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James Hutton: Exhibition plans

James Hutton: Exhibition plans

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Published by: Ray Philp on Oct 06, 2012
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Uncovering the Heritage of the Earth

A tender document for Our Dynamic Earth Prepared by Studio MB

Revised GA Plan
Show Dome entrance 18th Century globe Workbench display with hands on interactives

Period entrance doors

Blackboard projection screens to each side of central desk

James Hutton hologram

Workbench display with hands on interactives Animated portraits

Animated and revolving Puffersphere globe with tectonic plate film

‘Worm Hole’ exit to stair New 'big' entrance to revised 'deep time' machine


Studio MB 12/09/12

Revised Sketch Isometric
Work bench display with opening drawers and various Geology experiment interactives Entrance baffle Period entrance James Hutton hologram Two animated blackboards work in tandem with hologram 'teacher'

Entrance to Show Dome

Angled wall to help lead visitors through to linked space New 'deep time machine' entrance portal creating more impact and anticipation

Animated and revolving Puffersphere globe (from ceiling) with tectonic plate film. Note interpretive ribbon around the globe which holds the visitor back allowing for better views and protecting the surface against damage.

Continuation of Geology 'heros' and their discoveries


Studio MB 12/09/12

Geology 'Class Room'

18th century style spinning globe

Floor graphic

Display shelves with objects

Work bench with opening drawers and various Geology experiment interactives

Two animated blackboards work in tandem along side the hologram 'teacher' show images of rocks and landscapes (Salisbury Crags , Siccar Point and Arran) bringing the outside inside. Accompanying illustrative chalk drawing and text will help explain in simple, fun and witty ways what the specific rock formations were telling Hutton and others and what their resulting conclusions were. Hutton interacts with the audience asking questions that will provoke answers. He points out the 'experiments' the visitors can take part in through the interactives that are built into the scenic architecture of the geology 'classroom'.

Large framed images of Hutton, Lyell, Peach, Horne and Holmes

Hologram of James Hutton talks to us about the revolutionary theories that were formulated in Edinburgh by himself and a group of Scottish geology pioneers, and helps 'narrate' the significance of their contribution to our modern understanding of the world we live in.

As he talks about each man's own significant contribution and how, when and where their discoveries were made, he references the framed images on the wall of Scotland's great men of Earth Science (as he points them out lighting will be used).

Studio MB 12/09/12

Geology 'Class Room'

Display furniture with hands on interactives

Please touch! Animated chalkboard

18th Century globe

Holographic teacher

Georgian geology lab/classroom

Contemporary geology lab/classroom

Studio MB 12/09/12

Tectonic plates
Animated and revolving Puffersphere globe (from ceiling) with tectonic plate film

Tectonic plate animation

Information graphics and charts

Studio MB 12/09/12

Entrance to the revised 'deep time machine'

Use an 'infinity mirror' to create dramatic time travel effect for the entrance

LED lighting pulses around the entrance portal 'Infinity mirror' LED lighting effect to suggest super fast time travel

Clock is set at today's date and time Combination of stainless steel and copper colouring to give a subtle 'Jules Verne' or 'Harry Potter' feel. Like a divers watch use cogs, dials, numbers and hands to suggest 'time travel functionality'

Clock displays the date when the 'time machine' is set for


Studio MB 12/09/12

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