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Michel Band Metis Scrip Claims

Michel Band Metis Scrip Claims

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Metis from the Michel Band in Alberta who left treaty.

Metis from the Michel Band in Alberta who left treaty.

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Scrip Claims from Michel Band

Following the 1885 Metis Resistance many Metis left treaty to take Metis Scrip. The following people left Michel Band: Josephine Laderoute Band # 1. Laderoute, Josephine - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, St. Albert - Born, May 3, 1867 - Father, Jean Laderoute, (Métis) - Mother, Sarah Laderoute, (Métis) - Scrip for $240 - Claim 837 Benjamin Bellecourt Band # 68. Bellecourt, Benjamin - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, Lake Ste. Anne - Born, Lake Ste. Anne, 1852 - Father, Baptiste Bellecourt, (Métis) - Mother, Cécile Callio, (Indian) - Married, Edmonton, 1878 to Betsy, (Indian) - Children living, two, Clarisse and Sylvestre - Scrip for $215 - Claim 663 Isadore Brunnerve Band # 50. Bruneau, Isidore - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, St. Albert P.O. [Post Office] - Born, Lac Ste. Anne, 1845 - Father, Baptiste Bruneau, (Métis) - Mother, Marie, (Métis) - Married, 1873 at St. Albert to Scholastique Delorme - Children living, four (names on declaration) - Children deceased, one - Scrip for $193 - Claim 844 Constance Bellecourt Band # 57. Letendre, Constance - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, St. Albert - Born, 1860 at Lac St. Anne - Father, Jean Baptiste Letendre alias Mooshwah, (Métis) - Mother, Madeleine Gladu, (Métis) - Married, 1879 at Lac Ste. Anne to Magloire Bellecourt Children living, three, Jean Baptiste, Pierre and William - Scrip for $240 - Claim 712 Paul Brunnerve Band # 66. Bruneau, Paul - Marie Godin, wife of Chief Alexandre, concerning the claim of her deceased husband, Paul Bruneau, a Métis head of family - Address, St. Albert P.O. [Post Office] - Born, Beaver Hills, 1838 - Father, Ettawatchape Bruneau, (Métis) - Mother, Susanne, (Métis) - Married, Genevieve Ayotiow and Marie Godin - Died, fall of 1870 Heirs, widow and deponent, Marie Godin, Edouard Bruneau, son, Paul Bruneau, son Children deceased, one - Scrip for $160 divided by 3, $53.33 to each heir - Claim 814 Calaitique Brunnerve Band # 50. Bruneau, Catherine - Concerning her claim as a head of family - Address, St. Albert P.O. [Post Office] - Born, Pembina River, North West Territories, 1840 - Father, Baptiste Bruneau, (Métis) - Mother, Marguerite Marie, (Cree Indian) - Married, May 2, 1856 at Lac Ste. Anne to Joseph Powatis and 1876 at St. Albert to Thomas Logan - Children living, four (names on declaration) - Children deceased, one - Scrip for $140 - Claim 958 Victoline Breland Band # 28 Breland, Vitaline - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, St. Albert P.O. [Post Office] - Born, St. Albert, September 14, 1868 - Father, Edouard Breland, (Métis) -


