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Complete Facts about EXO (EXO M & EXO K)

1. Hangul for EXO is 2. Genre, performed by EXO is a K-pop, Mandopop, Pop, Dance-pop 3. EXO previously known as (Boys Heaven or Land of Boys) 4. EXO from EXO PLANET 5. Exo () is under SM Entertainment with 12 members which was built in 2012. The band is divided into 2 groups, EXO K and EXO M. EXO K promotes in Korea, and EXO M promotes in China. 6. Exo Planet (extrasolar planet) is a planet beyond our solar system 7. Until now (March 26, 2012) EXO fandom does not have the color and the official name of the fandom, but netizens gave the name to his fans Exotic (unofficial). 8. EXO-called M1 and M2 before their official name was revealed. Check the facts of each of our members below ~ >>KAI (EXO K)

9. The first member of EXO revealed by SM is KAI (December 23, 2011) with a teaser titled My Lady 10. Kim Jong-In () is Kais full name (). 11. Kai is positioned as the Main Dancer, and included in the subgroup of EXO-K. 12. Kai was born on January 14, 1994. 182cm height. And her blood type is A. 13. Kai has father, mother, and sister two years older than him. 14. Kai is good at dancing, he can dance Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking Dance as well. 15. He already knew Taemin SHINee before becoming a trainee in SMTown. 16. Kai and Taemin was a close friend ^ ^ 17. Kai has appeared in CF with DBSK on Hahaha Song. 18. He won Singing Jjang of 10th SM Teen Best Contest 19. Kai (predebut) & Taemin

20. Kai is also mentioned by SHINees member on The SHINee World (album) thanks to. 21. Jonghyun: a long way to go Jonginnie .. Key: to our toddler Jongin, work hard! Minho: our Jonginnie cute toddler. 22. He goes to same school with Sehun, Sulli f (x), Suzy Miss A, and several other artists. 23. This is the schools building of Kai & Sehun (School of Performing Arts). This is also school of Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo Boyfriend.

24. Kai has an Airedale Terrier dog (male), its name is MeongGu. 25. Kais voice is bass. 26. Kai once said in his Cyworld account, if he already has a girlfriend. But the authenticity of the account is still in doubt ^ ^ 27. Kais teaser photo

28. Kais predebut photo

29. Kai at the time of graduation ceremonies at the SOPA

30. Kai is very similar to Taemin>, < >>LUHAN (EXO M)

31. Then on December 27, 2011, SM revealed the 2nd member of EXO, which is Luhan. 32. Xi Lu Han is the full name of Lu Han ( / ) 33. Luhan positioned as the Lead Vocal and Lead Dancer, and he entered the EXO-subgroup M. 34. Luhan was born on April 20, 1990. 178cm height. And his blood type is O. 35. Haidian, Beijing (China) is Luhans origin. 36. In 2008 he sang Im Letting You Go and also The Future In Love With You 37. Previously he was a trainee at JYPE, but in 2008 he moved to the SME as a trainee exchange 38. Usually the trainees who come from China is easy to be bullied, but not with Luhan, its because of he is a typically easy-going person. 39. Luhan once was a China-ulzzang. 40. Luhan pretty good at playing video games. He could solve rubik cube for 2 minutes. 41. Luhan has mostly girl friend. 42. He likes listening to the music, he also likes exercising, especially nature-sport. 43. Luhan had filming the MV together with XING. 44. His trainees period is from April 2009 until December 2011. 45. Luhan also very fond of traveling. 46. Luhan predebut.

47. Luhan sometimes act like a child, and he was quite proud of his flower boy image. >>TAO (EXO M) 48. A day after Luhan, SM revealed the 3rd member which is Tao (December 28, 2011). 49. Huang Zi Tao ( ) is the full name of Tao (). 50. English name for Tao is Edison Huang. Perhaps he chose the Edison because his idol is Edison Chen. 51. Netizens in China gave him nickname Peach. 52. Tao was born on May 2, 1993. Height 183-185cm, and weighs 70kg 53. Tao likes drinking Starbucks Coffee. 54. In contrast to Luhan, Tao is a trainee who frequently bullied. 55. Tao likes taking care of his health, so he diligently exercise. 56. Tao can speak English, Cantonese, and of course Mandarin. 57. His hobby is playing basketball and singing, he is also good at rapping, you know, he had won several rap competitions. 58. He was already studying wushu for 11 years, so we cant doubt his wushu skill. 59. His favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant. 60. Tao likes Paris, he also likes Taiwan and Hong Kong.

