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**Anon|Link Music Prezentz: The Naked Karate Girls **PEOPLE=POLITICS=PARALYSIS **Networking For N00bz: An Introduction To The Linux Terminal **iFUKT: Apples Biggest Blunders **BOLO List **Installing Network Manager on Linux **Redd0x **Sailing The Seven Proxseas **Must Troll All Prezentz: For The Lulz **Facebook Standing Beside Pedophilia? **#OpAlliance ** Anon Speak **Big Brother On Steroids **Unethically Successful
**C re d its

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

**H4cked! **Social Security Now Called “Federal Benefit Payment?

Anon|Link Editors Corner
This is a long hard road. Here we are: Three months, three issues. We have a lot to throw your way in the coming months, to include a Kickstarter campaign to bring #ALM from the web to your hands.. A real magazine you can touch and show around to your neighbors and friends, stow away in your salons or tattoo shops, carry with you to protests or even just something to read while incapacitated in a certain room of the house. That on top of our merger with United States of Anonymous starting with issue 4, we are planning something big for the future. We have gotten a few contributions from some pretty unlikely places, to include cover art by, and an interview with popular Cincinnati party band “The Naked Karate Girls”. Elections are coming up, and we will have our thoughts on the candidates in the next issue, but would also like to get your story. Remember, this is the only magazine created by anons for the 99%, and should you choose to contribute, you’re almost guaranteed to get your stories published. So to the readers, we want your stories, rants, raves or lulz in future issues, and look forward to working with you all!

About the cover artist: My name is Sjard and i was born in Frankfurt (Germany), i still live there and opened my first own shop here almost two years ago. My shop is called Trioxin Gallery and is considered as an underground art gallery and a tattoo studio, i have two coworkers and guest artists from time to time. I started a classic apprenticeship as a tattoo artist when i was 16. Im 31 now so its about 15 years in the tattoo business now, spent every single day in a tattoo shop. I really enjoy travelling and doing guest spots, i like various art forms like graffiti, digital art, traditional art etc When i started tattooing had a kinda anti-social attitude (hard to explain in english for me) i always liked that and for me its normal to question everything, question the government and the lies they tell.

Anon|Link Staff

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The Naked Karate Girls
Cover bands are horrible. What does it take to be a cover band? Steal someone’s music, learn to do the harmony with guitars and drums, and call it god right? To be fair, some people just really really like songs that have already been done and want to pay homage to their favourite artists. But when I watch a cover band, I see a bunch of guys (or hot ladies) standing at the mic, moving their feet once in a while and doing nothing to entertain the masses other than sing. Enter The Naked Karate Girls... audience involved and entertain. Costumes, toilet paper leaf blowers, and “The party Pole”, this is one show guaranteed to keep you entertained. We took a moment to ask one of the entertainers a few questions, and this is what we got.... **cue horribly dubbed hiyahhh”** 1. What the fuck is up? SORRY I'M LATE FOR THIS INTERVIEW, WE WERE AT THE NKG HEADQUATERS DOWNTOWN IN DOUBLE SECRET TRAINING FOR OUR NEXT DEPLOYMENT AT JEFFERSON HALL THIS WEDNESDAY. 2. Introduce yourselves. Sure, they are another cover band, but they do what very few do, and that’s get the TEEPEE THE SUSPECT ON VOCALS, LT. JACK WOO ON DRUMS, SWEET SAUCE TONES OF DUKE JONES ON GUITAR, PONCH ON BASS AND PEVLIC THRUSTING 3. How did you guys meet? IN NEW JERSEY AT SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING CAMP, THEN WE MOVED TO CINCINNATI IN 1980.


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The Naked Karate G irls (C ont’d)
THROUGH WHICH GOD CHANNELS HIS AWESOME POWERS. 5. How did you guys come up with the concept for your guys shows? UH....CONCEPT? 6. Whats the craziest thing you guys have seen someone do at your shows, and how did you respond? YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT IF WE TOLD YOU AND IT WOULDN'T BE APPROPRIATE TO PUBLISH IN A MAGAZINE INTERVIEW...NOT EVEN ANON. 7. You guys have a pretty strong following, about how many shows do you think you do a year, and what are your favorite shows to do? ABOUT 180 SHOWS A YEAR. ANY SHOWS THAT HAVE A LOT OF FUN CRAZY PEOPLE ARE OUR FAVORITES. 8. If you could hook up with any celeb, who would it be and what would you do? TEEPEE WOULD HOOK UP WITH JESSICA RABBIT, LT. JACK WOO WOULD HOOK UP WITH ZSA ZSA GABOR, DUKE JONES WOULD HOOK UP PEG BUNDY, AND PONCH WOULD HOOK UP WITH THE ENTIRE PLAYBOY MANSION. in five words or less: 9. What is the biggest problem we have in the world right now? TOO MANY MEDIOCRE BANDS, NOT ENOUGH GOOD ONE. AND OVERPOPULATION. 10. There are countless numbers of 'cover' bands out in the wild, what seperates you from the rest? EVERYTHING. RICHARD NIXON 14. How do you feel about 'Anonymous' and some of the things they have done in the last year? AMBIVALENT AND EXCITED. 15. Any closing thoughts or words? SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT LESS IS MORE. NKG BELIEVES THAT MORE IS MORE. 11. How did you decide who has what roles within the group? Draw straws? Fight to the death until there were only four standing? LITERALY WE JUST SHOW UP AND HAVE FUN. EACH ONE OF US HAS OUR OWN PERSONALITY THAT WE PROJECT ON STAGE TO THE EXTREME. IT'S REALLY QUITE FUN, YOU SHOULD TRY IT SOME TIME. 12. Describe the following candidates Check out The Naked Karate Girls at Obama - Neither of his parents were African American. True fact. Romney - Speaks French fluently and looks like he tans in the French Riviera 2x a week 13. Elections are coming up. If you had to vote, who would it be? If you would rather do a write in, who would it be?

