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10 12 Compass

10 12 Compass

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Missouri Wing Commemorative Air Force
Missouri Wing Commemorative Air Force

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Published by: Bucky Bob on Oct 07, 2012
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P.O. Box 637 • St.Charles, MO 63302 • St. Charles County Smartt Airport 636-250-4515 • Fax 636-250-4515 • www.cafmo.org


WING LEADER Col. Patrick Kesler 28 Confederate Way St. Charles, MO 63303 636-928-5687 636-250-4515 Wing wingleader@cafmo.org ADJUTANT / PIO OFFICER Col. Rick Rea 6854 Ardale Drive St. Louis,MO 63123 314-960-4927 col.rickrea@charter.net EXECUTIVE OFFICER Col. Bob Lawrence 111 W. Essex Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122 314-494-7539 cell 314-894-3200 x103 work FINANCE Col. Steve Gossett 4 Limerick Lane O'Fallon, MO 63366 636-474-9763 314-306-5021 OPERATIONS OFFICER Col.Craig O'Mara 1085 Graywolf Court Fairview Heights, IL 62208 618-632-6113 home 618-558-7211 cell craigo777@juno.com MAINTENANCE OFFICER Col. Pat Fenwick 6 Heather Drive St. Peters, MO 63376 636-441-2856 SAFETY OFFICER Col. Chris Herrmann 309 Clearwater Drive Belleville, IL 62220 618-233-4782




Oct. 5-7 Oct. 13 Oct. 3 12-13 Oct. 19-20 Oct. 27 Nov. 10 Nov. 11 Dec. 8

Terre Haute, IN B-25, LHFE rides General Meeting - 1:30 pm Clarksdale, Mississippi - B-25, LHFE Rides, PX Mt. Vernon, IL B-25, TBM, PX, LHFE Rides Smartt Field & Wing Open House, Pumpkin Drop Noon CHILI Contest - General Meeting - 1:30 pm Florissant Veteran's Day Parade Wing Christmas Party HO! HO! HO!





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After sitting in the corner of our hangar for longer than anyone can remember our new (old) L-3 has attended her first air show. This historic (for us) mission was under the capable command of our brand new L-3 pilots, Bob Cushman and Hubert Looney. Both Hubert 5 Bob have been training for a number of months and after numerous scheduling and and weather delays they both passed their Pilot in Command check rides in time to represent the CAF and the Missouri Wing at the Camdenton, Missouri air show the weekend of 22 September. After a fuel stop in Cuba, Missouri they made it to Camdenton at a blistering speed of 71 MPH. Once there they were the Star Attraction, with local residents and newspaper reporters hanging on their every word about the CAF and their aircraft. They also received a very nice write up in the local paper (see www.lakenewsonline.com/article for the article). Next time that you see Bob or Hubert make sure that you congratulate them and after they get a bit more time under their belt they’ll be giving rides to the rest of us. Well done Hubert and Bob. Col. Craig O’Mara, Operations Officer