children living: 6.00 and $80. Callihoo. born: 1864 at Big Lake near St. Alberta. for his deceased children: Edward. Sophie. 836815 Joseph Callihoo Band # 50.00. Miline Breland Band # 28. A12899 and A4530 for $160. Louis. Band # 4. 1428 John Callihoo. Sophey Cotteret Band # 2. 2834. children living: 4. address: Lesser Slave Lake.00 and $80. Nos. address: Spirit River via Edmonton. 1883 at St.Married. Catherine Callihoo Band # 37. (Métis) . 2 . Courteoreille. mother: Louise Paul or Adam (Métis). 2450. Bellecourt. 1877 Christine Bellecourt. scrip Notes. Albert. address: St. mother: Julie See-youwe-ass-o-wish (Métis). Band # 37. Anne. born: Mar. 20. William. born: December 1885 at St. Anne.Claim 803 Scrip Certificate No. children deceased: 2. 1846. 114 to 117. A12836 and A4467 for $160. Victoria Courteoreille. wife of Moise Breland.. Cécile Calio. Band # 57. 245 Form A for $47 in favour of Vitaline Breland. mother: Mary Findlay (Métis).: form F. scrip notes Nos.: form C.00 Louis Cotteret Band # 2. A12855 and A4466 for $160. Band # 26. Emilie. no. Anne Lake to Cyrille Boucher Children living. 67 to 72. Albert. file ref. died: 1888 at Lac St. married: 1886 to Angélique Gauthier at Jasper House. born: 1855 at Wabiscaw District. 1900). claim nos. Courteoreille. Albert.Scrip for $193 . born: 1881 at Lac St. A12833 and A4464 for $160. no. mother: Sophie Bellcourt (Métis).00. scrip cert. Bella Courteoreille. Mary Callihoo Elzear Callihoo Band # 37. Anne. Athabasca. father: Francois Cartier (Métis). died: when 1 month and 6 days old. claim no: 2602. Philomene. address: Lac St. 998. father: Thomas Callihoo (Métis).00.00 and $80.Mother. claim no. married: 1870 at Lesser Slave Lake to Pierre Courteoreille (died: 6 June.00 and $80. scrip cert. Anne. Colin born 1884 . file ref. father: Henry Page. Abraham Courteoreille. born: 1874 at Lac St. date of issue: Apr. claim no. Scrip affidavit for Breland. scrip notes Nos. Sophie Courteoreille. claim no. mother: Eliza Grant.00 and $80. one. John Callihoo. Christine. British Columbia. father: Edwin Bellecourt (Métis). 897150 Ellen Callihoo.00. A12834 and A4465 for $160. scrip notes Nos. scrip note nos. children deceased: 1. father: Louis Courteoreille (Métis and deponent).

405. 951770. address: Calgary. an heir of Richard Collins. scrip for $160. father: Xavier Cardinal (Métis).00 Courteoreille. Scrip Certificate No. Albert. Cardinal.Josephine Cardinal Band # 50.00 Albert Collins Band # 49. Montana. scrip cert. for his deceased daughter. mother: Marguerite Petit Couteau (Métis). Scrip Certificate No. claim no. born: 1874 at High River. died: 1874 at High River. claim no.: form C.66 in favour of Albert Collins. married: 1864 at St. Richard. 404. for his deceased children: Edouard. 339200 and 339206 Catherine Collins Band # 49. scrip for $160. born: 1885 on the North Vermillion. address: Athabasca Landing. address: Lac la Biche. claim no. mother: Marianne (Métis). children living: 3. Paul des Cris to Baptiste Courteoreille. children deceased: 3. married: 1864 to Lalouise Cardinal at St. children living: 3 (names on husband's application). 1270 Sophia Collins (Gladu) Band # 15. born: Spring. father: Baptiste Courteoreille (Métis). scrip for $240. Collins. Paul des Cris.00 3 . Cecille Caliho Band # 28. 1866 = La Louise Couterelle nee Cardinal Band # 10. claim no. father: Joseph Cardinal (Métis). 2202. Albert. address: St. born: 1874 at High River. Cardinal. Olive. 319 Form A for $47. 1808. Chalifoux. Lalouise. 1396. 311 Form B for $6. Baptiste. born: 1883 at Lac la Biche. mother: Louise Cardinal (Métis). mother: Nancy Breland (Métis). 1868 at Edmonton. 93. father: Richard Collins (Métis and deponent). Scrip Certificate No. address: Chateau. Courteoreille. died: April. 78 Form A for $240 in favour of Catherine Collins wife of Henry C. children deceased: 3. Baptiste. scrip cert. mother: Mary Jane Bruneau (Métis). no. 1899 at Athabasca Landing. claim no. Whitford. claim no. Baptiste.00 in favour of Sophie Collins. no. file ref. born: 1846 at Victoria. Band # 21. born: 1842 at Lac la Biche. father: George Chalifoux (Métis). Celestine Courteoreille. Olive Chalifoux Band # 13. father: Baptiste Courteoreille (Métis & deponent). died: 1874 at High River. mother: Marianne Berland (Métis).: form F. Marie Josephine. address: St. John Felix Callhoo Band # 21. Adelle Calihoo nee Eneas Baptiste Couterelle Band # 10.