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PEOPLE = POLITICS = PARALYSIS. TECHNOLOGY = MORE TECHNOLOGY -=fraterhazard999=PEOPLE = POLITICS = PARALYSIS. TECHNOLOGY = MORE TECHNOLOGY one person can hardly control the tiger he was voted in to hold onto by the tail. Good governance is insufficient, but there is an overwhelming sense is that good governance is hardly the issue. The issue is one of failure of government to serve its people in the ways government was first construed to exist - as a conduit to a general level of cooperation and prosperity among the collective. However, a functioning collective requires trust between members of that collective and heretofore, trust has been linked with identity. What to do then when our technology makes "identity" as onerous as living life in a fish tank? How does a decentralized network validate identities and establish trusted users (without waiting for someone to break that trust)? Can valid and trusted identities be established on any network without surrendering varying levels of anonymity? Is unbreakable anonymity possible on such a network? If in fact, a recent finding by a federal judge that an IP address is not a fingerprint is held up in future challenges, what is to be done about identifying and interacting with trusted nodes while a the same time, identifying and stonewalling untrusted nodes whether those nodes are known hostile nodes or not. But what about MANET, CJDNS, Meshnet or even Bitcoin -- a decentralized network consisting only of nodes without a central server? What about Darknets and Deepweb? What to make of a recent USGOV FOIA release which reveals that the TOR network is already impenetrable by current USGOV resources. These questions are important not only to technogeeks, but to every one, for the purveyors of overreaching and intrusive technology see themselves as locked in an existential battle, which justifies (in their perceptions) the most desperate of measures. The rush to anonymity in an era of a nearly ubiquitous network and almost persistent, validated identity standards makes for interesting bedfellows, eh Anons? For one person's risk is another's challenge, and when information is power, that dichotomy does indeed seem existential. Thus TOR, CJDNS, Bitcoin, Wikileaks and Anonymous may be seen to represent an evolution in an ongoing proc-

As the Chinese curse goes, we live in interesting times. The variability in the challenges, benefits, risks and dangers in both the digital world and IRL are daily increasing and evolving as recent revelations around Stuxnet, Flame, Gauss and Trapwire (all assumed to be state-sponsored based on current evidence) demonstrate. Individual autonomy erodes, while power accrues to governments, wealth to corporations and their hired hands, and the tragedy of the commons is writ large across the planet. The Party of Hope and Change has morphed into the party of Trapwire and drone. The Party of No has self-immolated and from its ashes rises an ugly phoenix that is hated but to which some are attracted, like moths to a flame. Beneath the office of president there is nothing good under the American sun. The US government is said to be in a "continuity of government mode" and has been since 9-11-2001 -- in which case the man in the white house as of Jan 2013 will be moot, as

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ess to meet changing and emergent demands in an aggregate environment of general apathy, malaise and unwillingness to engage. It has been said that the human brain has not yet evolved to adequately cope with the advent of the stone knife, and yet, our technology is on the verge of becoming onerous to the very specie which spawned it. Technology will either make or break a pluralistic, autonomous society. We misunderstand or fail to comprehend its benefits and dangers at our peril. It behooves us all to ensure that PEOPLE decide the boundaries and limits of how and where state-sponsored technology is used (via rigorous technology control regimes) and that where authorities see fit to cross those boundaries, such authorities are are rejected, censured, litigated against, de-funded, publicly exposed, and appropriately notified that they have failed to adequately serve the collective. Because frankly, a president can be voted out of office, whereas technology is generally irreversible.

The mask says "I did not say this. I am not here." Yet the thing is said, and we are already here. Sail safe. fraterhazard999

SOURCES: -hoc/3.Mobile-ad-hoc-networking-imperativeschallenges.pdf

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The *Nux
Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora… fast, powerful, not exactly user friendly… Although these particular OS’s try to do their best to give you what you’re used to: A graphical user interface to do what you need to do, the real power comes from the terminal. Like Microsofts command prompt, the terminal isn’t the easiest to learn and memorize, but it gives you greater control over what you can do. Besides, how many good hacking tools do you know that allows you to just press a button ;)

So today we will present you with some basic MUST KNOW commands, and expand on them in coming issues.

Get to the point!
*Quick Note* Some versions of Linux require the use of “Yum” in place of “Sudo”. Examples of usernames will be “AnonLink”, so make sure you change the value to what you desire Change users password Sudo passwd AnonLink Add user account expiration Sudo useradd –e YYYY-MM-DD AnonLink Changing values of account AFTER it’s created Managing User Accounts Set Username to expire Useradd –D INACTIVE=-0 (or –1 to disable) Add User Sudo useradd –m AnonLink Sudo usermod –c AnonLink newuserID Lock User Account Sudo usermod –L AnonLink Get previously set information on user Finger AnonLink Delete User Accounts Userdel AnonLink Delete Account+Directories Userdel –r AnonLink Unlock user account Sudo passwd –u AnonLink Lock User Account Sudo passwd –l AnonLink

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August, Issue #2

Learning The Terminal (cont’d)
Connecting to a Windows desktop using rdesktop Managing password lifespans *Set Minimum life (days) Sudo passwd –n #ofdays AnonLink *Set maximum life (days) Sudo passwd –x #ofdays AnonLink *How many days in advance to warn of password change Sudo passwd –w #ofdays AnonLink *How many days after password expiration in which to disable the account Sudo passwd –I #ofdays AnonLink Force Password to expire Sudo chage –d #ofdays AnonLink IRC Installing and using an IRC Client Install IRSSI Sudo apt-get install irssi Launch IRC Irssi –n usernamehere Connect to an IRC room /connect Join a channel /join #CHANNELNAMEHERE Connecting to Windows via Remote Desktop What would you like to learn in future issues? Email us at Login to desktop at IP Address Rdesktop Identify user/password for host “AnonLink” Rdesktop –u username –p password AnonLink Run in full-screen Rdesktop –f AnonLink Disable client/server encryption Rdesktop –E AnonLink

Remote Desktop Install an RDC Client Sudo apt-get install tsclient Or Sudo atp-get install rdesktop

