr., Roger Keith and Rodney Keith Curtis, Sheep Springs; ia daughter; Jiilla CharUe, Newcomb; four .brothers, ' Samuel. Curtis// Owyhee-jsj Nev., Edward Curtis, Sheep ' j Sprfagsjony Curtia,;Wildcat, i and Chester Curtis, Sheep Springs; nine sisters, Mrs/, Mary Rose Begay, Margaret' Curtis, Mrs; Shirley Foster, ' Mrs.J_P.earl 'Brown, aU of Sheep "Springs, Isabel Allison and- Mrs} Elise Watson, '-Tob-itchi, .Mrs/ Eunice ' Irv" ing, Pine Dale, Mrs. LiUian ^McDonald; -,Two Grey Hills, I and Annette Curtis of Sheep K! jJring.; -$_n_s. numerous f n i e c e s ; frid/neiphews. j PaUbearers-[were Eddie W.. (Foster, Tony Curtis;,Chester iCurtis, tieonard '^Begay, Larry Begjay.. and Sampson McDonald; Funeral arrangements were under the direction of. Shiprock Funeral j Home.

David Raymond Cohpe




(____^n__ieral service AfWT^ CHISCHILLY - Funeral for Fred Cude1, 93, of Cudei, J : CHARLEY Funeral serCLAW n__racaervice service: for Tom ChiscWUy, has been set for 10 a.m,. vice for DahUa Jean Jackson for Charley Claw Sr., 66,' 86, Fruitland, wiU be at 10 Thursday,;at the Cudei. Charley, 27; who died Feb. 3 ^ SWprock, wfll be at 10 a.m. a.m. Friday at Cope MemoriChapter House,/with Jim wfll be Monday at _: p.m.,at Tuesday at CWdst the King al Chapel, with the Rev. Tom [ Charley and Uoyd Harrison the Cope Memorial' Chapel. CathoUc Church of SWprock, , Harmon officiating. Burial officiating/Burial wfll be fa with the Rev. Caron VoUrner.. The Rev. Leo H. BenaUyfSr. wUI be fa the family ceme' the- fariiily cemetery at officiating. Burial wfll be l a ' wfll officiate. Burial wfll be tery. near Chaco Canyon. Cudei. He died Sunday at the SWprock Cemetery. Visat Greenlawn Cemetery. DinChischUly died Tuesday at . [ Good Samaritan Nursing itation hours continue until 8 ner wfll be served for famUy the. PubUcZ Health Sendee: r"Home. Survivors include hisp.m. today at Cope Memorial and friends after the sendees Hospital fa SWprock. He Uved i wife, Gean; two sons, Fred I Chapel. Claw died Friday at at the American Indian Bible' ta the Chaco Canyon area " \ Jim and Tony Cudei of SWp- , Waterflow. Preceded fa death Mission Fellowship Hall. most of Ws Ufe, and ta his; I: rock; a daughter, Helen Har[ by one son, Robinson Claw in Mrs. Charley is survived by a early years used to break rison, SWprock; and a sister, I April 1982, his survivors fadaughter, Melody Ann horses. He owned race horses Sadie; KeUyWood, SWprock. . Charley, of the family home; I eluded five daughters, Sarah from 1937 to 1948 and Was' There are 24 grandchildren i her father, Jimmie Jackson, | BitsiUy, Mary C. Dale, known, for the/ h o r s e s ' and / 38 great-grandchildreti. j LaPlata Highway; two Gladys ll Clah, Leona Mae quickness. He worked for the PaUbearers wfll be RayJim, . Claw, and Rite Mae Dale of brothers, Darnel Eugene and railroad and farmed in Upper P_rvey Johnson Jr., Bobbie SWprock; and four sons, Lee Joseph Lewis Jackson, both Fruitland from 194Q .rurijfil \ Lee Yazzie Jr., Alvin Har' Clah, Sampson Claw, Edison ofi, Farmington; one sister, i 1958. He had a wfadlmlP .n . risoh, George KeUy Jr. and | Claw, and Charley Claw Jr., Lorena Jean Jackson, Farm, aU of Shiprock. There are 14 his land in the Lake>iVaUey Jones Lee Paul.: Kenneth ington; maternal grandi grandchildren and,three area from wWch area res. i Begay and Carlton' Steve mother Edna CastUlo, Coun| great-grandchildren. ;, Johnson are to be honorary ! dents benefited. He was the selor. PaUbearers wfll be 'pallbearers.; Funeral: arkindest man toT aU people; Darnel Jackson, Joseph Jackrangements are under _ the son, Danny Lee,, Robert Survivors include three direction of Basin Mortuary. daughters, Sara B. Charley, , N-flson, - Roger Nelson and PalfteAT-STnll be Sampson Chaco Canyon, Bessie Pine,; Richard Pete. Funeral arClaw, Charley Claw Jr., Kirtland, and Alta M. Dodge, Larry Dan, Edison ClaW, rangements are under' the Fruitland; three sons, Jeny Arnold Dan and Jimmy direction of Cope Memorial fl. ChischUly Kirtland, NorJacob. Funeral arrangeChapeL ,:;-:;,,.. man ChiscWUy, Fannington, ments are under the direction and Jimmie Pablo, Lake Valot Cope Memorial ChapeL-/ ley; three "nieces, Mary Sand""^CLAW; Funeral service CHEE Tommy Chee726, for. Robinson Claw, 25, SWpSWprock, died Monday. He oval, Lake-VaUey, Aimie Gus rock,/wfll be at 10a.m. Tueswas- bom July 14, ,1955, at of Carson, and Rose Henry, day at Christ the King Catha SWprock. Funeral service is Crownpoirit; two nephews, Uc Church fa SWprock, with scheduled for 10 a.m. SaturCHAVEZ H e r b e r t Wilson. Zospah, Show Low,. the/Rev. Caron ;Volmer_. day at Mesa View Assembly Chavez, 59, of Escrito, died Ariz., and Leo Padilla, Lake OFM, officiattag. Burial wiU of God Church, SWprock, . Tuesday at Cuba Health I VaUey. There are 30 grandbe in the SWprock Cemeteiy. 1 with the Rev. WiUiam. HarClinic. Funeral sendee is to [chUdren and 26 great-grand1 'Claw died as the resultof an rison officiating. Burial wfll be at 1p.m. Saturday at the chUdren. He. was preceded, fa - accident on U.S. 550 Thursf. be/la SWprock Cemetery. j Lybrook Navajo Mission, death by; his wife," Mae, ta day. He had been employed Survivors include his wife,'' j with the Rev. RusseU Kiester 1973. PaUbearers wiU be Nor1 as an auxUiary operator 'for Sarah, pkSWprock; two sons, officiating. Burial^ wiU be ta man ChischUly, Jack Gus, Arizona PubUc Service/SurTommy J_ and George Chee Lybrook Cemeteiy. Survivors Leonard Pine, David Gus, vivors/Include Ws father; _ of SWprock; Ws parents, \ include his mother, Eva Calvin . Padilla and John Charley- Claw, Sr., SWprock; Steve and AnnabeUe Chee, of i Chavez, of .Dulce; four sons, Dodge.-Funeral arrangej SWprock;: three brothers, j Hubert, Eugene and Stanford ; three brothers, Sampson ments are'under the direction I Claw; Charley (_aw Jr; and [ CharUe, Steve Jr., and Alan Chavez of Dulce and Emerof Cope Memorial Chapel. Chee, SWprock; three sisters, ': Edison Claw, aU of SWprock; son Chavez of Aztec; a slsiter, Helen VigU of Dulce; three four sisters,. Mary :Dale, j brothers, George and Jimmy0 Gladys L, Claw, Rita Mae 1 Chavez ot Fannington and Dale and Leona Mae Claw, Gladys Begay, IsabeUe De: Kenneth Cha m j f j aU of SWprock; and an aunt, . CASTILM A Phillip netcWW." -?d Bemicie Ghee, i Elsie Buck, SWprock. There CastUlo,.33, of.Toneon, died i SWpi-[/> sd*>>d his 'matemal are- three nephews and . a Counselor's; three grand; [ Wednesday at the Cuba granc .r-V.a; Mr; and Mrs. : ' mece. surviving.; PaUbearers I children;,.and numerous Health Center. Funeral serJoe Tanj Red Valley.. : j' will- be Dan Clark,. Albert n i e c e s and n e p h e w s . vice.,[will''be at 10 ajn. TuesPaUbearers will be Cecil I Willie, Ambrose. Yazzie, i PaUbearers/ wfll: be Melviri, day at Toneon Mission, with BenaUy,.Roger BenaUy, Sam Amold Dan, Larry Dan and ' \ Chavez, Norbert Chavez Jr., the Rev. David Scott officiatJoe Tan, Samuel BenaUy, 1 Hennan Johnson. Honoraiy Raymond, Lar/ingo, Earl I' fag/Burial will be fa the fam-." PhiUip. Begay and- Leonard . paUbearers wfll be Sampson i Chavez,. Roy Larvfago and I Uy cemetery Survivors inGhee. Cope Memorial Chapel 1 Claw, Edison Claw and. ! Emest Chavez Sr., with alter-: elude his wife, P a t s y is directing funeral arrange: Chaney Claw Jr. Funeral arnates, Norbert Chavez Sr.. ments. I ^ A ^ m , CastiUo; two sons; a daughrangements ' are under the 1 and Alvin Chavez. Funeral; ter; his mother; three sisters direction of Cope Memorial I anangements are under tiie i and five brothers, aU of Tor^airectioB^of Cope Memorial , reon. PaUbearers Wfll be Bert ' Chapel. ' .;' /'IIPilil/1 Castillo,- Samson Castillo, Edison Tsosie, Curtis Lopez, A A 7 f - - "/ ' ...-..-'-_ BobbyCastUlo and PhiUip J.

^Aymi^ .

;C_r_Uo. Funeral arrangemenfeare under the direction pfiCope Memorial Chapel..


CLAW Maggie Jean Claw, 4 years old, was kflled ta an auto accident along with her mother, Irene Thomas Claw, and her father, Wilson Buck. The family was from SWprock. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ta SWprock, with Dulce Branch President Ron Velarde officiating. Burial wfll foUow In the family ceriietery near Hogback. Boni'June 19, 1978, at SWprock, she died Saturday near Mancos, Colo. She is survived by four sisters, Helen BUeen. Teecnospos, Ariz., Fannie Jo Velarde, Dulce, Stella Buck, SWprock, and Nora Buck, Provo, Utah; two brothers, Rufus Buck, Hogback, and Samuel Atcitty, SWprock; four stepsisters and three stepbrothers. PaUbearers wfll be Wesley Eileen, Irvin Chee, Frankie \ Johnson, Frank Buck, Rufus Buck and Wilford Buck. JusUri.Nakai, Roy L. Begay, Jimmie BenaUy, Bermie PW1hps, James A. Monroe, Jotinme Murphy, Levon Bates and Sam Keetso wfll be honorary pallbearers. Funeral arrangeinents are under the direction' of Brewer Funeral

CHAVEZ JuSlin C. Chavez", 30, of Nageezi, died there Tuesday. Funeral service wfllfaeat 10 a.m. Saturday at Lybrook Navajo Mission, with evangelist Lloyd Harrison; officiating. Burial wfll be iri Lybrook Mission Cemetery. Chavez had served ta the U.S Marine Corps. Survivors include his daughter, OUvia Chavez; his mother, Pauline Werito; five brothers, Araold Haceesa, BiU Werito, Aaron Werito, Ira; Samuel ;'vWerito and Gabriel Werito; three sisters, , Annabelle' Smith, Ethel Pauline Smith and Robbie Jane Werito; two half-sisters, Mae Martinef and Ann Canute, all of Nageezi; and numerous aunts and uncles.

CLAW Joint funeraTser-' vices for Irene Thomas Claw,: 37, of SWprock, her husband, CLEVELAND Funeral of Salt Lak_City, Utah, and Wilson Buck, and: daughter, sendee for Jane Cleveland, Geneva GisWe arid Jennifer Maggie Jean Claw, wfll be at 35, Fniitland,-wfll be at 10 Howard of Fruitland; ttiree 10 a.m. Thursday at the a.m. Saturday at the San brothers, Guy, Amos and Church of Jesus.Christ of Juan Episcopal Mission with James Robert Pinto, a_ of Latter-day Saints fa SWpthe Rev. Harold Edmonson Frmtland; three sisters, rock, with Dulce Branch officiating/She died Tuesday Daisy Maison, Lily Howard President Ron Velarde ofat the PubUc Health Service and Marie Howard of .ficlatfag. Burial wfll foUow in Hospital in SWprock. Burial Fruitland; arid her mother, the family cemetery near wiU be iri Greenlawn Cema Esther Pinto of Fruitland. : Hogback. The three were victery. Survivors include her There are twagrandchfldreh. tims of a car accident Satur, V , - _ _ _ _ , __c_ *.._ v _.*. -try 51 day near Mancos, Colo. Mrs. husband, Randy Cleveland of PaUbearers/. fwiU be Amos Claw was bom June 20, 1945, the famfly home; three sons, Pinto, Robert Pinto, Gaul Michael D. Begay with the Pinto, Randy Gleveland, .at Teecnospos, Ariz. Sur, U.S. Navy in San Diego, Nelson Yazzie and Arnold vivors include ttiree daughCaUf., Danny and Daniel Cleveland. Funeral ananga ters, Loma Claw, WWte Rock GisWe of Fruitland; three merits are urider the direction and Araiie Jean Claw and daughters, Evangeline GisWe of Brewer Funeral Home. Alice Jean Claw, Teecnospos; three sons, Raymond _. Claw and David Albert Claw,, Teecnospos, and Samuel Atcitty; four step-daughters CHARLEY - Helen Y. three sons, Kee Toledo, and one step-son; four grand; Charley, 55, Counselor's, died David Toledo, and Anderson sons, Nathaniel and PerThursday at PubUc Health Charley;,/four daughters, thaniel Napoleon, and Service Hospital in SWprock. Marie Toledo; CeceUa SandCarlton Thomas and Herman Memorial services were Fri- oval, Rita and Sadie Charley, George. PaUbearers wfll [faday at 11 ajn. and' wfll be aU of Counselor's. There are T Wesley Bileen, Irvin Ghee,held today at 11 a.m. at f1ve g r a n d c h 1 Frankie Johnson, Frank - ; Brethren Navajo Mission, PaUbearers wfll- be /David Buck, Rufus Buck and -with Rev. TuUy- Butter of- Charley, David ToledC Wilr Wilford Buck, with Justin: _iciating. Burial wUl be at Uam Dennison, Kee Toledo, Nakai, Roy L. Begay, Jim-: Mission Cemetery. Survivors Donald Harrison,- and Bobby mle BenaUy, Benme PhiUips, include her husband, .Sam Martine Jairies A. Monroe,.1 Johnnie;/ Charley: of the famfly home;. Murphy, Levon Bates and Sam-Keetso acting as/hoauAobv Anc oraiy paUbearers. Brewer Funeral Home; is directing I^JJCJ-^S^A' anangements. rCTjuzAA CHAVEZ Funeral service for Minnie H. Chavez of ageezie wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at Lybrook Mission, __ n l J - a _L nth the Rev. RusseU Keester officiating. Burial will foUow:, m Lybrook Cemetery. She died Saturday at Cuba Health Center. Survivors include tWo daughters, LulaHacessa and; Eloise Martinez of Nageezi; and three sons, Richard Syl-; vester and Charles Sylvester of Nageezi and Hany Chavez of Farmington. There are 40 grandcWldren, 68 greatgrandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren; PaUbearers wfll be Richard Sylvester, Charles Sylvester, Harry Chavez, Leo Setzer, Dixon Armstrong and Eddie Garda. Honorary pallbearers are Clarence Begay and Eddie Ayzie. Funeral anangements are under the/direction of Brewer Funeral Home. _ -_--_. _

%f& ."**

-t)^_t:COc^--/9g--'".Funeral arrangements are linder the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

dSt/M^i-^uneral sendee for Raylando Ray Clah, 5-month-0Id son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond (_ah of Waterflow, wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Christ the King CathoUc Church in SWprock. Burial wfll be fa . the family cemeteiy at: Hogback. ' The baby died Friday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital ta SWprock. Survivors In addition to. his parents, include two brothers, Nathaniel Clah and Raymond Leo Clahi/Jr.v and a sister, Bemitterae.Ray CM, aU of the family home;, paternal: grand'parents; TVapper Brother and Minnie Clah of SWprock; maternal grandparents, Alfred and Helen Atcitty of

Lake VaUey; and maternal greatgrandmother, Charlotte Johnson of Lake VaUey PaUbearers wfll be Melvin KeUywood, Alvin KeUywood, Irvin KeUywood and George KeUywood Jr. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Nathaniel I. dah and Raymond L. d a h Jr. Arrangements are under the direction of Brewer. Funeral Home.


CHATLOS - Funeral servicesifor Ruth Emily Chailos,'67, | Cortez, Colo:, wiU be held at ,1 p.m. Sunday at Crystal Navajo" Indigenous Church, Crystal,; N."M.,- with the Rev.^.WiUiam .', Irving and Mr. Danny Peshlakai Officiattag. Burial wfll be at the;PesWakal Family Cemetery, Crystal, N.M. Mrs^Chatlos X died;.at Southwest Memorial Hospital -.'fa; Cortez, Colo., on /.June; 23', 1983. She was bom Jurie/12, 1916. Memorials are to"/ .-'.' be. made to the Ruth Gh'atlos Navajo Memorial Fund, 24826 . / County Road "L," Cortez, Colo.; 81321. Survivors include one / brother, J . Paul Chatlos of Altampnt Springs, Fla.;'three / sisters, Esther M.,; Lydia. P. and Marie;-E. ChatloSj aU-of Cortez, Colo:; tWee nieces and ttiree nephews. PaUbearers. wiU be Danny PesUakai Jr., Joe Hardy, Melvin PesWakai, / - Andrew Tomasiyo, Tom Etcitty, Billy Sandoval and Bryan Gorman.
* . . . .

gs&AM 3~~7Ski-J^J? .. CHARLEY^ J orTrt Charley, 67, of Farmington died at the PubUc Health Ser- ; vice Hospital in SWprock Thursday. He was bom Dec.. 23, 1915 at GaUegos. Funeral service wiU be at 2 p.m. Tues-' day at, Cope Memorial Chapel. Burial wfll be at Memory Gardens. Survivors include, a daughter, Jessie Jacquea: of Fannington;;, a ; brother, Bflly Charley and a sister, Grace flegay, both of Farmington and numerous . nieces and nephews. There are four grandchildren and one. g r e a t - g r a n d c h i l d . PaUbearers wfll fae Shonie Jacquez, James Charley, Taylor RusseU, Lewis Yazzie, Tom Josea, and Wilson Boyd. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope. j Memorial Chapel. '/ f ^ 3

A .;


'sAAr^77 AAcAllTT}
DENNISON-i-Funeral ser-/ vice for Leo Dennison Sr. of \ Fl. Defiance, Ariz., was held . at 10 a.m. today at Our liady : of the Blessed Sacrament; : Catholic Church in Ft v De. fiance, with Father Paul Pf; ficiatfag. Dennison was found i dead Feb. 6 near Gallup. Graveside service was conducted by the Window Rock VFW at the Ft. Defiance Cemetery. Dennison was a retired carpenter and a World . War II veteran.' PaUbearers wfll be the Window Rock VFW veterans. Dennison is survived by six; daughters: Patricia Wauneka, Geraldine Dawes, . Gertrude Dennison, Christine Dennison and Charlene Tsosie; all of F t . Defiance, and i LaVonne Chino of San Fidel, N.M. Also surviving are-five sons: Wayne and Patrick Dennison of Ft. Defiance; Richard and Roger Dennison of Ganado; and Alonzo Dennison of Mentnwre, N.M. Also' surviving; -ls.i-.-one- sister;- Ella Gniette-of.-. Cedar -HillsyiNM. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Cope


^AtMA^ekAI -i.7-5$-.'1.A7\ DESCHEENEFuneral ser- U.S. Public Health Service vice for Daisy'"Mae Descheene, Hospital in. Shiprock. She/ d She /is49, O SWprock, wfll be, held at surviVed by her: husband;" f 1 pjn. Friday at the .SWprock Hany Descheene: Sr. of; the Christian Reformed Church family home; two sons, Harry with the Rev. Luke Yazzie and Descheene Jr. and Kenneth the Rev. Abe Koolhaas pfficlat- Descheene of Shiprock and fag. Burial wfll be fa the three- daughters, Aririabel , Rattlesnake family cemetery. WWte, Flagstaff,'Ariz., Penny Pallbearers will be Harry Descheene and AUce Dickson; Descheene/Jr., Kenneth her parents, David and Amy Descheene,/ Caleb Dickson, Kindle of, Shiprock and one Curtis David, Frederick WWte brother, Kayah David, and two and Harry Tsosie. Mrs. sisters, Betty. Atcitty add Jane' Descheene died March .4 at the Tom of Shiprock. There are also two grandchildren. Cope Memorial Chapel is fa charge of anangements..
v. * __ - _ < ^ - _ - -_._...,



i DESCHEENIFuneral service for Sidney Descheeni, 55, SWprock,' who died Monday at his home, is set for. 10 a.m. Saturday at the SWprock FuU Gospel Church with the Rev. Hoswood Brown officiating. Burial, will be in Shiprock Cemetery. -DescheeW is sur. vived by his wife, Helen Lee Descheeni; three daughters, Helena,' Phillis and, Patricia; two sons, Lambert and Michael DescheeW, aU of SWprock;; three sisters,; Mary D e s c h e e n I a nd Chabah Whitney, both of Ganado, Ariz., and Gladys Gorman, Old SawmlU,. Ariz.;, orie brother,; Sam DescheeW, Ganado; and several aunts and uncles. Active paUbearers wUl be Hoskie Hunt, Lewis. Benally, Luke Boy Levi, Robert Lee, Glenn/Charley and Ronald Wilson. Funeral anangements, are under the direction of Cope Memorial ChapeL 7 . a A ^ :


DANIELSFuneral sendee for Eugene Judas DaWels, 23, of SWprock, who died at the SWprock PubUc Health Service Hospital following an auto accident six miles north of SWprockron the Cortez Highway. Saturday, is set for 2 pjn. Monday at St. Mary's-CathoUc Church,taFannington with the Rev.Bruce Hausfeld, OFM; officiating. Interment wfll follow at Memory Gardens ceme- . tery. Darnels was employed; by Navajp Communications. He is survived by his wife Jane R. Darnels of SWprock; his mother/Pearl Darnels of SWprock; three brothers, J i m m i e Darnels of Window Rock, Irvin Brown and Elton Darnels; of Farmington; three; sisters, Margie. Smith of U p p e r ' Fruitland, Roselun Dodge oi Durango and Angela Sanford of Shiprock; his uncle and:. aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown of SWprock; four aunts, Emma Brown,' Katherine Darnels, Mary Keyormle,,aU of SWprock, and Rose Carrol; of Phoenix; Ws uncle, Ned Keyonnie of Crownpoint;: and many nieces, and nephews. Active pallbearers will be Wilbert Johnson, Herbert Johnson, Henry Shirley; James Turney, Harold James and BUI Zimmerman-. H o n o r a r y pallbearers will be; George Christy, Larry Wilkerson, Irvin Brown, Elton Daniels,.: Terry Sanford and* Robbie Hamrack. Funeral arranger ments are under the [direction .' of Cope Memorial Chapel.


DENETSONE - SteUa R. ; Denetsone, 57, of Kirtland,-, ^/died Sunday at San Juan ' Regional Medical Center. Survivors include her'husband, ^ Clyde Denetsone of Kirtland. Funeral arrangements are ' pending under the direction of Cop^mp^Chape^-g, |

DAILEY Danny ' Yazzie DaUey, 28, of Blue Gap Mission, Chfale, Ariz., died Satur- ; day fa Solano Spring, Ariz. .Je . is survived by. his.parents,: Thomas and Mary .Dafley f Blue Gap; three daughters, j Serafina: DaUey, Sofia Dafley 1 and; Saybra: Dailey all. of.:! i;/ Rough: Rock; five brothers, : Dale Dafley of San Jose, Calif i, Dan N. Dafley of Dallas, Tex., ' and Beimie Dafley of SWprock; ' three sisters, Elae Dafley and Esther Haskie,of Phoenix, ' Ariz./and Linda Dafley of Los 1 . Angeles, Calif.; and matemal e* grandparents, Hosteen and/ j Mary BlackSheep; Blue Gap.; ..' Funeral arrangements are-'.. pending i at Cope Memorial

. Chapel. 'Xi^AvJi, AjAlJ

/ S - 7n**^k,A^TfXX


. DIXON Evan Earl Dixon, 3-week old son of Virginia Dixon and John Dan of Shiprock, died Wednesday al the | U.S.-PubUc Health Hospital in > Shiprock. Funeral service wiU be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapeliwlth . Bishop ' James H. Begay officiating. Burial will be in ' Memory Gardens. In addition lo his .parents, the baby is survived by his maternal grandfather, Earl Dixon Sr. of.; Shiprock; seven aunts, one; uricia: arid numerous 'cousins; g PaUbearers wfll be David Dale/, and Stover Paul. Funeral ar-. rangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial .

[ DENNISON and JIM 'triple funeral sendee for Adam [ Jim, 60, his soain-law, Larry Dennison, 26,'and grand- 1 daughter, Geneva Ann,Den- , nlson, 5, all of Cuba, wfll be at ; 10 a.m. Saturday at the Star Lake Bible Mission with the Rev.: Claude B. Fondaw officiating.'Burial will be in the Star Lake Cemetery. The three [family members were kflled ; Saturday in an auto accident near Cuba. Adam Jim made -his home at the Pueblo Alto Store and Is survived, b y his . wife, Mrs. JuUa Jim M./the \ family home; two daughters,. libliise Jim. and. Esther^'Jfan t\ Dennison of Cuba; two /sons; . Samriiy Jimi and Fred Jim''of iCuba; ;a .".brother, Lewis' Jim Rafael of Cuba; and a,Half-; sister, AUce E. Jim Toledo of Star Lake. There are four grandchildren. Pallbearers /wiU be Woody Rafael, Wayne /Rafael, Kenneth Rafael, Sammie Jim, Fred and Dion Sandoval Larry Dennison, Pueblo Pintada; Boarding School at Cuba, is survived by his'wife,; Mrs. Esther Jim Dennisori/bf Pueblo Pintada, and his father, Leo- Dennison of Counselor's.. : Pifllbeafers wfll be Leo. Dennison, Robert Dennison, Daririy Dennison, Leon Dennison; Harrison Begay and Ricky Cayaditto., Geneva: Ann Dennison is survived by her mother, Mrs. Esther Jirii" Dennison of Pintada School, her paternal; grandfather,/Leo Dennison of Counselor's, and maternal -grandmother, Mrs. Julia-Jim , of Cuba. PallbParers wfll be Woody Rafael, Wayne Rafael,, .Kenneth Rafael, Sammie Jim,, [ Fred Jim and Dion Sandoval. : Funeral anangements are under the direction O Cope f /Memorial Chapel.

Chapel, jfg&.&jffi, I f l f

f-JANNISON-"Funeral service for Darnel Keedah Dannison, 36, formerly of Sheep Springs, wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday at Cope L - Memorial Chapel with the Rev. .["/Gary/KIumpenHower official-. ing. Burial wUl be fa the Sheep . SpringsrCemetery. Dannison i died. Oct. 20 ta Chicago, Dl. He ^is/survived by his wife, Mrs. Helena Dannisjin, four ,: daughters, Darlene, Delilah, /Doreen and Debbie, and a son, ; Daniel Jr.; all of the famfly i home in Chicago;'his mother, Mrs. Rose Mike of Toadlena; /and; his.father, James Joe of Shiprock. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Me-OT' tfieri.apel. 3/<g'quarter,:,7? '--*-[ba^kfA I-AU EN _._*- . F u n e r a 1 [ service for Jeny [Denetso, 63, 'Newcomb, wiU be at 10 a:m.. Friday at the -Basin Mortuary 'Cl-^l;'with: Sister Margaret Shaw'officiating .:Burial _wfll be iri/'^Mep.o ry;/G a r d e ri s . Gravearfde services .wilt: -be: conducted by-:'Vel;e_ai_, of Foreign Warsppst ;2182.^.or-: 'ylvors'include^a s,pn;^Gary [Denetso, a daughter~;>Mrs.Imogene Yazzie;"three sisters,' Josephine Gould, Leila Yazzie and Susie Tom.' AU are of Newcomb, There are three grandchildren, Pallbearers will be Richard John, David John/ Kenneth Yazzie, Amos Tom, Harold Yazzie arid Wilfred Yazzie. Honorary paUbearers will be Gary,.Penetso, Raymond Tom, Thomas' Yazzie and Jimimic Yazzie. Funeral arrangements are un; d e r ' direction of. Basin





-. DUNCAN Rose Mary Dun A?yteA.y<?F& can, 55, Sanostee, died Sunday DENETSONE - Funeral at the PubUc- Health Sendee service for Mrs. Eleanor De"Hospital in Phoenix, Ariz. Fu- netsone, 88, Crystal, wfll be at neral service wiU be at 2 p.m. 10 ajn. Friday at the Fort Saturday at Cope Memorial Defiance, Ariz., Presbyterian Chapel with Brother Eugene Church: Burial will be on . Begaye officiating. Burial wfll family land at Crystal. Visitabe. in the SWprock Cemetery. tion wfll be at the Gallup Cope She is survived by an adopted Memorial Chapel until 7 p.m. daughter, Sandy Smith; of today.; Mrs. Denetsone, a Navajo; two sisters, Ellen rancher and rug weaver/died Washburn Begay of Sanostee Tuesday at the PubUc Health and[ Amy Duncan Christensen Sendee Hospital in Fort Deof California; and two fiance. Survivors include three brothers, WaUace Duncan Sr.: sons^Glyde Denetsone of Kirtand Wilson Duncan of San- land, Edison Denetsone of ostee. There are numerous Toadlena and Leo Denetsone of (.nieces a n d n e p h e w s . . Window Rock, /Ariz/;:.two PaUbearers wfll be Larry Dun- [daughters, Mary Bahe of can,. WaUace Duncan Jr., Ed- Navajo arid Betsy Newman of die Mike, Lee Mike,. Wilford Kirtland; and two sisters, Ruth Yazzie and Wilson Howard. Polacca and; EUa Mark of. Funeral anangements are unCrystal; Therfe are 15 graridder the direction of Cope: c h i l d r e n , 2 7 / g r ^ e a t Memorial Chapel. grandchfldren and six greatgreat-grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Alfred Newman Jr., Marvin Newman, Donovan Newman, Kevin New - r ^ S m ^ f - !%%:& man,. Michael. Denetsone and DICK Funeral semetrior Lemuel Denetsone. ContribuClifford Lee Dick, 17, Cove, , tions fa the memory of Mrs. Ariz., will be at 10 a.m. Derietsone may be made to i : . Thursday at the the Church of Navajo Missions' Inc/, fa care ! Jesus Christ of Latter-day , of the Rev. Jack Drake, Farm- ' ! Saints of SWprock with Bishop ington. F\ineral anangements James Harry Begay officiat- i are under the direction of the ing. Burial wfll be , fa the Shiprock Community Ceme- '. jaUup Cope Memorial Chapel. tery. Dick died Sunday evening at his Cove home. He was a student at Shiprock; HighVULIUwi w School, where he was a /:[" A J h A f A l q s / sophomore. Dick was active fa DODGE/ Funeral service footbaU, track and aU sports. for Bertha'Dodge,'.2, a noted iHe was weU known for his Navajo rug weaver from 'work in training and breaking j SWprock, wfll be held 10 a jn. horses: He is survived by bis j Monday atthe SWprock Fumother, Mrs. Fannie Harvey i neral Home chapel with the Dick of Cove; three brothers, i Rev; AUan NeskaW Jr. of Harrison Ray Dick, Thomas I Cortez, Colo., officiating. ! Burial wfll be fa the SWprock ' Dick and Clarence Ray Dick of cemetery:"' Mrs.; Dodge died (SWprock; five sisters, Lena, ] Thursday at home. Survivors ; j Elise, Darlene, AUce Rose and | include her husband, John [Evangeline Elen Dick, also al [ Dodge of SWprock; hermoth-[ [of SWprock; Ws grandmother, I- er, Mts/NeUle Yazzie Begay; ;Mrs.Minme Harvey of Gove, ;, two sOns, Lee and Leonard land his grandfather, Joe Dick |"-Dodge; three daughters; Mrs. j of. Cove, There are numerous Lena Lansing, Mrs. Cecilia > aunts and uncles. PaUbearers j Johnson, and Mrs. Lucille / will be Joe Ray .Harvey, | Curley; three brothers, Ev- : Thomas Dick, Hanison Ray erett,'. Herbert, and Chee Dick, Joe Kee AUen, Leroy ; Yazzie; two sisters, Mrs. RandaU and Jimmie. Hosteen. i, AUce Hayes andiMrs. Bessie Funeral anangements are un; Yazzie; 14 grandchildren and der the direction of.the SWpone great-grandchild. Three irock Funeral Home. grandchildren preceded her.j; ' in "death. Active paUbearers'"1 _ _ _ _ _ " ' 1. wfll be McDonald Lee, Rich ard, Marshall, arid Chee, Yazzie, Tony Lansing, and Donald Johnson. Funeral ar[' rangements are/under diree- . |. tion;;pf: the Shiprock Funeral ii
' ' . -

, Home. ff~iCAr^7<f SA


f?-t\;'r$frXr\'<\' 'A. : ' '


DAN Funeral service for Edward W. Dan, 47, of Many I Farms, Ariz., who died in Chinle, Ariz., Sunday, was held at 1 p.m. today at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Many Farms with Father Parian Meyer officiating. He was buried ta Chinle Community ..... .. _ _ _ . . _ , _ . ... . ! cemetery. He is survived by ' h i s wife Agnes Dan of/ j Lukachukai; his parents, Dan j and Desbah Dan of Many, Farms; five daughters, Katherina, Martha,, and K a t h l e e n D a n , a l l of Lukachukai, Dorothy Dan of California and Sylvia Dan of Phoenix; two sons, Eddison Dan of Lukachukai and AUen Dan of Ganado; two brothers, , Lee Dan of Many Farms and Frankie Dan of Shiprock; two sisters/Lucy Tsosie and AUce James of Many Farms; and two grandchildren. Active paUbearers wfll be Dan Dan, Lee. Dan, Frankie Dan, Eddison Dan, Raymond Keyonnie, and Jimmy Dougi. Funeral-urangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. / / 7r\CL^ /<f 7 J

DAWESFuneral service.
;,: for Chester Dawes; 38, of

--upi-ckj wfll be held'at Spin? Monday at Christian Reformed .Church, Shiprock, the Rev. .Bert Benally offidating.. Burial ';, wfll be in SWprock Cemetery. - Dawes died Thursday at Southwest Memorial Hospital i t a Cortez; Colo. Survivors tai: elude Ws daughter, Flora Charley of Shiprock; step. father and mother, Edward and Sarah Slowman of SWp. rock; six sisters, EUeen D. Honahni/ Loretta ,S... Walker ;/ and Marietta S. Lister, aU of "Phoenix, Ariz., NelUe S. Sloan, Clara Mae King and Lucita [.Slowman, aU of'Shiprock; payternal grandmother, Ida Dawes of Shiprock. Funeral anangements; are under the direction of Cope Memorial

/, D E E - F u n e r a l s e ^ - ?or I S i i E M ! , C , S ! ^A^^-n-Ty John Nelson Dee /St.;; 4 9 , f Q j e s N e a r HoiTK. SWprock, who died near his i./:JS&sJ6*fc_#-> ^ l A ' X l ^ : home Thursday, is slated for 2 :/ S__ R0CK Johii. Nelson pjn. Monday at Cope Memori- Dee,; 50,[ secretaiy-treasurer of DeCHILLYFuneral service' al Chapel with the Rev. Scott /ttie Navajo Agricultural:;Ffpd-' Redhouse officiating. Burial-i ucts Industry board of direa for Mary/G. DeChUly, 73, wiU be in Greenlawn Cema tora/and a former tribal coun- Waterflow, who died Friday at tery. Survivors Include his, cfl-member from/ Teecnospos, - San Juan Regional Medical wife, Mary Dee of the home; Ariz., died Wednesday night Center, is set for 2 p.m. son, John Nelson Dee Jr., near his home. Dee/also chairman of the re- Tuesday at Cope Memorial SWprock; four daughters, Jacqueline Begay, Janelle Dee, j election campaign for Navajo Chapel with the \ Rev. Woody Janine Dee, all of of SWprock,1 Tribal Chainnan Peter :Mac-j Yazzie officiating/ Burial wfll and Jennifer Laughter; Shonto, j Donald, was reportedly work-/ be fa Shiprock Cemeteiy.'Her Ariz.; three .brothers. Pouch I, tag fa fields near his home 1husband, Paul DeChUly, and Dee, Red Mesa, Ariz., Posey when'he became tired and three sons preceded her in Roger Dee,' Shiprock, and went to sleep in his pickup [ death: Survivors, include one Edgar Dee, Teecnospos, Ariz;; truck. Friends were unable to I son, Harry DeChUly; three ttiree sisters, Li;cy Dee, Red wake him this morning, ac-1 daughters, EdUh Bbnnett, Barbara Hanison and..Abbie Mesa, Nellie Lee and Bonnie cording to reports. : Dee was- councilman from Holyan; _dl of SWprbck;:' orie D. Cleveland, Teecnospos; and' Teecnospbsifrom 1970 to 1974, brother, Natarinl Chee, four grandchildren. Actiye pallbearers will be John and was first appointed to the Fruitland ;/13 grandchildren; Nelsort Dee J r , Floyd Begay, NAPT board in 1972; The i and two great-grandchUdren. Marvin Laughter, Darrell rancher was reappointed in . Funeral anangements are unBegaye, Jimmy Eileen and 1977. .' *psxAAAAy77:-, der the direction of Cope Arnold Nelson., Honorary Tribal police in Shiprock Memorial Chapel. pallbearers will be Navajo were continuing an tayestigaTribal Chainnan Peter Mac- tion into the death. ^ Donald; Tribal Election Commissioner .Samuel Pete; MarshaU Tome; Tribal Office :.:,% 3 sv>of Operation head Harry : Tome; Red VaUey Tribal cojmcU member Watson Gibson and -8S*j;*Carl Todacheeene, former Shiprock Tribal councilman. ^Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope "^AA 1 " _ : /Memorial Chapel. _( /fy&u r. .'/

... ...--^^^..Mmmr-^A--,


Chapel 6 . / ^ . H - f , /

DALE Funeral sendee for Charley Dale, 44, Waterflow, wfll be held at 2 pjn. "Tuesday at the Shiprock Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Elder Roy Mexican Jr. officiating. Burial wfll be ta the SWprock Community Cemetery. Dale was killed ta an auto-pedestrian accident on Highway 550 Thursday. He was an, employee of the Office of , Navajo Economic Opportunity. * Survivors include his mother, ' Pauline Dale of Waterflow; and four sisters, Ethel Lewis of SWprock, Mary Bunny of Fruitland, AUce Pete of Water flow and Annie Blue Eyes of : Hogback. PaUbearers wfll be I Larry. BWe Eyes, Tom Blue : Eyes, Roland Witchel, James Robert Pinto; David Willis and JoWison i Begaye-/ Funeral arrangements are under-'-'the direction of Cope Memorial



y'A;;-DESCHEENE Fit) . //Vice; f o r ; G i l b e r t L e c Descheene/, four and. a half year old son of Cody Lee Descheene of Dennehotso and SaUy Marie Brown of HoweU; Mesa, Ariz., wfll be held at 11 ajn. Friday at Navajo Baptist: Church, Tuba City, [Ariz. The Rev. Joha Mexlcano "will officiate. Interment wfll be fa Coal Mine Mesa cemetery. /Pallbearers; wiUi'fae.Hferbert / Brown,/ Thomai: J a m e s Barlowe, Jesse/ James Sheppard and/Robert Begay. The child, died Jan: 10 at BemalUlO ; County Medical. Center in Albuquerque./Other simdVors [include a sister, Salarlssav Brown of HoweU'Mesa; maternal grandmother, Stella BroWn; HoweU Mesa and paternal grandmother, June Descheene; Derinehotso., Cope / Memorial Chapel is in charge of a r r a ^ e n ^ , _,


DAN' Funeral sendee tor Christopher Dan^jj-morith-old son of Art:and Susie;Dan of SWprock, wfll be at' 10 ajn. Friday at Cope Memorial Chapel with Roy C. Begay officiating. Burial win be:fa Memory Gardens. The bpy. died Tuesday at SWprock.: to addition to his parents, he is survived by three brothers, Melvin Nez/iErvin Bariketewa' and Jfohnny flanketewa, aU of i SWprock; a sister; Allsla Dan [ of SWprock; matemal grandmother, Julia Thompson of Red Rock, Ariz.; and patemal grandfather, Little Dan, Sweetwater, Ariz. PaUbearers will be Norman Thompson, Leo Thompson, Danny Thompson and Ervfa Thompson. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope. Memorial Chapel. .___ :,.' 1'l_SSS5i__i^-"-'--.i - DENETCHILLEY - Funeral service for AUce Denetchjlley, 69, Huerfano, wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Dayton Blackwater officiattag. Burial wfll be in Memory Gardens. Mrs. Denetchilley died Saturday at Huerfano. She is.survived by three. daughters, Betty Rinnocoose of Brigham City, Utah, Rite Martine of GaUup and Renita Denetchlltey of Huerfano; a son, Harold Vigil Sr. of Huerfano; a sister, Araiie Curley of Huerfano;'and two brothers, Ervin Davis and Hugh Antonito, both of Blanco. There are. 1 . grandchildren and two great-granddifldren. Pallbearers will fae Ken Martine, Alvin Davis/Herbert Davis,; James - Bennie, Jerry Bennie and Preston Haskle. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. *3 TnATTjL^

DOBEY Funeral service* for Jack King Dobey, 45^ Fannington, Is to be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at Cope Ma' morial Chapel with the Rev.! Chester Dean officiating./to-; termerit will be-ini Rose? " Garden Cemeteiy in upper! Fruitland. Boni April 17;' 1936; at Fruitland, he died! Thursday in Farmirigton. Survivors include his'mother,; Mary Doby, Fannington; two/ sisters, frene Pete, Farmi n g ! ori;/Janie; Buck;; Fruitland; two brothers, Earl. Doby of Frmtland, Bob Law-! : Mrt vDpby, Riverton, Wyo.;! five Weces and 15 nephewsi': PaUbearers: will be AlexSWelds, BiUy Pete, Elvis: Pete, Marty Pete, Emest! Pete and CecU Ford. Funeral j arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial. Chapel.a__e*_f. I t 8 1
--' -.': : * ; ' ; . ; ' - ' . -

; j s _ Ayy/-'i- -..LaAAfx:x_
DESCHENE Graveside /service for Margaret LucUle" r, Deschene, 43, of , Kayenta, Ariz., wfll be at 1 pjn. Friday "in;Kayenta Cemetery:.Bom . - A -fl 17,1938, Mrs. Deschene.: 1 :--^.Monday iri Albuquerque. ' a domestic worker,,.Mrs. 1 Deschene was a lifetime Arizona resident. She is/survived by her husband. Jay Lee;
i .A/. j e - 2 _ _ >Wft

DICKEY __t_*crDSi Dickey, 43, Waterflow,; died Tuesday at SWprock, where " 'he wasbom 0 ct .,27, 1-38. FU/neral service is/to; be;at_0 a.m. Saturday, at Cope Ma. morial Chapel, with Chaplain j a c k Wheat: officiating,, ifiurial wfll foUow in SWprock 1 Cemetery/Dickey had been employed by Utah Intema- tlbnal and is survived by his wife, Mary Rose Dickey,: of, [thefrhoaie; thiee daughters, Mellisa Lee,/' and:; ^AA'T^A and CorneUa Rose Dickey, _dl ' at home; his parents; Tom' and Stella Dish, Waterflow; f i v e / b r o t h e r s , Wilfred Dickey, Fruitland, and i Herbert Dickey, Larry Dickey, Sanford Dish and ...Timothy Dish, all of Water'- , fKw; five sisters, JuUe Shay, j Melinda Begay, Pauline Bahe, and Priscilla Hosteen, . aU of-Waterflow, and Shirley HasseU, Tucson, Ariz.; and Memorial man :'numerous aunts and uncles. '_ FaUbearers wfll be Antoney / DUNCAN' -Z- Larry DunDickey, Herbert Dickey, can, 33, San Jose, CaUf., for-' [Larry Dickey, Sanford Dish, raerly of SWprock, died Feb. , 11 at San Jose Hospital. FuTimothy Dish and Wilfred neral service is scheduled for Shay. Honorary paUbearers . 11 a.m. Saturday at the SWp- ^iwfll be David Johnson, Howe rock Funeral Home Chapel, 'Pete, Thomas Johnson, with Pastor James YeUow-James Yazzie, Rufus Dickey man of Frmtland officiating. and Jones Lee. Funeral arBurial wfll be ta SWprock rangements are under the Cemetery., Graveside serdirection ot Cope Memorial vices wfll be conducted by the '" Chapel. / O G^fAAgA Veterans of Foreign Wars Morgan .fager Post No. 9517,/ SWprock. Duncan had been employed as a printer fa San Jose. He was a former deputy for the Navajo PoUce Department fa SWprock. A formpr U.S. Marine and Vietnam i veteran, he is survived; by his, | mother, Mrs. Bessie, Dixon i Duncan, Shiprock; four brother's, Vincent, Benny, i Kenneth and Paul Duncan; .three sisters. Rose Duncan,,, -Lanora Valdez and Ruth Upi sbaw; and grandparents, ' Billie and Glena Dixon, .Fruitland. PaUbearers wfll be Herbert Yazzie, Marvin Yazzie, Kenneth Duncan, Benny Duncan, Frank Dixon and Vincent Duncari. Furieral arrangements are under the direction of the SWprock-. Fu/ neralHbme. f ^ ( ? h A

" (fj A A - A i ___^7/7 m<

DICKSON/- Funeral"servicefor Kenneth Dickson, 22, SWprock; wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the First Bapi tist Church of SWprock with the Rev. James/Atkins officiating. Dickson died Saturday in a drbwnfag accident. Survivors include his father, ,-Joe Dickson of SWprock; a sister, Lucy Begay of GaUup; three brothers, Thomas Dickson of Utah, Harry Dickson of Farmington and Woodrow Dixon of SWprock. Pallbearers will be Leo Becenti, Kenneth Chee, Thomas Dickson, Joh Dick Barber, Woodrow Dixon and .Robert Dixon, Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Basin Mortuary,."


DAN Florence Clark Dan, 62, SWprock, win be at 10 a.m. Monday at Navajo Full Gospel Church fa SWprock.'Mrs; Dan ,- died ta SWprock Dec! 22.J Pastor Jo_my_g. BUly, with assistance from Pastor Joe Nez and Reverend Allen Neskai, wfll officiate. Burial will be at SWprock Cemetery. Mrs. Dan was bom April 15, , 1920 at Hogback, N.M. She is survived by her husband Mark Dan; four sons, Jimmy C. Dan, Fruitland, Larry C.; Dan, Farmington, Vernon Dan; Kirtland, Arnold C: Dan;: SWprock; four daughter's, Elsie BUly, Aneth, Utah,, PauUne Benally; SWprock; SteUa Dan, Farmington, Amy Judy Claw, SWprock; two sisters, Viola David, West Covina, Calif., AngeUa Natorii, Shiprock; two; brothers Chester dark Sr., SWprock, Ckyde Begay,[Tocito, N.M.; 19:grandchildren and' one great-g r a h d chi1d. PaUbearers wfll' be Johnny 1 flflly, Elroy.BUly, Ira Dan, , Fredrick Billy, Arnold Cleva land Jr., Michael Dan and alternate-Greg Dan/Honorary; pallbearers wfll be Jimmy C.' Dan, Earry C. Dan, Arnold C. Dan, Verrion Dan and. Marid Dan. Funeral arrangements; are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.

_Deschene, and a son, Raymond Lee Deschene of Kayenta. Funeral arranger. _a__3 are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.


DENETSONE Rosaiy will 'are under the direction of Cope o' be said at 7 pjn. Wednesday at Memorial Chapel. Cope Memorial Chapel for Stella R. Denetsone, 57, o f Kirtland, who died Sunday at )ESCH?fflE - Funeral San Juan Regional Medical Center. Funeral service wfll be . service for. Chee Ford at .11 a.m. Thursday at Saint Deschillie, 74, of Burnham, Mary's CathoUc Church with wiU be held at the San Juan Father James Lindenmeyer Episcopal Mission Tuesday- at officiating. Burial wfll be in 2 p.m. with Steve Plummer the famfly cemetery at Cryofficiating. Burial will foUow in stal. Pallbearers will be Greenlawn , C e m e l e r y . Marvin Newman, Alfred NewDeschillie died Friday/at man, Donnie Newman, Eddie Nenahnezad Boarding School. Denetsone, WalUe Denetsone, He was bom April 14, 1904, at Leo Denetsone and alternate Francisco Mountain, the son of Lemmie Denetsone. Survivors Alvin and Mary Forcl He was include her husband, Clyde Denetsone, Kirtland; two sismanied in 1938. He was a ters: _ arflria Chavez, Denver, retired fanner and had been a Colo., and Manuela Luna, El resident of New Mexico. SurPaso, Texas; and four nieces: vivors include his wife, Mamie ' Loretta Griego, Denver; DeschiUie of the family home; [ Josephine Ramlriz, Riverside, four daughters, Ramona Calif., Elvera Queroga, El Armenia of Farmington,"' Paso, and Maira Hernandez, Bessie John, and Jane D. Jones La Puenta, Calif. Memorial of Kirtland arid Mary John of; contributions may be made to Fruitland; two, sons, Sam Ford the American Cancer Society, of Burly, Idaho, and Jerome ( .San Juan Urat, Box 92/ FannDeschillie of Los Angeles, ington. Funeral arrangements Calif., 25 grandchildren, eight DEE/^-'Funeral service for ' great-grandchildren; three sis-, Edgar Dee, .65, Teecnospos, ters, Esther Pinto and Emerly Ariz.;'will'be at 10 a.m. -TuesYazzie of Fruitland and day at the [Brewer; Funeral Elizabeth Bitusue; one, Home Chapel,""with"the. Rev. brother,/ Juan Begay of Jack' Nakai Sr.([ officiating. Fruitland. Pallbearers wfll be Burial iri Greenlawn Nelson John/Tom Mason'Jr., .. Cemefery. Dee died ThursWofford Hanley, Walter Newday at Montezuma Creek, tori, Frank.Mason and. Henry Utah. He was president of the Smith. Brewer .Funeral Home Teecnospos Bbard. of Educaiis in charge of anangements. . tion; belonged to the,Com... .:_vs-.-iSfc___sa. . munity Action Committee and the Grazing Committee and served ori the Utah NaVajo Development Council. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Anna Dee. of the family home; v twp sons, Edward Dee,, stationed with the U.S. Army ta Fort Rucker, Ala., and GUbert Dee of Red Mesa, Ariz.; four_daughters, Dorothy Yazzie- of .Montezuma Creek; AUce Jones of Blanding, Utah; and Victoria Dee and Susie Dee; of Teecnospos; add two/, brothers, Posey Roger Dee of SWprock and Charles 'WilUams, of: Teecnospos. There are seven. grandchildren arid one greatgrandchild/ PaUbearers wfll . be Pvt EdwardDee-:Gflberf" /Dee, Herman Yazzie, Gilbert Lee, Charles Jones and; Bea jamin Chee. Brewer Funeral.-, : Home; is in charge of arrangements. . .
/ / . _ ' . / ) _ _ ' & , * ' . / / _ > _ -


DAVIS Funeral service for Anslem G. Davis, 76, Bluewater, wfll be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the St. Michael's School Chapel in St. Michael's, Ariz., with the Rev. Diego Mazon, OFM, officiating. Burial will be fa the St. Michael's CemeteryRosary wiU be at 8 p.m, today at RoUie Mortuary Palm Chapel ta GaUup. Visitation is all day today. Davis died Tuesday as the the result of an automobUe accident ba tween GaUup and-TohateW. He was bom May 30, 1906, fa Lukachukai, Ariz. He had Uved ta Ihoreau 25 years wWle working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He was with the BIA 47 years before retiring. He was preceded fa death by bis first wife, Aileen, in 1965, a j brother, Albert Davis, and a ' grandson, David Davis. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. AUce Davis of the family home; six sons, Anslem Davis Jr. of State CoUege, Pa., Robert Davis of Farmington, Ralph Davis, of Tempe, Ariz., WUliam Davis j of PhoeWx, Ariz., MlcWiel Davis and: George Davis of j Bluewater; seven daughters, [ Pearl Tome and Eleanor Smith of Albuquerque, Gloria Davis, Sister of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Mary of the Rosary Mission of Pinon, Ariz., Rosarita Leyba of San FeUpe, Loretta Chavez of G a 1lu p , P a t r i c i a MonethathcWa of Phoenix

and May Davis ot Bluewater; four brothers, Tom Kripkl of Ganado, Ariz., Wflsn Jgete, Howard Davis and-.BiUie Davis of Lukachukai; seven sisters, Mary Tsosie .f Old Sawmfll, Ariz.,/Evelyn Taylor of Many Farms, Ariz., Frances Yanabah Begay, Marie Shay, IsabeUe WWte, Clara Davis and Louise Davis of Lukachukai; There are 31 grandcWlren an 10 greatgrandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be Norman Nelson, Lawrence Smlth-McCiain, Dwayne Leyba, Franklin Chavez, PhiUip Chavez and Robert Davis/Honorary paUbearers wiU be Jerry Burbank, John .Smith and Paul Yazzie. Rollie Mortuary Inc. has charge of arranga ments ta GaUup. '



DALE A funerdl mm for Mary Claw Mass Dale, 34, of SWprock Mass b e a t 10 a.m. is to Saturday ta Christ the King CathoUc Church with the Rev; Caron VoUmer, O.F.M., officiating. Burial Is to be fa SWprock Cema tery. Mrs. Dale died Saturday. She is survived by a daughter, Theresa Lynn Dale, at home; five sisters, Gladys Clah, Sarah BitsiUy, Rita Dale, Leona Jacob arid Catherine Mike; four brothers,. Lee, Simpson, Edison and Charley Clah Jr.; and one aunt, Elsie, Buck. AU are of SWprock. PaUbearers are to be Sampson Claw/Edison Claw Jr.; Charley Claw Jr., Lee' Claw, Amold Dan arid Frank Buck. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

M I M M &

'''.DAN Leonard "Pahoo" L. Dan, Jr.", 23,/of Frmtland died.Friday at Sari Juan R. : gional Medical; Center. He was bom April 5, 1960 at Durango, Colo. Funeral services wfll be at 2 pja./Mpn-

.DALE y A funeral Massfor/Herman J. Dale, 37, of SWprock is to be at 10 ajn. Saturday at Christ the King. CathoUc Church with the Rev. Caron VoUmer, OFM, officiating. Burial is to follow in SWprock Cema tery. Dale died Saturday at San Juan Ra gional Medical Center. He is survived by bis

A 1 , Leonard U&sA^g day at Cope Memorial /Chapel.:Visitation wiU be at the home of Leonard" Dan, Sr./ from noon/ today: until noon- Moriday/ta Fruitland with Father /Harold/Edmonson officiating, rOan: was ~a member of the Four Cor/ hers Cheyenne Goiird Dance Society, was a member of /'. Pawnee Hadtishka arid was involved irii the American Indian Movement. Survivors i a : elude a son/ Desmond Dan; a da u g h t . r , AS r e c i o u s CheyariUo of Ignacio, Cofa.; Ws mother, Sarah Phllbrick of Salt Lake City; his father, L e o n a r d Dan;, S r . of Fruitfand; a' sister/:.Candace of Frmtland. Patemal grandparents ' are; Thomas / arid Wilma Dan of Fruitland; maternal -grandmother is Thelma Stonerdad of Tghacip, Colo.; matemal grandfather Is George Howell, Sr; oifi.Albuquerque/ Other survivbrs: include-numerous:, aunts, uncles; Weees and nephews. Pallbearers wfll be George E. Howell^ Jay;, Howell, Leo Yazzie^ Hank HoweU, Delos i -PralreicWer,: and Clifton Ra [mans.[-Honorary pallbearers!:: ; wfll be George E/Howell, Jr., .Kennetlfi.Howell,. Gordon Redd>: JSck Frost, _[r., An|drew Frt_t^, Robert Ihbmas, IQUiritln/ Thomas, Leonard .JThomas./J.R. Franklin,; JoWi S ton e ro a d /a n d.: Dud e vSfoneroad- Funeral anange;. linents are under the direction of Cope MemorialChapeL.. /.,; if

V^AAM. b7 3Aly IT/APS 7

daughter, Theresa Lynn Dale, at home; mother, Maude/Dale of SWprock; seven brothers/Howard, Wilford and Robert Dale; .of SWprock, Roy Dale ot Ojo Amarillo, _*' Dale of Reno, Nev:, Lloyd Dale of Farmington and Woody Dale of Hogback; ;four, sisters, Lula Atcitty, Sarah Slowman ;andFanme Dale of SWprock and AUce Yazzie of GaUup. PaUbearers are to be Wilfred Steven; Dale Sr., Wilfred Steveni Dale Jr., Zale Z. Dale, Roy Steven Dale,, Woody/Dale and Lloyd Dale. Howard Dale, Maude E. Dale and Robert Dale were named as honorary paUbearers. Funeral arrarigements are u a der the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel:




. ETCITTY - T h e funeral of /Rose C/Etcitty, .45,.Farm-/ : ington, is/scheduled for: 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the Assembly of God Church in SWprock with the Re v..Charles Lee; officiatirig; /Burial; wiU be/in-- the: : SWprock Cemetery. Mrs. Et' citty was / dead on arrival Wednesday at tha Public Health -Service Hospital in SWprock. The daughter of the late.John Claw Sr., a former , vice chainnan of the Navajo Tribe, Mrs. Etcitty is survived by her husband, Roy Etcitty; four sons, Roger Etcitty, Perry Etcitty, Leroy Etcitty and Edward Etcitty, aU of Fannington; six daughters, Rita Etcitty and Anna Manygoats, of Shiprock, Carol Etcitty, Roselyn Etcitty, Laura Etcitty and Virginia Rose,' all of Farmington; her mother, Mary Herder, and stepfather, Stanley Herder, Shiprock; four brothers, James Herder, Fruitland; Johnny Herder, Farmington; Ernest Herder, Shiprock; and George Lee, Pueblo, Colo.; one sister, Elizabeth H. Johnson; Shiprock; two' stepbrothers, John . C Claw Jr./ Fort Defiance, Ariz!,-and Robert Stewart, 1 Tuba City, Ariz.; two'stepsisters, Katherine Claw, Many Farms, Ariz,, and Rosie Claw,. Tuba City; and maternal


I :.--



SHIPROCK- Local FBI agents said Tuesday that followi-ng an a u t o p s y In Albuquerque, /[, it was determined that the cause of death pf Rose Marie Eaton,, also krtown asROse Mike, was an acute infection; Ms. Eaton was dead on arrival at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in here Saturday- ' An investigation will continue' into what agents said may be a possible homicide in regard to Ms.; Eaton's death, the FBI spokesman said. EATONFuneral sendee for .Rose Marie Eaton, 34, /Fruitland, who died Saturday I at the U.S. Public Health "Service Hospital in SWprock, is pending under the dlrectibaof Brewer Funeral Home. A . housewife, she was bom Nov; . 27, 1943, fa Burnham to the former Rebecca Beleen. She is survived by her.parents, Alfred and Rebecca Eaton; and two sons,; Gary and ..Lorenzo Mike; both of /Fruitland./ /> EATON ''i^""Th-''__waif"" oi Rose Marie Eaton, 34, fruitland, has beeh, set for 10 ajn. Thursday at Brewer Funeral Home Chapel with /the; Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating/ Burial wiU be in Greenlawn .Cemetery,_ Serving/as pallbearers' will be Ray Yazzie, Henry Yazzie, Joe Yazzie, Ernest Beleen, Herman Enoah and/Frank; Enoah.


