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Quarterly Notes 0912

Quarterly Notes 0912

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Published by Sharon Vaughn

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Published by: Sharon Vaughn on Oct 05, 2012
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Quarterly Notes

…from Sharon Vaughn Consulting

Volume 2, Issue 3 Home Study Touchpoint:
Securing The Future Of Ch ildren Adopted From Foster Care Sadly, numbers of adopted children face the uncertainty of returning to the foster care system. This happens when adequate preparation has not been made for the children’s future: a back up or emergency care plan, if you will. The Adoptions Assistance Program (AAP) subsidy is non transferrable. In the event of an adoptive parent(s)’ death, AAP will stop. It is crucial that this be discussed with adoptive applicants, especially when dealing with attached or child specific cases. Every attached adoption home study s hould include a section that covers an Emergency Care Plan. This section should discuss the plans for the child(ren) in the event of the adoptive parent(s)’ death. It should delineate: who will provide ongoing care for the child; that the plan has been discussed and agreed to; that the selected emergency caretakers have the ability (financial and otherwise) to adequately care for the child(ren) and whether the plan has been formalized in a Will. Discuss if the family has life insurance or other assets that can provide for the child’s care. Attention to this one step will ensure that adopted children remain in their forever home, even if a parent dies.

September 2012

Quarterly Statistical Reports Due Statistical reports are now due for Quarter 3 of 2012. reports need to be submitted to CDSS by October 2012, for the period ending September 31st. Reports either b e faxed o r mailed to the address provid ed on form. All 30, can the

http://www.cdss.ca.gov/ cdssweb/entres/forms/English/ AD56A.pdf

Helpful Hints:
New PAARP gui delines Brian Okamoto, Coordinator – PAARP CDSS, recently provided a teleconferen ce requesting PAARP reimbursements. He information about the number of each required to request PAARP: Program, for training about p rovided n ew form that is

2 copies each of the AD 830, AD 558 and AD 4348 3 copies of the AAP4 Make sure to in clude originals and redact info rmation, as appropriate. Advocate to continue the adoption tax credit (AT C). Current legislation HR 4373/S 3616 will permanently extend the ATC for our families and make it refundable (allowing maximu m benefit for all but the highest earning families).  2012 ATC is $12,650 and has a $185,210 limit on income.  In 2013 it will reduce to $6,000 for special needs adoptions. http://adoptiontaxcred it.org/2012/10/05/webinar recording-slides-availab le/

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