(Other than ICAP, ICMAP, ICSP and PIPFA) Institute of Chartered Managers and Secretaries of Pakistan Institute of Marketing Management of Pakistan Institute of Taxation Management of Pakistan Address: (All these institutes share the same address) A-2, Shahzadi Apartments, 156-K, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi Behind Mateen Centre, off. Tariq Road, Karachi. Contact person Mr.Ishrat Ansari timing 9.30 to 4.30 pm Description: The above institutes are the professional institutes in Pakistan other than ICAP, ICMAP, PIPFA and ICSP. You can get exemptions from the papers of above institutes on the basis of passing B.Com. The exams of these institutes are conducted on international standards. HEC recognises the degree of these institutes and you can even get exemptions from other national and international professional institutes, including ICAP, ICMAP, PIPFA, ICSP, IIA (US), etc., on basis of qualifying all the papers of these institutes. As soon as you passed all the papers of these institutes, you will become AIMM, AITM, etc. Market Demand: The market demand of the qualifiers of these institutes are, of course, low, as compare to ICMA, ICA, etc., but with the expansion of industries, trade and commerce, the local market demand growth will be rapid in the future (even faster than ICAP and ICMAP). On international level, the qualified members of these institutes have good chances of jobs in the countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZL, etc. Importance: •ICSM is one of the founder members of Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance, which is one of the professional institutes of Pakistan. •While granting exemption in its Part IV, Institute of Internal Auditors, US ranks ICSMP, ICSP, PIPFA, ICMAP & ICAP equally. •Well known scholar Professor Dr. Khwaja Amjad Saeed is also the member of ICSMP, IMMP and ITMP.

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