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Human Resource Planning & Limitations

By: Hitesh S. Vele

Definition Of Human Resource Planning What is HRP? Limitations of HRP. Conclusion.

Definition Of HRP
According to Coleman HRP is The
process of determining manpower

requirements and the means for meeting

those requirements in order to carry out

the integrated plan of the organization

What is HRP ?
At present it is Human Resource Planning, but in past it was Manpower Planning. It is concerned with manpower requirements. It forecast the organization's future demand & supply of manpower.

Four broad areas of HRP





Limitations of HRP
Future manpower needs are uncertain.

Surplus manpower makes HRP redundant

Time-consuming and costly. Inadequate attention to environmental changes. Shortage of skilled labour & high labour turnover.

Our people are our assets. We have more than

12,500 people employed

with us.

Every year we add more

than 450 young professionals.
Late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani Ex-Chairman