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Prop Notes

Prop Notes

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Published by: scl_productions on Oct 09, 2012
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Prop notes Name Netballs Picture Why we used it During our 5 minute short film, two netballs were

used. These netballs were used in the scene which consists of our main character getting hit in the head with a netball during a Physical Education lesson. Ball 1 was held by our actress as she was about to aim at the net, and ball 2 was used to hit our main character in the head. During our production, we needed to use chewing gum in one of our scenes. This scene consisted of our main character, Olivia, accidentally sitting on a big piece of gum which has been placed on a chair. We used chewing gum as we believed that the fact that our character sits on the chewing gum would add some humour to our production. Also, chewing gum is very easy, so this made it

Chewing gum

easier for it to stick to our main character’s skirt. Exercise book An exercise book was used during the scene where our main character is sitting in a classroom. We thought that this would make our film seem more realistic, as during the scene our main character is shown doing some work in the exercise book. Also, students usually work in exercise books in a classroom. We needed to use a pen in our production as during one of the scenes, our main character is shown working in an exercise book, so ultimately she needed something to be writing with.


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