ETCITTY'-^- Funeral service' for Mary Nelson Etcitty; 71, of Bloomfield, lias been set for 10 a.m. Tuesday'at Assembly "of [God Church in' Carson^ the Rev. CharUe ,Y. Brown officiating. Burial: wfll be in Carson [cemetery. Mrs. Etcitty died Friday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. She was pre- ' ceeded ta death by her husband, Jones Etcitty, and son .Curtis J.'Etcitty in 1966. Survivors include five sons, /Herbert Jackson of Carson, Raymond Etcitty of Bloomfield, Tom Etcitty of Chaco Plant,'Jeny Etcitty of, Kirt land',-; and. WlUis Etcitty of Farmington'; five daughters, Betty Nez and Jeaimie Etcitty of Chaco Plant, Bessie Etcitty, Mollie Duwenyie, and Rose Pierce, all of Blpomfleld; two listers, Marjorie Natchponle "and Rilla Jim of Carson; and' i one brother, Timothy Kenneth [ of Lower Fruitland: There are . 69 grandchildren and 16'.great--' : g r a n d c h i l d r e a ; ' " Active i paUbearers [wfll be Henry Nez j Jr.,/Andrew John, Willis'" Etcit: ty, Rayiriond [Etcitty, Vaijean Etcitty and Lester Johri. Funeral anangeriients are under the direction'of Cope Memorial


, tetsiTTY Funeral service for Lewis B. Etsitty Sr., 47, .Kirtland, wfll be at 10 ajn. Friday at the Nenahnezad School gymnasium with the Rev. Emerson Etsitty officiating. Burial/wfll be ta the Lybrook Mission. Cemetery. Graveside rites wfll; be coa ducted by Singer-Morgan Post 9517. Etsitty died Sunday at I San Juan/Regional Medical j Center. He. was a Navajo will be Howard M. Etsitty, j Tribal Councilman. Survivors : Charles L. Etsitty, Farlan Van include his wife, Barbara Etsittyj Tommy_P. Etsitty, Etsitty of the family home; Robert J. Begay and Eustace: nine sons, Howard M. Etsitty,. E. E t s l t t y . v / H o n o r a r y Charles L. Etsitty, Lewis B. paUbearers wfll be Lewis B. j Etsitty Jr., Timothy L. Etsitty, ' Etsitty Jr., Emest B. CWqmto, I Farlan Van Etsitty,, Holler L. Roscoe S.Ghiquito, Larry Etsitty and: Laveral Holzer Charlie and Robert Yazzie. Etsitty, all of Kirtland,/and , Funeral; anangements are: unTommy P. Etsitty and OUver :' der, the direction of COpe 1 LVEtsitty, both ofCrownpotat;-1 Memorial ChapeE A'AiX a daughter, Louise Johnson of :, Crownpotat; his parents, Mr; ; and Mrs. Bahe Etsitty: of Counselor's;: a brother, i Eustace Etsitty of Counselor's; and two sisters, Genevieve CWqulio and flemice Lee of Counselor's., There-are.. 10 grandchildren. ' Pallbe arers-

y$x^mAJ3 *A-

..w,_f|.|-'i ETCnTY Mrs. Lena Lee Etcitty, 46, SWprock, died July 2 at the Presbyterian Hospital at Albuquerque. Funeral service will be Wednesday at Mesa View Assembly of God Church" in: SWprock with the Rev. Charles . Lee officiating. Burial wfll be fa the SWprock Ceriietery, Survivors include her husband, Alfred Etcitty. of the family home; a daughter, Helen Lee Begay of Tuba/City, Ariz.; and. five-brothers; the Rev, Charles Leejjand: PhiUip l A 7 bptb of Shiprock,/ and , Harry Lee, George, Lee and John Lee, aU of Red Rock, "Ariz,;There are/three grandchildren. PaUbearers: wfll be. Douglas Lee, Raphin Leie,/Eric Pelitfer./ Mllt'ori Lee,' Leloyd Lee, Jiirimy Lee* Eddispn Hat aUe and Mere! Yazzie. Funeral anangements are under the direction of. Gone Memorial




ETCnTY Funeral service 0 JN Funeral' setvlce for Lucy Dick Etcitty, 61, for Robert E. Ellison, 60,' Shiprock, who died Monday fa C&AJLffA. 3 y SWprock, wfll be at 2 p.m. 'Montezuma Creek, Utah,[wiU ETCHTY A funeral<_ervice for Wilson Etcitty, 82, of be at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Thursday at! the Christ the 1 ., Sheep Springs, wfll be held at 10 ajn. Tuesday at the Navajo King CathoUc Church in SWpRed Mesa FuU Gospel Church Baptist Church in Crownpoint. Burial wfll Mow ta Smith rock with the Rev. Larry , of Red Mesa, Ariz., with the i- Lake.Cemetery. Etcitty, bom June. 15, 1900, in.McGassey, Schreiber officiating. Burial Rev. Scott Redhouse officiatdied Friday fa GaUup. He was a prominent businessman in wfll be ta SWprock Cemetery,-. ing. Burial wfll be fa Red Mesa Navajoland and the first Indian businessman on the Navajo Mrs. Etcitty was the daughter, Cemetery. Ellison died SaturReservation to establish and operate several businesses, of Jim Dick, and had Uved ta day at San Juan Regional both on and off the reservation, including a 22-sectlon cattle New Mexico aU her Ufe. She is Medical Center, Survivors inand sheep ranch at the base of the north side of Mount survived by her husband, AUen clude, his wife, Mrs. Maggie N. Taylor, a half-section cattle and sheep ranch at Smith Lake Etcitty of Shiprock; four Ellison of the famUy home; daughters, Sheila Jim of Wai and half-section of cattle and sheep ranch at Standing Rock. five sons, Tom EUison Sr. and terflow, and Victoria Etcitty, ; He was the first Navajo to set up a postal service building. Albert EUison, both of FarmDarlene Baldwin and Rose- ^ in Crownpotat, a First Interstate" BanklDuflding;, Kentucky tagtori, Udel Ellison of KirtI Fried CWcken, and the Etcitty Mall in Crownpotat, wWch is land, Marvin Ellison of Red , mary Johnson, aU of SWprock; seven sons, Roy of Kirtland, now/used by several Navajo businesses. He was also the Mesa, and Virgil EUison.of San Luther, Everett and Eddie inajor stockholder in the trade Mart complex in GaUup. Diego, Calif.; eight daughters, Atcitty, Leonard Johnson and Early ta his adult life, he was'a silversmith anda railroad, Julie Skeet of Farmington, Jimmy Tony, aU of SWprock, laborer. Etcitty contributed to the Christian Reformed MisClara Denetdale, Maxine Eland Tony Allen of Barstow, sion ttiroughout the Navajo Reservation. He, deUvered. lison and Leeta Ellison, aU of Calif.;, a sister, Dorothy Joe, mercantile goods from GaUup by wagon to outlying trading .Albuquerque, Conine EUison, Shiprock, and two brothers, prists on the reservation. He was a past, secretary 6f the VeraadeU EUison and Jennifer Tom and Johnny Pete, as weU Smith Lake Chapter House and the first elected chapter EUison, aU of Red Mesa, and as 34 grandchUdren- Funeral ; Mattie Ortiz of [Barstow, president of Smith Lake. Etcitty was a resident of Standing anangements are under the Calif.; ttiree stepbrothers, ElHock for the past 46 years. Survivors include his wife, Louise direction of Brewer Funeral ' lison Tsosie of Fruitland, Joe Begay Etcitty of the family home; sons by his [first marjtome. . /.'-. S - 3 0 Tsosle of Ganado, Ariz., and riage, Jay W. Edcitty of Newcomb, Mark W. Etcitty. of , ,;,..-. Hugh Tsosie of Farmington. ' & S . V ' Crownpotat, Joe W. Etcitty of Mariano Lake, Frank C. Etdtlib - -, ' 1 >.l . . ": There are 20 grandchildren. . ty of Frmtland; sons from his second marriage, Leo W. Pallbearers will be Lester Etcitty of Standing Rock/Nelson W. Etcitty of Round Rock,, ,;'! ETCITTY Funeral ser- , Tsosie, EUison Tsosie Jr., and WUbur W.-Etcitty of Little Water; and daughtersvice for AUen Tom Etcitty, UdeU EUison, Delbert EUison, /.-.LaVem E. Bflley of Standing Rock, Margaret E. Grieve of 63, SWprock, wfll be at 10 Marvin Ellison and Albert Ruby Ranch, near Crownpoint, and Hazel Etcitty of Standing , aJri. ; Friday at Christ the EUison. Funeral arrangements , Rock. There are 20 grandsons, 14 granddaughters and seven : King Catholic Church of SWpare under the direction of Cope great-grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be WUbur W. Etcitty, rock, with the Rev. Larry [ Memorial Chapel. Nelson W. Etcitty, Mark W. Etdtty'Sr^ Frank"C/Etdtty, Schreiber officiating. Burial Leo W. Etcitty, and Jay W. Edcitty Sr. HonorarypaUbearers wiU be in the SWprock Cema wfll be Dickie BUley Sr., Dickie Bflley Jr. and Eugene Emer""" i i - a i -So tery; Etcitty died Monday at son. RoUie Mortuary of GaUup is in charge of arrangements., ETCITTY Funeral sendee the PubUc Health Service for Hany Etcitty, 49, Nageezi, Hospital In SWprock. He was ..will be-at 10 a.m. Saturday at preceded ta death by Ws wife, the Brethren ta Christ Mission . Lucy Etcitty,' On Nov. 17, of Blanco with Brother Andrew Begaye officiating. Burial wfll 1980. Survivors include four be in the Brettiren in Christ daughters, Sheila Jim of WaMission Cemetery ..Etcitty died terflow and Rose.Mary JohnMonday as the result of an son, Victoria Etcitty and accident at Lybrook. Survivors ; Darlene Baldwin of SWprock; include his wife, Mrs. Florence ('seven sons, /Tony AUen of ! Etcitty of the family horbe; , Barstow, Calif., and Luther three sons, Norman, Calvin ' Etcitty, Everett Etcitty, Roy and; George Etcitty, all of Etcitty, Eddie Etcitty, JimKimbeto; two daughters, my Tony and Leonard Joha Camie and Carma Etcitty, son of SWprock; a sister Ada both of Kimbeto; his former Johnson af SWprock; three wife,'EUen Etcitty of Bisti; . nephews; and a mece. There ttiree daughters, Irene.Begay are -35 grandchildren and two and. Darlene Bia, both: of great-grandchildren. Farinlngtoa, and Marlene E. PaUbearers wfll be Jimmy citty of Bisti; his mother, Lucy Tony, Roy Etcitty, Norman Etcitty of Kimbeto; and a Baldwin and HairispB Jim sister,: Mary Jane Harris ;of 1 Jr. Honorary paUbearers wfll . Farintagtori. There .are three be Thomas Johnson, Herbert grandchildren. Pallbearers Johnson,; David Johnson, wiU be Norbert ..Yazzie, TomLeonard Johnson, Eddie Etmy Begay, Nelson Bia, Stanley citty, Jimmy Tony/Jr.,; HarEdway,. Tyler Harris Jr.; and rison JimSr., Kerby Smith, Norman Etcitty. Funeral arTimothy Johnson, Albert rangements are under the ; Johnson Jr. and Albert Johndirection of Cope Memorial son Sr. Funral arrangements Chapel. are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.
, ; .




j FRANK The _u?efal of [./Aaron RyanF__nk, 1-year-old "sort of Clarence and' Mfame .'- Frank, Red VaUey,, Ariz., has beeaset for ,10 ajn. Thursday at the Reff Rock/:Christian' '' Reformed Church/ with Boyd Garnanez officlatlng. Burial wfll be in Oak Springs Ceme-i tery/The child died of natural ' causes/Dec, 19tathe SWprock i PubUc: Health Sendee Hosjii-;: : tel/ Iri addition to the parents, survivors include three sisters!,, Rosie Frank, Chicago, HI.;-arid Freda Frank and Caroleen Frank, both of Red VaUey; and four brothers,, Henry Frank;.Newcomb;' David Frank,; Shiprock; Terrance , Frank, Red Valley; and Michael Frank, Red Valley. Active pallbearers/wUl/be Gerald Frank, Dave; Frank, Tenance Frank and Michael [Frank. Honorary paUbearers are; Floyd Frank, Clifford H Frank, : Loren Garnanez, Lorenzo Gamanez and Harold Frank. Cope. Memorial: Chapel is in charge of arrangements.
^-3^ __ _ . . '*-.?-.,:.:.-_:.- - J "

FOSTERFuneral service for Richard Foster, 41, of SWprock, wfll-be at 2 p.m. Thursday at jthe Shiprock Christian Reformed Church with the Rev. Abe Koolhaas officiattag. Interment wfll be in SWprock Community Cemetery. PaUbearers wfll be Stewart Foster, William Foster, Darnel Reuben, Joe C. AUen, Rudy Begay and WilliamSetters. Foster died Feb/18 at SWprock- of exposure/He is survived by four brothers, Stewart Foster, Crownpoint; Joe C, AUen, Fruitland; John/ Foster, Califomia and Vemon/. Foster, Tohatchi; and four sisters; Bernice Owens, Durango; Janice Tso, Teec-^ nospos, Ariz.; Anita Foster, California, and Bernita Fred; Tohatchi. Cope Memorial Chapel istacharge of ananga ments.

c c c FRANK Funeral se:rvice Frank, Lany Frank, Hoskie 1 | for Kee James Frank, 41, : Frank and Dokee Frank. Fu; Sanostee, who died Tuesday ta neral anangements are under [ i an auto accident ta Sanostee, the direction of Cope Memorial ! wfll be at 10 ajn. Monday at .Chapel. Christian Reformed Church; SWprock, with the Rev. Frank Curley officiating. Burial wfll be in Shiprock Community Cemetery.' Frank was emFRANK. Funeral sei/vlce ployed by the Navajo Tribe as ] for 18-month-pld Rozina CalanI a .arpenter ta new construcdra Frank, daughter of Ernesttion. Survivors include his and Rosie Frank of SWprock, [ wife, Helen Frank;; six sons, was held at 10; a_m, today at Hanison K., Larry, Tony K., jthe Shiprock Christiani ReGary, and Harold Frank and formed Church with the Rev... John Paul Smith of Sanostee; Sampson Yazzie officiating.. two daughters, Cora Ann and Buriali Was 1 n ; Memory'X Julia Ann Frank;; of Sanostee; Gardens, The baby died Saturhis father, John Frank of day at the Public Health Sanostee; three brothers, iSendce Hospital in, SWprock. Dokee Frank of Mexican Wailia: addition to her parents, ter, Arizi, Skeet Frank of survivors include a sister, Farmington and Hoskie Frank Rosita Cassandra ofthe family of Sanostee; five/sisters, home ; [ h e r m a t e r n a l : Dorothy . Sam of Sanostee, grandmother, Mrs. Mary, Ruby James of Kirtland, F r a z i er; p ate rna 1 Bessie John of Sanostee, JuUa grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Frank Sr., all of'. Lee of Beclabito and Rita SWprock;; great-grandparents I Frank of:Sanostee;/three,unSam and Katherine Harvey, cles, Willie Yazzie, Jimmie Frank and NelUe Nacheebeta Yazzie and CharUe Woodie of and Hosteen Setah Begay, all; Sanostee; and one aunt, Mary of Red V a l l e y , A r i z , H. Begay of Littlewater. PaUbearers wiU be Raymond Pallbearers will;be Skeet Frazer, Thomas Frank, Wilson Frank, Harrison Frank, Tony Frazer and Clifford.Frank Jr. I| Funeral anangements are under . the direction of jCope. Memorial Chapel,

t .aries


y-y FeA'Al ii < 7

FORD Graveside sendee for Samuel Ford, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Ford of Wheatridge, Colo., was held today at .10 ajn. today fa Babyland of Memory Gardens with Missionary Harriet Janssen officiating. In addition to. the, parents, the boy is survived by a brother, Wade Ford of Wheatridge; two halfbrothers, Luther Ford and DaneU Ford, both of Arvada, Cola; a half-sister; Cynthia Ford of Arvada; paternal; grandmother, Ruth Ford of Fruitland, and patemal greatgrandmother, Mary Dischllll Ford of Aztec. Funeral arrangements were under diree-, tion of Cope Memorial Chapel. %


FRANK Mary Lou Frank, 40, Shiprock, died Friday at BeraaUllo County Medical Center iri Albuquerque. Funer-r ! '__ service Wfll be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Christian - Refonned Church- -ini Shiprbck with the Rev. Leon Friend officiating. Burial;will be in Greenlawn Cemetery.; She was employed at the VS. , PubUc Health Service Hospital, in- Shiprock as a food _ service worker. Survivors include: a son, DaneU Frank of Ignacio,: Colo.; three daughters, Bemice; Thompson of I Montezuma . Creek,' Utah, Marlene; Frank, // Ignacio, Colp^rand4 Matilda Frank of . (he tariifly home; four sisters, , Etta John, AbbfefNelsoa and _ Maria, P___d._j3^f|iauprpck, . and Ann Edwards, Bloomfield; her parents/ Lula and Jim Atcitty, Shiprock;' and her fiance, Roy:. Begay/ of '" Shiprock, -' and;: tv?o grand/ children. [AcUve pallbearers: ';. wfll bp: Jonas-John,Franklin; John, Jimmie Nelson Jr;, Roy Wallace Nelson, Alvin Paul and Hairy;Thoiripson. Funeral , arrangements are under the directiori of Cope ! Memorial ChapeL . 7 A c i % 0

FRANCISCO Jimmy Francisco, 52, Fort Defiance, Ariz., died Sunday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital ta Fort Defiance. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Friday at the LDS Chapel, St. Michaels, Ariz. Burial wfll be [ ta the family cemetery at Fort S Defiance. He is survived by his [wife, Mrs. JuUe Francisco of j the family home; three I daughters, Jacqueline and | JarieUe Francisco,, both of the [family home/and Shannon Francisco of Farmtagtori; six [ sons, Jeffrey Francisco of the family home, Elmer Francisco of Cedar City, Utah, Eugene ; Francisco, Frank Francisco' r and Marvin Francisco, aU of 1 FortDefiarice, and ErselFrancisco of Farmington; and two i sisters,. Anna Mae Begay of Window; Rock, [Ariz;, and' [Eleanor Becenti of; Fort DeI fianca There are eight grandchUdren. PaUbearers wfll be !" Ray Becenti, Herbert Fran" / cisco, Dean Hickman, Leo C 'Arnold, Sanford Toglena and :; Houston [Martin. Honorary pallbear ers will [be Elmer Francisco,Frank Francisco, | Paul Fraricisco, Eugene Fran'/cisco and Marvin Francisco. ' Funeral anangements are Wilder .the direction of Cope I Memorial Chapel.:

/ FRANCISCO --.Funeral sendee for Martin Francisco, 73,,vTohatchi, :wfli: be at. 10 ;: ajri. Friday at the NascWtti ^ CathoUc Church with burial /ta the NascWtti Cemefery. He/ died Monday at, the SWprock PubUc Health Service Hospl/ tal; / Survivors /include; Ws wife, Mrs. OUve M. Francis; co of the famUy home; three sons, Nelson M. Francisco, 1 Henry ,;M.. Francisco ^nd Herman M.Francisco, aU of the family home;/six daughi ters, LflUe E. Francisco, Eva L. Nabahe, Anna T. Bitsie, Lorena V. Carl, JuaWte M. Wiflle and Ruby A. Johnson, also aU of the family home. There are 43 grandcWldren and 29 great-grandchildren. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope ; Memorial Chapel.



FOREL/ Mrs. Maiy Ford, 103, Burnham, died Tuesday at the - Four Corners Good Samaritan Care Center, where she had been the 12th resident registered. Funeral service wfll beat 10 ajn. Saturday at San Juan Episcopal Mission with the:Re_ William Bagby officiating. Burial: wfll be in the Episcopal Mission Cema tery/ Mrs. Ford' is survived by two .laughers; EUzabeth Buck of Burnham and Mary John of Upper' Fruitland; and a sister, Fariny Francisco of SWprock. There are 51 grandchildren, 164 great-grandchildren and 64 great-great-grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Henry Smith, Wilson John Bedoni,, Herbert Buck,; Nelson John Bedoni, Shonie Jacquez and Wilford Back. Funeral arrangements are under/the direction: of Cope Memorial Chapel... -/'/:

FRANCIS Mrs. Rita ' [ Kieyoomia Francis, 26, Albu. querque, died Saturday in the [La Maderia area east of Albuquerque as the result of : a riding accident. Funeral ' service wfll be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at the NascWtti Reform Church and burial wfll be ta the NascWtti Cema tery. Mrs. Francis was a data transcriber with [the Social j Security Operation Office ta Albuquerque. She was a 1Q77 graduate of Northern Arizona : UWverslty ta Flagstaff with a bachelor of science degree R arid was a graduate of Fort I Wingate High School. She is , survived by her husband, 1 Walter of the family.home; I h e r f a t h e r , [ J o e L. i, Kieyoomia Sr. of SWprock; her mother/Sarah Kieyoomia of NascWtti; four brothers,? _Emest L. and GWistopersT.-f. .'Kieyoomia ofr Albuquerqiw' * and Albert Bicentl 'of. Alba,' querque; and three- sisters;; Virginia Charley of SWprock, ' Genevieve .Thompson of Tohatchi and Betty M. Kieyoomia of Albuquerque. The Gallup Cope Memorial [jiapel was ta charge of arangements.

FRAZIER Funeral service for Norman Frazier Sr., 55, Redlands, Calif., wfll be at 10. ajn.: Saturday at Brewer : Funeral Home Chapel with Pastor .Robert; G.. Hardgrave : Ptfldattog. Frazier dled.Suni:day ta,Cortez, Colo. Burial ; wiU be in Greenlawn Ceme-, , tery.;Graveside/sendees,wfll I be conducted by: SWprock [VFW; Post 9517 and Farm-/ ington Post 2182. Frazier was [retired;fromthe miUtary and j was.a/veteran of World War I H and the Korean War. Sur-' | vivors include his%wife, MaybeUe Frazier; two daughters, ; Debbie J. Evans, Westwood, Calif., and Sheri Frazier of the famUy home; two sons, Norman Frazier Jr. and Maik Frazier, both of the famfly . home; his mother, Jamee Harvey;- a brother, John BenaUy, Kirtland; and six sisters, Bessie Zohme, SWprock, Sarah Yazzie, SWprock, NelUe VanWlnkle, Fort Defiance, Ariz.;" Roslyn BenaUy, Red VaUey, FanWe Begay; Grants, and Diana Mike, Sanostee. There Is one grandchild, Matthew Evans, ..Westwood Calif. Honorary ' paUbearers will be Norman . Frazier Jr., Mark Frazier, Johnny BenaUy Sr., Johnny BenaUy Jr., Barry Eagle, Oliver Reeves, Randy Begay and Elmer Reeves. Active paUbearers wfll be BUI El. llott, Allen Evans, Leo Reeves, Nelson Reeves, Arnold Eagle and Lee Evans. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home. A y ,


-[FOSTER Funeral service for Delbert Dean Foster, 16, of Waterflow, who was kflled ta ari;auto accident Sunday, wfll be held,at 10 a.m. Friday at the Shiprock Civic Center with the,Rev. Allan C. NeskaW Jr. conducting, assisted by Taft .Blackhorse Sr. Burial .'will be in the family cemetery at Hogback. PaUbearers wfll be Herman KeUywood, J.B. Largo Jr., Bobby Begay, Ronnie Bennett, Harold Tso and Aaron NeskaW. Foster was bom May 17, I960, and had attended . SWprock High School. He was a jockey and race horse trainer; He is survived by his parents, Sam and Fem Foster of Waterflow; six sisters, Norma Jane, PricUla, Conina F., Darlene and Juanita, aU from Waterflow, and Betty " Jane Foster, of Lincoln, Neb.; two brothers,- Gilbert D. Foster, SWprock, and Philbert : Foster, Waterflow. Also surviving are. his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Richmond P. Hobson and Hannah Foster, aU of Waterflow. Lee & Oviatt Mortuary is In charge of anangements.

FREDY John Fredy, 51, Fruitland; a brother, Roy F. of Upper Fruitland, died Begay, Upper Fruitland; Wednesday at San Juan Ra ttiree aunts, Mary Dobey gional Medical Center. He GaUegbs Canyon, and Emma was bom May 10,1931, in Up- WWtey arid Louise Francisco, per -Frmtland. Funeral ser- "Colorado Springs, Colo.; two vice wfll be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Brewer Funeral uncles,- Tom Harwood and Home Chapel, with the Revs. Billy Francisco; cousins, Dayton Blackwater, Harriet Ruth Ford, Mae Raymond Jensen and John BiU officiat- and Marie Barber of Upper ing. Burial wfll be ta the fam- Fruitland; and numerous ily cemetery in Upper n i e c e s and n e p h e w s . Fniitland. Prior to an illness, PaUbearers will be Harrison Fredy. had been a driUer at Benallie, Harold Benallie, , the Navajo Mines. Survivors Earl/R./WWtey, Roger L. include his wife, Jane, Benny, Stewart Sandoval and and ttiree sons, James, Jonah Dan Benallie. Honorary and Jefferson Fredy, aU at paUbearers wfll be -Andrew home; Ws father, Francisco Hoskie and Davis Harwood. Begay, Upper Frmtland; two Funeral anangements are sisters, Alice BenaUy and under the direction of Brewer Mary Ann Miller/Upper Funeral Home. ;

yCr^eJl </


FOSTER - Louise Foster, 93, of SWprock, died Monday at San Juan Manor. She is sundvied by two sons, NUe and Jefferson Foster of SWprock; sister, Mrs/Amelia George of Rattlesnake 7' two [ grand-, children and four greats grandchildren. Funeral services wfll be held Friday at 2 p.m. at. the chapel of the . SWprock Funeral Home with the Ftev. Bob Walker and the Rev/Roger Dale of the Navajo Baptist Temple in Shiprock, officiating. PaUbearers wfll be Sam, Patrick and Larry Foster, Olsen BenaUy, RandaU Thompson and Paul Begay. Interment wfll be in the SWp-' rock Cemetery.


FOSTER Funeral service ' for Franklin. Theodore Foster Sr.^36,[Waterflow, wfll be af.2,; pjn. Saturday at the Church of ' Jesus', Christ of; Latter-day/ .Saints Chajrel fa Shiprock with : Bishop Jeny Thomas official-' tag. Burial Will' be fa the SWprock Cemetery. He died Wednesday at SWprock. Survivors include Ws wife, Mrs. Dorothy Foster; two sons, Franklin Foster. Jr. and Armando F o s t e r ; two daughters, Daryl Jean Foster and Pariieia Dee Foster, all of . the family home;/four sisters, Evelyn M. John of Hogback, Frances "R. P e s h l a k a i , Winifred, [C. Cambridge and Beverly J. Joe, all of SWprock; and two brothers, Patrick Foster and William Foster;, both of SWprock. [PaUbearers wiU be WiUiam Foster, Curtis; Peshlakai, Harold Peshlakai, Patrick Foster, WUbur Begay and Jerry Frank William Jr. Funeral anangements are un/der direction of Cope Memorial




GORDO - Fi ral service is scheduled at -lOaJn/Satiir' day at the Escrito LDS church GARFIELD Funeral ser for Fannie Gordo, ,76, of vice for Jimmy R. Garfield, 36, Nageezi, who died Thuesday in SWprock, will be at 10 ajn. [ GaUup of natural causes,'LDS : Thursday at Cope Memorial President; Al Chapman will Chapel with the Rev. Lawconduct sendees, and; burial rence ScWeiber, OFM, officiatwfll-follow in the family cema ing. Burial wfll be fa Memory tery in Escavado. Mrs. Gordo, Gardens. Garfield was the was born ta'Canyon de CheUy, victim of an accident and died Saturday near Waterflow. He . Ariz,, on Aug. 15,1900. She was the daughter of Juariilgela was a 1965 graduate of Inter-/ Beyale and the wife of Ignacio mountain School at Brigham Gordo, who died ta 1956. he City, Utah, worked at Fairwas a rag weaver and member child and was last employed of the IDS church, ^She-js by Navajo Agriculture Products Industry. He is survived- | / , : [ - - : ; V , . - . . - : . - r - - - - ; I survived: by daughters NeUie by his parents, Willie and j Dennison and EUamae Wood,, i Mabie Garfield of Minton j Dennison, Leo Densix brothers, Thomas H Rock; Toney Garfield of I sons Joe Sam Dennison, aU of I nison and and - - Oakland, Calif.; BUly Garfield i Nageezi; 32' grandchildren; ;l and four great-grandchUdren: 8 of Gallup; Nelson Garfield, Evan Garfield and James Gar- j There are ttiree sisters, Mary field, aU of Red Rock;, a... j Benally,- Mary Beyale and stepsister, Eva Hanagame pt I Clara Valdez, and/brothers 5 Fruitland; and six sisters, 'Clyde Beyale,.Hausteeri Clyde Marie Sloan of Cedar Ridge, I Beyale and Dick Beyale Sr. Ariz.; felsie Begay;.of ; PaUbearers wfll- be Joe DenFruitland, and Fannie, Clara i nlsbn Sr., Leo Dennison,' Sam Dennison^ Woody Dennison, and Carolyn Garfield "and Ann Dennis B'. Dennison' and G/"; Frazier of Red-Rock. Edison Dennison. Lee' and Q_ Pallbearers will be Nelson Oviatt Mortuary is handling Garfield, Evans Garfield/Jack , . . Sloane, Harry Kelly, Bruce ' anangments. Manygoats and Richard BlackJ^AIA hat. Funeral anangements are A under direction of Cope Mema :; rial Chapel.


for Leo James Gould, 37, of. Newcomb, is' scheduled at 10 ajn. Wednesday at, SWprock Funeral Home, with Father Adam Wethfagton! officiating. Burial will be in Shiprock : cemetery. Gould died Saturday at SWprock. Survivors include his mother, Daisy Gould, brothers Arthur Gould, John A. Gould, Jimmy Gould and Tommie Nabaha, and sisters , [ Will amena Nab\ha i' arid ! - Karlene Metteba. PaUbearers / will be Paul Gould, Arthur Gould, Jimmy Gould/ Lester Gould, Levi ChischUly and : David Keyonme. Funeral arrangements/are under the direction of SWprock" Funeral Home. :'r21 3>fr u

/ .__<>_v^72>i _).

"_/.-<_? i / ^ s j & E ^ s ? ' , : ' :




GEORGE Funeral sefvie for Navajo George, 90, of GARNANEZ Funeral ser/SWprock, Is scheduled at 10 vice for Jean Gamanez, 95, j a jn. Saturday at Mesa View Shiprock, will, be at 10, ajn. 1 Assembly of God Church,, with Saturday, at' the .Shiprock. i the Rev. Charles Lee officiatChristian Reformed Church ing. Burial will be in;SWprock with Boyd Gamanez' official-., | Cemetery. George died Saturtag.: Burial wfll be ta the' day at the Public Health SWprock Cemetery: She died : Sendee Hospital In SWprock/! Tuesday at the SWprock PubUc He is survived by his wife, Health Sendee Hospital. Surj Dinay Yazzie Bitsie; daughters :."' vivors include three daughters, Anna Mae Nelson; Gladys G. 1 Mary L. RusseU, Rose Bea Yaliah and Jane Washburn, aU i jamin and Lonaine Nez.aU of of SWiprock; two sons, Tony SWprock; sobs Tom George of and and James Gamanez; of J Shiprock, John C. Lewis of Shiprock; three, brothers. * Shonto, Ariz.; and Jonah Lewis Archer Atcitty, James Atcitty [of Califomia; and brother. John and Harry Ateitty;/and' two ;.G_ Lewis of SWprock. There sisters, Mamie Jim- and Lucy are 19 grandchildren and one BUly, aU of SWjprock. There: great-grandchUd. PaUbearers /are 28 grandchUdren and . 5 . will be Donald Benjamin, great-grandchildrea^.: Stanley- Benjamin, Walter PaUbearers wfll be Wilburt Sandoval, Raymas, Lee, ; McDonald Lee and Melvin Lee, ; ..Washbum, Norman Jlm&Jjl^ Funeral anangements are un- , Johnny Washbum, Nelvfa Garnanez, Calvfa Gamanez and^ der the direction of Cope Kee Nelson. H o n o r a r y iMemorial Chapel.

palltearersmll be N.i_ran Jim Sr./ Ronald Garnanez, Thomas H; Atcitty, Dari Atcitty, Lawrence Garnanez and Tom Nelsori.'Funeral anangements are under the direction O Cope Memorial Chapel. f



GUS ugweside, ser ifor infant Julius Gus WUljbe ; rield Friday [at 10/ajn.-at Memory Gardens. The' chUd[ died Tuesday a t the- Public i Health Service Hospital in j SWprock, Survivors include the ! parents,/'James and Shirley Gus; a brother,,Jariieson Gus; ; patemal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Gus,, and i patemal great-grandmother, [Hazel Gus, aU of of Carson; I maternal grandparents, Mr. and; Mrs. Jim [Jackson of Farmington, arid matemal I great-grandparents;":/Lighting and Mary Anderson of Saa 'ostee. Funeral/arrangments are'itaderthe direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.





, . .,_,, ,

GLEASON - . R o g e r Gleason, 19, GaUup, died as GEORGE Funeral service ; the result of an auto, accident for Amelia George, 86, of near: Ganado, Ariz., Sunday. /Shiprock,/who died at the Funeral service wfll be at 10 ; Shiprock PubUc Health Center ajn. Saturday at Cope Mema Monday, is slated ifor JO a.m. rial Chapel of GaUup, with the , Friday at the First Baptist Rey. Kenneth MUler officiatChurch in Shiprock with the ing. Burial wfll be In WWte Rev. Gerald Lawton officiating Rock on family property.. ' and George Nez wfll interpret. Gleason attended Tohatchi Interment wfll Mow at the High School arid the Crown-. .Shiprock Cemetery. She is point Boarding School. He was S survived: by six daughters, a member of the baseball and Q Grace Begay, -Evelyn Yazzie, basketball teams. Survivors 65 Emma Johnson, Mary Frazier include his mother, Tillie Gleason of Gallup; a son, *>,and Mary Francis,; all of S .SWprock and Betty Toney of . Ronnie Gleason of Kirtland; three brothers, Raymond Flagstaff, Ariz.; - two sons, Gleason of Sanders, Ariz, and ^ F r a n k Duncan and Kee Leo Gleason and Norriian . ^ George, y both of Shiprock; a Gleason of GaUup; and four .-.sister, hilchee Bitsi of GaUup; sisters, Rose Hunt of Kirtland, 0 53 grandchUdren and 69 greatDorothy Bordy of Twin Lakes/; ^ - g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active and Lorraine Bordy and paUbearers will be WUson T., Thelma [Gleason, both ofV Tom Jr., Kenneth, and Jack \ Lee Jr., Frazier, George Fran' "Gallup.' Pallbearers will be';! cis arid Albert Yazzie. Funeral Raymond Gleason, Johnson anangements are under the Bordy-,- Leo Gleason, Mike : 1 direction of Cope Memorial Bordy, Lepaula Lee, Derald 1 Chapel. LUly. Honorary pallbearers i wfll. be MeniU Burbank and Norriian Gleason. Funeral ar. rangements are under the; .^.direction of Cope. Memorial " Chapel of Gallup. / //GORDO Funeral service -_V-_ '* _.. . X- \ . - j , ' _ . _ _ _ : . is- periding for' Fannie GPrdo, GEORGE Funeral service 78, of Nageezi, who died of for Uo George, 25, Waterflow, natural causes Tuesday in wfll be at 10 ajn. Friday at the .Gallup./She was the daughter Church of Jesus Christ of of Juan lyela Beyale. A mg Latter-day Saints of SWprock with Elder Manuel D. BenaUie weaver,; she was the wife of \ i Sr. officiating. Burial wfll be in the.late!Ignacio Gordo and a i!' the Shiprock Cemetery with ; member i of the LDS church. graveside services conducted She is survived by daughters,! / by the SWprock Veterans- of -NelUe Dennlsort and EUenma i Foreign Wars. He was kUled . Wood, sons Joe Dennison, l_eo I Saturday fa a pedestian-auto /Dennison and Sam Dennison, I accident at Flora Vista. aU of Nageezi, ttiree sisters i l George was employed by the and three brothers. There;are i Kirtland pubUc schools as a four" great-grandcWldren. Fu- 'motor veWcle operator. Surneral anangements are under ;| vlvors. include his parents, the direction of Lee and Oviatt Clifford and Wilma George of Mortuary. //>-.M/i^ I . - . umuru A.':' '.'. AT-'.'j... J / | SWprock; five brothers, ClifI ford George Jr., E r n e s t George, Samuel George, Kenneth George and Calvin George, aU of SWprock; two half-brothers, Peter Paul. George and Matthew P. George'of Red Rock, Ariz.; and five half-sisters, Jessie A. I Lee/and Kathy M. George, j both'of Shiprock, Elizabeth i.Berially of Bayfield, Colo., I Arina'T.' Lee of Red Rock and j Cecflia L. Hanova of Crownpoint Pallbearers will be I Ernest George/ Clifford George Jr., Samuel George, Jones [Lee, Joseph Nakai and Patrick ;K. Hanova. Funeral I arrangements are under the 'direction of Cope' Memorial ! ^ ~ v OJOAS. a A i 9 "7 *,
" ' ' _ . _ _ |


.... 73 A f i A L t / ^ f

GARCIA Funeral service for WUUe Garcia, 51, Nageezi, wfll be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the First Baptist Church of Farmington with-the/Rev, John Peter Yazzie officiattag. Burial will be in Memory Gardens. Garcia died Monday at the Cuba Health Cliiiic. He was an employee of the Umon Pacific Railroad. Survivors include Ws wife, Mrs. IsabeUe L. ! Garcia of the family home; X three sons, WUbert and Ambrose Garcia, both of Nageezi, and Calvert Garcia of Bloom-' field; seven daughters, ClairbeUe Jose of Counselor's, Eleanor Soce, Darlene, Claudia, and Zelda Gall Garcia, all of Nageezi, and Evangeline and ArabeUe Garcia of Farmington; two sisters, Eva C. Jim of Nageezi and Ltila G. Todacheene of Blanco Trading Post; and two brothers, John Paul Commanche and Teddy Largo of Lybrook. There are seven grandchUdren. Palbearers wfll be WUbert Garcia, Ainbrose Garcia, Teddy Largo, Lany Todacheene, Wallace Todacheene and Bmce Jim. . John Paul Commanche wfll be an honorary paUbearer/Funeral arrangeriierits are under the direction of Cope Memorial


'S'cv^ux. .n".^

; GUS Graveside service for the infant daughter of Mr.. and Mrs. James Gus Jr. of Farmington was held today at Memory Gardens. In addition '!b her parents, the newborn .hild is survived by a brother, lameson , Gus of the famfly .nome; patemal grandparents, /James and Annie Gus Sr.; of", Carson; and matemal grand- . father, Jimmy Jabkson of Farmington. Funeral, arranga ments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

GEORGE Funeral sendee : for WUUe George, 97, Nageezi, : wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at j the Escrito Church of Jesus ' Christ of Latter-day" Saints Chapel with President Leonard Lopez officiating. Burial wiU be in the LDS Cemetery at Escrito. George died Monday at San. Juan Regional Medical i Center. vSundvors" include his I wife, Mrs. Betty George of iChaco C a n y o n ; t h r e e : daughters, Helen George, Nora Padilla and Louise Padilla, aU of Nageezi; and two sons, j BiUie George of Puebla Pfatado, arid7 Herbert George, , of Albuquerque. There are 24 j grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Pallbearers wfll be BUUe George, Herbert George, Ricky SUm, Clesteno George, Lawrence Slim and Jackson Padilla. Furieral ar, rangements .are under the i direction of Cope Memorial

Chapel. Af'/J!euA/<f$t>

GOULD Funeral, service for Polly White Gould, 25, ! Carson, will be" at 10 a.m. j Wednesday at the San Juan AU i Saints Missi - with .he Rey. i Charles Chatham officiating! {Burial'wfll be in the Carson Cemetery/Mrs. Gould died Thursday as the result Of. an accident near the Turquoise Bar. Survivors include her I husband; Lester Gould of |i Fruitland; a son, Clinton Key- tl onnie of Carson; six stepi sisters, Matine White, Emma 1 White and JuUe White, aU of 1 Carson, Arlen Glass, Lonetta | WWte and Abie White, all of ! Bloomfield; five stepbrothers; Kevin White, Gjenn White, : Nelson WWte, Alvin White and j Calvlri WWte, aU of BlOom-[ 1 field; her father, Alvie WWte !of Carson, and her matemal' (grandmother, Mary Wero of Carson. Pallbearers will be iGeorge Wero, Sam Wero, Paul Taylor, Paul "Gould Sr., Glenn ,White and Jerry WWte. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Copje Memorial Chapel. $ d - p - ^ L - H$TS

GUSS Funeral sendee for ; Hazel Guss, 99, Carson, wfll be i at 10 ajn. Saturday at Cope ; Memorial Chapel with the Rev. [ WUUam R. Bagby officiattag. Burial - wfll be fa Memory | Gardens! Mrs. Guss died Moa I day at GaUup.. Survivors fa elude three sons, Sam Begay ! of Bumham, Harry Guss of i Riverside, Calif.,/ and James \ Guss Sr, of Carson; ?tw'o' ; daughters, Alice Plbche of; ; Fruitland and Fanny Guss of I Carson; two sisters, Yazzie1 I BeriaUy of Frmtland and Mrs; , Chee iL Lewis of Carson;; and I a brother, Charley Pine of Carsori. There are 25 grandchildren and numerous great ; grandchildren. Pallbearer. i will be Norman Barney, ', Wesley Waddoups, Herbert Guss, Glen Nakai and Joe Begay.- Funeral anangements are under the direction of. Cope Memorial ChapeL


.S' - Obltuaries60 G0LDTO0TH Funeral children and

service for Mary Goldtootti, 87, Fniitland, was held at 10 a.m. today at the Alma Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Fruitland with President Bob Begay officiating. Burial was ta the family cemetery. Mrs. Goldtooth died Saturday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in SWprock. She is survived by slksons,-Nathan Begay ef Albuquerque, Charley Begay of SWprock, Robert Hogue Sr:, George Hogue and Richard Hogue of Fruitland and David Hogue of Upper Fruitland; two nieces, Despah Kirk and Rose Mike of Frmtland; and three nephews, Roy Begay of SWprock,//Clarence Hogue ,of Fniitland and BUI Hogue of Btimham. There are 60 grand-

GEORGE Funeral service for AUen George, 98, who

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GECSEK Funeral service for Christopher Lee Gecsek, 29, who died Feb. 2 near Corona, CaUf., as result of an autombhile accident, wfll be at 2 pjfa. Tuesday at the Brewer Funeral Home. The Rev. Dacian Batt wfll officiate. Burial wfll be at' Greenlawn C e m e t e t y . Gecsek served fa the U.S. Marine Corps. He attended San Juan CoUege in 1978 ttirough 1980. Survivors include bis parents, Miriam and Frank Gecsek of Corona, Calif.; two brothers, Robert Lee Gecsek ot Long Beach, , Calif., and James Gecsek of Corona; a., sister, Delphine Gecsek ofifleU, Calif.; materi nal grandmother, Mrs Melvin E. Lee of Farmlngtori; his patemal grandmother; Mrs. PhiUip Gecsek of BetWehem, Pa.; two aunts, Norma L. 1 Goldtootti of Window Rock, Ariz., and Myrtle Lincoln of Albuquerque. , Pallbearers will be Bruce Goldtooth, Lome Lincoln, Carl Natom, James Gecsek, Robert Gecsek __. John Dow. Funer.. anangements; are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.

greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers will be Robert Hogue Jr., Jerrold Hogue, Floyd Mike, David Kirk, Darnel Kirk and Larry Hogue. Funeral,arrangements were under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. ...

died Wednesday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in SWprock, wfll be at 11 ajn. Saturday at Red Valley' Christian Reformed Church In Red:VaUey, with Pastor Howard Begay officiattag. Burial wfll be ta Red VaUey Cemetery. George was a medicine man and a rancher. Survivors include his wife, Hosteen Nez George; three sons, Johnny George of Benson, Ariz., Monis George of Red VaUey, and WUUam George; Shiprock; seven daughters, Marjorie Williamsjf: Barbara Benally,: / I_ena-*Nakai,: Nyla George,Grace George and Ida j Walters, aU of Red [VaUey" ; and Helen Etsitty of Lake VaUey;/ and a sister, EUa Litson, Red VaUey. There are 52 grandchildren and: 41 great-grandchildren. PaUbearers will be Hubert Walters, Samuel George,Heririan George, Jimmy Allen George, Raymond Benally and Jimmy George.. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Manuel George, Harrison BenaUy, .Robert BenaUy and Norman George. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.- : - / - , - ' ,

G/EORGH/ E v e l y n George of Red VaUey, Ariz., died Saturday at-Hogback. She was 40 yearsold. Funeral sendee at/the Christian Reformed/ Church in Red Valley, Ariz,, wfll be held at 10 ajrt; Friday, with Howard Begay conducting the rites. Burial wfll be fa/the family ceinetery. Survivors include her parents,; Jack and Cyn/ thia Nakai George; two ;.-. daughters, Angeline Tom and ; Charlene Lewis; three sorts, ; Joe Tom Jr., Elgin Tom and Ronald .Tom; four! brothers^/ K Junior,* PhiUip, James and; / Darnel George; and:ttireesis| ters, Mrs. Helen Martin, Mrs. /Rose. Ann Begaye and Mrs. I Ann Tanner. AU are residents f of Red VaUey' PaUbearers | wfll /be .Fernando/ Taririer, ? James ;flegaye, Phillip ; % George; Ray Begaye, irvin ; Martin and WUliam Martin, funeral _jUTangem__nt_a>. ..

GEORGE -.Funeral service for Charles William George, 4, will be at 11 ajn. Saturday at the Christian Ra formed Church at SWprock, with. Pastor Howard ,Begay officiattag. He was bom Feb. 16,1977, ta SWprock. He died Wednesday. Tiie child is sur, rived by h_ parents, Herman George and Carol Etcitty; a stepbrother, Thomas Etcitty, Farmington; ; a /stepsister, Alisa Ann Etcitty, SWprock; / patemal /grandparents, WilUam and Myrtle George, , SWprock; maternal grandfather, /Roy Etcitty, SWprock; paternal great-grandparents, [EUen and Hastiin Nez Bits; ,; of Red VaUey, Ariz.; a maternal greatgrandmother,. Mary Herder, Rattlesnake;- and maternal great-great-grandmother, Helen Dawes of SWprock. PaUbearers wfll be Perry Etcitty and Leroy Etcitty. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home. ;

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! under the direction of SMp--: i rock Funeral E_Ke. -'





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GEORGE Funeral service: for Betty George, 77; of Nageezi, will/be., at 10 ajn. Wednesday at Lybrook Mission, with burial in Lybrook Cemetery. She died Friday at Cuba. Survivors include three daughters,/ Louise Padilla, Wynona Padilla and Helen George of Nageezi; and two! A sons,. Billy and Herbert George "of Pueblo Alto/ PaUbearers will be Gilbert Padilla, i Edward Padilla, Aaron Padilla, BiUie George, Celestine George and RandaU Slim/ Arrangements are ua der the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.


GUS ' A funeral service , was held Saturday for James Gus Sr., 62, Box 207 Carson, N.M., with Reverend CharUe Y. Brown officiating. Burial i^^Jkt^yi^t^A was fa the Carson Cemetery. '-- GOUia. Funeral service Gus died Tuesday at; San" /for; Benny, Gould, 45, NewI Juan Regional Medical Cen[ comb, has/, been set for. 11 ter. He was bom May 15,1920 fa/m. Monday at Brewer Fufa Carson."Survivors include: i neral""Home Chapel with the, Ws Wife, Amiie, of the famUy i Rev. David-Tutt officiating, home; four sons/James Gus, i Bom April 16;'1937," at Bisti,/ ot Ojo AmariUo, David Gus, f he died Thursday af the PubJack Gus, and Herbert Gus, 1 Uc Health Sendee Hospital ta of Carson; three daughters, Shiprock/Burial wfll be In Marjorie Gus and Flora Gus, Memory Gardens. Survivors. . of Carson and; EUa Mae Pa : terson, of Fruitland; two include three sisters, Ellzbrothers, Sam Begay, of I abeth'Samuels, Window Burnham, and Harry Gus, of Rock, Ariz., Jennie GoWd^ Riverside; Calif; and two sia \ Fort Defiance, and Aiyue' ters,- Alice Pioche, of WUson, Newcomb; also a Fnutland, andFamiie'feus, of ..tather. Joha B. Gould, Carson, There are six grand.GaUup. PaUbearers wfll be' chUdren.' PaUbearers -were WUbert Sairiuels, John'Gould j, Wesely Woddaups/_ Clarence Raymond Johnson, Ton? Peterson, James* Gus."/Jr., Johnson, Bobby Johnson andi DaVid Gus,. Jack/Gus, and . !, Leonard Joe: Funeral ar* Herbert Gus. Funeral arrangements are underlie rangements are under the \ direction pf Brewer Furteral direction of [Brewer Funeral Home. Homp



vice for Tillie; Gleason,. 53, Hom_a_y riSlbear^. L e e " Fannington, wUI be at 10 Johnson B S T a.m. Saturday at Cope Mt- : Hunt, Jame^ We ileS _"_" mona! Chapel with the Rey Bordy a ^ M e r l a t i r h ^ Burbank ,,Don Coriey officiattag. Burl- Funeral L 3 will follow in AfemoryV ^ r V ^ ^ f c o Z Gardens. Bom,May 28, 1923, Memorial Chand ** P at WWterock, she died Moa / ' day in Albuquerque. Survivors / faclude ttiree sons',' Raymond Gleason and Nor/ man Gleason of -WWterock arid- Leo Gleason of Twin f: _akes;ifour daughters, Mary' Rose Hunt, Kirtland, Dorothy Bordy; Twin Lakes, Lorraine / Bordy of Whiterock and Thelma Gleason of GaUup; a brother, Sam K. TeUer, New-"' comb; arid sister/Grace -Teller, WWterpck. There are 30. grandcWldren- and two /great .grandchildren-. PaUbearers are to be Ray Gleason,, Norman Gleason, Ben Wenco./Lep Gleason; Da

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'ituaries ^
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'GARNANEZ -0 iunera service for James N. Ga nanez, 54, SWprock, was at 10 a.m. today at the Christian Reformed Church in SWprock, with the Rev. Boyd Gamanez officiattag. Burial was ta the Oak Springs cenia tery near Red Rock, Ariz. He died ta San Juan Regional Medical Center Saturday. Survivors faclude Ws wife, Mrs. Daisy Jean Gamanez; five sons, Ronald N. Garnanez, Riley Jim Gamanez, Loren Jim G a r n a n e z , Lorenzo JamesGamenez and Reginald Jim Gamariez; two daughters, Flora Mae Brown and FlPrinda Lynn/ Garnanez ; ; five sisters, Armie :. Mae Nelson, Jean Washbum; i Molly Jim, Amta Atdtty and Gladys Yellah; and one brother, Toney Garaenez. There are seven -grand-

chUdren. PaUbearfers were Flora M. Brown, Ronald Gar- i nanez, Riley Garnanez; Loren Garnanez, Lorenzo Garnanez, Florinda Garnanez and Reginald Gar- ' nanez. Honorary, paUbearers were Tony Gamanez, Jean Washbum, Anna Mae Nelson, ' MoUy Jim arid Amta Atcitty. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Brewer Funeral Home.

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'GEORGE Fune_u service for Esther George, 78, of Klrtland.wUl be at 1 p.m. Saturday at BretWen in Christ " Mission Chapel in Blanco, with the Rev: John Peter . Yazzie officiattag. Burial wfll . be in Mission Cemetery. She , died Sunday at San Juan Ra " gional Medical Center. Sur-

- UAK. IA-}[ mineral a*.;vlce for WiUiam Garcia, 60, /Dulce, Is to beatlOlain.-Sat! \ tirday at the Church of Jesus IChristef Latterday Saints in Dulce,'./with/President irHoderick Velarde officiating. Borii Jtily 14; m i , in Dulce, he died there! .Wednesday. Burial wfll bei in the family cemetery iri Dulce; Garcia had been fa lhe Forestry Da; partmentpfithe Bureau of In, diaii Affairaand was a World
'j j .

WaT H Army veteran. Surt.viyors include his-wife, Juanita; six sons, WiUiam Jr:,' Byron, Leonard K., ..Duane A., Stewart Z. and ' Joey D! Garda; three daughters, Phyliss Velarde, Yvonne Tiznado and Edwena Garda; a brother, J_). Gari da Jr.; two sisters,-Pearl ! Montoya and Dorothy Vecen-s ti; and an adopted sister, Georgia- Veneno, aU are of 'iDulceZ-lThere are 23 grandfcWldren: Pallbearers are to I-be WUUam F. Garcia-Jr., Leonard K Garcia, Duane A. ' Garda; Stewart Z. Garda, Joey D. Garcia and Damon : Garcia. -Funeral arrarige[.ments are under the direction I oi. Cope Memorial Chapel. ...

First Holido^Traffic Death a FarmrJigfon Man

The firsttraffic fataUty of the Memorial Day weekend occuned early Saturday, tavolVed the use of alcohol; and took the Ufe of Farmington resident Gary- Gleason, a a cprdirig to State PoUce r a ports. ;/'! Gleason, 21, was riding in a car wWch; left;, county road 846, became airborne, trav. eled!53 feet; and landed: on its side. The acddent, occurred at 10:46 a.m. on a rural road about, 20 miles-northeast of Farmington; reported, the State PoUce. The driver,,.T. Melvin "Penri, 27, O: Fannington, and f four other passengers were also fajured in the accident. They are Clifford Werito,: 25, Manuel Eaton, 2G, and Robert Harris, 28, aU of Fannington; and Lambert Yazzie, 23> of Mesa, Arizona. Gleason was killed when he was thrown from the veWcle and pinned underneath: State police said he died of massive head arid internal injuries. Officers said Penn. told them one of his passengers feU asleep riext to Win and slumped onto his shoulder. When Penn attempted to move; the man, he lost control and the veWcle left the roadway. - %. s.'.;';.: Penn was treated and released at San Juan Regional Medical Center as were Weritp.. and Eatoni. Lambert Yazzie.was admitted to the hospital and was in good condition late Saturday.. "'.

rivors.are two sons, Johnny George, Kayenta, Ariz., and her adopted son, Vem George i of Farmington; two grandsons, Harrison George of OaUup and Dennison George of B i s t i ; four; grand- daughters, Virginia A u - i gustme, AnnabeUe Georee i and Deloris George of Nageezi, and Virgie Valdez of Blanco; and two brothers, Joe Begay Sr,, Lake VaUey and I*e Pine of,Kirtland. .ere are eight great-grand,1 children. PaUbearerit trill be Harrison George, Dennison George, Johnny George,/ Nelson Benally, Daniel Begay and Harrison Begay Funeral arrangements': are ' under the direction of Cope'/ Memorial Chapel A & h A ' J


dJAieA^ -jC4l*../982ff-' -'-*'.:. -i _ - . _ * _ . ...:

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HOLIDAY _,...,., ,_.. sendee |;.for[ Bennie Holiday, 40,/of r Sanders, Ariz/, wfll be held at 2 j; Tuesday at Cope Memorijv! al" Chapel, the Rev, Charles r/Lee officiattag/!Burial Will be fa Memory Gardens Cemetery/ Sanders died Wednesday at St. Joseph's/Hospital fa Albuquerque. Survivors faclude his parents,/ Mr, /and Mrs. Keith.. HoUday of Navajo Mountain, Ariz., two, sons, Gary and Edisbri H o l i d a y ; two daughters, Gloria and Bernita f.;'Holiday,; aU. of. Kayeriia, Ariz.; ' five brothers, Freddie HoUday


O U g C U l C U W . , : , _ ,...,.

HARRISON Funeral Ser' vice for CharUe Tso Hanison,'' 60, BloPmfleldi wfll be held Thursday at 10 ajn. at Cope Memorial Chapel with Bishop Harvey" Johnson officiating,; feiirial; will be in Memory Gardens.: Hanison was dead an arrival at San Juan R a tional Medical Center Sunday. Survivors include his/wife Louise Harrison of Bloomfield; /five/daughters, Ruth Manygoats of Toadlena,: Gloria .Harrison of Albuquerque; Amy Begay of Red Rock, and Jamee Bennie and Lydia Jim, both ot Bloomfield; four sons, Steve Harrison and Roger ,;[of Sanders, Ariz., JuUan HoU- i Harrison of Salt Lake City, /day-of Rpckpolnt, Ariz., Jpseph- | Utah, Henderson Hanison' of Holiday of Shonto, Ariz/,' Kee i Teecnospos and Wayne Haa Bahe HoUday ofNavajo Moua. rison... of Bloomfield; two tain;-Jack HoUday.of Farmbrothers, Miles- Tso Hanison ington; two sisters* Betty Jane of: Counselor's and' Kee_ Hari Redhouse of Teecnospos; and i,rl_. n of [Nageezi. There are 14 [Alison Onesalt of Vari Nuys, ' g r a n dc h 11 d r e ri. Ac l i v e : Calif; maternal grandfather, pallbearers will be Richard 'Check _Endlschee of Kayenta./ Yazzie, James Brown, Har! -Active' pallbearers will be-; rison Manygoats, Miles Tso : 'Jack, Joseph, Freddie and Harrison, George Manygoats Julian Holiday, Robert' and Ernest'Aryiso. Funeral Redhouse and Truman Toledo.. anangements are under direcFuneral anangements are untion of Cope Memorial Chapel. der the direction otvCope : Memorial ChapeL
.. -

Emma Lou Holyan, 49, SWprock, who died Monday at the Public Health Service Hospital in SWprock, was scheduled for 10 ajn. today at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Abe Koolhaas officiating. Burial foUowed in Memory Gardens. PaUbearers included Eddie Mike, WUbert J. Begay, Albert Begay Jr., Norman Frazier Sr. ;: and-Albert James Begay Sr. Survivors include one daughter, Angle Tsosie, Fanritagton; two sons, Harrison BenaUy Jr. and -Buddy BenaUy, both of Fniitland; three sisters, Rosa lyn BenaUy, Red Rock, Ariz., Fanme flegay; SWprock,; and Dianna Mike, Sanostee;- and one brother, Norman! Frazier Sr, Redlands, Calif. There are two igrandchildren. Cope Ma morial Chapel waii in charge of /anangements.[


i HARVEY Funeral service for Etta Rose Harvey, 36, Toadlena, wfll be at 1 pjn. Wednesday at the Christian Reformed Church at Toadlena . ' with the Rev. Gary Klumpenhour officiattag: Burial wfll be in Toadlena Cemetery/ Mrs. Harvey died at SWprock Friday.. Survivors Include her husband, Cecil' Harvey; a daughter, Regina Rose Harvey; two sons, Lorenzo Lee Harvey and Keterson Cecil : Harvey; .parents, Joe and i Rachel Smiley, all of i Toadlena; four brothers and
I - - . . - r - _ .:" . - . - - : . - - . _

(nine sisters. PaUbearers wfll be James Joe Smiley, Elmer Joe Smiley,- Peter Joe' Smiley, f Tony Joe Smiley,.Larry Smiley and Alfred, ariy .Jim. Hoa orary paUbearers, will be Nelson RockweU and Lee Tom. Henderson. Funeral arranga ments are under the direction' of Cope Memorial ChapeL

'HAH_F_r limy Joseph ;' Harvey of Lukachukai, Ariz., died Saturday as the result of . > an accident on the Red Rock, Ariz. Wghway. He was 25. He was a self-employed -silversmith. Survivors faclude the; wife, Nancy John Harvey and : one son, Lyle, both, of Rock ; Point, Ariz.; father, Leo , Harvey of Lukachukai; moth| er, Pauline Marie Thomas; six | brothers, Leonard Harvey, | Emest Brown, Ricky Thomas, Virgil Thomas, all of GaUup; : Anslem Harvey, Aaron Harvey; five sisters, VioletThompson, Charlotte Harvey, i Beulah H a r v e y , all of^ : Lukachukai; Alberta Brown, Loretta Thomas, both of -Gallup; paternal grand. i parents, Edward B. and There-: sa Harvey of Lukachukai; and i the maternal- grandmother, i Ruby Rbsenburg of Jones I Ranch, N.M. Funeral arranga. ments are pending through Cope Memorial Chapel.

y H A R 6 l - - . ^ F t m . r a l' vice for Andy Harrison, 37, of ; Escrito Trading Post, wfll be held at 1 p.rii. Saturday at the Bretttren Navajo Mission with ' the Rev. John TrujiUo, assisted : by Lee Norberto; officiattag. Burial will be In the Mission cemetery. PaUbearers will be Anderson Harrison, Ronnie Martinez, Frank Martinez,. ';.' Eugene Hanison, Johnny Har/ rison, and, Ernest Harrison// ; Harrison died Moriday."; He _ is / survived by his wife; Josephine Pinto Harrison;; three sons, Anderson Harrison,' Edison ; Harrison and Anthony Harrison; six daughters, Linda. , Lou Harrisori, Roberta Harrison, Angle Harrison, Shirley Hanison, Artgela Hanison and Annie Mae Harrison, ail of Counselor's; two brothers, John Harrison of Counselor's / and Eugene Harrison of Chaco Canyon; arid, two/ sisters, Marie Noberto of Chaco Canyon and Edith Sam of Counselor's. Anangements are under direction of CopeMeinorial; Chapel.


.. v



. HATATHLIMemor 1 a 1 services for Dr,,-.'Ned'/ A. HatathU, president of Navajo Community College, will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday at the Many Farms, Ariz.,. High School Auditorium, foUowed by furieral services at 2:30 p.m., in the Tuba -City Commumty Center: The Rev. Lawrence Harper and, the Rev. Scott Franklin wfll'officiate. Burial wiU be in Coal Mine Mesa, Ariz., cemetery: Graveside services, wfll be conducted by I the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Dr. HatathU was kiUed when a gun reportedly accidentaUy went off Monday as he was cleaning it. / - / , : , .' : Survivors include the wife, ; Florence; a son, Edison; three daughters, Mrs. Gloria flegay, Mrs: Jamee HflUs, Glenna- Bah HatathU, all: of Many Farms; mother, Rena. WUUe of /"Tuba City; fiye: brothers, Tsosie Adison, - Dari .HatathU, Jacob i HatathU,/ Jack HatatWi, aU of Tiiba City; James HatathU of : Kiabeto,: Ariz.; eight sisters, , Mrs..; Agnes. Nez,,:Mrs, Ruth Tso, Mrs. Ruby Henderson, Mra/I_Uian; Lujan, Mrs. Jean Paddak, Mrs/Helen Nez, aU of Tuba City; Marilyn HatatWi of Sad Diego, Calif!, and Mrs. Sadie Kanuho of Sand Spring, Ariz/ T h e r e a r e f a u r graridcWldreri. ... ; / Pallbearers will be Dillon Platero, Francis Becenti, Joe Provost, Art Smiley,; Gordon Dempsey, /Bill Speicher, Reuben Cliaw, David Chissie, ; Jimriiy Lujari.i Herman Nonls, Robert Begay and Billy Yazzie. : Honorary paUbearers wfll be Navajo Tribal Chainnan Peter MacDonald, Wilson Skeet, Carl Todacheenie,.Larry Cooper, [Roger Davis, Heriry Gate wood, I Thomas Atcitty, Harold Drake, ; Mack Begay, Dr. George Bock, : Tillman Hadley, Howard ' iGorman, Chester YeUbwhair, Annie Wauneka and Samuel ; Billison. Cope Memorial . Chapel is fa charge of arranga" ments.
- ; ' : ' : /

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.-:'. - . . " . ' -

: HAWTHORNE-Funeral serA HUBBARD Funeral ser[ vice for James H. Hawthorne, vice.for George Hubbard, 94, 61; of Sanostee, who died Feb, ' t of Nazlfai, Ariz., wfll be held 3 at the U.S. PubUc Health 1 Friday at 2 p.m. at Ganado { Sendee Hospital in Shiprock, Presbyterian Church With"the' wfll be held at 10 a.m. Wednes- }: Rev. Scott Redhouse official : day at the SWprock Christian i fag. Hubbard, a former Navajo Reformed Church with the Tribal councilman, died Mon/ Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiat- ;' day at Rehoboth Hospital. ing. Burial wfll be fa SWprock Pallbearers will be Johnny Cemeteiy. PaUbearers wfll be VanWinkle, David Kirk, Larry Smiley, Irvin Smiley, Chester Hubbard Sr., Sammie BUly Smiley Jr., Darnel Smiley Silvers, Arthur Hubbard J r / : - and Lawrence Hawthorne and and Chester Hubbard- Jr. Harold Hawthorne. He is surBurial is to be fa the Ganado vived by two sons, Harold Cemetery. He is survived by . Hawthorne, Idaho FaUs, Idaho, ... four daughters: Lomse H. and Lawrence Hawthorne, Shirley, Darlene VanWinkle Phoenix, Ariz., and five and Julia JuUan of Nazlfai, daughters; Mae Hawthorne, and Elouise Lee of Wide Ruins, Sanostee; Lena Lucero, SWpAriz.; and ttiree sons: Lotas A. rock; Peggy Thomas and JuUa Hubbard, Earl S. Hubbard and Hawthorne, Owyhee, Nev., and Tommy Hubbard of Nazlfai. Mary Hubbard, Gallup. Also Hubbard was a Navajo Tribal surviving are two sisters, Fem councilman from Nazlfai from Yazzie and Edith SmUey of 1942-54, and was Nazlini Sanostee. Cope Memorial % Chapter president and vice Chapel is ta charge of arranga president for 18 years. He served linder former Tribal Chairmen Chee Dodge and v Sam Ankeah, and was an, member of the ad_sory.committee on law and. order. Hubbard also served as president arid member of the Chinle Agency School Board, and was HARVEYJafties Harvey Nazlini School Board president 1 Jr., 28, of Lukachukai, Ariz., and member since 1954/ He died Tuesday following an ; attended school in Phoenix and " acddent. SurvivorsfacludeWs ; was an interpreter for the wife, Lena Benally Harvey; Navajo Mission ta Ganado. In / two sons, Jay JuUus and JuUan addition he was a medicine : Harvey of SWprock; Ws pa-. ' man and a member of Foster ' rents, Mr. and Mrs./James Grandparents. Funeral arHarvey Sr. of Lukachukai; rangements are under the four brothers, Martin Harvey ' direction of Cope Memorial : Sr. of Lupton; Ariz.; and Bamey, Leonard and Nelson . Harvey of Lukachukai; four sisters, Jessie Hammitt of .HOSKIE Funeral service '- Gallup, Emma Billie of for Tommie SmUey Hoskie, 38, Phoenix, and Mary J a n e i of Rock Point, Ariz., wfll be ; Wheeler and Angela Harvey of held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Lukachukai; and his paternal . Cope Memorial Chapel with , grandmother, Emma Leonard, : burial to foUow at Memory i /;;of Lukachukai. Funeral.arGardens Cemetery. Hoskie ' 'rangments are under the direc- : died Saturday at Bernalillo tion of Cope Memorial Chapel.. ... County Medical Center in / . -,./__. ; Albuquerque. He , is survived : by Ws wife, Irene Hoskie of [Rock Point;. Ws stepfather and mother, Randolph and Mary ' SmUey Begay of Rock. Point ;i : one son, Thomas Hoskie .anyone daughter, Mary June Hoskie; both of Glendale, CaUf. , Also surviving are three ! brothers: Ricky, Joriah and ; Randolph Begay Jr., alt of Sejpulveda;; Calif.: and seven ' ' ; sisters: Virginia Hatch of ; Fhutlarid, LUUan Young arid. Gloiia Roanhorse of Kayenta, . Patricia, Matilda; Rosemary and Victoria Begay of Rock Point. iF<.FM Dew A ' M ^ :

ments. 7 ^ a & n m $ i

i /aipAYES Funeral services for John Hayes, 77, SWprock, ; who died Tuesday at his home, ' will be held at 10 a.m. Friday I at Cope Memorial Chapel with [ the Rev, Allen Neskahi Jr. 1 officiating/ Burial wfll be in Memory[ Gardens cemetery. . Hayes, who retired as a 1 caretaker from Mesa Verde i .National-. Park in Colorado, | twas preceded in death by iwo sons, Thomas Hayes ta 1968 and Raymond Hayes ta 1973. , .urvivors,;include his wife,. j -AUce Yazzie Hayes of the 'jfamfly home; tWee sons, Cato ; Hayes, Mesa Verde; Robert I aiid WaUace Hayes, both of f_hlj)rock;;: three daughters, I rAlice Begay, Mary Dixon and i Rose Ben;, all of SWprock, and : sOrte brother, Dan .Hayes,.'Ship,ick, as weU; as 28 grand- . i chUdren and three great- g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active i-tpaUbearerswiU be Cato and. sSobert Hayes,; David Curley, James Frank, David Shorthair ' ijand-George Dixon. Funeral -.anangements are under the , tiirectlon of Cope Memorial '"'

^A7Vn<A / /fSc)


HATATHLEY --' Funeral iervice for Timothy Joe Hatithley, 20, Waterflow, wfll be, it 10:30 a.m. Thursday at, 'hrist .the King Catholic -lurch of SWprock with the ilev. Lawrence Schreiber, .FM; officiattag. Bur(al wfll ie in fa the SWprock Cema ery. He /died June ,28 at Jhuska Lake. He was a student/He is survived by his' mother,, Mrs. LUly Hatathley O Red Valley, Ariz.; four f ibrothers; Herbert Joe Hatathley and Henry Joe HatiatWey of SWprock, Jimmy Joe Hatathley of Fruitland'and /Richard Lee HatatWey of Red . [Valley; and three sisters,/ I SteUa Showalter, Elsie Martin and Mai-y.Joe Wallace of Shiprock. PaUbearers wfll be iJoe L.! Tsosie, Franklin : T h om pso n , H e n r y Kirilicheenie, Walter Mariano, ! Earl Sherman- and: Simpsori i Davis. Funeral anangements ! are under the direction, of Cope l' Memorial Chapel.-. _ 7 ^ i





fflCXMAN.' I__er_.'slk I vice Tor Fanme Hickman, 71, i Lukachukai, Ariz., wfll be held j at/10 ajn, Saturday atthe St. ' Isabel Mission at Lukadiukai, ; with the Rev. Marcan Hettlsberg officiating. Burial wfll be-in. the;St./Isabel.MissionCemetery. Mrs! Hidonan died Monday at the PubUc Health Sendee Hospital fa Fort JDe-i> fiance, Ariz. She Is survived by ;- two sons, DaWel and, Robert Hickman; [five daughters, Mary /Joe, Helen Nez, Mary Smith, Marie and Sadie Begay; two brothers, BUly arid Howard Davis;! and two sisters, Claira Morse; arid'Lbuise Fayor,[ all of Lukachukai. . Pallbearers will be Robert Hickman, Daniel Hickman, Nick'flegay, Jacob Joe/and David,Joe. Funeral ananga ments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

SHIPROCKFuneral ser- ' ^ _ vice was hdd today, for 4-year- aered away with other children old' Delphine HOskie, who fa the direction of the ditch.' drowned Friday In'the Main The girl's body was found by , < Irrigation Canal about three; an irrigation canal patrolman miles north of SWprock. about three, hours, after she A The child is survived-by her was discovered missing. parents, Mr, and! Mrs. Hany A poUce spokesman said the H. Hoskie,. of the Shiprock child probably was playing /area- /'- -'- H y /-./ near the ditch and feU in. The .According to SWprock tribal diteh islocated about a',% inUe police;,the youngster, was west of me Hoskie home.. . > being watched by-a grand- / Funeral'service was held at mother' when/the child Wan- Christ tlie~Klng [.Catholic i| Church in SWprock/
A2%m?'~" * - -:-;.-


: HOSKIEFuneral service for Delphine Hoskie, 4, SWp/rock, will, be held at-10/a\m. " Tuesday!> at Christ the King CathoUc Church in SWpirock.. 'The child,; the daughter of ; Harry H. and PauUne Hoskie' of Shiprock, drowned Friday fa a ditch. Other survivors include a sister, Arphine Hoskie of the famUy.home and grandparents Marie Hoskie of Newcomb and Eileen ByUlly of Littlewater. Pallbearers wfll be Richard Hoskie Jr. and Leonard, Lamuel and Larry. '< Smiley. Funeral anangements ' are under the: direction! of ". Brewer Funeral Home./^? .'

i H l ^Obitu

r; HARRISFuneral service ifor Rowena Angela Harris, 6, /Fniitland, who died Sunday at j the San Juan Regional Medical . Center, is pending at Cope Memorial Chapel. She is survived by her parents, Edward Harris Sr. and, Charlotte /.Harris, of the family home; I one brother, Edward Jr.; one sister, Edwina Natalie Harris;, her paternal grandparents, i ' Frank and Lucinda BlueEyes, Fruitland; and her maternal grandfather, Jeny Golbe 'Sr:,' : Fruitland; Funeral arrange' ments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

. HAYCOCK -M-faera! ser- Holiday of .Oljato. Active. vice for Rodney Haycock, 25; pallbearers/wlU be Todd and of Monument Valley, Utah, Edwood Haycock, George Jr. will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday arid Johnson Holiday, Tom i' in the Seventh [Day Adventist Madson ;and Steven: NaVaho.. -Church in Monument: VaUey, Funeral arrangements/are unPastor Tom Holiday and der the direction of Cope I Pastor Bud Joe Haycock of- Memorial Chapel. fi- H-fating; Burial will be in " " "" "" -a8_B.. .. Monument VaUey. Comriiumty i' Cemetery. Haycock was dead 18AThursday, Spt. 22, 1977 on anival at: Srin Juari Ra : gional Medical Center Wedriesi day, ' t h e v i c t i m . of.; a pedestrian-auto accident;,on i: UiS: 550- west! of Farmington. /' HAYES The f funeral of He was-a 1973 veteran of the Tom Hayes, 78, Teecnospos, Vietnam War. Survivors in- [ Ariz.,-, was held at 10 ajn, \ elude his wife, Julia. Ann [today at the Christian ReHaycock of Navajo Mountain, formed Church iri Shiprock .Utah;;,parents,/Bud and: " With burial foUowing fa ;SWp: Margie. Haycock of Oljato, rock Cemetery. Hayes, a-ra,, Utah; two brothers, Todd Key tired laborer for the Union ; Haycock of Lawrence, Kansas, Pacific Railroad, died Friday and . Edward HaycockI of:, 01--'at the , PubUc Health Senjice , jato, Utah; eight sisters, Lori Hospital in Shiprpck. He is ! raine Haycock of Oljato, survived by his wife, Bessie i Alfreda Menard/ of Chani-' Hayes; two soi_,/JIhbmpson ' berlafa, S.D., Alberda HaycOck : Hayes- and Emerson Hayes, , and Fhylis Goodirian of Salt all of Teecnospos; three ' lake City/ Utah/Edith Marie .daughters, Nancy.Hayes, Teec-. nospos; Dorothy Hayes,'Fort Haycock of Portland, Oriegon, [Stanton; - and Mary Man-; I'Susie and Perlfada Haycock of ycattle,- Shiprock;/ and two. 'Michigan, Vervia- Dana Hay' sisters, Hettie Tom, SWprock, [ code of Portland," Oregon; arid' Marylfae Nelson,' Aneth, paternal grandmother, Lucy Utah. Two grandsons also sur- / Sloan of Oljato; maternal vive. Pallbearers included; 'grandparents, Dave and'Betty Robert Tabahah, Thompson .Hayes, Elder Dave Pettey, : Eldier Craig Mull; and Paul" Tpdacheeney/Cope' Memorial,; ChapeL was in charge of arrangements.