Saturday - October 13 - General Meeting - 1:30 pm

What beautiful weather we’ve been having! Fall is upon us and it’s great flying when the temps are lower. We have really been busy this year and I would like to take time to thank all of our mechanical-types for their thousands of volunteer hours and dedication. These past six months have been the busiest since I’ve been Wing Leader and it is pretty impressive to think back on all of our accomplishments. Without these guys and their expertise, bruised knuckles, cuts, and sore muscles, none of these airshows or events would have been possible. Thank them when you’re out at the hangars – just make sure it’s a “gentle” pat on the back. Another September and another successful Hangar Dance!!! Wow! Was that a beautiful day and evening or what?! It is just amazing how every third Saturday in September, members and their families show up and magically arrange the tables and chairs, cover the tables with red, white and blue, add balloons to the décor, set up the food court, arrange the Silent Auction tables, position the Bar-B-Que grills, construct the Coke and water venue, position the ticket sales area, prepare the aircraft ramp, and artfully construct the arched B-25 display. The stage, lights and sound has already been expertly done by Mac and his helpers. And then, as the guests are starting to arrive, the grills are fired up and Sentimental Journey is getting in tune, we’re all anxiously waiting for the arrival of SHOW ME and the TBM. The atmosphere is always electric and the uniformed and period-dressed visitors just seem to blend in to the moment. The music was great, the night-time engine runs inspired everyone and the compliments came in multitudes. But, perhaps most amazing of all – all of the setting up and positioning (except for the stage and lights) was completely reversed by 12:40am Sunday morning. It only took 1½ hours after the band’s last notes to clean off and stack the tables and chairs, tear down all of the venues, sweep the floors and reposition the aircraft in the hangars. It always amazes me and I would like to thank all of the men and women (and especially all of their teenaged family members) who stuck around and helped with this clean-up routine. I could name names again – but it would take up another half page. The same stalwarts were out in force and everyone knows who they are. Whew! We pulled it off again! Thanks to everyone for their support! Remember, Wing Staff elections for Wing Leader, Operations Officer, Adjutant, and Public Information Officer will be held at the November 10th meeting. Read the “WING STAFF ELECTIONS IN NOVEMBER” article from the September COMPASS and throw your name in the hat for one of those positions. Let’s all remember there are a lot of activities coming up in the near future. October brings a couple airshow events and more LHFE flights, the Smartt Field and MO Wing Open House and Pumpkin Drop. November brings Veterans Day and the annual Chili Cook-off at the Nov 10th meeting. December will be occupied with annual aircraft maintenance, general clean-up, and a Christmas Party on the 8th. We have been fortunate this year in having sooooo many hard-working, unselfish members who have provided months of service and elbow grease. We are also fortunate in the fact that we have been honored to have been blessed with a bunch of new, dedicated members. I am impressed with the continuing support our great organization receives and it because of this that I am sure we will be able to continue getting the word out about our special mission and aircraft. Let’s keep the fire burning and realize just how important our unique endeavor is…

With your help – We can Keep ‘Em Flying and have a great, rewarding time in life while doing so. It’s always great to make new memories – especially when they are associated with the memories of that Great Generation. Respectfully submitted, Col. Pat Kesler, Wing Leader


Getting back in touch! Well after a few months hiatus from the Compass I am back! This year’s show schedule and my personal travels have caused me to miss a few months and I do apologize. I seem to always remember the articles are due when the Compass is done… and then it is too late. First and foremost I want to thank all of those that helped with the Hangar dance this year. It’s always great to see the team come together! I would also like to thank those that made my life easier with the food both serving and cooking: Grill Workers: Tim Dexter, Tom Waggoner, Chris Hermann. Servers; Barb Tacchi, Stephanie Lawrence, Dan and Kathy Schmied. If I forgot someone I am sorry… I was running around a bit. Also to those that helped me with the PX, what a great year!! PX; Bob Kalel, Ken Stricker, Dave Ceglinski. The new positioning of the PX this year saw greater sales… so thanks to Pat Fenwick, Jim Lambert, Lou Tacchi and Mark Statler for moving it twice for me! As for ongoing projects I am happy to report the following: OFFICE REHAB: The floor is finally available and the installation is scheduled. The office should be completed by Oct 6! PX SALES: With the exception of a few cancelled events the PX is doing better than last year so I think we are making $teve happy!! PX TRAILER: This fall I have identified and begun work with a company that will put a new face on the PX Trailer for the 2013 Show Season! WEBSITE: With the Help of Col. Conrad I have the name of a programmer that might be able to help me take that next step! More details to follow on the members area! Other areas that we are still in the pipeline are the Meeting room remodel, Museum remodel and Ecommerce Gift Shop on the website. As always if you have any questions for me give me a call or shoot me an email! Col. Bob Lawrence

Billboard off I-70 in St. Charles in front of Cracker Barrel.


Since C53 is rapidly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate for me to cover chili safety this month. The following information will help you to safely handle and prepare hot peppers. Peppers might look harmless, but they can do more damage than you might think! Protecting Your Hands Keep a box of sterile rubber gloves without powder, just for the purpose of handling and preparing hot veggies. It’s important to protect your hands before you handle spicy foods, not just to protect your hands, but also to protect your eyes and other sensitive areas of the body. Even after thoroughly washing your hands, remnants of hot peppers can get into your eyes from beneath your nails, and it’s an extremely painful experience. In addition, the gloves allow you to safely handle and prepare hot peppers when skin is broken. Small cuts on fingers, can allow hot peppers juice to get into an open wound with an excruciatingly painful result. To remove the rubber gloves after handling and preparing hot peppers, simply turn the gloves inside out and dispose of them in a trash receptacle, but only remove them after cleaning up. It’s also important to wash your hands even after wearing gloves. It’s real easy to forget and touch the countertop, cutting board, or kitchen knives and end up with hot pepper juice on the skin or in the eyes. Protecting Your Eyes As previously mentioned, it’s important to protect the eyes when handling and preparing spicy raw vegetables. Wear clear safety glasses when handling and working with hot peppers. If you end up with pepper juice in your eye, before you can stop the burning pain, you will have to take the time to wash your hands thoroughly before attempting to wash out your eye with clear water for several minutes. It might look a little ridiculous, but take precautions. The Importance of Hand Washing After Preparation Most people are careful about hand washing before handling or preparing food, but don’t consider the importance of hand washing after handling hot peppers. A quick way to learn this lesson is to use the bathroom. Then you will find out just how hot those peppers really can be. The burning experienced in an unmentionable area will remind you to wash before using the bathroom in the future. Putting Out the Fire Safely handling and preparing hot peppers is important, but it’s also important to know how to put out the fire. If you’ve eaten hot peppers and your mouth feels like it’s on fire, don’t go for the water. It won’t do a thing to lessen the burning pain. Instead, have a glass of milk or another dairy product such as a spoonful or two of sour cream. It should safely put out the fire and end the pain. Col. Chris Herrmann