61. Tao prefer having cats over other animals. And reportedly he takes care of a black cat. 62. his favorite color is blue, and his handphone case is blue and white color. 63. Edison Chen, Jackie Chan, HotDog Mc, and Shawn Carter is his idol. 64. People says Tao is conservative,he always holding to the principles which he held. 65. For Tao theres no impossibility in the world, that is his principle. 66. Tao prefers to exercise alone. 67. Tao join the SME in 2010, he became a trainee just one year. 68. Tao is positioned as Main Rapper, and included in the subgroup of EXO-M. 69. Tao predebut


70. A day after Tao, on December 29, 2011, SM revealed the 4th member of EXO, Chen.

71. Chen is positioned as the Main Vocalist, and included in the subgroup of EXO-M. 72. Chen revealed as a member EXO through his appearance in the SBS Gayo Daejun, SM Orchestra. 73. Kim Jong Dae () was the original name of Chen (). 74. Chen was born on September 21, 1992. Height 178cm 75. Chen is a gentle person. 76. Chen has a strong vocal and its quite high. 77. Chen at SBS Gayo Daejun with Tao besides him.

78. Then following Chen, January 10, 2012, SM revealed the 5th member, Sehun. 79. Sehun positioned as Lead Dancer, and included in the subgroup of EXO-K. 80. Oh Sehoon () is the full name of Sehun. 81. Sehun born on 12 April, 1994. height 181cm and weight 64kg. 82. He officially became maknae in EXO-K. 83. His school same with Kai (School of Performing Arts, Seoul) as well as some other artists. 84. Sehun really like dancing, he has fast dance moves. 85. He is the visual of EXO-K.

86. Sehun is the type genuine guy. 87. But, Sehun is too easy on falling his tears, and he cant lie. 88. According to Chinas magazine, Sehun could plunge into acting later. 89. Sehun used to be an ulzzang. 90. Sehun predebut

>>LAY (EXO M) 91. Lay is the 6th member revealed by SM. 92. Lay is positioned as the main dancer, and entered the EXO-M subgroups. 93. Lay () his full name is Zhang Yi Xing ( ). 94. Lay was born on October 7, 1991. 179cm height. 95. Lay is a hardworking type and diligent. He can exercise until 3 am. 96. Because of his hard work, Lay is chosen by SM to substitute Jonghyun at SHINee World Concert in Japan. 97. At the SWC, replacing Jonghyun, Lay was dancing to Lucifer. 98. Lays hometown is Changsha, Hunan (China). 99. Lay got the third winner in the TV Star Academy in 2005. 100. His hobbies are singing, listening to music and sleeping. 101. Lay really like to talk Yes, of course. 102. For Lay, mother and grandmother are the most important people in his life.

103. Lay likes to play basketball. And according to him the shameful thing from playing basketball is acting cool. 104. Lay regarded himself as the biggest competitors. 105. If he gets stress he would choose listening to music or having a shower. 106. Lay has been well known since childhood, because once he frequently appears on TV Show. 107. When he joined the singing contest, he is asked by MC, what to do with the money he wins? And Lay replied To assist grandmothers in order to quickly recover 108. Lay also good at playing piano and guitar. 109. Lay predebut and @SWC

>>XIU MIN (EXO M) 110. After Lay, SM revealed the 7th member, Xiu Min. 111. Xiu Min positioned as Lead Vocalist, and into subgroups EXO-M. 112. Xiu Min () his full name is Kim Min Seok () 113. Xiu Min was born on March 26, 1990. 176cm height. 114. Xiu Min really like singing and dancing too. He has a movement that is rated Excellent. 115. Xiu Min also good at martial arts. He could do taekwondo, wushu, fencing can. 116. Many Netizens commented that he is male version of Sohee Wonder Girls 117. Xiu Min had a lot of fanboys in China. Because according to them, Xiu Min was cute, handsome, and manly

118. Xiu Min ever mentioned by Amber f(x) on the album Pinocchio. 119. Xiu Min is called Minseokie-oppa by Amber. 120. And he was nicknamed Lil Fattie by his fans in China 121. Xiu Min won SM Everysing Contest in 2008, he was able to win the 2nd winner. 122. Xiu Min predebut

>>D.O (EXO K)

123. And 8th member revealed by SM is D.O. 124. D.O positioned as the main vocals on the EXO-K.

125. DO () Do Kyung Soo is his real name () 126. The name D.O is pronounced to be Dio 127. Dio was born on January 12, 1993. 180cm height. 128. According to a Chinas magazine review, Dio had a lot antifans in China, because of the spread of issues from his trainee days. 129. Many Indonesia netizens says he looks like Morgan Sm*sh. 130. Dio predebut

