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Bca 203 Assignment

Bca 203 Assignment

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Published by: Govind Upadhyay on Oct 08, 2012
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Q1 Describe the mechanism of date transfer via handshaking. What is the difference between source initiated and destination initiated data transfer? Explain with the help of an example. Q2 What is a floating Point number? What maximum and minimum floating point number can be represented in a 64-bit computer having a sign bit for mantissa, 15 exponent bits and 32 mantissa bits? Also indicate the positive / negative and underflow ranges of the number on the scale. Q3 Differentiate between l synchronous and asynchronous data transfer? Q4 What do you understand by the divide overflow? Q5 Show the contents of registers E, A, 0 and SC during the process of multiplication of Mo binary numbers,11111 (multiplicand)and10101(multiplier).The signs are not included Q6 Draw a block diagram for the DMA system showing the essential elements needed or the DMA transfer in a computer system. Q7. Explain the difference between the daisy chaining priority and parallel priority interrupts. Draw the diagrams to explain their working. Q8 Design and discuss 2 bit by 3 bit array multiplier .give its major advantages. Q9 Taking multiplicand 11111 and multiplier 01001 designs a table of multiplication with booth multiplication algorithm. Q10 Give registers configuration for hardware implementation of signed 2’s compliment addition/subtraction. Q11 What is priority? Name various types of priority .Discuss Daisy chaining priority in brief. Q12 List four peripherals devices that produce an acceptable output for a person to understand

Q13 Describe the algorithm for division of two fixed-point binary numbers in signed-magnitude representation. Q. 14 Design a parallel priority interrupt hardware for a system with eight interrupt sources.

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