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Patratu thermal power plant

 PTPS was made by Russian collaboration in 1962 .  This was authorized in the later part to “Heavy engineering corporation”, Ranchi.  At that time it was one of the biggest production plants in Asia  The total capacity of the plant is 840MW.  It has two sides Russian side and Indian side having capacity 400MW and 440MW respectively.

Plant layout

Constructional detail:The whole plant is mainly divided into five parts:• Coal handling unit. • Water treatment plant. • Steam generator . • Steam turbine. • Cooling tower. • Switch yard.

COAL HANDLING PLANT:• Coal storage capacity of the plant is 300000 tones. • Feeding capacity is 500 tones/hr. • The source of coal is Khalari and Barkakana. • Calorific value of coal is 4000 k cal/kg.

Local engine (shan) Rail wagon at yard

By railway rake engine (shan) up to yard tippler line by local platform

by operating switch, unloaded Hopper feeder) discharge chute (vibrating conveyor belt next conveyor

finally yard (stock)

by dozer

under ground conveyor belt

next conveyor

magnetic separator
ball mill

crusher (crushed coal)

(converted into dust)

pulverized coal

dust is fed into boiler.

Wagon tippler


Wagon pusher

Tippler pusher


Conveyor belt


Yard (stock)

Magnetic separator


Ball Mill
 It is a device used for size reduction.  it can reduce sizes up to a tenth of a micron.  Cylindrical in shape.  Rotates on a horizontal axis.