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August, Issue #2

I hate Apple. Wait, no I DESPISE APPLE! They set the bar for greed to a whole new level. With frivolous lawsuits for simple, almost required features on smartphones such as the shape of the phone, gestures and mapping abilities, they are the true definition of monopoly. They aren’t above the rest either. They fuck up just like everyone else, so I’m just here to shed a little light on these idiots and their fuck-ups… Not allowing easy sharing of photos and videos. Last year, Apple introduced iCloud. Although there were a few hitches at the start, this was a huge new product introduction. It sets the table for a lot of great and innovative services. And they converted a high degree of iOS users to iCloud subscribers. I can understand why they’d believe they have to get that out their first before they introduce new photo services on top of that. However, it’s frustrating how difficult it is to share photos and videos on an iPhone or iPad. In the mobile world, there are a few killer apps: photos, maps, messaging, and music. As a reader said below in the comments section, “Apple needs to do all of these.” No device takes as many photos as the iPhone. Yet, users don’t have an easy way to share them with family and friends. They have to default out to Instagram or Twitter, which are still rudimentary services. Apple likes to say that they don’t have to be first in a space (like NFC), but just the best. But this can be maddening for users and currently is with respect of sharing photos and videos.

Waiting so long to update iTunes. I’ve written about this issue previously (check the Vest Pocket on the left). iTunes is a monolithic approach to mobile music. There is a place for music curation to help users discover new tunes. Apple did nothing here, opening the door for Pandora (P), Spotify and Songza (all supported through advertising models). Now, Apple seems to be focused on the space, according to a WSJ article last week. Also, they are supposed to be working on a major iTunes update to come out in the next month or so. But, again, it shouldn’t have taken so long. With this fast follower attitude, I worry there will be some service that will come out of nowhere that Apple won’t be able to catch up on . The Lost iPhone An Apple engineer set off a firestorm when he lost his iPhone 4 test unit in a Redwood City, California bar in March. The phone eventually found its way into the hands of gadget blog Gizmodo resulting in a series of blog posts about the device including a detailed teardown. The fallout from the lost iPhone debacle read like something out of a tabloid magazine with news of a paid informant, a late night police raid, and a mysterious hit squad sent to search the home of the man who found the iPhone 4 . In the end, Apple got its iPhone back, but don't expect to be seeing Gizmodo attending Apple press events any time soon. Antennagate Shortly after the iPhone 4 launch in late June, users started reporting call reception problems when they held the iPhone in a way that covered the lower half of the handset. At first Apple tried to downplay the issue, but the firestorm over iPhone 4 performance continued and even a few class-action lawsuits were filed.The iPhone 4 antenna debacle reached a turning point when Consumer Reports announced it could not recommend buying the iPhone 4. Two days later Consumer Reports blasted Apple again, prompting Apple to call a press conference to discuss the issue.To quell user complaints Apple announced it would offer free bumper cases to all iPhone 4 owners who requested one until September at an estimated cost of $175 million to Apple. The free bumper case program is now over, and the furor of the antennagate scandal has passed. But Apple continues to sell lots of iPhones despite the antenna debate. Apple announced in October it had sold more than 14 million iPhones worldwide between July and September, a 91 percent increase compared to the same time last year. iPhone 3G vs. iOS 4 Apple's iOS 4 update wreaked havoc on unsuspecting iPhone 3G users in August. Shortly after the new iPhone OS came out, people using the second generation iPhone complained of general sluggishness, unresponsiveness to screen taps and poor battery performance. Apple's support thread for the iPhone 3G with iOS 4 was 118

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-=iFukt: Apple’s Biggest Blunders=pages long at the time of this writing. For the most part, the update to iOS 4.2 has solved the iPhone 3G's problems. In fact, iOS 4.2 may have even given the phone a performance boost, although there are still complaints coming in. The most recent comment on Apple's support forum, left on Tuseday by a user named powerstack, complained that his phone was now slower than a "64K dial up connection ." When he took his phone into an Apple Store to seek help, Powerstack claims an Apple Store employee suggested buying "an Android phone." The iPhone 3G on iOS 4 problems also inspired this parody video. Ignoring Computer Games Apple never attracted game developers to the Macintosh, never launched a game machine, and has only sporadically promoted the iPod and iPhone as handheld gaming platforms. Since the main strength of the IBMcompatible PC was in business applications, the home and consumer market was available for an alternative platform. However, Apple’s appeal to the consumer market was vastly weakened by the fact that the Macintosh seldom had the latest and greatest games, which are THE killer applications for a home-based computer platform. Continued Support of Apple TV The product is a widely seen as an industry joke. People don’t want to consume television in this way and there are numerous other platforms that do a much better job at both the delivery and the purchasing of the content. Treating Journalists Like Cockroaches Apple is widely known among business journalists and industry analysts as an insanely difficult company to work with. Their PR people seldom answer press inquiries and their executives treat journalists as unwanted pests.You end up with articles like What’s the bug up Apple’s @$$? and When did Apple become uncool? And when you’re really stupid and have a business reporter arrested for reporting about your future product, you get TV coverage like the Jon Stewart video I’ve posted below. Pretending They’re the Underdog Apple’s market valuation and yearly revenue is currently about the same as Microsoft. Eventually, even Apple fanboys will figure out that Apple is a corporate behemoth whose corporate headquarters resembles the movie set for an updated remake of 1984, replete with security cameras, secret codes, and all the accoutrement of a police state. Censoring the iPhone Porn is one of the big drivers of traffic on the Internet. If Apple is going to displace the current PC-based Internet environment, it will need to capture some of that traffic. Furthermore, the PC world of porn is having trouble monetizing content in a world where peer-to-peer sharing has become common, a problem that wouldn’t exist in the Apple environment. Apple marketing is therefore throwing away a multi-billion dollar revenue stream. Overpricing the Macintosh Apple marketing apparently believed that the added value of the Apple brand, and the superior usability of the product justified a higher price. But the truth is that as Windows became the de-facto standard, the Macintosh environment became a liability that would have required a LOWER price in order to compel people to continue to buy.