C53? What the heck is that?? It is our Third Annual (3) CAF Colonel Chili Cook-off Contest (C5). At our regular monthly meeting on November 10th, we will once again hold our annual chili cook-off contest. Starting at 11:00 am, we will assemble in the B-25 hangar and sample what our creative cooking colonels can dish up. Due to the stunning upset by Col. Angella “Colonel Cupcake” Herrmann last year, we will make a change to this year’s contest. We will select by secret ballot not one winner, but two. Yes, you read correctly, TWO winners this year! The first category will be traditional chili (you know; meat, beans, secret ingredients, and of course chili). The second category will be for other delectables containing the fiery powder like Bombshell Chili Cupcakes. Will Col. Rick Rea regain the title he lost last year? Will Colonel Cupcake make it two in a row? You can help us decide who will have bragging rights for the next year. So dust off your cookbooks, break out your crock pots, put on your asbestos gloves, and bring an entry. If culinary capabilities are not in your skill set, then just bring your taste buds and help us decide the winners. If you would like to help with this event, please call Chris or Angella. Cols. Angella & Chris Herrmann

Pickle Barrel


Cushman and Looney returning from Alton, Illinois

In my Compass article, MISSION TO MONTANA last month, I mentioned asking if they also had a WWII pickle barrel at our stop in Ainsworth Nebraska. Several members, after reading about this, asked me what exactly did I mean about a pickle barrel and how did that relate to WWII. I hope the following information (gleaned from the internet) will explain what I meant. The Norden bombsight was one of the most important U.S. military secrets of WWII. It was so advanced that crew members had to take an oath to protect its secrecy with their lives. Should his plane get shot down, the bombardier was responsible for destroying the bomb-sight in order to save its secret. He normally did this by firing his pistol into the bomb-sight. It was often said that with the Norden bomb-sight, bombardiers could drop a bomb into a pickle barrel from 20,000 feet. In reality, when properly aimed, it could place a bomb inside a 100 foot circle from four miles high. Quite a feat at that time. On August 6th, 1945 a Norden bomb-sight was used to drop the atomic bomb, code name Little Boy, from the B-29 Enola Gay, 31,000 feet above Hiroshima. Times and technology have changed immensely since 1945 and this once top secret bombsight is now mounted in the nose of our B-25 “Show-me” for all to see and admire. Next time you are in the hangar, take a minute to pause and admire this historic piece of equipment. Pickle barrels, maybe, but it was a great saying at the time! Col. Bob Moore


Here are the preliminary dance revenue numbers. These are only revenue, not profit, since we don’t have all the expenses in yet. However, it appears that we had a very successful event. The best news is that we sold 597 tickets, compared to 540 last year. This reverses a 5 year trend in declining sales. Another good sign was that there appeared to be a lot more young people there than in previous years which, hopefully, will become an annual event for them. Other than ticket sales, our next three big revenue sources are food, beer, and the silent auction. The total for these three was slightly lower than last year, due to fewer high value items available in our silent auction. Last year we had a laptop, airline tickets, tools and a B & B up for bid. However, we still did ok thanks to the generosity of our members who donated or got businesses to donate items. Thanks a lot. In addition, some of our members have been getting dance supplies donated. Bob Lawrence got us free meat, buns, pest control, an ice chest, and use of a scissors lift for the staging. Mike McEntee got the staging equipment vendor to greatly discount his bill. Dan Bauer got Frito Lay to donate the snacks. Mark Statler’s wife got us free ice. Bill Wehmeier and the Coffey family got several restaurants to donate gift certificates for prizes. Thanks for your help! Sorry if I missed anyone. Col. Gossett