>>BAEK HYUN (EXO K) 131. Baekhyun is the ninth member revealed by SM 132. Baekhyun positioned as Lead Vocalist in EXO-K. 133. Baekhyuns () real name is Byun Baek Hyun () 134. Baekhyun was born on May 6, 1992. 183cm height. 135. Netizens say that he got a cute face like a child. 136. According to a Chinas magazine review, Baekhyun is a refreshing person and comfortable to be seen. 137. Baekhyun also sang ga only champion, he is also quite adept at rapping. 138. Baekhyun never ngecover CNBlue song is Love Light

139. The netizens who rata2 age of 20 years, never thought that it was 13 years old Baekki. LOL 140. Baekki appearance in History is very much different from his appearance at WIL, and this makes the netizens little confused recognize it. But I think the same XD Only if the What is Love, Baek Hyun it looks sweet, cute, and funny. If he looks manly in History, cool, bold>, <But tetep maniisssss XD 141. Baek Hyun Predebut


142. The 10th member revealed by SM is Suho. 143. Su Ho () his full name is Kim Joon Myun ( ) 144. Suho born on May 22, 1991. 176cm height. 145. They say, just like Dio, Suho has many antifans in China.

146. Suho is EXO-K leader. 147. Suho known as the second Choi Siwon. 148. His blood type is AB. 149. Suho ever mentioned by Amber f (x) on the album Pinocchio 150. He also ever mentioned by Kyuhyun Super Junior on the album Mr. Simple 151. Kyuhyun calls Suho Joonmyunnie-ah 152. Suho positioned as Lead Vocalist in EXO-K. >>KRIS (EXO M LEADER)

153. The 11th member revealed by SM is Kris 154. Kris is positioned as a rapper in the EXO-M 155. Kris is leader of EXO-M 156. Kris () real name is Wu Yi Fan ( ) 157. His english name is Kevin Li, but then changed to Kevin Wu Because of personal reasons 158. His nickname is K. Li. 159. Kris was born on November 6, 1990. 187cm height. 160. In his early appearance on EXO teaser, netizens much praised his charism. 161. Actually, his hometown is Prov. Jiangsu, Lianyungang. NOT in Guangdong. 162. Kris grew up in Canada. Hes Chinese-Canadian.

163. Kris is also widely praised because of his ability to speak. He fluents in speaking English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese as well. 164. Kris has appeared on VCR at SNSD Girls Generation Tour Concert in 2011. 165. At the age of 15 years, hes been captain of the basketball club in China 167. Kris would rather read a book about self-improvement which is inspiring (Inspirational Book) 168. Kriss natural beauty. He doesnt like it when some say that he had done plastic surgery. 169. Lately a lot of netizens in China spread issues about his plastic surgery. 170. Kris responds it by uploading a photo of his childhood in the social networking site ^ ^ 171. Unlike the expression on his face, in fact Kris is a man who is kind and friendly ^ ^ 172. Many say that Kris cant be compared with others. 173. Kris also ever mentioned by Amber f (x) on the album Pinocchio 174. Previously Mr. SM had intended to include Kris as a member of the EXO-K, but it changed. 175. Kris made appearance on the VCR at SNSD concert. 176. Kris predebut

>>CHAN YEOL (EXO K) 177. SM revealed the last member of EXO, Chanyeol.

178. Chanyeol positioned as a rapper in the EXO-K 179. ChanYeol () full name is Park Chan Yeol () 180. Chanyeol was born on 27 November, 1992. Blood type A. height 185cm 181. Chanyeol is a member on the second highest after Kris. 182. Chanyeol has been a model of PV of the Genie ~ SNSD Tell Me Your Wish (ver Jap.) 183. Yeol won SMART Model Contest in 2008. 184. Yeol is good at playing guitar, bass, drums as well. 185. Many netizens say that Yeol isnt suited to be a rapper, because his face is too cute 186. Besides Sehun / Kai, Yeol also the visual in the EXO-K 187. Ever had a girlfriend, her name is Kim Yejin. She is a model on SHINee Amigo MV 188. Yeol also apparently participated with Kai in CF with DBSK Hahaha. 189.Yeol has white cat. 190 He said that he is a romantic person. 191. In addition to good rapping, Yeol can also do beatboxing ^ ^ 192. Many netizens agreed that Yeol has a beautiful smile. 193. Yeol looks like Kimbum 194. Yeol predebut

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