Top 10


THE COSTUME Take a photo of the outfit that makes the cut or of what inspired the idea. THE PUMPKIN Get a picture at the pumpkin patch or carving the jack o’ lantern. THE TRANSFORMATION Costume and makeup help a person get into character.

Take a before and a er picture.
SET THE SCENE From spider webs to ghosts and cats to smoking caldrons, capture a

shot of the night’s décor.
THE NIGHT SKY Set the mood with an image of the moon, ominous clouds or shining stars. TRICK OR TREATING Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, get a photo of

costumed sweet-seekers with their bags of loot.
PARTIES/FESTIVITIES Take a group shot with fellow parade participants or partygoers

doing the monster mash.
THE ACTION Bobbing for apples, navigating a corn maze or hitching a hayride make for

great action shots.
SUGAR HIGH Take a shot of a sweet tooth being satisfied or the kids combing

through their candy.
ENDING THE NIGHT OF FRIGHT Passed out or partying on—be sure and get a photo

of how the evening ends.