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Director Msg School

Director Msg School

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Published by Shishir Dhakal

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Published by: Shishir Dhakal on Oct 06, 2012
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KMC School which needs no further introduction, has been striving for imparting quality education to students since

its inception in 2005 A.D. During the last five years, it has carved out an enviable niche for itself as one of the best schools across the nation. The motto of KMC “Academic Excellence Through Quality Education” has become a contributing factor to its steady but dramatic growth.

KMC owes its growing popularity and outstanding performance to its qualified and professional academics and faculty members who possess cutting edge knowledge and skills in their respective disciplines.

Earnestly, our endevour is to transform every child of our school into a responsible and disciplined citizen with impeccable character and personality, which is expected to be further nourished and nurtured by their parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians, needless to say, are the greatest strength in attaining the targets. We are confident that we, together as a team, can prepare our children and make them capable enough to face and accept the challenges of the present world positively. Let us appreciate the children’s work and love them for what they are.

Since our effort is to instill in the students the time-tested norms and values and enable them to share responsibilities as good citizens of the country, we always welcome and appreciate critical suggestions, feedback and comments.

We feel delighted to welcome you to KMC School. Thank You. KMC SCHOOL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE

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