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; HOSKIE - Full military [funeral service for Jimmie Hoskie,'21, of Little Water, wfll : be held at 1 pjn, Monday at ; Lee and Oviatt Mortuary with /David_.Skiles of Dunkard /Brethren Church; To'rreon JNavajo Mission, 'officiating.: /Burial[wfll be at [Greenlawn . Cemetery with service conducted by[the Ft/BUss/Army Honor Guard. Hoskie died last Sunday in an auto accident fa : Geranany. He was bom March /8, 1956, in SWprock to Roy H; : and Edith Hoskie. sur\ vived by his wife,' Lonaine rHoskle; one son, Bryan /Hoskie; one daughter,/Lisa tMarie Hoskie; his parerits; two i brothers, Thomas Hoskie and iGarcia Hoskie; and six sisters, -darica Belone, Clara; Neilson, Joanri Chavez/ Barbara.' iHpskie, Ruby Hoskie and Lucy Hoskie.: X

HARVEY Funeral service ; is pending lor Etta Rose Harvey,' 36, of Toadlena, Who ; was dead on arrival at SWp! rock Public Health Service , Hospital Friday. Survivors in- elude her husband, Cecil Harvey of Toadlena; a daugh ter, Regina Rose Harvey; two\ sons, Lorenzo Lee Harvey and . Keterson CecU Harvey; aU of i i Toadlena; parents, Joe and Rachel Smiley of Shiprock; four brothers, Larry SmUey of Shiprock, and James J. Smiley, Elmer J. Smiley, Peter J. Smiley, all of Toadlena; and nine sisters, , Rosey June Smiley of SWprock; Tony J. Smiley of Rock Point, Ariz.,-Louise Ella SmUey of Teecnospos, Ariz., . Elsie Ar,. Smiley of-Aneth, Utah, Delia Mae Smiley, Mona / Mae Smiley, both of SWprock, - and Vera Ann Smiley, Bessie Mae Smiley and Daisy Mae SmUey; aU of Toadlena. Funeral anarigements are under the direction of Cope Memorial - h a p d . / ^ / ^ ;

HOT Funeral service for Chee Hot, 52, Sweetwater, wfll be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at the SWprock Funeral Home. Burial wiU be ta the Shlprock Cemetery. Hot died Sunday at the Public Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. Survivors faclude five brothers, Burton Hot, Woody Hot, Joe Hot, Dan Hot and John Hot; and two sisters, Irene Taylor and Lucy Hot, all of Sweetwater. PaUbearers wfll be Jimmy Joe Hot, Clarence Hot, Johnson Taylor, John Joe Hot, John Hot and Ronald Malone. Funeral anangements are under the direction of the Shiprock FurieralHorae. i & ' j A -

Obituaries ,
HOSTEEN -a Jta? A. Hosteen Sr., 58, Frmtland, died. Tuesday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in SWprock. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Sampson-Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll be in the veterans' section of the SWprock Cema tery with graveside service conducted by the SingerMorgan Veterans ot Foreign Wars Post No. 9517. Hosteen ' was employed as a laborer by Local Uraon No. 16. Survivors faclude his wife, Mrs. Anme Hosteen of the famUy home; four' sons, Raymond Hosteen, Herbert Hosteen, Jim Hosteen Jr. and Larry Hosteen; a , daughter, Linda Hosteen, and, , a stepson, Thomas Easton, aU of Fruitland; two stepdaughters, Virgima Eaton of I Fruitland and Vergie Enoah of GaUup; a brother, Ray Hosi teen of Sweetwater, Ariz.;,and an uncle, Peterson Hider of Shiprock. There,are five ; grandchildren. Pallbearers . will be Raymond Hosteen, Herbert Hosteen, Jim Hosteen /,' Jr!, Petersen Hider,/Hanison i Hider and Larry TuUy. Hon} orary paUbearers wfll be Tom Eaton and Larry Hosteen. I Funeral anangements are un; der the direction of Cope F Memorial Chapel. . .

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HORSE - Matthew Kee Horse, the ninayear-oldjson of . Tom and Marian Horse of Sanostee, died Sunday at the PubUc Health Seryjce Hospital iri SWprock,-foUowing an ex; tended illness. Funeral service wfll be at 2 pjn. Wedriesday ^t ,Cppe Memorial; Chapel with the Rev. Scott Redhouse- officiating. Burial/will be-in Memory Gardens cemetery. Pallbearers wfll be Lee Begay, Jimriiy Redhouse,. Ed war d Horse arid Timothy, Benally- A student atiSanostee'!Boardfag School, Matthew is survive_'by. his parents,; sisters Sandra;: Sandia, _ Arlenta; and;, Yolartda ; -Mae Kee Horse, aU of Sanostee, paternal grandfather Jimmy Horse ;pf Sweetwater;! /Ariz.,-and maternal grand-! father John Kee Bia of, San-/ dstee/. Funeral arrangements/ are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. X A

HOGUE Funeral service for Londa Jane Hogue, 12-hour old infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hogue of Farmington, wfll be at 11 a.m. Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Jack Drake and the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll be; _n Memory Gardens. The baby died at San Juan Ra gional Medical Center Monday. Survivors, ta addition to the parents, include two sisters, Bemta and Lynda Hogue, both of Farmington; the matemal ; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. | Charley BenaUy of Beclabito, ! and the patemal grandparents, ; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hogue of j F a r m i n g t o n . Honorary i pallbearers -will be Danny Hogue, Tom Hogue, Raymond Benally and Tobe Benally. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. t&"f<A :L-7lsj-u- ' ' ' o

HARRISON Funeral ser; vice for Sadie Harrison, 58, 201 E. Main, wfll be at 10 ajn. Friday at Cope Memorial Chapd with the Rey. Henry Bird officiating. Burial wfll be in Memory Gardens. /Mrs.. Harrison died Monday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Survivors indude ber husband, Woody Harrison; five sons, Ben, Bobby, Hany, Richard and Freddy Julius Harrison, aU of Farmington, and one brother, James Kee of Tsaya. There "are 15 grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be Ben Harrison; Harry Hanison, Bobby Harrison, Richard Harrison, Freddy J. Harrison and _ndy Henry; Funeral anangements are vinder the direction of Cope ; -HARVE*: Funeral service Memorial Chapel. Zq.A/eA /fnCti for Davis/Harvey,.51, Farmington,:. who died [Sunday m %ApUsTimLs. 7*f'jXkj. A Fa-Tnta^ton.wiBb-atlOain. HANAGARNE Getry ' Saturday at tlie%ewer Funer: Hanagarne, 37, Shiprock, died al Home Ch.ii:>urial'wffi Monday at the PubUc Healtlr/' foUowatmeUpperFrmtland .Sendee Hospital ir^SWprock:' cemetery. Employed b y the Fuii'et'al service wfll be at lp! railroad, Harvey ut suroyed a.m. Thursday at_the First by two sisters, Irene H^vey Methodist Church of Shiprock and Arlene Harvey,/botti of with the Rev. Paul West officiating. Burial wfll be fa j i1C t h ^ a - O - D l t h - H l e ^ e e the Shiprock Cemetery. Sur- I brothers, Jotat H a r v e y - o f ^ land Darnel Harvey of Chaco vivors include his wife, Mrs. \ pTantandRavlsYazzie^of, Eva Hanagarne of Shiprock; two sons,-Patrick Hanagarne \ Kiamam; Falls, Ore.; a n d a and Geny Eldon Hanagarne, ! son, Pert^ Rnto cABloomfie^ He was, preceded m death by both of SWprock; a daughter, Sv_fe, P Mary Harvey Active : Geraldine Hanagarne of SWp. pallbearers will be Anthony , rock;; a b r o t h e r , ! Tom ' KeUywood, L e r ^ t o ^ ^ B e n ' Hanagarne of SWprock; and ny Watchman, FrednA Clark, two sisters, Jean H. Gamenez Philip Nez'and Timothy Nez. of SWprock;and CaUle Grey of Funeral anangemente are unWindow; R o c k , A r i z . der the direction of Brewer Pallbearers will be Tom Funeral Homa /fy&) :-. Hanagarne,.Terry Garnenez,. Alvis Gamertez;/-Poncho Gar-: nenez, Robert [E. Ahkeah and Ron ClahchischflU. Funeral arrangements are under' the I .direction \ of Shiprock Funeral


,_. W T ^ - i i y f f .

WHACEESA Funeral, service for Romolo Haceesa/, 79, HOSTEEN - WaUace HosNageezi, wfll be held at 2 pjn. teen, 21, Teecnospos, Ariz., H Wednesday at Cope Memorial died last Thursday at Ogden, : [Chapel with the Rev. Russdl Utah, the result of an accident. | j Keister officiating. Burial wfll Funeral service wiU be at 10 Lhe in Memory Gardens. a.m. Thursday at the Cope I Haceesa died Thursday at the Memorial Chapel With the Rev. H Bernalillo County Medical Chester Dean of The Navajo % Center fa Albuquerque. He was j Bible Missionary Church on f a ;:well-known medicineman | the'Bisti Highway officiating. . j from Lybrook and was weU j Burial will-""be fa, Greenlawn Cemetery. Hosteeh was a stui respected by his commumty',[ and /in sunoundfag areas. He . i dent at the Job Corps Training i belonged to the Ta'h-cheeni . | Center at Ogden at the time of and Tse naha bltnii clans, _ , his death. Survivors include Survivors Include his wife; i his parents, Ray arid, Lula Mae Haceesa Pt Nageezi; flve^ j Hosteen of Sweetwater, Ariz.; daughters, Mary Thompson of[ i ttiree brothers, Tom White of Lybrook, Irene Setzer of Blan-/] i Liltlewater, Roy Hosteen of cp, Lucy Sam of Frultfand; . |- Pinedale and Roger Hosteen of Fruitland; four sisters, Mary Jessie Haceesa and Elizabeth ; : Ignado of Nageezi; two SOIB;; I e- Lou Grant of Cushing, Okla., WUUe H. Martinez and Ronald of Minnie Hosteen of SWprock, Haceesa, both ofNageezl; ariii: d Mae Sales of Nageezi and two sisters, Ocie H. Etsitty ancf: j to Bernice Hosteen of SweetNATANI At- __neral..;seiMce Dorothy H. Garcia, both/ Of ij e water; and two" uncles, Kee for Grace fl. Nalahi,. 78, Lybrook. He was preceded ia;. i White of Rock Point, Ariz., and Toadlena, wfll be at i 10 ajn. death by a son, AndrewX] s Peter White of San Francisco, Friday at the Rehoboth Chris-'. Haceesa, his first wife, AWte;// e Calif. Pallbearers/will be Roger Hosteen, Roy Hosteen, Han Reformed Churdi with the Rev. Lome McCabe officiating. C. Haceesa, his daughter^ e Johnnie White, Tony Johnson, Grace Harrison, and a brother, P David John and Peterson Burial Wfll be fa the Rehoboth Herder. Honorary paUbearers Cemetery; Visitation wfll-be Charley Jose. There are 35 wfll be Kee White and Kenneth from 5 until 9 p.m. today at the grandchildren and 24 greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers, White. Funeral anangements wfflibe Eustace Etsitty, WUUe are under the direction, pf Cope H^fartinez, Steve E-' Wilson, Memorial Chapel. _ ^ RoY Largo, Leo Dennison, n _ *r ___ i r.1,"*^ i - Johnson Harrison. Honorary .' V _*<__ :Bureau Mrs, Indian a Affairs Harrison./Funeral/arrangeUaUup. of Natam, retired ments1 are imdet-direction-of/, -lousemother at Teadlena, died ^Tuesday at. the Public Health CopeiMemorfal Chapel!; i _ t ', Service Hospital in GaUup. She Was; preceded, irt death" by a d a u g h t e r / An/toinette Seumptewa in 1973. Survivors: i AL 7 TnftuiA 7T7A taclude her/husband. Morris HOGUE; Funeral sendee Natara [of.-the family home; for Clarke Hogue, 27, ofFarmthree sons;,Donald R. Nateihi ington, was" held at/1; pjn. of Farmington, Clifford M.: Saturday at Cope Memorial N^tani-M/San Francisco .and , Chapel with the Rev/. Jack [Amps .Begaye of/Gallup; a i Drake Officiating. Burial 'was _ J-Qnahtor." V i r m n i a ___t__i_a_- n_ ! daughter,; yirginia . Weaver of in /the/ SWprock ceirietery. iFort Lauderdale, Fla.;.two Pallbearers were David brothers,: Frank Becenti arid Hogue,; Fred Betsule,, Milton Albert Becenti Sr;;/iboth of Hogue,, Payton Hogue, Edison. Gallup; and a sister, Nayentah Beyale and^Keimeth; Yazzleis i Nes. of Coyote Canyon. There Hogue, who died Wednesday in ate ;11 grariddifldren arid: one Burnham fas/the result, of "aris. I great-grandchild. PaUbearers auto accident, is survived/byW ' wiU be. DbrealdNatera, Law- his - wife/Maiie; one daughter!;/ rence Bahe, Ainos Begaye, [Tanya./.both of the family Edward T.; /Begay, Regiriald i/home; pardits;: Mr. and Mrs. Begaye and Joe .Silversmith f Charles Hogue of Burnham; Funeral arrangements are ua four brothers, Peter Hogue of ' d"'" _3 direction: of the GaUup Farmington, Milton Hogue! of '4 /temorial Chapd. -[; 7 Aneth; Utah, Paytoji and Charles Junior Hogue-of Burnham;- four sisters, Mabie [; Beyale /of^Shiprock,; Rita Ya__ae,.-Uid/Erma H o p r of Gallup -mdiRosita Betsule of Farmirigtori; and mateShal graridmotheri Mary Piriei f


X * SaiS a S 3 mm mmm

HAD_EY'-_'Fii&eral sendee' for; Sampson Hadley, 20, Teecnospos,, Ariz., wfll be at 1 pjn/ Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev/; Paul Redhouse officiating/ Burial i.wfll be fa Memory Gardens. Hadley was- kflled Sunday in an; auto accident. He is survived by his parents, Mark and Rose Hadley of Teecnospos; two brothers, Benson Hadley artd David Hadley of Teecnospos; three sisters, Cecelia and Marie Hadley of Cortez, Colo., and Lillie Hadley of Oklahoma' City, Okla.- mater- nal g r a n d f a t h e r , E a r l Saltwater of Teecnospos; numerous aunts and. uncles. Pallbearers:will- be Wilson Buck, Elmer Hadley, Hugh Poyer,. Harold. Saltwater, David-'Hadley arid Jimmie Dee. Funeral arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

IB -TylerH/Harris Sr"., 59, Farmington, former Navajo Tribal councilman, died Monday at the San Juan Regional Medical Center./Fit. neral service wfll be held at 1 p.m. Thursday at the First Baptist Church, 121 N. Aubum, with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial will be '[In Greenlawn Cemetery. Harris represented the Huerfano Chapter as a councilman for 26 years, 1952 to 1978. He was a veteran of World War. H and had served in the U;S. Army. He is survived ;by his wife, Mrs. Mary Jane Harris of the family home; a son,. Tyler Harris Jr.. Of Farmington; two daughters, Jeanette Edway; and Carol Jane Harris of Farmington; a stepson, Norbert Yazzie of Farmington! mother and stepfather, Pauline and Amos-John offlisti; four brothers, Ben Hands Sr. and Fred .Harris of Bisti,, Ben Hanis Jr. of" Farmington and Darnel H. Johns of Crownpoint; two sisters^Della Jullanto of Farmmgton and EUen Ettdtty/of.Bistil and a stepbrother, Bruce HeUer . of Santa Fe. There are /five grandchildren.. Pallbearers wfll be Arnold Harris, Charles Harris Jr., Donaldson Hands, Tyler H. Harris Jr., Fred H. Harris, and Dahiel-H Johns. Honorary; paJlbearers .wfli:, be foririer advisory coiriinittee members with Hariris Joe Dorairigo, Carl Todacheene, Carl Beyale, John Nez Beyale/ I Ben Hogiie, Harold Drake, : Noah Notah "and. Anriie; . Wauneka. Funeral arrangements are under'the direction


HARRISON Fuiiem sea Kirfidhd Grad HftLKEfi)5.Y - Funeral ser- vice for Rudy Harrison, /29,:; vice for Nash Halkenny, 22, of iSWprock, wfll be held at/lO Dies in Accident Kayenta, Ariz., has been set ajn.Monday at the;: SWprock N; TACOMA, Wash. A Klrtfor,;,l p.m. Monday at Cope Funeral Home Chapel wUh ]'""' HARVEY".Funeral sendee |:fand:C__ral High Sdiool grad1 for Lee Reed Harvey, 34, [ Memorial Chapel, Father Ken- Pastor John L. Thompson; of uate, James' Harvey, [was . Rough Rock, Ariz., wfll be, at 1 neth Robertson O.F.M. official Kayenta, Ariz.; officiating. kiUed/fa an automobile acci11'a.m. Saturday at Gope- [ing. Burial wfll be In Memory- Burial wUl be in the SWprock dent' "Saturday in Tacoma, -Gardens Cemefery.. Halkenrifi Community Cemetery. Harr r Memorial Chapel with the Rev.. where he was ; stationed: with j died Thursday In GaUup after! rison died Thursday at .lis Vera Ellis officiating. Burial the U;S. Armed Forces at Fort home. Survivors include two .. wfll: be in Memory Gardens, | a lengthy illness.: Survivors ;LeWis.;He Is/the son of Bena sons, Ryfan and Stewart Har-; Harvey, died Moriday at Chfale, I include: p a r e n t s : -Mary' 1 1 Sflversriuth of Fnilttarid and rison and; a daughter, Regina - Ariz; He is survived by; his/ [Halkenny of Kayenta.and Thomas H. Mike of Hogback. Roam Halkenny of Round Hanison of the famUy home;1 wife, Mrs. Ann Harvey,-a; f .Funeral: service Wfll be at 2 . Rock, Ariz.;: two brothers:?! his parents, Richard Harrison, .daughter, Leann Harvey, Ws' p.m." Thursday at the/First Dennis Halkenny and Jonnnyf- j Sr., and Lucy Pie Harrison; ! parents, John and Mary Indian Baptist-Church of Halkenny, both of Kayenta; eight brothers, Ray, Rodrick, i Harvey,/aU of Rough Rock; ' two sisters: Selena Halkenny I I Fannington with burial in the I Ronald, Richard Jr., Royice, .; three brothers, Carl'C. Harvey, Rose; Garden at Upper and aara WiUiams, both -of7 i Raymiss- Harrison, Donald of Rock Point,-Ariz., Tom' i Frmtland. Arrangements are Kayenta; maternal grand-'Cooledge arid Robert Kee; five Harvey of Many Farms, Ariz/, [under the direction of Cope father: Laughter Grandson of I sisters, Mrs. Rosely and Joe Ray Harvey of Rough; Memorial Chapel, f \ 1 Kayenta. Funeral arrangeThompson, Mrs. Rogean ManRock; and two; sisters, Daisy ments are under the direction ueUto, Mrs. Renee Eldridge, Chee of Rough Rock and Grace Pt Cppe Memorial Chapel! Mrs Rose Mary Smith and B e g a y ; of Rock . P o i n t . Fanme Hanison; or,., niece, -Pallbearers;; will. be Arviso Corrlna Benally. The eight HOWE Funeral" -service;. Harvey, Howard Harvey, Dan ; brothers w111 s e r v e as for Leonard D. Howe, 37,[of i Harvey, Ned Harvey, Gary T. pallbearers.' Honorary Fruitland, wfll be 'held/at .10Harvey and Hany K. Harvey. pallbearers will be Melvin a.m. Monday at Cope Memori-. Funeral arrangements are unal Chapel with the [Rev, ; Frazier and Lawrence NaWee. der the direction of Cope Sampson Yazzie -officiating. Funeral arrangements are ,'unMemorial Chapel. Burial wfll' foUow in Memory , der/the direction of the SWpI, Gardens ceriietery. Howe died | rock Funeral Home at SWpWednesday, fa Frmtland. -in a rock. . traffic accident. He is survived EM Barnes Harvey ADCATA' /yty/s. by his wife,v Rose Howe; a son, Jonah Howe; twp daughters, H A R R I S OK - M / S . Cheryl arid Jennifer Howe; Margaret J. Harrison, 50, three stepsons; Phillip, Stanley Shiprock, died Sunday at the and HermariiWiUie; and three PtibUc'Health Service Hospital m mmmi stepdaughters,' Brenda, .fa Shiprock. Funeral service HARVEY - f m e % s e r ^ T - a m l l y - h o m e / u v , Yakima Charlott and Roselyn WUUe, wfll be at 2 pjn. Wedriesday at. aU of the; family homer his forE- James Harvey, 23, wfll ,Wasb.fhls mother,Rena Sfl the United Methodist Church of versmlth"'of Fruitland; parents, Chee Benally and . be at 2 pjn. Thursday at the father, Thomas H. Mike,his SWprockwith the Rev. Charles of Dorothy Howe, both of First Indian Baptis* Church of Hogback; six'sisters, Ina T. Lee.offidatfag. Burial wfll faFniillarid; two sisters,[ Lucy Farmington with the Rev/ SmallcanyPn, I r e n e ; MiKe, in the Shiprock Cemetery. She Simpson and .Louise Bradley, Kenneth Norton officiating. Roselyn/Mike,/ P a u l e n e is survived by her husband, , both Frmtland;' two uncles and Burial wfll be in the Rose Ben T. Hanison of the fairifly one aunt. Funeral arrange. Garden Cemetery of Upper Harvey, Regina: Mike, of home; three daughters, Vivian ments are under the I direction FFiralfland. Harvey died Satur- Fruitland and Edna Kanuho of Salt of Shiprock and Juamtaof Cope Memorial Chapd. A day in Tacoma as the result of Kirtland;-/three.brothers,: Blackwater. and Geneva El. a traffic accident. He was a WilUam __te,: Preston Harvey; lison, both of Farmfagtonp;two member'of the U.S. Armed and Aaron Mike, a l l of, stepdaughters; Linda Osborn Forces and was stationed at 'Fruitland; and five aunts, and of Farmington' and Mary Fort Lewis, Wash. He was a twee uncles., PaUbearers wfll /limse RusseU of SWprock;'; a 1976 graduate of Kirtland Cen- be the honor guard/ from the [brother, Russell Jacksori of tral High Sdiool and joined the First ADATA/vOf Fort Bliss,: Oak Spr'irtg, Ariz.; two Armyfa-November1976. He is Texas. Funeral arrangerndits stepsisters, Laura Mae Yazzie survived by his vdfe, Rhonda ; are under tha directon of Cope of Oak Spring and Virginia ! Harvey, and a daughter; Buck of Shiprock; and an aunt, _ _ Valerie M. Harvey, both of the Memorial Chapel., Dorothy Shorty of Red Rock, : A r i'z , T h e r e a r e H grandchildren. Pallbearers 'wfll-be Kenneth.MUler, Bobby / . ~:: Platero, Chester Platero, ff'M:< %&, Curtis Blackwater, Daytori Blackwater and Henry Begay. HERRERA Hazdibah Qemete0. SumVoris [ fadude Funeral anangements are unHenera, 78, Counsdor's, died two daughters, Mary. iJ-Dea der " the direction of Cope n . u c i a , tm, M - _ ,,-_._ T_. nlson. and Kebah Pinto of _;___ .__,., rtf Memorial Chapel. Tuesday at Counsdor's. Fu- Counsdor's;, two brothers; a neral/sendee wfll be at 10 sister; 18 grandchildren: and ai.m. S a t u r d a y at. the seven great-grandchildren. Brethren Navajo Mission fa Funeral .arrangements are Counsdor's, w_h the Rev. under the direction of. Cope Larry Wederte officiating. Memorial Chapd.. wfll'be Burial wfll. be in Mission "'--




7 <>*?*- m t t >

Obituory WM _- ^ _. .

. : ;


-"' HARVEY1 .- Funeral sendee; for Davis Harvey, 51, Farm-' ington, who died Sunday in Farmington, wfll be at 10 a.m." Saturday at the Brewer Funer;.--; al Home Chapel. Burial wfll foUow at the Upper Fraitland .cemetery. Employed by the railroad, Harvey Is survived by two sisters, Irene Harvey and Arlene Harvey; both of Dzilth-Na-O-Dlth-Hle; three brothers, John Harvey of Ku_?"land,_paWel Harvey of Chaco Fiant arid Ravis:, Yazzie of Klamath Falls, Ore.'; and a son, Percy Ptote of Bloomfield. He was preceded-fa_death by his wife,-Mary.Harvey"Active pallbearers will be Anthony KeUywood, Leroy Etcitty, Benny Watchman, Fredrick Clark, Philip .Nez.1"and; Timothy Nez! Funeral anangements are under the direction of Brewer -Funeral Home.> An, ./tfA^

HOGK^-S-rnon AMa Hogue, 13, Fruitland, died Thursday at Tuba City, Ariz., following Illness, since birth. He was bora Jan'. 8, 1968. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Shiprock Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Sampson T. Yazzie of the Farmington CWistian Reformed Church officiating. Burial wfll be ta the Shiprock Community Cemetery. He is survived by his parents, Richard and Fanme Tom Hogue; a brother, Eric Varner Hogue; two sisters, Diane Tom and Ursula Rae Hogue; and his maternal grandparents, BiUy and Betty Tom. All are of Fruitland. Pallbearers will be Johnny Kirk, George Hogue, Richard Hogue and Loyd Mike. Funeral
. ;

for Mama B. Howe, 67 Tro


arrangements are under the direction of the SWprock Funeral Home at SWprock.

_RK Funeral service for Ruth Ann Harris, 35, Carson, wfll be; at 10 a_m.j Saturday at Cope Manorial. I Chapd with the RevP Peter Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll be In Greenlawn Cemetery. i Ms. Harris died Wednesday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in GaUup. Survivors include her parents, Fred 'and Ann Charley of Carson; seven daughters,/Geraldine, Genevieve, Geneva/Jacqueline, Beraice and Charlene Harris and Rita BenaUy of Carson; three sisters, Mary Begay, Helen Tsosie and'Lola Mae Yazzie of Carson;/amd three brothers, Johnny'Charley, WUson Charley and Freddie ; Charley of Carson. PaUbearers , wfll be Hany Tsosie, Thomas Begay; Billyfflegay, Wilson I Charley, Eddie Begay arid Freddie- Charley. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial ChapeL

HAINES Funeral service tor Mary Hanison Haines, 53, Counselor's, wfll be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Counselor's Mission with the Rev. WaUace W. CastUlo officiating. Burial will be in the Counselor's Mission Cemetery. She was pronounced dead on anival at Dulce Jan. 30, Mowing an auto accident. Mrs. Haines is survived by six daughters, Ester H. Sam, Rose H. Francisco, Dorothy H. Guerito, Rena Haines, Marlene Haines and Emma Jean Haines; three sons, Wilfred Haines, David Haines and Joe Haines Jr.; and her father, Mike WelUto, aU of Counselor's. PaUbearers wfll be Wilfred Haines, David Haines, Lambert Augustine, Joe Haines Jr., David Vigil and Curtis Hanison. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

Wednesday at the Farmington Cope Memorial Chapel with P the Rev. Sampson Yazzie of- s ficiating. Burial will be in v Memory Gardens. Mrs. Howe v died Thursday at Uie GaUup * PubUc Health Service Hospi-. s tel. Survivors indude her hus- y band, Jerome Howe of the a family home; two sons, WUUe 1 Howe of- Two Grey Hills and Wilfred Howe of- SWprock; five c daughters, Dorothy Redhouse [ _ of Shiprock;, Irene Kirk of ,: Kayenta, Ariz., Bessie Johnson of. La Sal, Utah, Betty Lou Howe and Evelyn BenaUy of : Two Grey Hills; and a sister, Mary Lou Brown of Two Grey Hills. There are 18 grandchildren. PaUbearers wUl be Wilfred Howe, Alfred Joe Jr., Frank BenaUy, WUUe Howe, Dale Redhouse and Edison Kirk. Funeral arrangements..^ are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. i



- HARVEY % rtmeral seraf. for RusseU Harvey ST., 67, of Little Water, who died Saturday fa SWprock, wiU be at 11 ajn. Friday, at the.Christina Reformed Churdi fa Sanostee ' with the Rev. Frank Curley .officiating. Burial wfll foUow at Little Water Cemetery. Survivors faclude his_wife, Daisy Harvey of the family home; ;.- three sons, James Harvey, ' RusseU Harvey Jr. and Darnel Harvey; four daughters Beraice Wadsworth,-.Anita Lee, Marie Harvey, and Rose Lee; three brothers James John* Lewis Fox and Edward Henna; and two sisters Dorothy Begay and Fanny Charley, all of Little Water. There are 16 g r a n d c h i l d r e n . ;Active pallbearers will be Russell Harvey Jr., Albert Ben Lee, Kenneth Miller, J a m e s V Harvey, Alfred Lee and DaWel { Harvey. Funeral arrange- j ments are under the direction A of Cope Memorial Chapd.

HOSTEpJ^Ftfa^rser-' vice for DaWd Hosteen, 18, Cove, Ariz., wfll be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at CWist the'King CathoUc Church,/ SWprock, with Father LarrySchreiber, jO.F.M;, officiating/Burial j will befaSWprock Cemetery. ; Hosteen, died at - 8:25 a.m. [Thursday fa ' auto [acddent on Highway 504. He attended Shiprock High j School: Survivors faclude his ! p a r e n t s ,-; Denn i s ' a n d [ ' PWIemonia-AUen Hosteen;/ I two: brothers, - Chester and Davidson Hosteen,/ two sls: tens, Bdnjce and Prisdllla Hosteen; Ws paternal grandfather, Joe Dick; and his mai terrtal, grandparents, PhiUip i and Nora Shorty,;aU of Gove.; i PaUbearers wflLfae. Joe Kee, i Allen,; Benjamin Hosteen, j Chester Hosteen; Michael Benally, Ronald BenaUy and Davidson Hosteen:. Funeral ' arrangements are under the i diredion of SWprock Funeral [Home,


HARRISON - Funeral ser\ vice .or Emmett Raymond Harrison, 67, of Fruitlarid;' will be held at 10 a.m: Monday at the Brewer Funeral ' Home chapel with the Rev.: David Tutt officiating. Burial! will Greenlawn'ceme-:' tery. Harrison died Friday fa Farmington! Survivors _ include ;.'Ws wife, LoueUa Harrison ; _ four sons, Raymond Harrison of SWprock, Rey- . nold and* Radius Harrison,- both of Fruitland, and Ramsey Harrison, Albu, querque; three, .daughters,'-! : Elovonne Benally; Farmington, Elowene Morgan of Shiprock, and LaVone Royston, Gallup; one brother. Pierce Harrison, WWte Swan, Wash.; four sisters, Elizabeth Roy and Louise Harrison, both of SWp. rock, and Beatrice Diswood
. . , / _ ^ _ _ _ ' "

and LUUan TrujiUo, boUTof Fruitland. There -are 12 grandchildren. Active //paUbearers wiU be Raymond, |Reynold, Ramsey.and Ramus Ha rr.i s o n ,. R o n a Id /ClahchiscWUi, and Robert E. ./.A n k e a h . , H o n o r a r y paUbearers wfll, be Chester j BenaUy, Undy Morgan, Gil, bert Harrison,' Pierce Harj;rison Jr., Peny Harrison, '/and Preston Hanison. Funeral anangements are under jj direction of Brewer Funeral , Home.

HUSKAY Funeral, service for Paul Huskay Sr., 44, Teecnospos, Ariz., wfll be at 10 a_a:'Tuesday at theChristian Reifonried ;; Church [of Teecnospos, with! the 'Rev. PauT Redhouse officiattag. Burial wfll. be in Teecnospos Cemetery. Huskay died Friday as the result of a car a a ddent at SWprock. He was employed by the Bureau of Indian' Affairs at. the boarding school at Dennehotso. Survivors include Ws wife, Mrs. Ruth Huskay of the family home; ttiree daughters, Radiael, Paula and Phoebe Huskay of Teecnospos; a son, Paul Huskay Jr. of Teecnospos; ttiree brothers, Cato Haskay Sr. of Salt Lake City, Utah and Mike Huskay and Dan Huskay of Teecnospos; and ttiree sisters, Hannah Gould, Daisy Bigman and Helen Huskay of Teecnospos. Pallbearers will be Leo Redhouse, Leon Redhouse, Anderson Jim Sr.; Jimmy BenaUy,: Jimmy . BUeen and Wilford Tso. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

vice for Jim John Hoskie, 39, , of TohatcW, wfll be at 2 p.m. !: Tuesday' at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chapel of/Toadlena. He died Aug. 16 at Hogback. . Burial wfll be in the famfly cemetery. Hoskie graduated from Fort SiU Indian High School, Lawton,' Okla., in 1965. He was a member of the Oklahoma National Guard, stationed at Lawton,, He is

u WMM serVAr a-t.'li&/ HOSKIE *Funeral

survived by Ws parents, 'John and Fanme Hoskie of Two Grey Hflls;- two brothers, FrankUn John, Two Grey Hills, Earl Johhny, Fort Da fiance, Ariz.; a sister, Helen CastUlo, Salem, Ore.; aridna, merous meces and nephews. PaUbearers wfll be Johrirae Nez j r . . Franklin Nez, Michael Nez, Ernest TeUer, Earl TeUerand Robert Dixon. Funeral' anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel: HUNT Funeral sendee for ArcWe Hunt, 81, of Two Grey Hills, wfll be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Assembly of God, Newcomb, - with the Revs: Larry Emerson and Taylor Dixon officiating. Burial wfll be in Two Grey Hills Cemetery. Hunt died Sunday at home- Survivors include his wife, LuciUe Hunt; a daughter, Amy Charley,. Toadlena; three sons, James. Hunt Sr;, Lewis Hunt and Ray Hunt Sr.; of Toa_ena;'ra sister, Dorothy Arnold, Winslow, Ariz.; a brother, Ralph Hunt, Two Grey Hills, 23 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll-fae Freddie Hunt, Ray Hunt Jr.,FerUn Hunt, James Hunt Jri, Frankie Hunt and Leroy D. Shirley. Funeral arranga ments are under the direction

HARVEY. Fuhfefal service for; Benjamin Harvey, 71, SWprock, wfll be at 2 pjn. Friday at the Christian Reformed Church in SWprock, .-with/the Rev.! Sampson ! Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll ! be ta the SWprock Cemetery. '. Harvey died Monday at the PubUc Health Service Hospi-' tal in SWprock., Ha. Is survived by his wife, Mrs. MtaI me Harvey of the family i home; a son, Herbert Harvey j Sr.of SWprock; and a daughter Roselyn" Jones of Ribck i Point, Ariz. There are 15 'grandchildren and seven ! great-grandduldren: There are" numerous meces and : nephews. PaUbearers wfll be Herbert H-vrvey Sf John Wood, Araold Wood, Randy Gray, Frankie Gray and Dickie Gray. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Stewart Etdtty, Chee WlUetto and Robert B. Harvey Funeral anangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.

, HUSKAY Helen "HusKay 55, a native of Teecnospos,; Ariz., died there Monday. She was bora Aprfl 10, 1926. Funeral service wfll be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at the Chria tian Reformed Church in Teecnospos with the Rev. PauH Redhouse officiattag, Burial will be ta Teecnospos Cemetery. Survivors iridude yy*dAZ7h**f~: two sisters, Daisy, Mae Bigriianand Hanna Gould of Teecnospos; tWee brothers, j % 0 S K _ / 2 UesterlWgh: Dan Huskay and Mike-., Hoskie, 50. N e ^ ^ S Huskay; Teecnospos, and * Saturday at Waterflow. The Cato Huskay Sr., Salt Lake , date and time of the funenu City, Utah; a daughter,; L-pendfag-'ThesemceRWfll Helena Paul, and a son, Jeny ! be-conducted by the-RevHuskay, of Teecriospos. [ Fi-dYazrie.BunalwiUbem Pallbearers will be Mike ! the Veterans Cemetery at Huskay, Jeny Huskay, Irvta -Shiprock-, Hoskie, a Garcia, Prascol ^Toledo, . I'. carpenter by trade, was a veteran af the Korean War i Wilfred Tsof ' Willie:. Funf HICKSON Albert Hickson Sr. of Wfadow Rock, Ariz., Ind was a New Mexico . ments are und diedWednesday to theU.S. PubUc Health Sendee, Hospital at naJva Survivors include Ws of Cope !Me_!q Ft. Defiancej Ariz. He was 71; Visitation wfll be until 5 p.m. mbther, Marie Hoskie of 1 today at Cope Memorial Chapefln GaUup with.a Rosary, Newcoinb; four brothers., scheduled for 7 pjn. today at St. Michael's CathoUc Mission PeteHostoeof^CrownpomW. ta St. Michael's, Ariz. The funeral mass wfll be celebrated at p : ^ard" H Hoskie of SWp3 p.m. Saturday at St, Michad's High School Chapd.with,! r o c^ 0 ^ "H Hskie 0 fAlba burial to Mow fa the Ft. Defiance Cemetery. Hickson was i, and Harry H. Hoskie; " _ . . . n _ _ ! . 4-__... o r t r t__*fl SIS" __ _ born Nov. 14,1911-^in Sheep Springs, N.M. He is sVndved by . of _Littlewater; andt twpjKhis wife, Helen E. Jones of Wfadow Rock, foul, daughters; ten. Helen Frazier of Snipttiree sons, four stepdaughters, four stepsons and three sis- S and EUen Hoskie of ters/There are 40 grandchUdren and one great-grandchUd. Newcomb: Funeral arranga Cope Memorial Chapel of GaUup Is fa charge of arranga S are under the direction of.the Brewer Funeral Home.

HERRERA Mary Lewis Henera, 71, Ojo Encino, died Monday at the Umverslty of New Mexico HospitalfaAlbuquerque. Funeral sendee wfll ba at 11 a.m. Friday at the Assembly of God Church, Ojo Encino, with the Rev. Marvin G_Martfa officiating., Burial wfll be fa Ojo Encino-jCema tery. She was preceded in death by a sister, Ethel ' Cayadltto, in 1979. Survivors faclude, her husband, Felix Henera,' of their home; a son,- Johnson Henera,'. Ojo Encino; seven daughters, Bessie Curley, Shiprock, Mary AUce .Begay; Sarah Thompson' and E m m a Castillo; -Cuba, Lucille MuUahon, Crystal, Rena Vasquez, Albuquerque, and Elizabeth SUversmith, Dzilth-Na0-Dtt,h-Hla School; an adopted son, Andy, Henera, Crystal;, brother,: Ignacio i Lewis Jr., Toneon; and. 15 grandchildren. Pallbearers wfll-be Andy Henera,- Steve Curley; Johnson Martinez, Rudy Roybal Jr., Randy Lopez and Don/MuUahon. Johnson Henera and Harold. Lopez will be honorary pallbearers. Funeral arrangdnents are under, the direction of Cope Memorial

Obit.Uf ^ies


I_C___tN'-. Funeral ser" vice for Dean J., Hickman, 67, . ; of Window Rock, Ariz., has been set for 11 a.m. Tuesday at Good Shepherd Mission in Fort Defiance, Ariz., Father AUen officiattag. Burial wfll be fa Family Cemetery fa Fort. Defiance. Hickman died /at U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Fort Defiance on Friday. He was born March 11, 1914 at Lukachukai, Ariz. Hickman was employed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, for 29. years, retiring iri 1969, and a U.S. Marine veteran of World War II. Survivors include his wife, Ruth S. Hickman of the family home; three daughters, Deanna McKenzie tjf Phoenix, Ariz., Dorothy ftice of Window Rock,, and Helen Togleifa of SWprock. There are 15 grandchildren and one great-grand child. ! Pallbearers-' will be ^Tyrone Tsorietokoy, Lome Price, Sanford Toglena,^ Marvin Roanhorse, Elmer" Francisco and Marvin Francisco. Honorary paUbearers wfll be' Lorinda Price, Lenora Price, Sandra Toglena, Lucinda- Toglena and Moria Toglena. Funeral ananga ments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

/HOLYAN Margaret '/Manuelito Holyan, : !76, V ^TohatcW; died Thursday at IN ' MdCmley General Hospital, 0^ -.GaUup. Services wfll be at 2 ;V pjn. Saturday fa the Chris,: .fan'Reformed Church In ^-TohatcW, with the Rev: G.J. :^y Klumpenhower officiating. ^ Burial wfll be in the TohatcW V;-Community Cemetery. Bom J / A p r i l IS, 1905, in TohatcW, j/ __.i Mrs. Holy^h retired after 26 years service for the Bureau'of Indian Affairs fa the Oinnehotso area and at < _ . " TohatcW Boarding School. She is the matemal granddaughter of the famous CWef ManueUto and daughter of < $ Dougal Chee Bekis, one of the first Window Rock, Ariz., coundlmen m& tribal judge. She owned -arid operated a

HOWARD Glen -toward, '2, Farmington, died Thin-slay at his home in Upper Frmtland. Funeral service was to be at 10 today fa Cope Memorial Chapel, with Brandi President Kenny L. Tbuchiri officiating. Burial Was to be fa SWprock Cema tery.Howard Was bom June 2, 1909, at Wheatfidd, Ariz. (Survivors Include two daughjters,Mary Louise John, Upper Fruitlarid; and Lettie Marie Pierce, Carson; four sons, Henry, James, Roger and Raymond of Upper i Fniitland; a brother, TuUy Begay, Fort Defiance, Ariz,; and two sisters, Ella Mae Nez and-Mae Chee Tohegleeme of Wheaffidd, Ariz. Along with n u m e r o u s nieces, and nephews,, there are 43 grandchildren: and 13. great-grandchfldreri- PaUbearers were HenTy Howard, Roger Howard, David Hogue.i Raymond Howard, Larry Howard and Calvin Yazzie; Funeral arrangements were directed by Cope Memorial Chapd.' .

Hoi.Y AN Margaret Manuelito Holyan, 79, of TohatcW died March 11 at the McKfaley General Hospital. Services were held Saturday at the Christian Reformed' Church fa TohatcW at 2 p.m. with burial Mowing in the Commumty Cemetery there. Mrs. Holyan was bom April 15,1903 in TohatcW. She was retired from the BIA after 26 years of service in Dennehotso and the TohatcW Boarding School. She was the matemal granddaughter of the famous CWef ManueUto and daughter of Dougal Chee Bekis, who was one of the first- Tribal Coundlriien and Tribe. Judges. Sheowned arid, operated a cattle ranch east of TohatcW and at Chaco Canyon until her passing. Sur- vivors include her sons: Arthur Holyan'Of TohatcW; ' cattle randi east of TohatcW ' FrankUn Holian of Fort Da I and at Chaco Canyon until; | fiance; and,David HoUan of her passing. Survivors fa. Bel Gardens, CaUf; three \yude three- sons, Arthur d a u g h t e r s , Martha H. Holyan, TohatcW, Franklin Charley of Many Farms, HoUan, Fort Defiance,, and Alyce Holyan of TohatcW, David Rohan, BeU Garddis, !; Calif.;. three daughters,Xi | and Regina Holyan of Stan: ford, Calif.; 14 -grandj Martha H. Charley, Many children: and Tl great-grandj F a r m s ; Alyce Holyan*-/! children; two sisters, Mrs. t o h a t c h i , and Regigia', Charley Holyan of TohatcW Holyan, Stanford, Calif;; and and Evelyn Begay.also of {Wo sisters, .Mrs. Chaflie TohatcW. She was preceded Holyan and Evelyn Begay of : in death by a daughter, TohatcW! There are 14 grandCarolyn Holyan, a grandson, . chUdren and 11 great-grand- | Arthur Holyan Jr., and her children. PaUbearers wfll be j j Nate Toledo,- B. Patrick i ; husband Robert Holyan. iCharley, W,-Wayne Charley,/ j Bobby Watchman,/ Mark!; Holyan and Wayne Dennison. | H <r>- Herman-Morris and CWk Dennison wfll: be honorary i PaUbearers were Nate Tola paUbearers.:Cope Memorial: .do, ^ . P a t r i c k Charley, W., Chapel of GaUup is directing : Wa_yne Charley, Bobby ; funeral arrangements. Watchman, Mark Holyan and I Wayne Deimison. Herman/-' Morris 'and CWk Charley jwere honorary paUbearers. Cope Memorial Chapel, (GaUup, was In charge, of services. ' HARVEY Funeral service for John Kee Harvey, 87, of SWprock, wfll be Tuesday at X p".m. at. the First United Methodist Church of SWprock with Reverend Fred Yazzie officiattag. Harvey died Thursday at!SJRMC, Burial Will, be at SWprockCeinetery. Visitation wfll-be."from 9 a.m/ol. 5. p.m. Monday at Brewer Funeral Horiie/_iarvey jyastbotii June 13, 1895 in Round Rock, Ariz. For the past fe% weeks' Harvey hadbeen living at Good Samaritan Center. He-is survived by one son,.Sam Kee of California; four daughters,-. Jriarata Blackwater and Genova Ellison.of,Fannington; Vl-j, vian Salt of SWprock and Louise BenaUy Begay of Red VaUey, Ariz, There are 28 granddifldren and 20 great-granddifldren. PaUbearers wfll be Dayton Blackwater, Albert El-1 lison, Curtis Blackwater, Harvey Blackwater, Benjamin Harvey and Randy Lupe. Honorary pallbearers wiU be Sam Harvey, Manson Harvey, Harry Tom and John BenaUy. Funeral anangements are under the directum of Brewer Fu- \


t HARVEY .7- Fiinej-al service for Betty Harvey,' 80, Clrtland, will be at 10/ajn. Saturday at San Juan Mission Chapd;. with Father*Harold Edmonson officiating; Burial will follow-in Greenlawn Cemetery. .A rug/weaver, Mrs. Harvey died Tuesday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Survivors include'a daughter, Jane-Becenti; two sons, Lee Harvey and Yazzie Harvey, all of Kirtland; four sisters, Esther Barber, AUce /Barber, Hazel Barber and Mary Jackson, Kirtland tWee brothers, Jerome Dodge and Abe Dodge of Kirtland, and Homer Dodge, Albuquerque,

She was preceded fa death by a son, John Harvey in 1974: and by a daughter,. Irene Jim, fa W80.- There 'are 20 grandchildren' and 10 greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers wfll be John-Harvey, Dexter Becenti, Lee Harvey, Cecil Dobey, Omar BeiKflly and ' Abe Dodge/David Yazzie wfll be alternate paUbearer.! Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.
... - .


' -


' .

'jyyyTSTTTA^AiA u$&a,
HOMER - Shirley Hany^ Homer, 29, of Fruitland, died Saturday near Waterflow. Funeral service wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at the Brewer Funeral Home Chapd, with missionary Harriett Jensen offidating. Burial, is to be fa

i :

/ j

neral Home. J A A A ^ - A A ^ ' , / 9 < 9 3

Greenlawn Cemetery. Music for the service wfll be pra vided by Grace,Clah and Arlene Costdlo. Survivors indude her husband, Jimmy, a daughter, Shanisa Homer, and:two'sons, GarrettJlmmy Homer and Jumor Hany, all . of:the family.home; her pa- f\ rents.-Tom and Betty Hany \ of tipper Frmtland; four sisj ters, Gloria Begaye, Hddi Jose and Twyia WilUe, Upper Fruitland, and Twanna Roybal of Farmington; a brother, Gilbert Hany, Upper Fruitland;,..and several n i e c e s and nep;hews'. PaUbearers wfll be Herbert WUUe, Randdl Jose,' Jackie Pinto, Lawrence Bekis, Nelson Yazzie, Stanley Bekis, Kenneth Tsosie and John Tsosie. Funeral- arranga ments are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.


%~A .
.M. -_ly Fo.niino.on (NM.) )Dbily T l m _ day. May 12, 1 . 2 - 3 A W_Jh_

Funeral Service Set

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. Funeral services is for ClarenceHawthorne, who. has been with the Navajo PoUce Department for 23 years, is scheduled ta GaUup with burial ta Santa Fe. / ' ''.* - l --' Navajo poUce said Hawthorne, 53, of Lupton, Ariz., died early Sunday of a heart attack at the GaUup Indian Medical Center. Funeral service for Hawthorne wfll be at the Gallup First Baptist Church at 9 a.m. Thursday. . . - - . ; PoUce said Hawthorne served on the tribal poUce force at "various poUce districts on the Navajo Reservation, including SWprock. /.' ;i ' i After Hawthorne retired in 1978 as Ueutenant colortd, he was a security officer at the GaUup K mart. He has also worked with the McKfaley County Sheriff's Department. ; s; PoUce said Hawthorne wfll be given a national cemetery service fa Santa Fe with a 21-gun salute. '"-.

HARRISON Puneral/ser- thellla Hanison of Upper vice tor. Juanita MaeHar- rFruitland; ."-. a rumc"". four brothers, Vice tor oiusiuu ..__... rison, 23, Farmington, wfll be George Harrison of Farm, at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the ington, Rudy Harrison, Virgu Brewer F u n e r a l Home Wayne Harrison and SuUivan Chapel with-the Rev. John Hanison- of Fruitland; her Feter-Yazzie/ officiating. maternal grandmother, Burial' wfll be fa Memory Pauline Joe of Nageezi, and , Gardens. Ms/~Harrison died her patemal grandmother, i Saturday fa Farmington. She Nez Begay of Kimbeto. I is survived by a daughter, Pallbearers will be George D. : Candice Peter of Upper Harrison, Rudy Harrison, Fruitland; .her parents, Wayne Harrison, SuUivan E. I Darnel and Mary Jane Har- Harrison, Patterson Brown rison of Upper Fruitland; and Felipe Daws Jr. Arthree sisters, Elenor Dawes rangements are under the ot -Bloomfield, ; Marjle Har- direction of Brewer Funeral frison.of Las Graces and Or- Home.


HANCOCK TtmeraTser- * vice' for Yetasbah Hancock, 87, of Little Water, was to be at 10 ajn. today at the Cope 'Mein b rial Chapel, with Bishop James Begay officiat, fag. Burial was to foUow fa . Memory Gardens. Bom July 1,1895, at Uttle Water, Hancock died Saturday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital ta SWprock. Survivors include a son, Harry Hancock; . ttiree daughters, Betty Henderson, Frances Henderson and Cora H. Begay, aU of Little Water; two brothers, Em; mett Begay and John Frank of Sanostee; 23 grandchildren ; 48 / great-grarichfldren " and tWee great-great-grand" chUdrdi! PaUbearers were to be Lariy Henderson, .Nelson Hancock, Delbert Hancock, Freddie Begay, Larry Mark and, Emest - Manulito.: Funer-al arrangements were ; dirjjcte^ by Cope. Memorial

HUNT - Fdneral "HUNT FUneral serv_ for Ralph Hunt Sr., 81, Toadlena, -was Saturday at the Christian Reformed Churdi of* Toadlena, with burial on famUy land. Hunt died Wednesday at his home. He was a retired Navy man and had served with the Army, brfore enlisting m the Navy, He retired_fron. the Bureau of Indian Affairs at Sanostee in TS63 after 36 years with; the U.S: govera ment. Survivors indude bis wife, Mrs. Mary! Hunt of Toadlena; six sons, John R. Hunt and Leonard Hunt of Yahtehey, Ralph Hunt Jr. of Aneth, Utah, Ronald Hunt a n d M e l v i n H u n t of Fruitland, and Marlin Hunt of Colorado. Springs, Colo.; five daughters, Helen Moore : of Farmington, Joanne Hunt ' of SWprock, Arlene Etdtty of ! Gallup, Rhoda Hunt of Church Rock -and Velma Spencer of TohatcW; and a i sister, Dorothy Wilson of Winslow.-There are 17 grandchildren. Hunt was preceded! in death by three brothrs and three sisters/The pallbearers induded Sherwood Moore, Eric Anderson, ' Edison M i l l e r , Max M a d r i d , Jonathan Hunt and Jon Hunt Honorary pallbearers included Clifford Knight, Nelson Jack arid Russell Foutz. Anangements/ were under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapelfa GaUup.

Chapel.'. f < / g ^ A



IGNACIO Funeral sendee for Hany Ignacio,. 40, Nageezi, was held at 2 pjn. today at the Escrito LDS Chapel with President Al Chapman officiating. 'Burial was in Lybrook Mission Cemetery. Jgnacio died Friday at Albuquerque. He is survived by two sons, Jonathan Ignacio and Johnnie Ignacio; two daughters, Joann Ignacio and Theresa Ignacio, aU of Albuquerque; five brothers, John P/Comanche of Lybrook, Harrison Tgnacio-and Alfred Ignacio of Kayenta, Ariz/ Steve Ignado of Denver, Colo., and Rog_ Ignacio of Farmington; i|ix sisters, Ruth Boo of Kayen-! ta; AnWe Begaye of Dallas, I Louise Woody of Childiinbeto, Ariz.; Jessie Ignado of Dallas, Janie Ignacio and Suzie Ignacio of Kayenta; jiis matemal grandmother,.Helen Blackie, 'and-three uncles and an aunt. PaUbearers wfll be John P. -omanche, Harrison ignado, Steve Tgnacio, Alfred Ignado, Jonathan Ignacio. and Louis Chavez. Jobnme Ignacio wfll be an honorary pallbearer. . Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. A '



" JIM Mary T. 'J_m;52;_ued Monday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital fa SWprock. She was a rug weaver. Funeral

sendee Is. set for 10 ajn. Thurday at the First Baptist Churdi fa SWprock with Rev. : Gerald Lawton officiating. I Burail wfll be fa the SWprock 'cemetery. Survivors include I; the/husband, Lowe Jim, Sr.; six sons, John Lewis Jim, :; Howard L. Jim, PWUip Jim, ;' Lowe Jim, Jr., Kee Lloyd Jim, |and Harry J i m ; t h r e e , daughters, Elizabeth Jim, Nora Jim, IsabeUe Jim; two brothers, WilUe Tyler, aU of SWprock;: Joe Lee Hahtetteyj six sisters, NelUe Hany, Fannie Mae Billy, Mary Jane RusseU, AUce Mae Lee, Mary Loii Yazzie,! aU of Red Rock, Ariz.; and Haniet BenaUy of Shiprock. There are nine grandchildren. Pallbearers wfll be Howard, L: Jim, PWUip Jim, Lowe Jim, Jr.", Leonard [Ts* Raymond Marshall and Harvey L. Jim. Funeral arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

JEW Funeral service is set at 10 ajn. Wednesday at Mesa View AssemWy of God Church fa SWprock for Norman Lee' Jim, 12, of SWprock, who died

ines .^r^
. - x*A- A*'
Saturday ta an auto acddent on U.S. 550. The Rev. Charles Lee wfll officiate at the service. PaUbearers wfll;be Jim Lee/Harrison;,'Gabdial Garnenez, Melvin Lee, Richard Slowman Sr., Wallace: Charley and! Glenn Charley. Anangements are being handled by Cope Memorial Chapel. 7 JONES /Bessii. Billie Jones, 54, of Hogback Trading ' Post (Waterflow); died Friday . of natural causes at Cortez, Colo, Survivors include her husband, Tony Jones, Lamar, . Colo.;:,three daughters, Rose ; Ann Lewis, Carol Ann: Jones and Loretta Ann Jones; aU of ( Hogback; ttiree sons, Norman' Jones, Frankie Jones and BiUy, Jones, all of Hogback; four sisters, Minrae Dixon, Annie Simpson, Bessie Marie Yazzie, ! Mae Pettigrew, aU of Water-X_ flow; and one brother, Jimmy H. Lowe, Hogback. There are , six grandchUdren. The funeral has been set, for 10 a.m../ Wednesday at the Church of -Christ. Burial wfll be in San , Juan Mission Cemetery. Pallbearers are Jimmy Harvey Lowe, Norman Jones, . Frankie Jones, Raymond Pettigrew, Sam Enoah Jr. and HSf-rian Enoah. Lee & Oviatt ,;MortUary, 103 E. Ute, is iri 'diarge of anangements.
. ' ' . . ' ' -

JOSEA Funeral service for Eddie M. Josea, 47, of Toadlena, wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday at the. Cope Memorial Chapel in Farmington. President Bob Begay will officiate and burial will be in the Toadlena cemetery. He died Sunday at PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. Survivors include his wife, Martha; a daughter, Windy Josea, both of Toadlena; ttiree sons, Eddie Josea Jr. of SWprock, Pfc. Edwin Josea who is stationed in Germany and Edgar Josea of Toadlena; a sister, Louise Blueeyes of Shiprock and his mother, Ruth Josea of Fannington. There are three grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Reed Tsosie, Kenneth MUler, RonWe Tsosie, Michael Charley, Elvis Kee and Delbert Josea. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

Chapel. _/<S--f- / . 7 8 *



... JACKFuneral service for - Lenora Jeanette Jack, 13, SWprock, who died Thursday.fa SUck Rock, Colo., is set for 10 a.m, Monday at Basin Mortuary Chapel with the Rev, Jimmy Charley officiating. Burial will be in Greenlawn i. Cemetery. Survivors include .her, parents, Mr, and Mrs. Leroy Jack Sr.; and two . brothers, Leroy and Larry Lee ! Jack, Shiprock. Active pallbearers wilh be Dave Bedonie, Calvin Bedonie,; /William Bedonie,, Thomas BedoWe;- Henry Yabeny and ., Harrison Tom. Funeral arrangements are under the directlonof Basin Mortuary.

JOEFuneral/service for. ' fleUe B.:Joe, 65, SWprock, who. ' died Thursday at/the, U.S.' " PubUc Health Sendee Hospital in Shiprock, is slated for - RJnl ; Saturday at the SWprock LDS ' ChapeL She Is.survived by her husband,/ Big-: Joe,/Shiprock; / one daughter, E_ri_na Lee; one son, John jay Jr.; two sisters, 1 Bessie Jay and Nite. Barber, < both of Shiprock;! rune granddilldren, Jairies;: LPratae and 1 Gloria Joe, Kenneth light and ) Jeny, Debbie,, Delores, Gary > arid Peny Jay.'attof SWprock. 1 F_deral anangements are un-. dier the direction/of Cope ! norial Chapd. a o ^ > / 7 , 7 t f : /JOE A funeral service for ! Ronald Paul/ Joe; 18, of ; Bedabito /Trading; Post, was scheduled for 2;pjn/ today at;; - the Christian Reformed Church, Shiprock, *with the A Rev- Bert BenaUy officiating. BuriaL was: to be/ta SWprock cemetery.- Joe, a student at Shiprock High /School, was reported drowned*near Teec- i :, nospos Sunday. Survivors Indude his mother, Esther B . . Joe;; his:stepfather, Lee Dean;;. and; two: brothers/ Kenneth-Joe; and David Joe of SWprbck.. Joe ; was preceded:ta/death'by his father, Charlie Joe, fa May : 1960.;':P_lbe^ers-sdieduled were Casey BenaUy,' Clarence '.jBerially; Glenn Charley Sr., WuTard Yazzie, David L. Joe - and Douglas Joe/Arrange- \ mente were under the direction of Cope, Memorial Cfiariel:

I JACQUEZ iA Funeraf t vice for Lesley Arin Jacquez, > tWee-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jacquez of Fruitland, wfll be hdd at 10 ajn/ Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with, Sister Cheesman officiating/Burial wfll be fa Memory Gardens Cemetery. The infant died . Tuesday, She is also survived by maternal grandparents, Alfred and Jean Pioche of F ar min g to n . and paternal I grandmother, Clara Jacquez of Fruitland.;

JACKFuneral sendee for Laura Renee Jack, 10, SWprock, who died Thursday ta ;!-SUck Rock, Colo., Is set for 10 "a.m. Monday at.-Basin .Mortuary Chapel with the Rev/. '.Jimray Charley officiating. ! Burial wfll be ta Greenlawn Cemetery/Survivors Include her parents, Mr. and Mrs. : Leroy Jack Sr.; and two brothers, Leroy Jack Jr.- and Larry Lee Jack. Active pallbearers will include WaUace Tom, Jones Benjamin, /Donald. Benjamin, Raymond E. John, Michael Yabeny and : i Frank Joe., Funeral anange/ments are under the. direction of Baista/Mpi


50_-Funer_. _ _Vice for Lee Joe, 26, SWprock, who died /last/Thursday in .an -auto accident,! is set for 2 p.m. Thursday at Christ the Ktag CathoUc Church .in SWprock with the Rev., Larry, O'Neal / officiattag; Burial wfll be in/ . SWprock CbmmuWty Veterans Cemetery. Graveside service will be conducted by: the SWprock Veterans of Foreign' Wars. Joe;; worked at - the SWprock Day Care Centeras a . custodian. He is survived; by his wifej Fanme Joe, SWprock; one son, Leland Lee Joe,.of the family home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Joe, Cove, Ariz.; five;sisters, Patsy Tyler and Mary Watson, both of Redwood City, Calif., Shirley Yazzie, SWprock, Dorothy Joe, ': Tuba City, Ariz., and Jayne ?Joe," Shiprock; and -one brother, Jimmy Joe, Aztec. Adive paUbearers will be Jack LeeFrazier, Jimmy Joe, Tony Talk J n r Matthew Frazier, Tommy Fasthorse andRandeU Hunt. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.. '."' JOHNFuneral service for AUen King'Jolm, 53, SWprock, was held at 10 a.m! Saturday at First United Methodist Church in SWprock, the Rev. Henry Bird presided. King . - died Thursday fa U.S. Public"; Health Service Hospital in SWprock. Burial was in SWp- rock Cemetery. Survivors in-,; dude seven -daughters, Marie-/ M. WUUe and Victoria J. John , ;of.Fruitland,- Ulberta M. Arthur, Rosella A.' Jim and "LaVerna E ; John of Farmington, Karen A. Barber nt

JOHNSON- Funeral service wfll be held Saturday at 11 a.m from the La Vida Mission at Lake VaUey for George Lee j Johnson, 34, of Kirtland who died May. 26. Burial will be at ; the WWte Rock cemetery. Rev. -Darid Tutt will officiate. Survivors faclude his wife, Lor; raine;H. Johnson;, two sons, /Loren Lee and George Johnson ,."; Jr., ttiree daughters, Conatae Lee, Conalna Lee and Doreen / Lee Johnson,.aU of the family /home; parents, Ella and David Johnson of Blue Canyon, Ariz.; ;. one brother, Sam Lee Beneeriti of Ganado, Ariz.; ttiree sisters,, /Betty James and AUce BegotJy ,of Blue; Canyon and. Jane Begody of San Leandro, CaUf. Pallbearers wUl be ^ Sam L. Bencintl,. Harry Begay, Joe Chee, Eddie Henry; Curtis Jim

: Johnson, 88, of Cove, Ariz., died Thursday at his home. Sendees wfll be at 2 pjn. Monday at. Christ the King , CathoUc Church with the Rev. Flann O'NeU officiating. Burial, wfll be in SWprock Cemetery. PqUbearers wfll be Tony light, . Johnny Johnson, Paul Johnson, Jimmy John, Peter Johnson /and David Johnson. Johnson is ' survived by his wife, Mary; six sons, Cato, Kee, Robert, Johnny, David, and Paul; two daughters, Mae John and Luzzle Light; 36 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral anangemente ate uncer the direction of SWprock Funeral Homej/...... '..,. '

JOHNSON Funeral service for Mrs. Lucy Johnson, 55, Sanostee, was held at10 a.m. today atthe SWprock Funeral Home chapel with Bert Benally officiating. Burial was fa the SWprock Cemetery. Mrs. John-; son Was dead on arrival at San Jtian Regional Medical Center Feb/28. She is survived by her husband, Luke Johnson, three sons, Julius, Ernest and Wallace Johnson;.and three daughters, Jessie, Lucille and Arlene Johnson, all, of Sanostee. PaUbearers were JuUus, Wallace, Tony, Ernest, William Jimmy and James Johnson. Funeral arrangements Were under the direction of the SWprock Funeral Home.


. _ , . '%WL n f X f
Hawaii -and Alice John'of i ShiprockV four brothers, Frankie Dajdsh'Sr., /Paul DJohn ST., .Wayne .John Sr. and h BUly John Sr., Wayne John iSr. i and BUly John,aU of SWprock; one sister, Louise Shirley of SWprock; two. half, brothers, Thomas Dayish/of Shiprock . and Tony Dayish of Provo, Utah.. There., are .nine grandchildren. Active paUbearers were Doniel. Pioche.-; Buddy Arthur and/Pteyinond, Randy, /Timothy and Darrell John. Honorary pallbearers were -Frankie.Dayish Sr.,' Wayne . John: Sr.,. Paul John Sri, Bflly John and Thomas and Tony. Dayish. Funeral anangements were under. the direction of -Cope Memorial Chapel. A J ^^ : ^**'^WW__w^Bi^B*

JOHNSON-Funeral service tor George lee Johnson, 35, WWte Rock, who died Friday in GaUup, is pending under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. Bora fa Blue Canyon, Ariz., Johnson was employed with the Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity, as a' + Commumty developirient worker. He also was a member of the Navajo Health Authority Board and was vice president ; of the Navajo Area School Board Association. Survivors faclude his wife, Lonaine, Henry Johnson, WWte Rock; two sons, Loren Lee Johnson; and George Johnson Jr.; threedaughters, Conalne Lee Johnson, Conalna Lee Johnson and Doreen Lee Johnson, all of WWte Rock; his parents, EUa and David JoWison, Blue Canydn; one brother, Sam Lee Bencenti, Ganado, Ariz.; three :., sisters, Betty James, Blue .Canyon, Jane Begody, San Leandro, Calif., and AUce Begody, Blue Canyon; an aunt, .'" Minnie.-.Smith,,. Blue Canyon; and mother- and father-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. WilUam Henry, WWte Rock. Funeral- arranger ments are under-the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

JOEFuneral service for :. Lee Joe, 26, Shiprock, are .'pending at Cope Memorial Chapel. Joe. was dead on ;, arrival Thursday at San Juan , Regional Medical Center. He was employed at SWprock Day j Care Center and a U.S. Maririe. . veteran of the Vietnam War ! .Survivors irtcludehis wife, ' Fannie Joe of the home; a son, , Leland Lee Joe of the home; ; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom JOHNSON - Paul E. JohnJoe of Cove, Ariz.; five sisters, son, 61, Navajo Mission Inc., Patsy Tyler and Mary Watson bpttrof Redv-podCity, CaUf., ; died Tuesday;at San Juan ' Regional Medical Center. Fui Shirley Yazzie arid Jayne Joe, neral service wfll be held at 10 both of Shiirock and Dorothy : a.m. Saturday at the Christian , Joe of TuW' a t y ; a brother, 1Reformed Church of SWprock with the Rev. Jack Drake and : Jimmie Joe of Aztec. / the Rev. Fred Yazzie officiating. Burial wfll be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Johnson / JOHNSON - Funeral ser- was born March 22, 1918 at. vice is pending; for Fred E. Shiprock, the son of Bitsee Johnson, 63, Shiprock, who Yisttal yee Blyeh. He manied died fa the Veterans Adminis- Ida Ehtcitty Johnson, who died tration Hospital, Albuquerque, ta 1954. He had served at the Monday. A veteran,of World Navajo Missions Inc., where War II, he is survived by his he was a, counselor and made wife, Mary Jane Johnson; two ! Ws home at the mission com1 daughters: Ada Jane Johnson pourid: He was a deacon in the /Christian Reformed Church. , and'Freda Johnson; one son, Survivors include a son, Fritz Johnson, aU of Shiprock; !Nelson Johnson of Shiprock; tWee brothers: Paul Johnson, 'and a sister, Juamta Harvey of Farmington; Trapper and i Upper Fruitland. There are 13 Thomas Johnson, Shiprock; ! grandchildren and one, greatone sister,, Mary Johnson Pin-; i grandchild. Pallbearers wfll be to, Albuquerque, and six .Jeny Johnson, Nelson Johngrandchildren. Cope Memorial son, Lambert Yazzie, Larry 'Chapel is handling the ar- iTuUy,'Harry Yazzie and Alfred rangements. A'-A Thompson. Honorary pallbearers will be Nelson Bedora and Donald Johnson. Memorials may be made to the Navajo Missions Inc. Building Fund in mdnory of Paul E. Johnson. Funeral arranger ments are under the direction 'of Brewer-Funeral Home.