Father. November. (Métis) Married. children deceased: Dominique. Christine Gladieu Band # 15.Born. Adam and John. Louis Callihoo Alice Collins Band # 34. Albert. Albert. 550. Gladu. 1852 at Lac. Anne .Father. Antoine dit Wabamun . father: Moise Gladu (Métis). 2882.Claim 1133 Margaret Gladeu (Kaskahwan) Band # 5. Moise. Antoine Desjarlais Band # 7. born: March.00. scrip cert.Concerning her claim as a child . 1883 at St.Agatha Courterelle Band # 10. died: 13 August. Desjarlais. 1861 at Lac la Biche . Anne. Antoine. Antoine Desjarlais dit Wabamun.Mother. Ste. scrip for $240. father: Louison Gladu (Métis). (Métis) .Address.Concerning the claim of his deceased daughter Angéle Desjarlais Wabamun. Albert . 1896 at Lesser Slave Lake to Cécile Giroux. Antoine Desjarlais dit Wabamun. born: 1848 at Lac Ste. Band # 28.Scrip for $240 . (Métis) . Desjarlais. address: Lesser Slave Lake.Mother. Band # 33. 20. married: May. children living: Marie. Edmonton . Gladu. her father. address: Edmonton Post Office. mother: Isabella Gladu (Métis and deponent) Olivia Desjarlais Susan Desjarlais Band # 43. Christine . 4 . mother: Geneviève Gray (Métis). scrip cert. claim no. for her deceased son. no. Marie born 1880. Francois Galdu.Scrip for $240 . Anne . Pierre.Claim 690 Isabella Desjarlais Band # 43. St.Address. Marie. Baptiste Galarneau Band # 13 Benedict Gladeau Catherine Gladu Band # 19. Caroline born 1883 and William John born 1885 .Born. claim no. St. St. married: 1872 at Lesser Slave Lake to Marguerite Kaskahwan.Heir. mother: Margaret (Métis). claim no. 49A. 50A. Catherine Hop. Isabella. born: 1881 at St. address: White Whale Lake. children living: St. deponent . Pierre Gladu. no. 1879 at Edmonton to John Lightning . 1875 at Lesser Slave Lake. a Métis child . Band # 29. (Cree Indian) Died. father: Olivier Desjarlais (Métis). three. 1870 at Lac Ste. Jimmy Desjarlais.Children living. Gladu. Marie Gladu. Pierre.

