FADE IN TO HANUKKAH CANDLE LIGHT INT. JEWISH FAMILY HOUSE (GERMANY) Chatter and clutter of dishes/cutlery can be heard. Camera zooms out to set the scene of a regular Jewish 1930s home. A young boy sits eating dinner with his family and playing with his toy plane. Distant cheering disrupts the playing. The young boy goes to the front door.

EXT. GERMAN STREETS Regular German buildings line the street. Nazi party flags unfold from the windows and sway in the wind. The young boy observes the changing environment. The boy turns to go back inside. As he turns the housing behind him „unfolds‟ to the ground and is replaced by street.

ZOOM into toy plane. The toy plane in his hands also becomes decorated with Nazi symbols. Sound of blowing police whistles. Plane freezes in mid-air. ZOOM out back to boy holding plane. German police march by behind him (in distance). CUT TO event of Reichstag fire. The young boy stands frozen taking in the scene. The toy plane turns red to match the fire.


Glass smashing in the distance. The boy walks through streets past Jewish shops being vandalized. Child begins to play with toy plane on the floor. Engine roars echo overhead. Toy plane changes to replicate real Nazi planes. Nazi plane shadows/silhouettes fill the ground. Toy plane flies unassisted to join real Nazi plane army. SCENE DISSOLVES.

A concentration camp replaces the previous scene. The young boy is holding onto a wire fence. His clothing changing to stripped pyjamas. He is now physically exhausted and holds his now broken toy plane close to his chest. Loud bombing booms. CAMERA SHAKE. Smoke fills scene (dissolve). The camp‟s ruins are now left. Boy walks out from broken fence his appearance becoming healthier but still ill. The ruins unfold to change to modern buildings. As this happens the young boy‟s appearance becomes fully healthy and his clothes become modernised. The broken plane he holds is now a flash new metallic modern plane. The now modern buildings start to smoke and burn. The boy‟s eyes are shown with fire reflecting in them. FADE OUT.

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