JOHN Funeral service for, Garrick Lee John,:4-n_nth-olp% ' son of Bemice John of SWprock and Gary Nelson of Frmtland, wfll be at 10 a._ri. j'Friday at Cope Memorial/ :rChapeh;witb.J. 'D!'Wardlbw officiating. Burial wfll J be in Memory Gardens.' The baby died Tuesday at the Public Health: Service Hospital in SWprock. In addition/to his ' parents, he is survived by a sister, .Pamela John;/and a brother, Shawn, both of SWprock; his maternal:grandmother, LllUe Garfield of SWprock, and Ws patemal grand-, m o t h e r , Mary Nez of Frmtland. PaUbearers wfll beGary Nelson and Ridiard Nez. Funeral anangements are under direction of Cope Memorial Chapd.
S3E ';

-^tf;-/_>&-, m m /

';.': - OE ~--A funeral service for Shiprock; brother, Elvis r Bessie M_y Joe, 23, of SWp- Dawes of Shiprock; maternal rock and Crownpotat, is sched- grandmother, Catherine; Etcituled Tuesday at 10 a.ra. at ty of Shiprpck; maternal. Mesa View Assembly of God Church, Shiprock, With the !grandmothers Jesste Rafael! Rev., Charles Lee officiating., and Kathferine Button; of She died Wednesday atCrown- Tucson, Ariz,; and maternal;-. 'point. She was preceded-in great grandfather, Gon Benaldeath by ~ her- grand- ly of Shiprock. ActiVe mother, Happy London. Sur- paUbearers wfll be Calvfa Jim, vivors include her husband, CatcJirti, Joe K. Begay Sr., Chester Becenti of Crown- Joe K/ Begay Jr., Elvis; point; daughter, Gwendolyn Dawes, Gerald Begay. AlterBecenti pf Crownpoint; pa- nate paUbearer is Gary Man- ' rents, Ben and Lucy Dawes of ygoats. Funeral anangements7. SWprock; two sisters; Marjorie are under direction of Cope v.-*,> and Cheryl Dawes; of Memorial ChapeL j ^ J H

m jx

i JIMFuneral service for I Mrs.. Pete Jim, 104,. Farm'.; ington,>:will he at 2/p.m: Saturday/: at the Sari-Juan Episcopal Mission With : the Rev, Henry L. Bird officiating. Burial wfll be iri Rose-Garden ./' Cemetery in Upper Fruitland. Mrs. Jim died Wednesday at the SWprock Public Health Service Hospital. Survivors ta/ elude! four daughters, KatWeeh. i. Johnson, Maiy Platero, Evelyn i; Jim arid/Carol John,/all of j Farmington; and thi-e sons* I., Paul Jim, Leonard John and ; Herbert P. Jones, also aU of Farmingtpri. There; are 12 grandchildren, 26 greatgrandchildren and 18 greatgreat-grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be Paul Jim, Lany Platero, Michael Blackie; Joe Jose, Robert Jim and Phillip Blackie. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

unenjFservice for Leo Jim, 55, Fruitland, wfll \ be at 10.a.m. Saturday at, San /Juan Episcopal Mission, with the Rev. Eloise Martinez offidating. Burial will be fa Rose Garden Cemetery. He died Saturday at SWprock. Survivors indudie two sons and ttiree daughters. There are three grandchildren. Funeral anangerriehts are under the direction of Brewer tfunpral Home.

:jIM _^uriaT-_v_ 7 fo_ 7:&J%Apwyz0A. ,,., , Charley Jtai of Crownpoint wUl NAKAI Funeral sendee, b | held at 10 a.m. Tuesday at for James T. Nakai.- 97, Red/; . Cope Memorial Chapel with ROcfc, Ariz., wfll be at 10 ajn. fSJReV/ Tom HoUday officiating. Thursday at Christ the KingL-flurial wfll be in''the Lake CathoUc-. Church fa; SWprock , Ayalley area in the family with the Rev. LaWrence - i^etnetejyJfavdied' last WedSchreiber, OFM, officiating, j l.nesday at his home. He was ; Burial' in theSWprockjj '110/years old. HP-was a 1 j Cemetery. Natal died Satin*| ! medlcirte man and worked for n i day; at the Public-Health j Sendee^ Ftospital in SWprock. I the early Navajo Tribal ..Police; I j He;was art area rancher and j on/horseback. He' also was au ,( | herbalist. He worked as/ a / retired Umon Pacific Railroad/ -X. employee/Survivors: from his;. J j mason and laborer; for the j Bureau of Indian Affairs. He I first family Include three i i was a former chapter coun9- daughters: Doris, Antone of':i i dlman.He is.surviyed by his .ChurchTlPck; Bessie Pabalo 6^4. ! wife, Mercedes Nakai of the Crownpoint; and AUce Pabaldy. - family hoine;1 five: daughters, . of Lake: Valley; and two sons, : Mary.-.-Louise George of Red f/Andy Jim of Church Rock and;. Rock, Agatha Garnenez of; ; -Wayne:Jim O Nasdnttf. Sur- j f Shiprock, Theresa Nakai of : yivprs froin his second family: Redrock, Mary tiUy. Nakai- of four daughters, Josephine J./, Red Rock and Grace-Nakai of Blackie of Lake VaUey; Mae Red Rock; four sons, Stephen : Valdez of Ft. Defiance; Rose Nakai and Raphael "Ray" ' WilUams of. WWte Corn, Ariz;; I Yazzie of Hogback, Bemard I and Susie Mae Jim of La Vitas: Nakai and Thomas Nakai of //Mission; and one son, Ben I Fraitlarid; and a. stepbrother, f Tsimbf Lake Valley. Thd. are;*' . Hosteen Begay of Ited Rock. /Z6 grandchUdren and 17 great: There are 29 grandchildren | ^grandchildren! PaUbearers /and 29 great-grandchildren and wiU be Raymond Freeland, f two great-great-grandchildren;' ! Sam Valdez,. Curtis Bladde, PaUbearers wUl be Tony Gar/Carle Chee and Larry Monnenez, Thomas Nakai, Ray v ii;|bya. Funeral arrangements > '-: :___ rare under the direction of Cope ', Yazzie, Bernard, Nakai, PWUip Memorial Chapd. Garnenez and .Joseph Nakd. Honorary .paUbearers wfll-b. Robert Toney, 'Justin Nakai, Stephen Nakai, Morris Bencfl, ly,; Hosteeri Begay and' Wood-! i row BenaUy, Funeral arrangements are under the dlrectfani otCopeiMemorial ChapeL w


JOMsON-i- Mrs: Lflly.fete JULIAN Andy Julian, 32,! \ JOH_^-^_a^eyefsi Johri, Johnsori, &, Waterflow, died of Pueblo Pintado died Wed- vice for Melvin Johnney, 58; of 68, Farmington, died Thursday Friday at*San Jiian Regional nesday 20 miles, west of Cuba SWprock, is set for 10 a.m. at San Juan Regional Medical after an Illriess./Euneral Friday at the Christian ReMedical Center. Funeral serCenter. Funeral service was service will be held at 10 a.m. vice wfll be at 3 p.m. Wednesscheduled for 2 pjn. today at formed Church In Sanostee Tuesday at Star Lake. Mission j with the Rev. Frank Curley Sr. day at Christ the King CathoUc the Navajd Methodist Mission with the Rev/Fonda official-. Churdi in SWprock with the officiating. Burial wfll be fa Ryder Memorial Chapel with fag. Burial will be fa Star Lake I the famfly cemetery at. LitRev.: Lawrence Schreiber, ./ . the. Rev. Fred W. Yazzie Cemetery. He is;survived;by- , tlewater, JoWmey died MonOFM, officiating. Burial wfll t officiattag. Burial wfll be in : his father and stepirio ther,, Mr,.' : day at the Public Health Memory Gardens..Mrs.- John and Mrs. Joe Julian, Pueblo', Service Hospital in SWprock of was preceded fa death by her be ta the-SWprock Cemetery. Pintado; a brother, Henry natural causes. Survivors inShe is survived by her hu_ - husband, WUbert John Sr., fa Julian, of California; flye sisclude three brothers: Russell band, Harry Johnson of the 1965 and two daughters, Marie ters, AdeUa Sandoval and NanHarvey Sr. ot littlewater and famfly home; three .daughters, Yazzie in'1954 and Bertha cy Thomas/ both of Pueblo Lewis Foutz and James John, Marie Yazzie and Susie Dodge, John, former Miss Navajo, fa Pintado; Esther Thomas, both of Sanostee, and a sister, both of Shiprock, arid,Rose , ;;i968. Survivors include: six Winslow,/Ariz.;/Julia Julian ; Irene'Joe of Littlewater. AcJohn rf NascWtti; three sprisi, sons, Reuben Yazzie, .Hugh and Betty Julian, both ot i live pjdlbearers wfll be RusseU Kenneth Johnson of SWprock, A1b u q u e r q u e . A ct i y e Harvey Jr., James Harvey, ; Yazzie and Raymond John, aU Gene Johnson of Rough Rock, pallbearers; will be Jimmie, Albert Lee, Alfred Lee, ' of Farmington; and.Gilbert Ariz., ,and Larry Johnson of Manuel and Darnel Sandoval, Ridiard Berton and Mltdiell J John Jr., Alfred John and , Teecnospos, Ariz.; and a Sammy Jim, PhiUip. Thomas j Charley. Funeral arrange-'. James... John, all. of Upper i brother, John Pete of Shiprock. and WUson Jake. Funeral ar- | ments are under the direction j Frmtland; and two daughters, There are 33 grandchildren , rangements are under the of Cone Memorial Chapel. = ; Pauline McCauley, Crownand six great-grandchildren." direction of Cope Memorial J pofat, and Betty Cummings, Pallbearers will be' Herbert Chapel., _ ., . ^ c , ' TaWequah, Okla. There are 17 Etcitty, Calven Etcitty,JIM Lewis Jim, 54, Upper i grandchildren and one greatWilford Etcitty, James Clark, Fruitland, died Tuesday at San 1 grandchild. Active pallbearers, ' Davey Jenkins and Stanley Juan Regional Medici Center. wfll be Reuben Yazzie, Hugh Johnson. Funeral arrangeFuneral service wfll he held at Yazzie, Wilbert John- Jr., JOE Funeral service for j men-i are under the direction 10 a.m. Friday at Cope MemoOscar Orlapdo Joe,; a 23-yearAlfred John; James John and of Cope Memorial ChapeL rial Chapel with the Rev. Jeny old lifelong resident of the j Raymond Scott. Funeral ar' Sloan officiating. Burial wfll be Shiprock, and Fbrt Defiance, j rangements are under, the i ta the Upper Fruitland RoseAriz., areas, WUl be at the direction: of Cope Memorial garden" Cemetery. He Is surChurch of: Jesus Christ of Chapel. vived by his wife,' Mrs. Latter-day Saints' in St. JOHNSON Funeral ser' Dorothy Jim- of' the family i Michaels,'Ariz., at 10 a.m. : vice tor Samuel J. Johnson, 21, home; two daughters, Cecelia Monday. Employed as a recreof Shiprock, has been set for 10 .Washburn of Shiprock and ationali aide/for the'McKinley , a.m. Tuesday at Christian Lorena Jim of U p p e r County pubUc schools, Joe died \ Reformed Church, in SWprock, ; JOHNSON- Timothy M. Fruitland; two sons, Charles Thursday; In the Public; Health / the Rev. Abe Koolhaas officiatJim ot Fannington and Clif- . ; Johnson, 27. F a r m i n g t o n ^ Service hospital-in Gallup: ;' ing. Burial wfll be in the.. ford Jim of Upper Fruitland; Bom April 2, ,1956,'. at Fort Monday at the University^ Veterans Administration secand two sisters, Betty Hany of . New Mexico Medical Center in Defianceto:James and Martha tion, of -Shiprock cemetery. ; Upper Fruitland and Dolly Albuquerque. He was_ hospiJoe, he-was .a veteran of. the: Graveside services.,.?!!! be I Sloan of Tuba City/Ariz. There , talized foUowing an accident m . U.S. Ariny. He wfll be buried conducted by' the,. SingerFarmington July .Funeral I are 14 grandchildren, Including in the Fort Defiance Veterans'; ; ' Morgan Post No. 9517. Johnson service wfll be at 10 afn. Eleanor Jim, who made her Cemetery. He was preceded iri ' died Thursday in an'accident Slayiatmepstlnd^i home with her grandparents. death'by his father, Who died-.. fa SWprock. Survivor-i faclude ' Baptist. Church, 501.W. PaUbearers will be Charles several/years .ago,/ leaving : his parents: Rose Ann and Broadway, with the Rev An-, Jim, Hany Washbum, Harold several relatives ta Shiprock.;; Jerry Johnson Sr. of Shiprock; drew Begaye .officiaUng^ Buck, Watson BenaUy, Wilbert Survivors indude; Ws mother, . two brothers: Herman J. and Buck and Daniel BenaUy, Fu- i BuirlaT will b e m : Memory I Martha' Joe, Fort Defiance; Jerry Jr." Johnson, both of the Garden-. He is survived by Ws 1 two brothers, Randall and neral anangements are under family home; four sisters: 1 Ernest Joe, and two sisters, I the direction of Cope Memorial i wife Mrs. Hilda Johnson of the Nancy Ann Light, Carrie Ann S l y home; a son;Timottiy ,/Jenny _ Jean- Joe ;;and/,JamceV \ Chapel./)C''tUxcC/l%$ i Libby- Joe, aU -of Fort. Dev i j r , of Farmington; Ws pa- Garaenez, Kerlena Ann Tso, ! Rolena Ann Johnson, ail of fiance;.;an'-uncle',' Freddie; I.rente, Mr. and Mrs, Johnny B. Shiprock; paternal grand; Wauneka ;.,o,f. Farmington; . a ! Jim of Farmington; a brother, grfa/riidmother. J e n n i e irvin Jim otFanntagton; ma- I, father: Torn: J. Johnson of 1 Wauneka; Fort Defiance; and ternal grandparents, Rutti and I Shiprock; two aunts: Katie Cl-ark a n d Anna Mae several other uncles and; aunts ' Donald Betsellie of FarmAO^^I in Shiprock-and; Fort Defiance. ; ington; paternal grandparents Moscasion, both of Shiprock;.. JIM Funeral arrange;Funerali'anangerrients are un. 1 Mr. and. Mrs. Joe Lee of . r two uncles-. Darnel and Jim : ments tor Paul Ray Jim, 43, | der the direction of RoUie .Shiprock; paternal grand- ! 1'. Johnson, both of Shiprock. I Waterflow, are pending with I Mortuary/GaUup! '_-;. father, Martin. Johnson of SWp- ; There are tour nephews and Brewer Funeral Home. He. ; rock; two uncles, Jones and.: one mece. Active paUbearers died Tuesday as the result of a. iiyi^A. , ^ n A A - Jerome Johnson d SWprock; i j wfll be Gary Clark, Dan Clark,.. I pedestrian ^vehicle' accident. and two aunts, Uta Charley Sidney Nez Jr., Daniel Nez; Funeral arrangements will be Melvin KeUywood and Mark and Mary Roberts of Farmunder the direction of Brewer Koolhaas. Funeral arrangeington. Pallbearers will be-Funeral Home. , '-' ments are under the direction Harry A. Begay, Myron A.of Cope Memorial ChaDe]/-''" flegay, Irvin Jim, Anthony Smith, Raymond WWtey and Benny Sandoval. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chape\.,0ifyjL^.ftTO





/. M ^ . ^ 1 7 :
JIMFuneral $rvice for Fred Jim, .75, of White Rock Trading Post, wfll be held at 10 a_m. Friday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Don Coriey officiating. PaUbearers wfll be Danny Charley, Paul Padilla,. Ronnie' Jim' and Herbert Charley. Burial wfll be in the family cemetery near WWte Rock. Jim, who died Saturday at San Juan Rejponal Medical Center, Is survived by his wife, Elsie Jim of WWte Rock Trading Post; ttiree sons, Curtis Jim of White Rock, Frank Jim of Crownpoint and Kee Jim of Thoreau; five daughters/Mary Charley of White Rock Trading Post, Esther, Toledo of Torreon, Alice Tsosie and' Ethel Jim of Farmington and Betty Leake of Fredericksburg, Va.; one sister, Louise. Toledo of WWte Rock Trading Post; 53 grandchildren and seven.greatgrandduldren, . . /

:'..- . ; ' / .

". i ; ' / / / P S . ' ' . ; ^ ,

. JOHNFuneral service for Jake John, 67y of Shiprock,;, who died Saturday fa an auto accident on U.S. 550 12 miles west of the Hogback Trading Post, is scheduled at 10 ajn. Tuesday at the Christian Re^; formed Church lnr Shiprock with the Rev. Bert Benally officiating.' Burial wfll be ,faSWprock Cemetery. Survivors include sisters Nellie Jacobs and Lomse Shorthair of SWprock ; brother. Jake George' of Shiprock;. nieces Mary Ann Thomas and Mary CharUe of SWprock, and Adai/Yazzie of Farmington; and nephews David Jenkins and Jimmy Jacobs of Shiprock. There are " 16 grandchildren. Active paUbearers at the funeral wfll be. Melvin Charlie,' David - Jenkins, Elmer Yazzie, Jimmy Joe, Jimmy Jacobs and Bobby Joe. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial ChapeL.,

U/^JOEFuneral service for I ..,Karen Marie Patterson Joe, 20, SWprock, who died Friday at : the U.S. PubUc Health Service? ! Hospital fa SWprock; Is sched-. tiled for 10 a.m. i Tuesday at Christ the King Catholic. Church fa SWprock with the Rev. Larry Sdireiber officlat; fag. Burial will be fa SWprock Cemetery. Survivors include; sher husband, James C/; Joe . rit.; son, Jaraes/C. Joe IU;; both of the home; parents, Mr. and Mrs. David E. Patterson,,; SWprock; four brothers, David . Patterson,! Michael Patterson, and,, Patrick Patterson, aU of . Shiprock, and Marcus' Pat- : terson, Farmington; and sis1 ter, Sandy Yazzie, SWprock. Active pallbearers will be David,;Patterson, Marcus Pat-' tersori, Michael Patterson, f'Eugene B. Joe, Jammie B. Joe and Franklin Johnson. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

JONES Funeral service is scheduled at 10 ajn.- Wednesday ta the Blufi, Utah, LDS Church for Jack Jones, 33, of Bluff, with President Merlin Morgan officiating. Burial wfll be fa the family cemetery in Bluff. PaUbearers at the funeral will be Richard-Mustache,, Willis Jones, Harvey John Atcitty, Dominick Mustache, Aaron Lameman and Michael Mustache. Jonetf. died Friday in Denver, Colo., of: stab wounds. A general laborer andr^ a member of the Catholic, Church, he was the son of RoyO, Jones and Lomse Attclty.O; Jones is survived by fathers Roy Jones of Blanding, Utah; seven brothers Willis , JonesH* James Roy Jones, Paul JonesH/ Richard Mustache,' DomfaldT-* Mu st a c h e , M le h ae 1. R: Mustache,'and William Mustache, aU of Bluff; two j sisters Virginia Henriques .-of Salt Lake City, Utah and Rose Ella Mustache of Bluff; her. j grandmother Maiy Atdtty of Bluff; seven nieces and 10 nephews. Funeral arrangements are .under the direction : of Lee and Oviatt Mortuary.

j f T p ^ M ^ (111
JDJt'' Funeral sendcejfor Dan Jim, 94,; of Tied i__ck/ Trading Post, Ariz., who died at the SWprock PubUc Health Service Hospital -rinday, is set for 10 ajn ; Friday at the Christian Reformed,Churdi fa' - SWprock with/the fley. Abe Koolhaas officiating. Burial will,follow a t the Shiprock. cemetery. Sjirvivors include his wlfe-Emma-Jlm-of Farm- / faglbri;,fpur sons, Grey Jim of Shiprock, Glen and Joe Watson = Jim of Red Rock, Ariz., and/ Eugene Doririy Jim of Califor: ' nia; two daughters, Gertrude BenaUy of Red^; Bock, .Ariz., and Lucy Nakai of.SWprock; 24 grandchUdren and 12 greatgrandchildren. Funeral arrangements/are under the / direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. JIM Funeral service for AUen Jim, -S^Fruitland, wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Cope Memorial; Chapel with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial will-be in Memory Gardens. He was pronounced dead on arrival Wednesday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. He-Was preceded fai death by his father, Sonny Jim; Survivors faclude his mother, Anna Jim of Fnutland; three/sisters, Alice. Palmer of Fruitland, Hden Harvey Jim and Mary Barber of Upper Fruitland; \ j and three brothers, Harry Jim,' i Ray Howard Jim Sr. arid Billy !Joe Jim, all, of Upper ; /, '- -'"-- Frmtland. PaUbearers wfll be i Curtis Jim, Deter Necenti; Ray 1 Howard Jim ST., Ray Hoarad Jim Jr., Bobby ManuaUto and Billy JoeJlm. Funeral ar- ; rangements are under the ; direction dt Cope Memorial j ChapeL QJjrjraiffftff. f f 7<f

J0_NSON-_un.ral service for Daisy: Mae Johnson, 51, of FraltlandJ/,wfll be hdd at ^ . l 'p:__. Wednesday at/Cope Me^ morial Chapel with'the Rev. ( Don Coriey officiattag. Burial wfll be fa Memory Gardensif^"


JIM- Mary Jim, 70, Bisti Highway,died March 15 at her home. Funeral service will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at the FuU Gospel Church, 702 N. AUen with Evangelist Davey Wagner officiating. Burial wfll be fa ; Memory Gardens. Pallbearers wfll be Bob Begay,;: Clifford Jordan, Tom; Josea, Jimmie Burns, David Peter and Jimmie Jackson. She was a sheep rancher and weaver. Her husband, Little Jlrii preceded her in death in 1969. Survivors facludettireedaughters, Anme L. Begay, Kirtland; AUce May Jordan an Judy Lee Jackson, Farmington, a son/Roy Jim, Fannington; three brothers; Wesley Hemstreet, Crystal; John Gleason, Farmington; Navajo Thomas Jr., Phoenix; sister, PauUne Begay, Farm- \ - ington; 13 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Cope Memorial Chapel is fa charge of arrangements.

' -' ~<sr . ,/":: ' ' /JOHNSON Funeral/ service for Alice Klnlicheeny Johnson,, 74, SanOstee/.wfll be at, .Ip/.a/rn^tSaturday >_t|tte Sanostee -Christian Ref6r_ied Church ; with Trank > Curley officiating.- Burial wfll/be ; fa the/fa_uly---plot; at-Sanostee? Mrs! Johnson died Thursday at San Juan Regional; Medical Center. Survivors indude two sons, Anos Johnson Jr. and Harvey'Johnson Sr., boith/of Sanostee and ttiree daughters,/ Esther Yazzie; and Helen J., Yazzie of Sanostee and Rose T." Yazzie of SWprock. There are 30 grandchUdren and six greatgrandchildren. Pallbearers will be Anos Johnson -Jr., Harvey Johnson Sr., Larry Yazzie, Wilson Howard, Jlmiriie Smith and David Cohoe. Funeral arrangements are under diredion ot SWprock Funeral Home.^ 0 e A . / C('7<A


:/rieral service tor Benjamin Johnhat, 15, and Verda Johnhat,! _3,: children of/Elsie j Badah .Johrihat,.wfll be held at ' 2 J 1 Funeral semce for | 2 -pjri. Saturday/atsthe Chrls. iim 20 of SWprock, I tlariReformed;Church:of San-. \ ipsteef, With: 'ifjank " Curley of:-Idating. Burial wfll be in the. ^Sanostee family cemetery. The/bhildi-eriwerefaa:mud.sUdeor near their/home S i ^ ^ -Cemeteym HeS d^ cave-fa:ronounced dead on.and ! . ^ e --d Ship^ck SWprocK _enrew.ij^ arre p Feb. 2 in Fannington. H " . . 4 . . ^ , a t { h e p u W i c R e a l t h a senior: at b w p r u ^ ^ ^ v j ^wce-Hospital/fa SWprock School. He is f f r ^ A Beraice Tuesday. They are survived, in parents, Tom .Jun anu . a m i m ; to Q . ^ , mo ther, by Jim of Shiprock; mrees i five brothers, Lester John of B Helen Joe . F " ^ A m v Fruitland and James Johnhat, Mayme 3 - ^ " ^ . ^ W y Johnhat,! Monroe Johnhat : Begaye, both of ShiprocK, an y n a ^ r o y / johrihatRal_ of 'four brothers, Tom oB J 1 ^ , ^ ^ . ; and a sister, Esther James Begaye, JJe^ J u"n , . . . ^ , .,_ James Begaye, ^ V " k iwatchman ofr : Sanostee. a11 Allen Jim. ^ T p T o m PaUbearers for Benjamin wfll pallbearers wilt P ^ ^ h e Lester John,-Roy John, Begaye, James V & WH o,wie James- John .Harry . Bedah, V Tom Bruce. ' k e fe. H^v an B.ny Jim, Tom TT-ATT-flS^ DCUOIUCi e r b e r t Harvey and Billy / ____ " ' " ' -0" ' o n i e i H __-_-_ _'_! 8 Walters and T " ^ ^ bf Wadsworth. Pallbearersjor
v ^ ^ Howe, lBu "" V a 7-, i e W i Jonnnat l ra _= " ~ a t be Harry George W Verda Ricky Billie, Davey Yaze B i u y flenloh. Oscai ^ o n , jerry Jim- ^ ^ L a r r y r N e E , R a y m o n d ammgements are underJ t e , ^ ^ H k r o l d Upahie to^ctlon of Cope.Memonalj J g ^ ^ F u n e ral arChapd. V': 0- - ' lirangements:;are under the

JIMGraveside service for Joe Jim, 78, ChUchinbeto, Ariz., who died Friday at his home,..was held at 11 ajn. today at;Chilchiribeto Community Cemetery with the Rev. Flann officiattag; Jim is survived by his wife, Dorothy Jim, five sons, two daughters arid six grandchUdren,

JONES Funeral sfervice fo'r; Oliver Dan Jones, 16, SWprock,. wiU be at lOiajn. .Friday'-at Christ; .the"King?; 'CathoUc Church in SWprock .-: /with the- Rev.' .-Lawrence.,' i Schreiber, OFM, officiating. I Burial will be in Memory . Gardens. Jones died Sunday at. his home.- He was the son of Dan and Irene Jones of SWp'. rock. In addition to his parents MARTINEZFuneral ser-v fjie is. survived by ttiree sisters, vice for Jose Francisco'tMarie, Rosemary and Chrisa Martinez, 65, Aztec, who died; sjean Jones, and a brother, from natural causes SatuMay WiUiam Jones, all of SWprock. Iq.Las Vegas, N.M., is set for There are several surviving Ip a.m. ;Tuesday at-.St. aunts and uncles., PaUbearers Joseph's Catholic Church in . wfll be. WiUiams Jones, TomMtec with thie Rev. Myron UW \ :, my BenaUy, Lorenzo BenaUy, officiating^: Burial will be in! i Johnny Kady, GilbertHanison Aztec Cemetery. A rosary will!.-, I and Rudy Byellie. Funeral be recited at 7 pjn. today? at; L e e S - ; Oviatt Mortuary^ Martlne-f^as-fcorn April; i, arrangements are under the ' ipYn'-. . - _ _ * . _ , .____,_ direction of Cope Memorial




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JOHNSON Funeral service for Fritz Ramone John- \ .son, 23,: Shiprock, will be at 10.. ; _t.m. Saturday at the First 'Uriited Methodist Church of SWprock With the Rev. Paul-J) West and the Rev. Sam Wynrr'. officiating. Burial will,.be in . the SWprock Commimlty Cem- , etery. Johnson died Tuesday athis home. Survivors include his mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Ahtcitty Johnson; a son, : Michael Ramone Johnson; two brothers, Sam Ramone and . Eddie Sorrelhorse, all of SWprock; five sisters, Ada Johnson , : ~of:'Far'mingtOrif*and'*Frie'da. J Morgan, Arlene, Jennifer arid' Agnes Sorrelhorse, all of SWprock; and his grandfather, ArcWe Ahtcitty. of SWprock. Pallbearers will be Nelson Bedoni, Larry Tully; Eddie Sorrelhorse, Joe Ramone, Nelson E. Johnson, Wallace Weaver, William Lee Sr., WiUiam McKinley, Jimmy Water and Tommy Benally. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the SWprock' Funeral Home. ^ /_.*-,

JOHNSON - Edith B. Johnson, 62, of Shiprock, was pronounced dead on arrival Tuesday at the Shiprock Public Health Service Hospital. Funeral service is scheduled at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Christian Reformed Church, Shiprock, with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial will be in ; SWprock Cemetery. Survivors include two sons, James Johnson of Brigham City, Utah, and Leo Johnson Sr.:of Shiprock; ; five-daughters, Irene Yabeney, i Marie Tony, Minnie Franklin, i Betty Garnanez. and Caroline Jim, all of Shiprock; a sister, ; Ora1: Jim of Shiprock; and three-brothers, Old Man Badonl and.' Roy Walters Sr. both of Cude'l, and John Walters of Cove, Ariz. There are 21; grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. .Active pallbearers will be Jimmie Tony Jr., Darrell Yabeny, Gerald Yabeny; Johnny Johnson, LeO; Johnson Jr., and James Johnson Jr. Honorary pallbearers wilt be James Johnson Sr^.Leo Johnson Sr., John Walters, Roy Walters Sr., Jimmie Tony Sr., and Calvin Garnanez. Funeral arrangements are udder the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

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. I____,J .._ JOHNSON - Arnold E. maiernai gram-pa. ...u., _j vice for Ferguson Alfred JohnJohnson, 19, Fruitland, died and Grace Tsosie of Farmson 6-year-^d son of Jonah I Saturday as the result of a ington; and paternal grandand Rosita Thomas Johnson of motorcycle-auto accident on parents, Harry and Lydia SWprock, will be at-1 p j a U.S. 550. Funeral sendee will Johnson of Fruitland. Funeral Saturday at the G r e " " " d i be at 1 pjn. Tuesday at the arrangements are under the Catholic C h u r c h at First Baptist Church of Kir. direction of Cope Memorial Greasewood, Ariz., with the land with the Rev. Dick Smith Chanel i a / P s a 7 A ? l 4 < r n officiattag; Burial will be in . Chapel. j ^ C L U - ^ L . / ^ ' S U R e v D a n Wefer, OFM, of St. v Memory Gardens. Johnson . : Michaels, Ariz., officiating. graduated from Kirtland High Burial will be in t h e T School in 1980. He is survived JOHN Funeral service for Greasewood Commumty Cemby his parents, Morris and Sarah Francis John, 45, Teec- etery. The boy drowned WedMartha Johnson of the family nospos, Ariz., will be held 10 nesday afternoon ta an irrigahome; two sisters, Sharon a jn. Monday at Cope Memori- tion ditch and was pronounced Smith of Albuquerque and al Chapel with the Rev. Allen dead on arrival at the PubUc Michelle Anna Johnson of Neskai J r . ' a n d ; Thomas Health Service Hospital in Frmtland; two brothers, VerTodacheeny officiattag. Burial SWprock. In addition to Ws non Z. Johnson and Benson W: cemetery. Mrs. John died parents, he is survived by a wiU be ta Memory Gardens brother, Feddersen Johnson, Johnson, both of Fruitland; Thursday at the San Juan and his grandmother, Louise Regional Medical "Center after Johnson of S a n o s t e e . an illness. Survivors include Pallbearers will be Ernest JOE Funeral" service for' her husband, Nelson John;. of Begay,, Albert Denetso, 1-C_ 1 1 U - _ J 1 U , _ _ _ l l | d U I i l l , OI " - & " J _ _ Teecnospos; tWee daughters ) Eugene Thompson, Marvin Be a Rox Emma John Joe, 15, SWprock, s J ff ~ _--=.Cynthia Begaye, Waterflow. ~ - t8y.. _- y Thomas and who died Saturday ta Farmj Sharon Avery and Yvonne Levon Begay. Funeral ar1 ington, will be at 1:30 p.m. John, both of Teecnospos; four rangements are under the Friday at the LDS Church in' brothers, Herbert Johnson and direction of the SWprock. FuSWprock with Bishop James RusseU Todacheeny, both of neral H o m e / a ^ S a ^ _S 8 Harry Begay officiating.. . SWprock, Woody Todacheeny Burial will be at the Shiprock and Stanley McThomas, both Community Cemetery. Miss of Teecnospos; four sisters, Joe-was an eighth-grade stuSadie Deshnod, Shiprock, JOE Funeral service for dent at Tse'Bit'ai Junior High Esther Cambridge, Cora Little Joe, 72, SWprock, will be School in Shiprock and a I Begay and Helen Todacheeny, at 11 ajn. Thursday at the member of the SWprock LDS ! aU of Teecnospos; and tWee SWprock Christian Reformed Church. She is survived by grandchildren, Diana, Sabrina, Church with the Rev. Abe three brothers, Larry Joe, I and Dallas Begaye, x_ WaterKoolhaas, officiating. Burial SWprock, Henry Joe, Provo, [ flow. Active paUbearers wiU be wiU be ta the SWprock CemeUtah, and Johnnie John Joe, Elbert,- Charley, and Delbert tery with graveside' services Logan, Utah; three sisters, John, Victor Begay, Henry conducted by the Shiprock Marie Joe, SWprock; Marilyn ' Todacheeny, and RusseU M. Veterans Of Foreign Wars i Joe, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Todacheeny. Funeral arrangeMorgan-Stager Post. Joe died , Nora Joe, SWprock, as well as ments are: under the direction : Monday at ' the San Juan her grandmother, Mrs. Mae K. j of Cope Memorial Chapel. Regional Medical Center. He ,Lee, also of Shiprock. Active 1 pallbearers will be Roger Lee, / 4 m ^ A $ & was a,; retired sUversriiith and V a'veteran of World War II. Billy John, Harrison . Shorty, Survivors include his wife, Gilbert Shorty, Roytee HarMrs, Mary Ann; Joe of SWprison and Henry Joe. Funeral A3/<3c^7/f^o rock; four sons, Eric Joe of arrangements are under the Mitten Rock, and Deswood direction of Shiprock Funeral JOHLE Funeral'service H v for Chee Johle, 21, Newcomb, Johnson; Keith Russell and Raymond Joe, aU of SWprock; I wUl be at 10 ajn. Saturday at ? five daughters, Ada Nez: of [ the Assembly of God Church ot Frmtland, Diane Henderson of ; Newcomb with the ReVl. Larry Mitten Rock, and Irene Yel; Emerson officiating. Burial lowhorse, Dyrene Buck and Jo wiU be In the famUy cemetery W$~~A _w-.~-,-- . _ Tues- Anne King, aU of SWprock; at Newcomb. 7 e - ^ . w ^ JOE. Funeral service for n JoWe died OE-Fun day at his and a sister.i Mary George ,<_ e Harry Joe, 46, who died Jan. retired radr^d worker. S^ Mitten-Rock. There are 40 31 in Sacramento, Calif., will wors mdude to wrfe S^ae . . ^ dchi]d be at 10 ajn. Saturday at the YazzieJohle of W M I grandchildren. Pallbearers Brewer Funeral Home home; three sons ^ Chee. , ^ fc Chapel. Burial will be ta 4 Greenlawn Cemetery. Joe ^ _ Oiee,_ ^f Sof Newcomo : H e n d w l S S ^ Walter ECadmSi; Herbert joWe _ r . merson B was born Jan. 7, 1936 at Fruitland. Survivors include & t T i S f S ^ S I ^HichardCadman.^y Ws mother, Elizabeth Joe; Mrs. i ..... e - . l i S S f | g ; S ? Jeanette Brown five brothers, Tom Johnson, comb and Mrs. Esther Frank Wilford Joe,. George Joe, st~I~,: ' of Two! Grey Hills. Jliere'are i -Herman Atchltty and PaW 1 18. grandchildren /and two Joe, all of Frmtland; two sisf g.e;a t- grah-d ; c! h i.ldr;e n!,. ,j ters,, Fandy Joe of Los AngelPallbearerswiU be Ray-Vai-L' es, Calif., and Alie Joe of Henry Johtej. Harry Johle!. Frmtland. Funeral arrangei Chee, Irvin Johle, James ments are under the direction i Brown Jr; and James JoWe.; of Brewer Funeral Home. Funeral arrangements- are un-[ der the direction of ..the Ship.,:


- i-S*iS8t Hnnu.. '.-.'


JOHLE Fimeral 'service for Chee JoWe, 21, Newcomb, wiU be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Assembly of God Church of Newcomb with the Rev. Larry I Emerson officiating. Burial wiU be ta the family cemetery at Newcomb. JoWe died TuesI day at his home. He was a retired railroad worker. Survivors include Ws wife, Susie Yazzie Johle of the family home'; tWee sons, James Chee JoWe, Henry JoWe and Harry JoWe Chee, aU of Newcomb, and three daughters, Mrs. Janet E. James of Gallup, Mrs. Jeanette Brown of Newcbrnb _nd Mrs. Esther Frank of Two Grey Hills. There are 18;;grandchildren; and-two greatgrandchildren . Pallbearers wiU be Ray Frank, Henry Johle, Harry Johle v.Chee, Irvin Johle, James Brown Jr. and James JoWe. i i Funeral arrangements are un- ; der the direction of the Shiprock Funeral Home.

' XJOE I^e-^-Servlce fbP .Ruby Joe, 60, SWprock; who died at. 11-.30 a.m. Friday at her home, will be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at the Shiprock Funeral/Home Chapel with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie of the : Christian Reformed Church -of Farmington officiating. Burialwill follow in the Shiprock Community Cemetery. Survivors include her, husband, Ben Joe of ShiprocK;i three . sons, Wfflie Jim of Waterflow, .Richard Jim of Phoenix, Ariz.,' and Sammy Joe of SWprock; i three daughters, Marie Joe, Betty Joe and Bessie Joe, aU of Shiprock; orie brother, Elwood Pettigrew of Shiprock;, and two sisters Mrs. Stella j Lewis and Mrs- ma Pettigrew. i Mrs; Joe Is also survived hy,, ' five grandchildren. Active pallbearers, Wallace . Lewis, Sammy Joe, Franklin Pettigrew; Richard Jim, Leo i Lewis antf Jerry Lewis. Funer- , I al arrangements are under the. direction of the SWprock Funeral Home. ytTATTtAO

JAKE Funeral service for John Jake, a 60-year-old resident of Counselor, wiU be held : at 11 ajn. Monday at the Brethren Navajo Mission, Counselor ;~Wlth the Rev. TuUy Butler offiating. Burial wiU be in the Counselor cemetery. He died Monday ta Cuba after an illness. Jake, a World War H veteran of the U.S. Army, was a member of the Ojo Encino school board and the Parents Advisory Committee of the Cuba Independent School District. Survivors include his wife, Irene Jake, of the family ; home; two sons, Leonard and ! Leo Jake; one stepson, James ' Jake; six daughters, Lois and ! Arlene Jake, Virgima WelUto, i Bessie CastUlo, Betty Salazar, and Jeimie Pinto, aU of the : Counselor area. There are 40 grandchUdren and one greatgrandcluld. Active paUbearers will be Paul and Jimmie Castillo, Frank Julian, Roy CastUlo, James Jake, and Dan WUUe. Funeral arrangements are under direction of Cope I Memorial Chapel.

JOE^ -Tun^TserVJjC- _b Larry John Joe, 22, SWprock, . wUl be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Church of Jesus Christ of ; Latter-day Saints iri SWprock with Bishop James H- Begay officiattag. Burial wiU be ta the Shiprock Community i Cemetey. Joe was'found dead

yjMM77*M 7 7 r / *
.': -ULL_MTurieriu_eT_ce "for Glenna T. Julian, 69, Escrito Trading Post, wiU be at. 10 a.m. Thursday a t the /Escrito Chapel of the Church Sof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Isaints with Bishop Leonard ifeopez officiattag. Burial wil! be in the Escrito Cemetery. Mrs. JuUan died March 24 at : the Cuba. Health Cltaic, She j was preceded in death, by a [son,- John Jake ta February L'1981. Survivors include six (sons, Fred Tso JuUan, Frank ' and Sam Yazzie Julian of Escavado, Chee Yazzie Julian : of Boise, Idaho, Lynn S. i JuUan of Ganado, Ariz.; and Dan JuUan of Cuba; and four ! daughters, Mary s MitcheU, i Bertha- BenaUy and Dorothy LaneU of.Escavado and AnWe Jack of Helper, Utah. There are 22 .grandchUdren. ; PaUbearers will, be Freddie ; BenaUy, Randy Jack; DanWe I Julian, Ghee/'Mitchell, Frank 1 Julian and Samuel Julian. (Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope ; Memorial ChapeL

JORDAN Funeral service .for Clifford Jordan, 20, of ! Farmington; who died last . Wednesday at his home, .wiU be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the First Baptist Church with die Rev. Dayton Blackwater of_ ficiating. Burial will be in ; Memory Gardens. Survivors include his parents, Sam and AUce Jordan of Farmington; tWee sisters, Bessie Ray of Bloomfield and Joann and Esther Jordan of the. family I home; and two brothers, . Wilford and Raymond Jordan 'of the family home. Active | pallbearers will be Ernest j Begay,; Wilson Ray, Johnson i Ray David Peter, Jimmy j Bums and Alex Shields. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. '-_> ' JOHNSON'' Funeral sef-' vice for Kee R. Johnson, 44, SWprock, will be at 10 ajn.
Saturday at the Brewer Fu-. N ^Nneral Home Chapel, with the!; Q . Rev. AUenNeskai officiattag. fv.. Burial wiU be. in GreeWawn /Cemetery. Active paUbearers """ wiU be Danny Johnson,' Am1 brose Oliver, WaUy CoUins, Leonard Clark, Larry Francis and' Arthur Lowe. Hon0 pTr orary pallbearers wiU be : ^ X ^ f r a n k AUen, Joe B. Begay, \ T N Harry Yazzie and Leroy._ p i Johnson.-Funeral arrange--! *_ ments are urfder the direction

April 12 in the San Juan River near Hogback. He was preceded in'death by Ws mother, NeUle JoWi Harrison Joe, Nov. 28, 1970; and his father, Charley John Joe, July 29, 1972; and a sister, Emma John Joe, Sept. 13, 1980. Survivors include two brothers, Henry John Joe of Provo, Utah, and- Johimle John Joe of Logan, Utah; tWee sisters, Marie John Joe of SWprock, Nora John Joe of .'. Rock Point, Ariz., and Marilyn John Joe of Farm, ington; and two 'grandmothers, .Mrs. Kay Lee and Mrs. Hosteen Abana Bitwie of SWprock. PaUbearers wUl - be MitcheU Yazzie, RusseU Yazzie, Roger Lee, Henry John, Joe, Johnnie John Joe ' and Benjamin Peters. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the SWprock , Funer- Home of SWprock.

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.JOHNSON Funeral ser' vice for Herbert Johnson ST., 57, Two Grey Hills, willi be at 10 a_m. Saturday at the Church | of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ' Saints Chapel at Toadlena with 'Pierce Nakai officiating.; Burial, wiU be- in the family cemetery. He died Wednesday i'at the aiiprock; r77A Health j Service Hospital, Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Nellie /.Curley Johnson of; the family home;-three stepsons, James ;: Curley of Sanostee, Kenn6th I Curley Sr< of Tuba City, Ariz., u andj.GlIbert "Curley of Two Grey Hills; five sons, Evans I Nopaleori of SWprock, Willard I Johnson of Salt Lake City and [ Herbert Johnson:! Jr., Robert i Johnson and Edison Johnson, /all of:Twb Grey Hills; three/ I daughter's;5 Christine Salt of j. Shonto, Ariz., and Lorita Billie ; ani-Virginia. Johnson of,Two Grey Hills; Ws father, Jeny i Johnson. of Twp Grey, Hills; | and two stepbrothers, a stepj slstei^ .two -brothers and a j sister. Pallbearek's Will be ; Robert Johnson, Herbert John . I son-Jr.i, James Curleyi,,Edison ^Johnson, WUUam Johnson and /Lee. Salt.'.Funeral! arrangements are urider, the /direction of Cope Memorial. Chapel.

i m mi*a*W&**M*. . A\%U~0^r_A'4 t7r m JOHNSON ,^vFunei_l sdrI Vice for Evelyn Johnson, 14, ; of Crystal, wiU be. held at 11 ;: : aJri! Monday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Crystal with an LDS missibnalry; officiating.
Burial will be in the famUy cemetery ta Crystal. Miss Johnson died July 25 in the I SWprock area,; Survivors taI elude her father,' Roger Johnson, of Ptaedale; her mother, Erma Johnson,' of: Crystal; one sister, Genevieve Bahe of TsaUe, Ariz.; tWee brothers, ! Edward/Jonathan, and Patrick'Johnson, aU of Crystal; one uncle, WUbert Myers of Crystal; and one aunt, Marie Howard of Navajo. Active paUbearers will'be Edison WaUace, Roger/and Edward Johnson, Jerimah Myers, and : Jonathan and Patrick Johnson. Funeral arrangementSj are under direction of Cope; '"Memorial Chanel. ";' .''-.
; ;


of Brewer Funeral Home.


JOE Funeral service for Manuel H. Joe, 17, of Sheep Springs, wiU be atlO ajn Saturday-at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sheep Springs, with branch President Harrison R. Johnson officiating. Bunal -wfll be fa the Beinikaago Cemetery at-Sheep Springs. Joe died Tuesday at the Pubi lie Health Service Hospital m SWprock. He attended SWp_ *.r.,~ _. ;. ,,_, - -;--,,




JAMES Funeral service for Rose C: James, 56, of SWprock was held at 10 a.m. today at Christ the King CathoUc Church, SWprock, . with Father Larry ScWeiber, OFM, officiattag. Burial was. in Sheep Springs Commumf$! Cemetery. She died Friday t | Umversity of New Mexicd.: BCMC Hospital in. Albu- ' querque,; She was employed ' by the Bureau of Indian f-, fairs as a loan specialist in the credit branch. She began her career of 36 years with the BIA as a secretary to the past Agericy Superintendent E. G. Jonas. She was a member of Christ the King CathoUc Church. Survivors include a half-brother, Jasper K. t Curley, Sheep Springs; two '' aunts,;- Kay C. Bennett, GaUup, and Rose C. Watchman, Sheep Springs; tWee uncles, WUson Keedah,: Fort Defiance, Ariz., Frank Keedah and Juan Edsitty, Sheep Spririgs. PaUbearers were Juan Ortega, E.G. Jonas, Larry Irvin, Albert Lujan, Art UUbani and Tom Leuppe. Funeral' arrangements -were -with SWprock Funeral Home. .'..

! rock High School and. is survived by his father, Peter H. Joe, SWprock; mother, Roselyn Saltwater; a brother, Lorenzo Joe; SWprock; two sisters, Lite Rose Joe, Mexican Hat, Utah, and Mrs. Bertha Tom Chee, SWprock; and -his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Rita Joe Begay, NascWtti. PaUbearers wiU be ; Peter H. Joe, Roger H. Joe, I Bennie Joe,;Ned Morgan, AnI derson Dez,; Emmerson j Watchman; Luther. Joe and Paul. Begay. Funeral arrangements are, under the direction of the SWprock Fu.. neralHbme.; ''/ -
- _ _ . A_JAMC1 CO. . .i.

-'JUMK rimerai service for Lflly B.'John, 72, SWprock, was held at 10 ajn. Saturday at First Baptist Church in SWprock. Mrs, John was bom-April 10, 1909 in SWp/rock-and diedi Wednesday at 'her home. The/Rev. Allan C... NeskaW Jr. officiated at the : : service that Was foUowed by burial in SWprock Cemetery. Survivors faclude her !__ -band, Rayiriond JoWi of the family home, two daughters;: Julia J. Barton of Beclabito and Christine Yazzie of SWprock; five sons, Kee John and Delbert John of SWprock, Elbert J. and Nelson John of Teecnospos, JAriz., and Charley John of. Farmington.

mere are _a grandchUdren and- eight great-grandcWldren. PaUbearers were Charley John, Elbert J. John, Ronald Barton, Nelson John, Delbert John and Eugene Barton. Funeral arrange-; ments were under the direction of Cope Memorial
Chapel, o '-'



O r e l " h A ^ z J r l W$7<

JACK - Stanley Jack/Jr., 19, of 901 N. AUen, died last; Wednesday foUowing a pi|k-i up accident south of Blodrii-

A A L fa


- - &S

JIM Funeral service for Emma Jim, 88, of Red Valley, Ariz., wiU be at 10 a.m. Friday at Christian Reformed^ Church in SWprock. , She died Monday at San Juan Manor. The Rev. Howard Begay wiU officiate for the ' service with burial to be in ' "SWprock Cemetery. Mrs. Jim was preceded ta death by her husband, Dan Jim, In 1977. / Survivors include two daughters, Gertrude BenaUy, Red Valley, Ariz., and: Lucy

' ' 'A'. Nakai, .SWprock; four sons, . Grey Junj/. SWprock,. Glenn t Jim, Farmington, Joe Jim,'-.: Red VaUey, and Eugene. JlihJ.Dowriey, Calif. There are 23 * j ' grandchildren and 19 great-. grandcWIdren. Funeral ar.- ' rangements are under the .direction of Cope; Memonal J' Chapel.' . . HE_fe-_.

amnSO^Tlar/.SflSS" - Jumbo, 91, died Tuesday at i Sari Juan Manor, where she i was a resident. Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Satur1 day at the Toadlena Church i of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SWnts, with President Pierce Nakai officiating. Burial wiU / be /fa Toadlena Ceirieteiy. !/ Shei .was1 the foster /daughter I j of Mi-: and Mrs. J.E/Shelten. Shelton was the first superintendent of the , SWprock ; 1 j -Agency.- Survlyorsl'lnehide ": I h e r' h u s b a n d;/ 6 e o r g|e',, i - Toadlena; three daughters, j Farime Charley arid Edith r Tsosie,.'Farmington, and i Martha Josea, Toadlena; a son, Frank Johnson, Sanostee, and a brpthp.-'Boy Johnson,. Burnham. There L are /27;/!grandchildren,./;49 great-grandcWldren and two ' great-great-grandchildren.-. i PaUbearers wfll be Ed Josea Jr., Edwfa I.; Josea, Edgar | D. Joisea,i Kenneth'-. MlUer, f, Micheal* Charley and Ronald A Tsosie. Richard: Barton will be honorary/pallbearer. Fu-. neral. arrangements are under the. direction of Brewer. Funeral Home. &
" "... ; i _ ! ' ._J:;-/^ , 'X~k:f

SteWey Jack J r i lemorial sendees wUl be Wednesday at, ifl a.m. at the Brewer Funeral Home with Charley' Y. .Brown officiating. Mr. Jack/was bom in SWprock and is survived by to iribther, Jeanette Jack, of Carson,: his father* StaWey jack Sr.,,of Hogback,^three sisters; Christine Jack and Bertha Jack, both of SWprock and Carol Jack Simpson, of Farmington; six brothers, Melvin Jack, of Las' Vegas, \Hev., DaWel Jack, of Hobbs, Steven Jack, Melvta Paul, Marvin "Paul and Brian BenaUy, aU three of Fannington. He is also survived by bis patemal grandparents, /Stella and Lowe Jack, of j Hogback. PaUbearers wfll be ! Wayne Modrow and Herbert Simpson. Funeral arrange-ments,are under the direction \ of Bcewer Funeral Hon)?-( i

JONES Daisy Jones; 74, of Hogback, died Wednesday at the PubUc Health Service hospital to SWprock. Friends . may caU at the Cope Chapel, 404 W. _rringtent from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.. Funeral services .. wfll; be held on Monday at 10 a.m. at the Church of God in Waterflow with Rev. WilUam Harrison officiating. Burial wfll be at the SWprock Cemetery! Mrs. Jones was bora fa 1907 in Hogback and survivors indude; two daughters, Lelia Russell, of . Fniitland, and Jean Wing of Towaoc, Colo.; a son, Tony Jones, of Hogback; and a brother, Charlie Clah,' of SWprock. There are 16 grandchildren, and 8 g r e a t grandcWldren. PaUbearers will be Richard RusseU, Wilber Foster, Raymond Jones,: Herman Hunt, Merle Burbank, and Lammel RusseU.; Honorary paUbearers Will be Lloyd RusseU,'Ronald \ Morgan,, Frederick Wing, Tony /Jones, Clyde RusseU, and Melvin RusseU. Funeral arrangeinents are under the direction of Cope Memorial;/; Chapel. l<A7yynA JONES Funeral service for .David Tom Jones, .29, SWprock, iwfll be at ld,,a_m. ! Wednesday at the Brewer F_,neral Home Chapel,, with Lewis Talk of the Church of, ;Jesus Chiist-of Latter-day*' Saints-officiating. Burial wiU , be iri Memory- Gardens. .Jones died Wednesday'at the i/PubUc Health Service Hospital fa SWprock.! He.was a member of the LDS Church 'and wasjireceded in death by

par /ifg^ : a son, Levi'"Jones., Survivors include to parens,. Tom and i AUce Jones; two:; brothers, StaWey T, and/Tommy- T. . Jones,, and a sister, Carmalia Nelson, all. of Shiprpck. j PaUbearers wfllbe.StaWey T. i Jones,' Oelbert Begay, j Wilfred Nelson,. Robert. Begay, Lambert Begay, .Jones Charles and Tom ; BenaUy. Funeral arrangements are under the direction


VUiluui y

JOHN Charley John, 88, of Red VaUey; Ariz, died Monday, March 1, at the SWprock PubUc Health Service hospital. Funeral services wiU be at 10 a.m. Monday at Christ the Ktag CathoUc Church in SWprock, with Brother Tony Augustine, , OFM, officiating.'John was born in Lukachukai, Ariz, and is survived by; Ws wife; MUdred Nez John, of Red VaUey; two daughters, Elsie . Tan and Mamie Chee,, both of SWprock; two sons, Howard Lee John, of SWprock, and Kee .Charley John, of Red VaUey. There are 26 grandchUdren and 31 great-grandcWldren. PaUbearers wfll be, Leo Tan, Norman Hunt, Larry Johnson, Ray Tan, Richard Edwards, and 'Nelson,V. John. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial -Chapel.

faobitiW iries
JIM Funeral service for . Ora B. Jim, 69, SWprock, wiU be at 2 pjn. today at the i L.D.S. Chapel, Shiprock. Born Dec. 23, 1912, at. SWprock, she died Thursday at the PubUc. Health Service Hospital at SWprock. Bishop James H. Begay wiU officiate i. the service with burial to be fa SWprock Cemetery. Survivors include six daughters, Anne Coleman, Cudeu; Doris Montoya and Elsie Hatch, Fruitland; Dorothy Garcia, Waterflow; Elsa Curley, Fort Defiance, Ariz., and LaVeme Jim, Las Cruces; three sons, Glen Jim, GaUup; Kenneth Jim, Chtale, Ariz., and Larry Jim, Shiprock; three brothers, Mann Bedonie, i Ciideil;! John Walters, Cove, Ariz., and Roy Walters, Cudeil; 26 grandchUdren and 12 great-grandchildren. PaUbearers wiU be Timothy ; Coleman, DarreU -Yabeny, i Jimmie J. Walters,- Norman Walters, Jeny Montoya and Johnny- Hatch. Honorary paUbearers wiU be Steward Hatch Sr., Roy Walters, Paul Walters, Mann Bedonie and Jon Walters. Local arrangements are under the direction of CoDeMemorial Chapel-

BLACKIE Funeral service ; for Pete Blackie, 82, Blanco Canyon, wiU be at 10 a.m.: Wednesday at the Brethren in Christ Mission, t with the Rev. Harvey BitsiUy officiattag. Burial wiU be ta the Bretiiren in Christ Mission Cemetery.'Blackie died Saturday at the Cuba Health ' Center. Survivors include two sons, Roy Black of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Frank Blackie of Blanco Canyon; and a daughter, Bessie Johnson of Blanco Canyon. There are 24 grandcWldren and 57 great-grandchildren. PaUbearers will, be StaWey Curley, Thompson John, Alvin John, Robert, Yazzie, , Louie A. Chavez and Emest Nez. Honorary paUbearers wfll be PWUip Blackie, Harrison Blackie and; Eddie Valdez.; Funeral arrangements are under the direction O Brewer Funeral Home. f

JOHNSON Wayne JoW. son, 85, ot Red VaUey, Ariz., died Monday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital fa Shiprock. Funeral service was at 10 a.m. today at Christian-Reformed ChurchtaRed VaUey. The Rev. Howard Begay officiated, with burial in Commmiity Cemetery fa Red VaUey. Survivors Include his wife, Lora JoWison, ot Red Valley; six sons, WilUe, Franklin, Manuel, Albert, Henry and Harry Johnson; two daughters, AnWe ! Slim and Mabel Kingr and two brothers, Willie Garfield 1 and Garfield Waye, aU of Red VaUey. There are 23 grandchildren and' nine greatgrandcWldren. PaUbearers .were.WUbert Johnson, Harry Johnson, Franklln Johnson, Henry Johnson, WUUe Johnson and Irvin Slim. Funeral anangements were under the ' direction of: Cope Memorial ;



*A n o <w 9 3_L, Ir n p r _ lrt l _ , ? "

TAAjA, .-M-. J' .: , -JOHNSON A funeral service for Jeny Johnson, 95, of Two Grey Hills Trading Post, was held Saturday at the IDS Church In Toadlena with

i l S t Allan DeWayne Jim, 4, Shiprock, died Wednesday at PubUc Health Service Hospital in SWprock. He was bom July 24, 1977. . Funeral service is to be at 10 / a jn.-Saturday, with Rlchard McDonald of the Home Ministry FeUowsWp conducting the service in the First Urated Methodist Church,- SWprock. Burial will follow ta Shiprock.Cemetery. Survivors ; include his parents, : Manuel and Leola Mae Jim, SWprock; a brother, Elden Brian Jim of the family home; his maternal grandparents, Alfred and Leona Bennett, SWprock; his matert nal great-grandmother, Rachel Noswood, .SWprock^ an aunt,.Vivian Smith, SWpt--1 rock; 'three uncles,': Geraldt RusseU, Tony Bennett, and i Robbie Bennett, all of SWp, rock; a cousin, Gary Russell, and paternal grandmother, Vera Joe Nakai, both of SWpi rock. Pallbearers are/to be Torry R. Berinett, Gerald RusseU, Robbie Bennett! jand-; Gairy'- RusseU. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial


JAMES Funeral service for Betty James, 68, Farmington, is to be at 1 pjn. Saturday af Brewer Funeral Home Chapel, with the Rev. Don Coriey officiating. Burial will follow in Greenlawn Cemetery. Bom at White ( . Rock,; Mrs. James dled-Sun/^u. day at the PubUc Health Sera - jT__Funeral fervi ce for V^ vice Hospital fa SWprock. RonWe Jim,28, of the White -~/* Survivors include a son, JlmRock area, is scheduled for 10 " my P. James of Acomita;two'daughters, LIUy Frank a m Tuesday at Cope Memoaipd Mescal Urlck of Farmrial Chapel, the Rev. Don ^ 2 ington;. t h r e e s i s t e r s , Coriey officiating. Graveside services wiU be at 2 p.m. , 5 Katherine Boyd of Bisti, Tuesday at Family CemeterJ>__ucille Jones, Blanding, T-vin WWte Rock. Jim died \ ^ Utah, and Deann BenaUy of '-Thursday ta a Wt and run V - Grand Junction, Colo.; and a traffic accident at Contmen^ brother, William-Henry, ! tal Divide, near GaUup-Jun .. T_ WWte Rock. There are five grandchUdren and two great' was bom Nov. 23. 1953, at Crownpoint. He wasI pre- : '"*' grandcWldren: Pallbearers J wfll be Francis Frank.; Jr., ceededta death by Ws father, Fred Jim, fa July f ?77- ^ J Eddy Henry, Jimmy P. O James, Tom Johnson, Bobby Survivors include WsmoUier Johnson and,Gary Thomas. AUce Charley Jim of White , Funeral arrangements are Rock; two brothers, Curtis Jim and Irvin Jim; maternal j to-VO^ -_L____J>-A_3 i grandmother; Mary S. : CharUe. aU of WWte Rock.._^ _ _ PaUbearers wfll be Roger Charlie, Melvin- James, Michael Etcitty, Ben Sleuth Harrison Begay and Frank, Jimmie. Funeral* arrangements are under the direction of Cope Meraoral Chapel.

I Branch President Peairs Nakai offidating:'Burial wiU , I be fa the family cemetery in Two Grey .Hills. Johnson, a weU know medicine man for,; 72 years, was bom March 15, I 1887, in Sheep Springs and ;.' was dead on/arrival at the SWprock PubUc Health Ser- ' vice Hospital in SWprock Tuesday. Survivors include: one d a u g h t e r , E l s i e Napoleon, of Two Grey Hills; one step-daughter, Nettie Bratabridge, of Cuba; two sons, Albert Johnson. ST.,. of SWprock, and Hubert Johnson Sr., of Two Grey Hills; two step-sons, Wilbert | McDonald, of Two Grey Hills, and Gilbert Cllnchee,;; of , Navajo. There are 49 grandcWldren and 33 great-grandcWldren.j PaUbearers were Terry Tsosie , Billy McDonald, Evans Napoleon, Harry McDonald, Harrison Keith, and Clifford McDoriald...Funeral arrangements/are under the. direction of Cope; Memorial chapel.' ;


tfJ/JLmK, f, LLUM , f-f&J-m.

JUUANTO Funeral service for Harriett Joe JuUanto, 53, of Kirtland, was been set for 10 a.m. Tuesday at Cope Memorial Chapel, the . Rev. Sampson Yazzie of. fidattag. BuriaT wiU_ be_jn__ . M e m o r y Gardens. Mrs. JuUanto died-., Thursday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. She was bom June 15, 1929, ta San Juan County. ..Survivors include; her husband, John, of Kirtland; ttiree daughters, Lucy Benal! ly and Alexandra and Carrie ' Renee JuUanto, all of ; Kirtland; mother,, PauUne Joe of Nageezi; two brothers, Woody Harrison of i Farmington and Harry Sain of Up;; "per/Fruitland; three;! slstersi / Mary Harrison of/Upper' Fruitland, Jennie'Joe Pf . Tarzana, Calif., and June Beyale of Kirtland;!/ numerous aunts, uncles, Weces and /nephews. There are seven i grandcWldren. Pallbearers /will be Patterson Brown, Manuel' Beyale,: Joey-Dennison, Virgil- Wayne Har rison, Rudy Harrison and Harold Sam. Funeral ar! rangements ; are under the . direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

JOE Funeral service Wr Aaron Lee Joe, 8-montl--d son of Jim and Helen Joe ot SWprock, will be at 10 a.m Tuesday at the First Assembly ot God Church fa SWprock. Burial wiU be in the SWprock Cemetery: The baby died Friday at the PubUc Health Sendee Hospital ta SWprock. Survivors ta addition to his parents, include a sister, Andrea Joe of the famUy home; bis paternal grandparents, Tom and Lucy Joe, SWprock; and his matemal grandparents, James and Ruth' Lee, SWprock, There are numerous aunts, uncles, meces and nephews. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

JIM Bom July 2, 1961, SWrlea Ann Jim, 21, of SWprock, died Saturday as the result of an automobUe accident near SWprock. Funeral service wiU be at 10 a.m. Fri-, day at the Open Bible Baptist Church in Waterflow with the Rev. Donald J_ CWtty officiating! Burial wiU be in



JTr^AL srocAr- JOHNSON Funeral Mass ; ior Curtis 'GUbert Johnson, 32, of SWprock, wfll be at 10; .: a_n. Wednesday at Christ the King CathoUc Church, SWp-

JOHN - A funeral service for Lucy Ruby John, 77, of TohatcW was to be at 10 a.m \ today at Assembly of God Church in Shiprock with Larry Emerson officiating. Burial was to be to SWprock Cemetery. A rug weaver Mrs. John died Wednesdayat Gallup Care Center. Survivors include three sons, BUly Damon of SWprock, Richard John of Newcomb and David John of WWteriver Ariz.; and .three daughters,' | Evelyn George and Maxine Peterson of Newcomb and Christina Garaenez of SWprock. Funeral arrangements were directed by Basin Mortuary...

