Main/Topic idea sentence is clear, correctly placed, and is restated in the closing sentence.

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Main/Topic idea sentence is unclear and incorrectly placed, and is not restated in the closing sentence.


Main/Topic Idea Sentence

Main/Topic idea Main/Topic sentence is idea sentence either unclear or is unclear and incorrectly incorrectly placed, and is placed, and is restated in the not restated in closing the closing sentence. sentence.

Supporting Detail Sentence(s)

Paragraph(s) Paragraph(s) Paragraph(s) Paragraph(s) have three or have two have one have no more supporting supporting detail supporting supporting detail sentences sentences that detail detail that relate back relate back to sentence that sentences that to the main idea. the main idea. relates back to relate back to the main idea. the main idea. Uses transition Uses transition words before the words before the supporting detail supporting sentences and details sentence the concluding or the sentence. concluding sentence. Uses transition words in two of the supporting detail sentences or the concluding sentence. Limited or weak topic development and details.

Uses transition words

Does not use transition words in the paragraph.


Full topic development, examples are explained and appropriate use of language.

Moderate topic/idea development. Supporting details are basic. Some variety of language. Paragraph has one or two punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors.

Little or no topic development and details.

Mechanics and Grammar

Paragraph has no errors in punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Paragraph has Paragraph has three to five six or more punctuation, punctuation, capitalization, capitalization, and spelling and spelling errors. errors.



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