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Unit Test Plan

Date 17-01-2005
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Version 1.00

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CAMEX CAMF0016 1.00

Change History
Date 17-01-2005 Version 1.00 Change description First Release Created/Edited by: SENTHILKUMAR JEEVARATHINAM Formal review by: N.JEBARAJ

1 . OVERALL PLANNING FOR TESTING 1.1 Description of the Unit

The CAMEX (CONTROL STATEMENTS) test plan provides the tester to list the product with all possible input conditions and requirements. While testing CAMF0016 MODULE tester or developer must ensure that all requirements and design documentations are kept in desired place.
1.2 Test Environment HARDWARE : IBM Z800. SOFTWARE : COBOL, JCL. 1.3 Test Constraints NIL 1.4 Testing Process UNIT TESTING :
• • •

UNIT Testing refers to testing of a stand alone module by a person other than the developer who developed that module, the tester is generally a peer. The testing will be carried out by the tester and the results are recorded manually. Defects identified during testing will be reviewed by peer once the bug status will be set to CLOSED.
17-01-2005 through 11-02-2005 (4 weeks)

1.5 Milestones

Scheduled dates for UNIT Testing
1.6 Effort Estimates

Estimated Days


20 days.

• Excessive number of fatal bugs being detected.2 . .2 Conditions to Stop Test Until there is • No bug being detected . Invalid input value and file errors while opening.4 Test Cases to be prepared Test Cases to be prepared fullfiling the following criteria • Functionality: Test cases to be prepared to satisfy the business rules and business needs. • Non availability of test inputs.3 Exit criteria for the Test The tested and reviewed items are found acceptable. 2. UNIT TEST PLAN 2.. 2. • User interface: N/A. 2.1 Entry Criteria for the test • • • Requirement definition documents and design documents related to the item to be reviewed Testing to be carried out as specified in the quality plan. • Import/Export of functions: N / A. Make sure that person carrying out testing or review is well trained on those specific area. • Error handling: The program should be able to trap errors like the absence of Program-Id. • Import/Export of data: N/A.