"f^fiffif'j^Tgym, Tri

Fannington, Johnson died. Friday at San-Juan Regional . Medical Center. Burial wfll be fa Greenlawn Cemetery. Survivors include to wife, Lillie, a son, Vincent, and three daughters, ; Heather, April and HoUy Johnson, all at, home; three brothers, Robert" G. Johnson, Upper Frmtland, Harvey G. Johnson, Page, Ariz., and Roger G- Johnson, Teecnospos, Ariz.; two sisters, Catherine Cambridge and Marie John.. son of SWprock. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral

oCV_4 ^ /9$2

.5 a

JIM Funeral service for Mary Jim, 81, wfll be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at the Open Bible Baptist Church fa Waterflow. She died Friday at her-Waterflow home. Pastor Donald J. CWtty wfll officiate tor the service, with burial to ; be in the famUy cemetery near Waterflow. Survivors fadude four sons, Louie- Jim of Ganado," Ariz., and \ Nelson, Lee and Harrison Jiiri, aU of | Waterflow;,.a daughter, Ida/ Begay, Waterflow; two sisters, Hden Charley and AnWe. Johnson, both of SWp rock; a; brother, - Joe Hat Begay, Shiprock; 34 grandchUdren and 32 :great-grandchfldren. PaUbearers' wiU be \ Calvin Jim, Austin Jim, Harrison Jim Jr., Floyd Jim,, LelandJira, Daniel Jim, Phillip Begay, Quincy Jim and alternate Wallace Begay. N a m e d a s hop or a r y > paUbearers are Lome Jim, Nelson Jim, Lee Jim, Harrison Jim Sr. and EUiotson Jim. Funwal -urangements are under.-the direction, of Brewer Funeral Home.

m /U:U
_ -

SWprock. High School, she was secretary-treasurer of ; her class- and had been a member of the National Honor Society, DECA and the Office Education Association. : She had enroUed at the ,UW versity of New Mexico -nf GaUup to begiri training as a , 'laboratory tedmldan beginning this semester. She was a member of the Open Bible . Baptist Church and had been - employed as a Saleswoman -'for Checker Auto. Survivors indude her parents, Lee and Betty Jim ot SWprock; two sisters, DaWia and Charlene Jim ot the home; three brothers, Peter and Leland Jim of the home and Lavare KeUywood, with the U.S. Navy in Hawau; her patemal grandmother,' Mary Jim of Hogback; nine aunts, Helen Charley, Annie Johnson, Carolyn Dodge, Ida Begay, ! Daisy Johnson, LucUle Dale, Mary MarshaU,, Mae; Ann Roy/and Lucy Roy; arid seven .uncles, George B.i Roy, , Lee -....Roy, Nelson B! Roy Wilford Begay, Hanison Jim : Sr., Nelson Jim and Louie . Jim. .Pallbearers will: b e i : Floyd L. Jim, Duane Yazzie, Leland Jun,; Austin Jim, Harr . rison j[lm', Jr., and .Lavare KeUywood,.,with Kenneth Anderson as alternate! Lee Jim, Harrison Jim Sr. Nelson Jim and Lome Jim; were named honorary paUbearers. Funeral arrangements are under the direction, of Brewer Funeral Home.



I^ -

Funeral sendee for Pauline N. Joe, 82,/ of ; Kirtland is to be at 10 a__ ! Saturday at Cope Memorial Chapel with Pastor Fred Greyeyes officiating. She died Tuesday atSan Juan Rej gional Medical Center. Burial . isto;be fa Memory Gardens. ;Su_dvors Indude two sons, 'Woody "Harrison of Farmington:: and; Hany Sam; of Fruitland; three daughters, June//Beyale.of Klrtlandv Maty Jarie Harrison , of / Fruitland and Jeraiie R. Joe; of Torrencej CaUf.; three Sbrothers, Ben'Beyale ot SWp-rock, Jimmy Beyale of Chaco Canyon and John Nez Beyale of Pueblos Pintado; ,an aunt: /Mary.Johnson of'Naschitti;

nephew, Clyde Beyale of Hogback; 44 grandchUdren; 37 great-grandchildren; and 18 great-great-grandchildren. Pallbearers are to be George D.' H_mson, Harold Sam, Manuel Beyale, Pete Brown, Joe Dennison Jr. and JuUus Harrison.. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapd. .

. mm

SWrlea Am Jim


JOHNSON Funeral Mass for Jim Johrison, 82, ot SWprock, wiU be at 2 p.m. Friday at Christ the King CathoUc Church in SWprock, with the Rev. Tony. Augustine, OFM, officiating. Burial wlU be in SWprock Cemetery. Johnson died at Ws home Monday: He is survived: by his wife, Mary; five daughters* Gall J. Johnson, at home; Daisy J. KeUywood and Mattie E.
Johnson. Shi nrn_r oriH Vir.

gtala J. Lee and Betty MHowe, Fruitland; a son, Davey Johnson Sr., SWprock; 18 grandchildren and 12 great-granddiildren; and a sister, Bemice Jim, SWprock. He was preceded ta death by a son, Dave H. Johnson, ta 1974. PaUbearers wUl be Ronald S. BiUy, Ricky A. Billy, Michael Johnson, Melvin Johnson, Hoskie Walter St. and Thomas J. adorn. Named as honorary Bad.

paUbearers are Davey John-' son Sr., Benjairita Scott Jr., George .A. HoWe, Hany J. BadoW, i Bobby/ M/ Charley Sr., LeO Johnson Sr., Darnel KeUywood1 and Reid Hehry KeUywood. Funeral;arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.


-"wmm m

JUMBO ' Funeral service tor Tully Jumbo, 73, of 1 Toadlena, wiU be Monday at 10 a.m. at Cope Memorial ,- .HM Funeral sendees for William Jim, Chapel. Burial wiU bfrat Memory Gardens Cemetery. Jumbo 36, SWprock, wlU be held 10 a.m. Monday at Brewer Funeral Home Chapel with Bishop ; died Friday at SJRMC. Jumbo was bora Dec. 24, 1909 In Crystal, N.M. He Is survived by Ws wife, JuUa Jumbo, Jerry Thpmas officiattag. Burial will be at family home; six. daughters, Laura Muskett of Window GreeWawh Cemetery. Friends may caU from 1-p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday at Brewer Rock, Ariz., Teresa Adair of Tuelatin, Oregon, Alyce Wagner Funeral HPirie. Jim diedMarchJO.faFann- I of SWprock, Emily Deal of Bloomfield, Serna Jumbo of ington. Hewas bom: OctTt87l947-at SWpToadlena and Marie Karl,of GaUup; three sons, Kee Martina rock, N.M. He was employed as foreman at of Toadlena, Lester Junes of Waterflow and. Nelson Junes of.. Aztec Design and Attended Ignacio High Farmington; two sisters, Glenebah Hardy and Betty McCurSchool. He was a member of the L.D.S. tain of Crystal; five brothers, Paul Jumbo of Woodsprings Church. Survivors include to wife Sylvia; Ariz., Robert Jumbo of SawmlU, Ariz., Howard and John one daughter,.Geraldine; one son, Anothony, Jumbo of Fort Defiance,-Ariz., and Billy Jumbo ot Ganado, of the home; to parents, Mr/and Mrs. John Ariz. There are 25 grandcWldren "and nine great-grandJim of SWprock, N.M.; two sisters, Mary ! cWldren. Pallbearers Kee Martina, Mike FrankUn, Richard Jane Begay of SWprock and Anna Smith of Lewis, James Muskett, Dic1_ey Lewis and Dickie Mike. HonOgden, Utah; and two brothers, Raymond orary paUbearers Robert Jumbo, Mike Jumbo,HowJim of SWprock and James Jim of Provo, ard Jumbo, John Jumbo, Lester Junes, Jim Simbolp, Glenn Lewis, James Junes and David BaUey. Funeral arrange. Utah. PaUbearers wiU be PaW Upshaw/ ments are under the direction of Cope-Memorial Chapel. / J i m m y Kelly, Raymond Nolan, - Jones m . ^mUALlb & ^ 4 - I . F3 '.Begay, Tommy Bidtah and Emest AUen. : Honorary paUbearers wlU be Raymond Jim, '..9 m m James Jim, Anderson Blatdiford, David Smith, Clyde Smith Jr., Anthony Jim, Dino Jim, Donaovan Jtiri, Ronrae Begay, Wilson Blatdiford, RonWe Jim, Duane Jim and Travis Jim. Funeral arrangements are un. der the direction.of Brewer Funeral Home.

JAY Funeral semce for^Anna L., Jay, 43, ot SWprock is to be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Christ the King Catholic Church in SWprock. She died Monday ta SWprock. She is survived by her husband~ Johnny Jay of SWprock; ttiree daughters, JaWce, Delores and Debbie; three sons, Jerry, Garry and Peny Jay . of SWprock; parents, Walter and Esther Johnson of Lupton, Ariz.; five sisters and a brother; and two grandchUdren. PaUbearers wiU be Garry Jay, Jeny Jay, Irvin Chee, Raymond AsWey, Dum Thomas Johnson and Lorenzo Lasiloo. Funeral arrange-1 ments are are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. i ^ S A i




JUMBO George Jumbo, 71, Toadlena, died Sunday at i the PubUc Health Sendee Hospital ta SWprock. Funeral serI vice wUl be at'lO a;m. Saturday at the Church of Jesus Christ 1 of Latter-day Saints at Toadlena with Branch President i PeatrsKakal Officiating.'-'Burial wlU be to the Toadlena Com1 mimity Cemetery, Jumbo was a sUversmlth-and" a retired I U.S. Civil/''Service, employee: He was a member of the Toadlena LDS Church. Proceeded in death by Ws wife, Mrs. Mary Jumbo, Jan:, 5,1982, his survivors include a son, Frank 1 Johtiion of Sanostee; ttoee daughters, Mrs. Martha Josea of Sanostee, Mrs. Edith Tsosie arid Mrs. Fanme Charley of j Fannington; a brother, Charley Jumbo of Toadlena; and a sister;/ Mrs. Betty Jumbo Natonie of Toadlena. There are 24 granffcWldrdi, 36 great grandchUdren arid two great-grandchUdren: PaUbearers wiU be RonWe Tsosie, Reed Tsosie, Harrison Keith, Edwin Josea, Henry Curley and Kenneth MiUer. The SWprock Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. ', :'s


:/.- - Enos Johnson Jr... . . . i JOHNSON Funeral services for Enos Johnson Jr., president of Sanostee Chapter House, wfll be at 10 . a.m. .Tuesday at the Christian Reformed Church in Sanostee with the Rev. Frank Curley officiating. Burial will be to i-.the/family ceirietery to Sanbostee.; Johnson was chapter president for two years. He was also a night watchman for Brown Construction, a SWprock farmer, a member of the PubUc Advisory Committee for Central Consolidated Schools and a trainer supervisor for Job Corps in CoUbran, Colo. In addition, he was an ONEO Homnng Developer trainer ta the early 1960's, an executive president for the board of directors of the Native American Church at Sanostee and a uranium miner with his own mine ta that area. Survivors Include six sons, Sgt. David Edward Johnson, US. Army, Baburg, "West Germany; Clarence Duke Johnson, Grand Junction, Colo.; Emest Lee Johnson, Farmington; Deaa-Rusty Johnson, I Gary Lee Johnson and Lindin ! Burt. Johnson,, all of San- ostee; and one daughter, i Wanda Sue Johnson.,; Survivors also include one brother, Harvey Johnson Sr., and two sisters, Esther 1 Yazzie and Helen Yazzie, aU of S a n o s t e e . A c t i v e /paUbearers wiU be Clarence Johnson, David Johnson, Ernest Johnson,. Dean John-

son, Gary Johnsoh and Darnel Johnson. Funeral arrangements/are under., the direction of the SWprock Funeral Romp. His! family members, relatives and friends said they wodd like, to have Johnson remembered as a man: of pride, courage and i self-rpped for himself and his people.' They said he was a fainily man and willing to help others at any cost! He was known throughout the Navajo Nation' sind beyond, they said; for to advocation of truth and justice to tribal, state and federal governments. Johnson was an advocator, of a Wgh standard of modern and traditional education for Ws people; they said. He/was also a; believer in "almighty God and his son Jesus Christ," working for ; God, his family and his people, they added. "He wfll be mlssed by all, but nonetheless the world moves on and there wfll be more men to continue the jobs he left undone for the truth and justice he believed fa."

neral service with closed casket wfll be hdd at 10 a.m. JUAN "Funeral service Monday at Greenlawn Cemetor Alan Juan, 33, Bloomfield,r tery. Bora Aug. 22, 1939 at wfll be at 1 p.m. Wednesday Burnham, Mrs. John died at Berean Mission, Huerfano, Thursday at the Public with the Rev. Leonard Rafael Health Sendee, Hospital in officiating. Burial wiU be to SWprock. She was preceded Brethren to Christ Mission to death in 1966 by her husCemetery. Juan died July 9 in band, Johnny John, and their Aztec. Survivors include Ws twin daughters who were mother, Blanche Juan, killed to an automobile acciAztec; three sisters, Eva Nez dent. Survivors Include four Begay, Aztec, and Frances sons, Johnny John Jr!; Emest Jim and Lucy Charley, both John, Jonathan John, Enrin of Carson; and an aunt,. Doris John, and one daughter, ElizAyze, Blanco Canyon. abeth John, all of Fniitland; PaUbearers wiU be Tommy her mother, Mamie DesdilUl, Juan, Emerson Nez Begay, also of Fruitland; ; five Clarence Begaye, Earl Nez brothers, Jerome DescWUl. of Begay,'Dixon Armstrong and Eddie Garcia. Funeral arLos Angeles, Calif., Sam rangements are under the DescWUi, Buriey, Idaho, and direction of Cope Memorial Leonard, Raymond, and Chapel. ..-- X X _-.-.. James Anderson;, five sis-' tecs, Mary D-'John'of Fruitland, Jane D. Jones of' Farmington, Kathryn Charley, Loretta. Anderson, and Leprea Anderson; and JOHN Friends of Bessie three granddifldren. Furieral Deschilll John,. 41, of' arrangements are under Fruitland, may call at direction of Brewer Funeral Brewer Funeral Home until 8 pjn. .-today., A graveside fu-






mmL. .

- . ____. v : J ^ < f f f ^ ) ? ' - -

, KELEWdOpx ylce for Irene N. Kelewood, 57, - a A * . AAt-jl SWprock, wiU be held at 10 KELLYWOpDFunei-l serajn. Tuesday at the SWprock vice for Nelson keUyWood Sr., Funeral Home Chapd with the 51, of SWprock,: wUl be held/at ReV. John Lowe officiating.;. 10 a.m. Burial will be iri the Shiprock'/ Mortuary' Chapel with; Father Cemetery. Mrs. Kelewood died Lawrence of Christ the. King - Thursday at Presbyterian HosChurch officiating- Burial wfll pital in. Albuquerque. She was be in Memory/ Gardens. preceded in death by her KeUywood, who :died, Aug. 21, ! husband, Hubert Kelewood Sr.,' ori; Jan:; 24,! 1970. Survivors , is survived by/his.mother, Mrs. Grace John KeUywood of fadude seven sons, Tony; Max;/ Shiprock; / a /son,: LaVar Hubert Jr., Herman, Ernest KeUywood of the U! S. Navy; a M i c h a e l and J e r o m e brother, Rex Knpzt, Fort DeKelewood, all, of/Shiprock; fiance, Ariz, arid/two sisters,; /three daughters, CyntWa 'and Betty flegay and Mae Yazzie /SylVia/Kelewood./both of SWpof SWprock arid /one grand;'rock, and Laneida Nakagawa, ; child. Pallbearers will be ,: /Hayward, Calif;-; four McKeUy J. Begay, Bab Joe i brothers, Chee K. Nez, Louis Ramone and Jack Kellywood. K. Nez, Joe K. Nez and Alfred Nez, all of SWprock; two ' sisters, Grace' Shaggy and Elouise Lee, both of SWprock; and 22 g r a n d c h i l d r e n . PaUbearers wfll be Joe' Nez, Tommy KeUywood, Franklin Duncan and Max, Hubert and ; KEETSOCoigfcineo. funeral 1 Hennan Kelewood. Honorary services for James Keetso, 22 1 pallbearers will be Martin and Jameson Keetso, 4, both of .Duncan, Anthony Kelewood; Counselor's, wfll be held at 1 and Tommy Nakagawa. Ar. pm. Wednesday at Brethren rangements are under the Navajo Misslpn\with the ReV. 'direction of.Shiprock Funeral John L. TrujiUo officiating. Home. A ^ A i A A f n A A Burial wffl;:be iri.-the mission :' cpraetery. The father and son > were dead on arrival Friday at the Cuba Healthi. Clinic. I .. Obituary PaUbearers for James.Keetso wiU be Albert Keetso, Woody KELLY WOOD-* Funeral Keetso, Leroy Keetso, .Willie service for Elizabeth. Chee Chiquito, Leo Chiqulto and | -KeUywood of Lukachukai, WUson Sam. PaUbearers" for ' Ariz., was scheduled at 1 pjn,. the child wiU be Jacob Haines, today at St. Isabel CathoUc Henry Griffith, Harold Sunta. Mission fa Lukachukai, with and Kenneth TrujiUo. James Father Mar can officiating. Keetso is survived by his wife, Burial was in the mission Clara; daughter, Laura, both 'cmetery. Mrs. KeUywood'died of Counselor's; a brother, at Monday at the age of 94 fa Leroy Keetso, Nageezi; two Sage Memorial Hospital in . s i s t e r s , Lucy Martinez, /Ganado, Ariz. Survivors iriEspanola and Carol Bert, ) elude her husband, Thomas Washington, and stepmother, KeUywood of Lukachukai, sons Emriia Keetso, Counselor's. Ned B. K e U y w o o d of. ' Jameson is survived by his Lukachukai and George .-mother, Clara; sister,'Laura; KeUywood of Shiprock,/and ; maternal grandmother, Susan daughters Mary Alice 'ArcWe / Martinez, and paternal, grandof Lukachukai and Katherine mother, Emma Keetso, all of Yazzie of Chinle, Ariz. There Counselor's. Cope Memorial : are 29 grandcWldren and 22 Chapel is in charge of arrangeg r e a t - g r a n d c h i1d r e n . i-, ments, .. i PaUbearers wfll be Raymond /.Yazzie, "Sam Yazzie Jr., George KeUywood, Sam , Yazzie, Frank JisWe Jr. and George KeUywood Jr. Funeral arrangments are being ban1 died by .Cope Memorial



KIEY0b6iAFuneral sefvice for Jpey Kieyoomia, 5, of Shiprock, wiU be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the First United Methodist Church in' :SWprodc with the Rev: Fred Yazzie; officiating.'Burial wUl be in the SWprock Cemefery, Active pallbearers "will be Richard Johri, "Raymond Fulton, Leroy Harry and Larry SmUey. Honorary pallbearers i wlU be Jay HamUton and Pete I Hayden. The youth,died Wed- !' nesday/.at;the U.S: Public ; Health Service., Hospital in Shiprock! SuhdvbrsfacludeWs parents,'Joe;Lee and/Lite M.;!. seven sistersj Roberta Mae King, Elvira Lite Kieyoomia, Wanda KieyOomla,.: Victoria Rose Kieyobmia, Lucinda Ann KieyOomla; Joann Kieyoomia and Georgia Rose Kieyoomia, aU of Shiprock; grandfather, ;- John Harry of Little Water and . i tWee;nieces.; Arraijgements I are under direction of Cope ,. Memorial Chapel.


' KEETSOFuneral: service for James Keetso, 22, Counselor's, who "died before arriving ' at Cuba Health Cltaic Friday, was scheduled for 1 p.m. today at the Brethera Navajo Misie sion with the Rev. John L. ly TrujiUo officiating.' Burial was 7 at Mission Cemetery. He Is ie survived by. his -wife Clara I * Martinez Keetso and a daugh- ' ter Laura, both of Counselor)s; 0 one brotheri Leroy Keetso, 5 Nageezi; two sisters, Lucy i Martinez Espanola, and Carol 1 Bert, Washington; and his step-motherr Emma Keetso, i Counselor's. Active paUbearers t were Albert Keetso, Woody Keetso, Leroy Keetso, WilUe Chiquito, Leo Chiquito, and Wilson Sam. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.


- -A'A-TiUA ..v_^77l;

KEYONNIE - Ftoieral Mass for Emest M. KeyonWe, 36, of Newcomb, was to be at 10 ajn. today at Christ the King CathoUc Church fa-SWprock, with the Rev. Caron. VoUmer offidating. He died I Wednesday. Survivors indude to mother, vGharolette KeyonWe of Newcomb; four Islsters,. Hden KeyonWe of Newcomb, iLorette KeyonWe and Cecilia Blrdhead of GaUup and: Lula Chee of Jones Randt; and two brothers, Lester Gould and David Ceyonnie of Newcomb. Funeral anrange\ents were under the direction of Cope emorial ChapeL

ChapX^AA-771 . 77


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KEITH Funeral service for James P. Keith, Sr., 70,' of Shiprock, who died at the SWprock PubUc Health Service .ital, is slated for 10 a.m. ,' ./sday. at Christ The King CathoUc Church with Father Adam, OFM, officiating. Keith ' was a retired X-ray laboratory : technician after 31 years in the profession.. He worked for the PHS. 'He is survived by his 'wife, Comelia Keith of Shiprock; two sons Robert Keith of Shiprock and Henry Keith of Kirtland Air Force Base; three; daughters, Inez Puggie,. AmeUa Keith and Nancy.HUt, all of Shiprock; one sister, Mary Dooley Smith of CWlchtabetoh, Ariz., and nine g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active paUbearers wiU be Alvin HUt, Marvin Hilt, Michael- Keith, Henry KeUh, Leonard HUt Sr., and Oohnny Puggie. Funeral arrangements are under the. direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

KINDLE Funeral sendee for David Kindle, 86, SWprock, wfll be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at tiie SWprock Christian Reformed Church with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial wiU be in the family plot at Rattlesnake. " Kindle died Thursday at the San Juan Regional Medical Center. He had retired fromi the Bureau of Indian Affairs after 33 years of service as a labor foreman. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Amy ; Kindle; a son, Kay ah David; | two daughters, Betty K. Atdtty-and Jayne K. Tome, and sister, LUly John, aU of SWprock. There are 21 grand.jchlldren and 22 g r e a t grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be TSj-uy" Atcitty, Curtis David, Harry Desdieeme Jr., Jad. M.: tome, Leonard Atdt- i ty and Pete Atdtty Jr. Honorary pallbearers-will be Navajo Trp_l Chairman/Peter / MacDonald,'' Sam Garrieriez,'; Dr./ Robert Putsch, Daniel Desdiinny, George Tsosie and | Charley John.. Funeral arrangements ; are !.' under the direction of Cope.Memorial

KETCHUM 'y Funeral service for Frands -Ketchum, 29, ] Kayenta, Ariz.,: wfll be at 10 a A Wednesday at the Navajo .Mountain* Mission at Navajo Mountain, Utah, with the Rev. Delbert SmaUcanyon officiating. Burial wfll be In the Navajo Mountain Cemetery. Ketchum died Thursday in Monument VaUey, Utah. Survivors indude Ws wife, Shirley Luna Ketchum of-Kayenta; two daughters", Kim Rae Ketchum Jand Shanna Leigh Ketchum of Kayenta; his parents, Bahe and Estelle Ketchum of Navajo Mountain; , two sisters,! Margaret Ketchum of Tuba City, Ariz., and Alexandra Ketchum of. Navajo. j Mountain and six brothers, Cyrus Ketchum of Nevada, Arnold! Ketchum of Germany, Lance Ketchum of Navajo Mountain; Jimmy Ketchum of ! Dartmouth CoUege, Hanover, N. H., MarViri Ketchum, N. H., and Arlo Ketchum of Tuba City. PaUbearers wfll be Cyrus Ketchum, Arnold Ketchum, Jimmy Ketchum, Lance Ketchum, Marvin. Ketchum and Kflroy Nez Tsosie. Local fiihesal arrangements are un; cter direction of Cope Memorial

"" KAY Funeral service 'for Delvin Kay, 6, of Kayerita, Ariz., wUl be held at 2. pjn. Monday at Lybrook Navajo Mission with the Rev. Russell Kiester officiattag. Burial wiU be to the mission cemefery. The boy Was fatally stmck by a yducle near to home Wednesday. Survivors include his parents, Robert'and MoUie Kay, of the famUy home; two brothers, RandaU and David Kay, Kayenta; a ' paternal grandfather Johnson Kay; maternal grandparents, Francis .' Norberto ; and Betty TOrrivlo Norberto, aU of Nageezi. Ac. tiye paUbearers wlU. be Martin, Ronald, Jetty and Leo, Kay. Funeral arrangements are under -the: direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. . -W

KYSELKA Funeral ser__NS_E- Kee I___lf1f' vice for Otto Jack Kyselka, 98, Red VaUey, Ariz., was dead on arrival Monday at the PubUc wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at Health Service Hospital in the. Fort Defiance PresbySWprock. Funeral service. wlU terian Church with the Rev. ; be held at' 10 aim. Thursday at Kenneth Schelltach officiating. i the Shiprock Funeral Hornet, Burial wfll be at the Fort r. Chapel with Pastor Robert' Defiance Cemetery. Kyselka, ;' Harrison officiating.:-Burial who had been the oldest Uving wiU/be in the SWprock-;,Commember of the Navajo Tribal munity Cemetery. Survivors Band,' died Tuesday at the include two sons, Rex and PubUc Health Service Hospital Larry Kinsel of Jted VaUey; a in Fort Defiance. He had nephew and numerous '/other;; retired as a baker with the : relatives. There ar e three. Bureau of Indian Affairs in grandchildren. Pallbearers 1956 and was a baker instrucwfll be Calvin Kinsel, Olson tor graduate ot HaskeU In-" Yazzie, Stetson Yazzie, John- , stitute in Lawrence, Kan. He son flegay, Jimmie flegay and . was a part owner of Jack's Robertson Jackson. His two. i Drive In at Fort Defiance. sons will be the honorary ! Kyselka had been playing corpaUbearers. Funeral arrangenet and trumpet since the age ments are under the direction of "10 and had been a" part of of the _-Wprock.Funeral,Homev.; the Navajo Tribal Band since Its formation in 1959, playing to yearly Indian ceremonials. He was honored by attendingthe inaugural parades of KEE Funeral sendee for' Richard Nixon and John F. '../ David Kee, 53, Sanostee, wfll Kennedy. He also played ta the ' be, at 10 a.m. Tuesday a t the : National Guard Band; at Tuba t Sanostee Holiness Church, / with the Rev. Leo H. BenaUy j City with the Hopi Tribal Band 7 of Sanostee officiating. Burial j, and was a guest player at the . wfll be to the familyjgeme- j Flagsteiff Pow Wow. Survivors , indude .his wife, Mrs. Julia Kysejka of the family home; a ' tery at Sanostee. Kee; a reson, Jack Kyselka of Window . tired uranium miner and rafl, Rock, Ariz.; two daughters, road worker, died Friday at Rite Sandoval of Fort Defiance his home. He is survived by . and Eileen Roberts of -Rlvto wife, Hden BitsiUy Kee of ervlew, Mich!; two broth'ers, Sanostee; four sons, Benson James Nahkai Sr. of TohatcW Kee of Chtole, Ariz.; Calvin and Sidney Nez of SWprock; Kee of Hanna, Wyo.; Frazier Kee and Terry Kee of San-. and a sister, Lola Bekis of ostee; two daughters, Mrs. SWprock. There are 13 grandAnnie Emma Begay of children and two greatHogback and Mrs. Ruth grandchildren. Pallbearers Selma BenaUy of Ogden, will be Richard Plummer, Utah; four brothers,.;Hany Jack Kyselka I I I , Ross Kee of Sweetwater, Ariz., Bigman, PhilUp Nez, Mike Castle Tsosie, James and Sandoval and Patrick J. SandTom Joe Nez of Sanostee; oval. Honorary paUbfearers and four sisters, Mrs. EUzwill be Rodger Sandoval, abeth Lee of Aztec and Sarah James Nahkai Sr., James Nez, Mrs. Mary Garfield and Nahkai Jr., Sidney Nez, Frank Mrs. JuaWta Nez, aU of SWpYazzie and William Ashley. . rock. PaUbearers wlU be Funeral arrangements, are unFrazier Kee, Benson Kee, der the direction ofthe GaUup Calvin Kee, Terry Kee, 9-iJ- Memorial Chapel. | Jerome Begay and Richard Blackhat. Funeral arrangements are under the diredion of the Shiprock Funeral Home.

mv*m#M. (H'IA
' - - " A i _-_.___=-! "'-' ' '

i Chapd.i7^^Xi^-7<?


KELEWOOD A funeral sendee/for Harry Kelewood, 89,-of SWprock, wiU be hdd at 10 a.m. Monday at the Cope ./-'. Memorial Chapel with Rev.' AUan C. NeskaW Jr. officiat|' -tag. Burial wiU be at' SWprock Cemetery. Kelewood died Thursday at the Public. Health Service Hospital to?' SWprock. He was bom June 16,1893, to Lukachukia, Ariz., and is survived by:, five i daughters, Mary Joe,.Elsie r Chee, Helena Johns, Klara Smith and Beraice Blackhorse, aU of SWprock; two sons/Harrison Kelewood, ..Shiprock, .and Harold Kelewood; Many Farms, Ariz.; tWee brothers, Davis ; Kelewood, Howard Kelewood and WUUe Kelewood, aU of

. -KELLY . A funeral service for Irene KeUy, 58, of Beclabito, has been set for 10 .-. a.m. Thursday at the First Methodist Church ta SWprock . with Joe and Jerri Begay. .officiating. Burial wfll be_i the -1ajni 1 y c e m e t e r y a t .Bedabito. Survivors include her husband, George KeUy Sr.; four sons, Jimmie, and George KeUy Jr. of Shiprbck, James KeUy; Window Bock,. ; Ariz.; and Robert Kelly. Gallup;. three daughters, Mrs. William. John, SWprock,; and Mary Lou KeUy and Rose Mary Kelly,; Beclabito; a b r o t h e r , Leroy J a c k , , Beclabito; arid five sisters, Anna BeU Bekes and Jean Tom, Beclabito, Cecelia; BebadoW and Joanne Cudla, CadeU, arid Louise Joe, SWpiri_k. There are 10. grandchildren.' PaUbearers wiU be Henry/Yabeny, Leroy!Jack Jr.,: David Badom, WiUiam ..; Badbmi" Harrison Tom- and \ Wallace Tom... WUson Bekes and Frank Eugene Joe are to : be altemate.paUbearers, Fu. neral anangements are in. . deri. the direction of Basin Mortuary. - j q a 'AXr... . - !
-,_;--.; --.-r-j ; -.-'^_-_-.--^-,T'




SWprock; and one sister, IsabeUe Thompson, SWprock. There are ...41 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be Norman Benally, Jimmy , Benally, Prince George, Jerry Joe, Patrick Peabody and ComeU Bidtah. Funeral arrange- ' ments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.'.

per Pmtiandi/and/matemal grandmother, Elizabeth Padilla, Blanco Trading Ppst; i PaUbearers wilT be Ervine. Kenneth,; Herman Kenneth, Jackson PadlUa, WUson Kenneth, Thaddeus Kenneth and Chris Chavez. Funeral, arrangements are under; the /direction of Cope .Memorial Chapel.

- KENNETH Funeral ser^AA1A<A<^W3> ' vice for Kendrick Kenneth, ..,i KEITH '/Rosary for Cor10-year-old son of- Ernest ndia H. Kdth, 73-, of SWpKenneth and Susan PadlUa of rock, wfll be redted at 7 pjn. Fannington, wfll be at 2 p.m. today at Christ the King Wednesday at the brethren to! | CathoUc Church fa SWprock .... Christ Mission, with Pastor \ with the Rev. Caron VoUmer,"' '( Curtis Harvey officiating. i 0J"!M. She died Wednesday' v Burial wiU be to the Mission at PubUc Health Service HosCemetery. Visitation wfll be. pital to SWprock. Funeral . until 8 p.m. today and be-; Mass wfll be at 10 a.m. Satur'tween' 8, a.m. and noon day at Christ the King Catho- V . Wednesday at Cope MemoriUc Church, with VoUmer of"'al ChapeL The boy, a student ficiating. Burial wfll be in the ' a t Apache Elementary Shiprock Cemetery. Siir' School/died Friday to Aztec. .vlvors Include two sons, Rob'He. was preceded in death by j ert Keith and Henry Keith of Ws matemal grandfather, ! SWprock; tWee daughters, Dan f Padilla, in 1980. Sur/Inez Puggie, Amelia Keith vivors, fa addition to his paiand Nancy Hilt of SWprock; rents,- fadude two sisters, and"a brother,' Tapaha Nez of Sylvia and Suzanne Monroe IRed VaUey, Rrlz. There are , of Farmington; five brothers,. 10 grandchildren and four Ervlne Kenneth arid: Emest great-grandchildren. PaUbearers wiUbe Alvin Kenneth of Fanritogton, Nod and Thaddeus" Kenneth of UpHUt,. Marvin Hilt,! Leonard per Frmtland and Hainan HUt Jr., Michael Kdth, DarKenneth of RosweU; to pa-: rel- Yazzie antfsEarl Yazzie, temal grandparents, Emiria . Honroary paUbearers wfll be 'and Timothy Kenneth of Up Robert Keith;Tommy. Thpm-., i as,/Richard Thomas, Johnny ['Puggie,- Leonard HUt t;Sr .5 ' A&AULACHenry Keith and-MUte Thbiftfc ' -_. as Jr. Funeral amangements; ; are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.
-. __._fc^.. w . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -

Kendrick Kenneth




. LAUGHTER- The funeral service for Betty Laughter, 63, ' of CWldunbeto, Ariz., was set for: 1 p.m. today at the Nazarene Church in ChUchinbeto with the Rev. CharUe C. Billie officiating. Burial for Mrs. Laughter, who died March 12, at the U.S. PubUc LOPEZ Harold Lopez, 22, Health Service Hospital in Escrito Tradirig Post, died Shiprock, will, be in the Friday at' BemaliUb' County Chilchinbeto Cemetery. Medical Center ta Albuquer- Pallbearers will be Teddy que after a lengthy Illness. Mustache, Harold Mustache, Funeral service wfll be held at j, Jimmy BenaUy, Larry Cow2 p.m. Wednesday at the \ boy/.TuUey Sharkeys and HowEscrito LDS Church with ard Redmiistache. Survivors President Al Chapman of- : include her husband, Little ficioi:; Burial. will''.be to Laughter; two sons: James Lybrook Cemetery. Survivors ~ and Paul Laughter; . two ; fadude his mother, Nora daughters: Bessie RedLopez of Escrito; five;' 'j mustache and IsabeU Cowboy; brothers, Harry Sanchez, and j her mother, Descheenie Bitsi, Harrison, Leonard, Teddy and all of- Chilchinbeto; nine ArcWe Lopez, all of Escrito, J brothers and sisters, 21-grandand three sisters, Evelyn i children and six . greatPinto of Chicago, IU!, Sarah | chUdren. Arrangements were Castillo of Escrito and Virgin- , under- the direction of Cope ia L.. Hanison of - Escrito. j Memorial Chapel. Pallbearers wfll be Harrison yr-,r*.' t>C-H T > * r> Lopez, .Archie' Lopez, Jerry , Pinto, Raymond White, Henry . Frank and.Leo Pacheco. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. z ~ n ~ g o LEWISr-Funeral service for Dick Robinson Lewis, 35, Waterflow, who died Friday fa Farmington, is pending at % Basin Mortuary. Lwis Is sur. /,-. r,. - : - . - % I _ j ^ ^ - : ^ : : vived by his father-! Ignado P. IJiftELl, Funeral serviceI Lewis; his mother, Ruth fo^-fbm LaneU, 79, Escrito ! Lewis; six brothers, Edward Tradirig Post, wfll. be hdd at 1 Lewis, Albuquerque,-Herbert p.m. Friday at the Escrito Lewis, Torreon, Ren Lewis, LDS Chapel with Elder Al Torreon, Jerry Lewis, MonChapman officiating. Burial ; tana, Billy Lewis and Eddie wfll be fa the Lybrook Ceme- Lewis, Albuquerque; and Uiree tery. LaneU was pronounced sisters, LucUle Lewis, Deardead on arrival at the Cuba ; born, Minn., Betty Lewis, Health Clinic Monday. Sur- Albuquerque, Emma Lewis, vivors include his wife, ,Mi_, Albuquerque. FuneralanangeSusari LaneU; a son. Charles LaneU, and a daughter, Anna . ments are under the direction LaneU Becenti, all of Esca- ' pf Basin Mortuary. /ada: There are eight grand;hildren,;17 great[randchfldreri, six great-greatprandcWldren, three nieces; L E E - H a r r y Lee, 70, nd t h r e e . n e p h e w s .''I Shiprock, died Sunday in 'allbearers will be Charles Shiprock. Funeral arrange.anell, Frank Beyale, John j ments are pending at Cope ugustlne,'.' Andy -Norberto,-. Memorial Chapel. Survivors rnest Murphy and'Jerry ; include his wife, Emma Lee, orberto- Funeral arrange- . Shiprock; two sons, Roland ents are under thfe direction- Mitchell; Shiprock, and Cope Memorial Chapel. Emerson Mitchell, Rough Rock, Ariz.; daughter, Percilla L. BenaUy; Dove Creek, Colo.; b r o t h e r , K e e r n i e Nez, SWpriock; sister, Bertha Lee Pettigrew, Shiprock; and three grandchildren.

LEWISFuneral service for Nancy SWppentower Lewis, 37, Waterflow, who died Friday to Farmington, Is pending. She is to be taken to the Spencer & Libby Funeral Home, The DaUes, Ore. Mrs. Lewis was ' employed by the City of Farmington as a social worker. She . is survived by two sons, Lawrence Buck and Francis Buck; her daughter, Margaret SWppentower, Waterflow; two brothers, Jasper SWppentower, Oregon, and Henry'/; Shif)pentower, Washington";" __d! two ; sisters,., Hazel.f,,Shrppentower, Washington, and Eva Watchman, Oregon. Local funeral arrangements are udder the direction of Basin Mortuary^/.

LEEFuneraT-ervice for Maggie Chavez Lee, 23, SWprock, who died Thursday at, the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in SWprock, is'schedded for 2 pjn. Wedriesday at Christ the King Catholic Church with the Rev. Lawrence Schreiber officiating. Burial wiU be In SWprock Community Cemetery. Survivors include her husband, BUly Sairi Lee; one son, HU1aro-Lewis Chavez; stepfather and/ mother, AUen and Lflly I_ee| two. stepbrothers, Jimmy and' Robert Allen Lee;, one sister, LflUari Lee; matemal grandmother, Lena Chavez; and one brother, Melvin Lee,; all. of Shiprock. Active paUbearers Wfll be Alfred Sam Leei Gary Chavez, Ben Sam Lee, Jimmy Lee,; Julus - Salt and/Francis Toney. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapd.Xif'TX

COPEZFlm'erai, sem for Ice Pauline Vigil Lopez, 43, of Aztec, wfll be at 1 pjn. Friday. at the Lybrook Navajo Mission with Sister Harriet Janssen officiating. Burial wiU be to the- Lybrook Cemetery. Mrs. Lopez died Monday at; the PubUc Health Service Hospital ' in SWprock. She is survived by he? .ather, Frank" Vigil of j- Nageezi'; four sons, Herman Canute of Sterling, Colo.; Cody i Lopez of Farmington, -Chris ! Lopez/of Aztec, and Harry XLopez of Crownpoint; four daughters, Conine and Joann . Lopez, both/of Farmmgton,/ Vema Lopez of Cortez, and if Beulah Mark .'of Aztec; five brothers, Kee Vigil nf Aztec,/ Leo, Howard and Donald VigU, , both''of'-;Nageezl,>'-and: David Vigill of. Counselor^ and, two ^ sisters Stdla/VigU. of Nageezi and Dene-Vigil of Bloomfield. There are six grandchfldren. .PaUbearers will be; Herman Canute/Cody Lopez, Leo Vigil, ^Kee Vigil,/:David Vigil and 33UTS Lopez. "..;-'

- -.-EF


LEE Funeral service is planned for 10 a.m. Tuesday for at the SWprock LDS Chapel for Pete Lee, 76, of SWprock. ,

r#TA:< 0f_y^ < r % '

C-zeo. "-_t?_"

LAPAHIE Funeral iservice for Hugh LapaWe,. 58, of Waterflow, is planned 10 ajn." Tuesday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Sampson ; Yazzie officiating. Burial will : be fa Memory Gardens cemeI tery. LapaWe died; Wedriesday j at the San Juan -Regional ; Medical Center; after an III( ness. Survivors include a si-. i ter, Ethel Benally, Waterflow, and a brother^ Robert LapaWe, | Shiprock; Actlvb pallbearers ; will, be Mike Lee, James Crambridge, Larry Largo, Asa Benally, Chester LapaWe and Henry Lapahie:. Funeral arrangements are under!.the direction of_Cope Memorial Chapd. f & L f f A f ? X 7 7 /

who died Thursday at San Juan Regional Medical Center. : President George. P. Lee will officiate. Burial will be in . SWprock Cemetery. Lee was a veteran of World War I. Survivors iridude his wife, Mae K. Lee of Shiprock; five sons George P. Lee of the Holbrook t Mission/in' Arizona/ Mike; Yazzie and Bob: Lee of Shiprock, -Joey Lee,of Page, Ariz. i and Patrick Lee/of Hogback;. I. daughter Luci;; Edwards of Shiprock; and foiirJbrothers Harry Lee, Harry/Johnson, James Lee -and Joe Lee, all of SWprock. There art! 29 grand: children. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapd.


''AX ' A A

LARGOFu^eral service for Pah Ni Pah Largo, 92, of Counselor's wiU be held at 1 p.m; Tuesday at Brethren Navajo Mission with the Rev. John TrujiUo officiating. Burial wiU be to the Mission : Cemelery. PaUbeaers wiU be Eugene Hanison, John Harrison, Ernest Hanison,: Ray Harrisoni. Gerald Harrison and Anderson Hanison. Largo,died Friday at San Juan Manor. Survivors include one daugh:er, Betty Henera of Counselor's; nine grandchUdren; 42 greal-grandchildren and one great-great-grandson. ; Arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

'. 1


-LEEFuneral service for Calvin Lee, 38, of SWprock, wfll be held at 10 a.rii; Saturday at Lee and Oviatt Chapel with, the Rev. Scott Redhouse officiating: Burial wiU be in Memory Gardens. PaUbearers wUl be Kenneth MUler," Roy Lee, Harry Lee, Tom Dickson, Raymond Tsosie and John Lee. Lee was dead on arrival at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in SWprock on Friday. He was-bom July 14,1938 -in Sweetwater,^Arlz; to,John _uid Maggle:_-eeT Lee'Wa-: a' 'miner and waSaffiUated -Wiflf' the Pentecostal church. Survivors include one son, Calvin Tsosie of SWprock; one daughter, Arlene Tsosie of SWprock; mother, Maggie Lee of :SWprock; two/ brothers, Roy of Aneth, Utah, and Harry; John of SWprock; and tiiree sisters, Doras Boyd, Tsosie of Sweetj water, Daisy Jean MUler of SWprock and LUUe James of SWprock. / ^ o _ ^ . / . 7 7 .
'5_SSSW2_^^:S?J-*_^,''J^>,!^..',-.... . ,'

LEEFuneral service for Joe. H. Lee, 51, of Fort Wingate, wiU beheld at 10 a m C,I-J. . ., a.m. Saturday at Mesa View Assembly of God ta SWprock with the Rev. Charles-Lee officiattag. Burial in the veteran section of the Shiprock Cemetery following graveside service conducted by. the Veterans of Foreign Wars Stager-Morgan Post No. 9517. Pallbearer's will be Milton -Lee,' Frank Lee, Douglas Lee, Eric Lee; Melvin Kee and Floyd Lee. Lee died Monday as the result of an auto accident near GaUup: He was employed by Fort Wingate Depot as a truck driver, for 32 years. Survivors include three daughters, Genevieve of Glendale, CaUf., Charlotte ofiiSanDiego, Calif., and Geraldine Lee of Fort Wingate; five brothers, PWUip Lee of SWp., rock, Harry Lee of Red Rock, the Rev. Charles Lee of SWprock, John H. Lee of Red Rock,Ariz;, and,George.Lee.-f/ SWprock; one sister, Lenai/Lee

Etsifty of SWprock; and tiiree grandchildren. Arrangements *** u n d e r Section of Cope

Memorial ChapeL '^

tEE (TAto^JifArnikgj
"87, Red VaUey, Ariz., dle^at the Bureau of Indian A__f_rs Hospital in Albuquerque Sunday, Funeral sendee wfll be at 10 aim. Thursday at the Mesa View Assembly of God Church iri Shiprock with the. Rev. CharUe Lee officiating. Burial wiU be .In,the. SWprock Cemetery. Survivors; Include five sons, PWUip Lee and the Rev. Lee, both of Shiprock, and Harry Lee, John H. Lee and George Lee, aU of Red VaUey; two sisters, MinWe Harvey of Cove, Ariz., and Sarah Nakai of Red VaUey; and a brother, Eddie Yazzie of Cove. Pallbearers will be Thomas Dick, Harry W. John, LeRoy. Wood, Nelson Todacheenie, Howard Todacheenie and Keith Todacheenie. Funeral arrangments are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. ;. ,. : ...


/ / - ffA-75--7&-.
' LEE Funeral sendee for Charlene Lee, 15, of SWprock, is"sdieduled for -2 pjn. Wednesday,at .Cope Memorial Chapel,"with Bishop Toms -officiating. Burial wfll be ta Memory Gardens Cemetery, !: Ms,: Lee died Saturday ta an auto-accident on U.S. 550; ! Pallbearers wfll be Harry Joe, Robert Kee, WUUe WWtehorse, ,' Richard D. Harrison, Royice D. Harrison and Raymiss Harrison. Funeral arrangements are bdng directed by Cope ' Memorial Cha^l.

. LEE Funeral services are set for 10 a.m. Wednesday at the SWprock Funeral Home for Ben Lee, 69, of Little Water Trading Post, who died Saturday at the U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital in SWprock. Frank Curley wfll officiate a t sendees, with burial to foUow in Shiprock Cemetery. Survivors include his wife,:Ida Lee, daughters Irene Lee Begay and Mrs. Rita,Eldridge, sons Wilford Ben Lee and Jimmy Lee, sister Ruby WWtehorse and trades Peter and James Begay. There are seven granchlldreri, six greatgrandchildren and one greatgreat grandchild. PaUbearers wUl be members of the family. Funeral arrangments are unLEE Funeral service was der the direction of Shiprock held today .for John Harvey Funeral Home! tf-_/a., - j ' 7 Lee Sr 55, Phoenix,^Ariz., at Cope Memorial Chapel with | Bishop Leonard Fabriano ofj ficiating..Burial Was in GreenFuneral fa* Wee for: l a w n Cemetery, Lee died June Ci_r <-<_. S - .-o^>..'_' " 7 Maggie- Chavez Lee, 23, of 25 at the PubUc Health Service LEEThe funeral of Joe SWprock, is" pending at Cope ! Hospital in Shiprock. He was Lee, 75, Cortez, Colo.; has been Memorial Chapel. Mrs. Lee ; employed by Locals No. "611 !, set for 10 ajn. Wednesday at died Thursday at U.S. PubUc and. 769 of the 1BEW. He is Christ the King CathoUc Health Service Hospital in/-survived by his. wife, Mrs. Church ta SWprock with the Rev. John Mlttelstadt, OFM, Shiprock. She is survived by LUUan D. Lee of the. famUy her husband, BiU Sam Lee of borne: six daughters, Lula offidatfag.-Burial wfll be'in Shiprock. Funeral arrange- j Yazzie of Teecnospos, Ariz., the .SWprock Cemetery. Lee, ments are under the direction ;and Christa Byrd, Adelyn Lee, who died Saturday at the of Cope Memorial Chapel. ! Jeanette Lee Colbert, JuUa H. PubUc Health Service Hospital int.Shiprock, served for 40 'Lee and JennlterH. Lee, aU of years as a caretaker tor Mesa'' *-tAiiAJiAj 1*1 711 . p h o e n i x ; four ?ons, Thomas/ Verde National Park ta Colo- I_ONC_--Omeral servic. for Lee of Aneth, Utah, and Johnrado. Survivors include his Esther Lorigi 104,.. of Sheep athan.H. Lee, JohnH. Lee Jr. wife, Mabel, Lee, Cortez; two Springs- Trading, {"ost, who and Jayison H. Lee of Phoenix;, daughters, Jean Jim, Aneth, died in the Public Health'his mother, Nellie Lee of Utah, and Barbara Blake Ore, Service Hospital in: Gallup Teecnospos;'. three brothers, Morrison, IU.; tour sons, Tuesday, Is set for 10 ajn^.four sisters,- four uricles and Robert Lee, Frankie Lee and Saturday at the FuU Gospel jtwo aunts. There are 10 grand, Richard Lee, aU of Cortez, and Church, Sheep Sprins, with the: children. PaUbearers will be David Lee, Dallas, Tex.; andReviAlJEred Leuppe -officiating:! Johnathan H. Lee, JohnH. Lee one brother, Harry Sandoval, Interment wlU foUow ,at the| Jr., Delbert Dee, SamudSlm-j! Shiprock. There are seven I . Sheep Springs Cemefery. HeH pson, Nathamel Simpson and grandchUdren and tiiree greatsurvivors include her daughf Raymond N! BenaUy, Funeral; ter; Flora B. "Watchman of anangements were under the; grandchildren: PaUbearers inSheep ' Springs, six grand] direction of Cope Memorials clude David Lee, Robert Lee, children and 56 g r e a t ] C h a p d , ^ L ^ u S L c ^ f Q ^ A . Tommy .Jim, Bobby Lane,/ g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active " / ,JA'A. j Charles; YeU'owhorse and : StaWey Cloud. Cope Memorial pallbeare'far^wlll be Melvin Chapel Istacharge of arrangeMasquat, George Watehman, ments.Sf?T- -_ - / . 7 1 . Walter Watchman, Roger;'; Tsosie, Alfred Watchman'and /'".; & . T / . .-D _ o-o t-. i'~ Davidson- B. Watchman. FuS.ff^ . O o s / A <_ neral anangemente are under,, the direction of Cope Memorial
Chapel. '"'' ; '"' : '"


LITTLE Funeral servk_/ parents, Bert and Burna for Glenn Joebe heldjil 10 avni; Holgate Little of NavajoLeland' togton, wfll Uttle,:23, Farm-/ tain; four brothers, MounMonday/at the Navajo Mouri: Holgate"-f Fannington and tain Alliance Ghprchein Navajo Ronald Little, Wesley. Little Mountain, Ariz., with the Rev. and. Timothy Little, all of Herman Williams, Pastor Navajo Mountain; three sisDelbert SmaUcanyon and Jim- ters, Shirley Little,' Eileen my Holgate officiating. Burial Little Huskie and Sheila Little, wfll be to the family cemetery aU of Navajo Mountain; and at Navajo Mountain. Little Was grandparents, Eugene. Holgate the , victim, of a drowning Sr., and Maggie Holgate, both accident and was pronounced of N a v a j o M o u n t a i n . dead on arrival at the San Pallbearers will be Ronald Juan Regional Medical Center Little, Leland Holgate, Eugene Tuesday. He was employed by Holgate Jr.,. Jimmy Holgate, Tatt Security as a security Lee. Barlow and Freddie. officer and had served four Huskie. Funeral anangements years in the U.S. Marine are under the direction: of Cope. Corps. He is survived by his Memorial Chapel.

Tom Dale Lee

Tom Dale/Lee Dies at 64

Tom Dale Lee, a one-time steering committee member of the Shiprock Christian Reformed. Church and- a heavy equipment operator at Utah Intemational mine, died Saturday ta SWprock. He was 64. : : The SWprock man is survived by his wife, SaUy Ann Lee, SWprock; four daughters, Betty Lee, Farmington, Hazel Victor, Peridot, Ariz., and Peggy Lee and Jo Ann Beyuka, both of Shiprock; six sons, John T. Lee, Rehoboth, lerman T. Lee and Davis A. _ee, both of Shiprock, Emerson T. Lee, Navajo, Walter L. Lee, Farmington and Samuel T. Lee, Los Lunas; sister, Jo Ann D. Lee, Shiprock; aunt, Bertha Pettigrew, Shiprock; and eight grandchildren. Funeral sendees wfll be at ilO a.m. Tuesday at SWprock's Christian Reformed Church.-j

'. LEE Funeral service for I-Richard Edward Lee,; 37, of Cortez, Colo., is set for 2 pjn.. Tuesday at Cope Memorial Chapel, with a CathoUc priest officiating. Burial wfll be in Memory Gardens. Lee died. % Saturday at U.S. PubUc Hedth 5 Service Hospitel in'SWprock. Survivors include his mother, Mabel Lee of the famUy home; three brothers, Robert Lee and: Frankie Lee of Cortez arid David Lee of Dallas; and two sisters, Jean Jim of Aneth, Utah, and Barbara Blakemore of Momson, Dl. Furieral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial



LEE Funeral service n r EE Emerson Lee, 17, of Beclabito Trading Post, is set for 10 ajn. Monday at Navajo Methodist Mission Ryder Chapel, the Rev: Vernon' Barton Sr. officiating. Burial wUl be In Memory Gardens. Lee died Wednesday in an on-the-job accident at Beclabito. He was to be an llth grade student this . ' fall at Navajo Methodist Mission School. He was employed by' the.-Navajo Tribe Comprehensive Employment Training Act program. Survivors include his parents, Johnny Sr. and,.Bertha Lee of Beclabito; 'Six sisters, Helena Mae Nakd ; and Lora Mae Kinney of : Shiprock, and Hazel Mae Serially, Erma Jean Mike, Sandra Jean Lee and Caroling i Jean Lee, all of Beclabito; one i brother, Johnny Lee Jr. of; Shiprock; maternal grandmother, Julia Helen Begay of Beclabito; paternal grandi-mother, Marie Wilson ot GaUup; and paternal grandfather, George Lee" of Church /Rock. Active paUbearers- wfll be Jim HarveyX3A Gregory iWUkerson* Harnson Tom,

iAiAxJpA^- f*ff$t y - ~ m'Michael

WilUe C. BenaUy Jr., Billy. Johnson, and Richard Funeral anangements are un-i der the direction of, Cope Memorial Chapel.

; LAKE Funeral service wiU be held at 10 ajn. Monday afKayerite CathoUc Church for Stephen Lake, 57, of Kayente, Ariz.,-who died Thursday at Black Mesa Mine after an industrial accident. He Was employed there by Peabody Goal CO. Burid wfll be ta Black Mesa Cefnetery. Survivors include his wife, Mary Lake, Black Mesa, Ariz.; four daughters,' Lavonne W. Segay, Fort Defiance, Ariz.', Lonaine W. Vandever and Ancita KescoU, both of Kayente, and Lorinda Lynn Lake of the family home; three sons, Milton W. Lake, Kayenta, Clarence and Francis Lake, both of Black Mesa; his mother, Manymde's Daughter Number 1, Black Mesa; one sister, Christine: K.i Begay, Blade Mesa; one "brother,: Kee Lake," Black Mesa; and 14 j! grandchildren. Pallbearers i wfll be; Clarence and- Milton V Lakev Galvin; Segay,, Henry Begay; Roger.Jflegay Jr.,!.and' Frankie Todfchine. Funeral; arrangements-ara; under the; direction of Cope Memorial

LEE Funeral sendee for Jim Lee, 73, Teecnospos, Ariz., ; wfll be at II ajn. Tuesday at I m m a n u e l M i s s i o n of Sweetwater, Ariz., with the Rev; John Lee Billie official- tag. Burial' wfll be' fa the Immanuel Mission i Cemetery. He died Friday at the Oitale Nurslng Home. >He was preceded In death by two daughters'; EUa Mae HoUday and EUa Jean Parrish. Survivors include bis wife, Mrs. i Dora Lee, and a son, Dennis Tsosie, both of SWeetwater'; 1 and a brother, John Lee BiUie of Upper Frmtland.- There are' nine g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Pallbearers wiU be Dennis 'Tsosie, Calvin WUUe, Lee C. Tsosie, Frankie, Tsosie, Jim-, mle Cody and Bobby Cody. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Funeral Home.'

Ixapel./lf.&cf'ji *p7%


, ... WM uay-1Y,7 f.

LOPEZ Funerd sendee for Jimmy Kee Lopez, 60, LEBUTO'-- Funerd service i Kimbeto, wiU be held at 3 pjn.." for weU-known medicine man. ; Wednesday at the Brethren in Henry Talk Lebuto, 80, of the Christ Mission with the Rev. Cove, Ariz., Trading Post, wiU Larry Wedertz and the Rev. be at 10 a.m. Saturday-at John Peter Yazzie officiating. Christ the King Catholic Burial wiU be to the Bretiiren Church in Shiprock with the ta Christ Mission Cemetery. Rev. Chris. Kerr, OFM, ofLopez was found near Lybrook ficiating. Burial wiU be ta theSunday, where he had "apveterans' section of the ' parently died of natural Shiprock Cemetery. Graveside i causes. He is survived by his rites wfll be conducted by the [ wife, Mrs. MarV Lopez of the SWprock Veterans-of Foreign famUy home; two sons, Lewis Wars Post No. 9517. Lebuto . Lopez and Daniel Lopez of' I was a well-known medicine 'man in the Red VaUey, Ariz.,; ' Kimbeto; five daughters, Suzanne Frank and Sherrie 'area"and had served with the Werito, both of Farmington, U.S.iMartae Corps from 1929 to : . and Genevieve Chavez, Lydia 1932 He is survived by his j "Lopez and Marilyn Lopez, aU wife, Mrs. Mary N. Lebuto of | of Kimbeto; a brother, the famUy home; and tiiree ; Raymond Lopez of Salt Lake daughters, Edith Padilla of : City; and five sisters, Lucy WWteriver, Ariz.; Mary Ann Etcitty, Nina Atencio, NeUie Lebuto of Espanola and Weis and Virginia TrujiUo, dl. Marilyn Lebuto of. the famUy of Kimbeto, and Martha Sand-1 h o m e . T h e r e a r e six ovd of Escavada. PaUbearers grandchUdren and four greatwfll be Darnel Lopez, Lewis' grandchildren/ /Pallbearers wiU be_Vincent_Padilla; .Tony, ; Lopez, Harold Sam, Cecil Atencio; David Boyd and .dk Jr.,Itebert Smart, David Wilson TrujiUo. Funeral arJohnson, Tom George and rangements are under the Willie Thomas Jr. Funeral direction of Cope Memorial anangements' are.' under the Chapel. direction' of the Shiprock Funeral Home. .

LONG Funerd service for Sylvia C. Long, 44, 315 N. . Lorena, has been set for 10 /ajn. Monday at Cope Memorid Chapel. Burid wUl be fa Memory Gardens. Mrs. Long was dead on arrivd at San i Juan Regiond Medical Center ^Tuesday. She is survived by i one, son: Virgil Long of the famUy home; two daughters:/ Elsie Begay of Dallas, and' CarmeUta Long of Burnham; \ one brother: Toriy Long of Frmtland; tiiree half-brothers: Joe BenaUy and Kee BenaUy of Bisti- and Frank Betsui of Burnham; and two aunts:; /AnnabeU Redhorse and Sadie S Godd ol Bisti. Pdlbearers will be VirgU Long, Kee R. Bendly,, Manuel BenaUy, Raymond: Tsosie and Ted Harrison. Funerd anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid



Betty Lee, 48, Red Mesa, Ariz ' wiU be at 10 a.m, Monday at the/Tiled Mesa Christian Church with the Rev. Jim Charley officiattag. Burid wlU be fa the family cemetery at Red Mesa, Mrs. Lee died Thursday to Farmington/ She wasbom May 19, 1932, at Red Mesa,' the daughter of Toriv Monis. She was married to Pad Lee of Red Mesa, who; survives. Also surviving arev; five sons, Roger W., Harrison, Nathaniel,! Pad Jr. arid Jdlus Lee; aU of Red Mesa; four daughters, Sarah, Barbara, Cheryl and Betty Ann Lee, aU of Red Mesa. There are six grandchildren;/ Pallbearers will be Roger W. Lee, Nathaniel Lee, Pad Lee Jr., Stanley McRoy; Herbert Joe and Eddie Joe. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral ' Home.


:"' LEE -Funeral- sendee, for j Jimmie Lee, 28, Sh|prock, was. hdd at 10 ajn. today at the

AiyAyf / I ' l y '

XEE Funerd service for Thomas Lee, 40, former Shiprock resident, wfll be at 2 pjn. Wednesday at the Mesa View Assembly of God Church in : Shiprock with the ReV. Charles Lee officiating. Burid wfll be ta Uie SWprock Cemetery. He died Friday in Arkansas City, Kan. Survivors "include his wife, Mrs. Mary E. Lee, and a daughter, V. Michele Lee of the family i home In Arkansas City; four brothers, Prid N. Lee Jr. of "Farmington; Leo Lee of : Parker,' Ariz., Richard Lee of ,Fort Defiance, Ariz., and WUtord" Nakai of Rockford, IU.; and a sister,. Mrs., Leo (Angela) James of Fort Defiance. Funerd anangeriients are under the direction of Cope i Memorial Chapel. UGHf^AHfito-\ightf.6, : Shiprock, died Friday at San Juan Regiond Medical Center. Funerd service wiU be at 10 ajn. Thursday at the SWprock Christian Reformed Church' with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burid wlU; be in the famUy cemetery at Rattlesnake. He is survived by. his wife/Mrs. Elizabeth Light; a daughter, Charlotte Anderson; i two sons, WilUe Light Sr.and Herman Light; two, sisters, Molly Jim and Mrs. Harry Attcitty; :two stepbrothers, Tony Garnanez and James Garnanez; and two stepsisters, Annie Mae Nelson and Mrs. Washburn, all of Shiprock: There are-19 grandchildren, five great-grandcWldren and vfo u r g r e a t - g r e a tgrandchildren. Pdlbearers will be Eric R. Anderson, Aaron J. Anderson, Ghee; Anderson Jr., Kenneth Anderson _id; Jonas Light. Funerd arrangements are under the direction o Cope-Memorial

ChapeL A & s A

McKINLEY Funerd serShiprock Funeral Home vice for Dan McKinley, 61, Chapel with the Rev. Larry Shiprock, who died Monday Schrieber. OFM, ef Christ the evening at the PubUc Hedth King Catholic Misdon officiat- Sendee. Hospitd fa SWprock, ing Burial wfll be,in T the will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at Shiprock. Cemetery.^Lee the Lutheran Mission Church in Rock Point, Ariz., with townedtatheSanJuanRiver at SWprock Thursday. He at- Pastor Wallace B. Cole of tended the IntermountaurHign Rock Point officiating. Burial School at Brigham City Utah. wiU foUow in Mission CemeHe- was a member of the tery in Rock Point. McKfaley CathoUc Church. He Is sur- is survived by four sons, vived by W parents, John and Robert ot Rock Point, Reed R. _ Mary Bekis Lee; five brothers of -Round Rock, Ariz., and Don, Joe, Stanley, Tom ana w m i a m and George of SWpDavid Lee; and four. sisters, ^ >ck; n i n e daughters, Mrs . nine daughter! Mrs. Lena Herbert, Lula, i_ /m t . lOCS7\ 'LUUan and Rose/Ann Lee/ All .!? y - _ - z 7 ; / V X r ) survivors are residents of SWp.::.,_._. . , . tock. Pdlbearers will be Hub- W i r g l n i a ChischUly. of bard Ned, Jimmie Begay, Joe 'Lukachukai, Ariz., Mrs. Louise Lee, David* bse, Wilford Lee iTsosie of Teecnospos, Ariz., and Sam Begay. Funerd ar- Rhoda McKinley of Farmrangeraents are under the 'ington, Roselyn McKfaley and direction of the Shiprock Fu- ; M r s . Ndlie Begay, both of, Hogback; Ruthie McKinley, nerd Home. iLoretta McKinley,; Mrs. Priscilla Johnson and. Sarah Ida McKfaley,'aU of SWprock; a-., brother, BIU McKfaley of ;Shlprock; two aunts, Mrs. LiUie Gable and Mrs. Rose Water, both of SWprock; and 28 grandchildren. Active pallbearers wlU be Robert McKinley,. Reed McKinley, ,WUUam McKinley, Georg' McKinley, Jonah DescheeW and Francis; Descheeme.^Funerd an-angemerits are under the deration of the Shiprock Funer^Hbme.

