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Quarterly Notes 1211

Quarterly Notes 1211

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Published by Sharon Vaughn

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Published by: Sharon Vaughn on Oct 05, 2012
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Quarterly Notes

…from Sharon Vaughn Consulting

Volume 1, Issue 2

December 2011

Talking With Children About Adoption
Many families are having difficulty talking with their children about adoption. They either believe that the child should somehow “know” they are adopted, or that they should wait until the child is “old enough” to hear their story. Others have expressed a plan to have a “professional” help them discuss adoption with their child. If you are conducting a family’s home study then you are the “professional.” And it’s your job to help the family provide a safe place to openly discuss adoption. Your work begins with the first interview and continues through the adoption finalization. Be prepared to help your families to conceptualize how to share with a child, his story in an ageappropriate manner. Help the family to understand that this story will deepen and expand as the child grows older. The following link, to Adoptive Families Magazine, is a resource that provides written information that can be given to your families, to supplement the education you provide in the home. The flyers cover talking about adoption with children in various age ranges. In addition, some of the resources are in Spanish. http://adoptivefamilies.com/clip.php

Quarterly Statistical Reports Due Statistical reports are now due for Quarter 3 of 2011. All reports need to be submitted to CDSS by January 31, 2011, for the period ending December 30th. Reports can either be faxed or mailed to the address provided on the form. http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/entres/forms/English/ AD56A.pdf PAARP Reconciliations Due PAARP reconciliations are due to CDSS within 60 days of the end of your agency’s fiscal year. If your agency completed one, or more, adoptions you will need to submit a report of actual costs. http://www.cdss.ca.gov/lettersnotices/entres/getinfo/acl0 8/08-40.pdf

Sharon Vaughn Consulting
adoptionsconsulting@gmail.com  Providing adoptions expertise to dually licensed foster/adoption agencies  Helping to optimize and shorten the timeframe for providing dual-prep certification  Offers a proven system to identify funding sources for adoption  Brings an in-depth knowledge of adoptions and child protective service polices/procedures P.O. Box 1113 Lomita, CA 90717 (310) 742-3553 office (562) 206-5507 cell

Helpful Hint: Adoption-specific trainings are available, every quarter, through the various APSS (Adoptions Promotions & Support Services) providers. Trainings are free and CEUS are available for licensed staff.

Did your agency request all of the PAARP funds due for each adoption that finalized in the past year? If not, your agency could be due as much as $10,000 for each child’s adoption that was finalized. If you need help collecting adoptions funding, please call Sharon Vaughn.


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