Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple present or present progressive) Look!

Sara is going to the movies. On her right hand, Sara is carrying her handbag. The handbag is very beautiful. Sara usually puts on black shoes but now she is wearing white trainers. 5. And look, she is taking an umbrella because it is raining.
1. 2. 3. 4.

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect).
1. I have just finished my homework. 2. Mary has already written five letters. 3. Tom moved to his home town in 1994. 4. My friend was in Canada two years ago. 5. I haven’t been to Canada so far. 6. But I have already traveled to London a couple of times. 7. Last week, Mary and Paul went to the cinema. 8. I can't take any pictures because I have not bought a new film yet. 9. Did they spend their holidays in Paris last summer? 10. Have you ever seen a whale?

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).
1. The receptionist welcome the guests and asked them to fill in the 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

form The car broke down and we had to walk home. The boys were swiming while the girls were sunbathing. My father came in, looked and told me to tidy up my room. While one group was preparing dinner the others collected wood for the campfire. While the parents were having breakfast the children ran about. Martha turned off the light and went to bed.

Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous 1.Why are your hands dirty? - Oh I have been working in the garden. 2.It's nine o'clock. Jack has taught for 4 hours tonight. 3.I have been working at this company for a long time. 4.Brad has been thinking poorly of Marsha for a long time. 5.Why are you shaking so? What have you been doing? 6.Lucky Susan she has visited so many different countries! 7.I have been living in Seattle for 5 years. 8. Have you finishing your homework yet? 9.He has just arrived from Tokyo. 10.I have been thinking for a long time and I have decided that you need to give up your job. 11.Nick has bought a new house! 12.Some of my students have been studying OR have studied English for over 5 years. 13.It's a quarter to nine! I have been waiting for over three hours! 14. Has he ever driven a Rolls Royce? Make indirect questions 1. Do you like meatball? I want to know if you like meatball? 2. Where do you live? I want to know where you live? 3. What seems to be the problem? I wonder what the problem seems? 4. Did she come to the meeting? I don’t know if she come to the meeting? 5. How long will you stay in Paris? I want to know how long you stay in Paris?

6. Are you the first child? I want to know if you the first child? 7. Can you mention three abbreviations? I want to know you mention

three abbreviations? 8. Why is he angry with me? I want to know why he angry with me? 9. When did you stay when you were in London? I don’t know if you stay when you were in London? 10. Do you feel better now? I want to know if you feel better now? List 5 things you used to do and 5 things you are used to doing. 1. I used to get up late. 2. I used to cry when I was hungry. 3. Lusi used to walk to campus. 4. Maria used to stay in own house. 5. She used to wash clothes by herself. 5 things you are used to doing. 1. I am used to praying with my family. 2. We are used to studying together in campus. 3. She is used to reading every morning. 4. I am used to riding motorcycle. 5. I am used to cooking my dinner.

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