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Answers (9) Robert B. C. Director Local Food Systems at Community Alliance with Family Farmers see all my answers A material requisition would be an internal document...the company production manager sends a mat'l requisition to his warehouse manager asking for e.g lets say 1000 kg of white rice to be sent to the production line. A purchase requisition would be .when the company purchasing agent sends an order (purchase requisition) to the supplier of white rice. It would be an external document. I trust this will be of some help. Robert B. Corshen 20/20 Food Pro posted July 20, 2008 Mats J. Freelance researcher focused on strategies and governance in sustainable city logistics see all my answers As I understand it, the difference between material requisition and purchase requisition is partly in where in the process it occurs as well as in the nature of the requisition act itself.

Director Central Europe at ADR International see all my answers Best Answers in: Supply Chain Management (2) The most usual specification is this: Material requisition is the requisition of internal customer for delivering material. to get it. A purchase requisition often has to be issued if the purchase order price exceeds a certain amount of money and the purchaser does not have the authority to issue purchase orders over this amount. which has already been sourced (there is a supplier and price defined) Purchase requisition is the requisition of internal customer for sourcing a material that has so far no supplier and price defined But most of companies only use Purchase requisition for both activities. see all my answers . 2008 Robert S. posted July 21. Chief Executive Officer at Leonine Engineers Pvt. I hope that this was to any help. posted July 20. so Purchase requisition simply requires delivery of material to internal customer regardless whether it has already been sourced or not and it's up to procurement/purchasing dept.A material requisition is issued in order to have material delivered to the manufacturing line at the right time/sequence whereas a purchase requisition is issued in order to be "allowed" to actually purchase goods/materials/services etc. 2008 Subhas C B. Ltd.

although the supplier was producing cheap. with limited exports/transport possibilities. A US customer of mine had a huge problem : the cheapest parts were found in Malta. seasoned global supply chain professional says : it's not crowded along the extra mile see all my answers all answers so far are a good explanation. For material requirements. Your authorize purchase department to do required purchase by submitting a purchase requisition. From a financial perspective. stores or ERP system subsequently raises purchase requisition. but what is maybe more important. if it is available in stores. From a logistics perspective that is a disaster (an island. users raise materials requisition. normally. 2008 BRUNO V. posted July 22. so instead of . at the time not part of the EC) so the line was stopped regularly for parts delayed. see to it that material managers and procurement are on the same line ! material managers' main objective is to keep the production line going. and the cost to fly in replacement orders was huge. If it is not available. item codes (for system generated requisitions) and specifications. delivery schedule. purchasers shall find the 'lowest' supplier in the market. quantity. the cost to get them to the plant in the US was enormous. purchase policy and stock level guidelines.You get a material on submitting a material requisition. normally purchase requisitions are raised by the user Both requires authorization. You get material. a purchase requisition is generated or triggered based on the material requisition. For new items or components or services. if you are the manager of that operation.

. bruno posted July 22. strongly insist on having the "landed cost" as the real comparison. it causes materials and its cost to be released from the Raw material Inventory warehouse and sent to Work in Process Inventory Material Requisition or MRO and Purchase requisition are similar terms. Managing Partner at Inspirage.putting the net piece price as a benchmark. see more MRO Material Requisition Order An order for type and quantities of material to be placed into production or used in performing a service. Quantum Holdings. 2008 Navneet G... Inc see all my answers Best Answers in: Purchasing (2)... LLC see all my answers Best Answers in: Enterprise Software (1). posted July 24. brgds. see more As indicated by several respondents. This will be satisfied either via a material issue in your inventory system or will be converted to an Internal Sales Order between multiple facilities. a material requisition is internal to a company like a plant/warehouse requesting material from WMS system or between different plants/ warehouses or from a distribution center to manufacturing facility. 2008 Sunny D. CIO.

H. I am not suggesting that the varied definitions are incorrect or even in and of themselves unnecessary. see more While some may splice hairs by saying that one process or function is internal facing (purchase requisition) and the other is external facing (material requisition). and the .. in the end it matters not if the real-world processes that define your business model are not properly defined and understood. and others may suggest that they are interchangeable . With 85% of all e-procurement/supply chain initiatives failing to achieve the expected results. the disconnect between the financial imperatives of the CFO. posted July 24. In the context of the results of a 2007 Aberdeen survey.. The financial as well as material transactions involved with each of these scenario may be quite different and hence you need to indentify the document accordingly. However given that most enterprises attribute the requisition process as being an integral part of an organization's internal financial controls.similar to the "differences" between purchasing and procurement. a debate surrounding terminology would seem to be an exercise in shadow boxing. Host at PI Window on Business Show see all my answers Best Answers in: Supply Chain Management (14).A purchase requisition is usually external to a vendor/ supplier which upon approval will be converted to a Purchase Order. 2008 Jon W. perhaps a more pertinent question would be how to overcome or bridge the communication gap between finance and purchasing.

A Purchase Requisition (PR) can be an internal document from one business area to a central purchasing group letting them know there is a need and to place a Purchase Order (PO) Typically I have found that a Material Requisition (MR) . Less than 20% of CFOs consider the work of CPOs and their staffs as having a very positive impact on competitiveness. Replenishment Planner at Big Lots see all my answers That will depend on the system you are using and the type of business this is in relation to. Once again. and given the fact that the requisition process is seen largely as a means of establishing control mechanisms as defined by the finance department.) Here are just a few of the findings from that survey: 73% of all savings claimed by purchasing departments are discounted by the finance department as being invalid. doesn't it make more sense to focus on a collective process understanding and refinement through effective stakeholder collaboration?! posted July 25. 2008 Richard L. On average only 46% of CFOs feel that the procurement team has contributed to enterprise growth.operational requirements of the CPO means that supply chain issues go much. much deeper than the discernment of industry terminology. (Note: I have provided a number of links under the Web Resources section to corresponding articles discussing the survey's results.

is for a plant to request materials to be moved to the line to be used. 2008 . Hope this helps posted July 25.

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