Robert is a Senior Associate for Hastings and Chivetta Architects Inc, a team of talented professionals joining expertise in master

planning, interior design, s ustainable design, computer-aided design and drafting, specifications writing, g raphic design and construction administration, to offer a wide range of multi-f aceted architectural services. With a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech, Robert continued to earn Registered Architect status in both Missouri and Illinois. Drawing on a bro ad spectrum of knowledge and experience, Robert joined Hastings and Chivetta as a true asset to their leadership team. Overseeing all Architects on the producti on floor, Robert is relied upon for guidance and perspective regarding all aspec ts of project development. Holding specific expertise in Science and Technology Projects, Robert offers innovative and comprehensive services from programming t hrough to Construction Documents. Robert is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects and volunteers hi s time with Habitats for Humanity. In his free time, Robert enjoys reading a var iety of publications in the Architecture and Design Publications.

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