Besides all the hundreds of hours our members put in to produce the dance, here are a bunch of helpers that we couldn’t have done without for this year’s dance. Some of these have done it for many, many years, and we want them to know that we really appreciate them: · Connie Coffey · Tracey Coffey · Payton Coffey-Young · Bernie Crouch · Nick Fernandez · Kyle Lammert · Stephanie Lawrence · Stephen Maeeshardt · Sue McCluskey · Hilde McEntee · Louise Meyerpeter · Barb Mohr · Susan O’Mara · Mallory Papa · Kathy Schmied · Julieann Smith · Barb Tacchi · Kelsey Tacchi · Eric Townsend · Mary Wagoner A big thanks to our helpers! Sorry if I missed any one. Col. Gossett



Here are people that helped with our successful event with financial and/or prize donations: · Tee Baur · Dan Bauer · Bernice Bond · Pete Casey · Gerald Carpenter · Bill Coffey · John Coffey · Bud Eberhardt · J. D. Everly · Jim Hatcher · John Marshall · Betty Pierce · Joe Racine · Melissa Rea · Shane Roden · Robert Rutledge · Kathy Schmied · Pete Sherwin · Jack Taylor · Bill Wehmeier · David Woodson Here are businesses that donated prizes. Give them some of your business back as thanks!: · Big A’s Restaurant (St. Charles) · Boathouse Food and Drink (St. Charles) · Gingham’s Homestyle Restaurant (St. Charles) · JJ’s Restaurant (St. Charles) · KJ’s Place (Portage Des Sioux) · Palisades Yacht Club (Portage Des Sioux) · Prop Washed, LLC (Shane Roden) · Quintessential Restaurant (St. Charles) · R. T. Weilers Food and Spirits (St. Charles) · St. Charles Flying Service (Portage Des Sioux) Hope I didn’t forget anyone. Col. Gossett


Another Fantastic Hangar Dance!



This is the first time we were allowed to take “Lil Show-Me” out of the nest alone (without an Instructor). Recently signed off, and still wet behind the ears, we loaded “Lil Show-Me” with maps and very light overnight bags. With the essential equipment stored into “Lil Show-Me” and after a few swings of the propeller, she came to life and we taxied out through the paparazzi to Rwy-36. All went well with the run-up and we taxied onto Runway 36 and let go all of her 65 Horses. She roared and started down the runway and lifted off after what seemed like a long minute later. After clearing the airport boundary “Lil Show-Me” didn’t like the brisk quartering headwind and the sudden downdraft it created by the wind that came over the ridge from the Illinois side of the river. She slowed and started a good sink rate and after some coaxing over the farm fields she got enough nerve to try to fly again. We finally turned south toward our course for the Camdenton, Mo. airport near the Lake of the Ozarks. My State- of- the-Art Navigator, with only a map and a calculator (swaged), oops, calculated our ground speed at about 55MPH for the first part of the first leg of the trip as we rapidly made our way toward our goal in Central Missouri. Near the 6Flags Amusement Park, which was nearly empty, I looked down and noticed that ALL of the road traffic was passing us as we flew generally westward. After about an hour, we reached the Sullivan Airport, and a decision was made to land and refresh “Lil Show-Me’s” fuel tank and the longer runway at Sullivan seemed like a better choice that the one at Cuba, Mo. since the winds were still only quartering at Sullivan. Got refueled and Bob was successful with the hand propping again, we headed west again which was IFR (I follow Roads) along I-44 from airport to airport as “Lil Show-Me” had not been this far in over 10 Years. She was really stretching her wings. The IFR route ended at Rolla, Mo. but Bob had lived there before, so we could press on, and it was reassuring as he started naming all the sites on the ground. i.e. “That is a Catfish Farm there and etc.” As we neared our destination, “Lil Show-Me” seemed to demonstrate a “I think I can” attitude and she clawed her way up to 3500’ MSL. I asked Bob if he could see any contrails. We arrived at Camdenton without any U –Turns and received a warm reception. The questions were coming at us before we could land. “What model Aeronca is that and so forth?” Since “Lil Show-Me “considers herself a Hangar Queen we asked if there was a hangar available for her and it was. Tenants had moved out of their hangars for the incoming guests. Along with a hangar came the Airport Courtesy car (old Police Vehicle), I felt right at home. A telephone call was made and we had a courtesy room made available and were off to Bob’s old home town. The next day, after a Complimentary Breakfast at the Sleep Inn, we drove to the Local Wal-Mart to obtain cleaning supplies for “Lil Show-Me” as we needed to remove all the bugs that had used Kamikaze Tactics to get us out of their airspace. There was