1873 at Lac Ste.Concerning her claim as a child . Joseph and Octave . 1870 near Beaver Lake. Anne to Alexandre Belcourt .Married. Annie Gladeau Band # 34. (Métis) .O. Annie .Father. wife of William (?) . deceased .Born. (Métis) . Gladu.Concerning her claim as a child . Anne in 1865 .Scrip for $240 .Address. Albert P. Albert to Albert Ducharme. Clarisse. Anne to the deponent. St. Catherine Gladu . Born: 1865 at Lac Ste. Armilla and Caroline .Scrip for $240 . James .Father. Gladu. (Métis) . heir of Baptiste Gladu. Madeleine .00 in favour of Veronique Gladu.Father. 330.Died.Married.Mother.Address.Concerning her claim as a child . Lac Ste. Gladu. Charles or Quintal Grand Band # 3. (Métis) . three (names on declaration) . St. 1859 at Lac Ste. 1878 at Lac Ste. three (names on declaration) .Concerning his claim as a child . 1879 at St.Married. wife of Edwin Belcourt. Jane Collins.O.Children living. (widow and deponent). claim no.Claim 779 Martine Gladue Band # 42. two. Anne . Albert P. his children. John Dorien Gladieu Band # 23. Jean Baptiste Gladu. [Post Office] .Children living.Mother. Joseph Gladu. Gladu. (Métis) .Children deceased. Joseph Gladu. Emma Belcourt. [Post Office] Born. a Métis head of family . (Métis) .Children deceased. Gladu. (Métis) . two .Scrip for $240 .Scrip for $240 .Children deceased.Claim 683 5 . Martine . [Post Office] Born.00. (Métis) . Albert P. Jean Dorion. Lalouise.O. Paulette Paul. one. 1862 near Edmonton . Emma Belcourt.Mother.Paul. Louison .O.Claim 894 Celestine Gladeau Band # 71. Sophie Collins. died: Fall. Bella. 1866 at Lac Ste.Children living. father: Jean Dorion Gladu (Métis and deponent).Father. John Dorion Gladu. mother: Jane Collin (Métis). 1830 at Edmonton .Claim 893 James Gladeau Band # 35. Albert P. heir to his deceased daughter. Albert P.Mother. Jane Gladieu nee Collins Band # 23. two.Address. [Post Office] . scrip for $240. wife of Ambroise Fagnant. St. 302 Form B for $80.Claim 747 Baptiste Gladu’s widow Band # 15. (Métis) . [Post Office] . address: St. Virginie Dorion Gladu. Albert. concerning the claim of her deceased husband Louison Paul.Children living. 1849 at Lac Ste. Bethsy.Four scrips for $40 .Catherine Gladu.Born.Father. four . Anne.Mother. St. Scrip Certificate No. (Métis) . Flora . Anne to Adam Ignace . Catherine Gladu.O.Address.Born.Address. now wife of Thomas Boucher.Married. 1870 Heirs. Anne . November. St.

Lisette Courteoreille. three.Address. Adele Ignace. Lisette Desjarlais.Mother. seven (names on declaration) . Pierre .Scrip for $240 . Albert. (Métis) .Mother. 417. October 13. 1815 at Lesser Slave Lake . Charlot Lafleur.Married.Concerning his claim as a child . Josephte Pope. Gray. Métis) Born. Lafleur.Born. Gabrielle Laflour Band # 41. Nancy. deponent. Cecille Gladieu nee Belcourt Band # 24. Nancy . Amilia and Caroline .Mary Ignace. no.Three scrips for $15. address: St.Heirs. father: Jean Dorion Gladu (Métis). (Métis) .60. Ignace.Died. Adam . 1855 at Jasper House .Children living. 1802. Métis) .Father. concerning the claim of her deceased father.Claim 1109 6 . wife of Jean Felix Callio .Claim 783 Adam Ignace Band # 42. Albert . 1863 at Fort Jasper . 1878 at Lac Ste. St. (Métis) . claim no.Died.66 and one scrip for $113 . 1870 . Pierre Ignace.Concerning his claim as a head of family . St. 1872 at St.Father. 1870 .John Gladieu Band # 23. March. Albert .: form E. address: Riviere que Barr.Died October 1.Claim 920 Rosalie Karakonte Denny Karakonte Band # 12.Ignace Wanihonte.Address. born: April.Four scrips for $160 . (brother of deponent. Gabriel . Band # 12. Albert to Julienne Savard .Married.. Louis Ignace Wanihonte. two. (father of deponent.Address.Widow of Joseph Courteoreille. scrip cert. Anne. (sister of deponent. mother.Father. John born 1855. Ignace Wanihonte.Louis Ignace.Address.Father. Pembroke Larocque. (Métis) Married.Scrip for $240 . Métis . 1847 at Edmonton to Marie Pinaud . Larocque Sr.Claim 952 Pierre Larocque Band # 6. claim no. (Métis) . (Métis) . Nancy Hamelin Band # 47. father: John Félix Gladu (Métis). St. Ignace.Children living.Children living. (Métis) . Métis) . a Métis head of family . 1825 at Fort Jasper House . Nancy Ignace. Albert. John. born: 1879 at St. Felix Dorien Gladieu Band # 24. scrip for $240. one . mother: Jane Collins (Métis). 1874 . Anne . Albert Born. 1868 at Lac Ste. Gladu. Albert . Adam Ignace.Mother. 2555. four (names on declaration) .Born. Anne to Martine Gladu .Children deceased. 1866 at Lac Ste.Born. mother: Cécile Belcourt (Métis). 1849 at Isle a la Crosse .Children deceased.Born.Concerning his claim as a child . Pierre born 1859 and Isabelle born 1865 . St. Nancy Ignace Band # 42.