Sources Apple_Biggest_5_Blunders_of_2010.html

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-=Anon|Link BOLO List=- N16HTH0C
We all stumble across those types while trolling… The ones who seem to think we are their personal Army. The ones quick to roll over on others the moment they feel uncomfortable. They are everywhere from IRC’s to Fedbook pages, blogging sites and YouTube. It’s always fun to fuck with them, but in the end they are nothing more than cockroaches. The following individuals are 100% certified ADR’s and unless you’re trolling them, we suggest not becoming associated. This is not a d0x, even though the following individuals already have them ready and waiting. This is just a #BOLO list IRL’s Ali Gaydos (Stanford)

Psssttt Tara, wanna know who really d0xed you?^^^
Status: Queen Dick Rider Jennifer Chase (Carmer) Status: Dick Rider Kincie Birchfield Status: Dick Rider Lindsey Threlkeld Status: Dick Rider Kristin VanHorn

-=#BOLO= Status: Dick Rider Kat Dickenson Status: Dick Rider Tonya Robbins-Cassout Status: Dick Rider SOX

BOLO Pages

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=WiCD And Network Manager=- –H3x
BK5 comes with WICD (Wireless Interface Control Daemon), which is great for controlling your wireless networks etc. However Network Manager is the way to go if you want to use a VPN.

1. Begin by opening your Konsole and entering: apt-get install network-manager-kde (note: if your install was Gnome instead of kde, replace "kde" with "gnome")

2. We will now modify the "interfaces" file. In Konsole, enter: cat /etc/network/interfaces

3. You’ll notice that by default, all of the interfaces are set to automatically call to DHCP. If you’re hacking, this is not what you want, seeing as when you connect to a network and you're trying to be stealthy...asking for a DHCP release is not what you want. So lets change the file. In Konsole, enter: echo “auto lo” > /etc/network/interfaces

4. Next enter: cat /etc/network/interfaces

5. Enter: echo “iface lo inet loopback” >> /etc/network/interfaces

6: Enter: cat /etc/network/interfaces

7. Finally, to start the service, enter: service network-manager start

8. Now you should be able to find the Network Manager in the "System" menu

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August, Issue #2

-=./fl3xx=ASUS Italy Hacked, site defaced, Thousands of client details leaked 9/23/12

1440+ Sites taken offline by h4x0r HuSsY (VOBHH) 9/21/12

Cambridge University Under attack for #OpFreeAssange 9/18/12

Shared Hosting Fail, 1169 Sites Defaced by BCA 9/17/12

h4x0r HuSsY vs INDISHELL hacker for on going cyber war 9/10/12

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H4ck3ed (Cont’d)
89 Jewish And Christian Sites Hacked By Sizzling Soul 9/7/12

500+ Indian Sites Hacked by Voice Of Black Hat Hackers 9/7/12

Official Siemens Taiwan Hacked, Defaced and Data Leaked 9/6/12

61 Israeli Sites hacked by BD Grey Hat Hackers 9/5/12

SOCA, Cambodia National Bank & US Courts Attacked for #OpFreeAssange 9/2/12


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Have you noticed, your Social Security check is referred to as a "Federal Benefit Payment"?

I'll be part of the one percent to forward this.

I am forwarding it because it touches a nerve in me, and I hope it will in you.

Please keep passing it on until everyone in our country has read it.

The government refers to our Social Security checks as a Federal Benefit Payment. This isn't a benefit, its earned income! Not only did we all contribute to Social Security but our employers did too.

It totaled 15% of our income before taxes. If you averaged $30K per year over your working life, that's close to $180,000 invested in Social Security.

If you calculate the future value of your monthly investment in social security ($375/month, including both you and your employer contributions) at a meager 1% interest rate compounded monthly, after 40 years of working you'd have more than $1.3+ million dollars saved! This is your personal investment.

Upon retirement, if you took out only 3% per year, you'd receive $39,318 per year, or $3,277 per month.

Page 19

-=Social Security Now Called “Federal Benefit Payment?= -


That almost three times more than today average Social Security benefit of $1,230 per month, according to the Social Security Administration (Google it it's a fact).

And your retirement fund would last more than 33 years (until you're 98 if you retire at age 65)! I can only imagine how much better most average-income people could live in retirement if our government had just invested our money in low-risk interest-earning accounts.

Instead, the folks in Washington pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madoff ever did. They took our money and used it elsewhere. They forgot that it was OUR money they were taking. They didn't have a referendum to ask us if we wanted to lend the money to them.

And they didn't pay interest on the debt they assumed. And recently, they've told us that the money won’t support us for very much longer. But is it our fault they misused our investments?

And now, to add insult to injury, they're calling it a benefit, as if we never worked to earn every penny of it. Just because they borrowed or just took the money, doesn't mean that our investments were a charity! Let's take a stand. (Stop all benefits for those that raided our investments and put them all in the same cell-block as Bernie Madoff is in as they are the worst kinds of criminals ever. We do not give any medical attention as the new health care should deem them not worthy of care. Feed them only Bread & Water. This will pay for most of the losses to Our Social Security Benefits and keep it restored. How dare they now call it a 'Federal Benefit Payment/Entitlement'! What a disgusting bunch of thieves they all are to protect us. Disgusting! )

We have earned our right to Social Security and Medicare. Demand that our legislators bring some sense into our government. Find a way to keep Social Security and Medicare going, for the sake of that 92% of our population who need it.

Call it what it is ...Our Earned Retirement Income.

