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Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson

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Kendra Leigh Wilkinson was born June 12, 1985, and was raised in a middle-class neighborhood of San Diego

known as Clairemont. Her parents, Eric Wilkinson, a bi ochemist, and Patti Wilkinson, a former NFL cheerleader, divorced when Kendra wa s only eight. Young Kendra grew up with a love of sports, especially soccer and softball. She played on the local slow-pitch softball team, the Clairemont Bobby Sox, for six years. In her years at Clairemont High School, she was an average student who dreamed of being a famous model. Little did she know, her dream woul d soon become a reality. After Kendra graduated high school in 2003, she struggled to pay her way, workin g as an office assistant and taking every modeling job she could. Her photograph er faxed a photo of Kendra to Playboy headquarters, where it came across the des k of Playboy founder and CEO Hugh Hefner. In the spring of 2004, Kendra was invi ted to the Playboy Mansion for Hefner’s 78th birthday party, as one of his “painted ladies”—nude women dressed only in body paint, hired as entertainment for the event. It was at this party, when Kendra showed her stunning confidence in her body, he r infectious laugh and easy smile, that Hefner knew he’d discovered a star. He was not only impressed with her looks and her physique, but with her character and her sense of humor. Certainly, a lot of girls come in to the Mansion with a nice body on display, but Kendra… Kendra had something special. Hefner asked Kendra to be one of his girlfriends, and to move into the Mansion shortly after they’d met. Kendra became the third member of Hefner’s entourage, joining Holly Madison and Br idget Marquardt in the Playboy Mansion. Shortly after Kendra was introduced to t he household, in 2005, E! Television network began airing The Girls Next Door, a reality show following the lives of the three girls inside the Mansion. The air ing of the reality show made the three women household names and immediate super stars. They did countless interviews, press appearances, and most importantly, f eature spreads in Playboy. America grew to love the girls, but especially Kendra , the sporty party girl who was always ready for a good time, who seemed so rela xed compared to the prim and proper, picture-perfect bunnies that Bridget and Ho lly portrayed. The Girls Next Door lasted for six seasons, with Kendra departing the show, and the Mansion, in 2009 to marry her husband Hank Baskett. The viewers followed her—h er spinoff reality show, Kendra, broke many ratings records, being the highest s eries to debut on E! since The Anna Nicole Show in 2002. Since leaving the E! Te levision network, Kendra has a new reality show, Kendra on Top, which aired on t he We TV network in summer 2012. She has also written two books, and competed on Dancing with the Stars. Kendra Wilkinson rose to fame and maintained her stardom because she was true to who she was, and never played a character for television. She has transitioned from a youthful and athletic Playmate to a caring and fun-loving wife and mother , and her success has exceeded far beyond body paint.

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