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Reaction Paper Global Competitiveness Lora

Reaction Paper Global Competitiveness Lora

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Published by Rj Abando

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Published by: Rj Abando on Oct 05, 2012
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REACTION PAPER ON The Global Competitiveness Report – 2012-2013 “Philippine Jumps Another 10 Spots in Global Competitiveness Report

: Country now ranks No. 65, up by 20 positions in the last two years”

By: Laura Jean L. Abando

This reaction paper shall focus on the claim that “The lone category in which the Philippines did not see an improved ranking was in the health and primary education pillar. None of the 10 indicators falling under health and primary education posted an improvement in ranking. Some of them are part of our commitments under the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The Philippine ranking in HIV prevalence, in particular, notably dropped from no. 1 to no. 12.”

Jose Rizal might be in anguish in his grave now, as the weapon of every Kabataan is still under an endangerd situation. This is not a simple problem, but a growing, spreading and lurking predicament that if not corrected immediately, shall cause a long term and indefinite chaos. This is primarilly brought by the insufficiency of facilities and human resources that shall educate children during their growing up years.

While there is rapid population growth rate, Filipinos' health falls down. Middle this year, the Department of Health reported that the number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases during the first half of the year (2012) has already surpassed the record for the whole 2010, underscoring the alarming rise in incidence of the virus that causes the dread disease AIDS.

As can be observed all these pillars are caused and run by people. our mind and body. our short coming when it comes to our basic weapons. may have a domino effect on the eleven others. even though one. in the long run a nation shall be run by people who are not rigorous and suited to endure the climb to progress. As such. this single pillar. while we have this good news on our competitiveness with the other nations. . might soon pull us out of the track and leave us straying in the savannah of nowhere. if not immediate. Thus.Out of the twelve pillars of global competitiveness. who are framed by their health and are fueled by their knowledge.

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