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-=This Months Redd0x Is Brought To You By AnonNJ= BP is trying to blame ‘Blue Collar Rig Workers' for the entire BP disaster. Here is a list of there emails and some facebooks Article: national/2012/09/07/262199.htm [] [] [] We are legion We do not forget We do not forgive Expect us

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-= SQL Ninja=-

— N3g4t1v3 133 —

There's no way for me to put my feelings of terror into words when I learned this was going to be an all linux issue. I'll be the first to admit that i'm no linux dynamo, i'm not completely crippled though. If you're anything like me perhaps you were looking for ways to crack someones wep key,and stumbled upon backtrack, thus opening up a whole new world for yourself. the sheer amount of tools, and the endless things you can do with them is simply mind blowing. There's a lot of shit within backtrack I haven't even played with yet. Keeping with my tradition of making things noob friendly, and also since this is my skill set on this particular topic it's only fitting. This month we're going to get into SQL ninja. I know, I know, it's only one tool. It seems like that, but the things you can do with this by itself. Let alone when you use it with other things is fucking amazing.U nlike other sql injection tools i've written about, Sqlninja is like the swat team of these type of tools. So long as you've got a vulnerability, and a little skill, you will get what you came for. Every tool has it's limitations, as is expected. This tool though may give you your best chance when it seems like you're not getting anywhere. Unlike the injection tools I last covered there aren't any buttons that say go,and pretty much tell you what to do. This one is all up to you, so if you're willing to put the time in to learn some cool stuff it's worth it. Since I myself just started using this (not always with success), there isn't a whole bunch I can tell you.All I can tell you is the facts, and a link to a tutorial. Sqlninja wasn't written to be what it is, it was an accident. It was born from a single script coded in perl while drunk. That's pretty badass in it's own right. For it to evolve into a something making 125 top security tools is impressive. With 12 different attack modes, It's not hard to see why. Unlike other injection tools out there where the focus is solely extracting the data. Sqlninja maintains a foothold on the targets network. There isn't really too much I can tell you about usage without making a tutorial about this. I have however provided you with links that can properly do so.,

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Volume 1, Issue 1

-=Memes and Rants by MTA=Well , it’s time for another installment of Must Troll All . hard to choose

It’s getting closer to election time . Meh, looks like no changes at the white house I grow weary of this , lets pick the less evil of the two . it is time for change . if we are denied what was promised then we should take it . I don’t think I can stand another 4 years of this

the other asshat is full potato . I have doubts he will win .

seems all is hopeless and all is for not . might as well an hero …….

Page 24

Volume 1, Issue 1

-=Memes and Rants by MTA=guess again . power will never let go of power . you goofy faggots think that if we occupy hold hands and blow bubbles and sing songs that it will bring change ? lmfao , this is the kind of change it will bring

If we stood together

good luck with that hippys . u faggots will be the first to be eaten . ….. ok , enough of that . last thing I want to talk about is windows 8 . It is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen

Hit every nook and cranny surly we would get the attention of the powers that be . demand change . what’s the worst that could happen ?

yep, bigger than that. The os is based on the windows phone. Why the fuck would they base it on something that completely flopped?

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-=Memes and Rants by MTA=Must Troll All

all I can say is we got trolled

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-=Facebook Standing Beside Pedophilia?=Facebook is refusing to take down a page on its website dedicated to pedophilia. At the top of the page is a close-up shot of a very young girl walking alone down an alleyway. In the distant background is a blurry picture of a man with an open trench coat. His hands are in his pockets. Under the picture are the words: “Pedophiles are people too.” In smaller letters is: “It’s all in the title.” The person who created this page on Aug. 14 doesn’t appear to have included any text, and there are no suggestive pictures of either children or grown-ups. DESPICABLE: This Facebook page doesn’t seem to bother Mark Zuckerberg’s content watchers. DESPICABLE: This Facebook page doesn’t seem to bother Mark Zuckerberg’s content watchers. But 21 people have “liked” the page and hundreds have engaged in conversations about pedophilia, or sex with children. Many of the people responding were appalled that the page still exists. One freak wrote: “You know you [sic] skilled when you can fit 10 kids in 1 self storage box.” To that comment, a guy who identified himself as Mike Haney replied, “Who the hell would EVER [his emphasis] make a group like this? Come to my house and I’ll show you much lead a pedophile can hold.” Joe Mazzilli, a private investigator in New York City, reported the pedophile page to Facebook last Friday. Mazzilli is a decorated former NYPD detective who now works as a child advocate and tracks down missing and abused children. “I think it’s disgusting,” Mazzilli told me in a phone interview. “Where do you draw the line? This is encouraging sexual acts that could lead to the deaths of minors.” This was Facebook’s e-mailed reply to Mazzilli: “Hi, Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we are not able to confirm that the specific page violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.” It was signed “Vicki.” The company also attached a copy of its standards, which deal with topics like Violence and Threats: Self-Harm, Bullying and Harassment; Hate Speech; Graphic Content, Nudity and Pornography; and others. Mazzilli, who has been a source for me before, said he urged others to complain to Facebook, and they all got the same response. “If Facebook doesn’t understand the logic to remove this, I would urge everyone to stop using Facebook and use an alternative. Maybe then they will understand,” Mazzilli said. When I e-mailed Facebook about the page, the company said it would get back to me as quickly as possible. It hadn’t by deadline. Facebook, of course, is the premier social media website and is used by 955 million people and thousands of advertisers. It sold stock to the pub-

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-=Facebook Standing Beside Pedophilia?=- (contd)
lic for the first time in May but shares now sell for about half the $38 debut price. Since the initial public offering, investors have shown concern that growth is slowing, especially as folks move to mobile devices from computers. Experts think smartphones are less compatible with Facebook’s format. And they fear advertisers that use Facebook online will be less likely to put their ads on the company’s smartphone app. The company is known for having strict rules to control its users. But social networking is the Wild West of computing, and it’s difficult for any company to monitor what all its members are doing. Still, you would expect Facebook to react more diligently to a posting that declares “pedophiles are people too,” especially when it encourages comments like: “What’s better then [sic] f--king a 9-year-old.” To that, one viewer of the page wrote: “You sick POS where do you live, your [sic] f--cking lucky I don’t know cause I believe all pedophiles need to f--king DIE . . . Give me your address.” Violence and threats, bullying, harassment, hate speech, graphic content? Why doesn’t Facebook shut this page down? Why is a public company allowing this sort of trash? And why would investors already learning to dislike Facebook put up with this? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may wear a hoodie, but it shouldn’t be pulled so far over his head that he can’t see what’s going on with his site. I’m sure law enforcement is already looking at this page. Maybe if many voices are raised, Zuckerberg will hear the roar in his Palo Alto, Calif., home.

