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Monday, October 8 “I’d been into punk, and to me hip hop was the black punk rock, just

nobody else looked at it that way”, Rick Rubin on his role as early hip hop producer 1. Song analysis: Savannah “Black Steel”, “Nadir’s Big Chance”, “Love Song”. 2. If not done yet, order Ramones book. 3. What is the effect of HR’s desire to bring in but then taunt his audience (p. 414)? In other words, what might be the symbolic meaning of such a gesture? How might this relate to the relations in punk? In the United States? Write about 10 minutes here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZotWsKfPwA &t=50m30s 4. Richard Hell quote, p. 6 of Bangs. “"He thinks he's being part of something by doing that joining a club that'll welcome him with open arms, trying to get accepted. It's not real. Maybe I'm naive, but I think that's what all racism is not really directed at the target but designed to impress some other moron." Bangs’ “rebuttal”: “But that's begging the question again. Most people, I guess, don't even think about drawing the lines: they just seem to go through life reacting at random.” i. What do we think about these two statements? 5. For Wednesday: read and listen to Needles And Pins / The Ramones; Fanfare in the Garden / Essential Logic; People Who Died / Jim Carroll: Daniel J. 6. Interesting, somewhat falsely nostalgic, piece on Popmatters today.

7. Revise what you wrote at the beginning of class by thinking about the importance of an “authentic” identity.

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