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Globaloria Overview

Globaloria Overview

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Published by: World Wide Workshop on Oct 08, 2012
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Program Overview

What is


K-12 blended-learning platform (MOO ! with "ourses in S#$M% omputing% &ame 'esign and oding
Students master • STEM knowledge • Digital and computing literacy • Global citizenship skills • College and career readiness

(ward Winning

)nsuffi"ient S#$M Pipeline from *th grade to +a"helor,s 'egree
Out of ever1 1.%... onl1 -.. pursue a S#$M degree2 #here are 2%...%... unfilled S#$M 3obs2

1 ! Students Start the "th Grade

#!$ o% 1 ! Earn a &igh School Diploma

'!" o% 1 ! Students Go to College # are Declared STEM Ma(ors

$!) o% 1 ! Students Earn a *achelor+s Degree -.. +(/+S in S#$M 0ields

&ame ma4ing through hands-on% pro3e"t-based learning engages (55 students

ustomi6ed digital learning platform for ea"h s"hool

Step-b1-step game design% standards-aligned "ourses
$ssentials of &ame 'esign )ntro to &ame 'esign 2' &ame 'esign Mobile &ame 'esign 8' &ame 'esign

27-87 hrs -.-77 hrs -.-77 hrs -.-77 hrs -.-77 hrs



5earn foundational "on"epts of game design% me"hani"s and "oding2 5earn fundamentals of game design and "oding b1 "reating two games using 0lash and ("tionS"ript2 ollaborativel1 "reate a "omple; learning game using a professional pro"ess2 5earn to design and "ode a 2' game that leverages mobile-devi"e features2 5earn to develop a 8' adventure game that is fun and edu"ational using <avaS"ript and =nit12

)ntrodu"tor1 omputing )ntermediate omputing )ntermediate omputing (dvan"ed omputing


:-12 :-12


+iolog1 Master1 of "ontent 4nowledge




#ea"hes "omputer s"ien"e and engineering s4ills as students "ode

)ndustr1-standard tools


)ndustr1-standard pra"ti"es for "ollege and "areer su""ess

ollaborative )terative 'esign > $ngineering Pro"ess

#ea"her training provides support ever1 step of the wa1

$du"ators lead d1nami"% S#$M-ri"h "lassrooms

?eal-time embedded assessment

lass management tools for personali6ed learning

$ngaged and motivated students

Student a"hievement

0le;ible and eas1 to integrate into an1 s"hool or after-s"hool program

&lobaloria )mplementation Models (minimum of -. hours! • ?e@uired Sub3e"t lass • Sub3e"t $nri"hment lass • $le"tive lass • &ame 'esign lass / #e"h areer • (fter-S"hool or Summer Program

5arge-S"ale S#$M $du"ation )nnovation

Sin"e 2..: A States 'istri"tsB urban% rural% suburban 1.%... students 7.. edu"ators 8.. ed leaders A..%... hours A7C S"hool ?etention

#han4 1ouD

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