Weekly Report of ALSTOM T&D INDIA LTD.

Inventory management: During the first and half week I was instructed to audit the
inventory on the basis of, -Quantities that are already used and dispatched for the job. -Quantities those are ready for the job but still stored in shop floor. -Quantities those are not used for any job and stored as scrap material. My job was to identify each and every quantity of material of above state and make report of all these items that to be submitted to Mr Guravkumar, Finance Head of ALSTOM T&D. With these reports, the purchase department decides price of each and every items and after getting the cost of the material, Finance department can able to identify the problem and take an effective decision to achieve the efficient material management target. The company Vadodara unit have excess of inventory that are stored since its operation in Vadodara (4-5 years), so the company unit suffering from high carrying and holding cost due to improper and ineffective method of material management.

Learning objectives:
  I came to learn about the new techniques which are very important as far as the inventory management is concerned. I got hands on practical experience on how organisation manages their inventory and the decision taken on that basis.

Another weekly report of Alstom
With the above information on material that are stored since long time period in the shop floor and store area in the company, Finally the company had taken the decision regarding the over holding stock and its reuse or disclose as scrap material. Before I go to the decision taken by the management, first I try to explain the each procedure of making the “Transformer” with a diagrammatic representation.

Core cutting CRGO Cutting CTC Winding Copper PICC Assembly Copper CRGO Cutting Tank Tanking Bushing Testing and Finished goods Transformer .