no use even thinking about putting anything else into “Lil ShowMe” except absolutely essential stuff for this trip. We spent the morning cleaning her up and answering questions about when is the B-25 to arrive. Several people came by to see the completed project as they had seen “Lil Show-Me” being reworked there by Bob and Bev Cushman along with others. Everyone, including the Airport Manager, Cory Leuwerke assisted us with anything to make our stay pleasant. The day of the Airshow (Saturday 9-22-12) started with a lot of anticipation that the B-25 would somehow make the show. By the afternoon, we got the word that it would not make the show. There was some disappointment but they persevered and the other performers seemed to try to make up the missing link by stepping up their acts.” Lil Show-Me” stood proudly as a lot of onlookers wanted to look inside, ask questions and take pictures with and near her. The airshow at Camdenton proved to be more successful than last year’s and the attendance more than doubled to approximately 9-10,000 people. That’s about 5 times the population of the whole city. The Mo. Wing Crew for this outing was Bob Lawrence, Bev & Bob Cushman, Brandon Bebow and Hubert Looney. Hospitality abounded as the owner of Marina Pier 31 provided rooms for the “Lil Show-Me” crew, and dinner for all performers and assisting personnel at his restaurant on the lakeside. By the way, for all of you that unfortunately could not make it, it was Prime Rib or anything else on the menu. On Sunday morning (9-23-12), we preflighted “Lil Show Me” and the return trip PIC duties belonged to Bob Cushman. After all the prep work was done we folded ourselves into “Lil Show-Me” and departed Camdenton in the cool morning air. Bob remarked that he liked the improved performance of the L-3 during the climb out on our return trip. A few minutes later we were passing over familiar sights on the ground enroute to join our IFR Route (I-44). We stopped this time for fuel at Cuba, MO because of favorable winds and found two other airplanes and pilots there. That’s two more than we found at Sullivan. Refueling and starting worked out and we were off again in 30 minutes or so. That’s a record we said to each other. “Lil Show-Me” doesn’t like to start after the engine is warmed up. We are still working on the right technique, but I threw a wrench into our record turn- around times by telling Bob. “Hey Bob, I can’t find my Electronic E-6B, I must have dropped it as I was propping the engine, UGH! I asked him if he would mind returning since we were only about 5 minutes out? Thank goodness he’s not a grumpy person, so he turned around. It was longer getting back because of the winds so I thought several times about just sucking up the loss and to be more careful in the future. We landed, I searched high and low for it with no luck, only to find it buried under the cushion as I reboarded the L-3. I didn’t have the nerve to tell Bob that I had found it in the Airplane. In all defense, once you’re in the L-3 there isn’t an abundance of room for anything. The last leg went smoothly and fortunately uneventful until we got to St. Charles County Airport, then it seemed that everyone wanted to go flying or land there. We found a lot of overly aggressive and discourteous pilots in and around the pattern. All were faster than us and after a couple of times around we got the chance to land. Bob did a beautiful job of landing with a left front quartering headwind, I guess that extra practice at Cuba might have helped or it was all those days of training when there was always some crosswind while (getting beat-up), I meant training With Craig O’Mara? I congratulated Bob and we taxied in and shortly, we had “Lil Show-Me” refueled and back into the hangar, ready for her next mission. Not yet, “We’ve got to call Mother” Bob stated, (meaning Craig O’Mara) and he did so while I said I would also call our Step-Mom (Pat Kessler). We both let them know that we were back and that “Lil Show-Me” was safely tucked away in the hangar. Col. Hubert Looney


Bob & Hubert (our newest L-3 certificated pilots) on their way to Camdenton.