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-= #OpAlliance=Readers of Anon|Link Magazine, We are Operation Alliance. We are an Alliance of various Anonymous groups and countries who have one common goal; To stop the Catholic Church’s opposition of Gay Marriage in Scotland and the rest of the world. As some of you may or may not know; The Scottish government announced this year that it is going to legalize Gay Marriage in Scotland. Almost immediately the Catholic Church thought it would condemn this action.

We feel it is our place to fight against this. Not only for the Scottish people but for Gay couples around the world who wish to marry. Gay Marriage is a basic human right (The right to love and the right to marry) and we as such feel it is a right that should be freely given to all people of the LGBT community.

You must fight fire with fire, As such we have decided that we will take down the Catholic Church’s main online presence through DDoS attacks and defacements of their websites (Details to come on targets). Thus rendering their religious psycho-babble useless.

We will also post d0xes on the main players within the Catholic Church who are against Gay Marriage, Send them many pizzas.

For further information please visit; < #OpAlliance Press Release < #OpAlliance event page < Anonymous Scotland < Anonymous UK and Ireland

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-= #OpAlliance= < Anonymous Liverpool < Anonymous North Carolina < United States of Anonymous < Anonymous New Jersey < Anonymiss

We are Operation Alliance. United by one. Divided by zero. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Catholic Church, Expect us.

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-=Big Brother On Steroids=Big Brother on Steroids.

—Esoteric Revelations —

Overview: After September 11th, the United States began its War on Terror. It should have been more aptly named the War on Personal Freedom. Through Terrorism, the government has found an eternal enemy they can use to justify making the dystopian novel 1984 into a reality. In the beginning, there was Al Qaeda, and then it was Drug Cartels, and more recently to homegrown terrorists. In the name of National Security, the government has been hell bent on taking away our rights, especially after the inception of the Occupy Movement. With the lack of Mainstream Media coverage, many of these laws, programs, and technology remain secret to most citizens.

Patriot Act: While the government was domestically spying on citizens long before September 11th, the monitoring of citizens was ramped into overdrive by the passing of the Patriot Act. This atrocious piece of legislation has allowed the government to track, follow, and spy on citizens if they are deemed 'suspicious.' The FBI can search and seize virtually everything from your bank, phone, internet, library, travel, medical records, and even your trash. All without your knowledge or consent. Any person or organization that turns over any such information is prohibited from divulging that they have done so. This even includes telling a judge under oath. In addition to things like planting listening devices, they have also been utilizing roving wiretaps that apply not to one singular phone or computer, but every device that may be accessible to a 'target.' Most of this has been done without warrants or probable cause, using National Security Letters that Federal Agents can write themselves, thus completely bypassing our judicial system. As you can undoubtedly guess, there have been reports about systematic and widespread abuse of these powers. In addition, there is a provision of the Patriot Act that has not been disclosed. So citizens have no idea if they are possibly violating a law because the actual law has been kept secret. Senator Wyden has stated that the American people would be stunned to find out how the government is applying the Patriot Act.

If You See Something, Say Something: NSARI, the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, is a program dedicated to creating files on any citizen that is reported as being 'suspicious.' These files contain all of your personal information that the authorities can gather on you, are kept for five years, and are shared between agencies. Not only can federal agencies or local law enforcement file these reports, your neighbor can report you as being suspicious thereby adding to or starting a file. The DHS has released several PSAs (Public Service Announcements) asking all citizens to say something if they see something.

TSA: Another cause for concern is the TSA. This is the agency responsible for the naked body scanners at the airport as well as fondling us and our children. While this

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-=Big Brother On Steroids=-

—Esoteric Revelations —

has been a topic of conversation for quite some time, the TSA is now quickly expanding outside of just airports. They've been conducting checkpoints at ferries, bus stations, subways, train stations, sporting events, and now even roads and highways. The TSA's Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams, called VIPR, have now been conducting checkpoints on the roads all across America. When asked by a congressional committee what sort of training these TSA screeners have received to be doing roadside searches, an administrator with the TSA responded by saying that their VIPR team receive no training and are set up to provide a "visual deterrent." I think that quote speaks for itself.

Internet Censorship: The government has been attempting to pass bills that might allow them to essentially regulate or censor the internet. The government, organizations, and any private entity would have the power to shut down any website. There is no oversight or confirmation to ensure that there is a legitimate complaint before the website is censored. In other words, if they don't like you, you're shut down. In addition to the censorship aspect, some of these bills focus on other things like collecting all of your internet activity. CISPA also would allow the government to monitor, modify, or prevent messages from reaching their destinations. Just to name some of the more broadly known bills or treaties, we have SOPA, PIPA, PCIPA, ACTA, CISPA, and the TPPA. In addition, the Obama administration is seeking to pass a CISPA executive order as most of these bills have been defeated due to public backlash.

Cell Phones & GPS Tracking: Cell phones are essentially tracking devices that let you make phone calls. Police agencies often obtain cell phone data without warrants. Cell phone companies even have manuals for police as the practice has become so common. In addition, the police also have training manuals that explicitly state not to make this known to the public or media. Most people carry smart phones which have a multitude of apps that collect many pieces of information. Our phones can track who we speak to, what we purchase, where we go, our search and internet history, and even our financial data just to name a few. The Obama administration has stated that the public has no “reasonable expectation of privacy” in regards to cell phone location data; therefore authorities may obtain this information without a warrant. Likewise, GPS tracking devices can also be placed on your vehicle, again, without a warrant. On a similar note, police cars are being outfitted with license plate scanners that would indicate who you are and everywhere your vehicle has been seen before.