Larocque.Claim 1061 Pierre Larocque Jr. 63. died 1882 . children deceased: Joseph.00.Claim 1118 Isabella Larocque Band # 6 Scrip Certificate No.00.00. heirs: Catherine Loyer.Children living. died 1848 .Concerning his claim as a child .Concerning his claim as a child . father: Louis Loyer (deceased: 1867.Mother. Isabelle Gray.00.Father. $48.Father. Scrip Certificate Form B No.Died. Larocque. Sophie. born: 1840 at Lesser Slave Lake.Scrip for $240 Claim 1189 Isabella Loyer Band # 5. Louis Loyer. Albert .. one.Address. Isabelle . Anne to Joseph Collins. a Métis head of family . four children of her brother. (Métis) . Genevieve Loyer.. Scrip Certificate Form A No.Scrip for $240 . 1867.Address.Concerning his claim as a child . 7 .. St. (living) . Métis)..O.. Band # 6. (Métis) . Pierre Larocque Sr.Married.Father. to Baptiste Bruneau and to Joseph Macaron. (Métis) .00 . Francois Loyer. (Métis) . Pierre . Louis Loyer.Mother.Concerning her claim as a child . spring . Modeste .Concerning the claim of his deceased sister. Sophie.Heirs Josephte Logan. three of whom are since deceased. [Post Office] Born. died: Fall. married: 1856 at Lac St. 1823 .Mother. now wife of Mois Richards.Address. mother. Antoine Larocque. for her deceased brother. Marguerite. Pierre Larocque. 1859 at Battle River . Albert . scrip for $160. (Métis) . claim no.Larocque Sr. (Métis). 37 for $160 in favour of Sophia Loyer wife of Moise Richard. (Métis) . Albert. Anne. William and Benjamen. Albert to Eliza Maskote-Pwan and 1882 to Marguerite Vanessa dit Anas .O.Address.Born. address: Calgary P. 12 for $160 in favour of Sophie Loyer formerly widow of Joseph Collins one of the Heirs of Marguerite Collins. Marie. Anne . since deceased. father: Louis Loyer (Métis).Mother.66 in favour of Isabelle Larocque. Isabelle.Mother. Edmonton . 1870 . Pierre Larocque.Address.. Pierre . an heir of Pierre Larocque. (Métis) . $48.Father. Susanne Larocque. Marie Pinaud. 416 Form B for $15. Loyer. 1857 at Lac Ste. St. St. Métis). Baptiste born 1883 . (Métis) . claim no. Albert . $48. born: 1858 at Lac St.Married. Calgary P.Claim 1104 John Larocque Band # 6. (Métis). January 21. deponent . Sophie Loyer. Loyer. 1870 on the Plains. $48.Claim 250 Sophy Loyer Band # 49.Scrip for $240 . Josephte Logan.O.Born. 1856 on Plains . 1877 at St. Marie Pinaud.Born. widow of Joseph Collins. 61.Scrip for $240 . Modeste Loyer.Born. Baptiste and Elzear.Two scrips for $80.Father.00.00. address: Calgary P. mother: Isabelle Gray (Métis). $48. mother: Isabelle Gray (deceased: 1860. children living: Catherine. Pierre Larocque Sr. now deceased. Larocque Jr. Larocque. John . Loyer.

