August 21, 2012

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Dear Judge Patterson,
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We live in American where our Judicial System is supposed to be fair and
protect its citizens. I recently heard a radio interview and was appalled by what I
was heard. How can you, a Judge be so uncaring and allow blatant
discrimination and this kind of rhetoric to be spewed against and about someone
you are supposed to protect. The interview I am referring to was on the Rosanne
Barr Radio Show with Leonard Rowe.
After I listened to the interview, I researched the Leonard Rowe v William
Morris case and the more I read the more disgusted I became. Did you really rule
against Mr. Rowe? What were you thinking? I get it, the money you all lined
your pockets with. Judge Patterson, you and all others should be ashamed of
As I understand, you now have an opportunity to right your wrong. Why
don't you? Make this right.

Case 1:98-cv-08272-RPP-JCF Document 844 Filed 10/03/12 Page 1 of 1