October 7, 2012 True Vine Baptist Church Worship Service Sermon Notes Text: Philippians 2: 12-16 Title: Called to Shine

'ye shine as lights in the world' is a result of Paul's direct challenge to work out your own salvation" in verse 12 To shine as light is god's will and for his pleasure v.13 Jesus - matt.5-16 I. We live in a darkened world a. with people whose hearts are darkened rom. 1:121 1. Paul; 'crooked and perverse nation" - v.15 2Tim. 4;4 2. Truth is rejected and believed in fables 3. People who loved darkness - jn.3:19 4. People whose eyes are blinded 2cor.4;4 II. We live to shine as lights Light (Gk. Phoster) - an illuminator Challenges: A. to walk as children of light - Eph. 5;8 B. to fellowship not with works of darkness - v. 11 III. We live to hold forth the Word The word – the gospel, the power of God unto salvation Rom 1:16

Holding forth – Gk. Epecho - to hold upon, to retain, to pay attention To hold upon to stick to it To retain – to memorize to keep To pay attention to – listen, learn from it Conclusion: The Word is our fuel – as wax to the candle If we fail to live as lights – people will perish

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