Meet Your Teachers
Erena Bramos has been a student of the Pathwork since 1979, and a teacher and Helper and for the last 12 years. Erena has led various programs in New York, in Brazil, and at Sevenoaks. Patricia Mahaffey is an Apprentice Helper who has studied Pathwork for over 20 years. Her spiritual life is woven with the teachings of Christ, nature, Eastern and shamanic traditions, and yoga.
Why do we so often feel hungry and restless, fruitlessly chasing happiness as if it’s outside somewhere? This Pathwork® workshop will offer a meaningful journey into who you really are – a necessary prerequisite to the tender calming of restlessness and the nourishment of powerful inner longings that make our hearts feel so hungry. Throughout this rich, experiential weekend, there will be opportunities for deep explorations of inner blocks and you will learn practical tools for self-discovery, healing, and growth in the context of down-to-earth teachings, laughter, and insightful, positive perspectives on the spiritual reality that underlies our longing to grow.

Transfiguration Spirituality Center
Glendale, Ohio | www.tscretreats.org Nov 2-4, Fri at 8pm to Sun at 2pm $295 ($280 before Oct 19) | Includes meals, two nights, single room

Transfiguration Spirituality Center

Register at www.sevenoaksretreat.org
Questions? Contact Patricia at 513.293.1038 or pmarie507@gmail.com
Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork®


Sevenoaks Retreat Center 

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