Social Media, Suspicious Flag Words, & Suspicious Behaviour. Everything you write on any social media site is being monitored, regardless of whatever privacy settings you choose. There is an incredibly long list of words that get flagged by DHS. Some of these words are as simple as cloud, delays, flu, gas, ice, pork, recall, sick, smart, snow, tornado, virus, and even social media itself.* Anyone who makes a dissenting comment about DHS or the government is likewise being monitored. We've even recently heard of a former marine being arrested due to his Facebook posts. New technology has given them the ability to compare samples of writings and use bots to find anything you may have said anonymously as well. For those of us out there who seek to ensure that the average citizen is staying informed, we too are being monitored. On top of all of this, there are numerous flyers that have been handed out to businesses which indicate activities, appearance, behaviours, and even general interests that should be reported.** Some of these include things as simple as appearing apprehensive/inquisitive/ nervous/secretive/stressed, hiding your phone or computer screens, paying cash, taking pictures, using any sort of anonymizing software, wearing backpacks/hoodies/scarves/stained clothing, and even wearing different clothing every time you shop.

Household Appliances Tracking & Data Mining: With the increased capabilities of gaming consoles, DHS has been looking into ways of hacking into them to obtain user data. On a similar note, the CIA director has come out saying that they are looking to put tracking devices and/or listening devices into everyday household appliances. Though the CIA is not supposed to work inside the US, they claim that the 2008 FISA amendments have since changed that. Since these chips would be in every appliance, it turns everyone into a suspect or a person of interest. Petraeus, the CIA director, has said that the very idea of secrecy will change forever. If this wasn't alarming enough, the NSA is currently building a two billion dollar database center to store all personal forms of communication including things like Google searches. Once a file is started on an individual, the agency begins data-mining so they can paint a picture of your entire life. This brings us into our next topic with a similar center by another agency.

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-=Big Brother On Steroids=Biometrics & Facial Recognition:

—Esoteric Revelations —

Biometrics is another cause for concern. Between AFIS and the DHS’s Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) there are over 100 million records, with almost a third of them being from average law abiding citizens. These will soon be fed into the FBI's recently completed billion dollar biometric database center. The program called Next Generation Identification, NGI, will store things like fingerprints, palm prints, SMT (scars, marks, tattoo), facial recognition, vocal patterns, iris patterns, gait, and even DNA analysis. In addition, they plan to outfit local police with a mobile fingerprinting tool. Another program, Trapwire, is alleged to be a massive surveillance program that uses facial recognition technology to monitor and track citizens. While there is a lot of controversy over this, a similar program called Total Domain Awareness has already been implemented in New York. In addition to facial scanning, NYPD has begun implementing iris scans of those arrested. With innovations in computer surveillance, there are now "Thinking Cameras" or “Intelligent CCTV.” These programs can detect possible suspicious activity, as well as point out when anyone deviates from their normal routine. This type of monitoring brings us into our next topic.

Pre-Crime & New Surveillance Technology: Another concern we face is the Governments move into Pre-Crime technology. One of these is the Future Attribute Screen Technology program, known as FAST. Through the use of various technologies, FAST will monitor things like body movements, voice pitch changes, eyes movements, body heat changes, and breathing patterns to predict whether you might commit a crime in the future. They have already tested this in public at an undisclosed location. In New Jersey, they're starting to bathe people in a red light before they might commit a crime. In Detroit, DHS has begun implementing Intellistreet Street Lights. These remotely controlled lamp posts have video screens, speakers for PSAs, microphones for recording conversations, and of course cameras that utilize similar technology to the thinking cameras mentioned above. Federal agencies have also been utilizing mobile x-ray vans that let them see through cars, walls, and clothing. A similar new piece of technology is DHS's laser based scanner that can detect every molecule in or on your body. The lasers, which can be used from as far as 50 meters away, are so precise that they could detect a single cell of cancer in your body. They could detect traces of things like drugs, gunpowder, what you had for breakfast, or even the level of adrenaline in your body. While there are many great implications for the medical field with this technology, the use of such technology raises many privacy concerns in addition to the question of the level of enforcement that accompanies this. Despite this, the plans are to begin utilizing these lasers throughout the US starting next year.

Militarization of Police: On the topic of law enforcement, another scary aspect we citizens face is the militarization of Police. Through Federal grants and the 1033 program, local police departments have been acquiring military grade hardware either free or at very cheap costs. Some of this hardware includes: riot gear, machine guns, assault rifles, grenade launchers, mobile watch towers, amphibious assault vehicles, helicopters, military robots, and armored personnel carriers which are essentially mini-tanks! So what happens when your local piece are outfitted to fight a war? You give a kid a toy; he's going to want to play with it. Most of us have recently heard about Anaheim, CA. Point in case. On that note, there have also been increasing stories of police killing innocent civilians as of late. While this is not to imply that all police are bad or any sort of "fuck the police mentality," it is simply an effect to be noted especially given the lack of accountability for those police officers who violate the law.

Eyes in the Sky: Just this past year, Congress passed a bill allowing drones in US airspace. These are being utilized by many different agencies and organizations including the military, local police, universities, and news corporations. Local police departments have been acquiring drones through the previously mentioned federal grants. While most people think of the thirty foot Predator UAV when they hear about drones, they actually come in all shapes and sizes. There is already a plan by our government for some drones as small as the size of a golf ball to be used to spy on and collect intelligence on American citizens. Think that’s small? DARPA has been working to create insect cyborg drones. There have been similar stories about remote controlled cockroaches that could have cameras and/or listening devices. The implications of this are staggering. The Pentagon has recently tested it's Long-Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, or LEMV. This is a massive blimp armed with the latest surveillance technology. It's predecessor called the Blue Devil, could monitor 36 square miles in real time. While the plan is to use this over in Afghanistan, how long will it be until these are being utilized in the US like the use of drones? If all of this wasn’t excessive enough, local law enforcements have also been using satellite imagery to monitor suspects as well.

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-=Big Brother On Steroids=Indefinite Detention:

—Esoteric Revelations —

The National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, was passed into law at the end of last year. Inside this yearly defense budget was a controversial section that gives the President the authority to indefinitely imprison US citizens suspected of terrorism. No trial or jury, just a short hearing in front of a judge. For those who are detained, they have no legal recourse in which to prove their innocence. Now, some ignorant people have referred to a section that says it does not apply to the US citizens. However, numerous constitutional lawyers have definitively said that it does in fact apply to US citizens. Even our President, who signed the bill, says that he would not use that provision. As a constitutional law professor, surely he wouldn't make such a statement if it doesn't apply to citizens. That being said, the reason that provision was kept in the bill despite several amendments to remove that portion, was because of Obama telling Congress to keep it in there. While a Supreme Court judge had previously ruled that the law was unconstitutional, the Obama administration has since appealed it and won.

