80 Essential Korean Expressions – English translations

1. Because I’m hungry, I must / need to eat. OR I must/need to eat because I’m hungry. 2. A: This is Mr. 임태혁’s house, isn’t it? (right? = 이지요?) B: (That’s) right… (waiting for “A” to speak next) 3. When coming to the Education Center (교육원), do you walk? 4. I have (I’ve) seen a Korean movie before. (Literally [말 그대로] – I have experienced SEEING a Korean movie before) 5. It has (It’s) been 3 years SINCE I learned/studied Korean. 6. I’m pretending to sleep now. 7. These clothes are expensive, so(그래서) I will not (won’t) buy them. These clothes are too (너무) expensive to buy. I won’t buy these clothes because they’re so(정말)/too(너무) expensive. 8. It seems like he/she speaks Korean well. (It seems like…..) 9. I can speak Korean. (ㄹ 수 있어요 = I can / I am able to + VERB) a. (ㄹ 줄 알아요) = I know how to + VERB) 10. I don’t know who is coming to today’s meeting. 11. I don’t need to meet him/her. 12. Korean food is not only delicious, but also(도) cheap. Not only is Korean food delicious, but (it is/it’s) also cheap. (but it’s cheap, too.) 13. I’m going to the restaurant to eat(먹으러). Now I’m going to work. (similar to 지금 직장에 가요) 14. (Very similar to #13) I’m going to my workplace(직장) to work(일하다). 15. I bought flowers to give to my wife. (보기 – In order to speak English well, you must practice)  16. I plan to watch a Korean movie this weekend. (I intend to…) 17. If it rains tomorrow, the exercise will be canceled. If it rains tomorrow, 운동/exercising(?) will be canceled. (I will cancel?) 18. (This is hard to translate from Korean to English) If you practice Korean only(만) 30 minutes a/per day, you can speak it well. (become good at it)

20. . I am called Im Tae Hyuk. I watch Korean dramas at the same time as I eat. Please come in.19. OR I watch Korean dramas WHILE I eat. Did you make a reservation/an appointment? 23. AND This is called a hanbok. (어서 오세요 = please come in quickly) 21. Would you like to buy this (for me) (Would you like to + VERB) 22.

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