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 Physiotherapy Clinic photo.

prevention. Physiotherapists are highly skilled and highly educated. maintain. Physiotherapy identifies and maximizes quality of life and movement potential by using the principles of promotion. restore and optimize health and function throughout their lifespan. . What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy provides services to individuals and populations to develop. with a full understanding of the relationship between medical conditions and how the body works. habilitation & rehabilitation. treatment.

technology and manual therapy. Mostly their clients range from children to the elderly. The ultimate goal is to make each client functioning better at home. The Physiotherapy Care Clinics have been providing expert diagnosis and treatment to the people. & other social settings. About Physiotherapy Clinic Physiotherapy clinic offers highly advanced Physiotherapy treatment with the use of latest equipments. work. the professional to the sportsperson and the locals next door. Physiotherapy Care Clinic can diagnose and treat any injuries conditions .

 Types of Physiotherapy Orthopedics Physiotherapy Neurological Physiotherapy Sports Physiotherapy .

Gynecology Physiotherapy Cardio Physiotherapy Pediatric Physiotherapy Post Surgical Physiotherapy .

 physiotherapy Healthcare marketing Strategies E-marketing News paper Search engine optimization Affiliate marketing .

. are easy to find. have the means to make the decision to use physical therapy services. Identify a target audience to which you want to market: identify your ideal clients: those who need your services.A Simple Steps for physiotherapy practices 1. and whose problem your services will solve.

find answers to these questions: . . where to reach them.what keeps your target audience from enjoying life fully ? . what to say to them. & how you can help them. Research your target audience to understand what they want and need: In your research.2. you will know how to market to your target audience.When you get answers to these question .what is your target audience afraid of ? .

4. Create an identity for your practice and then share it with others. . Make sure people know about you: Begin by making a list of everyone you know. unique to you. Build your reputation with an identity that is your very own. Don't waste time and money on advertising and marketing without having an identity that is interesting and engaging. new achievements.3. and new target market. and send out an informative email. not only your professional connections. or pick up the telephone and call them. Tell them about your recent initiatives. so that it will attract people to you.

Market your services with your existing clients and ask for their referrals : Be sure to give recognition and appreciation to your clients who refer. This should be done right away. If your clients continue referring. .5. Sending a quick thankyou note or making a telephone call will show your appreciation. you could send some type of thank.you gift as your appreciation.

 5 Simple Steps to Increase Profits Fees of patient. Additional products and services to be offered/sold to patients. Replicating the above formula with extra staff and or increasing the number of practices that you have to create leverage. The number of times you spend on one patient. . The number of new patients coming to your clinic.

 Project management and Physiotherapy Healthcare Facilities Unique Problems of Physiotherapy Healthcare Facilities:The Physiotherapy healthcare industry provides care and wellness options for people. Whatever they do. . their moves are watched by government by professional organizations and by the consumers who receive healthcare treatment and struggle to pay the cost of it. .

A project is designed to deliver the right output.Project Management Activities Applying project management techniques can reduce the costs of providing healthcare and also manage the many aspects. at the right time with appropriate or optimal use of funds. .

.Effective Project Management Techniques The project manager must pick Some familiar software application like an Excel spreadsheet pivot charts. or event-chain diagrams . All these software options work to keep projects on schedule and under budget.

 How to measure demand: To measure demand at the bottleneck step. This tends to reflect the supply of services at that time rather than the true demand Direct order to produce a more complete picture of the true demand. multiply the number of patients referred by the time in minutes it takes to process a patient. . Predicting demand can be difficult as historical activity data is frequently used to predict demand.

 Match capacity and demand on a daily basis: There are two key strategies: 1) look for ways of gaining capacity within the system 2) look for ways of increasing the flexibility of the capacity . How to measure capacity: To measure capacity. multiply the number of pieces of equipment by the time in minutes available to the people with the necessary skills to use it.

unexpected situations may occur. Although patient demand can be predicted and care needs anticipated. Clinical teams can develop contingency plans to meet overflow demand. there is a requirement to preserve capacity to prepare for that expected demand.  When the backlog is reduced we can match demand and supply in closer proximity to the origin of demand. .  Clinical teams should consider patient demand issues and plan capacity to meet them on a daily basis.  When an expected and acceptable delay is created.

to satisfy the agreed need of the consumer at lowest cost. and minimizing waste and losses of time. Quality health care key points “ The total package of features and characteristics in healthcare service which is provided.”  six aims for improvement of quality Safe Effective Patient centered Timely Efficient Equitable .

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