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David Eduardo Mares Sierra English VIII

Kenneth Robert Boisvert Teacher

Activities and training in the mining and separation process of minerals

In my job i will be trained to do analysis of the minerals and extract minerals of interesting like gold, silver, cooper, zinc, plumb, etc. All this for extract minerals precious and expensive but i will know differents methods to bioremediate the environment because this job pollute many ground areas and water because we use many chemicals in the process of separation of the stone-mineral. i will need know how bioremediate the damage done for the mine process and for this i will be trained and for others things, maybe to know how do flotation because this is the process of concentrate of minerals, in this part we use differents chemicals like collectors, foaming agents, and depressants of minerals without value call it insolubles and this dont want it because are useless. The type of training should be how to use the flotation reactor and its principles, how use the dryer because this is used to dryer the samples of minerals and then we can weight on the analytic balance the total of mineral concentrate. I will need training to know how use the filters to remove all water it can be exist in the samples of zinc or plumb concentrate each one for separate. Maybe i need training to know the functions of the stone grinder where we do powder the stone to can separate the minerals of interesting, this part is maybe the most important of all process because if the stone is very big we can not separate the minerals of the powder. To help in a future i could can do my job without damage the environment, and bioremediate contaminated areas product of the mining and excavation. This job is very new and modern because the differents types of separation of minerals, is the cause of this contamination in the ground and water but with help of the biotechnology and many methods to help our world im sure in the welfare of our ecosystems and beauty of the earth without more contamination because of my job and my activities.

October 4th 2012 in Fresnillo, Zacatecas.