%<*dtr 118&



LAPAHIE - Funeral service for Henry L. Papahie, 42, of Littlewater, Is planned for 10 a.m; Monday, at the SWprock Funeral Home chapel with Frank Clirley, of the Christian Reformed Church ta Sanostee officiating. Burid will follow in the Shiprock. community cemetery. LapaWe was pronounced dead on-arrival Thursday at the San Juan Regional Medical Center after being struck in traffic on U.S. 550 in Waterflow. Survivors include his parents, Horace, and Pauline Lapahie,.; Littlewater ; two brothers,' __ry Lapahie, Littlewater;' and George Lapahie, SWprock; two sisters, Mrs. Daisy, Martinez and Mrs. Sarah Gutierrez, both of Shiprock; nine nieces and 13 nephews. Pallbearers wfll; be George. Papahie/. r.;:_/arid Harry, Lany, Patrick, George,; and Alvin LapaWe. Arrarige-: ments are under the direction of Shiprock Funeral Home,

LEE Friends of John H. Leey Red Valley, Ariz., the brother; of SWprock minister Charles Lee, may caU at Cope Memorial Chapel today from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Lee 50; diedJan. 21faan accident, Funerd sendee'WiU be at 10 a.m. Monday atShiproek's Mesa View Asseriibly of God Church, with-the Rev. Charles Lee officiating. Burial wiU be ta SWprock- cemetery. Survivors include his wife, Jessie Lee; of the fariiily home;: four sons, Floyd Lee- Lloyd Jumor Lee, and Jimmy/Lee of Wisconsin, and I_roy - Uoyd Lee, SWprock ; fotir daughters, Karen Lee and DolUe WUUe, of SWp rock, Evelyn Kirk, Window Rock, Ariz., and Rosie Lee; four brothers, Phillip Lee and : Rev. i Charles Lee, both of I Shiprock, Harry Lee and George E. Lee of Red VaUey. j There are five grandchildren. j Active paUbearers wfll be John IBendty.: Frank Lee, Raymond Keeswood, Edison Hatahlie, James Joe, and Albert Willie. Funerd arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorid

. 'LEWIS ^-^Funerd sendee 'v' " V - ' '; " L E E , - N e l l i e l g , 68, i for Rose Ann Lewis, 30, WaterLOPE "Funeral sendee A^cukm*^H*77i .-. , flow, wiU be at/10 a.m. for Montby Lope, 84, Aztec, ; Wednesday at the Hogback Teecnospos, Ariz., died Sat: wfll be a t l p.m. Thursday at I Church of Christ with Brother urday at Cortez, Colo. Funerthe Navajo Umted Methodist Mac Person officiattag. Burid d service wfll be at '10 a.m. wfll be fa the SWprock Ceme- Mission, ;wlth'the Rev. Fraiik Wednesday at the SWprock Loye officiating. JBurid wfll tery. Mrs. Lewis died Saturday Chapel of the Churdi of Jesus be in GreeWawn Cemetery. at the PubUc Hedth Service Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lope died Sunday fa Cuba. Hospitd fa SWprock. Survivors with Elder Brian HUl, offidatThe body wfll Uefastate until Indude two daughters' Renee ing. Burid wfll be to the fam9 p.m.'today and until 11-a.m. Deswood and Tammy Xewls of ily "cemetery, Teecnospos. Thursday.-Survivors faclude Waterflow; two sons/Sammy i Mrs. Lee had been a rug Lewis Jr. of Waterilow and his wife/Dorothy; tWee sons, weaver and a foster grandAndrew Lope, Shiprock, Tommy Eaton of Upper parent for the Teecnospos Harold Lope, Window Rock, Fruitland; her father; Bob Boarding' School. She! was Ariz., and Monty Lope; Jr., i preceded fa death by two' Simpson of Fruitland; two Bloomfield; six .daughters,, sisters, Carol Ann Hogard and sons, Henry Lee' in 1973 and Beth Jaquez, Bloomfield, Loretta Ann Jones of WaterJohn H. Lee in 1980. Sur-' i flow; three brothers, Nonnan - Bessie Becenti, Crownpotat,: vivors include her husband, JoAnne Harris, GaUup,-Amie Jones, Frankie Jones and BUly David Lee of the famfly Lope, Bloomfield, Roseann e Jones of Waterflow; matemd home; four sons, Joseph H. grandmother,. AnWe Pettigrew . Doherty, Santa Rosa; Calif., Lee, Sdt Lake, City, Kee H. , of. Waterflow; and; paternd and EUa Bekis, SWprock; Lee of Alaska, Tommy Lee, I grandparents,. Russell and ; and- four sisters, " Wanda Teecnospos, and Kenneth j Jessie Simpson of Frmtland. Charlie,; Elizabeth TeUer and Lee, SWprock; four daughj Pallbearers will be Norman/ Glenna. flegay; of Kimbeto ters, Maiy Joe and Lomse, Jones, BiUy Jones, Herman j and Nan Woody, SWprock. WiUiams,1 SWprock, Dolores Enoah, Frankie Jones, Jimmy j There are 36 grandcWldren, Simpson, Farmington, and H. Lowe and Jack Begay. I five great-grandcWldren and Esther Benally, Montezuma Funerd anangements are uneight great-great-grand-' Creek, Utah; four;brothers, i der the direction of Cope Little Pouch and Edgar Dee, i children. PaUbearers wfll be Memorid Chapd. Red Mesa, Ariz., Posey Rog- I Rudy Joe, Abel Jim, Emmett er' Dee, Shiprock, arid 1 Doherty, Duane-Lope, Bernis i Charles Williams, -TeecLope and Blocky Joe. Funernospos; and two sisters, Lucy d arrangements are under ] ri Dee, Red Mesa, and BonWe the direction of Brewer Fu; Cleveland, Teecnospos. 'A j'-jUEE Funeral service for neral Home." There are several grand, Mary C. Lee, 57, of Shiprock 1 cWldren ind great-grandwill be held, at 10 a.m. cWldren. Active paUbearers : Wednesday at Mesa View Asj .will be Raymond BenaUy, ; sembly of God Church fa i Delbert Dee, Leonard Dee, "Shiprock with the Rev. j Myron Dee, Nate L. Simpson. Charles Lee officiating. i and Samuel L. Simpson. HonBurid wfll be in the family orary paUbearers Will. be, cemetery in Carrizo Moun. tain, Ariz. Mrs. Lee died afLEE <2 SlxAonth-old Re- i Edgar Dee, Charles WU! ter an Illness Saturday: at the nea Carmelite Lee, SWprock, i Hams, Clarence Curley, Simpson/ and Henry ' PubUc Health Sendee Hospii died Monday at' Umverslty |j DamdFuneral arrangements Lee., tal fa SWprock. Survivors fa| Hospitd, Albuquerque. Fu- I are under the direction of clude four daughters, Bessie i neral sendee wfll be at 1 p.m. j Cope Memorial Chapd. Kee, Jessie Charles and Friday at Cope Memorial CeciUa Bidtah, aU of SWpChapel, with the Rev. Scott rock, and Margaret L. Redhouse officiattag. Burid | Whalawitsa of Keller, Wash.; wfll be in Memory Gardens. : two sons, Frank Lee of SWpI Survivors include her mothrock and the Rev. WiUiam er, Sharon Begay of the famii Douglas Lee of Albuquerque; ly hoine; maternd grand! two sisters* Mary Toehe and parents, Cecil and Helen : AnWe Manygoat, both of Red : Begay, Kirtland;"maternal !;Valley, Ariz.; .16 grand1 great-grandmother, Nan children and one great-grandSwbody, SWprock; matemd X son. Active; paUbearers wUl great-great-grandparents, (. be Melvin and Huskie Kee, Theodore and Thelma Begay, ; Jim Bidtah, Douglas Lee, | SWprock; maternal greatEric Lee, and Raymond |auntj- SWrley Brown, SWp] Charleston. Honorary 'rockj-and eight aunts and ilfe pallbearers, wiU be Harry fives-uncles.. Pallbearers : Vernon Lee. and Howard wfll bei Cecil Begay and Reed, f Begay., Funeral arrangeLee, Funeral! arrangements, I ments are under direction of are urider the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. Cope Memorial Chapd.
_ , , , . . . . . , . : ' . ' ' : '


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LEE Funeral sem__or ; 18-year-old MicheUe Lee of Aneth, Utah, wiU be held 10. a.m. Tuesday at the Church of, Christ in Montezuma ' Creek, Utah. Officiating wfll be John Talley of Teecnospos, Ariz., and P.B. Middebrook Jr., of Anson, Texas, with burid to foUow to the ,. family cemetery to -Aneth. / Miss Lee died Tuesday Wght,/ ta a two-victim/traffic , collision on State Highway 262 in the Aneth area; A member of the.; sembr class, of WWte ; Horse High -School in Red;. Mesa, Ariz., she died on her 18th birthday. Survivors include her father, Happy Jeny Begay of Inscription House,' Ariz.; her mother, Susie Lee Myerson, of Aneth; one brother/Matthew Lee of Price, Utah; and patemd grandfather, Cyrus Jerry Begay of Aneth.! Active paUbearers wiU be Matthew Lee, Teny liee,. Ervfa C__v Joe Merritt, Peter Menict, and Mike Phipps. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the SWprock Funerd H o m e . ^ - J g ) ^ , m m * . :--;-v

jTyuJy/^A: fO ^ A ] / f g i ^ , LAPAHIE Horace - LapaWe, 95, died Tuesday at his Littlewater home. -Funerd mass was to be at 2 pjn. '-; Friday at. Christ the King CathoUc Churdi-to SWprock, with the Rev. Caron VoUmer, O.F.M.;' officiating.. Burid was to foUow in SWprock Cemetery, A retired railroad employee,: LapaWe is survived by his wife/Mrs. Pauline Lapahie; of Littlewater; two sons, Hany Lapahie,: Littlewater, and George LapaWe, SWprock: two daughters, Mrs. Daisy Martinez and Mrs. Sarah .Gutierrez, Shiprock; 22 i grandchildren and'two greatgrandcWldren. ..PaUbearers were Emery Long,!Thomas LapaWe,. Alvto LapaWe, Patrick: LapaWe, Tony LapaWe and Horace Lapahie Jr. Funeral arrangements were directed by the SWprock Funeral'Home.
. . . ' ' ;

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- : : - , , - . '

LARGO Funerd sendee jjjm Tu-u- w e j s for John Chavez Largo Sr., '- HILT Rosary is to be re85, of Pueblo Pintado, wfll be nted at 7 pjn." .oday 'for 10 ajn. Thursday at Star Theresa 'Lynn HUt, 20, of Lake Mission, Star Ldce. The j SWprock, at Christ the King Rev. Claude Fondau wUl Of-' Catholic Church in SWprock, filiate. Burid is to be in the with F a t h e r Lawrence family cemetery at Star Sdireiber, OFM, offidating. Lake. Bom June 7, 1896, at ' Puberal sendee wfll be at 10 Pueblo Pintado, Largo died a:m. Thursday at Christ the; Friday at Crownpotat. SurKfaf CathoUc Churdi with vivors include three sons, burial fa SWprock Ceinetery.; John :_. Largo Jr., CrownShe died Sunday at Hogback point, Fred H.. Largo, Rockas the result of an acddent. ford, HI., and Kenneth Largo, She was bom Nov. 8,i I960,, at \ Farmington;: two daughters,; ; SWprock.. Employed by the VArizona PubUc Sendee Co.jin Bertha Mescd and Elizabeth Ramone, of Pueblo Pintado;. t a sister, Rena J. Rafael of j the Operations Department, -Star hake; and 28 grand, she is _mrviv_d by aidatlgh1 cWldren. PaUbearers wfll be ter, Becky Lynn Hilt; her paJohn E. Largo,Kenneth i" rents, Leonard and Nancy Largo, Lewis Sandovd, Fred . HUt, dl of SWprock; three H. Largo, Leonard Sam and / sisters, Sandra, Regina and Larry Tsosie. WaUace Sam j ,Rea HUt; three brothers, and RWeno Largo are dteri Alvin,. Marvin and Leonard nate paUbearers, Funerd arj?Hilt Jr.; maternal grandrangements are under the ' mother, Comelia Keith; padirection of Cope Memorid temal grandmother, Myra Ben; a mece, Raina Ross, aU three aunts chapd.^Tii-u. M s l of SWprock; Pdlbearers and two uncles. wfll be Alvto HUt, Marvin HUt, Leonard HUt Jr., Sandra HUt, Regina HUt and Rea Hilt, LEE JoWi Pete Lee, 80, with Steve Garro Sr. and of SWprock, died Thursday at Johnny Puggie acting as dthe PubUc Hedth Service ternate pallbearers. HonHospitd in SWprock. He was orary paUbearers will be bom Sept. 15, 1901, to SWp-; ' Carmeleta John, Beverly rock. Funerd service was to Tsosie, AWta Dee, Jerylna be at 2 p.m. today at the Church pf Christ in SWprock, garrison, Sandra Atdtty, w i t h P a s t o r W. B. lieiah Thomas, Lambert McPhearson officiating. tBeCenti, Kirby Tsp, Tommy Burid was to foUow in SWpWlUle and .Steve Garro Jr. rock Cemetery. Survivors, fa-Funeral arrangements are dude a daughter^Emma Lee under the direction of Cope Joe," SWprock; iiirie Weces; Memorid Chapel. ; five, nephews;; and four grandcWldren. PaUbearers were Tony- KeUywood, Kee .LEE Maggie Lee, 74, Shaggy, Ray Thomas, :-. SWprock, died Monday at, the 'Michael KeUywood, Law- \ PubUc Hedth Service -Hospirence Dodge. and Sherry >;". tal in SWprocki Funeral ser: Smith. Funeral arrange- I vice wUl be at 2 p.m. Friday ments were under the direction of Cope Memorial j . at Brewer^ Funerd Home Chapel, with the Rev. Scott ChapeL A S T ^ ^ A J Z ,y Redhouse offidating. Burid wfll be in Greenlawn CemeI "' tery. Survivors facludeher husband, John; ttiree daugh| ters, Doris Denet Tsosie of. .,; Sweetwater, Daisy Jean. / MiUer, SWprock, and. Linda ' Martinez, Provo,. Utah; and two sons, Roy Lee, Aneth, Utah, and Harty John JLee, ij SWprock. -here are; nine grandcWldren and 17 greatgrandchildren. PaUbearers - wfll be KennPth C. MiUer, /Harry J.. Lee, Roy Lee, Earl Lee, Vem Lee. and Roy Lee . Jr. Funeral: arrangements are under -heiffirection of Brewer Funeral Home.

BEGAYE Funeral service for: Raymond Begaye, 5 25, SWprock, wfll be at 10. a.m. Friday at the First Bap-, tist Church, SWprock, with the: Rev. James Nelson ofi 'ficiatiftg; Bom June 4, 1956, ' Begaye diPd Sunday in an automobile accident near Durango, Colo. Survivors include his. wife, Estelene George Begaye; 'mother,; Mary Begaye,-Red VaUey, Ariz.;, four brothers; Aridrew and Roy Ambrose Begaye,": Farmington, RusseU Begaye, Arlington, Texas, and- Rayei . Begaye, Magddena;four:sis-i

/ f ^ V J ' D ITU i

ters, Stella Clyde, Shiprock, Cecelia Roselyn Brown,, G a l l u p / A l i c e Norton,, Fruitland, and Esther Begay Fanritogton. Pdlbearers will be. Jay Brown,, Dan--. Clark, /Ronald P o y e r , D a v i s Redhouse,' Peter Lameman, PWUip Lee, James Eaton, FarreU Redhouse, Russell/ Begaye, Roy Begaye, Raye , Begaye, Andrew flegaye, J Wesley flegaye and Victor Wood. Furieral arrangements areX under;-hei direction of Brewer Funeral Home.

J>jui\ 0-l$uA>~.((i<B>-


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LAPAHIE Funeral sPr. vice for Harry LapaWe, 51, of Littlewater, was to be at 2 p.m: today, with Calvin Yaz_ae~bf Burnham officiating, at the SWprock Funerd Home chapel. Burid was to be to SWprock. LapaWe had I been a rancher to the GaUup : area and is survived by bis mother, Mrs. Pauline LapaWe, of Littlewater; four sons/James, Thoriias,'.Jonas and Tony Lapahie; two 'daughters, Emma Long and Harriet LapaWe; a brother, ; George LapaWe; two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Jane Gutienez, and Mrs. Daisy Marie I Martinez; an aunt, Mary Sirlentman; a/cousin, Lucy '/WiUie; nine nephews and sev;/eri meces. Pallbearers were to be James LapaWe, Thomas LapaWe, /Tony ,-LapaWe, Jonas Lapahi,e,4Patrick /LapaWe and Einery Long. ;J-toerd arrangemerits were 'directed by the SWprock Fui neral Home.

LEE Funerd service for . Lucy Lee, 52, wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at tbe Church of Christ fa Montezuma Creek, Utah, with Bruce Terry and Slim N. BenaUy officiating. Mrs. Lee died Friday at her Montezuma Creek home. Burid wfll be fa the famfly cemetery fa Montezuma Creek. | She Is survived by her hus'. band, Jimmy Lee; two sons, ' Larry and Lester Lee; and; four daughters, NeUie Di*' hface, Lillie Johnson, Sarah Lee and Sharon Lee, all of Montezuma Creek. There are fi v e g r a n d chid dr en,-. Pallbearers wiU be Lester Lee, Thomas Hamm, AntoWo Hamm, Mark B. Hamm, Terrence Hamm and Nelson Boyd. Funerd arrangements are.under thedirection of Cope Memorid ChapeL '.

T.F.F, Fimerau service for. Kenneth Lee, 35, of Waterflow, is pending with Brewer Funeral Home. He died Wednesday. Survivors include his wife, Vera of their home; a son, Terrdl Kenneth Lee and three daughters, Karen, Yolanda NeUie and Kimberly, aU at home; six brothers, Joseph H. Lee, Andrew. Lee and Dondd LeP of Fannington, Hany H. Lee and Tommy Lee of SWprock, and Kee H. Lee of WasWngton; six sisters, LufaTopaha and Esther BenaUy of Montezuma Creek, Utah, Daisy Johnson, Lomse WiUiams and Maiy Joe of SWprock, and Ddores Simpson of Farmington. r He was preceded ta



death by bis parents ahd three brothers.


Harry Lapdife

LOWE Funerd service for Jonas Lowe, 32, of SWprock, Is set for 10:30 a.m. Tuesdayat Christian Reformed Churdi in SWprock,; with the Rey. Sampson Yazzie; officiating. Lpwe was bom May 1,1950, at Fdrmtogton, Heided/Ehursdayin ah autbinoblle acddent -ne^ Hogback.,Burid will he at SWprock GPmetery. Survivors include his mother, Mrs. Betty Lowe ofSWprock, seven sistere: ;-'Daisy' Mike, Mary Lou Begay, Juanita / Lowe.iFanWe Atdtty and Linda Johnson, aU / of shiprock, and Martha Ann Nez of i : Bedabito and Betsy Tree of Frmtland, four *brothers:i Jackson Lowe of Cortez, Colo., ; and -Tommy!I_owe, Leland Martta and Leo Martin; aU of SWprock, grandmother: Hderi fl. Tso of Sanostee, three uncles: Wallace R. Martin and Thomas Bflley of SWprock, and ; Wilfred E. /BUley of Farmfagtoiij and; nu| meroris/ Weees and nephews.; Pdlbearers iwfli: be Tommy Lowe,-Jerome BegayJr.,

Home.^^ 7AfAdL If 9 3

Joe Tree, Nate Nez, Thomas J. Lowe and Leland Martfa. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Tom Andy, Leebert Lowe, Leo BUley, Jason Lowe, Milton Begay, Wilfred;,.JB.! Bflley, Marvin Begay Thomas Bflley, Jackson Lpwe, Lee Mike, Eugene R. Atdtty, Wallace R. Martfa, Jimmy Tree, Eddie Bflley, Howard Nez Sr., Willard BUley, Leo Martta and Leonard Dodge. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral



Obituary* A
MARTIN Larry "B.C." Martta, 15, ded Wednesday at Bataan Hospitd ta Albuquerque. A sophomore at SWprock High School, he was a resident of Teecnospos, Ariz. Survivors include his mother, Fanny Collins ot Teecnospos; four brothers, Willie Martin Jr., and Lambert Martta, both of Shiprock, and Walter and Marvin Collins, both of Teecnospos; one sister, Lora Ann Collins, Teecnospos; his maternal grandmother, Anna Garnenez of Shiprock; four uncles, Peny, Jimmie Sr., and Sammy Sr. Garnenez, all of SWprock, and Henry Garnenez of Navajo; and one aunt, Mae Denetclaw, SWprock. Furierd sendees, under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel, have been schedded for 10 a.m. Friday at the First Methodst Church in Shiprock with the Rev. Maurice Haines officiating; Burial wiU be fa memory Gardens. PaUbearers will faclude Jimmie Garnenez Sr., Lavone Garnenez, WUUe Martin Jr., Lambert Martta, Darrell Clah and Fred Slowman. . f K ^




MARTIN Funerd service for Wilma Martfa, 58, of SWprock, who was dead on arrivd at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospitd ta SWprock on Monday, wiU be held at 2 pjn. Saturday at Mesa View Assembly of God Church In SWprock with the Rev. Charles Lee officiating. Burid will be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Delbert Josea, Sanford Toglena, James H. Begay, Hubert Yazzie, Larry C. Toglena and LaFollette Doug Sakiestewa Jr. Mrs. Martfa is survived by her husband, WUUe Martfa of Shiprock; five daughters, Louise Baldwin, Phylls Begay and Bernice Josea, all of Farmington, Eva Golbe of Fruitland, and Julia Saltwater | of Los Angeles, CaUf.; one son, I Jonas B. Davis of Denton, Texas; iwo sisters, Grace Toglena and Mamie Yazzie, both of Shiprock; two halfbrothers, Albert Johnson and Martta Johnson, both of SWprock; and 12 grandchildren. Funerd arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorid

MANUELITOFunerd service for Ira Manuelito, 52, Shiprock, who died Monday at St.- Joseph's Hospital In Albuquerque following a short illness, wfll be held at 1 pjn. Friday at Christ the King CathoUc Church in SWprock with Father Larry officiating. Graveside services will be conducted by -members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars with burial in the veterans section of the Shiprock Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Harrison Manuelito, Sterling Manuelito, Irvin Manuelito, Jerone ManueUto and Hany Manuelito Jr. Born Dec. 8, 1924 in Newcomb, ManueUto was employed by the Tribd Home Improvements Program as supervisor to Newcomb. He was a World War H veteran serving with the Mariries for seven years. He is survived by his wife, Ruby; tiiree sons, Alberto, Irvin and Irwin and six daughters, Rita and Iris of Gdlup; Lite Milam of Fort Wlngate, Ariz.; Alberta, Tina and Linda ManueUto, aU of Newcomb. Also surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam ManueUto of Newcomb and three grandchildren. Arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorial Chapel of Gallup.

tanel-j?/ '
i Buck, Harriett Mike Johnson, SWprock; and Christine Alexander, Oceanside, CaUf.; three brothers, Sam F r a z i e r , Lukachukai, Ariz.; Matthew Frazier, Many Farms, Ariz.; and Jack Lee Frazier, SWprock; and two sisters, Sarah Slim Jim, Round Rock, Ariz., and Sarah Mae BenaUy, Shiprock. There are nine grandchildren. Pdlbearers indude Herman Buck Sr., Manuel Johnson Jr., Jack Lee Frailer Jr., Harry Mike Jr., Herbert Frazier Jr. and Gilbert Henderson. Cope Memorid Chapd is fa charge of arrangements.

MIKE<_- The funeral of Helen F. Mike, 56, Shiprock, has been scheduled for 10 ajn. Friday at the Mesa View Assembly of God Churdi ta SWprock with the Rev. Charles Lee officiating. Burid wfll be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. Mike, who ded Sunday at the U.S. PubUc Hedth Service Hospitd in Shiprock, is survived by her husband, Harry Mike, SWprock; one son, Harry Mike J r . ; t h r e e ..daughters, Katherine Marie **"V , :. * r -..

; i . f 1 _. _

Pedestrian Dies
MARTINijuneral service for Jerry Joe Martin, 19, SWprock, who ded Saturday, is set for 2 p.m. Thursday at Cope Memorial Chapel with Sampson Yazzie officiating. Interment wiU foUow at SWprock Cemetery. He is survived by his parents John Joe and Daisy Martin; three brothers, Lany Martta, John Joe Martin Jr. and Albert Martin; three sisters, Rita Mae Martta, Nita Mae Martin and Lita Mae Martin; his paternal grandfather Joe Redcap Martta and his matemd grandmother Esther WiUiams, aU of SWprock. Active paUbearers wfll be Floyd Martin, Larry Martin, Johnny Lowe, Leo WUson, Harold WilUams and AUen Wilson. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel. -The fifth pedestrian to de this year on US. 550 west of Farmington was kflled at 10:10 pjn. Thursday when be was stmck by a van .4 miles west of the junction with County Road 61. The victim was identified as AUen Mailman, 66, Tohatchi. He ded of multiple injuries received in an accident involving a van driven by George P. Lee. 35. H o l ^ l , , Ar_ ___ poUce said Mailman was thrown 196 feet by the Impact Lee was not dted. Lee was traveling east and tbe pedestrian was walking or standing in tbe eastbound lanes When the accident occurred, state poUce said. Lee' was quoted by police as saying he took evasive action but Mailman stumbled Into the path of his vehicle; Mailman is the 19th person to ded this year fa 16 traffic accidents on San Juan County streets and highways. Fourteen persons had been kflled in 14. accidents on this date fa 1977. '.

,Chapd.^| J U J ^ m l


MAINU_L_n.Vrunerai service for Harry Denetsoue ManueUto Sr., 60, of TohatcW, wfll be held at- 2 pjn. Saturday at the First Unitr' Methodist Church in SWprock with' the Rev. Chee BenaUie officiating. Burid will be fa the veterans' section of the SWprock Cemetery Mowing graveside service conducted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars SingerMorgan Post No. 9517. Pallbearers will be Eugene ManueUto, Harry D. ManueUto J r . , Jerome Manuelito, Michael R. ManueUto, Emery Curley and Ira Manuelito. ManueUto, who was dead on arrival at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Shiprock on Wednesday, was employed by the Office of Navajo Economic OpportuWty Shiprock agency as a development worker. He is survived by his wife, Evelyn Hubbard Manuelito; six daughters, Marilyn Bedl, Marjorie Rite Manuelito, Charlene ManueUto and Deborah Sharon ManueUto, aU of Newcomb, AnWe Rose Curley of Ganado, Ariz, and Caroline Manuelito of Farmington; five sons, Eugene Manuelito and Michael R. ManueUto of Newcomb, Harry D. Manuelito of Navajo, Raymond Manuelito of Los Angeles, Calif., and Jerome ManueUto of Ganado; one sister, Harriett WiUiams; three brothers, Leonard Manuelito Ira ManueUto, aU of Newcomb, and Dennis Manuelito of Window Rock,!Ariz.; and 15 grandchildren. Cope Memorial Chapel Is to charge of arrange-

MUSKET The funeral of Bah Damon Musket, 83, MexlI can Springs, has been set for 11 a.m. Saturday at the Christ i a n ^ .ho both Christian Re-tpn__l Church in GaUup. The Rev. Edward Henry arid the RevrG-fdan Stmt will officiate with burial to be in the Rehboth Community Cemeery. Mrs. Musket died Wediesday at Rehoboth Christian lospital in GaUup. She was dm Feb. 15, 1896, fa Toyei, I.M., and was active ta the fohatcW Christian Reformed .hurch. Survivors include her Husband, Benjamin Musket Sr. of Mexican Springs; two sons, James of Window Rock, Ariz., and Benjamin Jr. of Mexican Springs; and two daughters, Esther Ahasteen of Shiprock and Etta Norris of Mexican Springs. Also surviving are two brothers, Anson Damon Sr. of Twin Lakes and Olson Damon of Amarillo, Texas. There are 17 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Active pallbearers will be Michael, Steven, Marvin and Benjamin Ahasteen, Quentin Musket and Norman Boyd. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Howard Redhouse, Mike Hubbard, Charley Grey, Frank Curley, Howard Begay and Tom Musket. Visitations may be made at Cope Memorial CWapel to GaUup until 8 p.m.

ments. %


Ruby WWte, Virginia Mard. and Marilyn March, aU of Red Rock; and numerous aurits and uncles. Active paUbearers wfll be Jeny WWte, Kenneth BUly, Jimmie BiUy, Fredde Bflly, Joe Lee Nakai and Wilson P. Bendly. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Lewis Bflly and Hoskie Keeswood. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

/1'M^x.ATi. i-JS'0
MARCH Funerd service for Robert March, 28, of .Red Rock, Ariz., is schedded at 10 ajn. Wednesday at the SWprock Christian Reformed | Churdi, with Rev. Boyd Gari nanez officiating. Burid Will be at Shiprock Cemetery. March ded Friday. He was employed by Kerr-McGee Mining, Churdi Rock. Survivors i include his wife, Victoria M. March of Red Rock; four sons, ! Vincent March, Robert March Jr., Robin March and Roland | Robert March, all of Red Rock; mother-in-law, Mary Redhouse, Red Rock; father, Hoskie March, Red Rock; grandfather, Benet Toehe, Red Rock; sister-in-law Cora Nakai, SWprock; grandfather, Joe Lee Nakd, SWprock; a brother, Norman March, Red Rock; four sisters, Mary Ann Castillo, Albuquerque, and

MARTINEZ Funerd service for George Martinez, 92, Rincon Marquis, wfll be at 1p.m. Saturday at the Rincon Marquis Word of God Church with the Rev. Claude Fondau officiating. Burid wfll be fa the Rincon Marquis Cemetery. Martinez ded Tuesday at the Crownpotat PubUc Health Ser. vice Hospitd. He was a former rancher, farmer, railroad worker, miner; rodeo cowboy and tribd representative for the Eastern Navajo and a great-grandson of Cayadlto, one of the Navajo leaders who signed the 1868 peace treaty with the Umted States at Fort Sumner. He was a spokesman for many elderly and handicapped for the betterment of tribal members. Survivors faclude two daughters, Ella TrujiUo and Rose Ann CastUlo, a stepdaughter, Mary Lou Antomo, all of Rincon Marquis; four sons," Wilson Martinez of Toneon, Harrison Martinez of Albuquerque, Peter Martinez of Wyoming and Roy R. Martinez pf Shiprock; four sisters, Alice Hosdde, MoUy Chavez, Louise ApacWto and Grace Sandoval; and a brother, John Martinez, aU of Rincon Marquis. There are 30 grandchildren, 50 greatgrandchildren and four greatgreat-grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Roy R. Martinez, Bobby Martinez, Pete Martinez, Wesley Martinez, Vannest Martinez and Emerson Castillo. Honorary pallbearers will be Nelson Sandovd, Leo Werito, Harrison Martinez Sr., Tommie Chavez, John Martinez and Richard Sandovd. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapd.



lljk* J UjS*l e fTm.

MARTINEZ Funerd service for Julian Martinez, 42, of Window Rock, Ariz., and Prewitt, is set for 11 a.m. Tuesday at St. Theresa CathoUc Church ta Grants. A rosary wiU be recited at 7 pjn. Monday at Grants Mortuary. Burid wfll be in Grants Cemetery. Martinez died Thursday in, Albuquerque. A well-known rodeo performer with many rodeo awards and titles, Martinez was tour times Indan AU-Around Cowboy. He was the son of the late Paddy Martinez who discovered uraWum in the Grants area, and a rancher and rodeo stock contractor. Survivors include his wife, Jearmie Martinez of Prewitt; four chUdren ta Prewitt; nephews, Gomo and Lawrence Martinez of Kirtland; niece, Mrs. Larry Dan of ' Farmington; sisters, Nina ; Martinez, Flora Martinez, Mae Lynch and Nora House, aU of Prewitt; brothers, Henry Martinez, Martin Martinez, Roy Martfaez, Juan Martfaez, Leo Martinez and Gothlo Martinez, aU of Prewitt, and mother, Mrs. Paddy Martfaez


Martfaez, -28, Nageezi, wfll be al 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Lybrook Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with President Leonard Lopez officiating. Burid will be in the Lybrook cemetery. She died Thursday at the Indian Medical Center of GaUup. Survivors include her husband, Curtis A. Martfaez, a son, Cdbert Martfaez, three daughters, Chanda, Cheryl and Cdvtaa Martinez, dl of the family home; her father, Alfred Smith Sr. of Kimbeto; tiiree sisters, Carolyn BenaUy ot Farmington, Christine Lovato of Nageezi and Clara Benny of Blanco Trading Post; five, brothers, Lloyd Smith of Los Angeles, Stanley and RusseU Smith of Nageezi and Alfred Roland and Alfred Smith Jr. of Blanco Trading Post; her maternal grandmother; Nellie Lopez of Nageezi; and her paternal grandmother, Elizabeth TeUer of Kibeto. There are several aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. PaUbearers wfll be Curtis A. Martinez, Russell Smith, Lloyd Smith, Alfred Smith Sr., Stadey Smith and Roland Smith. Funeral arrangements are under the / / f f 7 f f / A ^ f f A 9 ^ c A direction of Cope Memorial MARTINEZ Funerd ser- Chapel. vice for Connie Smith

"MARTINEZ - Funeral service for Rondy Martfaez a 17-year-old Nageezi resident, wfll be held 10 ajn Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiattag Bund wfll be ta Memory Gardens cemetery. Martfaez ded Thursday in a traffic accident southwest of Bloomfield. Survivors include his parents, WilUe and Elouise Martinez of Nageezi; two sisters and brothers-in-law, Verna Mae and Emest Largo and LaVerde and Emmett Martinez, Rock Springs, Wyo.; one brother and sisterfa-law, Cdvfa and Aldeena ' Martinez, Nageezi; two other brothers, Roimie and RoUen Martinez and one sister LaVerne Martinez, all of Nageezi; a matemd grandmother, MinWe Chavez, and patemal grandfather, TrujiUo Chavez, both of Nageezi; and t h r e e nieces and nephews. Active paUbearers wfll be Charles and Richard Slyvester, Lindy Chavez, Henry ^rank, Leo_ Pacheco, j and Sammy Pacheco. Funerd arrangements .are under direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

: g ihuxcL/ N'S i

MARTINEZ Funeral service tor Rondy Martinez a 17-year-old Nageezi rest dent, wfll be held 10 ajn Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev Sampson Yazzie officiating Burial wfll be ta Memory Gardens cemetery. Martfaez ded Thursday in a traffic accident southwest of Bloomfield. Survivors faclude Ws parents, WilUe and Elouise Martfaez of Nageezi; two sisters and brothers-in-law, Verna Mae and Emest Largo and LaVerde and Eirimett Martinez, Rock Springs, Wyo.;. one brother and sisterin-law, Calvin and Aldeena Martfaez, Nageezi; two other brothers, RonWe and RoUen Martinez and one sister, LaVeme Martinez, all of Nageezi; a matemal grandmother, MinWe Chavez, and patemal grandfather, TrujiUo Chavez, both of Nageezi; and three nieces and nephews. Active paUbearers will be Charles and Richard Slyyester, Undy .Chavez, Heity; Frank, Leo'Padieeo, anil -Jammy Picheco. Funerd 'arrangements"-are under direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.'*

A ttU-Sff- / f $ ' /
MANYGOATS - Funeral service for Ruth H. Manygoats, 38, of Littlewater, wfll be held 10 a.m. Tuesday at Cope Memorid Chapel with . Bishop Harvey Johnson officiating. Burial wfll be fa . Memory Gardens Cemetery: Mrs. Manygoats ded at home Friday after an Alness. Survivors faclude her husband, Harrison Manygoats; two sons, Harold and Hanis Mani ygoats, and three daughters, Helene, Yanabah, and Hanabah Manygoats, aU of MIKE , Funeral service for Floyd Bobby Mike, 18, Frmtland, wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at the Alma Branch ot the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fruitland, with President Bob Begay officiating. Burial wfll be ta Memory Gardens. Mike, a lifelong resident of New Mexico, ded Tuesday at Hogback. He was bom Nov. 9,1962, ta SWprock, the son of Joe and Rose Hogue Mike. He was a student at Kirtland Centrd High School. Survivors ta addtion te his parents include seven sisters, Lena Hands, Virgtaia Bamey and Linda Mike of Fniitland, Norma Begay of Matty Farms, Marilyn Mike of Teecnospos, Ariz., Lorraine Sammon of Kirtland and Ina Christensen of Brigham City, Utah; and a brother, Johnny Mike of Frmtland. There are six meces and dght nephews. PaUbearers wiU be Mike Christensen, Lawrence Sammons, Harvey Harris, Johnny Kirk, DaWd Kirk and David Kirk. Funerd anangements are under the direction of Rrpwpr Funeral Home. MITCHELL Fiflieral service for Shawna LaRae MitcheU, 4-year-old daughter of Mrs. LUUe MiteheU Pinto of Frmtland, wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday at the San Juan Episcopal Mission, with the Rev. Jack Fowler officiating. Burid wfll be fa Greenlawn Cemetery. The girl died Saturday at Fniitland, victim of a drowning acddent. Survivors, fa addtion to her mother, include a sister, Michelle Lynne MitcheU of Frmtland; and five brothers, FrankUn Pinto of Counselor's and Eugene Pinto, Jackie Pinto, Gary Pinto and Calvin MitcheU, aU of Frmtland. PaUbearers wfll be Jackie Pinto, Dion Bekis, Gary Pinto and Jeffery Mason. Funerd services are under the direction of Cope Memorial

MANYGOATS - F u n e r a i services are pending tor David Manygoats, who ded Sunday. Funerd service is g at the Desert Memorial Chapel to Tuba Otv Am. Locd arrangements are un^er the direction.0f Brewer

the family home; her mother^ Louise Harrison of Bloomfield; her grandmother, UUie Lope of Kimbeto; four brothers, Steve Harrison of Salt Lake City, Utah, Roger Harrison of Farmington, Henderson Hanison of Teecnospos, Ariz., and Wayne Harrison of Bloomfield; four sisters, Gloria Hanison of Albuquerque, Lydia Blue Byes and JaWce BenWe, both of Bloomfield, and Amy Begay of Pueblo, Colo. Active paUbearers wfll be Alvin BenWe, Richard Yazzie, Henderson, Roger, and Wayne Hanison, and Johnny Blue Eyes. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Steve Hanison and George Manygoats. Funeral arrangements are under drection of Cope Memorid Chnl,

Chapel. / ^ g > 3 _


(AffieA. 7-4 ( 9 c X ~

A U U I I U U l v_

MASON Funerd mass for VirgU Eric Mason, 19, of Frmtland, wfll be at 10 a.m. Thursday at the San Juan Episcopal Mission with Bishop Frederick Putnam and the Revs. Steven Plummer and Harold Edmondson officiattag. Burid wiU be in Greenlawn Cemetery. Mason ded Friday at San Juan Regiond Medcd Center. Survivors include his parents, Harry and Margaret Mason of Frmtland; a sister, Virginia Mason at home; two brothers, FarreU Mason at home and Emerson Mason of Oceanside, CaUf.; his maternal grandmother, Dorothy Mason of Frmtland; patemd grandparents, Daisy and John Mason of Frmtland; two aunts and nine uncles. PaUbearers wfll be Bobby Harris, Clyde RusseU, Emerson Mason, Bmce Begay, Christopher Harris and WUliam C. Golbe. Honorary paUbearers , wUl be Frank Mason, Jimmy Mason, Yazzie Mason, Johnson Mason, John B. Mason, Charles Mason, Raymond Mason, Pad Mason, James Mason, Leroy Lee and Richard Golbe. Funeral arrangements are under the drection of Cope Memorial Chapel.

{' A A

A' \ ( ) '"--'''

MANYGOATS Jones Manygoats, 42, of SWprock ded Monday at the PubUc Hedth ^Sendee .Hospitd in SWprock. Funeral service is to be today at 10 ajn. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chapel ta SWprock with Bishop James Harry flegay officiating. Burial wfll be ta the SWprock Cemetery. Survivors inplude three brothers, Bmce Manygoats Jr., and Benjamin Manygoats of SWprock and Larry Manygoats of Aneth, Utah; a sister, Judy Holtsoi of SWprock; and; matemd grandfather Martin Begay of SWprock. Pdlbearers are to be Peter BenaUy, Franklin John, Benjamin Manygoats, PhiUip Begay, Bmce Man-" ygoate, and George Begay Sr. Funeral arrangements are under the.direction of Cope Memorid Chapel. , ~-A


Shiprock Woman Buried & " ^

AFunerd: sendee for - Amelia Rose McKenzie, 81, of SWprock, was held Tuesday at the SWprock Funerd Home with burid in the Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. McKenzie ded last Sunday of natural causes at the /U.S. PubUc Hedth Sendee Hospitd ta SWprock; She is survived by her husband, John;/one son, Galvin J. McKenzie; two grandchUdren; four great-grandcWldren; and oneWece. ^_*f Ana-^-t ( ? ) m NEWTON- Bah Yazzie Newton, 84, Chaco Canyon, died Sunday fat the Public Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. Funerd service wiU be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday lat the Brethren in Christ Mission at Blanco with the Rev. Scott Redhouse and Dr. Marion Heisey officiating. Burial wiU be ta the Brettiren ' in Christ Mission Cemetery. Survivors fadude three sons, Joe Cly of Chaco Canyon and David Newton and Lloyd Newton, both of.Bloomfield; and three: daughters, Emma Delgarito of Brigham City, Utah, Sade WWte of GraWte . Canyon, Wyo., and Betty !N. [ Yazzie of Farmington. There ; are 40 grandchildren and six' great-grandchildren.f PaUbearers wfll be Joe Cly, Lloyd Newton, David Newton, r' : Wdter Newton, Lew C. Begay ; and Jerry Newton; Funeral I anangements are under ttie direction of Cope Memorial ,

McROYE - Lula Mae McRoye, 24, of Emmanuel Mission, Sweetwater,: Ariz., ded Saturday at the SWprock ! PubUc Hedth Service Hospitd. Her death was attributed to natural causes. Survivors include her husband, Stadey McRoye; her. parents, James and NelUe Tom; her mother and father-in-law, Lucy an,d Posey McRoye; five sisters, Maritta, Bertha, Irene, Rosina | Jean and Loyena Jean Tom; six brothers, Henry, Alfred, Herbert, Gerald, Wesley and Emerson Tom, all of Emmanuel Mission; her matemd grandparents, Alice Thomas of Sweetwater and Thomas Hadey of Rockpbtat; her paf McCABI_--Funerd service' ternal grandmother, Mary i for\Saiidfa'Ann McCabe, 18, Poyer of Sweetwater, and two Lakewood, Colo., who died unclesKee JbWrof SweetWater Sunday in an auto accident in and James Thorn Chee of Colorado, is set for 1 p.m. SWprock. Sendees ar. pendng Thursday at KinUchee Family with Cope Memorial Chapel. Cemetery. She is survived by f McROYE Funerd service V.her mother Nellie Charley for Lula Mae McRpye, 24, of McCabe, Lakewood, Colo.; one Emmanuel Mission, Sweetbrother,. Henry McCabe Jr.; water; Ariz., wiU be at 10 ajn. five sisters, Debra, Sharon, Wednesday at the: Sweetwater Karen, Marylto and Heather Word of God Church with the McCabe, Lakewood, Colo.; and Rev. Pad Redhouse officiather paternal grandparents ing. Mrs. McRoye ded SaturDavid and Adzan McCabe, day at the Shiprock Public Kinlichee, Ariz. Funeral Heaithi Service Hospital, arangements are under "the; i Pdlbearers will be. Henry direction of Cope Memorial TomV John Tdm, Posey Chapd. A A A A 3 1 A ) X McRoye, Alfred McRoye," Bob Curley: and John Blackwater Sr. Funeral arrangements are McDONALD Funerd ser .under, the -direction of Cope vice for Grace McDonald, 71, .Memorid Chapel.' - - fe TohatcW, wfll be at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Newcomb Assembly of God Church with Missionary Marguerite Shaw officiating. Burid wUI be in the Toadena Cemetery. Mrs. McDondd was pronounced dead on arrival Tuesday at K< (AA-'r San Juan Regional Medical Center. She is survived by one t> }\ff<rC son, Tommy McDondd of Two Grey Hills. There are four * A grandchildren. Pdlbearers *~v l1^., ] wfll be Rex Ben Yazzie, Tom; my McDonald, Leonard' .Monroe, Alfred Monroe, Wallace Johnson and Hoskie Curley. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

MCDONALD-:Funrfal ser"ylce for Alvin McDondd, 73, SWprock, who ded Thursday, is pendng under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. Survivors include one daughter, Daisy LapaWe, SWprock; one son, James McDonald, Two Grey Hills;: five brothers, Wilbert McDondd, Herbert McDonald Sr.:. and Hubert McDondd Sr., aU of Two Grey HUls, GUbert CUchee,- Navajo, and Albert Johnson Sr., SWprock; two sisters, NeUie Cambridge,;. Cuba, and Elsie Napoleon, Two Grey HUls; and nine graridchildren^ A7


Chapel.// 7$^ffA.i J I T

McKENZIE - Funeral service has been set for 10 a.m. Saturday for Calvin John McKenzie, 54, of Shiprock, who was found at home Monday and was dead on anival at the Public Health Service Hospital in SWprock. The service, in the chapel of the Shiprock Funeral Home, wfll be conducted by the Rev. Abe Koolhaas of the Christian Reformed Church ta Shiprock. Burial will be in Shiprock Cemetery, with graveside services conducted by the Veteran of Foreign Wars Morgan-Singer Post No. 9517. Pallbearers will be Timothy Benally, Waldo Emerson, Leo Thomas, Ken Victor, Melvin McKenzie and Chester Atcitty. McKenzie was preceded in death by his wife, Laurine McKenzie, on Oct.,15, 1979, and his mother, Amelia Rose McKenzie, on May 22, 1977. He is survived by his father, John McKenzie of SWj. rock; two d a u g h t e r s : Nanazbah Y. Crawford- and Carmen John of Shiprock; a brother, Melvin McKenzie of Albuquerque; and a sister, Marlene Daiyis of Shiprock. There are four grandchildren. Funeral anangements are under the direction of the SWprock Funeral Home.

7LI /YIM.CrV tf'tfO


McKWU_T Fuiferal service for Edith Lapaha MdCtaley, 70, of SWprock, wfll be held at Cope Memorial. j Chapel 10 ajn. Monday with ! the Rev. James Yellowman officiattag. Burial wfll be ta Memory Gardens'cemetery, Mrs. McKtaley ded Thursday at the .PubUc. Hedth Sendee Hospitd in Phoenix, Ariz. Survivors include tiiree daughters, Virginia Deyore and Ruby McKinley, both of Shiprock, and Jane Pappvich, of Phoenix; one son, Alex Lewis, Los Angeles, Calif; and one sister, Ruby Jones, ot Table Mesa; plus >.eight .grand-'.

~ "' """TV;,-.;

children and nine greatgj:aridchi 1 d r e n . A c t i v e IpaUbearers wfll be Danny and Kfevin Lewis, David Jackson, Jonathan Devore, David Devore, and Rori Frank. Funeral arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.
_ * _ - _ . : * . , . . . - ^ . . --

..-.; "McCABE '"' TVIrs. DeUa WaUace McCabe, 47, Chfale, Ariz., ded Oct. 29 at Chide Comprehensive Health Cen/ ter. Funerd sendee wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Our . Lady of-Fatima Catholic '.": Church in Chide, with the Rev. Blane Greto, OFM, of: ; ! ^ ^ n ficiating./ Visitation will be | , _ l _ _ - _ . _ ''-. -from 1 to 3 p.m. today at the Cope Memorial Chapel in Gallup. Burid wfll be ta the i wfll. be Ridiard Henderson ' ComriiuWty Cemetery at CWand Reed Henderson. Funerde. Mrs. McCabe was bora d arrangements are under May 11, 1935, fa Fort De;the direction of Cope Memorifiance. She was a lifetime resident of Chide. She graduated from St. Michaels High [ School fa 1955. She was employed with the BIA the past 30 years and iriost recently as superintendent of the Chide Agency Office. She was. a member of Our;Lady "of Fatima CathoUc Church. She was active hi church affairs. Survivors todude her toother, Antionette T. Wallace of j CWnle; tiiree sons,. Pad Allen McCabe of Lawrence, Kan., Dean E., Etsitty; arid, Olin-Duane Etsitty of Chide;, two daughters^, Etmlce McCabe and Regina Sue Etsitty of -leriipe,!. Ariz. ; a brother John D. Wallace Jr.; of CW--We; and foursisters, Shirley. J.Garda of Chide, Johanna.: M., Kee of Many Farms,/, Ariz., Rose W. Martinez ofj M a r t i n e z and H e n r y Chfale. and Barbara J. Pick-1 Martinez. Alternates are ering of: Albuquerque.; Eldon McCabe, Henry Mc. Pdlbearers wfll Pad AUen ICabe and James L. McCabe. McCabe, Dean E. Etsitty,./ Cope Memorial Chapel of Gallup is in charge of a_ Olin Duane Eteltty, John'D. / rangements.. .,:,>;",-,i-...;.
ii7i.ii-.~ i . - ; . . j r\ .-ii,. '

McKINLEY - Funeral service for Flora BenaUy McKfaley, 66, SWprock, wfll be at 10:30 a!m. Thursday at the.H,Christian ^Reformed : Churchof SWprock with the ' Rev. Kenneth Norton offidati fag. Burid wfll be fa the SWp-7 rock C e m e t e r y . M r s , McKfaley was dead on arI rivd at the PubUc Health Service Hospitd fa SWprock Sunday. She was preceded fa death by a son, Melvin Bendly, and daughters MoUy Henderson and Rosdyn Harrison. Survivors faclude: her husband, WUUam McKfaley ofl, the, famUy home; three sons, Harry B. BenaUy of SWprock, Henry fl. BenaUy of WWterock and Sgt. Ned B. : BenaUy of Huntsvflle, Ala.; two daughters, Evelyn Bendly and Daisy KeUy of Farmington; three sisters, Jessie RusseU, Mary RusseU and Mary Watson of Frmtland; a brother, Wallace Lester, of Rock Point, Ariz:; and five halfbrothere,: George,, Richard, Harrison, Jimme and David Barber. There are 23 {grandchildren and six great-grandcWldren. PaUbearers wfll be Hany fl. Benally, Henry B. BenaUy, Sgt. Ned 1 B; BenaUy, Rudy BenaUy, Clayton BenaUy and Elmer i Joe. Honorary paUbearers

Longtime Shiprock Man, 85, Dies in Gallup

SHIPROCK - A lifetime SWprock resident, career gmdance and child care adviser with the Bureau of Inddi Affairs, ded Saturday at the ./Public Health Sendee HospiV td fa GaUup. , John McKenzie;: 85, served -fa the/U.S. Army three years arid after Ws discharge was !. asked/to try out in proi fesslonal basebaU with the ' Detroit Tigers to the American League. He was accepted for/the team, but became m"77; ' .-,__ j lonely for famUy and friends, -'; John McKenzie I returning to New Mexico | before the season opened. He ' went with the BIA fa 1928 and son, Melvin McKenzie of I retired in 1963. i r Albuquerque; a.. brother, A On retirement, he devoted Edwin McKenzie of. SWphimself to farming on a fuU- rock; and a Wece, /Marlene Davis of SWprock. There are time basis. .. ... -;/'-. / Preceded in death by his four grandchildren. The funeral sendee for wife,; AmeUa Rose MdCenzie iin: 1977 and his ody son, McKenzie wiU beat 10 a.m. Calvin J. MdCenzie in March Saturday at the ChristianRe-' 1980, he/is survived by two formedChurch of Shiprock, j granddaughters, Nanazbah conducted by the Rev. Abe i Yvonne Crawford of. Red Koolhaas and Regional Misl ROck, Ariz., and Carmen sionary David McKenzie. McKenzie John of SWprock. -Burial, will be in the SWprock ' :- ";":':. Survivors include an adopted Cemetery.-

__?^f, -P-T.-

- Hedth Sendee Hospital/A retired Bureau of Indian Affairs gmdance and diild care counselor and farmer,; he had been a lifetime SWprock resident. Survivors include a: son, Mdvin McKenzie of Albuquerque; a brother, Edwin McKenzie of SWprock; two granddaughters,; Carmen McKenzie John of SWprock and Nanazbah- !Y;ypriri'_' Crawford of Red Rock,; Ariz;; and'a Wece, Marlene Davis of \ McKENZIE - Funeral SWprock, He was preceded to sendee for John McKenzie, death by .his wife,! Amelia 85, SWprock, wfll be at 10 Rose McKenzie on May, 22, a. m. Saturday at the Chris- 1977; a daughter-in-law, tian Reformed Church of Lauraine E. McKenzie, Oct. SWprock, with the Rev. Abe 15,1979; and a son, Cdvin J. I Koolhaas and Regiond Mis- McKenzie, March 25, 1980. ; slonary David McKenzie of- PaUbearers wfll be Manuel ficiating. Burid wfll be in the John, Timothy John, Timothy.. Shiprock Cemetery, with Bendly,. Leonard McKenzie, .tgraveside rites by the Dr. Taylor McKenzie and I Morgan and Singer Veterans Larry Emerson. Funeral ar1 of Foreign Wars Post No. rangements are under'the 9517. McKenzie ded last Sat- direction of the SWprock Fuurday at the Gallup PubUc neral: Home.

tmig MMeM

fl__;_u_- Mineral wr John H. McQure; 60, Waterflow, was at 2 p.m. today at the .Open Bible Baptist Church in Waterflow, with Pastor Dondd CWtty offidating/ Burid was to GreeWawn -Cemetery. McClure died, Thursday at.Shawnee, Okla. Survivors faclude Ws wife, Mrs.; Clara McClure of the family home; two. daughters, Carole Jean. Caruso of Modtor, Wash., and Rebecca Mae Bums of Waterflow; and a brother, FrankUn McClure of Douglas, Wyo. There d-e -t o 1 r ^g.r an dch 1 Id r e n , 1 Pallbearers will be; flen ChaveZj Marvin Bums, David .'Dubose, Frank McClure, Duane: Yazzie and Paul BitSuie. Funeral arrangements are under the drection of Cope Memorid Chapel/' -



NATCHAPpNE-Funeral . s e r v i c e f o r . T e d d y W. Natchapone, 22,,; Farmington, i; who .'died /Wednesday to .San ; Jose,"Cdlf., Is set for; 10 a.m. j Monday at Cope Memorial i Chapel with the Rev. Lewis Watson officiating. Burid will.',,. X be in Memory hardens deme^-Ty tery./Survivors include his i parents; WiUiam and Margaret; ... NatchapoWj Chaco Plant; one xA brother,!Manuel Natchapone, San Jose,: Calif.; arid four sisters, VirgiWa/Mike, /Chaco,. and Beth Dempsey, Tilda and ! Helenora Natchaponi,' San ;., Jose, Calif. Funerd anange- .;. f irients are under the direction/ '3g. of Cope Memorial Chapel. A7 i_.;/":/.,;. . 8 i : ''. I __M__w___!

NAPOLEON Funerd service for Pad Napoleon, 42, Waterflow, wfll be at 10 ajn. Saturday at the Newcomb Christian Reformed Church with the Rev. Gary Klempenhower officiating. Burial wfll be fa Sheep Springs Cemetery. Napoleon ded Tuesday fa Farmington, the victim of a stabbing. He was bora June 17, 1936, at Newcomb, the son of WiUie and Stella Shortie Napoleon. He Is survived by his wife, Roslyn of Waterflow; five daughters, Priscilla, Pauline and Victoria Napoleon of Kirtland, and Anna and Lydia Haskie; two brothers, Roy Keedah and Larry Keedah of Sheep Springs; and four sisters, Irene flegay and Mary Lou Peshlakai of Sheep i Springs and Violet Johnson and Emma Dearly of Shiprock. There is one grandchild. Pdlbearers will be Larry Keedah, Roy Keedah, Henry Smith, Davidson R. Yazzie, , David Peshlakd and Hoskie CharUe. Brewer Funerd Home Is to charge of arrangments.

NEZFuneral service for /Louise Gilmore Nez, 35/of Rough Rock, Ariz., wfll be hdd at! 11 a,_i/ Tuesday at St. Mary's Catholic Church/ Father CUrran officiating/ Burial wfll be n Greenlawn Cemetery. Mrs. Nez died Wed,"./. nesday at U.S. PubUc Health Service Hospital, to Fort Defiance^Ariz; Survivors include. her husband, Frank C. Nez Sr/. of the fan-fly home; six sons,./ Delvin, Kelvins/Frank:Jr., : Roriald Delbert and Victor Nez; two daughters, Georgina; and: Alvina Nez, aU of Rough Rock; mother,: Dorothy Begay of "Rough Rock;1 father/John. Gilmore of Kayenta, Ariz.; six brothere, Cecil, Begay of Many Farms, Ariz., Victor Begay of Tsdle, Harrison, Danny, and -Alfonso E. Begay and Harvey Rex; Kee, aU of Rough Rock,four sisters, Emma Yazzie, Geneva and Mdena Begay, aU /; j of Rough Rock, and Lonaine'-" ; Tohe of Gariado, Ariz. Active^ pallbearers wlU be Cecil, Vic- ' tor J., Harrison and Danny K. , 'Begay and Larry and Benme psllsX Funeral arrangements __rgi under the direction of Cope Memorid Chanel ._-j.. oi uope Memori-if Chapel. NAHKAIFuneral-service for AUie Bisdebah Nahkd, 79, Wfadow, Rock,. Ariz:, wfll, be beld at 2 pjn.; Monday at Navajo; Methodist Mission Chapel, the Rev. Robert Hilderman offidating. Burid wfll be in Memory. Gardens. Mrs. Nahkd ded Thursday in U.S.. Public Health Service Hospital in Gallup. She is siff.yiyed by her husband, JairiPs t . Nahkd Sr, of Window Rock, Ariz.; one son, James T. Nahkai Jr., of Tohatchi; two daughters/ ' Christine. M. Blatchford of GaUup and Phillis M. Nahkd of Wfadow Rock; one brother, Jimmie Ute of Teecnospos/ Ariz.;- one sister, Virgima Begay of SWprock- There are five grandchildren and three .great-grandchildren. Adive. pallbearers wfll be Thomas E. and James Atdtty Jr., Rex Beach, Wayne Franklin,: Jack Kyselka Jr. and Ronald Clah. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.


NEZ Funeral service for Don Neiz Jr., 40, of/Carson Trading Post, will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at San Juan Episcopal Mission With the Rev. Henry L. Bird officiattag. Burial will be iri the San Juan Episcopal Mission Cemetery. PaUbearer? will be Kato Pete, David Pete, Jerry Armstrong,. Joe Jose,, Tom Jose and Sdn Nez. Nez was! dead on arrival at San Juan Regional Medcal Center Saturday. Survivors to-:, elude his/niother, Bessie Nez of Carson; one brother, Sam Nez";" and tiiree sisters^DolljL Nez, Linda Begay and-Ruth Nez, aU of Carson..Cope Memorial Chapel is to charge of .; anangements. "^^S^sffl-B8_-^_9_B_-_B_-___9H_9__.

NORBERTOFunerd ser.,-, vice for Eva. Sd-di'Norberto, 36/Cuba, whowas the victim ! of an auto-pedestrian accident Friday, is set for 1 p;m. ' Tuesday at Lybrook -Mission 1 with the Rev. John -.TrujiUo; ; officiating. She Is survived: by ': her father and mother,/ WUUe and ; Marian. _ Norberto, /Chaco ' Canyon; two-brothers,-Andy ' ; Norberto and Lee Norberto, 5 ' both of Chaco Canyon and four sisters, Rose Marie Harrison, Chaco Canyon, Elizabeth Yazde, Fannington, Patricia Hanison.:Chaco, and Dorothy Norberto, Chaco. Canyon. Active paUbearers wfll be Gilbert George/Andy Norberto,',John Tarrivo Wilfred Becenti, I Raymond Tarrivo and Eugene Harrison, Funeral arrangements are under the direction t of Cope Memorid Chapel.

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NEZ ~ Funerd service for Duane Gerald Nez;'i_14, of Teecnospos, Ariz., Is pending (with Brewer Funeral/Home. . He. was-; a student a t Mesa (Elementary Sdiool fa SWprock and is survived /by his parents,. Nelson and; Clara Nez; a brother, Nelson Nez Jr.;: three sisters, Arlene and Brenda Nez^ 'at- home, and Debbie Nakd oi SWprock;. matemd grandparents/ Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Nez; and paternal grandmother, Mary Jane Nez aU of SWprock.
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NEZFuneral: service is pending for Hany Virgil Nez, 32, of Shiprock, who was dead on arrival Friday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock. Nez was preceded'ta death by his father, Jack Nez, and brothers Jack Nez Jr. and Danny Nez. Survivors include his wife, Delphine Nez of the family home jn SWprock; Ws mother, Mary Nez of SWprock; four brothers: Lewis Kelly, Jimmy and Frank Nez of Shiprock and Curtiz Nez. of Pascagoda. Miss.; and a sister, Elise Wayne, also of Pascagoula. Funeral arrangments are under, the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.


NEZ Funerd service for Keeddi Hosteen Nez, 59, Shiprock, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the Christ the King CathoUc Church at SWprock with the Rev. Flann O-fcil, OFM, offidating. Nez died Saturday at the SWprock PubUc Hedth Sendee Hospitd. He is survived by his wife, Mary Jane Nez of SWprock; three daughters, Lena M. Nez of Albuquerque, Stella Mae Henderson of Sanostee and Grade Nez of SWprock; and two sons, -Nelson Nez of Teecnospas, Ariz., and Larry Nez of SWprock. There are tone grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

NEZ Funerd sendee for Cardfae G- Nez, 51, of SWp- ; rock,/ Is schedded at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the First Baptist Church to SWprock, with the. Rev. Dalton Edwards, the Rev. iGerald Lawton and the Rev. Kenneth Norton officiating, j _/." / f # Burial will" be in Shiprock | ,NEZ Funeral service for cemetery. Mrs. Nez ded Sun- j Alice Francisco Nez, 93, day at Mercy Hospital in j NascWtti, wfll'be at 10 ajn. Durango, Colo. A member of j. Wednesday at St. Anthony's fa the First Baptist Church to j NascWtti with the Rev.: CorSWprock, she was preceded fa j mac Antram, O F M , / o t death by her brother, Jim Tom \ Tohatchi, officiating. Burial Garnenez/in October, 1976! wfll be fa the fardly cemetery She Is survived by. her hus-. | ai j Naschitti. Mrs... Nez ded band, George fl. Nez, son Lew; i Thursday evening at her home. C. Begay and granddaughter j She, is survived by five sons, Ophelia Lou Begay, all of j WUUe Dez and Wayne Dez of SWprock, and a nephew, Jim' L NascWtti, Teddy Emerson of John Begay, whom she also j Fairmont, Cdif., BenWe Dez ; raised. Pallbearers will be ' of Sheep Springs and Bob C. Dezson of Fort Defiance, ' Johnny C. Begay, Tony GoldAriz.; and, a daughter, tooth, Tony Garnenez, Ray 1 Evangllna Dez of Naschitti. Begay,;; Phillip Yazzie and Gabriel Garaenez. Funerd ar-; j There are 24 grandchildren and n u m e r o u s g r e a t ' rangements are under the grandchildren. Pallbearers direction ot Cope Memorial wiU be Wayne Dez, Albert Nez, Chapel. Douglas Dermlson, LesUe Nez, Anderson Dez, Jefferson Dez, P a t r i c k Dennison and NARGO Funerd service for' ' Daraylson Dez. Funeral arBessie Curley Nargo/ 49;? of/ ; rangements are under the direction ot the Shiprock FuSweetwater, Ariz, wfll be at 10 neral Hnm. ajn. Saturday at Sweetwater FuU Gospel Church; With the Rev. David Wagner officiating. NEZ Funerd service for Burid wfll be to Sweetwater Keeahnih Nez, a 99-year-old, Cemetery. Pdlbearers wfllibe lifetime SWprock resident, wiU Raymond L.'Yazzie, John '; be held 10 ajn. Wediesday at Curley, Bob Curley, Alfred// the Shiprock Funeral Home ;!! Nargoj Harvey Wagoner aridi!^ chapel. Officiattag wlU be the Rev. Tom Chischllly of , Davis Wi-goner: Mrs. Nargo GaUup's Church of God. Burid ded Feb! 15 at the U.S. PubUc, wfll be ta the SWprock comHealth Service Hospital Inmunity cemetery. Nez died ; SWprock. Survivors indude her husband, Leonard: of! V dter an illness Thursday at the PubUc Hedth Service hosj, Sweetwater; seven sons; ,i_l- / 1 pital ta SWprock. A retired bert, Teecnospos, Ariz.; railroad worker, farmer, and j Alfred, Gene, David, Roger; / rancher, Nez's survivors ini Robert and Johnny Nargo,;,aU clude Ws wife, Lonaine, SWpof Sweetwater; five daughters, rock; four sons, Chee Nez. ; Jesdfe Tso Jim, Louise, Susie Fruitland, Joe Nez, Alfred i and Rosalind: Nargo, all of ! Sweetwater and Marritai. ; , , Nez, and Hanison Pettigrew, aUof SWprock; two daughters, Godd, Teecnospos. Also sur-' Mrs. Grace Shaggy, Mrs. vlvfag are two sisters, Betty Elouise Lee, both of SWprock; Yazzie and Jane Y. George of .' and 60 grandcWldren. Active 1 Sweetwater; two brothers// paUbearers wfll be Alfred Nez, j John Curley Mexican Water; I Albert Lee, Olsen Benally, and Bob Curley, Sweetwater and nine grandchildren. Cope/, Eddy Begay, Kee Shaggy Jr., ' and .Hubert Kelewood Jr. Honorary paUbearers wlU be Tony KeUywood; WilUe Jim, JuUus | Dash, and Herman KeUewood. I I Funerd arrangements are un- ( j der the direction of Shiprock Funerd Home. "

NEZFuneral service for Marjorie J. Nez, 46, SWprock, who was dead on arrival Sunday at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in SWprock, is set for 2 pjn. Wednesday at the Shiprock Christian Reformed Church with "the Rev. -Sampson Yazzie . . '._. ,--^Ar: officiating. Burid WiU" be iri Shiprock Community Cemetery. She is survived by one son;. Douglas Dee Nez; three daughters, Treina Lou Nez, Thelma Lou Nez and Delphine Lou Nez; her mother, LUUe John, SWprock; five brothers, Elbert John, /Teecnospos, Ariz., Nelson John, Teecnospos, and Charley John, Delbert John and Kee John, all of Shiprock; and two sisters, Julia Barton, Beclabito, and Christine; Yazzie, Pasgoloo, Miss. Active paUbearers wfll indude Elbert John, Charley John and Delbert John. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

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NABAHE Funeral service for Jack'Nabahe Sr., 62, of NascWtti, N.M., is schedded for Thursday at 10 ajn, at the Christian Reformed Church ta NascWtti with Rev. Edward Henry officiating. Burid is to foUow in the fa_nUy cemetery. Nabahe ded Sunday at the U.S.: Public Health Service Hospitd fa GaUup. PaUbearers wfll be:Truman Nabahe, Joe Nabahe, Alfred Nabahe, Kenneth Nabahe, Paul'Nabahe,.; Jacqufa Nabahe Jr., and: Anthony Nabahe,- a l t e r n a t e / . Nabahe Is survived by his wife, FloraNabahe ofNascWt ti; eight sons: Alfred arid Kenneth Nabahe of SWproGk/ ' Truman; arid Jacqufa /Nabahe \ "Jr. of NascWtti, Chee Nabdie j of Phoenix, Joe Nabahe of Albuquerque and Pad Nabahe t of Germany; tiiree daughters: i Juanita Nabahe O .NascWtti, f NelUe Witherspoonbf Ignacio,Colo., and Gloria Nabahe of. : Sdt Lake City, Also surviving are two brothers, Reginald

labahe of Crystelj N:M., and aymond Nabahe of NewL mb, N.Mi, and-37 grand-. ildren. Funeral arrangents are-under the direction !_pe Memorid ChapeL


NEGAIJE-Funerd Akrl\% for Crdg Attakai Negde, 5month-old son of Jack and Patricia Negate of Torreon, will be held at 1 p,m. Saturday at the Ctiapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 'Saints in Lybrook, with Presl-\ 'dent Al Chapman officiattag;; Burial will be in Lybrook ' i Cemetery.- The infant, died Monday, at the Cuba Hedth Center/Survivors include, his parents; maternal grandparents, Bflly and Anna Yazzie of Lybrook, and paternal grandparents. Jack Negde ' . and Elsie Sain, both of Tor-:! reon. Pdlbearers will be Hard Negde, Patrick Yazzie, Bobby Negde and Irvin Sam. Funerd arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

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NAHLEE Funerd service I for Eleanor Mae Nahlee, 25, of Shiprock wfll be at 10 a.m.Monday at Christ the King - Catholic Church in Shiprock , with 'the Rev. Lawrence Schreiber, OFM, officiating." Burid wfll be in Ft. Defiance Cemetery where graveside-. rTtes will be conducted^bj^ Father Simon of Ft. Defiarice, Ariz. She ded Thursday ta a traffic accident on U.S./.550. Surviyors.toclude her husband, / Harrison Joe, SWprock; two/ daughters,; Lisabeth Mae and Shannon Marie NaWee of the -,_ fariiily home; ..her father,, Parker Nahlee/ Shiprock; grandfather, Hosteen lyu : Begay, Blackmounfaln, Ariz.; four brothers, Johnson Nahlee, , Ft. Defiance; Larry NaWee* Kayenta, Ariz.; Lawrence ' Nahlee, SWprock;. and Emery Mitchell, Grants; two sisters, !. Peggy Harrison, Shiprock, and : Norma Jean Nahlee, Brigham City, Utah; father-in-law and mother-in-law. Woody and Joann Joe of Shiprock. Pallbearers at.the Shiprock church wfll be Larry NaWee, Lawrence Ndilee, Robert Kee, i Harrison Joe, Rudy Harrison >: j a n d ; P a r k e r Nah 1 e e . . i PaUbearers at.the Ft. Defiance I Cemetery will^be "Larry NaWee, Parker NaWee, Law. renee NaWee,; Hanison Joe, Albert Sltokey, and-Johnson Nahlee. Cope Memorid Chapel _ to charge of arrangements.
. _ _ . : . , .

