Water is an essential resource for life and good health. A lack of water to meet daily needs is a reality today for one in three people around the world.

According to Falkenmark water stress indicator, a country or region is said to experience “WATER STRESS” when annual water supplies drop below 1,700 cubic meters per person per year. When water supplies drop below 1,000 cubic meters per person per year, the country faces water scarcity.

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This scarcity is where there is not enough water to meet all demands, including that needed for ecosystems to function effectively. Arid regions frequently suffer from physical water scarcity.

This scarcity is caused by lack of investment in water or insufficient human capacity to satisfy the demand for water. Large parts of Africa suffer from economic water scarcity.

Fifty years ago water was an infinite resource due to less population. Now there are nearly seven billion people on the planet. So that consumption of water thirsty is rising. The total amount of available freshwater supply is also decreasing because of climate change.

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