422. no. Lac Ste. 420. born: 1860 at Lac St. scrip cert.Claim 730 Christine Mooswah Band # -James Richards Band # 60. Letendre. three (names on declaration) .Married.00 in favour of J.00. Letendre. scrip for $160. (Métis) . (Métis) Mother. 91A. address: Lac Ste.Born.Born. Baptiste Letendre.Address. mother: Thérèse Gray (Métis). James Richards. Scrip Certificate No. 1864 at Lac Ste. Lac Ste.Address. 1873 at Lesser Slave Lake. (Métis) Mother. one . Bernard and William. Isabelle. mother: Sophie Calahaisen (Métis).O. father: Thomas Richards (Whiteman). Anne to Jean Baptiste Letendre.Concerning his claim as a child . Jean Baptiste Letendre dit Mooswah Band # 8. Albert to Madelaine Nipissing. claim no. father: Jacques Laboucanne (Métis). children deceased: Maxime. married: in 1859 at Edmonton to Judith Godin and in 1867 at St. children living: Rosalie. scrip for $240. 90A. (Lac Ste. James.Children deceased. claim no. Bernard Mooswah Band # 10. [Post Office]. Mooswah. Gladu.Scrip for $240 .Concerning his claim as a child . Albert P. married: 1845 at Lac Ste. children deceased: Sophie. children living: Solomon. 1862 at Lac Ste.Born. Jean Baptiste . Anne . Madeleine Letendre nee Gladeau Band # 8. Anne . 295 Form B for $240. married: 1876 at Lac St.Father. Anne. Anne. Anne . Marie. Band # 14. 1875 to Christina Bellecourt Children living. Madeleine. James richards. born: July. born: 1834 at Moose Factory. Savard. mother: Jane Collins (Métis). born: 1809 at Lac Ste. Juliet Savard Band # 41. address: Egg Lake Near Edmonton. scrip cert. address: Lesser Slave Lake. Anne . Alexis and Justine. Albert and Annie. married: 8 . Anne) . Dieudonne. (Métis) .Scrip for $240 Claim 676 Josephine Letendre nee Gladeau Band # 14. Jean Baptiste Letendre called Mooswah. mother: Peggie Moar (Métis). Madeleine Gladon. father: Charlot Gladu (Métis). 1854 at Lac Ste. Madeleine Gladu. no. Mooswah. St. children living: Pierre and others are over 21. William . (Métis) . Madeleine Gladu. Mélanie. claim no.Father. Constance. Bernard .Scrip for $240 . Anne to Dieudonne Letendre. (Métis) . Albert. Constance.00. 51. Anne .Claim 731 William Mooswah Band # 11. Julie. Bpte Letendre or Mooswah. father: John Gladu (Métis). Daniel and Celina. Richards. Jean Baptiste. address: St. Jean Baptiste Letendre called Mooswah.Mother. William.Concerning his claim as a child .Jean Baptiste Letendre Jr.Address. heir of Melanie Letendre. Josephine. Anne.Father. children deceased: Belonique.

Antoine dit Wabamun . Antoine Desjarlais dit Wabamun. 13B.Heir.Born. 1852 at Lac. Albert . Ellen and Charles. no.February. 1890 at Lesser Slave Lake to Octave Savard. deponent . 1870 at Lac Ste. claim no. November.Scrip for $240 .Claim 690 9 . children living: Philippe.Mother.Address. Marie. Ste.Father. 66. Antoine Wah-pah-moon dit Desjarlais Desjarlais. Anne . Antoine Desjarlais dit Wabamun. scrip cert. (Cree Indian) Died. St. a Métis child . her father. (Métis) .Concerning the claim of his deceased daughter Angéle Desjarlais Wabamun. Anne .

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