Brief Summary for Mini Icy Moon Cake Demonstration

Procedures a – To make the Icy Skin 1. Using the mixing rod, mix the hot water with the icy skin mixes inside the mixing bowl 2. Add other ingredients in sequence and knead the dough until the surface is smooth (Note: make sure the ingredient is totally mixed with the dough before adding the next one) 3. Seal the dough tight with a zip-lock bag and keep it cool in the fridge for 10-12 hours before proceed further b - Filling (you may choose ready-made solid ingredients such as red bean paste and chestnut paste) c – Composing the icy moon cake (The skin to filling ratio is roughly 9:10) 1. Press the measured icy skin with your fingers until the edge is smooth and the thickness is even. You may pull the edge towards the centre and start pressing all over again if the edge cracks. We need to make the skin round with a diameter 6-7 cm 2. Complete wrap the filling evenly with the round skin 3. Put a sprinkle of cooked glutinous rice flour into the moon cake mold, flip the mold over to take away the excess 4. Press the icy moon cake into the mold and press it hard with your palm 5. Slam both sides of the mold towards the table, flip the mold and let the moon cake fall onto your hand Note: 1. Icy moon cakes must be kept in freezer (0 to -18゜C), and defrost 1520 minutes before serving 2. The procedures are only for your reference, and hygiene is always the top concern in the icy moon cake demonstration

--- The End ---

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