. NELSON Funerd sendee for Henry John Nelson, 32, Frmtland, wfll be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at Cope Memorid Chapel. Burial wiU be in Memory Gardens. Nelson ded Thursday as the resdt of an automobile acddent. on U.S. 550 west of Farmington. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bertha Nelson, a son, Timothy Jonah Nelson, and a daughter, Carrie Lou Nelson, all of Grand Canyon, Ariz.; his parents, Helen and Jack Nelson; of Fruitland; two brothers,; Robert Henderson of Aztec and Robert Nelson of Frmtland; seven sisters, Dorothy HUl and Noel Nelson, SWprock; Virginia Mariano of Farmington; Wanda Hood of GaUup; Irene Benally of Winslow, Ariz., Rosebell Nelson and Rosie Nelson of Frmtland; an aunt, Wanda Johns of Teesto, Ariz.; and two grandmothers, Edth McKinley of Shiprock and Ruby Jones of Table Mesa. There are six cousins, five nieces and five nephews. Pallbearers will be Tommy Begay, Jack Nelson Sr., Harold Mariano, Raymond Begay, Robert Nelson and WUUe Jones. Funerd anarigeraents are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel. ,

NELSON ^ F u n e r a f Service for Ann D. Ndson, 75, SWprock, at 10 ajn. Saturday at the First Baptist Church, SWprock, with the Rev. Tom D. Nelson of Teecnospos, Ariz., and the Rev. Henry Begay of WindowRock, Ariz., offidating. She ded Monday at the PubUc Heath Hospital, Shiprock. Burid wfll be to the SWprock Cemetery. She was employed by former Gov. Tom Bolack at the B-Square Ranch, Farmington, for some 20 years and was a Navajo rug weaving teacher for ONEO at SWprock. She was active fa tbe Christian Churdi Association throughout the Four/Corners area. Survivors fadude two brothers, Woodrow D. Nelson, SWprock, and: the Rev. Tom JD. Nelson, Teecnospos,. and two sisters, Mrs. CeciUa Nelson Henderson and Mrs. Mary Nez of SWprock. There are U.Weces and nfae nephews. PaUbearers wiU be Franklin EUison, Herman Begay, Norman Begay, tommy Begay, Jeff Begay and Samuel Ndson. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of SWprock Funeral Home.

NET Funerd service~tor Pfc. Kendrick T. Nez, 20/wfll be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at /the Church of Jesus Christ of ' Latter-day Saints to SWprock. 1 Burid wfll be at 1,30 p.m. Tuesday to the Fort Defiance ! Cemetery. Private Nez/ who I had served fa the UiS. Marine ! Corps since .1979, was killed : Tuesday fa a training accident . | at Twentyntoe Palms, /Calif. iHe was: a 1979 graduate of |SWprock High School arid a member of the LDS:Church in SWprock. He is survived by his.' I parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tsosie j H: ,-Nez of Sanostee; two;X j brothers,' Frederick:, and ; Roderick Nez of Sanbsteei;. two' sisters, Carmen Wagoner and Deborah Nez of Sanostee/ his grandmother, Mrs;'-Aileen Begay and his g c e a t grandparents, Mr. and!J;Mrs. Gregory Yazzie, of Two/Grey HUls; an aunt, Mrs. Gpnevleve J. Billy of Sanostee;,. and two uncles,. James A.;Begay-.of Shiprock and Pad/li Begay of Newcomb. There/are numerous meces and nephews. Funeral arrangements/afe,under , the, direction of Huntsmani Fitzgerald and Son- Albuquerque funerd directors/:

NO-M '"-niSniue 'Notah, 67, of Lukachukai, Ariz., ded Saturday at the Chfale Ex- tended Care Fa'clUty. Funerd; service wfll/be held at 1 ' pjn. Tuesday at Saint,/Isabel Mission with th. ReV. Niles Kraft," OFM,! officiating. Burid Wfll be fa the Mission I Cemetery.' Survivors indude i two: daughters, Lucy Gray, a n d L u l a J o r d a n of ! Lukachukd, Ariz.; a son, PhiUip Notah of Lukachukd; j two--sisfers: Lula; Joe and 'Catherine Nakd'dto'e; and one: brother, Pad Notdi of Lukachukai. There are 21 I grandchildren and 10 great-! ' g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active paUbearers wfll be Herbert Gray, Sam Gray and; Ndson ' Yazzie. Funeral* arrangement are under t__ direction, of Cope Memorid Chapd.



SOr. NELSt Thefluneral of Ernest Jim Nelson, 27, Sheep Springs, who ded Saturday to an accident near Sheep Springs,. wUl be at the Sheep Springs LDS Chapd at 10 a.m. Wednesday with President . Harrison Johnson officiating. Burial wiU be to the Communi. ty Cemetery at Sheep Springs. Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs'. Andy J. Nelson; two sisters, Rose Mary /Mitchell and Shirley Ann Nelson, aU of "Sheep Springs; and five brothers, Steven Mitchell of Shiprock, Calvin Nelson of Farmington and Melvin J. Nelson, Andrew. J. Nelson and David J. Nelson, aU of Sheep Springs. Active paUbearers will be, David Jim Nelson, Melvin Jim Nelson, Calvin Jim Nelson, Andrew Jim Nelson, John McBrown and Raymond Parkett. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

NORTON Funeral sendee for Leonard Norton, 46, a lifetime resident of TohatcW, wiU be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the TohatcW Christian Reformed Church. Burid wfll foUov in the. commuWty .cemetery. Norton ded Monday to tht Waterflow area after an accident. After graduating from school, he served with the U.S. Army In Germany during peacetime, receiving an honorable dsdiarge. Norton then joined the Bureau of Indan Affdrs, working on a survey . crew, and later became a construction instructor for the -^Office of Navajo Economic OpportuWty. A sports enthusias., ^ N o r t o n competed fa rodeos and basketbaU. Survivors faclude ^ h l s wife, Nancy Norton, a daughter, Kerry, and a son, -_.Marvfa Norton, aU of the famUy home; four brothers, Vernon, Franklin, Frank Jr, and Arthur Norton, aU of TohatcW; - ^ three sisters, Rose Morris, NascWtti, Shirley Jean Norton of 0 TohatcW and Shirley Ann Norton, Fort Defiance, Ariz.; his * mother, Grace Norton, TohatcW; five aunts, June Dennison % j 4 and Mrs. PhiUip Ben, both of TohatcW, May Watchman, Fort ?iWingate and JosepWne Charley and Mary TeUer, both ot .^Pfaedde; a grandfather, BUly Norton, Ptoedde; an uncle, ^ A r k l e Dennison; dne nephews; and three grandchildren. _ e was preceded fa death by his father, Frank Norton Sr.; a brother, Edde Norton; a sister, Carol Hubbard;'a son, Melvin, and an aunt, PauUne CWscWUy. Arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorid Chapel, GaUup.


.111(4-1 0 . r* NEZ Funeral service for Marcia H. Nez, 55, Toadena, was held Tuesday atthe LDS Chapel, Toadena, with LDS missionaries officiating. Burid wfll be in the famUy cemetery to Toadena. Survivors include' her husband, David H. Nez of the family h o m e ; six daughters,!. Joyce H. Nez, CWistine H. Nez and Elouise H, Nez, ajl of Toadlena, Barbara H, .Ne-_nd. Jennifer,;. H,Nez, bothof Los Lunas; arid.:', .Lula H. Parrishi/Salt Lake

NAH_L_EE^-i_t__a_ l_neral sendee for Lawrence. Wallace NaWee; 34, of SWprock, wfll be at ,10 a.m. Wednesday at Christ the King CathoUc Churdi to SWprock, With Father Lawrence Schreiber officiating. He ded Saturday at SWprock. The fui nerd and miUtary service IwiU be at Our Lady of the " j Blessed Sacrament. to - Fort Defiance, Ariz., at 2 pjn.' Wednesday, with Father John Mitt .Istadt officiating. NaWee was formerly of Fort Defiance. Burid wUl be at Fort Defiance MiUtary CemeCity; Wd. -tree/Sons, Michadtery, with the VFW conductH/TSez7 of. Salt; Lake City, tog graveside sendee. ViewFraddin H. Nez of Okinawa, ing wfll be from 4-8 p.m to! and David A. Nez of Frmtland. day at Brewer Furieral PaUbearers wlU be; David A. Home. NaWee served to the Nez, Jim; Hoskie, Michael HlArmy during the Vietnam Nez, George Parrish, Fraddin Conflict tor which he rei H. Nez; and Ernest Teller. ceived the Air Medd, two Honorary pdlbearers wlU be Purple Hearts and the Bronze TaylOr Dixon,' Robert ! Dixon, Star. He is survived by his. RusseU Deal and Tommy; Lin-. . ifather,' Parker NaWee; three coin. Funeral arrangements .brothers, Johnson and Larry are under the direction of Cope iNaWee and Emery MlteheU; Memorid Chapel. jtwo sisters, Peggy Hanison and Norma NaWee; and/six nieces and four nephews. PaUbearers wfll be Parker NaWee, Johnson Nahlee, Roy i Hanison, Raymus Harrison, I Harrison Joe and Nelson BenaUyson Jr. Funeral ar rangements are under the I direction of Brewer Funerd i Home/

NEZ Funeral serv.ce_or -ieh-nah-bdi-bil-Wh Nez, 89, of'Toadena/was held at 10. a.'iff!" today at the Toadlena i- Ghiirdi of Jesus Christ of ! Latter-day Saints/with I Branch President Peairs ' Nakd offidating. Burid was in the Toadena CpmmuWty Cemetery. Nez, a retired raUroad employee, ded Monday at the GaUup Medicd Center. He is survived by two sons, Roy Foghorn of Albuquerque arid John Foghorn Sr: of Toadena; and four brothers, Elmer Tauglechee of Two Grey Hills, George, Tauglechee of Red VaUey,1 Ariz., Harry Charley of Sanostee and Monis Charley of Two Grey Hills. There are 11 1 grandchildren and two great-

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NEZ -^Funerd service for Todicheenle Y. Nez, 97, OraiU. Ariz., wlU be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Kayenta CathoUc Church, with the Bev.' Young officiating. Burid wiU be fa the family * cemetery '.at Black Mesa Ariz. Nez died Wednesday at the Tuba City Hospital:. Surrtvbrs fadude his wife, Mrs. Grace Todcheeme of .the famUy home; three daiigh-ters/Mary Lake and.Mary -Ann Bahe of Forest Lake, Ariz., and Elsie Rose Yazzie i of Vanderwagon;" a son, 1 Frankie Todachine of Kayeni ta;and a sister, Ated Bima of ! Forest-Lake. There are 25 grandcWldren and 28 greatCTandcWldren. PaUbearers wfll be John Bahe, Terry Bahe, Jimmy Tso, Sonny iWhitehdr, Ned K. BenaUy and Justin Ddton. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memond
_ _ _ _ ! . . _____! _ . . _ , ' _ - -


grandchildren. PaUbearerswfll be.Curtis Foghorn, John'Foghorn Sr., David .Foghorn,. Hemy Bafabridge Jr./Robert Baldwin and Edson Kee tela. Funeral/anangements were under the direction of the SWpcock Funeral Home. /
'Xff *

NEZ Funerd service for, Duane Gerald Nez, 14, of Teecnospos,-Ariz., is schedded for 10 a.m. Saturday at the Christian Reformed Church ta SWprock, witfijjh/ Rev. Abe Koolhaas official;7 tag. He ded Sunday near ^., SWprock.Burid wfll be in, ;' Memory Gairderis. He attended Mesa Mid-School fa SWprock. Survivors fadude bis parents, Nelson and Clara /Nez of Teecnospos; a brother, Nelson Nez Jr., and two sisters, Arlene and Bren; da Nez of ttie family .home; a sister, Debbie Nakd of SWp-( rock; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Nez, and;! paternal grandinother, Maiy Jane Nez, aU ^O-'-Wprock. PaUbearers wfll /be James Nez, David Nez, i Sidney Nez Jr., PhiUip. A. Nez, _ Duane Plummer and Richard Plummer Jr. Honorary paUbearers wiU be Sidney Nez Sr., Nelson Nez , Sr., Nelson Nez Jr., Richard | Plummer Sr, Terry Nakd, Larry Nez, Leon Nez, !Deon Henderson and Gerdd Nez. Funeral arrangements' are/


1 /&Jifh.IiI&
- vice for Harold Nelson, 27, E SWprock, wiU be at 10 a.m.' Thursday at the Christian Reformed Church, Shiprock, with the Rev. Fred Yazzie officiating. Burial -will.bei to %SWprock Cemetery/Nelson ' ded. Jan/ 2, iri, NashvUle, Tenn. He'served in the U.S. Navy from 1975 to 1977 and had worked as an orderly at Memorial Hospital fa Phoenix. Ariz,, before going to i Tennessee. SurviVors include - Ws toother, Ida Mae Nelson; a brother, Arnold Nelson; .land a sister, CeceUa Nelson, SWprock; a sister, Virgfaia Nelson, Bloomfield; mater] nd grandparents, Mr. and I Mrs. Ben C. Benally, Beclabito; and maternal grandmother, Lucy Dee, Red Mesa, Ariz. Pdlbearers wfll i be Arnold Nelson, Pad C. BenaUy Sr:, Raymond Hosteen, Andrew Lee, Hany Lee iand Samud D. BenaUy. Funeral anangements are udder the direction of Brewer Funerd Home.
nictiLo. -'.... %

: . . '

7A, NELSON/. ON 'IFuneral seribices for George Nelson, 60, lif Cove, Ariz., were held 10 p.m: Saturday at Christ the King CathoUc ChurchtoSWprock with Father Caron officiating. Burid wlU be at SWprock Cemetery. Nelson -.. tjsied in Farmington at 4:40 ajn. March 10. He was bom IRV 1922 at Cove, Ariz. Survivors faclude Ws mother, Honagani Nez Bitsie of Cove, Ariz.; two sisters, MinWe ' Conn of Cove, Ariz; Ruth Y. A Begay of Cove, Ariz.; four 1 . brothers, Rex Harrison Sr. of Gove, Ariz., WUUe Harris of j3arstow, CaUf., Harry K. Harrison of Shiprock and : avid Yazzie of Cove, Ariz. 7 .Pdlbearers will be Harry JsYi-Zzie, Harry B. Harison, John Yazzie, Christopher Harrison, Michael Begay and Davis Henry. Funeral arrangements are under the drection of Brewer Funeral
fame. :-.-.

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/ N E Z KlnUcheeme Nez, 83, Red VaUey,. Ariz., died June 5 at McKtaley County Mdibf .in Gdlup. He was born iii J u l y 1899 at Beclabito.'' Funerd service wUl be at 10 a.m. Thursday to 'the Cope Memorial Chapel, with the Rev. John TaUey of, ficlattag. Burid wfll foUow fa iShiprock Cemetery. Survivors indude his wife, Mary K. Nez of Red VaUey; nine daughters, Margaret Nakd and Freda Yellowhorse; Beclabito, Cora Nakd and Victoria' March of Red: Vdley, Clara Mae Hayes, Mesa Verde, Colo., Lorena Pad, SWprock/ Lula Mae Palmer and NelUe R. Poyer, of Teecnospos, and Unabelle Redhouse O Albuquerque; f two sons. Earl Redhouse, Albuquerque, and Claude j Redhouse, Bedabito; a sis| /ter, Mariiie Begay; add two ; brothers, Joe Jack and Floyd Yabeney, aU of Beclabito. There are-51 granddddren and 12 great-grandchildren. PaUbearers win be Manuel Nakd, Terry Nakd, Rondd BenaUy, WaUace L. Begay, Claude Redhouse Jr., and Earl Rediouse. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial ChapeL

_E_^-"Dorothy M , " M , of Waterflow, ded Tuesday In Gallup.Funeral sendee is to be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Waterflow Church of God with the Rev. Richard Yerkey officiating. Burial wfll be in Frmtland. Survivors include her husband, ; Lewis Nez; four sons, Lawrence, Lee and Raymond Nez and Hariy Chee -. pf Waterflow; tiiree daughters, Bessie and Margie Nez. of Waterflow and PauUne Nez of SWprock; two "brothers, Sato and Dick Begay of Carson; and a sister, Mary Yazzie of Carson. .There are seyen/ grand' children. PaUbearers.will be Harry Chee, Dondd Yazzie, Xee Nez, Mike Barbara/Raymond Nez and James Dde;; | Funeral arrangements are "under the direction of Basin Mortuary. / /


NEZ Furieral service for Bitonie Charley Nez, Sl/.itittlewater Trading Post, is to be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at Cope Memorid Chapd, with Cal Nez Officiating. Burid wiU be in SWprock Cemetery. . Nez ded Saturday at Lit; tlewater. He was bom Aug. 15, 1900, in Toadlena. A former Sanostee Chapter president, he worked on U.S. ; Highway 666 and as a freighter, miner and rancher. Survivors faclude his wife, Mary B. Nez, of their home; two daughters, AnWe C. Henderson, of the family home, and Sade R, Morris, Aztec; ttiree sons, Richard C. Nez, Red Rock, Ariz., and David C. Nez and James C. Nez, both of tbe. family borne; two sisters, Georgia Cohoe, Todto, arid Teresa Charley, Toadlena.: There are 17 grandchildren and seven g r e a t - g r a n d c hi 1d r e n. PaUbearers wfll be Ervin Henderson, Rondd BenaUy, James C. Nez, David C. Nez /Jr.,' Fred Charles and Larry Henderson. Funeral arrangements are under the direction , of _$pe Memorid Chapel. '

NEZ Funerd service for M_.MinmeiNez,'90f Sffipfock, will be at10 a.m. Wednesday at the Mesa View Assembly of God Church to SWprock with the Rev. Charles Lee officiating. Burid wfll be to the SWprock Cemetery. Mrs. Nez ded Sunday at the PubUc Health Sendee Hospitd to SWprock. Friehds may caU at the Brewer Funeral Home until 8 p.m. today. Survivors fadude four daughters, Mary Joe, Marie BenaUy and Julia Peshfakd of SWprock, and AUce Jackson ' of Fanrifagton; and two sons, Nelson Nez and Miark Dan of SWprock. There are 28 grandcWldren, 54 great-grandcWldren and one great-grandson. PaUbearers wfll be Louis Tdk, Larry Dan, Louis BenaUy, Tecumseh Jackson, Vemon j Dan and Jimmy Dan. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Tom'i Benally, Jerry BenaUy, Robert Mark, Nelsori: Nez, Mark | Dan, James BenaUy and Robert Joe. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of the Brewer Funerd Home.

':_ _.. *?.,__i/ ,


Nonis, 44;, of Rough Rock, Ariz., ded WednesdayfaSanta Aria, Cdif. Nonis was headnasfer of the; Navajo ; Academy for severd months after Ws appointment fa Jdy : 1979. He- also spent one year at the; Navajo Commumty /College with the;office of Re!;:seardi; and Planning as a | self-employed educational 5 cbrtsdtant.^A visitation service wfll be at the Chapel of ; the Chimes Mortuary in Glendde, Ariz., from 5-9 pjn. .Sunday. Funerd sendee is to be at 11; a.m. Monday at the .mortuary With, the Rev. f. Arthur- Norris officiating. Burid wfll be to Resthaven " Park Cemeteiy .hi Glendde. ii Bom Etec., 21,1938, to Kaypn/ ta, Ariz., Norris Uved there p most of his life. He workedi'.for '.six years as ', assisted I 'educatibnal administrator at L the Umverslty of Arizona. He is survived by his wife, Sharon Norris of Rough Rock, Ariz.; tWee sons, Darryl, -Terrance and Robert Nonis Jr. of Perch, Ariz.; Ws mother, MUdred BenaUy of Rough//Rock; six"brothets, Alfred; Yazzi "and; Woody /.. Benally O/ Kayenta, 'Jeny f BenaUydf SWprock, MtcheU -and' Timothy Benally of /Rough Rock; and!: Tdly Norris of Phoenix/Ariz.; and his ! foster-parents, the fRev/and '". M_. Arthm-Noriis:of Cortez, .".Colo.Furierd arrangements '/are under the direction of the . Chapel pf,.-;the Chimes v Mortuary, 7924.N. 59th Ave.,

/ NELSON /--/FiMprd. ser-/ vice for Woodrow D. Nelson Sr., 79, SWprock, Wfll be'at 9:30-a.m. Thursday at the First United Methodist Chin-chief SWprock, with the-. Rey. Fred. Yazzie 'officiating/. Buri-d/-w_U:: bei/iri -MemoryGardens; with Anurias Lodge No/ 25 'performing tiie graveside rites. Visitation will be from 2 until 8 p.m. Wednesday ; at, the ' Brewer': Funeral Home : Chapel/ Nelson .ded Sunday at/theiPubUc Health Sendee Hospitd fa SWprock. Hewas a 32nd-Degree.Mason and a.member/of the Shririe.: Ne_on was'.cbrorganizer O f the Navajo Tribal Band and a member of the Albuquerque Shrine' Bdid./Sundvors include his wife, Mrs. LUUan Nelson of the family home; two sons, Eugiene Nelson df Cedar Hill and 'Woodrpw Nelsoh Jr. of; Kirtland; three daughters; / Georgia Briggs - and CeceUa Nelson of/SWprpek and Roselyn-Nelson of //Oakland/ Cdif.; a/brother, Tom Nelson of Teecnospos, Ariz.; and two sisters, Mary .Nez and; CeceUa Henderson/of ' SWprock. There are 17 grandcWldren and seven greatgrandchildren. ' Pallbearers -wilt" be/Nbnnan-' Nelson, ! James Spade Sr.,; Justin Sals, Sam Nelson, Irvin Largo and Carl R.eauvais. Honorary paUbearers wfll be the members of the; Navajo Tribal Band and Shrine rs Band of Albuquerque. Funeral ar. rangements are under the direction of Brewer Funeral Home.


Glendde, i0.'' (Cf Jj/


OLIVER Funerd sendee for Pad OUver, 50, Mexican Hat, Uteh, wUl be at 10 ajn. Thursday at the Montezuma Creek Baptist Churdi with the Rev. Johnny Nells offidating. Burid wiU be in the family cemetery at Aneth, Utah. He ded Feb. 15 in Farmington. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Gladys OUver of Mexican . Hat; three daughters, Juarata;: Nells of Ramah and Rosita and SteUa Oliver of Mexican Hat; five sons; Jimmie, Murphy, , Peter Paul, Pad James and , Curtis OUvers, dl of Mexk_ri . Hat; three sisters,'XMrs. .', ,' Charlie Whitehorse,. Esther ] Nakd and Helena Bizardi, dl of Anthen; two brothers, Caleb Tsosie of Teecnospos, Ariz., and Jimmie Tsosie of Aneth. Pallbearers will be Jimmie OUver, Murphy OUvd>: Forrest Tsosie, Jimmie Tsode?.Peter Pad OUver and Dori Toleno. Funerd arrangements are un- \ der the! direction of Cope -, Memorid Chapel^ g e ^ / y ^

OLIVER l^ttunerai ^servicei for Ricky Roger OUver, : 23, of Aneth,. Uteh, iwfll be held 10,a.m. Wednesday at - the Calvary Baptist Church to Montezuma Greek, Utah, with Kee RusseU of SWprock . officiating: Burid wiU be in the .family cemetery- in Aneth. OUver ded Tuesday - dght to a two-victim traffic ' collision in the Aneth area on State Highway 262. OUver lastatt_ic_o_5cho_ atIntermountain High School in !!Brigham City, Utah. Sur- .-V-Vors include Ws wife, Liflie /Jones OUver of Aneth; one ison, Ruben Aldon OUver; one j daughter, Blaire Faye OUver, and Ws parents, Harvey and Stella. Scott OUver,.; aU of Aneth. Active pallbearers wfll be Dutchman Rente Sr., Dutchman Rentz Jr., Elvis -Rente, Edsoh Han.ey, WUUe Jones, Herman Nakd, John . Lansing, and Johnrae Jones. 'Funeral arrarigements aire under the direction of the SWprock .Funeral Home.


POLICEFunerd service for Mary Gleason PoUce, 65, of Two Grey HUls, wfll be held at 2 pjn. Monday at Assembly ot God' Church in Newcomb. BuridwiU be to Black House Mesa Cemetery. Mrs.-PoUce was dead on arrivd at U.S!. PubUc Hedth Service Hospitd to SWprock Survivors include' PEJEO-mineral s( her husband, Lee PoUce of the for Jeanette Pete, 40; Fann- family home; one son, Johnny ington, is scheduled for 10 PoUce; five daughters, MinWe a.m. Saturday at the Ameri- Manygoat, Daisy Howe, AriWe can Indan Bible Mission, Thomas, dl of Two Grey HUls; with Mrs. CA. Cheeseman of- i Mary Ann Police and Lull floating.. Burid wfll be in Rojas of Redwood Cityi Cdif.; Rose Garden-Cemetery, Upper Fruitland. She ded Sun- two brothers, Ben Frank and/day. Survivors Include her Notah Wilson of Two Grey mother, LiUie Russdl, Farm- HiUs; four sisters, Lillie ington; two sisters,- Pauline Brown, AUce F. Sam, Nancy J. Pete, Farmington, and Vir- BenaUy and' Ruth Johnson of ginia Nakai/ Red VaUey, Two GreyHUls. There are 19 Ariz.;; a brother^ Richard g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active Pete, Upper Fruitland; ttiree paUbearers will be Roy arid sons/and/ two daughters. Leroy Lee, Johnny Manygoat, PaUbearers wfll be Raymond Richard Benally, Johnson S.Fdton, Robert Jim, Cecil Frank and Casey Sanders. Jim, Ridiard Pete, Jimmy Funeral arrangements are unNakai and Phillip Blackie. I der the direction of Cope Funeral arrangements are | Memorial Chapel. being directed;by.Cope Memorid .ChapeLj<f" 1 / PALMERFuneral service for Frederick Palmer, 24, Frmtland, who ded from stab wounds Saturday in Upper Fmitland, is set for 10 ajn. Thursday at Lee & Oviatt Chapel with Bessie Teswood offidating. Burid wfll be ta Greenlawn Cemeteiy. A native of New'Mexico, Palmer was bora Aug. 3, 1953, to Andrew Palmer and the former Hazel., ChiscWUie. He was a member of the Assembly of God Churdi. Palmer worked as a mason block .layer. He is ; survived by his father and v mother, Andrew and Hazel Palmer/three sisters,-Lucyv Dundas and Patricia Palmer, both of Fniitland, and Jo Ann Jones of Arizona; and three brothers, Ivan of Phoenix, Ariz., and Ernest and Larry, both of Frdtland. PaUbearers Wfll be Thomas Begay, JohnWe Begay, Emest Palmer, Lance Yazzie, Sam L/ Manuelito and Michael Begay. Funeral arrangements" are under the direction of Lee & Oviatt Mortuary, / - | A rfAf?

PLATERO- Funeral c ' for..Michael { uf"" ^ ^ s o n o f ^ a S t d '
-. -_._._ /* tft-rr

i Marlene Platero, 2808 East Main/will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Cope Memorid Chapel with the Rev. CharUe Y. Brown'officiating. Burid wfll be in Memory Gardens. CThe baby ded Friday at the /family home. Survivors, in /addtion to Ws parents, include his paternal/ gran dp ar ente, .Rodger Sr. and Marie-Platero of"Blopmfield; maternal grandmother, _ena; Victor of j Carson;; paternal great| grandmother, Esenapa MarI tain,- Shiprock;..;_naternal :.great-grandmother, Mae Vici tor of Carson; numerous uncles,--aunts and other relatives. Funerd arrangements are un-. I der direction of Cope Memorid .ChapeL

Chapel. t 9 - - / ^ - i y i n y

PESHLAK_i Funerd service for PWUip Peshlakd, 25,: i of Hogback, is set for 10 ajn. Saturday at the LDS Chapel ta ! SWprock, with Bishop Jerry W.; Thomas officiating. Burial will be in Shiprock Cemetery. Peshtokai died Sunday toSWprock. Survivors include his ..father, R o y - E n o a h ; a : brother, WUliam Peshlakai, and a sister, Rose Elizabeth, aU of Hogback; and his maternal grandparents Tom and Daisy Peshlakd of Hogback. Active paUbearers at the funeral wfll be Herman Atcitty, Edison Reuben; Carlton Ross, Franklin Foster, Elder Dondd L. Spatig and Elder Bmce K./ Barton. Patrick Lee wfll be an honorary paUbearer.' Funeral, arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

PETTIGREW Funeral service for-Bertha Pettigrew, ,68, of Waterflow wiU be at 2 pjn. Thursday at the Christian Reformed Church fa SWprock with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie officiating. She was declared dead on arrivd at the PubUc Health Service Hospital in Shiprock Tuesday. Burid wiU be at the SWprock cemetery. She worked as a foster grandparent With the ONEO program. Survivors include: a son, Homer Pettigrew; tiiree daughters, JenWe Begay, Lda and Lou Ella Pettigrew; a brother, Kd O Nez and a W niece, Joan D.' Lee aU of SWprock. There are 13 grandchildren. PaUbearers wiU be Homer Pettigrew, Raymond D. Lee Sr., Arnold Pettigrew, John Pettigrew, Fred D. Begay HI and Davis Lee with Herman Lee as an alternate. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel

i.Area Resident Dies m.Mishap

Uy&f~ i f
j" Bill Platero, 50, Carson i -Tradirig Post,- has been identi! fled as the man who was kflled I by air- auto at 5:50 p.m. ' Thursday on the road to the : Arizona -PubUc Sendee Four Comets Power Plant. j "" The identity of .Platero? who ' was stmck by an auto driven : by Jackson Henderson,. 24, ' Fniitland, was not.immedlatej ly known. Shiprock Tribal Po! lice said Platero was lying; ta the road; when; run over. Funeral service is pending ! under' the direction of Cope ; Memorial ChapeL / ' 9 ' 7 A


PESHLAKAI-Robert Peshlakai Sr., 47,. of Waterflow, died Thursday at Bataan Memo'rral H o s p i t a l in I Albuquerque. He is survived by Wis parents; Tom and Daisy Peshlakai of Hogback; two j sons, Robert Jr./of/Lubbock,i Tex., and Arthur of New York, !'' City; one daughter, Roberta; Peshlakai of HOgback Trading: Post; two brothers, Thomas'of. Hogback; and H a r r y of Frmtland; two sisters; Dorothy Foster;*of Hogback and Mae Atcitty of; Frmtland;/ and - one. grandthU'd! Fiineral arrange/ ments are pending at Cope; Memorid Chapel, / f ' - ? ' ? ;

, I I



\ .PESHLAKAI Daisy Peshlakai of Hogback died Sunday 'at the PubUc Hedth Sendee Hospital at SWprock. She;was 70. The funerd service wUlbfe at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the SWprock ward of the-Church:of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with Bishop Jerry WUUam Thomas officiating: BUrid wlU be in the Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs.,, J PeshlakM'Was' a rtig weaver fa; the SWprock-Hogback area for / many years. Survivors include f her husband, Tom; two sons, Thomas of Hogback and'Harry of IHrdtiarid; two daughters/ Dorbthy Foster of Hogback and Mae Etcitty of Frmtland; tiiree brothers, Johnny WWte; David WWte and Tom WWte, aU of Shiprock; iive sisters, Esther William of Shiprock, Esther Lee of Sweetwater, Ariz., Padfae Bendly of Cove, Ariz./Annip Foster of Fort Defiance, Ariz., and Hazel of SWprock. There are 27 grandchlldren/and 18 .greatgrandchildren...Pdlbearers ; wfll bC,Carlton Ross, Herman Etcitty/. Hariry Peshlakai, Elder- Curtis Watson, Elder David WUUs and Elder Pad ; Trone/j Arrangements 'are under the direction of Cope Memorid ChapeL / j .7 gA,'..
-'.".'.--r-.i^i----.-----''. ;

/ I


PHILLIPS Funerd service for Sidney PhiUips, 100, Shiprock, who died Saturday! at the U.S. PubUc Health Service i Hospitd in Shiprpck. is set for .10 ajn. Monday: at Christ the King CathoUc Church with the ,Rev. Flarin O'Neal bfflclatfag, Burialrwill be in/Shiprock I Cemetery Phillips was a r&tired'tribd judge. He is sur. vived by three sons,. Abe 1 : PhUUps,.Wilson C.i PhiUips and >; ,James; Gene Phillips; two /'daughters, Josephine Woods 7 and/Ida Cleveland, all/of; j Shiprock; onie brother-in-law, Hairy- Sandovd, SWprock; 17 ft grandchildren; 28 great( grandcWldren and five great great-graridchidlren. Active i paUbearers wfllbe Albert Beni nett; RandaU Cleveland, Hugh Cleveland n, RonWe A. Benj- nett,;. Herman Cleveland; and /Paul, Sadpval., Funeral"ar-" i rangemenls; a r e under the.; direction pf Cope Memorial Cha{*el/ /-

PAUL Funerd sendee for i May Paul, Bloomfield,'who PINEFunerd sendee tor / d e d Friday at Hogback, wfll Hazel Newton Pine, 34, Box be at 10 ajn. Wednesday at the : Brewer Funerd Home Chapel. 207, who died at San Juan four aunts, Marian BlUlman,. i A life resident of New Mexico, j Mrs. Pad was bom ta 1924 in Regiond Medcd Center Fri- Navajo; Emma DelgaritO, ' Huerfano to Leo and Julia day, Is slated ' for 10 'ajn. Brigham City, Utah; Sadie (Armstrong) Todacheede Sr. Wednesday at Brethren Iri White, Granite, Wyo:/ and Christ Mission with Dr. Marion Betty N. Yazzie, Farmington; \ Mrs. Pad was a mg weaver. ! In addtion to her; husband, Joe Heisey and the Rev. John. and/her, grandmother, Bah 1 Paul Sr., survivors include Peter Yazzie offidating. Burid Yazzie Newton, SWprock. Ac\ eight sons: Stover Pad and wfll be In^Brethren to Christ tive paUbearers wfll be David i David Paul of Shiprock; MissionCeinetery. Visitation Newton, Walter Newton, Joe ' Samuel Pad-of CWeago; Joe hours at Cope Memorial Cly, Lloyd Newton/Rudy : J. Paul of Bloomfield; and Chapel are from 8 ajn.: to 9 Yazzie "and J.C. Begay,- FunerDaniel Pad, Ervin Pad, Timp.m. Tuesday/ The casket wlU al arrangements are under the mle Pad and Ricky Pad, aU not be open; for the sendee. direction of Cope Memorial : of Huerfano; five daughters: She Is survived by her Wis- Chapel ! Ruby Hernandez/-pf Los band, Fred Pine, Carson Tradi Angeles, Evelyn Gonzales and ing P o s t / h e r father Roy Newton, Shiprock; her daughPINTO-Funeral se__ce for | S 1 ? 3 " 0 ^ , P a u ,! M 1 T r ? l 0 " ' ter, Lenora Platero, Huerfano; Lucy C. Pinto, 44, Counselor's, I N;J-> d IsabeU Pad and EUa five sisters, Evelyn N. Begay, who ded Saturday at the Cuba I Mae Paul of Herfano; four Chaco Canyon; Lorraine N. Hedth Center, Is set for 1 p.m. i s i s t e r s : M ^ Cambridge and Yazzie, Farmington; Grace N. Thursday at <>-- _ the Brethern Lillie Lapahe and Mabel Steley AnabeUe Pad of Durango and Begay, Shiprock; Nlta N. Navajo<--- -^ to Counselor's I pf Los Angeles; and twoMission Begay, White Rock;; and with the Rev,.John Tmjillo brothers: Frank Pad -of Sdt Carolyn N. WaUace, SWprock; offidatlh'g.' Htli&:D'wl-l^ L/ta Lake City and Steven Pad: of her brother; Wdter Newton, Mission: Cemetery; She: is- sur- Denver. There are 18-grandFrmtland; ttiree uncles, Joe vived by her husbarid Lincoln children. Brewer Funeral. Pinto, Counsdor'-f; "twb"!sbi_, Home is to charge of arrangeCly, Chaco Canyon, _)ayid Leroy and Boyd Pinto, Coim- 1 Newton, -Farmington, and ments. ) ' 1 ^T,^rmUrm 1^ 1*j. selor's; her- daughter Judy ! Lloyd Newton, Bloomfield; Pinto Haines, Counselor's; four sisters, Bessie Refed, Ojo Encino, May M.; Costillo, -%2AFsAl<fr$ - Pauline Janecka and Leda PETEFunerd Service for Charley, aU of Albuquerque; P ^ T ^ N t e r y Jack Ptfte, John Pete, 35, SWprock, who/ and her granddaughter Lisa 66, Shiprock, died Saturday at was-dead on arrivd Sunday at Haines, Counselor's. Active the PubUc Health Service Hosthe San Juan Regiond Medical pallbearers will be Lincoln Center, Is pendfag^urider the. Pinto, Boyd Pinto, Andy i pitel in SWprock. Funerd serCharley, Leroy Pinto, WiUiam I vice wiU be at 10 ajn. Thursdirection- of Cope Memorial Haines, and WUUe Haines Jr. 1 day at Christ the Ktag CathoUc Chapel. He Is survived by bis Funeral arrangements are un- I Church ta SWprock With the /Rev. Lawrence Schreiber, wife, Bessie Pete, SWprock; der the direction of Cope 1 his mother, LilUe RusseU; and Memorid Chapel. _ OFM, officiating. Burid will a nephew, Robert Jim. _ ...:,. ', be .fa toe SWprock Cemetery. _ . A i o A A n j / She is-survived by two/sons, : I'- Raymond H. Pete arid Larry Pete, both of SWprock; arid three daughters, Irene H. Pete; PATTERSONFuneral ser inrec _ _,-1-> -'AHA<?-/. 77 .iijinauiNrunerai ser p e te vice for Joe Toledo Patterson, ,.1 of SWprock, Juaniia n . - - . rf PI_ATERO Funeral sferWl ' 6, of Ton-eonwfll be held at 10- ' a n d Laura M. Pete,s " .,, vice is pending for Bill a.m. Friday at Torreon Navajo Platen^ 50, of Carson Trading Mission With burid in Torreon be Raymond Pete,Larry f m Post, who ded Thursday fa the Charles Yellowhorse, Arnold Mission Cemetery. The Rev. / Nanahnezad area as the resdt David Skiles will officiate. of an accident. He is survived Tom Benally. Funeral ar Pdlbearers; wfll be Peter Joe by his. wife, Jane Begay rangements are under the Toledo, Hany L. Yazzie, John Platero, arid three /.daughters, Sfction of Cope Memorial T. Antonlon, Jimmie M. JoAnri Martinezv Bernice Toledo, Gary Lopez and JohnChapeL Platero and Rebecca Eldridge, son D. Sandovd. Lee* & Oviatt - dl of Fdmlngton. There are Mortuary is in charge of eight grandchildren. Furieral arrangements;'?- X l " 1*1171 arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial

,3_<r KALA,



ChapeL-/ /fXAfS "7




,-. JP ._.;:>J#a.?? .

' ; - - ; ' : . ; . ! ^ 5 f t ? = _ - . ' ~ ^ . -

'_?A/UL - _aindr-f xMce for Curtis and Levi Joe Curtis/aU,', LaVema Mae Curtis Pad, 26, of Farmington;' maternal;; 603 W. Pinon, WU be at 10 ajn. grandmother, Grace Norberto i Thursday at. Cope Memorid of Nageezi; paternal grand. Chapel with President Bob father, Charley Curtis of SWp- ; Begay and Joe Slim of the rock, and numerous aunts,.! PARRETT "Funeral ser- j Frmtland Alma branch of the uncles, meces and nephews. vice for Edgar W. Parrel., 81, | , Church of Jesus Christ of Pallbearers will be Wayne Ignacio, Goto., who ded this i Latter-day Saints officiating. Curtis,.-Larry Curtis; Alvin morning at San Juan Regional ! Burid wiU be ta Rose Garden Norberto; Timothy Jim, Medcd Center of natural': Cemetery, Mrs,'Paul was Edous Wabbtagton and Johncauses, is pending. Parrett/ found dead Jan. 31. She is ny Welch J r . Honorary was employed by the Bureau ' survived by two sons, Donovan pallbearers will be Jimmy of Indian Affairs in SWprock, a : Curtis Pad of Shiprock and Draper .and Jeny Norberto. job from" wWch he retired in I David Paul of Crownpoint; Funeral anangements are un1948. Parrett had been a :- four sisters, Lenora Draper of der the direction of Cope resident of the area until two ;! I Frmtland and Lonaine Wab- Memorial ChapeL. years ago when he moved to I bington, Vera Jane Pad and Ignacio.- He was preceded ta j Donatoe Pad, dl of Farmdeath by1 his wife, Lillian/ ington; three brothers, Elmer 6.Panett, who ded in 1959; ac Donald Curtis, Ervin Leo ' PETEB-Funeral service! daughter, MlWred Leonard of/ : ; for Mabel D. Peter,. 51, off; Ignacio; and three sisters/ Upper Frmtland wfll be held at Grace SmaUey of South Sden/1-.p.m. Monday -at Cope Ohio,! L u c y B a i r d of Meriiorial Chapel with the Rev. Cucamonga, Calif, and Dori_ James YeUbwman officiating/.. Freeman of St. Petersburg Burial wiU be in Memory Fla., as weU as three grand Gardens Cemetery. Mrs. P_er' sons and six g r e a t ded! Thursday after an illness. PVATTETKO AYi/amy grandchildreri. Funeral ai at the U.S.-.; Public Health*1 Platero, 28, 1030 W. Main/ded rangements are under th> Sendee hospital fa SWprock// Saturday ta Albuquerque. Fudirection of Cope Memoria. She was a rug weaver and past/ nerd service wfll beat 10/ajn. Chapel: ' -. i r r -: member of.the Sheep Growers j Wedriesday at the Cope MemoAssociation/She Is survived by prial Chapel/ With the. Rev. her husbdid, James E). PPter, 'Harvey Bitsfllle officiating! of the /family home; five Burial will be in Memory daughters, Rena P e t e r , , Gardens. He was a member of I- Mm'tha, Harris, Arlene. Peter, ' % ' Local Union No. 16. He is | Lenora/Peter, .ail of Upper survived by/his wife, Louise f Fruitland, and; Irene Henlo, PHILLIPS Kunera . Platero of the fatnlly honie; a /Gajlup; four.sons, Clarence vice-for Stella Mae PhiUips, : son,;. Leander /Platero, and a ,/Peterson, Frank Peter, Fred 50, Teecnospos, Ariz., wfll be , daughter, Deahdra Platejqi i Peter and Arnold Peter, d l of at 10 ajn. Tuesday at Cope /"both of Farmirigton; /.Ws/ pa:;, Upper Frmtland;; a brother,, Memorid Chapel with tiie rents, Tony and/RiUa Platero James Burtbn,-Farmlngtori;: Rev. Andrew Begaye offidatof Huerfano;/ two brothers, ;; four sisters, Ruth Ford, Mae ing. Burid will be ta Greeih Billie .Platero arid George /: Raymond, Marie Barber, aU of lawn Cemetery. Miss PWUips Harkes, both of Huerfano; two j: Upper. Frultland,; and Anne ded Thursday at the PubUc; s i s t e r s , Laura Jim of Health Service Hospitd fa Albuquerque and Lorraine /YeUowman, Fruitland. There' SWprock. She Is survived by; Platero of Huerfano; arid an/ are four grandchUdren, Active four sisters, Victoria Bekis,; aunt, Susan Todacheene of pallbearers will be Fred, FanWe PWUips, Daisy Phil--. Huerfano. PaUbearers will bei. ! David, and Frank Peter, Ups and Jean Slowman, aU of BUly Platero, Robert Tafpyaf ;. Clarence Peterson, Tommy Teecnospos; two brothers. Alfred TrujiUo, John Berekley,' Pad and WiUiam PWUips,. 'Henio, .and. Wilson Harris. Wafface Todacheene and Rorit both of SWprock. PaUbeartrs j WilUam Lee is an. dtemate nie H a r k e s . H o n o r a r y will be Tom Tso, Kee : pallbearer/ Funeral paUbearers wiU be Jbe-BenaF GiUWood,: Woody Lee, Ned j anangements are under the : ly, Harold BenaUy/Dan Benal McKinsley, Herman John I' direction- of Cope Memorial ly and Harrison Benally. and Peter WWtehorse, Funeral arrangements are under Funeral anangements are urife the direction of Cope Memorider the direction of Cope: V ' - _S _ S S 5 ''- d-Chapel. Memoria] Chapel: PINTO Funerd service ', for Marie Pinto, 32, of Farm[ ington, is pending with ! Brewer Funerd Home. Mrs. Pinto ded at Lovelace Clinic: fa Albuquerque Sunday. Sur-vivors faclude her daughter and son; four sisters and one- ! brother.
. :

PETTIGREW - F u n e r a l / service for Leonard Pettigrew/ 35, Shiprock, wiU beat 10 a.m. -. Thursday; at; Clirlst theKtag/ CathoUc Church in" SWprock with the: Rev. "Lawrence,-. Schrieber, OFM-, officiating. Burid wfll be in. the veterans' section of the SWprock Ceme; tery. Graveside sendee wfll be conducted by the Shiprock 1 Veterans of Foreign Wars. H e ) i was an electrode technician with Southem BeU. He was preceded in death hy; his mother, Stella Mae Aspaas : Pettigrew, in 1977. Survivors . (include his father, Leroy Pet- /tigrew, of Shiprock; ; three 1 daughters,, Terri; Ann Pettigrew, .Theresa Pettigrew and ! .Loma Ruth Pettigrew, aU of Shiprock; four brothers, Leroy

Pettigrew Jr. ipf Burbank,;; Calif., Arnold Pettigrew Sr. of jHuerfario, Melvin Pettigrew of, ,'Las Cruces and; Leod "Pet-/ tigrew of Burbank; and -five sisters, Rose Mary Pettigrew of-Los Lunas, /Jime C. Dennison of -Tohatchi, Carisa i Barkhurst of, Prescott, /Ariz.,/ iLinda Pettigrew of Pittsburg," Kan., and Janice Pettigrew of .Lawrence, Kan. Pallbearers wiU be- Leroy .Pettigrew Jr., Mel _n! Pettigrew/Leon Pet: tigrew, AsWey Aspaas, Abbott : Aspaas Jr. and Frank Aspaas Jr. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Araold Pettigrew, PatrickL. Denmson, RusseU Joe and Rtiby Harrison. Funeral arrangements are under direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.

pATO!l^^_SeralSe^_ce for Vera Patrick, 75, SWprock,, is pending with Basin Mortuary. Retired from the . Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mrs.;! Patrtok died Friday at the/ PubUc/Hedth Service hospitd in SWprock after an : illness,.; She was preceded in death by 7 i her: husband/ Joej^and a ,son|f Benjamin. Survivors include| one daughter, Mrs. Chester;. "Betty" Chase of Shiprock; six grandchildren;and three greatgrandchildren. ;





& J t A * A^A-Tr
PLATERO Funeral Service for Jane Lomse Platero, 38, Farmington, will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Cope Memorial Chapel with the Rev. David Tutt officiating. Burid wfll follow ta Memory Gardens cemelery. Mrs. Platero was brought last Wednesday to the Public Health in Shiprock and pronounced dead on arrival. Survivors .elude three sons,: Henry 'gay Jr. and PhiUip Begay atero, both of Farmington, Edison Lee Begay; ", Carson; four daughters, t Juanita Begay and Diana Rose Platero, both df Farmington, PrisciUa Rose. Begay, GaUup, and Victoria Ann Begay, Crownpoint; her father, Joe BUly, of Bisti; two /brothers, Darnel Billy, Ojo Amarfllo, and Tom BUly, Farmington; two sisters, ; Jarie Rose Ploche, Upper Frmtland, and Gloria Ann BUly, Los Angeles, Calif.; paternal grandmother, Mary Yazzie, Bisti; maternal grandm o t he r;, S a rah S u c c o, Whiterock; one granddaughter, Shannon Begay, Gallup;, and six aunts and . uncles. Active paUbearers wfll be Henry Begay Jr., Jerry Begay, Ricky Nelson Long, Raymond Succo, Daniel BUly and Edison Thomas. Funeral ' anangemerits' are'under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. n

tHILLriPS - r A-gravdsSe funerd service for Helen Phillips,,32, of Albuquerque Was held/at10 a.m. today with" Elder Chester Yazzie officiating at the SWprock Cemetery. She ded Friday at BemaliUo County Medcd Center in Albuquerque. Survivors in-; elude three.daughters: Jac-/ quehne/ and; Yolanda Ridffles, both/of Wichita/Kan., and: Wendy Phillips; her father, Johnson;Yazzie of Newcomb;; her mother, Agnes Yazzie of Cortez, Cold.; a sister, Victoria Yazzie of Sdt Lake City; four brothers: Chester Yazzie of Lower Greasewood, Ariz., Wilfred Yazzie of Cincinnati, OWo, Tony Yazzie of Shiprock and Melton Yazzie of Cortez, Colo., and her matemal grandparents, John Cato and Jane Sells :of. Shiprock.. Active pallbearers will be Chester I Yazzie/ Tony Yazzie,' Milton Yazzie, Henderson Burke, Henry Hayes and Brian Yazzie. Funerd anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel-

PUGGIEi/- Funerd service for Tom Puggie, 99, SWprock, has been set for 10 a.m. Saturday at Cope,-Memorid Chapel, with the vRev,' l Sampson:.Yazzie offidating. Burid wfll'be; in GreeWawn Cemetery,!. Puggie ded Tuesi day atthe/^ubljc HealtWServlce Hospital to SWpnic^, . Sundvors. indude two daagft, Iters, Martha Harris, /Shipt/ Jrock^iand Louise, Johiteon^' jBumham; two sons, Johnde,. IPuggle. SWprock, and I_eos ^Thomas, Tuba; City, Ariz/; and two'nephews, BUly John, Fruitland,- and Sampson Yazzie, Farmington. There are 23 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren; and;2(f\ great-great-grandchildren. ! PaUbeai_rSYwiU be LeVon J. Thomas; Herman R. John:son, "Jonah R. JohnsOn, /WUbert Johnson, Delbert K. fcttdris and Leon J. Thomas. j'Fnneral arrangements are t un^er.the direction. of Cppe .Meniorid Chapel. JXAJL A A ^ T C A ^ 3 - . / P I N T O - F & d services for Mike Pinto, 24, of Counselor's wfll be hddTuesday at the Brethren Navajo Mission, to Counsdor's, with Pastor Peter Sala and Rev Tully Butler officiating. Burid wfll be at the Mission Cemetery. Pinto, bom Jan. 1, :.' 1958 in Counselor's, died Thursday at San Juan Regiond Medcd Center and sundvors toclur1*.. his parents, Jake and _. ae Pinto, both of Counsdor's; two sifters, Joan Manygoats and . J e a n P i n t o , b o t h of Counselor's; two brothers, Teddy Pinto, of Fannington, and Peter Sda, Bloomfield; and his maternal grandmother, Effie Martfaez, of Counselor's. PaUbearers will/, be Francis Augustine, Jimmy . Salazar, Johnson Martinez, Larry Manygoats, BilUson Smith and Daron Butler. Fu- ' nerd arrangements are under/the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel. / 7 ^ / 2 -

PINTO - Jonathan Pinto, ,9 days old, ded May 5 at the Umverslty of New/Mexico Medical. Center 'in-Albuquerque. He was bom AprU 29 at Cuba Hedth Center/Funeral" service was to be at 1 p.m. today fa the Bretiiren JN a y a j b M i s s i on; in Counselor's with the Rev. s Tully Butler officiating. Burial was to Mow/in Mission Cemetery, Siindvors include his parents, Johnny and S t e ph a n i e P i n t o of Counselor's; his paternal grandmother, Nellie 'frujiUb; Ws matemal grandmother, E 1 s I e S a m,~ h o t h o f Counselor's/two uncles, RusseU Martinez and Wesley VigU; and four aunts, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Harrison, Laveme Sam arid ; Corriha Sam. PaUbearers were Dan Martfa Sam and Francis Augustine. Funeral arrangements were'directed byvCope Memorid. ChapeL AO-iiAQ.

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PABLO Funerd sendee for Harold A. Pablo,; 22, Counselor's, wfll be'/at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Brethren Navajo Mission fa Counselor's with the Rev. Woody Yazzie officiating. Burid wlU be in the Coiinselor'sf/Cenjetery. He died Monday//at the Cuba Hedth-CUdc. He Is survived by Ws mother, Jessie* L. Barborie; his father,: Harry Pablo;'two brothers, Harvey and Harrison Pablo;: three, sisters,' Hilda Ann and Matilda' Pablo and Melinda Largo; and matemal grandparents, Jones and Stella Largb; all/of Counselor's.. Pallbearers/will be; Harrison Pablo, Eddie;WUUe, Dan WUUe Jr., Jones-Largo, Harry Pablo and Harvey Pablo. Funerd arrangements are under the direction: of Cope Memorid Chapel. As.'<iA.

PINTO Funerd sendee for Stewart MitcheU Pinto, 18, wiU beat 2 pjn. Saturday at the San Juan Episcopd Mission with the Rev. William Bagby officiating: Burid wiU I be in Greenlawn Cemetery. i Pinto ded Sunday as the result of an accident. Survivors Include his parerits, Guy and j LiUie Ptato of Frmtland; five brothers ^Franklin Pinto/ of Elaine,. _ $ . , Eugene .Pinto of Fmiflandj'ijackie Pinto O Fort f Benning, Ga., Gaiy' Ptatp of Fruitland' and Cdvfa MitcheU of Frmtland; and' two sisters, MicheUe /Lynn MarshaU and j Shawna -taRae Mitchell, of I Frdtiarid.The patemal grand; mother Isi/.Ester,;Pinto of : Fniitland." PaUbearers wfll be. Franklin aiiii}; Jackie Pinto,. Stadey/Michael and Laurence I Bekis and Clifford Yazzie. Funerd arrangements are unj der the; direction of Cope ] Memorial Chapel.

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: Begay offidating. Survivors i ofthe stUlbom girl fadude: POYER A graveside his/parents; Fred and/Lda service wfll be held for Fed- t/Poyer, of Farmington; ma. die Lou 'Poyer at 10 a.m. ! ternal grandmother, Etta Monday at Memory Gardens. Denny, of Monument VaUey, Cemetery with; Bishop James lArli..;: arid; the: paternal : 'grandmother, NeUie/ Poyer, of Shiprock. Funeral arrangements , are! undo- the | direction of .Clone Mdnorid,
fThaivI /<-_'-_-'

PETE Pamela Mv Pete, 20, Frmtland, ded Wednesday near Albuquerque, Funeral service wfll be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Cope Memorial-Chapel, with Bishop Robert Hogue officiating. Burid wfll be in Memoir Gardens. Bom Nov. 9, 1961, at Santa Ana.jf'Gallf., Miss Pete- had been; .an- operator with Utah Intemational. Survivors include hr parents, Howell and Alice Pete, Frmtland; a sister, PrisciUa Arthur, Frmtland; a brother, Dtao Pete, Frmtland; and her matemal grandparents, Bert and Zoraue John, Chinle, Ariz. PaUbearers wiU be Henry C. Begay, George H. Begay, Tyler Teswood, Harold C. Begay, David Begay and John Arthur Jr. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Harrison Bee, Thomas C,. JoWisori, JessC, Begay and David C. Johnson Jr. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel. p.





FETE-. Darnel Pete/,36,/ Shiprock, died at/Sheep Springs, N.M., Aug. 11. He was bom-October 17, 1947 at ; Shiprock/ Funeral" services . at 10 a.m. Monday, at Church of Christ, SWprock.: Pastor. W.B/ ' ' M a x ' ' McPhearson is officiating. Biirid :WiU be at SWprock Cemetery. Sundvors include: his wife; Grace of SWprock, three daughters; Daniela, ' Dionne, and DomeU Pete, ail of ttie family home, his mother! Louise Thomas, of SWprock, two brothers; Nelson! Pete, of SWprock, and Gerdd Pete, of Albuquerque, six sisters/.EUzabeth Yazzie, Amta Thomas, Rose Henry, Marde Tliomas,' of SWprock, AUce :PhlUips, of CWcago, LL, and Shirley Miller, of Albuquerque. PaUbearers wfll be Nelson Pete, Jr.,'Gerald Pete Stanley CooUdge, Herman Cleveland, Ervin Yazzie, and Michael Yazzie. Funeral arrangements are under the direction dt Cope Memorial Chapd. /$QX

PETERS Roselyn Pe- c ters, 77, Two Grey HUls Trad- [ fag/Post, TohatcW. ded at ( SWprock Hospital, Thursday. { She .was bom November 1905 t at Sheepsprings, New Mexi- ' co. Memorid services wfll be i at 10 ajn., Nov.8,i at Church : of Jesus Christ of Latter Day I Saints in Sheep Springs, with j Edward McKelvey /official- j fag. Burid wfll be at Sheep ' Springs Commmuty Ceme- ! tery. Survivors fadude: one son, Johnson Peters; two daughters, MinWe Bamey &; Dorothy John; one brother, Denet Chee; one sister, Helen Francisco. There are 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. PaUbearers wfll be ! LesUe Bamey, Jerold Peters, Jim- ' mle CharUe, Johnson Peters, Natoni John, and Henry Morris. Visitation is today, from 1 to 8 p.m. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Basin Mortuary. C_T_CL_. i-TLeJ-cTT j

PETE Funerd service for AUce Pete, 57, of Waterflow, is to be at 10 a.m. Friday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Frmtland. She ded Wednesday at the PubUc Health Service Hospital to SWprock. Burid is .to be to the SWprock Cemetery. Survivors include her husband, Jim' Pete of Waterflow; a son, John Pete of Waterflow; four daughters, MinWe Pete, Stella Pete, AnWte Pete, Virgina iPete, aU of Waterflow; and tiiree sisters, Ethel Loose of /SWprock, Mary Bunny of Fniitland and Ande Blueeyes of Hogback. There are one grandcWld and 10 great-grandchUdren. PaUbearers are to be Rdph N. Atcitty, John Pete^ Alvto Benny, Mike Scott, Larry Blueeyes and HoweU Pete.' Funeral anangements are tinder the direction of Basta;'-



73 C S A ^ ^ - l l S S .


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PETERS Funeral service for Thomas Lee Peters, 26, Church Rock, who ded Sunday; at tmral SWprock, wiU be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at -Cope. Memorial Chapel, with - Father Caron -VoUmer/ O.F.M.,- of Christ //the; King CathoUc Church in .Shiprock officiating. Interment wfll be in Greenlawn Cemeteiy. Peters was bom | on July 15, 1956, in Kayenta,

* . :

A m . . Employed by- St. Mtohad's Specid Education School ta the maintenanceide-"-. i-jjaatment, Peters is survived jbylfWs parents, Joe arid ; Dorothy .Peters;- Ws fiancee, \ Rfith" BeriaUy two daughters, Delphlna arid Tiffany Peters; , fojj_r brothers, Aubrey, Tom, JRIrt and David .Peters; four kisters^ Maybdle Stanley, VI__ri_n/ Pauline and Darlene peters, aU of Kayente. He is. also-survived by Ws paternal grandparents. Pallbearers '-'' wfll be Aubrey and Tom Pe-: rers-,./Christophpr Storer, Gayle'Singer, Lester. Mdone and. Wayne Franklin: Funerd arrangements -tre: under the direction of Cope Memorid Ghapel.

PINTO Rosie Lodse W i l s o n / P i n t o , 32, of Fraitland, ded Tuesday at San Juan Regiond Medlcd Center. She was bom March .15, 1950, at LaVida Mission. Funerd service wfll be at 10 a.m! Saturday a{. Deer Springs Baptist Church fa Nageezi with the Rev. Don Curley. Burial will be in Lybrook Cemetery. She was preceded in death by 'a daughter, Alberta Pinto, fa 1974.. Survivors fadude her husband, James R. Pinto of Fniitland; tWee daughters,

PABLO Funerd service for Frank Pablo, 86, of Crownpoint, who ded Sunday at San Juan Regiond Medcd Center, is to be at 10 a.m. Saturday. The Revs. John Martinson and Fred Yazzie wfll officiate for the sendee in Brewer Funerd Home Chapel. Burid wfll be fa the Lake VaUey famfly cemetery. Sundvors include his wife, Ruth; four sons, Alfred Pablo of lyanbito, Matthew Pablo of Twin Lakes, Wilson Pablo and Mayla BenaUy of Lake Vdley; four daughters," Marie Etcitty of Counselor's, Rosita Young! of Kirtland, Emma Young of Farmington and Clara Pablo of Ldce VaUey; tiiree brothers, Bobby Pablo of Carson. John Pablo of WWte Rock and George Pablo of Crownpoint; .two sisters, Grace P. Becenti of Lake VaUey and Rose Shack of GaUup; 39 grandcWldren and 20 great-grandcWldren. PaUbearers. wfll be Alfred C. Young, PhflUp Begay/Benny Aragon, Bobby Pablo Jr.; Ike Beyde Jr. and Indn Beyale. Honorary paUbearers wfll be Ike Beyde Sr., Bobby Pablo Sr., Alfred Pablo and Matthew Pablo. Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Brewer Funerd Home..

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Jennifer Simpson of Kirtland, Roberta Pinto of Bloomfield jarid Vdda Joann Wilson of |Los Lunas; her father, Joe iEdde Wilson ; of Nageezi; four sisters, Elsi-S. John, Red VaUey, Ariz., Carlene Begay and Cecelia Wilson of Nageezi and Betty Wilson of SWprock;, and three brothers, Hombre- Wilson of Farmington, Alvin. Wilson of Nageezi and Kevin Wilson of Bloomfield. Pdlbearers Wfll be Joe Wilson, Sammie Pacheco, Leon Sam/ Amos' WUson and Kevin Charley. Funeral arrangements are undetei the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.: / .



-RUSSELL Funerd ser-. vice for/Orlando RusseU, the newborn son of Julius and Altoarta RusseU of Fniitland, is set for 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Hogback Church of Christ with the Rev. J.D. Wardow officiating. Burial wfll be: in Shiprock Cemetery. Orlando ded Friday at the San Juan Regional Medical Center, Survivors; include his parents; .a brother/ Gcrdd Pettigrew of Frmtland; his patemd grand, parents, John and Mary RusseU of Frmtland; Ws maternal grandmother, MinWe Jo Enoah of Frmtland; his maternal grandfather Roy Enoah,: of Red Mesa, Colo.; and his matemal great-grandmother, Ande Pettigrew of Hogback. Funeral anangements are under the direction of Cope Memorial Chapel.

Geraldine Reid Services Held

Funeral v serv1ce f o r Gerialdine Reid, 74, of Blanding; Uteh, was to' be held at 1 p.m. today at the San Juan Mortuary in Blanding. She was the mother of Victoria Sandoval of Farmington and Chester Chase Sr. andAUeen Ration of Shiprock. Also; surviving are two other sons', Roy Chase, Hunter's Point and Robert Reid, Towapc,' Colo:; 2,1 grandchildren and :five. greatgrandchildren. Her husband, George, of Blanding, also survives.1A~(LAS- I 1 1 1





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REID -> Funerd sendee for . WendeU Reid, 75, of SWprock : wiU be held at 10 ajn. Thurss; day from the Christian Re' formed Church of Shiprock with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie offidating. Burid.. wfll' be to the SWprock Cemetery. Reid, i ded Friday at the SWprock Public Hedth Hospitd. Sur! viyors fadude Ws wife, Amy . E. Reid of Shiprock; fourdaughters. Fern. Hosteen, " ; Rode'Yazzie and Eva'HoguP;- .'.. i dl of Fannington, and Lenora..: . BenaUy, Cdifomia; two sons, / - Ralph Pinto of Ridgeprest, ! Cdif., and Davie Tom Reid of !- SWprock; two sisters", Marie; j Joe and MinWe Begay of Cove, j ! : Ariz.; and four brothers, Casey , Roundhouse. of Many Farms, ,.] j Ariz.,. Wdlace Reid of Round t 1. Rockj^Ariz., John Reid of j. ;.' Gove, Ariz., and Taylor Rdd of u I'.- Teecnospos, Ariz. There are also/21 grandchUdren and 17 fc g r e a t - g r aridch i 1 d r e n,./ C Pallbearers will be Danny tt A. Hogue, OrvUle Tslnde, Eldon B I BenaUy, Arcado Flores, Davis; at I Reid and Harding Yazzie. Fu- fa nerd arrangements are under ci the direction of Cope Memorid p.

ROANHORSE The funeral sendee for Hosteen-Roanhorse, 105, of Waterflow, wfll be at .11:30 ajn. Monday at the'Flrst . Baptist Church/at Shiprock, "with the Rey.;/Scott FrankUnc^ officiating. Burial Wfll be in^-. the SWprock Comminuty Cem^ i etery. Roanhorse ded Wednes- ^ day at U.S. .Public. Health "if Sendee Hospital a t Shiprock. ^ Survivors! Include: a; sonj,;S /. Timothy. Roanhorse oiTShlp-, rock, and a ; daughter, Amy Franklin of/Flagstaff,Ariz. There rare four grandchildren and seven great-granddifldren, PaUbearers wfll be Danylson, Dez/ Oscar Foster^/Bill Franklin,.-Jeffersori I-^;:Theodore Wilson and Steplien .Arthur. Arrangements are; urn der/thej direction f Cope Memorid Chapd. / 4 ' 7 < 7 A

R a y ^ nmerd serv_e 'for / 1 AJice Zithclorae , Ray, 73,of Lukachukd, Ariz!, wiU be at 1 p/m.' Monday at St: -Isabell CathoUc Mission, Bur id wiU ;he faSt. Isribell cemetery in Lukachukai. Survivors include seven daughters,. Caroline Rubeun Begay, Dolores Ray, ..Virginia Leonard, Mary L e o n a r d , Ma r g a r e t ..ppchinclonnie, June Theresa Yazzie', all of Lukachukai, Coreta Lowe of Shiprock; 'three brothers, Jo_a Begay, of .fort Defiance, Ariz., Pete Begay of Old Saw -Mill, Ariz., arid; R i c h a r d : Begay of Toadena; .a sister, Mary Willie Cisco of Lukachukai; and 41 grandchildren and 34 g r e a t - g r a n d c h 11 d r e n . Pallbearers will/be Johnny Lowe, Raymond/Leonard, (Leslie -Yazzie,-/Augustine Leonard; Nelson Leonard, ' Wdlace Yazde/Benme Begay and Abaraham Bochtoclonme; Funeral anangements are under the, direction of Cope Memorid: Chapel. .,


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RAMONE-Fmferd sendee for WilUe Dick Ramone, 22," Smith Lake/who died to Lawrence, Kan-., Friday, is pending a t Lee & Oviatt Mortuary. He was bora to Tom '-. Dick and LiUie Ramone Oct. 28, ,1954, in Crownpoint. He i worked for Santa Fe Railroad. .He is survived by his mother, i.Lillie;.Funerd arrangements' are under the direction of ! & Oviatt Mortuary/

i RAMONEFunerd sendee for Tom. Dick Ramone, 65, of Smith Lake, wfll be hdd at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the First, Baptist Church in Crownpotat, with Dr. PhflUp and Jimmy Actcity officiattag. Burid will; be at/Smith Lake Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Johnson Kieri Sr., Ronald Ramone, Tommy/Platero, Willie i: E.: Ramone; Pattie Joe Platero and Joe Ramone. Ramone ded Thursday at the U.S! PubUc Health. Service Hospital in Crowripoint as the result of an auto-pedestrian accident. He war -bom April 30, 1912, In Borrego Pass. He is survived by his wife, LUly Mary Cowboy. Funerd arrangements are under direction of Le. andOvlatt Mortuary.