Assassination of US citizens: But one of the most concerning aspects of our Government is the killing of US citizens without being charged with a crime or convicted at a trial. As Attorney General Eric Holder said, "The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process." On top of this gross violation of constitutional rights, the Government has not supplied any evidence that has been used to signify that such radical actions were "necessary." In other words, if the government calls you a terrorist, then they can kill you and the rest of us are simply supposed to take their word for it. There's your due process according to our Attorney General. And it's not just Holder either. The FBI Director, Robert Mueller, when questioned by Congress stated that he was not sure whether or not the government could kill US citizens on US soil. Jeh Johnson, counsel for the Department of Defense, stated that the AUMF has authorized the Executive Branch to carry out these assassinations without geographic limitation.

Closing: It is a frightening world we live in when the government is tracking everything you say or do. While we do of course want the government to capture the "bad guys," we don't want them investigating everyone. One of the most concerning issues about these various technologies is the lack of probable cause, oversight, or judicial approval. All of this is being done in the name of national security, but none of this is tied to any realistic threat. We're supposed to think that all of this is being done to fight terrorism, but in reality, it is the true definition of terrorism. Terrorism is nothing more than a ploy to keep citizens and officials in a constant state of fear so they can pass this sort of legislation. And to top all of it off, we have indefinite detention and killing of American citizens without charges, trial, or justifications for it. This is setting a very bad precedent for our future and our children's future. The only terrorist I'm concerned about it the US government.

While some people may argue that these types of things are done for our protection, they have repeatedly been proven to be ineffective and a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. Did you know that a US citizen is approximately eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist? The actions that have been undertaken by our government in the name of National Security go against the very principles of freedom that this country was founded upon. Benjamin Franklin said it best: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." With so much technology, legislation, and agencies dedicated to monitoring your every action, how can you claim to be free? It's nothing more than a modern Panopticon. Essentially everyone is now suspects who then have to prove themselves innocent. Our world is quickly becoming the dystopian society that many brilliant minds warned us of. This is Big Brother on Steroids. And there's only one person who has the power to change this.....You. -Esoteric Revelations

*For an expanded list of words that DHS is monitoring, please visit: **To view the Suspicious Activity flyers, please visit:

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-=Unethically Successful=-


Being successful takes a lot of hard work. It takes perseverance, dedication and determination… NOT! Ever notice how the most immoral companies are the most successful? Here are our top 5 most successfully unethical companies in the world according to Action for Our Planet. Companies: 1.) Monstanto Co.: The Missouri based agricultural company has been named world's most unethical company EVER!! The company leads the world's production of genetically modified foods, that’s right, they mutate our food and most of us have no idea. They are infamous for suing farmers who try to grow foods both ethically and organically. And all hell freezes over if the lawsuit is not ruled in Monsanto’s favor. They then drown their opponent in legal fees forcing them to become bankrupt. No matter what, they win.

2.) Halliburton: The world's second largest oilfield services corporation, Halliburton was granted a no-bid contract to restore Iraqi oil during our visit to Iraq, you know, the visit with the bombs and guns. For those who don’t know, “no-bid contract” is just a fancy saying for, “All the money is mine and you’re not allowed to get services from anyone else! Mmuahahahaha!” This contract was no doubt given to Halliburton thanks to the influence of Former Vice President Penis Cheney, my bad, totally meant Dick, who just so happened to be the former CEO of Halliburton Corp., isn’t that convenient? While we visited Iraq, Halliburton's offspring, KBR, was found to have unfairly overcharged for its operations by approximately $1.3 billion. 3.) Chevron: Chevron has been accused of dumping 18 billion gallons of toxic waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon, so don’t be surprised when you see Ecuadorians running around with 6 arms and green glowing skin. Amazonian activists have claimed Chevron ran a campaign of intimidation against them to stop a pollution trial focused on the company. The oil bullies have also been involved in human rights abuses with a group of Nigerian protestors campaigning against the company. Two of the protestors were shot by the Nigerian Army who had been transported to the scene by Chevron. Clearly the Nigerians can’t catch a break. Maybe Chevron and Halliburton are like sisters from another mister.

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-=Unethically Successful=-


4.) Freeport – McMoran: This is the world’s largest producer of copper and gold. They’ve been accused of invading the land of West Papuans and oppressing their rights. In 1998, a lawsuit was brought against the company accusing Freeport of human rights abuses in West Papua. These abuses included; house arrest, death threats, psychological harassment and surveillance monitoring by the security forces who were employed by Freeport. I guess we can all agree on the saying, “All that glitters isn’t gold…” or copper for that matter. Unfortunately the lawsuits failed because the district court ruled the alleged abuses were not a violation of the 'law of nations'. The unethical companies mining procedures still continue today, unopposed by laws and officials. Apparently we glorify bullying and the law could care less. Good to know. 5.) Phillips Morris: Cigarette manufacturer, Philip Morris is the 5th most unethical company due to its marketing strategies. Don’t let the fact that it’s just marketing lead you to believe that they aren’t just as bad as these other companies. In the past the company has targeted innocent children and exploited their vulnerability to addictive habits. The company has also employed underage girls to handout free Marlboro cigarettes to children at clubs and concerts. On top of this unethical marketing, the company issued a report in the Czech Republic saying that premature smokers deaths have ‘positive effects’ because they save governments money. We must however admire their ability to look on the bright side, their glass is always half full.

UNETHICALITY GUARANTEES SUCCESS! But when is enough enough? Now don’t get me wrong, we can’t be naïve and say that everything must be done by the books, I mean honestly, if someone hadn’t broken the rules where would we be today? I say we teach corporations a lesson, spread the word. Don’t look the other way while they do with us as they please. Remember, without us they’re nothing.

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