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Who is a Leader
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Someone who has followers Someone who sets an example Who asks not “What can I do” but asks “what needs to be done” Leaders are tolerant of diversity, intolerant of poor performance Leaders are not afraid of the strengths of their subordinates

What is leadership
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Leadership is responsibility Popularity is not leadership – Results are Effective leadership is not having a leader who is admired or loved – it is when the team do the right things

Types of Leadership

Task Oriented Leadership

People Oriented Leadership

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Communicates expectations Encourages uniform procedures Assigns tasks Schedules work Decides what and how

Friendly, approachable Concern about personal welfare Explains actions Tries to understand others Takes feedback before taking decisions

Level 5 Leadership

Jim Collins – “Good to Great”

4 key steps to Leadership

Set your sights on the right targets and vision – leadership is about going somewhere Treat your customers right Treat your people right – Your people will not treat your customers right if you don’t treat your people right Build the right kind of leadership

Ken Blanchard


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