The L-3 completed its first airshow mission in many years to Scott Air Force Base on September 15-16. As of the air show we did not have the CAF logistics worked out regarding a check pilot for the L-3. With Col. Craig Omara accompanying Col. Bob Cushman on the trip to Scott, and Col. Hubert Looney on the return trip to Smartt Field, the L-3 performed great on the trip. There was pretty much a continuous stream of people viewing the L-3, which kept two people busy. We met quite a few L-19 drivers from the VietNam era, who shared some of their memories after seeing the “Grasshopper” in the show line. By far, the most striking moment of the event was our chance to meet a gentleman who brought a wallet photo of his father standing beside “his” L-3 during WWII. He was able to have his picture taken in front of our L-3 with his grandson, just like his father did many years ago. He plans to donate an enlarged photo image of his father and the L-3 to our museum, and perhaps other memorabilia too. This is why we do what we do. If we continue to do it well, our heritage will continue to be passed on to the next generation. Col. Bob Cushman

1:30 PM, September 8, 2012 • CALL TO ORDER • PLEDGE OF ALLIGIENCE • ROLL CALL OF STAFF: WL __ ADJ __ EXEC __ OPS __ MAINT __ FIN __ SAFE __ PIO __ • RECOGNIZE VISITORS AND GUESTS • MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – in COMPASS • INFIRMED MEMBERS – Joe Baruzzini is doing fair COMMITTEE REPORTS: Compass – John Coffey Gasoline Sales – Jim Lammert/$teve Gossett Web Site – Bob Lawrence Museum – Jack Seeman/Joe Wurtz PX – Bob Lawrence Recruiting & Membership – Bob Lawrence Air Shows – Matt Conrad LHFE – Bob Moore Hangar Dance – Pat Kesler OLD BUSINESS • T-33 – Thanks go to Bill Wehmeier. Will rock underneath the acft and do a repaint using same MO ANG markings. Kevin Cotter is supplying the paint. Need volunteers to help with refurbishment. • FEB – Craig O’Mara discussed CAF HQ’s results. NEW BUSINESS • STAFF REPORTS: MAINTENANCE__ EXECUTIVE___ OPERATIONS____ SAFETY___ ADJUTANT__ PUBLIC INFO__ FINANCE__ AIR SHOW__ LHFE___ • AIRCRAFT STATUS: B-25 -A/W TBM -A/W L-3 -A/W • PARADE CHAIRMAN -Col Nick Talarico. Many coming up. • COUNTY DIRECTIONAL SIGN - Corner at Hwy 94 – Price is $344. • ELECTRONIC BILLBOARD SIGNS ADVERTISING HANGAR DANCE – Compliments of “Lou Niederberger Connections”. FREE!!! One across from old Noah’s Ark location on Hwy 70. One on Hwy 94 by Lindenwood University. • TBM HANGAR FANS/VENTILATION – Mark Statler • OFFICE AREA ENTRANCE/HALL – Pictures & furniture Coming Soon. • HANGAR DANCE – Schedule of events. MAC needs help with sitting up the stage and flag. Hangar cleaning next week. GET VOLUNTEERS TO SIGN UP ON SHEET. • HANGAR DANCE!! HANGAR DANCE!! Meeting Adjourned @ 2:3

Our two aircraft did not perform except during arrival and departure. All of our personnel were treated like royalty. That included timely H20 to keep us hydrated, delicious lunches, snacks and one of the best banquet I have attended in which we were honored. It rained the first day so business was slow. Sunday, under a bright sun and cool temperatures, the area people came out in droves and kept the Aircraft and PX personnel busy all day (see picture). A warm thanks to both crews B-25: Matt Conrad, Angie and Chris Herrman, John Hawk Hawkins, Bob Carmac and myself. The finest crew since Col Jimmy Doolittle’s. TBM crew: Clyde Zellers, Ken Stricker and Brandon Bebow. PX Trailer: Bob Lawrence


Our Missouri Wing participated in the Quad Cities Airshow September 2 & 3, 2012 with both the B-25, the TBM, and our famous PX trailer. It was one of the best air shows that I have attended albeit an fatal accident that occurred during the L39 show.


Don’t forget the Florissant Veteran's Day Parade Sunday, November 11, 2012. We will be assembling for at 0800 in the TBM Hangar. Col. Nick Talarico

MISSOURI WING P.O. Box 637 St. Charles, MO 63302-0637


Dance goers enjoy viewing aircraft.

T-Bird in new location. We've received alot of good reviews from visitors. Good job, Bill!

Starting ceremony at the 2012 Hangar Dance.

Jean Slough (1) • Paul Gardner (1) • Lou Niederberger (2) • Matthew Davis (5) Peter Sherwin (10) • Pat Fenwick (10) • Vern Reece (16) • Art Hoffmann (17) Bud Eberhardt (22) • John Lohmar (26) • Al Gruer (26)

October Birthdays!

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