"*eL. V-iA~7f f


REED Funefd sendee for . ROCK /Funeral service John F. Reed, 47,'Rock Point, . tor James Rock, 32, Kayenta, .,Ariz., will be at 10 a.m. Ariz., wiU be at 10 a.m. FriThursday at the SWprock Fuday at the Assembly, of God . neral Home with the Rev. Church in Dennehotso,- Ariz., Larry ScWeiber OFM official-' with the Rev. Robert Tom Sr. \ fag. Burid wlU be fa the officiating. Burial wlU be fa Shiprock Community Cemethe Dennehotso Commumty . i. tery. Reed ded Oct. 9 at the Cemetery. Rock ded Sunday I San Juan Regional Medical at Tuba City, Ariz. He was an 29>t Devils Lake, N.D. and is Center emergency room. He is employee 'of the Peabody survived by his parents, Ben survived by two brothers, Joe Coal Co. in Black Mesa, Ariz. and Henna Reddye, both of ,'YeUowman of Kayenta/Ariz/ Rock had served with the and Tom YeUowman of MexiBaby Rock; five brothers, U.S. Army during the Vietcan Water, Ariz.; and two Dannie,; Gabriel, Stanley, namese War. He had resisters, Mrs. Desbah Goldtooth , Ben Jr. and Gene Reddye, dl ceived the Nationd Defense of Rock Point and Mrs. Gladys "ofJSaby Rock; six ,slatere, Service Medd, the Vietnam Grants of Blanding, Utah. FuNajiena Henry, Ande RedService Medal with three nerd anangements are under dye/Helena Reddye, Brenda Bronze Stars, the RepubUc of the direction of the SWprock Reddye, aU of Baby Rock, Vietnam Campdgn Medal, Funeral Home in Shiprock. PhylUs Keith, of MontlceUo, the Purple Heart, a Bronze Utah, and Lena Mae WWte, Star Medd, Anny Commenof' ChUchlmbito,. Ariz.; one" dation Medd, with Oak Leaf son, Sam D. Reddye Jr., of Cluster and held a Sharp, REDBIRD Funerd serDevils Lake; and his grandshooter rating with rifle. Survice for Dorothy Brown Redmother, Eumce Green, of vivors include Ws parents, bird, Tuba City, Ariz., who I Faye and Joe Rock Sr. of Devils Lake. Funeral arded at 3:40 p.m. Tuesday at rangements are under the Kayenta; three brothers, her home, Wfll be at 1 pjn. direction O Cope Memorid f Emest Rock, WUson Rock Friday at the Tuba City ComChapd. 1 1 8 7 1 - .; and Joe Rock Jr! of Kayente; mumty Center; The Rev. B. three sisters, Josephine Middebrook, pastor-- of: the Bracker and Ida Mae Labahe Church of Christ, Anson..Texot Kayenta and; .Fermlna VALA^A_ '7/f'S.tff' as, wfll officiate.-. Burid wUl BEN unefal serv REU__ 5T- Fmiei'al _erylce Yazzie of Flagstaff, Ariz.; be. fa the Tuba Qty-Ceme. for Mrs. Dorothy Reuben, 69, tery. Mrs. Redbird was emand his paternal grand^ SWprock, wfll be held'at 10 ployed as a socld worker at mother, Patsy Johnson of a.m. Wednesday at the Shipthe PubUciHedth Hospital, Kayenta. There arenumerrock Assembly of God Church Tuba City. Survivors faclude ; ous nieces and nephews. with the Rev. Charles Lee a daughter, Melva Jane Earl, PaUbearers wfll be Emest officiating/ Burial wiU be . in Ganado, Ariz.; a son, Ronnie ROANHORSE Funerd Rock, Joe Rock Jr* Harvey the Shiprock Cemetery. Mrs. Redbird, Tuba City; her pasendee tor Mrs. Ande-G. McKerry, Wesley Gray, Rog/Reuben ded Saturday at the rents, Charlie and, Susie Roanhorse, 53, Crownpoint, er Labahe and Michael Gray. i BerndillO County Medical Brown, Tuba City; a brother, : .'will'be at 10 a.m. Thursday at . Center in; Albuquerque. She George Brown, Window. I Alternate pallbearers are : the Fort Defiance", Ariz., 'was bom in 1911 at Red Rock,. Rock, Ariz.; and two sisters, ' CharUe Bracker, Wilford SisEpiscopal Church, with 'Vthe daughter of John and Ghee/ co and Jay Bmce Sisco! FuMrs. CeciUa Lopez, Monburid to the family cemetery Chee Begay Dash. She married, ji nerd-arrangements" are untezuma Creek, Utah, and at F.ort Defiance./Mrs. "Dan Reuben- in 1927 at Red; : der the direction of CopeMelieta B. Pinto, Wfadow Bock. Roanhorse ded Sunday at the ; Rock:/Survivors faclude: her There are two grandchildren. 1 morid Chapel. GaUup"-'Medical' Center. A husband/Dan Reuben ot the Funeral arrangements are housewife, she is survived by family home; seven daughters, under the direction of Desert her husband, Daniel Louise; Seller, Lillie Buck, Memorid Mortuary,t Tuba Nellie/Joe, Amy Reuben, Roanhorse of Crownpoint; Jessie Rockwell, Maggie two sons, Danial Roanhorse . Chavez and Nancy Reuben;, Jr. and Bende Roanhorse, and four sons, Sam D. Reuben, and a daughter, Anna Mae : Johnson D-.,Reuben, Daniel Johnson, aU of Crownpoint; a Don Reuben and Edson D. brother, Edward. Gatewood; Reuben. There are 33 grandand four sisters, Louise ROYBAL FuUwal service for Ruay A, Roybal, 22, of children and 21 g r e a t Cooka and Betty Gatewood ot SWprock, wfll be at 1-pjn. Friday at the Brewer Funerd grandchildren. Pdlbearers Fort Deftance, Helen BlueHome Chapel,,'with- the Rev. Charley Lee offidating. Burid will be Edison D. Reuben, horse of SWprock and Marie in SWprock Cemetery., He ded Saturday in'..FarmDaniel Reuben,-. H a r r i s Paqufa of GaUup. Cope MeRockwell, Melvin Reuben, ington. Survivors indude Ws mother, Bessie Curley of Shjp. morial Chapel of GaUup is fa Melford. Buck and GUbert Rerpek; his father,.Rudy Rbybd of San Jose/Cdif.; -abrother-, charge of ariangemen uben. Honorary pallbearer^" RonWe'Roybd;of SanJose;/ WsiMteraal grandfather, Felix; ^Sa^.^eujjen ^d^Tem Harrera of Ojo Encino; and/: his patemds grandmother, Thelma Pasciis Pf'San Jose; Pdlbearers.will be'.Andy Her^^c;.'FuneraTarfSiip. rera, /Don MuUahon,; BUlyiBoybal,- Albert Wilson* DarreU /pigBmfe- tfe-dirPctlbn A' -land Johnson Herrera. Funeral arrangements are; un' of brewer Funerd Home: der the direction of/Brewer Fttaeral Home. ' " " RAYMOND Funerd service for Old' Lady Poup Raymond, 109, of Huerfano, wfll be at 10 a.m. at Bretiiren in Christ Mission at Blanco Trading Post, with the Rev. Harvey BitsiUy officiating. Burid ynll be at BretWen in Christ Mission Cemetery. Active paUbearers will be George Harkes, Jimmy Platero, BUly Platero, Teddy Jacquez, Larry Todacheene and Gordon Pewairio. Survivors fadude a son, Jack Todacheene of . Carson; a daughter, Susie Todacheene of Huerfano; a s i s t e r , Mrs. Armejo of Huerfano; tiiree stepsons: Leo TodacheenP of Blanco, AUen Todacheene of Huerfano and Ned Raymond of Bloomfield; a stepdaughter, Rilla Platero of "" - - - - A . ~ . Huerfano; 32 grandchildren . and 42 great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are being directed by Cope Memorid Chapel.


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9Aj <ZAA^ '. 7 q /'-

REDDYE - Funeral services for Sam Danny Reddye, 25, Tddo.N.D, wfll be hdd at noon Monday at the'Kayenta' Bible Church, Kayenta, Ariz., with Rev. BadoW offidating. Burid wfll be at the Kayenta Cemetery. Reddye, originally from Baby-Ropk; jArlz., diedMay


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REDHOUSE Funeral sendee for Domfaicfc Oriantfp: Rediouse, 7, of SWprock; has been set for 10 a.m. Monday at A Christ the KfagiCathoUc ChurchfaSWp-; ; rock, with Father Caron VoUmer of-rficiatfagi Burial wiU be at: Greedawn Cemetery/The boy ded Wednesday/He ". was bom Jdy 4, 1975/atSWprbck, and " last year attended NateaWNez Elemen/(Vtery: School/in SWprock as a/second - grader. He was a member of the Native American Church. SurvivorsfadudeWs /adoptive parents,. Wilfred and Mary 'Jane Redhouse of SWprock; mother, [/Doteeh A: Clawson of Fruitland; four Dominick Orlando /sisters^ Faye Clawson / of Frdtlarid, j Redhouse ; /Karen and Christina /Clawson of Bumsflat,; Okla/and Cynthia Redhouse of Shiprock; five /brothers, Donovan J. Clawson of Frmtland, David Redhouse, FaneU Redhouse, Wilfred Redhouse Jr./and Delbert rRedhouse/ aU of SWprock; matemd grandmother, Elsie Clawson O Fmltliand; adoptive patemd grandfather, Caseyf Redhouse of Many Farms;/five Uhcles and eight aunts. PaUbearers wfll be Wilfred Redhbus-Jr.; FameU Rediouse, David Redhouse, Delbert Redhouse, Jerry Martin did Gary jiartin. Honorary pallbearers wfll be Roy- Begay,; Wesley/ Begay, Larry RusseU/Frankie Martin, Donovari J. Clawson md CraigClawson. Funerd anangements are. under the irection of Brewer Funeral Home.





_ 9 _ c _ 3 f f l j '- SMITHLFunerd sendee for Jessie Lee: Smith, 32, Farmington, who ded Sunday at U.S. Public.Health Service Hospitd ta Shiprock, is schedded for 2; pjn.- Thursday'at Navajo Methodist Mission with the: Rev. David Wagner of-..; ficiating/ Burial will be in SAM Funerd service tor j - Memory Gardens Cemetery/ George Sdn, 75, Cuba, wiU be I Smith is! survived by three;^. : held/at noon Saturday at the-j sons, fiaymond, Vemon, and' Brethren Navajo Mission With.-1 Lewis Blackie Jr./aU.d Farm! the Rpv. Woody Yazzie of- | ington; his daughter Josephine fficiattog.Burid will be fa the j Blacklei Farmingtori; h i s . family cemetery south cf the mother,-Alice Lee; Farm-, Lybrook Plant. Sam ded Sun- I ington; four brothers, Dickie day at the .Cuba Health Center. I Lee,.F_ultland; Woode W. Lee, ! Survivors indude his wife, j Church Rock, WUUam K. Lee, Fraitlaridf and' John J. lee,Mrs. Mary Rose Sam of Cuba; three sons* .Bflly \ Sam, Woody Farmington; six sisters, Helen Sam and.Raymond Sam, all of Tso, Flora Vista, LIUle, Sara,, Cuba; and five daughters, j Dariene, Linda and-. Pauline Daisy Rose Beyde of Nageezi, j Lee, aU of Farmington. Active paUbearers wUI be Dickie Lee, Nora Roe Sam, SaUle Rose Haines, Lda Rose. Charley and Woode W. Lee, WUliam. K. Lee, John J. Lee, David Peter Betty Rose Lopez, aU of Cuba. Peter and Raymond Johnson. Pallbearers. wlU be Woody Funeral arrangements -aire WiKeetso,.; Julia Sam, WUson der the direction of.: Cope Sam, Raymond Sam, Wilford Memorid Chapel. Hatoes and. WaUace Charley. Furieral arrangements are under the .direction of Cope Memorid Chapel. /

SMITH - Phyllis. Mike Smith,, 41, of Sanostee died SHORTY .Funeral service i Sunday in PubUc Hedth Serifor. Edlth/Eda Shorty, -23, vices Hospital at Shiprock. 1 Chfale, Airiz./wiU be held at 1 i Funei_l. service.Will, be at 11 | p.m. Friday at Del^Muerto ajn. Wednesday at.Shiprpck Pentecostel' Church with toe , Funerd Home. Burid wfll be i.'Rev.^Jerry Tom! officiating. in .the- Shiprock Cemetery. Burid wiU be ta Del Muerto Sundvprs fadude her husband, j Community Cemetery,; Ms. Clyde; four sons, Harris, Shorty was kflled Monday in a Melvfa/Frands did Preston; ftut .and-niri.' acddent near Del | four daughters, Angda^ Rose f-Muerto/ Survivors Iriclude a| Mary, Prisdlla and Patricia; I son, Delford ,Roanhorse of | sk brothers, l_ee: Mike, Eddie Chfale; her mother, Rose C Mike, ^George Mike,. Tony /Shorty of Chfale; her father, Mike/Lenor.d /Mike, arid [ John Charles of Shiprock; two;"Lorenzp Mike, and"her father, j sisters:;/Ruth';Roanhorse and Dan Mike. She had one grand1 Rita Tso of CWhle; a brother, child. Brothers will be | Franklin Shorty: 0f Chide/and p a l l b e a r e r s . - H o n o r a r y ' her maternal grandmothers; pallbearer will be/Harris Ason. Ben Yazzie of CWde-,' ISmith.Arrangemerits are unPallbearers will be ThomaS Mer the direction of Shiprock Charles/David Charles, John; l - W ^ H o m e r A i , y m*s \ Charles, /TuUie Ben, Naswbqd Beniai^.-FranklinShorty. Funeral atntrigemeriis are under k he dit-ctibn of Cope Memorial


SHERMANThe funeral nie Jim of Fniitland, and ber service for 3-month_ Id Melissa, patemd great-grandmother^ Sue Shermari of Frmtland wfll Mary Lee of Shiprock. be at 10 ajn. Tuesday at Cope '" " -^immmmmmmmmm9m Memorial Chapel,.with the Rev. Chester Dean officiating/ Burial: will be/ to . Memory Gardens Cemetery. The.girl SILVERSMITH/- Funeral died-Friday at her home. service for George. SUverSundvors faclude her parents, smith, 85, of Frmtland, wlU be Virginia Palmer of Frmtland at 11 a.m. Friday at the San and Michael Sherman of SWpJuan Episcopal Mission with, rock;/ her -paternal grand-, the Rev. Henry Bird, the Rev. mother, Semite Burt of ^Shlp--. Steven/Plummer arid- the Rev. rock; her/materrill,grandYazzie Mason officiating. parents, Mr.: and Mrs. Tom B. Burid wfll be fa Greenlawn Palmer of Frmtland; her raaCemetery; He' died Sunday at temd great-grandmother. AnBerndlUo County Medical,Center in Albuquerque. Sur-?,J " vlvors.faclude four daughters,'"" .Ruth Lee,' Rena SUversmith, 'Elsie Dodge and Mary Silver- .'; smith; granddaughter Betty , ! / SHORTHAIR - Funeral serBegay; grandson, .Walter ': vice for Bessie Shorthair, 95, of .Harvey and' a Wece;, Louise Sweetwater,, Ariz., wiU be at 10, Joe, aUof Frmtland. There art.. a.m." Saturday at Cope Memo37 grandchildren, 39 greatrial Chapel" with Joe Dee . ' grandcWldren . and two. great-/,;; officiattag. Mrs. Shorthair ded IIdren . , ;: Tuesday in .Cortez, Colo. She Pallbearers will; be Tyler i wfll be-buried at the famfly Eswood; Mike Preston, cemetery to Sweetwater. SurWallace Boone,and Jerome vivors include two daughters : Dodge. Funeral anangements : Mary- Dee-of Teecnospos, are under thji-direction of Cope 1 Ariz.," did CeceUa Tsosie of Memorial Chapel. '-,'- \ Sweetwater. There, are 11 grandchildren and 18 great- ; , . _ : . . . - v ... .'i g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Active ' pallbearers -Will be Jimmy I ; pee,. Hubbard Dee, David SAM Funeral service for Tsosie, Jimmy John, Richard I Earl Sam, 21, of Phoenix, was Eldridge and Guy Tsosler Fuschedded for 2 pjn. today at neral anangements are being Cope Memorial Chapel with directed by Cope: Memorial ' Evangelist.Larry Emerson and Chapel./.:/ . Sister Margaret Shaw offidating." Burid was fa Memory .-,^,:V,-FJ.V , " " . , - _ S j ^ : . - , - -.. Gardens'cemetery. Sam died _GGFuneral, service \ Monday to Phoenix. He was i for Curtis; Shaggy/27,. Ship*' preceded in death by his ;.-; rock, who.;died Saturday at the father; Kenneth Sam;.in 1977, S a n Juan Regional" Medical and his mother, Helen ManCenter,',;js. set' for 10 ajn. ueUto Sam, in 1973. Survivors .. Wednesday at Shiprock IDS indude tWee brothers: Floyd . -Chm^h./Burial will be in Sara of Fort Lewis,iWash.,'and :SWj5rbck Cemetery. He is surStanley and "Steve Sam of ; . m e d ,fay his mother, Mary.. Phoenix, Ariz.; his maternal grandparents, Steven and _?igto; his .father, Guy Shaggy; i Mary ManueUto of Newcomb; 'im brother, Roger Shaggy;-: and Ills' paternal grandmother,. : did-orie sister/ Lena Atdtty, Jean-Sam of Newcpmb/ Active all/of Shiprock. Active pallbearers for the service pallbearers wU[be Jones Benwere Floyd Sam;. Steve Sam,' jairifa, Norman Hunt, David Kenneth Begay, Stadey Sam; Joe, Raymond; E. John, Roger ErWe Manuelito and Rex Shaggy.arid James Boyd/'-Fi-;; Yazzie. Funeral arrangements neral arrangements are,under,' were under the direction of the direction, of Cope MemoiriaK: Cope Memorid Chapel.

Obituaries m<* .-


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' SCOTTClifford R. Scotl, 39, of Colorado Springs, Colo., died Saturday ' at C Hpple. 'i Creek, Colo. He is survived by his: wife, Janice, and three daughters, Nancy, Penelope: and Rebecca Scott, all of Colorado Springs; Ws father; William Scott Sr., Mexican Water; Ariz: Also surviving are three brothers, WUliam Scott Jr., Kirtland, and Samuel Scott and Andrew Scott, Mexican' Water, and- six s i s t e r s ; Margaret Hicks, Newcomb;! Sarah Poncho, Oakland, Cajjf.; Juanita Frazier, Rockpomt,.; Ariz.; Edna Tsinjine and Wilhemina John, Farinfagtori;" and, Elizabeth Scott,. Mesa, Ariz. Funeral sendee is:pendfajj'^t Cope Memorid Chapel.



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a ;*- SAM Funeral service for; David Sam^SS, of, Counselor, 3 was af 2 pin. today at the. i Counselor Brethren Mission: f i with the Rev, Lee TrujiUo 1 officiating. Burid was in the . Counselor Cemeteiy. He died i Friday at his home. Survivors ' faclude Ws mother,' Ruth Sam of Counselor;: three/sisters, Mary "Sam". of. Albuquerque, ! Arlene. Sam of Canudto and I j Elsie Sam of Counselor; and,.,; i;: four brothers, Frank, Sam %A7Nageezi, Stephen Sani of Tor- /, i reon and GUbert Sam and Dan, i ' M. Sam of'-. Counselor. There; 1 were four paUbearers, Steve ' . and Frank' Sam, C e c i l / _ Martinez and Fred Pine. Fu- .. C neral arrangements were un- ! L der the direction of Cope, & Memorid Chapel. / f < \ 1 % A.BSAMFuneral service for Fred Sam, 56, Counselor's, Who ded Friday to GaUup, Is pendng under tiie dlrectiort: of; Cope; Meinorld ChapeL Sur: vlvbrs include his wife, Jessie M.fSairi/ Counselor's;' five sons, Nasban Sam, Counselor's;'and Freddie Sam, :Irvta Sam, Melvin Sam and Osmund Sam, aU of Twin Pine; a stepson, Ted Martinez, Counselor's;' two Sisters, Irene Lopez, Nageezi, and Resde; Yazzie, Counsdor's;- two- brothers, - Jimmy Sam and Julian Sam, -bothyof Counselor's; a ,stepbrother; Leonard; Sam, Tohatchi; and two grand' chUdren.'; / A

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SORRELHORSE-'Tony Sorrelhorse Jr., 216 E. Maple/ died Thursday; at San Juatt Hospital at the-age of 42/\ Funeral service is set for . Saturday at 10/a.m. at Cope . Memorial:: Chapel, with Rev. . Sampson Yazzie officiating. \ Burial will be in Memory/ Garde ns Ce m e ter y . Pallbearers will be; Joe Sdrr relhor_e/Jafnes Sorrelhorse, Eddie Sorrelhorse,. Charles : Yeflowliprse/ Cd-1 Y. BenaUy arid Michael Johnson. Survivors include his wife Bessie Sorrelhorse of the family home; -; a son, Eddie. Sorrelhorse of Farmington; four daughters;-;Arlene, Jennifer : pand Edwina Sorrelhorse,>_f-. : Farmington,-and Agnes Jane i Sonelhdrse/of "SWprock.; Also sundvlrig are his: parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tony SOrrelhorse Sr./' of Cove,, Ariz.; four stepsons: CarL.Yaung . Benally.: and Micha_,T;6.rald:and Jonathon : A. JOKnioirsdfc_^_dUaH--fl-B_e -sisters: Annie Henry of Shiprock, Amy Johnson ;of Goye;_ % Ariz//! and MinWe Tsosie of Fannington; two brothers: Joe ('arid James Sorrdhorse of t. Farinfagton. ' ': : . '. . . 777"' / .;'/'

SAGANEYFuneral sendee for, DaWd Bradey Saganey, 28, Kayenta; Ariz.,' who/died Wednesday at the the U.S. Public Health Service Hospitd in Shiprock, was held at 2 pjn. Saturday at the LDS Chapel ta Kayenta with Elder/Don Tona; officiating.. Saganey-was.! buried in Kayenta Community ' Cemetery .-/He is survived by i, his.wife, AnWe Mae/Saganey;' [ one son, .Daniel.:Bradley S|| Saganey Jr,;} three daughters, Margarita Saganey, Gwendolyn Saganey did Jaquline Saganey, all of. the. familyhome; his mother and father, Elinor and Delbert Saganey; three brothers, Elroy, Leo, an_! GUbdt Saganey; two; sisters, DeUa and Ilene Saganey, dl of Kayenta; and his maternal grandparents, Kit and Edith Derietsosie, Kayenta. Active pallbearers were Gregory, Saganey, Bobby Donald, Dickie, Saganey,. Lbuwood Saganey Albert Bradley Jr. and Herman Bradley. Furieral. arrangements were under the direction of Cope Memorial

/S_EAK' - . BlUyfeieak A Bluff, Utah, was pronounceddead on, arrivd a t the/Pu"bUc Health Service Hospital In; SWprock Tuesday. Funeral ar-; rangements1 are 'pending'"with; the Ertel Funeral Home in Cortet Colo. Local arrangementef are being; handled by i Brew^- Funerd Home.

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SHIRLEY . Wdter/David Shirley, 34, Shiprock, died Wednesday. at-; the Public Health Service Hospital in SWprock. Funeral servi5grwliU be at 10 a.m. Friday at Christ; the King CathoUc Church fa SWprock With; the Rev./Lawrenee Schreiber, OFM,officlating. .Burial wfll be ta.;the family cemetery in Sanostee. He is; survived by his wife.

SMITHFuneral services foe Carol Ann Smith, 13, ShlprodCi who- ded. at the U.S. PublieJIealth Sendee Hospital ifa.Shiprock, wfll be 10:30 ajn. Saturday at the Shiprock: Church of Christ with, the Rev. Max /McPhearson offidating. Burid will follow at Rehoboth Cemetery. Her father Dan Yazzie Smith preceded her in death/Noy|.25/1973. She Is survived by her mother Nettie . Smith; four sisters, Sharon Ann Smith, Sherry Smith, Car: ric Ann Smith and Shirley Anp Smith; two brothers, Jerry Smith and Gary Smith; aiyinerh-riaiernal; grandmothw^;] Rose -Spinas, dl ; ofShtort|j>;': Active./pdlbe arers will b'^>'\ Jetty Smith,-Gary'Smithy Bai_ . nle.!Si_it_, John-George; Ray Thbirias a_d:'Jim.01gmri. Fu-/;' neral arrangemerits are under/. th e____tiori Of Cope Memori-

"SANI)OyAL f Funerar%ef: -vice for' James Sandoval, 28, Toadlena, wfll bewfll/be hfeld; at 1 p.m. Friday .at the Toadena Christian Reform. , Church, with the Rev," Gary KiumperihoWer officiating. Burid wfll be in the Toadlena Cemetery; He died Saturday at: ' t h e Gallup Indian Medical Center. Survivors! include- dsP ' wife Rita/ Sandoval1; four children, \James. Eric, Calandra* Deena and Jerolynn; a step-; I daughter, Kelli Rae Begay; Ws mother, Helen Sandoval; two brothers, Raymond Sandovd i and Leroy Keith; and three' sisters, Rose Ann.; Keith," Christine Sandovd and Harriett Charley.: Pallbearers; wfll bei,? Ben Bafabridgp, Peter SmUey,.' . Raymond Curley, Eddie Bain- | bridge; Robert KdthV Edison Charley; Honorary paUbearei-; : is Floyd Atsoh. Funeral ar^, rangements are under thie direction of the.Shiprock Fu-> ; nerd Home.

_i_Sf!_Br^2___i*-___F-S'-: l : -'-_-__S te :

Mrs. Louise-ZShirley; ..__ ee jsons, Williaiii, Wallace and I WiUaird SWrley; a ; daughter; JVangie -Shirley; all of the 'family home; his .parents, Calvin and Elsie Shirley;'o{ Sanostee; ttiree! stepbrothers; Leonard, 1-Vaughn and Henry ; SWrley, aU of SWprock;. fivt ' stepsisters, Betty -Begay; anc Linda, Cornelia, / Vera 'anc '[Marie Shirley of Sanostee/twt [/aunts and three uncle's \.PaUbearers wfll he Leonart ^Shirley,-Jelbert Begay/Lei /Tyler, Ned Tyler, Harry Bedd .and Denny T^ BenaUy. Funera {arrangements are! under tft fdirectlon of Cope Memoria Chapel.

j a t c j ^ f y A - ->^


, SAM Funeral service for ; Lee J. Sam, 35,,Dallas, Texas,., wfll be at 10 am. Friday at the Christian Reformed Church to SWprock with the Rev. Sheila Cheeseman officiattag. Burid wfllfbe ta SWprock Cemetery. Sam ded Saturday in Dallas/, the /resdt of an automobile accident. He was bom May 8, 1943; at Shiprock the son of John and SaUy SaUy Sam. His father preceded him in death. He was an electrician, employed by the Federal Pacific Electric Co. to Dallas. Survivors Include his wife, Margaret, R. Sdn; three sons, Delbert L. Sam and Huxley L. Sam; of the famfly home in Dallas and Jones.L. Sam of Cuba; two brothers, Tom Sam arid Joe Sam of Sanostee and Ws mother/Sally Sam of Shiprock. PaUbearers wfll be Joe Sain/Tom Peter, Andy F. Begayj Davidson Sam, Raymond Peter and Dondd Hr Yazzie. Furieral arrangements . are under direction of the ! Brewer Fuheral Horine.A

S^NKbVAL'- Funeral ier-vice for Elaine Jane Sandovd, 18, of Nageezi, has been set tor 10'a jri. Tuesday at'Nageezi/ Navajo Grace Brethren. Church, with the Rev.'PhiUip Lesko presiding. Burid wfll be ] in Lybrook -Cemetery. Ms.':, Saridoyal ded. Monday in "a;, traffic accident fa Farmington. Sundvors:facludea son. Rusty ! Sandovd! of/Nageezi; 'mother,; NeWe Sam .of Nageezi ;;father, ' R_^_/Sandovd of Toneon; ; two brothers, Alvin and Melvin., ' Sandovd' both of Nageezi; one'" sister.-,- Phyllis Mike-of Fruitland; maternal grandmother; Mrs/: Johnson. Chavez ' of Nageezi; paternal grand-: fathers-Joe Canutp. of Nageezi; paternal/ great-grandfather,: Richard Sandovd of Cburiselor's; two aunts, Evdyn Canuto of Nagepzl and AUceCosteUp of. Piieblb Pintada and,four uncles.-Active paUbearers will , be Alvin- R, and Melvin C. Sandoyal.Ned R. Chavez'/Le_ ' ValdejE, , .Larry:, E. ,Wilson Sr. . and. Lorenzo Wilson., "'' SANDOVAL - Wayne Sandoval" 20, Bloomfield, was tee victim of an auto-pedestrian accident Saturday in Farmington. Funerd service wfll be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at ' the Brethren in Christ Mission ' atBlaiicowlththe^y.:^bn/Peter; Yazzie officiating. Burial : wiU be fa the Brethren fa [ Christ Mission Cemetery. Sandovd is survived by-Ws jarente; Mr.; arid Mrs.. Wilsbri i Sandovd of the Blanco area; four sisters, Delores Bunny of Fruifland; and Pearl, Janie and Angeline Sandoval, all of I B l a n c o / f i v e ' bro theirs, Wllliamsori, Robert, Leroy, ; Winston andVAUea Sandovd of . Blanco; patemd grandmother, : Jane Hosteen of Blanco, and maternal' grandparents, I George and Dorris Ayze of i Blanco. Pallbearers; wUl be i Christopher Chavez; Emerson Johrison, Benjamin Johnson, Benme "Sandovd, Robert Sandovd and WiUiatoson Sandovd. Honorary pallbearers wfll be John Sandoval, Burt Sandovd, .Frank Sandoval and Gillson Bunny.. Funerd arrangements !are under, the direction of Cope Memorial Chapd. r

^amstophers Lefthand S S d ^ ^ o f W p r of Taos

ji;jf ^?g- Burid wiU b l f a I Memory Gardens./She died

fcChristabelle L e S d ^".^onthKild-daughterof

_m_I_)Sp4ffEttai,Greyeye?. SWelds, 54,: Farmington, ded Friday at an' Albuquerque hospital as the result Pf bums j received accident, Funerd service will be at 10 a_o.;, -Tuesday;at.-.the;First Baptist ; Churdi bf Fandngton.wlth the ' /Rev- Freddie Eldridgeofficial-. fag. Burid will be ta Memory ; "Gardens. Mrs. Shields was a mg weaver and housewife. She is survived by her husband ; Charley SWelds bf the family home; /three daughters; Charleen Ghee and Rhoda , Shields,' both oi Fanritagi-n, , and Racheal/Shields;.of;Wm-:' field, Kan.; four soris/Nelswij.'. SWdds of Barstow;) Calif., aSi;-: , Alexander Shields,- Abrahafa ; Shields and Charley-Shields Jr., aU-of Fannington; a sonN to_aw;Raymond Chee of Soda;-: Springs, Idaho; two brothers, . . Ramon.: Greyeyes and Ray Greyeyes; both of Farmington; ; a granddaughter, Thresa'. Chee of Farmington, and; a nephew, Bruce Heller of..Santa Fe. Pallbearers .will" b^e. Abe. SWelds, Frederick- weyeyes, Nelson- Shidds/ZAlexander SWelds, Timothy Greyeyes and Toiiy M i k e . i i H b n o r a r y c panbe__rs will be Davis, Tso; /Bmce Heller, Fred Greyeyes /and Ramon Greyeyes. Funeral anangeriients- are under the direction of Cope Memorial

. ^ M d a t i o a j r i / ; ^ ; a'CoKMenioridChaijel^

SAM Funeral sendee for Alfred Sam, 22, TohatcW, wfll be held at 10 ajn, Thursday at the Christian-ReforUied . Church of Toadena with the Rev,. Gary Klumpenhpwer of! .flciatfag. Bmial.wfll be fa the i Black House Mesa Cemetey. . t Sam ded Thursday in Farra"' ington, He.iS sundved by his wife/Mrs. Reria Sani, and two , I sons, Vincent and Alvin Sam,'; all of the family home; his father, Allen Sam of Sheep / Springs;, his mother, Alice Sam. of Two'Grey HUls; five; sisters, Elsie Charles of SWp-." rock, Ritfl-Hogue of Lower ; Frmtland! and Cecelia Smith, i JuaWfe Peters and Vlvan Joe,-! i att of Two Grey Hills; three aunts, two-uncles and numerous nieces and nephews. Pallbearers will be Robert BenaUy, Casey Sanders, Pad i Gould, David Peter, Harry Hogue spid John Charles.. Fu- ;/nerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid ; C h a p d ^ ^ ^ / 9 ^

! Health.Service HosbitaF ik . ^ v j by a richer. Clayton ! _ _ _ _ S ^ r o ( * ; maternal .grand^entsj WAIim,arid i ^ e ^ o f S W p ^ g S . [ great grandmother, Lena &S. ^ uncles.-'TieralT .Rangements are/under-the ' ; g ^Cope^emofi

7i&$*Aiy 7i^'^


xx WAiA-A.
. SALA ..Mrs. Louiae/H/ Sala, 40, Counselor's, was pro-' nouriced dead of natural; causes on arrivd at the Cuba' Health Clirac Friday/Furierali: sendee, will-; be held at the Counseloi'.'s Navajo BrethrenMission at 1 pjn; Thursday with/the/Re v ./Tully Butler officiating.'Burial/will be in the Counselor's Cemetery. She Is surv-^d by her, husbandsJimmy Sila Sr,of Counselor's;0 four daughters, Genevieve Elouise, Fe'lcita and Eva Sda.: of Counsel >r's; nine sons, Wilbert; Mai.Uel, James, Jimmy?:Jr.,,-Wilbert Jimmy, Willard a^S&rbert Sala, aU of Counselor's, ajid WUUs and; Cdvfa Sala, both of .Escrito; arid> h e r m o t h e r , M r s / . Hasdebaa Herrera of Counselor's. Pallbearers will be Leonard Beyde;' Tomipy Juan, James Sala, Mtsiu .TSaia, Amos Nez and Jimmy Sala Sr. . Funerd arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid Chapel.


SOC.. Funerd service for Herriian;Soce, 45, Shiprbck, wfll be held at 10 amThursday at /the United Methodist Church \ of Stoprodc/with the Rev. Sampson Yazzie .officlat tog. He was the victirit . f an' ' accident at Frmtland 'Saturday. Soce was a heavy eqmpment operator with Utah- IrfI temational. He is survived by three daughters, Irerie M. Tsosie, Beverly SoCe and COrrina Yazzie, aU of Shiprock; a stepdaughter,,. Jacqueline Cleveland of Shiprock; "two | brothers, .David W.-Tsosie of I SWprock and George B.'Soce of Ya Ta Hey; two sisters, Tannic Yazzie. and Rhoda PhiUips of SWprock; arid an aunt, liBy John of SWprock; .Pallbearers will be Patrick ! Bennett, Stetson Yazzie, Hdry T. BenaUy, Arnold .Cleveland Jr., Herbert Morgan and Edde Charley; Funeral arrangements are under the direction .Chapel. j j O f j i A f f f f i & > of Cope Memorial Chapel.

SANDOVACA Double funer- . al sendee for Katie Sue Sand- " oval, 24, and Harrison Sandovd, 19, both of Ojo Encino, has been set /for 11 /a/m. Monday at Tfalan Branch LDS ; Churdi, President Javen Tanner presiding. The brother and sister ded Wednesday in an automobile accident in Cuba. Bund wfll be in Cuba; ceme-. tery. Harrison Sandoval was a graduate of Sky View.High School in Smithfield, Utah. Sundvors Include;/ mother: Lucy Sandovd of,the family home; five sisters/Lucita S., Martinez, LucUle Sandovd and Nancy/A." Sandoval, aU of Albuquerque; Evelyn Sandovd of .Orem;- Utah .and EthelynSandovd; of the family home; two nephews:. Jerome Sandovd and Verdde Martfaez of the family home; paternal j grandmother: Helen Sandovd i of CjO Encino; three unde. : Kee Toledo, of Pueblo Pintado, Sam Platero and Raymond, Platero .of'.vQjo. Encino. Active/ pallbearers for Harrison Sandovd will be Kee Toledo Jr.,; Wayne Rafael,-Patrick Nelson, Gils on Toledo, Gibson Ignado and Irvin TrujUlo. Active pdlbearers for Katie Sue Sandoval are- Raymond Ignacio, Sam/Pfatero/'William. Castillo, Rayinohd Platero/) iMIchael Toledo and Richard Toledo. Funerd arrangements i are under the direction of Cope MemdcialChapel..;_ _; is,../. -'

i for Mrs. Barbara Jean Sells, 34, wfll be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Brewer Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. ; Sampson Yazzie officiating. Burial will __ in the Green; SPENCER Funeral serlawn Cemetery. She ded SatSANDOVAL Funerd service for Joshua Junior urday at her home. Survivors vice tor Joe Sandoyal, 73, Spencer, /6-month-oId son of include her husband/ Joe Counselor's, wfll be at 10:30 ~Mr/ arid Mrs. MlPhael Sperider Sells; a daughter, Tanya of Two Grey-Hills, Tohatchij '(a_m. Friday at the Brethren Lynn Sells o! the family wUl be at 2 pjn. Friday at thej ; NavajoMssion fe Counselor's home; two sons, John Christ:' with the Rev, Lany Wedertz /Churgh/of Jesus Chrlst'of ophier and Travis Joseph; f officiating! Burid will- be in Latter-diay Saints efiurchi a t iSdlsof the famfly home; her \A: i Toadlena with Elder Pierce the Sandoval family cemeteiy. father," Peter Dennison :of ; Nahkd officiating. Burial "wfll:! Sandoval died a t his home Suriday. He is survived by tour Fniitland; sis sisters, Inez be -fa the famfly cemetery at sons/Thomas .Sandovd of Yazzie of Fannington; Katie Bldck House Mesa. The/babyJ Wade of Noel, Mo.r Arrie ded Sunday at the Uraverdty. X Oakland, Calif., Larry SaridLynn of Chula Vista, Calif., J of New. Mexico Hospital in i 1/ ovd of Escayada", James Sandoval of Coyote Canyon. and F a n r i t e De:rinison ef" Albuquerque. He was preceded, i .' Christopher Sandovd of BlandFruitland, Sara ManueUto-of ? in death by Ws twin brother,,/ tog, Utah;; and'two daughters,": iTuba' GSty, Ariz.; and Esther- Jonah, to January. Survivors,.. [ Bertha Hesuse .of Twin Lakes Dennison: .of Albuquerque; in addition to his' parents," | ! and Eleanor Mose of Mexican ; land four brother^, Toiri Deri^-': include a brother;; Nathan;| ;/Hat;Utdi. There are 21 grandnisort :.of .Guytnon, Okla.; i Spencer and a sister, Rolanda B \ children: and three greatClarence Dennison. of" Spencer^ of the famfly home;;, grandchlldreri. PaUbearers Fruitlandi^^ George W;.;Denf j his maternal grandmother, / / will be'Thomas J. Sandovd, nison of SWprock and Pad I Rose L. Sam of Cove^ Ariz.;A j_James J.. Sandoval,, Lany J. Dennison of Salinas, Calif. land paternal grandparents// , Sandoval, Christopher J; SandShe was preceded in death by ;. Mr. and Mrs. AUen Y. Spencer!/^ ovd, Melvfa Hesuse, and Larry her/ mother, Gleriabaha" of Two Grey HUls. Funeral'; , Mose/.Flateral anangements |Pi_^,-. and: tiiree brothers. arrangements are'1 under the direction- 1pt / "ope Memorial ~* " V " ~ \ _ /_,_. are under the direction of Cope ; /. JPaUbearers, wfll be Gilbert Yazzie/. Lloyd Dennison, . C b a p e \ 3 X y t d Z y / f L M& T i ff /Mor__n_.l.--__.u_l,_.__._/ ' ' _-_! Simpson, Orlando JSimClarence Dennison, George ,pson' and Dick Simpson Jr.,;/ Dennison, David Dennison' SIMPSON Funeral ser- all of-Carson; three daughtand Pad Dennison. Honorary vice-for Dick Simpson, ,47, ers, Angle Simpson, Anabel paUbearers will be Joe Bahe/ Bloomfield, has been set for Simpson and' Andrea SimWoodrow Nelson Jr., Hobert/ W. Manus, Allen King, 110 ajn. Tuesday at Brewer 'pson;j, al 1 of .Garson-. Frankje Pierce, Wllaoa Funeral Home Chapel. ; PaUbearers will be Pad Slm,Frank, Christopher Sells, Charlie Y. Brown officiating i pson, -Jenjamin Simpson, Or-> Emest ManueUto. Alternate burial wfll' be in Meriibry. lando Simpson, DarreU Simpallbearers are Freeman/. Gardens.. Simpson ded at pson, Danny Simpson and Dennis, Calvin Yazzie and 7:55 ajn. Thursday at San Fredrick/Eaton. Honorary Lambert Yazzie. Funeral' airJuan Regional Medical Cen- pallbearers wiU- be James ;, rangements are;undte..,the.. ter and was bom March 6, "Eaton and. Harrison. Yazzie. direction of Brewer Funeral 1935, at Carson. Survivors in- Furieral arrangements are iipder-^e'direction ofBrejyer /Home-./ , --:' :. -:. dude his wife, AnWe Sim' - - : 5 _ ^ _ _ i >son; four sons, Benjamin _imeiaI.Home< V * r O : .unpson" of Farmington and fyuTL.. --xl&W5A;.A
? i

SAM Billie Sam, 50, | Counselor's, died Sunday at I the. GaUup PubUc Health Ser| vice Hospital. Funerd service wfll be held, at-1' pjn/Sunday at the Brethren Navajo,Mission at Counselor's with the Rev. Earl Bachert officiattag. Burid wfll be ta the famfly cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bemice Sam of tbe family home; a son, Harold Sam of Farmington; his mother, Mary Sam of Counselor's; five sisters, Nora R. Sam, Sallie R. Haines, Betty R. Lopez and Lula R. Charley, all of Counselor's, and Ddsy Beyde' of "Nageezi; two brothers, Woode K. Sam and Raymond K. Sam, both of Counselor's. There are Ihree grandchildren. Pdlbearers will be Alvin Norberto, Leonard Beyde, Tommy Juan, George Beyde, Andy Norberto and, Harvey Tso Yazzie. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Cope Memorid

V -SANDO^At Funeral-sd-. j. vice' for William SaridovdV 50, -; ' a Deliver resident who former-. ;ly lived iri Nageezi, Wfll be a t i ; pjn. /Saturday at the/Brethren: A A A A A X : 7r^X~~~~^7mNavajo Mission at Counselor's, witii the Rev. Woody t&me officiating. Burid wil]/ be in the- Mission Cemetery. Survivors' Include five' sisters, JiiaWte Martinez of Kirtland, 7 Helen Lopez- of Cuba/AUce /Charley of; Fanriingtpn,, Rena" Sandovd of/Aztec and; Pauline - Hidty of Huerfano., There are :/16/nleceS and 12; nephews, Funeral arrangements are under-the direction of COpe' Memorial Chapel.


--., -

. _5t__tL_J__) "-..-_. ** .



SHORTY' Funeral: service, for Harry Shorty Sr., 68, SWpt-Ck, win be at 10 a.m. Friday "at Shiprock Funeral Home Chapel. Burid' wfll' be fa SWprock ' Cemetery; He ded Sunday at the PubUc-' Hedth Sendee ._lMia_BiM .mth_a__ Hospital; SWprock. He was a |pS_iS_*H_rdy, of Tuba City,; retired, miner employed at /wiz.;_ the!. maternal :great-, the" Columbia Mine. Surug^agdmo^gr^Jean peChUlie| of Hogback,-; and the' patenidj "vivors''include'two sons, ! grpat--. andparerits, Mr.; and|: Fredrick-Shorty,' SWprock, Mrs. Phillip; Christensen.:of ""aii-f H a r r y Shorty J r : , s Salt'Xake City.. Active Fruitland / -illve daughters, paUbearers wfll be Rudy ThunHospha, Hazel and Harriett derhawfc. Dale CM; Raymond Shorty; aU of Fniitland, and Charley arid Leonard Begaye. Helena and Helda Shorty, Honorary paUbearers wiU'be, ' both .of/Shiprdck/four "brothers; Alfred, Albert and .Eugene Beyale and Rorinle Dee. Funeral arrangements; .Jam.s.-Shorty-and Bert are-under the direction of Cope' Shbrty;BPgay;, and two sis-__-*Marie CharUe !and Helen Memorid C h a p e l / ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ' Hardy/ Funeral' 'arrangements are under the drectiim ^7AA^HAA7li$n^ ofBJidriMbrtiiary, A ' A . ] X SIMPSON ; Funeral! service for Dickson S. Simpson, > i _ i l Q:._i_-i__l_;. ^.Panritogtori;. at!,2 pjn. Monday; at/the -First : : SAM Furieral service for Baptist Churdi of FarmRose LaVee Sam, 40, SWp- ington. Bom March 10, 1955, rock, has been schedded for ; at Carson, he ded March 24 11 ajn: Thursday at Cope Me- j at the Four Comers Power 6 morial Chapel with the _Rev.; j Plant. Brother Andrew Pad West officiating.: Burial j Begaye will officiate the ser/ is to;be fa. Ddce Cemetery vice, with burid to be -ait with/ graveside services" at 3 I Memory Gardens. Simpson p.m. Bom Aprfli 16,1941, at I was; employed by Sctoieider | White Rock, she died Sunday Constmction ; Co.. Survivqrs \ a l the PubUc.Hedth-Service i indude Ws wife/Martha of : 'Hospitd; at- SWjprock. - Sin, :the family home, one son, viyors include three daugh- Sheldon Nathan Simpson, of ters/ Miranda Notsinneh, I the family home; Ws parents, I Dick and AnWe Simpson of ,;Danielle. Sam-: andn',Carrie I Carson'; t h r e e s i s t e r s / .BenaUy, aU/of SWproci^Efye. Angehne, Anna beUe and Anisorisy Ned "Notsfandi,. Danny drea Simpson, aU of Carson; Sain did Kenneth; Satoj of; four brothers, Pad and Dick SWprock, EU/Notsinneh Jn,; Jr. of Carson," and Benjamin U!S/Marine stationed at San and Orlando of Farmington; Diegp^and Harry Wilson Jr., I his/ matemd; - grandmother, Crownpoint/father, Jake Npz | ! Annie" Yazzie of Carson ; Bejgaye, Cfowripdnt; step-1 ; three aunts; Pahlfae Eaton of :mdtBeE,! Mary- V. 'Becenti/ jWjarmingtoriv and'Mary Ddce; three brothers, Gilson- : .Yazzie and Arlene Collado of V..'Nez, Lbs Lunas, Randolph jCarsori, and three uncles/ Nez, Ddce, and JuUan Nez, ^Harrison Yazzie and Frank SWprock. PaUbearers witt be Eatei of Farmington; . and JSandolph Nez, Julian Nez/' Peterson Yazzie of, Carson. ^Jui^lSamj! Raymohdo'Nez PaU bearers wfll he Peterson' jgay&'Ned.Notsinneh and fTBSa*e$Poii'JSnipsimti Jamesr EU.Notsinneh Jr.' Funeral ar- Eatd!;, Benjamin Simpson; rangements;, .are underthe Jonas- WatSoih and Herbert i dir&tiari. of Cope' Memoriai ^CIii t0^^^aTr^emeats are through the Cope Memorid Ghapel, '': ":.:_ _^-^-_-__i__S^-^_^.-$s: z ~ _ ff... - .

A A . " - - ' -iJ:'"'"' :'''' SINGER Funerd service /for Winona Lynn - Siriger,', seven-month-old daughter of' Mr. did: Mrs. Oscar Stager of Shiprdck;/wfll be at 1- pjii. Friday, at the First United . Methodist Church of SWprock 1 with /the,. Rev. Paul/West ; officiating, t h e infant died Tuesday at /BernaliUo -County Medcd Center :ta Albuquerque, Burid wiU be taGreeihlawn Cemeteiy. In addtion to her parents, survivors indude; the matemd grandparent,.: ; BoseylLDee pf SWprock; the^.

. SAM Funeral service for .Allen...H. Sam_.62, Sheep Springs Trading Post, wfll be 'at ,10 a JD'~ Friday a t , the Sheep Springs Chapd of the Church ' of- Jesus Christ of i_.tt_^y,Salnts"with President Harrison Johnson offidating; Burial wfll be fa the Sheep'SpringsCemeteiy with graveside' services conducted by the- Singer-Morgan, VFW Post Number 9517. Sam ded April 3. 'A veteran of World War n , when he served.with /the U-S. Army, Sam was preceded In death by a son, Alfred Sam In 1980. He is suru yfved by his wife/Mrs. AUce F/Sam of. Two Grey Hills; threp sons; Emerson Sam of Fort Defiance, Emest Sam of Los/Angeles, Calif., and , Wdter. Sam of Navajo; five daughters, Loralnne Masi quarett of California, Marie BenaUie! of Fort .Defiance,. Alice.Roanhorse ofStoppock, Vivfari Sam of Two Grey HiUs and Rita Hogue of Fmifland; Ws mother,,Mary. Sandman; a brother,. Grant Tsosie of , Sheep Springs; and two sisters, Elerior Yazzie arid/Eya i?ri(^/There are i26 grandi children and numerous greatgrandchildren. PaUheartirs wiU be Ernest Sam,' Eme^san, Sam, Wdter Sam, L e c ^ l - Sandman, Harry HoguqjMd .Johnny K.. Yazzie. Finflssjl ' arrangements are iirider/the ' direction of Cope Memorial


Ai ^ ^ T A - I S&-^&-- k"
" Q t E L s A funeral sendee.,-for Jean Sells, 71, of SWproct,/

I S1LVERSHOTH #Funeral service for Judy B. Silversmith, 27, Flagstaff, Ariz., wiU be at 10 ajn. Thursday at the Christian. Reformed Churdi in Tohatchi, with Pastor StaWey Siebersma officiating. Miss Silversmith was bora Jan. 18, 1954- She passed away May 2, 1981. At tbetimeof her death she was employed as a teacher for the, .Bureau of Indian Affdrs Dzllth-ria-p-Dith-hle Communlty School. She graduated from Fprt Wingate | School fa 1973. She then attended; Southwestern Oklahoi ma State University at Weatherford. Miss Silversmith was Involved in the Student Education Association, the Student Economics Association, the American and Oklahoma Home Economics Association; the Art Guild and, the I n d i a n Heritage Club; In the faUof 1977 she began employment wito the BIA. Sheis survived by her mother and stepfather, Matilda Bitsie and : Ernest Bitsie of Mexican Springs; a- son, Niles Ryan Silversmith of the family \ home/-five; brothers; Bobby Begay of Fort Defiance, Robert Begay,i-Ray Begay, DarjyU, .Begay.; and Gary A. Begay of Mexican Springs; a sister, Merlfada Begay and a stepsister, -.CoUeen ' Bltsi... of I Mexican Springs; arid -her matemd grandmother, Ruth N. Tahe of Mexican Springs. .Pallbearers wfll be .Gary A. ! Begay, DerryU G. -Begay, # %iy.AiAA*m Ray Begay, Freden_

i is to be at 10 aim. Tuesday at j the Christian". Reformed' Churdi fa SWprock with,the i Rev. Woody Yazzie official. ;: 1 ing. Burial will foUowfaSWp- ; 1 rockfCemetery. After Uving, imosteofher life fa New Mexi-" co, Mrs. Sells ded Wednes-J : day at PubUc Hedth Service^ I Hospital fa SWprock. She is isumve4 by her hpsband^; JohntCato .Sells; three sons;?. -arami Sells; Dondd Kee/ SeUs and Hairy Sells; and two brotiiers,,Joe Redcap and ;Johak-Hatahley aU of Ship..^ rodK_' 19 grandcWUren and1;! one-g^tg__andchfld. Funeral/; ianangements are under the; direction; of. Brewer Funeraj!

and Mat. Leonard Watson' r_k Tahe, ; thew Begay/ Honorary I paUbearers will be Bobby i Begay, Tony Watson and .'Ernest Bltsi. iritermerit w_f 1 be fa the Lone Pines Ceme. 1 tery in Mexican Springs. I Rolleyi Mortuary of GaUup is [in charge of arrangements.

S_MS;^- Lariy Sims, 4^ of. Frmtland, ded" Tuesday.;iri FratiMd-F-nerd-semce is to D.-"$ati___ay at 1 p.m. in /the Brewer -Funeral Hoine ChapeL Other-anangMnants are pendingwito; Brewer: FunerdiHotoeifHe -Is survived by two sisters, Marie Sims of Arvada* Colo-,:'; and Conrifa ,i Ford/of Frmtl


SANDERSON-Furieita/ ser- preceded in death by his vice for George Washington mother, Rita Lewis, and his Sanderson, 43, of Uttle Water, adoptive parents, Robert, and ..wfllbe held d 10 a.m. Wednes- Katherine D. FWton. day at the FuU Gospel Church , in Shiprock with the Rev, SMITH Funerd service ' Hoswood Brown officiating. for Bobby Tsosie Smith; 30, of Burid wfll be-, in-'the.'family-. Kayenta, Ariz., wfll be held at /cemeteiy near . Little Water.; 10 a.m, Wednesday .at Navajo PaUbearers wfll be Lee HenAssembly of God-Church/in. derson, Vernon Henderson, . Kayenta; the Rev. tedi:Dye tLarry Henderson, Nelson Han.cock^.Hariy Hoskie did' Bud Morris. The body wfll Ue fa, ;; state at Cope Memorid ChapelX /from 8 ajn.' to $ pjn. today!. presiding. Burial/prill be in X,Monday;.and Tuesday* Sand Kayenta Cemetery.! Smith died ; "erson died at the U.S. -PubUc; accidently, Monday in Dallas, Health' Service Hospital "to.,: Texas. > Survivors include, his SWprock. Friday morning fol- " wife,/-Jame Smithy Kayenta; ' lowing ari auto-acddent near one son, Shawn Robert Smith, Little Water. He was employed Kayenta; mother, Alta Tsbde, by the SWprock Agency of the Kayenta; maternal grand^ Navajo PoUce Department arid mother,. Daisy-Schenally; was a veteran of the post- , Kayenta; three sisters,. Anna Korean, donflict. Survivors, inThomas, Scottsdale,.- Ariz., clude his wife, Louise M. Dorothy ..Bigman, .Shonto/, Sanderson of Little Water; one Ariz., and. Eileen Gray; Kayen..daughter, Trade Sanderson of ta; and two brothers,. Jimmie the family home; father, Smith, Phoenix, Ariz., and. -Robert Henderson of .Little Danny Cody;fa;the;U.S. Nayy . Water /.step-mother, Frances . in Florida? Active pallbearers "Hehderson of Little Water; two wfll be Tom Bigman, Robert brothers, Lee B'.. Henderson of WWte, SteVen .Scherially and Tuba City, Ariz.; and Vemori Steven .Lar_(.; Funeral arrangeHenderson of SWprock; four ments--are^nder the^ directicm: sisters, Elsie M- Henderson of of Cope Memorid Ghapel. \ SWprock, C___ttoe Lewis of ; Shiprock, Vera- M.- Lee of ; Page, Ariz., aridRoselyn Hen j y w - o i j , _,_ _ . u _ . ,. ---.' derson.of .Shiprock; and a . r . XDC A f'rf & -**3tr~ cousin,;Betty ;J:-Etsitty of Little Water1; Sanderson Was _/ SMITHFuneral service for ;. Lee. Smith of Frmtland, who died Saturday at San Juan mA^yy\ : Hospitd,. are schedded at 10 /^SILVERSMITH Funeral i aj_! Wednesday at San Juan ' ' service for Kenrieth SilverEpiscopal Mission, with the smith, 18, of Two Grey HUls, Rev. Henry I^Bird offidating. who died fa his home!fowri at 1; Burid. wfll t_ - fa toe mission ,; pin.-, Jan.: 20, is slated for 10 I cemeteiy. Smith was 42- He is ajn. Friday at SWprock FuI survived:by his wife, LUly B. neral/Home Chapel with. ; Smithy.sons Emerson, Cedl, . Pastor Elder Lang officiating. I Kecil, Eniie and Bobby Smith/ / toterinent wfll foUow at.SWpf daughters;Menje/lrene, Linda '. rbt* Cemetery. He is survived , and: LUUan Smith, aU of the /by;/his/mother, Mary Begay : family/ home;.; brothers ;Ken-! Silvers-riith; two brothers/Kee' neth, Walter: and Jerome7and? Richard Silversmith;' Smith'of Fmitland, Richard /three sisters, Nellie, Loretta. ; Smith of Fannington, Rdbert': ; and Tamacita SUversmith,. all * i and^Harrisori- Smith' of "Attmf-l-pf Two, Grey Hills; his grand-/ : quei^e;v_stere;Ein__. Kenmother, Ruby; John; an aunt, | neth. ofe.Earmlngton; Erma Evelyn George; two uncles, i Thompson: of Ganado, Ariz. Richard F. John and Billy i and Anna .Jim - of .Carson . . Damon.. Active paUbearers wlU Trading; P o s t . . . A c t i v e fadudei; Howard Talk,'Richard ; paUbearers- will be Cecil Frank John, Billy Damon; ; Smith,'Jerome Smith, Kecil Nelson Dick/Jeriy*Lowe and Simth/Roy Smith, Junior McGilbert talk. Funeral-ar' Benally and Nelson John. Funerd arrangements are under rangements are'under/the i -the direction otCoDe Memorid' direction of SWprock. Funerd : Chapd;*/-=?-. Y.--77 Home, f - 5 TO -D4'"-V

. SMITH Wdter L.,_C_th SHORTHAIR Raymbrid 40, dt Upper Frultlah^ded ; Shorthair.ded at the SWprock. Friday at his home. Rosary Hospital/Friday. He was-18. will be".said at" 7:30 p.m. Funerd-service wfll,be a t 10. Tuesday at Cope Memorial, a.m. Thursday at the SWprock Chapel with the Rev. Kenrieth Chapel with ReV. Paul Redhouse!;officiating foUoweck^ Robertson, OFM, officiating .by burid iri Shiprock ceme-,^j Funeral sendce.wfll-be at 10 a m . Wednesday at Sacred tery. Survivors-include the j Heart Catholic Church with mother, Lena-Barber; father^ Father Robertson, officiating. Chee. Barber; tiiree brothers, Nielwood: Singer, Wilber. T / - ' Burial will be in Memory. Gardens Cemetery. Smith, was "John, Pad Bsrber; toree sisters, Cora. Barber,. EUse May ^ 1 employed by Stearns-Roger Barber and Lucy Barber. -4 j and was a Vietnam- veteran, Pallbearers will be Jimmy _. survivors include his wife," Bidtah, Earnest Bitah, NeU Alberta "-erd_'Smlthr ] three Singer, Wilbert John^ Ronald. sons, Briant, Jarrod and Scott Shorthair, ,Dav}d: Singer and Smith; two, daughters, Leshe -Pad Barber. Funeral arrange/ '.' and Shari Stolth, aB/of,the! frients are under' direction O f family home; three brothers, the Shiprock FurieralHdme..'/ - Robert and Harrison Smith ot Albuquerque, and Jerome, Smith of Upper Fniitland; aslster, Erma Thompson of :~>0~iy .SAM W. Kenneth _ . _ _ .42, . Ganatfo,/Ariz.;.^wostepSam, . . . of Phoenix ded Wednesday fa \ brothers,; Kenneth bmm oi Phoenix. Funeral/services wUl i Fniitland and Richard .SPitn., be held Monday at Cope -Me- i 0f Burnham; and a stepsister, morld Chapel at 2 pirn, with I Emma Kenneth of'Upper _ the Rev. David Tutt official- 1 Fruitland. Funeral arrange-; ing. Burid wfll be in Memorid j- ments are under the dire'cbpn Gardens! Survivors include ' CopeMemorialChapeL//g_.. four sons, Earl/Floyd, StenleyL <A~ir A7Aei> T ' and Steve, dl of Phoenix, a^ 1 7 ^4c___ / ^ 8 " _rf mother, Jean Sam of New- SA&ONEY-Tuneral ser-.. s comb; one brother, Pad Sam vice f or D 6 r i s . Ma^i-e,: . of "Newcomb, four sisters, Sagoney, 25, of Dennehotso," Barbara Gleason, Betty Ariz., is schedded for 10 ajn. Friday at Cope Memorial Charley, and Laura Brown of Chapet: with Bdie BUly ofNewcomb, and Evelyri Sam Stout of Fannington; > Active ficiating. Burid wiU'be in Memory Gardens. Bom! Oct. pallbearers will be Wilfred 8r 1956, atrGanadd, Ariz., she Pete, Emest Charley, Nelson died Sunday a t Kayenta, Hancock, Ernest Manuelito, Ariz. She had been a student Larry Brown and Kenneth Henderson! Funerd arrange- . a t Fort Lewis ments are under the direction i" Durarigor Goto.; Survivors faif Cope Memorid Chapd. ': dude her parents', -Did; did ; I, j Lula Sagoney, Dennehotso; 1 three .sisters, Kathleen, Grace Louise. and Norina j Jean Saigoney,; Dennehotso;. three brothers; .Dick Jr., Al-' bert.Lee and "Patrick Karl : Sagoney, Derinebotso; mater, nd grandparent., Albert and ! GraceBegayl Sanostee; aunt1 and imde, Alice and Larry
,,,., . . _ * _ -: ' ^ - . _ ^ . - * * - ^ _ i . . _-

i-' __/._.;..,

. ,/_;..

' '



! Kaibetoney, Sanostee; and i brother-in;law, Andy.Har).;rison. J o , Dennehotso. : Pallbearers will, be Dan Sagoney Jr.,. Albert Lee Sagoney, Gregory Sagoney, I Herman Bradley, Larry ! Kdbetoney and Alfred Brad: . ley. Albert. E . Begay .a_it /Delbert Sagoney wfll fe&n- ~ i, orary /pallbearers. Funeaa}. arrangements are, under the direction, of Cope Memorid Chapel:' . ' - :. '
l'.''--*!5^_B_i*''t'f-'*;-'--- :-^**_t-;i;..


SLOWMAN Rodidy : '>:__.-. -Slowman, 9, of Teecnospos, sons, Johnde Begay Jr., ClinSHORTY.-- Friends, of SALTWATER - Anita ton, and Al don Saltwater and Ariz., ded, Friday tit Albul-Pad Shorty, 75,'of-Red Rock, Saltwater, 41, of Clinton,. DeWayne. Sdtwater, GaUup; querque after a long Illness; Okla.. died June 12 in a oneAriz., iriay caU/uritil 8. p.m.. three daughters, Renita today at! Ba_-fa-Mortua-y, He/ car accident near Foss Lake Begay, Clinton, and Brenjla ded Saturday/at- San Juan in CUnton. She had been; a and Darlinda Saltwater, : Regional Medical! Center. Fu-. four-year resident of Clinton GaUup; four brothers, Sam neral service _;to be .at;l6 . He was bom Sept 8,1972, at dter Uvfag fa SWprock. Fua .m. Wednesday at 'Mesa/A^ / /SWprock. Funeral service j. nerd service wfll be at 10 Joe, Wyoming, WUUam Joe, sembly/of 'fG^/^urcit/:jri: wfll be at 10 a.m. Wednesday I p.m. Friday in the Sanostee Red Valley, Ariz., Harry Joe, Page, Ariz., and Henry Joe, SWprock witii the/Rev. _Tred at Christ, toe King CathoUc | Holiness Church, with Pastor SWprock; ^nd five sisters,Yazzie officiatfag. Bund will - Church fa SWprock. Fattier Leo /Benally officiating. be fa SWprock. Survivors 'in- _. Caron VoUmer, OFM wfll of- Burial wiU be fa the family Elsie Begay and Mary Joe of elude his wife/ Dorothy; ficiate. Burid wfll befaTeeo- I Cemetery at. Littlewater. Littlewater,-Ande Nez, SWp, Shorty of Red Rod.;/two/ . nospos Cemetery.. Sundvors I Mrs. Saltwater was employed rock,' Lda Yazzie, TsaUe, sons, Peter. Shorty-"of; Red/ faclude his parente, Richard I by the Clinton Indan PubUc Ariz., and Renita Henry, Rock arid RusseU Shorty of"; and Rose Slowman; two I Health Service Hospitd fa Farmington. One grandchild GaUup; two brothers/Jiriiniy/ brothers; Richard J r . and Clinton as a dietician for the also ' survives.' PaUbearers wfll be Leonard Nez, Aldon/, Nez of Red Rock.andNelson: '.Roland Slowman;. a sister, past./ four years. She had Sdtwater, JohnWe Begay, " Garnenez of Ganado,! Ariz/; ; RicfaeUe Slowman, aU of the { transfened after 19 years of Junmie Hanison, Jones Hartwo sisters D-Spah/G. Nez of; : family home; maternal Red Rock and Myrtle Georgegrandparents, JuUa and Den- I service at the SWprock Pub- rison and Raymond Harvey. of SWprock. There: are II 'Aim. Blueyes, SWprock; and \ Uc Hedth Sendee Hospitd to Funerd arrangements; are / Clinton. - Survivors include under the direction O the ;' grandchUdren add five great. f /paternal grandparents, Mary . her- parents, John and Irene SWprock Funerd Home. grandcWldren/ Pallbearers: arid Tom Slowman, Teec- j Juan Joe, Littlewater; tiiree wUl bei George Tutt/ Albert nospos. PaUbearers. will be ElUsbn,'.' RusseU ' Jackson, Richard Slowman Jr., Roy ' : Michael. Shorty,.-Jaines Slowman, Fred Slowmanand Amjy: g QxfftAA^-i Shorty and DeU Shorty. FuJuUus CoggeshelL Honorary SPENCER H a r r y SHIELDS .A, funerd ser- j nerd anangements,,are/u__ / . paUbearers; wfll be Richard "Armenia". Spencer, 63, "of: vice,for!Fredde SWelds, 65, i der the direction ol Basin .Slowman Sr., Tom Slowman, i Fanmngton, died^Dec, 8. at of Kirtland istobe at 10 ajn. Mortuary.... - \ A A 6 7 . - Jim Harrison > and Denton San Juan Regional __3_d Thursday at First Baptist Blueyes. Funeral' arrange'Center. Funerd service is to Church with the Rev. Robert ments are under the direction be at 10 ajn,. Wednesday at'; .L. Watson officiating. SWdds of Cope Memorid ChapeL //Brethren Tii: Christ Mission' died Saturday at an Juan Chapel in 'Blanco, with the Regional. Medical Center. Rev. Bob:Foster officiating. ; Burid wfll he fa the Mission Burial wfll be to Greenlawn Cemetery. Survivors fadude, Cemetery with -Sin gerMorgan SANCHEZ -. Bessie Post No. 9517 of SWprock con> Sanchez, 67, Nageezi, died at : two; sisters, Marie Yazzie did f ducting gravedde^service. He hom-.3rhursday. She was '! Fanme Armenia O Blanco Canyon; two brothers/Louis was a World War U Maririe bom Dec. 30,1914 at Nageezi. who- served fa tiie Pacific ! Funeral _ervices wfll be at 2 Armenia and Eugene Charles of Farmington. Pallbearers I- Ocean theater: He worked for P4_;. ,Tuesday, a t Escrito willbe Robert C-mmanche, ! tbe Bureau of Indan Affairs LJDJS. Chapd, with President Kevin Wilson/PWUip Yazzie,! for 17-years arid for the Nava