Name : Meti AS(16) Class : XII IPA 1

On Wednesday 26th September 2012 to be exactly we as students grade 12 Science 1, studied english at hours 3 and 4. On that day Mr. Yuyu go to class as usual. then he wrote five letters on the board that is TMWDT, we all paid attention to the front and then Mr. Yuyu continue and changed into a sentence that is The Man Who Died Twice, after that he shared a fe pieces of paper that will be discussed. The paper contained a passage entitled earlier. we also made quite confused by it, but not only that he gives us 5 questions about The Man Who Died Twice. but we can not answered the entirety of the 5 questions because paper it not contains ful part of the news story. After that, We also answered questions according to our logic and that he asked us to provide possible answers to five questions in writing on the board. At that time we were quite entertained with some silly answers from our classmates and friends, Mr.Yuyu accepted it with pleasure. After we answered all five questions, Mr.Yuyu again gave us paper that contains an aggregate of news, after we read the whole turns out, previously we thought the story contains about someone who experienced death and then come back to life after it was dead again, and it turns out the story is about a thief who has hide or run ran awy from the police and tried to changed he name. after that, we could answered any all questions that have been answered before, only a few are suitable answers. After we finished our question bell had rung and English lessons time is over.

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