Local Nuggets: Cafe Boogaloo

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Writ ten By: Quinn r oBertS
in the South Bay, cafe Boogaloo is one-of-a-kind. With its southern flair, live blues music and cajun cuisine, Boogaloo has been popular with locals since it opened its doors 17 years ago at 1238 hermosa avenue. “We want everyone to feel welcome when they come in,” manager Scott-eric toll said. “We want it to be like a second home.” While many restaurants and bars near the hermosa pier have been remodeled in recent years, Boogaloo takes pride in the history of the place its called home since 1995. the hermosa Beach police station in the 1920’s, the building is all brick. and if one looks close enough, it’s possible to see where old jail cell windows have been boarded up and painted over. filled with voodoo masks, colorful southern art and a mural of famous blues musicians on the wall, Boogaloo also has many vintage features, including: exposed brick, a long wooden bar and artful chandeliers. inspired by the likes of robert Johnson, B.B. King, ray charles and Stevie ray Vaughan, blues musicians perform every friday and Saturday at Boogaloo, many of whom have taken the stage since the place first opened. Just this month, Boogaloo has welcomed Brad Wilson, Jeffrey halford and the healers and laurie morvan. “a lot of venues in l.a. you don’t really get to see the artist,” toll said. “What’s nice about Boogaloo is that it is small and they hang out at the bar, so you can talk with them.” Serving authentic cajun cuisine, Boogaloo is also the only place in the South Bay to offer fresh alligator tacos called the ‘hoochie coochie’. hard to find, fresh alligator is shipped on a weekly basis to the place from a distributor in florida. alligator may be one of the most popular and unusual items on the menu, but Boogaloo also offers traditional cajun creations like po’ boys, jambalaya and gumbo. and while Boogaloo cafe has evolved and changed over time, it’s still at its core the same place that opened 17 years ago. “the atmosphere here is amazing,” toll said. “We are the only people that do everything. We do breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do happy hour deals, bands, dJs and we have a club scene at night. you get the full effect at Boogaloo. it isn’t just one thing that makes it a great place.”


SouthBaydigS.com | 10.05.2012

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