GREEN TO GOLD Introduction

“If we want to know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose and its purpose must lie outside of the business itself. In fact, it must lie in society since a business enterprise is an organ of society”
-PETER F DRUCKER: The practice of management

A business is always expected to contribute to the society than profit maximization. Even though profit maximization is a part of any business, it should not be focused on its own is expect to bring out the best for the society as values and development through which it can easily establish itself and honour the society and flourish to the unexplored possibilities of success. Green to gold refers to such businesses which are always an added benefit and honour to the society, human kind and economy. The businesses that added values and upraised the standards of life through maintaining the possibilities of serving the society besides the theory of profit maximization. We always argue that whether a business is able to sustain or depends on the resilence of businesses and enterprises in the society and such tenacity again depends patently on the elasticity and flexibility of these organizations in meeting contingencies arising from crisis and exigencies. In INDIA , economy and newly industrialized economies enjoy the strategic advantage of fluidity in structural arrangements and relative freedom from otherwise excessive institutional constraints which have seemingly impeded and restricted business in the industrially advanced west, which have yearned for deregulation, privatization and debureoucratization in order to get rid of burdensome overheads. There is possibly still some time before a reformed set of business values and work ethics begin to take root among many of these Indian societies , as new socio-political institutions are introduced whilst old ones are revived with fresh vitality.

The advantages of starting of small and medium enterprises can be said as: 1.transportation and trade.making the whole world into a single global village have paved the way for collaborative business ideas which in turn leads to the development of innovations and creativity.liberalization etc have made much impact in making it possible to spreadout ideas od innovation across the globe. Entrepreneurship is greater when successful members of a community reinvest excess capital in the projects of other community members 3. Entrepreneurship flourishes in communities where resources are mobile 2. Entrepreneurship flourishes in any society due to four major factors 1. Age group The recent economic survey has shown that new organizations emerge under the entrepreneurship of people aging from 27 – 48(as per business India survey of June 2009) where these people are effective in risk bearing and innovation and of greater leadership qualities and strategic advancements.There arises a question that why the topic and why it is important that people become entrepreneurs. 2. . why the idea of green to gold? The best possible answer that suits here will be the one given by STEVENSON. Globalization The recent development in globalization .societies and cultures inter coagulate each other to make more and more integrated through a global network of communication. Entrepreneurship flourishes in communities in which success of other community members is celebrated rather than derided 4. Entrepreneurship is greater in communities that see change as positive rather than negative The entrepreneurial community’s success in small and medium scale enterprises has attracted capital on unprecedental scale. ”entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control” this . The economies .

but alas. Its essence is PERFORMANCE” -PETER.“Leadership does matter.F. Entrepreneurship is not at all an”easy to go” task when it is in a democratic country such as INDIA. . unromantic and boring. the leader .it has little to do with ‘leadership qualities’ and even less to do with ‘charisma’. But leaving the milestones behind and exploring the future can only be done through effective entrepreneurship. The political social climatic and legal factor always varies in our country and creates humps in the path to success of any enterprise. Here democracy is such a one which never allows entrepreneurship to go in a path of roses but makes them run the hurdles which are always absent in any other nation when compared.who always shows consistent performance in achieving the target and triggering everything to the followers and stays on his boring job and till the last second of success and finally gives all his applause to his team. it is something different from what is now touted under this label. it is mundane. the one person.DRUCKER Triggering of green to gold does need a boring practice of leadership as said by DRUCKER.

creativity in implementation.These green turned to gold are not simply the fruit of one single day. Research papers like this topic always leads to successful case studies of entrepreneurship. They required innovations in ideas . 1. Rome was never built in a day.or an end in itself. Studying such businesses such cases. it is important to know these businesses in particular because they are those which make us notice that above profit also there is something that businesses can offer to society. And obviously case studies are the most interesting and important part of understanding entrepreneurship . Why to study such businesses is one important question that comes upfront. Research is always considered as a means to an end .so here we are going to two such case studies . 2………………………………………. strategies of positioning and most importantly the values that society gets through them.less imaginative is always a more scientific .md of terumo penpol……………. making them into case studies on the basis of management and entrepreneurship are much important for understanding and valuating how entrepreneurship have been developed in this new century of competition and challenges. . Yes. which is inductive in nature and through which development of logical habits of thoughts can be promoted .c.balagopal.two magnificent entrepreneurs who have made the words of dreams to perform in the stage.

providing social values to human life and making the standard of environmental needs up to the expectations. but have marked the name of success in the golden list of entrepreneurship. ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TRIVANDRUM Entrepreneurship in a district like Trivandrum has always been valued and considered as a method of increasing wealth and profit and that too by over exploitation of resources in a short period after putting cards on table. . IMPORTANCE OF DEVELOPMENT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN KERALA Even though the being the first market to the Portuguese in India. but remains unnoticed. Innovative entrepreneurship can always beckon the ideas of successful business in Kerala. Many perish .it has wonderful environmental structure and adaptability which is why it is called as GODS OWN COUNTRY. Kerala is still an unexplored market.As DRUKER identified ‘innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs . Above all the practical implication pursuits they makes the inevitable industrial part after the time being. who purposefully researched for the sources of innovation. TERUMOPENPOL and ………………………… are two such examples of effective entrepreneurship which have overcome all the hurdles to make themselves one among the most noticed and inevitable part of society.the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service. And those entrepreneurs. and those who have done this are less in number.some succeed. Few have marked their presence as with their innovative ideas and strategies which have made them attain the reputation and become the most unavoidable part of industry. need to understand and apply those principles. Social responsibilities that they take over after profit maximization makes a knowledge about them in the society.

MINTZBERG makes it clear that strategic thinking involves more than just following a ‘industry recipe’. While the number of gulf emigrants from Kerala was 13% in 2008 and it have come down to 9% in 2009 as per the survey of The WEEK as on January 2010.The collective intention or perspective of the strategy should be in such a manner that the unexplored societal benefits should be given the most value. Which has always been the most difficult thing that was unsolved? But newer entrepreneurship can always bring a vast change in the situation by offering new employment opportunities and more over changing the education system and necessities of the state.this also shows us that the NRI accounts in leading banks have now comedown in holding huge funds as recession hit spontaneously on august 2008.Strategies are the major factors which are important for effective development of entrepreneurship in Kerala. CHANGE IN ATTITUDE Nowadays the trends of business have changed as more entrepreneurs focus on making societal value addition to their business. This in turn helps them in solving of the most affecting threat of Kerala – youth. the unemployment. a copying a competitor’s strategy or carrying on the same as before unless these have been deliberately decided upon. EMIGRATIONS-LESS LIQUIRATIVE Randomness in the change of world market that have made emigrations less liquirative nowadays have made people think to step forward into entrepreneurship. which in turn upgrades the life and societal values. The principles of strategy for development should be entrepreneur oeuvre which can outwit any hurdles.Emergence of new entrepreneurship can be noticed as the number of businesses starting in Kerala from 2009 to .

But many fell back on the way itself due to lack of proper innovation and creativity and some climb up as they had enough talented and dedicated entrepreneurship behind them which supported them with newer ideas and strategies.2010 January is comparatively much higher to that of 2008-2009 as per the government reports of Kerala state. Let us roll on to the two case studies which gives us the clear cut examples of what exactly innovative entrepreneurship is all about and how dedication and usage of resources such as technology and co-operation have made creativity in the whole industry which in turn gave them social reputation and how they embarked their names on the golden leaf of society by providing is values and benefits. especially in cities like KOTTAYAM. The emergences of mass entrepreneurship have been a recent development in Kerala. KOCHI and THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. .

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