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Myth Breakers (E-Voting Machines)

Myth Breakers (E-Voting Machines)

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Published by: Victoria Collier on Oct 08, 2012
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Maryland. November, 2004. Diebold DRE

Miscellaneous break downs plague voters.
Excerpts from the TrueVoteMD report show some of the malfunctions that disenfranchised
voters in Maryland.32

Voter Lavellette White at Francis Scott Key Middle School in Montgomery County tried to
vote for the school board, but when she made her selection the screen went dark and the
machine spit out her ballot card. The election judge told her there was nothing he could do.
Voter Michael Heyman at Maryvale Elementary School in Montgomery County reported
that the machine froze when he attempted to review his ballot prior to submission. The
election judge told him that it was a persistent problem with that particular machine. The
judge removed a sticker from the machine and inserted a key to reboot. At first the
machine would not eject the smart card, but finally it did and voting continued.

Mahoning County, Ohio. November, 2004. ES&S DRE

Machines broke down in 16 precincts; others needed calibration.
Many problems plagued the ES&S iVotronic touch screen voting machines in 16 of the 312
Mahoning County precincts.

Some of the machines malfunctioned. Others had problems with the personal electronic
ballot cartridge placed into the machines before each vote to count the ballots ... Also,
there were 20 to 30 machines that needed to be recalibrated during the voting process
because some votes for a candidate were being counted for that candidate's opponent.
About a dozen machines needed to be reset because they essentially froze.33

31 Returns are in: Software goofed — Lake County tally misled 15 hopefuls. (reproduced) Chicago
Tribune; April 4, 2003; By Susan Kuczka, Tribune staff reporter. http://www.vote.caltech.edu/mail-
32 When the Right to Vote Goes Wrong. TrueVoteMD. November, 2004.
33 Errors plague voting process in Ohio, Pa. Vindicator. November 3, 2004. Vindicator staff.
Back up! We need back up! Roanoke.com. November 11, 2004. By Brian Gottstein.

2 E-Voting Problems in Recent Elections


Broward County, Florida. October, 2004. ES&S DRE

Break downs require voters to come back the next day.

Hundreds of voters showed up to vote early at Howard Forman Health Park, so many that a
decision was made to keep the voting facility open until 11 p.m.
Some people waited in line from early in the day until after the sun went down. Unfortunately,
for a group of about 50 people, the waiting did not pay off. A mechanical problem with the
voting machines caused election workers to close down polling place.
The group of 50 frustrated voters will have the opportunity to be first in line to vote today. Poll
workers took down their numbers and names and will move them to the head of the line.
For one couple, it may not be enough. They were voting on Sunday because they planned to
leave on vacation today. Now they will have to choose to cancel their trip, or give up their
chance to vote.34

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