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I’m student in Seoul and it is my
goal is to obtain a position as an industrial designer. I hope to benefit others by creating efficient yet sophisticated products. I will achieve my goal through by following through my career plan. College I will be attending a high profile college in the US. The school will be medium-sized with strong art programs as well as having many other course. I would like to major in visual arts and minor in economics to help in marketing. First Jobs After having experience as an assistant designer, I will now look for a job at a well known that will hire me as the actual designer. I would like an internship at a company focused mainly on product design. I'd want to get hands on experience so I know what the environment is like, how ideas are transformed, and learn effective ways to sell/advertise the products. Development in Jobs & Positions I would like an internship at an industrial designing company. I'd want to get hands on  


First  Jobs  

Developme nt  


experience that will help me in my future career. I will be willing to participate in all aspects of industrial design development.   Capstone of Career Now when I am an adult with a job, I'd love to be the designer, owning a company and working with various clients. I will be creative in how I create products, and work efficiently to be successful in life. I hope to become a successful industrial designer, who will have developed revolutionary products.



15   High  School  Degree   21   College  Degree  in  Industrial  designing   22   Assistant  designer   23   Staff  designer     27   Junior  Industrial  designer   32   Senior  Industrial  designer   40   Industrial  designing  manager  

Qualities  to  Flourish    Creative    Efficient    Passionate  


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